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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 5, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the wendy's used to be. of course it had to be torn down, but when you think about the turmoil that was here, just think about an 8-year-old girl was also shot during the protests. a lot of people asking questions about what's next. they want to know what's going to happen in this case, moving forward. still a lot of questions. >> all right, ryan, thank you very much. i appreciate it. and thanks to all of you, anderson starts now. there is breaking news in the battle between congressman liz cheney and just about everyone else, in what's currently called the republican party. in a new op-ed in "the washington post," cheney, who may soon be removed from her republican leadership position for speaking out against the former president's lies and violent rhetoric writes that her party is at a turning point. quote, the question before us now is whether we will join trump's crusade to delegitimize and undo the legal outcome of the 2020 election with all the consequences that might have. later she writes, while emb embracing or ignoring trump's
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statements might seem attractive to some for fund-raising and political purposes, that approach will do profound long-term damage to our party and country. cheney pulls no punches, not against the former president and not against kevin mccarthy who according to two sources has been in contact with the former president about her removal. in the op-ed she mentions this comment that mccarthy made a week after the riot. >> the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. he should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. >> cheney cites that line and now she remarks mccarthy has changed his story, and that is absolutely true. he has in one week in january he went from saying the president bears responsibility to, quote, i don't believe he provoked, much like he is now supporting cheney's ouster saying, quote, this republican party is a very big tent. everyone is invited in. cheney ends the op-ed this way saying history is watching. our children are watching.
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we must be brave enough to defend the basic principles that underpin and protect our freedom and our democratic process. i'm committed to doing that no matter what. the short-term political consequence might be. now, the op-ed comes the same day that facebook's oversight board issues highly anticipated guidance about whether the former president can use his facebook and instagram accounts again. we're going to have an in-depth discussion of that decision by facebook later in the broadcast. we want to mention one item in their decision that relates directly to what congresswoman cheney wrote about how the former president's language provoked violence. something mccarthy and many other republicans choose to ignore or explain away. the fake board repeatedly refers to the january 6th riot and writes that the former president created an environment where serious risk of violence was possible and that facebook's decision to suspend the former president's account was justified quote, given the seriousness of the violations and the ongoing risk of violence. no surprise the president was not happy. former president was not happy
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saying that facebook and other social media companies are o'a total disgrace. while you think about that, look what the former president wrote about liz cheney and the election. just remember that facebook cited the quote, ongoing risks of violence in their rationale. warmonger liz cheney continues to unknowingly and foolishly say there was no election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. had mike pence referred the information on six states back to state legislatures and had gutless and clueless minority leader mitch mcconnell fought to expose all the corruption that was presented at the time with more found since, we would have had a far different presidential result. of course the congresswoman is correct and the former president, marinating in mar-a-lago continues to lie. mike pence could not have changed events. he could not have referred the information on six states back to state legislatures. there was no legeitimate information to refer.
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no massive corruption discovered since. the facebook oversight board referred to, quote, an unphoned narrative of electoral fraud and calls to action by the former president. it is that kind of language that got him suspended from facebook in the first place and is exactly what he continues to spout. perhaps he might want to read a letter written by a d.c. police officer who was there on january 6th, a police officer who was brutalized by the crowd. the police officer writes, quote, i struggle daily with the emotional anxiety of having survived such a traumatic event, but i also struggle with the anxiety of hearing those who continue to down play the evens of that day and those who would ignore them all together with their lack of acknowledgment. the indifference shown to my colleagues and i is disgraceful. gloria, you say liz cheney is making this a matter of conservatism than cultism.
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does that resonate through? it doesn't seem like there's a lot of people in the republican party who care. >> no, i think she's on the short end here as far as congressional republicans, particularly in the house are concerned, and the base of the republican party. this is going to cost her politically tremendously. she won by a wide margin, when she ran last time, if she decides to run again she's going to have a serious primary, and you can be sure that donald trump will be campaigning against her, so she does this at great personal political risk. but as you point out in this op-ed, she did not pull her punches. i mean, she referred to -- and let me say this -- the dangerous anti-democratic trump cult of personality. that's not going to win her any friends among those republicans who support donald trump. >> congresswoman love, what do you make of what's become of your former colleagues in had the house? >> it's absolutely crazy. here's the funny thing, they're not even seeing what she
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actually does for the republican party. what she is pretty much saying is republicans out here who disagree with what the former president was saying, who are absolutely just really upset and they can't believe what happened on january 6th, it's okay to be a republican and be -- and not be okay with this. so i just don't understand why they're not -- why republicans aren't embracing that she has this view, which is actually the correct view that this president incited violence and there's something wrong with that. by the way, let me mention he is the former president. i don't understand what the allegiance is. the conference allegiance should be to liz cheney who is still there, and they should be focused on policy issues because they've got a lot of material to go with. >> yeah, gloria, that's the thing. they're really not talking about policy. >> no. >> the republican party has no platform because they chose not to because they decided whatever trump decides to talk about is
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the platform. >> right, and so -- but they're blaming liz cheney for this. they are saying that she's taking them off message. i've spoken to republicans this week who say to me, oh, it's not about what she's saying about the insurrection. she's allowed to believe that, but the real problem is why she is annoying in the republican conference is that she's taking us off our anti-biden message. as you point out, they haven't spent an awful lot of time talking about policy. they've been talking about culture war, and they've been talking about liz cheney and kicking her out of the leadership. so i don't see them talking about policy a lot either, but they'd like to blame liz cheney for getting them off message. >> congresswoman love, what happens to the republican party? is there -- i mean, there was once talk about a big tent. there's been talk about course correction for years, but i mean caucus chair if she gets cheney's post, that certainly
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ratchets up the cult of trump. >> this is really interesting, right? we're talking about alease te stannic who is a great friend who i support because she has done a great job in getting more republican women in the house of representatives. so she -- i mean, they're pinning these two women up against each other. let me just say, if you look at the american conservative union. if you look at heritage action, liz cheney has a much more conservative record than alice stefanic has. you're talking about 78 to 44%, and then 80% to 48%. i mean, there's a wide margin there. and so i think it's really interesting because the republican party is, one, going to have figure out where they're going to define themselves by their conservative policies or by whether they support trump or not, and i'm telling you they're not going to make any headway, especially with suburban women if they continue to pin these
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women up against each other. it's actually pretty offensive to me. >> impliz cheney wants a 9/11 se commission focused on the insurrection. kevin mccarthy does not. he may not want to be called to testify about his phone calls with president trump before such a commission. you know, talking about having it be about antifa and black lives matter, wider focus other than what happened on the 6th. beyond that, though, what's the resistance among republicans to this commission? >> well, again, they don't want to talk about what happened on january 6th. they don't want to get subpoenaed to talk about what happened on january 6th. mccarthy doesn't want to get subpoenaed to talk about it. they would rather talk about democratic socialism, and they feel that as they call it -- and they feel that this will get them kind of off message. if they could broaden it, and cheney says in her piece, don't
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bor broaden it. you've got to keep it to what could happen on that day. if they could broaden it, then they could be a little bit more on message. but if you narrow it to january 6th, they can't. so they're opposed to what she proposes. look, what she did tonight in this op-ed was basically say to republicans i know you're going to kick me out of the leadership. i know you don't like what i have to say, but i'm true conservative who stands for the constitution, so i'm going to do what i have to do, and you're just going to have to live with yourselves. >> i appreciate it. thank you. i'm joined now by "washington post" columnist michaelgerson who spent a decade on capitol hill, also works in the white house and on three republican presidential campaigns. thanks for being with us. i want to read another portion of congresswoman cheney's new op op-ed. . she writes about election lies saying trump repeats these words now with full knowledge that exactly this type of language provoked on january 6th.
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can provoke violence again. trump is seeking to unravel critical elements of our constitutional structure that make democracy work. confidence in the result of elections and the rule of law. no other american president has ever done this. you served in the bush/cheney administration. did you ever think your party, your country would be at this juncture? >> no, it's a very important op-ed for a very specific reason. the minority leader is saying that this is a political matter, and cheney is saying that this is a constitutional matter, a matter of the rule of law and that can't be papered over. it can't be ignored. it can't be forgotten. we do have one party that refuses to accept results it doesn't like from national elections. that is a recipe for democratic disorder, and that's the point she's making. she's making a substantive point
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while all the other -- all of her colleagues seem to be making political points. >> you wrote a recent op-ed in "the washington post" saying knowingly repeating a lie and act of immorality is now the evidence of republican fidelity. it's absolutely true and it's extraordinary we're in this situation now. anybody who cares about a functioning democracy should want there to be two functioning parties that are fact-based and can argue all they want over big ideas, but they have to agree on certain basic concepts of what is true and what is not. >> yeah, and it's not just a disagreement within the republican party. there's a purge going on, a purge of rationality. a purge of responsibility, a purge of moral seriousness that's taking place across the party in many states. so i think that -- i think cheney has said in this op-ed
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i'm going to be leading the opposition to that purge whether i'm in this office or not, and i think she's going to play that role. they're not going to silence her, but ultimately it's going to be up to republican voters to not reward this kind of, you know, behavior by the majority of the republicans in silencing oppo opposition. >> there was a poll, i think it was in april for cnn, 70% of republican voters said they agreed, believed, you know, the election lie. >> no, that's absolutely true. i think we're on january 6th, a lot of sincere people in that crowd who believe the election lie. the real responsibility here is people like mccarthy. you know, he had a glimmer of recognition of the truth in the immediate aftermath of january 6th, and then he quickly, you know, lost that. he obviously knows what the truth is, and he's choosing to
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suppress it for what he thinks are important political reasons, but it is. it's an act of irrationality. it's basing a party on a lie. the founding lie, and that i think is trouble for the party in the future. >> weighed in on the republican schism, i just want to play the -- >> it seems as though the republican party is trying to identify what it stands for, and they're in the midst of a significant sort of mini revolution. >> i mean, that is one of the things that it's hard to know what republicans stand for today, you know, it's not just that they don't have a party platform. it's, you know, it used to be a party which called itself the party of big ideas and really stood for certain principles. it's hard to see that now.
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>> no, i agree with you. i think the scariest thing about the whole situation is that this party, this party of cowardice and deception right now under its current leaders is on the verge of gaining the he or she -- the house of representatives. there are a lot of people in this country that vote party because of extreme polarization that support republicans no matter what they're saying, and i think that that's the issue we're going to face. this is a party, it does not think it is losing. it thinks that it has momentum for this set of absurd ideas and right now, you know, that's true among the activist base of the republican party. >> i really appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> sure, great to be with you. just ahead, the news we mentioned at the top of the broadcast, about facebook and the former president where the social media giant's oversight board decided about the former president's account, and later
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just ahead, the news we continue.
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congresswoman liz cheney warning her fellow republicans about a strategy of trying to appease or ignore statements made by the former president, and that doing so could cause profound long-term damage to our party and our country. as we mentioned earlier, her op-ed came the same day that facebook's oversight board issued a highly anticipated judgment regarding the former president's social media accounts. the board had criticism for facebook that allowed the suspension to remain for the time being. it said the former president created an environment where a serious risk of violence was possible. there was a clear and immediate risk of harm and the words of support legitimized their violent actions. joined by anchor of reliable sources, also the author of hoax, donald trump, fox news and
5:21 pm
the dangerous distortion of truth. and a chief domestic correspondent who koefrd the white house during the former president's years there. the oversight board upheld the suspension and said facebook is seeking to avoid its responsibilities, that they will have to make a permanent decision on what to do within the next six months. what else did the board recommend? >> this was something of a surprise, kicking it right back to mark zuckerberg who has six months to come up with answers. this board is recommending that facebook be much more clear about its rules and its regulations, what it takes to get banned from the platform. they say in a permanent ban is inappropriate. they also -- and this is important -- they want facebook to have a real examination of how its platform was used and weaponized by the rioters, how its platform was used to spread the big lie. so far facebook's not been very forthcoming about how its tools were used to spread these lies. >> and not surprisingly, the former president lashed out after the decision accused the social media companies of decimating the electoral
5:22 pm
process, apparently with zero irony there. after covering his some long, it's kind of exactly what we thought was going to be happening. he is still talking to anybody who will listen down in mar-a-lago repeating these same lies over and over and over again. >> yeah, anderson, he's sort of like a snake in search of a sewer these days and he just can't find one. i talked to a trump advisory, long-time trump advisoer who still loves the guy even though he feels that tlufrrump lied ab the election. this adviser said this is the right decision the facebook oversight board made. obviously trump keeps lying about the election and it's already led to violence once. it could lead to violence again. in terms of how it's impacting them, this adviser said this is actually worse than losing re-election. this adviser said it was similar to having half of his tongue cut out. just yesterday, they unveiled this new website, this blog that donald trump is going to be using. they called it a platform,
5:23 pm
something, you know, they're trying to make it sound like it's like facebook or instagram or twitter when that's just not the case. it's a blog. and you know, in the words of this adviser, you know, this is something that a sixth grader could have come up with. they're scrambling and he is struggling to deal with this, no question about it. >> brian, the former president remains suspended from facebook. trumpism certainly isn't, kevin reduce, a technology columnist at the "new york times" tracks the sources of the top ten performing links posted by u.s. facebook pages and the list is dominated by right wing trump supporters. has his grip been at all weakened? >> this list is important. the idea that some of the most popular ideas that spread on facebook they are coming if ben shapiro and right wing commentators aligned with trump. trump's grip on the party has not been weakened due to these suspensions but his viralty has. trump's own messages are not going as viral. they're not spreading as widely. they may not be bringing in new fans. right wing narratives,
5:24 pm
anti-democrat narratives do find a lot of support on facebook, and that's critical to understand. whenever you hear folks complaining about censorship, the allegations on fox every hour about conservative censorship, that's belied by the fact that these right wing commentators are among the most popular figures on the platform. >> jonathan swan at "axios" has reported that the former president and his inner circle felt being reinstated was critical to a possible comeback. how much do you think this will hurt his fund-raising ability? >> i think it hurt it is tremendously. i was talking to sources close to the former president, and they were saying, you know, he is basically becoming background noise in the republican party right now. it's kind of incredible, anderson, that he has this grip over people like kevin mccarthy and other leaders in the republican party when he can't even get on social media. how is he going to raise money for this party long-term if he's not going to be let back on twitter and facebook. i mean, it sort of boggles the mind as to why the republican party still hooked on him. i will tell you, anderson, at
5:25 pm
this point, the republican party seems to have no other alternative. they seem to have adopted this viewpoint, and they're, you know, booting liz cheney out of the leadership in the house because of it, that this is the donald trump republican party and that just doesn't seem to be changing at this point. they're going to try to raise money no matter how it plays out on social media. >> brian t is interesting how dependent the former president kind of is for these particular kind of outlets. i mean, there have been other former presidents or presidents who didn't use, you know, facebook and twitter like this and they seemed perfectly okay getting their message out in other ways. it's very interesting that these particular venues are so critical, not really for getting ideas out, but more for being able to get his personality out. >> right, he wants to be in that minute by minute conversation in a way that past presidents never did. the last president to lose re-election, george h.w. bush went fishing. he relaxed.
5:26 pm
he had fun, right? but that doesn't seem to be in trump's wheel house. trump wants to be in the conversation. he wants to be relevant at all times, and that is very hard to do when you're banned from these platforms. what he relies on now are members of the media and his right wing media outlies to share his messages for him. that's fundamentally what he's doing now, by putting out incendiary crazy statements. frankly, i think that's diminishing as well. the news value of trump's statements is diminishing over time. that's part of the story as well. >> appreciate it. there's more breaking news tonight, why allies rudy giuliani, including his attorney are reaching out to the former president and republicans for help.
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. there's more breaking news, rudy giuliani's allies are pressing the former president and his legal team to help his one-time personal lawyer pay his growing legal bills. giuliani's attorney raised the issue in recent days with lawyers for the former president. want to bring in our senior legal correspondent, paula reed. what more can you tell us? those allies include giuliani's son andrew. >> andrew has been among the most vocal calling for his father to be paid for the work he did to challenge the election results so that he can now turn around and pay the lebills thate is facing as he faces several lawsuits and this ongoing criminal investigation in new york. a close associate of giuliani tells me it will cost him a few
5:31 pm
million dollars at least to defend himself in that ongoing criminal investigation. as you just mentioned, giuliani's lawyer has actually approached the trump legal team about giuliani getting paid, and i asked him, i said were they receptive? he said no comment. giuliani's lawyers also want the former president to get involved in the legal fight to try to protect some of the materials that were seized in the raids last week, but a source tells cnn that so far the former president's lawyers haven't made a decision about whether they want to get into that fight over possibly privileged materials. >> it is public record there's a long history of the president, the former president stiffing people who had done work for him when he was in business, usually with smaller contractors who didn't have much recourse. it's not like the former president doesn't have cash on hand to pay legal fees. he raise aed a ton of money basd on the election lie. >> that's right. there was a substantial pile of cash that was raised in the weeks following the election. a large portion of that actually ended up in the former
5:32 pm
president's leadership pack, but none of it has been handed over to the former mayor. a close associate, actually, of giuliani's and i spoke, the former nypd commissioner bernard caric told me that he proechld the rnc demanding that giuliani get paid, and so far he has not been paid. but anderson, bernard also gave me interesting insight into giuliani's frame of mind following those raids. he told me that the former mayor is doing okay but that he is increasingly frustrated that he faces all of these lawsuits and now this criminal investigation and the bills are mounting. >> paula reed, appreciate it, want to bring this elie honig, a former attorney for the southern district november new york. what do you make of all of this? giuliani has not been charged with anything, but one week ago today his office and home were raided by the fbi, and now this. >> yeah, anderson, first of all, we do not know whether rudy giuliani will or will not be charged with a crime, and rudy giuliani has publicly shown little, if any, inclination to accept responsibility.
5:33 pm
if anything, he's been defiant. i want to say this, based on my experience as a prosecutor at the southern district of new york, the same office that's handling this investigation, the two most common reasons why people decide to cooperate, number one is time. they are not willing or able to serve a certain amount of prison time. they don't to want risk going to trial. number two is money, and i've seen situations very similar to what this looks like it could be where person a believes that person b has made some sort of guarantee or understanding or implicit arrangement that if you ever get in trouble, i'm going to help you out with your legal fees. that can be business partners. that can be criminal associates. that can be family members. i've seen people flip in that exact situation. there's still a lot we don't know, anderson, but that's been my experience. >> the -- in terms of legal bills, who exactly is giuliani relying on to -- i mean, there's his son andrew. are there others who have sort
5:34 pm
of publicly been named? >> there's a few other people that he has out there advocating for him. he has his personal attorney reaching out. he has bernard caric reaching out, but the president does have an incentive here to perhaps intervene and keep giuliani happy. remember the last personal attorney for former president trump was under investigation by federal prosecutors in m manhattan, michael cohen flipped on the president and he publicly laid out a lot of information that resulted in additional criminal investigations. the former president, though, has come out, and he has defended giuliani as a great american, but lovely words don't pay the lawyer's bills. >> elie, i mean is there any legal reason why the president would use part of that war chest that he raised? >> no, this is purely a tactical decision, anderson. he can use part of that if the reason for the cost is actual attorneys' fees. actual legal fees. perhaps there's some hesitation to pay the fees and then have to
5:35 pm
characterize them and justify them as legal fees if there's some question. look, this is primarily a tactical decision that donald trump has to make. if he's going to stiff rudy giuliani then he runs the risk of whatever the consequences may be, and there are ambiguous signals as paula has reported coming from rudy's camp. so donald trump needs to think long and hard about whether it's worth the savings here. >> i think elie's reporting to something you reported on saying quote, the nut may crack in the next 36 hours. who or what is the nut? >> we believe he was referring to the cash flow, that money may start to flow. but i asked other sources who may be more in the know about actual money changing hands . they weren't sure exactly what he was talking about or that time line. the courts have set some deadlines here, particularly on this fight over privileged communications. those billable hours are going to start stacking up. and giuliani and his associates who are pushing for him to get paid, will likely be increasing
5:36 pm
their pressure on the president is and his inner circle to free up that money. >> appreciate it. remember that totally off the wall review of more than 2 million ballots being conducted in phoenix or so-called review? despite zero evidence of voter fraud, it has gotten even stranger. an update when we return. at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you.
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there's a remarkable development in that so-called audit of the 2,002,020 ballots
5:40 pm
being conducted in phoenix. the review was forced by former suppo supporters of the president despite official recounts showing no fraud had taken place. you'll also remember that was removed when she was trying to report on the whole thing. the people when removed her called themselves the cyber ninjas. so you reported on those involved in the audit. now there's news about one person in particular whose voec involvement is raising eyebrows. what have you learned? >> the person you're talking about, his name is anthony kern, and he was spotted at this ballot counting site at least a couple of days, and the reason why his presence is raising eyebrows is because those ballots he's touching, those very ballots, his name is on those ballots. he ran for office in 2020. he is a former republican state senator. he lost in 2020, but still his name is on those ballots. that's not the most problematic thing that people are talking about. this is the other big problem.
5:41 pm
he was pictured on january 6th on the steps of the u.s. capitol. that is the day of the insurrection. he even placed himself there with a tweet. he also placed himself at the ballot counting site with a tweet. so he has been an active stop the steal advocate. he has supported donald trump's efforts to undermine arizona's election results. now, when we brought this, when reporters brought this to the spokesperson for the arizona senate who's running this entire so-called audit, here's what that spokesperson had to say. >> we're not counting his race so he can count votes on the ballots for the presidential race and the u.s. senate race as well as anyone else can, and they qualified their paid workers. >> so he's not worried about it. also not worried about the partisan nature about all of this, but election officials,
5:42 pm
anderson, across the country, both republican and democrat are highly concerned about all of this. >> and what is the latest on the actual so-called audit? i mean, they were scheduled to wrap by next week. is that still the plan? >> reporter: no way, and here's why. there are 2.2 million ballots to be counted in maricopa county. the senate has pledged that they're going to count every single one. so far they've only counted 200,000. that's 10%. there's no way they're going to finish by the deadline, which is may 14th. now, on may 14th, there is something scheduled to happen that happens every single year, and this year it's going to happen in phoenix. high school graduations. there are 9 to 11 high schools scheduled to have their graduations at the coliseum where this count is happening, and it was scheduled ahead of time. now, the state fairgrounds says if this counting is going to continue -- because what we've heard from the spokesperson from the state senate is, oh, we're
5:43 pm
just going to pause and then we'll pick it up afterwards, well, someone needs to tell the state fairgrounds because they say right now there is no extension. remember, i said 2.1 million ballots, where are they going to go? how are they going to be secured? these are just a number of very big questions about the security of this election and how this count is taking place, anderson. >> thanks, i'm joined now by kati ka katie hobbs has her hands full. sent a letter listing involved. >> you've outlined several security shortf in a letter, anthony kerns' presence being one of them. what does it say someone counting ballots was present at the capitol attack on january 6th? >> that's very concerning, and it speaks to the fact that they're not checking people's biases. we already know that the company running this show, the ceo has
5:44 pm
come out stating that trump won arizona by 200,000 votes, which we know is baseless, but they have not screened people for their biases that are on this floor counting ballots, and not only was anthony kern on the ballot for a race that's not being counted but he's a presidential elector. he is counting a race where his name is on the ballot. >> your office has observers who have watched the audit. what's their sense of its credibility? >> well, they don't have a lot of confidence in the credibility of what's going on. one of the main concerns is that they're seeing procedures being changed midstream, and so that's causing confusion among some of the folks that are could nting really speaks to the unreliability of the results if you're changing procedures mids midstream, but they've also seen
5:45 pm
glaring just omissions in terms of basic security measures, in terms of ballots, computer terminals being left on and unattended, just a lot of serious problems that would undermine the credibility of this exercise. >> you've been vocal the past two weeks saying hey, do you think this audit is essentially a fishing expedition. i mean, is anybody actually -- can they just come up with a number on their own? is there actually some sort of transparent way that you actually see them counting actual, i mean, how is this going to play out? >> well, the way that ballots are being tallied and then those tallies aggregated, are some of the concerns that we outlined in the letter ken bennett today, and so there seems to be not a lot of consistency and so we really don't know how they're going to come one a valid result when there's not consistency in how they're putting the counts together, how they're counting.
5:46 pm
our observers saw people tallying after the fact when it just -- there's a lot of concerns. >> officials in maricopa county including republicans have stood by the integrity of the actual election results. what kind of support does this audit have in the state of arizona, outside the state legislature, which is obviously important. >> well, i think that, you know, outside of the legislature senate president karen fan, this has her credibility in a lot of serious ways, and you know, the mainstream really understand that the election was fair, that biden won arizona. the results we certified were accurate, and so, you know, this obviously is a fringe element, but it's a good number of the republican electorate. so i think, you know, i would be concerned if i was a republican
5:47 pm
in arizona right now. >> and what is to stop them from -- these ninjas from just saying, okay, here is the actual number of -- here's the vote, and the president won it by 200,000? what is to stop them from doing that? >> well, there's nothing to stop them, which is part of what we're concerned about, but they are not following really any kind of best practices in terms of a post-election audit, and that's why it's really important that we were able to get our expert observers in that rooms to document these kind of concerns. >> katie hobbs, appreciate it. thank you very much. we'll keep following this. up next, more on our breaking news at the top of the hour, what you may not know about u.s. congresswoman, elise stefanik, the top republican to replace liz chai eney as the go top house member.
5:48 pm
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5:52 pm
she said the gop is at a turning point and warns the former president is, quote, seeking town ravel critical elements of her constitutional structure that makes democracy work. in the house gop leadership. more on the contender now from our randi kaye. >> it is truly an honor to w welcome you to ft. drum. >> reporter: elise stefanik is making a public push to become the most powerful woman in the gop and now has a presidential stamp of approval from donald trump. >> from the part of new york, upstate, which is pro-trump, pro-second amendment, pro-life and anti-aoc. >> reporter: being in trump's corner has served stefanik well, the breakout star for trump's first impeachment, often tangling with democrats. >> the gentleman will suspend. >> what's the sbrpgs for this time? >> you're not recognized. >> this is the fifth time you have interrupted members of congress, duly elected members
5:53 pm
of congress. >> reporter: trump was so impressed he tweeted about her performances writing in november 2019, a new republican star is born. great going, elise stefanik, even called into fox & friends to praise her. >> she has become a star. her mannerism, her way of talking. >> she's direct. right to the point. >> no. it's just the whole thing. it just works. she's a tremendous person. she was fantastic during the hearings. >> reporter: stefanik was clearly on trump's radar even if he couldn't pronounce her name. >> elise stefanak. >> she didn't pivot toward trump until the impeachment trial in 2017. this is the same elise stefanik who once worked for george w. bush, served as an aide to paul ryan and was endorsed by mitt
5:54 pm
romney. still, as this new ly minted version of stefanik moved ever closer to trump's orbit, stefanik became a regular on fox news and her cheerleading for team trump moved into hyper drive. >> i'm excited. there is so much energy in support of the president. >> reporter: it even landed her a spot at last year's republican national convention, where she sounded a lot like the candidate himself. >> we understand that this election is a choice between the far left democratic socialist agenda versus protect ing and preserving the american dream. >> reporter: and after trump lost and started pushing the big lie, elise stefanik signed on, fighting to overturn the electoral results in both pennsylvania and texas, based on false claims of electoral fraud. courts rejected it. congresswoman stefanik was born
5:55 pm
and raised in upstate new york, the first person in her immediate family to graduate from college, graduating from harvard university with honors. she was smart enough to take what once looked like a political gamble, but with her sights set on a gop leadership seat now seems to be paying off in spades. randi kaye, cnn, orlando, florida. up next, a suspect arrested in a new attack targeting asian-americans, and what a new study is showing about hate crimes in the nation's largest cities and counties, next. like a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow at tonight, i'll be eating a pork banh mi
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police in baltimore have arrested a 49-year-old man for allegedly beating asian-american sisters for where they worked in a liquor store. the attack took place sunday night, was captured on surveillance cameras. the attacker beat the sisters with a piece of cinder block. it's not yet been classified as a hate crime. the largest cities and counties in the anyways. according to research done at the university of california in san bernardino, researcher identified 95 hate crimes against asian-americans as opposed to 36 a year ago. new york city saw the largest increase 15 to 32 over the same period. researchers said the direct cause, in their view, was due to the pandemic and, quote, increase in political and online
6:00 pm
stigmatizing of asians. that's it for me. let's head over to chris cuomo and prime time. >> thank you, coop. appreciate it. a provertebrae that is said to come from italy. but we all know it. here it is. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. we all had it cemented in our minds as right when a certain president reminded us by getting it wrong. >> fool me once, shame on you. fool me -- you can't get fooled again. >> look, now we all know the proverb. in fact, that former president, george w. bush, is one of the few republicans left who get the reality that his party is in a position of doubling down on a bad thing, a