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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 10, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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all right. monday is here. welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. we're live this morning in jerusalem, london, hong kong, and tokyo. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. this morning a cyber attack on the country's largest fuel pipeline causing an emergency declaration in 7 state -- 17 states and the district of columbia. colonial pipeline took certain systems offline on friday after
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learning of the attack trying to contain it. the pipeline carrying more than 100 million gallons of gas and other fuel from houston to new york harbor daily. almost half of the east coast supply. we'll have more in a few minutes. all right. 5:00 a.m. at the top of the hour. another night of clashes in east jerusalem between israeli police and palestinian protesters and new overnight israeli officials temporarily stopped jews from attending a holy site. what is happening there? >> reporter: hundreds of palestinians have been injured in the past few hours during clashes with israeli police. it's the third straight day of violence in jerusalem's holy site where tensions are absolutely boiling here. we've seen multiple video clips of stun grenades being fired into the mosque as well as palestinians throwing rocks at police outside. officials were concerned of what
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today would bring after several days of tension. that's partly because today is also what is known as jerusalem day. that's what you see people preparing for behind us. it's when israel marks when it took control of the western wall. in a few hours, expecting a march of tens of thousands of israelis through the old city of jerusalem. as you noted, police said they're preventing nonmuslims from visiting the temple. it's a revered holy site for both jews and muslims. and though police may be hoping that such an act would potentially help calm things down a little bit here, as we're seeing in the past few hours, things are just getting more tense. the situation is really escalading here. we're also seeing some rockets overnight and this morning being fired from gaza. there's a feeling of tension here. it could be a test for the biden administration, though the israeli/palestinian conflict is
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not necessarily the highest on the list of foreign priorities now, the situation here cannot be ignored. we're getting more and more com comments condemnation from other countries and international organizations and members of congress. so it is a question of will the biden administration get more involved in the situation? what will they say? there's a lot of concern of what the rest of the day will bring here. >> keep us posted. when can the masks come off inside? dr. fauci believes it's time to start loosening the rules as more people are now vaccinated. the cdc recently relaxed the guy cans on wearing masks outside but recommends masks in public indoor spaces like offices and stores. critics believe that approach is too cautious at a time when more people need incentives to get vaccinated. the "new york times" reports states are turning down hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses as demand drops. pfizer is looking for a full fda
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authorization, hoping that will reduce hesitancy and decrease demand. all right. this morning we mentioned that cyber attack on the country's largest fuel pipeline. we have a reporter with us who covers the department of homeland security for cnn. niece to see you this morning. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: good morning. one expert is calling it the most significant, successful attack on the energy sector. cyber attack on the energy sector. one former official telling us the group behind the incident is a group, a criminal group known as dark side. a group originating out of russia. the company, over the weekend, coming out and saying it was an incident of ransom ware but not saying what the demands are. this is a type of malicious code that they have put into the
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system asking the company to -- asking the company to hold up their systems in order to threatening -- threatening the company -- national security experts have warned this might be a problem. they have warned we might see these type of attacks on ageing infrastructure. we also mentioned at the top here this emergency declaration 17 states, d.c., as well, if you can still hear me, geneva, what does it mean for the next few days? what does it do? >> reporter: it's the company and the customers in a tough spot. at this point, they're not saying whether or not they have any concerns about fuel prices unless it goes on for a long time. the company is trying to get their systems up and running, which they've started to do over the weekend. they've got some of their smaller pipelines going but the main pipeline is still down. at this point, gas prices are not expected to go up unless
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there's a prolonged shut down. but officials have been warning for weeks of the threat of ransom ware and now we're seeing a real world example of this incident. >> yeah. of course the issue on gas prices a big one. thank you so much. i appreciate it. this bombing outside an afghan school killing at least 85, many of them young girls. can the future there be secure as the u.s. pulls out? stay with us. [sfx: kids laughing] [sfx: bikes passing] [sfx: fire truck siren] onstar, we see them. okay. mother and child in vehicle. mother is unable to exit the vehicle. injuries are unknown. thank you, onstar. ♪ my son, is he okay? your son's fine. thank you. there was something in the road... it's okay. you're safe now. what happens when we welcome change? it's okay. we can make emergency medicine possible at 40,000 feet.
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[ race light countdown ] ♪ ♪ when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40% saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today. to afghanistan where president biden announced a complete u.s. troop withdrawal by september 11th. one immediate concern? the safety and welfare of afghan women. those concerns realized this weekend when a bomb ripped through a school for girls. the death toll has climbed to 85. some families still searching hospitals for their children. nick paton walsh reported extensively from afghanistan. he joins us live from london.
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a heartbreaking scene the families burying their loved ones here. this is what we feared this vacuum of the united states leaving would encourage the insurgents, maybe the taliban who long opposed the education of women. >> reporter: the taliban officially said they were not behind this attack through their twitter account. it's fair to say that one tweet doesn't necessarily encompass all the different strands of extremism and moderation that are part of the taliban insurgent movement after 20 years of war here. it's, i have to say, one of the most shocking attacks i can recall in the 20 years of afghanistan because the number of victims that have risen from initially 25 to 85 confirmed dead, according to the office of the second vice president. but also because many of the victims are schoolgirls. as you mentioned, the taliban insurge si, at times, female education has been abhorrent. they keep slightly modifying
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changing their position but many other extremist groups, particularly the brand of isis in afghanistan, fingers have been pointed toward, it's something that is abhorrent. what is shocking the bomb, that first detained placed inside a car went off around 4:00 outside the school just as the girls were leaving their education. these are simply young women trying to get -- girls trying to get a foothold in life. they were hit by one blast and as we tragically saw, and frankly often see in attacks like this, as people ran in to help and investigate, secondary devices went off. to add to that, as well, this is one of the holiest days of the holiest month in the muslim calendar in ramadan. in the days since, we've seen,
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of course, condemnation, agony, shock, fears among the particular part of the kabul population. the shiite minority is often targeted by extremists, too. they can't rely on the government to defend themselves. at the same time, too, as you mentioned, this broad general fear that we're seeing a security vacuum open up as the u.s. withdrawals. felt it would be the case but, also, too, an ugly competition between parts of the insurgency to show who is the more hard line and the more psych -- sickening, in our opinions, and we may see more shocking angst in the ahead. >> thank you. still ahead, all bets are off for kentucky derby winner after a failed drug test. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day
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and ask how to add comcast business securityedge. call today. as many americans emerge from a long coronavirus hibernation, the country still has another virus to deal with. the wave of gun violence hitting the u.s. in colorado springs, police are investigating a shooting in a birthday party that killed six early sunday. authorities believe the boyfriend of one of the victims walked in and started shooting before turning the gun on himself. in los angeles, one is dead and five are hurt after a shooting there. the circumstances are still unclear. the nypd is searching for at least one gunman involved in a shooting saturday in times square. three bystanders were shot, including a 4-year-old rushed from the scene in the arms of an nypd officer.
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>> how many more kids do we need to be shot before we realize bad policies have consequences? we need action and we need policies regarding laws to have consequences. >> reporter: in phoenix, one person was killed and at least seven others taken to the hospital after a shooting downtown saturday night. all the victims are between the ages of 18 and 22. two people were killed and three injured in a shooting friday night in missouri. in baltimore county, maryland a shooting and fire left three dead in addition to the gunman. in south florida, a shooting at a mall saturday afternoon sent panicked shoppers fleeing and left three people injured. that's in one weekend. well, kentucky derby winner medina spirit faces potential disqualification after failing a post race drug test. andy andy -- sholes has more. >> reporter: it's not good. there's been one horse ever in the 147-year history of the
2:20 am
kentucky derby that has been disqualified for failed drug tests. medina spirit could become the second. and the win gave bob baffert a report seven kentucky derby titles. he was the one who came out yesterday saying it was the anti-inflammatory drug test. he denies any wrong doing and said they'll do further testing to find out what happened. >> i got the biggest gut punch in racing for something i didn't do this is really just disturbing. it's an injustice. i don't know what is going on in racing now but there's something not right. i don't feel embarrassed. i feel like i was wronged. we're going to do a complete and do our own investigation.
2:21 am
we're going to be transparent like we've always been. >> reporter: and churchills downs immediately suspended baffert from the racetrack that the second-place winner will be declared the winner. for now medina spirit is scheduled to race in saturday's preakness stakes in baltimore. golfer rory mcilroy nearly 19 month winless drought is over! he won the wells fargo championship by one stroke yesterday. his first victory since november of 2019. and making even more special in his wife erika was there celebrating her first mother's day along with her 8 month old daughter poppy. >> being a dad and winning on mother's day. thinking of erika and my mum back home. it feels awesome! >> yeah. r rory is one of the favorites in
2:22 am
two weeks. he won on the second of the four major titles there in 2012. finally, karl anthonytowns sharing an emotional moment with his dad before yesterday's game against the magic. this is the second mother's day for townes without his mom jacqueline who passed away from covid-19 last year. >> for these moments to handle before i thought i possibly could. it's something -- i've garnered a lot of strength through trials and tribulations and it made me the man i am today. >> it was an emotional day for him. they went on to win the game and he said he continues to do everything in his life for his mom. >> oh. all right. andy sholes, thank you so much. i thought about that yesterday how many people, right, well,
2:23 am
they don't have their moms here because of what we've gone through. the numbers are staggering. and, also, learning to live past covid. >> yeah. >> i think that's we learned so much about trying to take his mother with him in all of his successes in life. >> yeah. a bittersweet holiday for many people. america's largest fuel pipeline forced to shut down after a cyber attack. what this could lead to. a spike in gas prices soon? that's ahead. nking. it didn't get us to the moon. it doesn't ring the bell on wall street. or disrupt the status quo. t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help you realize new possibilities. like our new work from anywhere solutions, so your teams can collaborate almost anywhere. plus customer experience that finds solutions in the moment. ...and first-class benefits, like 5g with every plan. network, support and value without any tradeoffs. that's t-mobile for business.
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covered from coast to coast. >> reporter: in southern california, a big shift in the strategy with covid-19 vaccines. the mayor of los angeles announcing that there will be no more appointments. that's whether someone drives up or walks up in the city of los angeles. he says that los angeles has reached a critical juncture in the fight against covid 19 and wants there will be no barriers to access. he wants to get the shots into the arms of people in underserved communities. this week, just like last week, he wants to get vaccines into the arms of a quarter of a million people. >> reporter: erika hill. starting monday amusement parks in massachusetts can open at 50% capacity. large stadiums can bump up 25% capacity and road races can resume. also getting the green light? tournaments for moderate and high risk sports. if the state's positive trends continue, more restrictions could be lifted memorial day
2:29 am
weekend. >> reporter: i'm in chicago. here in illinois, pandemic restrictions are lifting this week. the governor said starting friday, may 14th, retail spaces, museums, and theaters can operate at 60% capacity. restaurants, when it comes to indoor dining, can operate at 30% capacity. the governor said the goal is to have 50% of the population 16 and up vaccinated before fully reopening the state. the date in mind to fully reopen is june 11th. >> reporter: i'm natasa chen, starting today miami international airport becoming the latest u.s. airport to offer covid-19 vaccinations. they'll offer pfizer's vaccine to airport employees, family, and friends, and travelers who live and work in florida. the vaccinations will happen monday through friday of this week plus five weekdays in early june. the miami-dade mayor wants to make it as easy and convenient
2:30 am
as possible for people who live and work in the county to get vaccinated, including for the 36,000 travel industry employees who work at m.i.a. >> thank you to our correspondents for the reports. "early start" continues now. good morning! this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. it's 30 minutes past the hour. a criminal group from russia behind a cyber attack that temporarily shut down colonial pipeline, one of america's top gas suppliers. it carries 100 million gallons of gasoline and other fuel each day from houston to new york harbor. analysts worry the shut down could result in a spike in gas prices ahead of the summer travel season. prices already rising before this pipeline shut down. drivers in pennsylvania, illinois, and washington already paying $3 a gallon. it's $4 a gallon in california.
2:31 am
the department of energy, the fbi, department of homeland security all involved in the response here. the department of transportation now says tanker truck drivers will be allowed to work longer hours after a federal emergency was declared for much of the east and gulf coasts. colonial said some of the smaller lines are up and running but the main lines still shut down. it could trigger challenges for jet fuel deliveries. many major east coast airports maintain three to five days of inventory. a pipeline suspension could have direct implications on airports. it shows the threat cyber criminals pose. it's one reason it's a big week for president biden, too. he'll push key priorities that could define his first, including his sprawling infrastructure plan. cnn's jasmine wright is live at the white house. the white house is scrambling
2:32 am
after the pipeline had to be shut down. what you learning? >> reporter: it's a critical week for president biden's economic agenda. white house officials have to divert some of their intention to deal with the fallout of this cyber attack. so we know they launched an interagency working group over the weekend to address some of the concerns and "new york times" is reporting a long time planned executive order to beef up cybersecurity, now people are asking whether or not it's going to be enough. and that would affect fellow agencies and contractors. but if we take a few steps back, right, it comes as president biden is really about to continue his push on this massive $4 trillion infrastructure and jobs package for the first time testing out whether or not he can work with republicans in these high profile oval office meetings taking place this week. on wednesday he'll meet with the big four congressional leaders
2:33 am
including mcconnell and mccarthy. an official tells us it would be the first time that both of those two gentlemen will be in the oval office since president biden took office. these are conversations that are now starting to happen. on wednesday biden offered shelley moore capito to the white house. they'll sit down and talk about infrastructure bills. and the plan not yet a bill. white house officials, i think if you ask them, they don't think anything firm will come of it but will set the precedent whether or not widen -- biden can work with republicans obv -- on a comprise. >> what president biden said he wants to try to find common ground with republicans on his economic ventures that have been bipartisan in the past. building bridges, building roads, connecting people with
2:34 am
broadband, umm, building electric charging stations for roads of the future. all of these things. these shouldn't divide our two political parties. most republicans have given a speech about how we need to fix the bridges, roads, highways, or infrastructure. people stand up and give speeches about how people should have affordable child care. it's basic, basic things that we're putting forward and, again, i think they should have bipartisan support. >> reporter: so to get that support, laura, white house officials have been working the phones. we know an official told us that transportation secretary pete butt buttigieg and the education secretary have been reaching out to lawmakers and governors and mayors on both sides trying to drum up consensus and comprise for the bill. the question going forward is what does comprise look like? now last night in a local interview, mcconnell said that
2:35 am
republicans want comprise and he envisioned that most want somewhere between $600 to $800 billion. again, that falls far short of president biden's $2.3 trillion initial asking price. the question is whether it's enough for the white house. laura? >> all right. jasmine wright live at the white house. thank you so much. it's time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in cnn correspondent john harwood. for months, the prevailing narrative has been that the president is trying to transform the american economy, but this morning you write the biden's economic agenda isn't quite as transformative as it seems. you take the contrary view. explain yourself >>well, what i'm saying, laura, yes, it's a large plan with very major spending proposals that will affect the lives of americans and effect the status of american infrastructure in substantial ways. however, it is not a
2:36 am
revolutionary plan. we have done many of these things before. we have the child tax credit, for example, which is large and going to people who weren't previous eligible. they didn't have income to claim the credit. this is something that existed for more than two decades. we've invested at higher rates in the past. for example, in the mid 1960s, when we were going to the moon, when we were paying for the great society, building eisenhower's interstate highway program, we invested 6% of the size of the economy in washington's investment and growth in the future. now we are investing under 3%. if we were still investing at 2%, we would be spending about twice as much every year in addition than what joe biden is proposing. so these are things they freedom transformational because they're set against the conservative era of the last 40 years, but they're not dramatic and the tax
2:37 am
increase is falling into that category. the president wants to raise the corporate rate to 28%. it was over 30% for decades before it went down to 21%. the top rate he wants to take to 39.6%. ronald reagan signed the first tax conut down to 50%. >> more historical than transformational. big debates sparked on friday a about the jobs report, which was not as strong as we expected. right. and you're starting to see, i think, it's interesting this talk of a worker shortage. at the same time, you've got all the people in south carolina, arkansas, montana some of the republican governors taking steps to curb the $300 a week in jobless benefits. they said it's discounseloring people going back to work. it took $300 a week for americans earn a living wage. it might be hard to go to the way things were before. what about you, john harwood?
2:38 am
>> well, look, i think we first of all, have to admit we don't know why the jobs report was so bad. >> exactly. >> a lot of people expected us to gain a million jobs. we're scratching our heads to try to figure it out. it's likely a mix of factors, including the safety -- security blanket of the unemployment check, but also fear of the pandemic, lack of child care, other things that make it difficult for people for supply chain issues, as well, where some factories can't open because they don't have microchips. all the things play into why more people didn't go back to work, we think. but what is happening is people on the side of governments doing too much, in some of these red states, they'll seize on the fact it happened to confirm their belief that governments shouldn't have been spending this much money. they want to pull it back and see what happens. this is a once in a century pandemic and the recovery from it is going to unfold at
2:39 am
unpredictable ways. >> yeah. >> john, i want to get your thoughts on politics now. house minority leader kevin mccarthy is officially backing congresswoman stepfanik to take over cheney. they're going to oust one of their own for telling the truth. we're seeing a few republicans step up opposing this. take a listen to maryland governor larry hogan. >> i'm concerned about retaliation from the president. they're concerned about, you know, being attacked within the party and, you know, it just bothers me that you have to swear royalty to the dear leader or you get kicked out of the party. it doesn't make any sense. it's sort of a circular firing squad. we're attacking members of our own party instead of focussing on solving problems. >> congressman adam kinzinger compared the party to the titanic.
2:40 am
is he right? >> well, the republican party is in a difficult place. the irony is they're in a difficult place even though history would tell us they're likely to take back the congress next year. this is a party that is not organized around philosophy or ideas or policies. it is motivated by the fear of a segment of the american population they're being left behind. it's principally blue collar white voters. they're desperate for someone to be their champion. they see donald trump as their champion, but that is a shrinking demographic over time. that's not a winning long-term formula. and the question is when do republicans feel the motivation to change their message, change their approach, to try to reach out to a broader cross section of americans? that's how they're going to grow and thrive in the long run. this is what kinzinger was saying about the titanic. they're getting tighter and tighter organized around this particular group and this particular leader and that is
2:41 am
something that will take them down in the long-term. the question is what is that time frame? if they win the congress next year, history would say they would, they're down a few seats, and almost always the president's party loses seats in a midterm. is that going to motivate them to change? probably not. we have another presidential election in 2024. they've lost the popular vote seven of the last eight times. they haven't gotten the message to change on it yet. >> all right. john, it's great to have you. i appreciate it. all right. now to this. the government watchdog over the u.s. capitol police set to testify that the department lacks important counter surveillance resources which may have hobbled it during the u.s. capitol riot. inspector general michael bolton released a summary of the much-anticipated report. lawmakers will grill him about it later today. lapses in communications intel have an a central focus for members of congress investigating the january 6th
2:42 am
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china is creating a line of separation at the summit of mount everest trying to keep climbers from nepal from mingling with climbers from the tibetan side. the camp on the nepal side has been sit hard by coronavirus. a surge has been driven by neighboring india. overnight in india, new daily cases dipped below 400,000 for the first time since may 6th. anna is tracking the latest developments. she joins us live from hong kong. anna, good morning. >> reporter: hi, laura. in india, ravaged by the second wave of covid, more than half the states and union territories have gone into lockdown in a
2:47 am
desperate attempt to control the spread. there are calls for the prime minister to impose a nationwide lockdown. he's refusing to do so. we should note that the prime minister has not addressed his people publicly in almost three weeks. this is during the worst crisis to ever hit india. now the medical journal said that the government's squandered its early success and the handling of the pandemic is inexcusable. the supreme court had to step in and set up a nationwide task force to address the oxygen crisis and try to sort out distribution and supply. as we've been seeing over the many weeks, hospitals are falling desperately short of oxygen. now the crisis engulfing india has spread over into neighboring countries. nepal, bangladesh, pakistan, and
2:48 am
sri lanka has seen a surge in cases. in pakistan, it has imposed a nine-day lockdown in preparation for the end of ramadan. in pakistan, a country of almost 220 million people, there's generally a mass movement and the government is putting the military to try to stop people returning from their homes and further spreading the virus, laura. >> anna, thank you so much for that report. indian-american doctors helping with the covid crisis from thousands of miles away. staying up nights when it's day in india so they can give advice to patients for free on video calls. the doctors said they want to help ease the burden on emergency rooms in india. organizers said in a week the program has been inundated with hundreds of indian covid patients. pack here in the u.s., some paren parent livid and planning to sue umass amherst after their kids were kicked out of school for this photo. showing them unmasked at an off campus party. the parents said they lost their
2:49 am
appeals about this and the three freshman were thrown out forfeiting the semester and their $16,000 tuition. >> this process has been horrible. like, horrible and so not fair and there's nothing i can do as a mother. it's so -- it breaks my heart. >> these beautiful young ladies were honor students. they had a full academic year stripped away and their paths broken of their higher education for alleged covid relations yet in the same period of time, the university hosted a parade/event to celebrate the umass hockey team's national championship win. violating every single one of the violations they accuse these girls of. also violating a standing executive order by charlie baker that said no parades or festivals. >> umass amherst said they don't comment on disciplinary changes
2:50 am
but no student was us is spending for merely not wearing a mask. japan's prime minister said the final decision on the olympics is up to the international olympic committee. the tokyo games set to begin july 23rd in the middle of a pandemic. cnn is live in tokyo with more. what do we know, blake? >> reporter: well, christine, the daly case count is increasing. in western japan, the medical system is collapsed with people dying at home because they can't get into the hospital. several prefectures, including tokyo, are under an extended state of emergency order. it seems almost nothing will stop the olympic games from taking place on schedule this summer. it's a reality that serves as a primary reason explaining why these games are being deeply unpopular among japanese residents. the idea that the health, safety, and well being of the japanese people doesn't matter. even during the state of emergency order when people are being asked to stay home and
2:51 am
bars and restaurants are being asked to close early, an olympic test event was held at the new national stadium in tokyo. hundreds took part inside the empty stadium while a hundred people stood outside protesting the event. with the unpopularity of the games seemingly gaming momentum, the prime minister said the decision to hold the games is up to the ioc. it's worth noting that the ioc is a nonprofit and generates 98% from the revenue from the summer and winter games. clearly the financial stakes are huge and the ioc is doing everything possible to make sure that the games go ahead. here is ioc vice president over the weekend. >> we're implementing those counter measures. you've read the playbook. you can see those. they've been counter measures predicated on being no vaccines. that situation has improved. the games are going ahead. >> reporter: ioc president thomas batch was scheduled to
2:52 am
arrive next week. it was announced his visit will be postponed. >> blake for us in tokyo, thank you so much. we'll check on cnn business this monday morning. at markets around the world to start the week. a mixed performance in asia and london and paris and frankfurt barely moving on wall street. stock intex futures are mixed. a disappointing jobs report sparked a vigorous debate about a growing shortage of workers. the dow closed up 229 points to a record high. record for the s&p 500, too. 266,000 jobs added back in april. that's the picture of recovery here. the economy is still down 8.2 million jobs since february of last year. the jobless rate ticked up to 6.1%, and notable here average hourly earnings jumped 21 cents. fatter paychecks, of course, a win for workers but another potential sign of inflation. potential barometers of the reskovr i are disney and airbnb
2:53 am
report the first quarter earnings this week. disney was shut down. vaccinations allowed for more capacity at disney properties and more bookings for new republic and airbnb. critical for the inflation picture in the revved up economy reports on producer prices this week. in march it rose for the fourth straight month and producer prices had the largest annual gain in nine and a half years. looking for a way to get rid of the box of barbies you have hidden in the back of your closet? you had it since the '90s? mattell wants your barbies. wants to recycle them in a new program. to recover and reuse materials from old toys to make new ones. it'll start with three iconic brands barbie, match box, and megatoys. it's part of a plan to use 100% recycled or bio-based plastic by 2030. >> i don't have any. >> i wish i kept it.
2:54 am
>> my sister pulled the heads off. they're gone. [ laughter ] >> all right. now to this, an appropriate honor for who change the world. writer and poet maya angelo and sally ride will appear on a new series of quarters beginning next year. the coins are part of a new u.s. mint program will feature as many as 20 american women through 2025. the coins will enter circulation in january and include a new design of george washington very cool. >> i think sometimes it feels like small gestures but you cannot be what you cannot see. >> exactly right! thank you for joining us everybody! >> i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. rougher than others. ♪ someday, 50 years will have gone by,
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. and ask how to add comcast business securityedge. call today. i'm brianna keel on new "day." the most successful attack. now the white house is scrambling to deal with a cyber attack believed to be a criminal group from russia. dr. fauci said it's time for the u.s. to loosen indoor mask man date of thes as he sets a new date for a return plus dr. anthony fauci says.


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