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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  May 16, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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fa fareed zakaria "radical rebe rebellion" is next. mr. gorbachev tore down this wall. >> remember that republican party? how did the party of lincoln turned into this? >> get out, i would like to punch him in the face. >> a radical transformation. decades in the making.
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but the roots are old d deep. and there were the rabbit fears of the john burch society. >> they're infecting the youths of america. >> now the crazy conspiracy of qanon. >> joe biden is the biggest pedophile. >> father, i pray for him. >> exploiting god for votes. began a long time ago chlgt. >> this war is for the soul of america. >> that's the whole ball game. >> voter suppression. >> i don't want everybody to vote. >> feeding democracy. >> voter role urges. millions upon millions removed. the ugly history of racism. if you are a black republican, you would suddenly feel this
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party didn't want you there anymore. >> a party in deep trouble. >> this so-called trump base is a shrinking base. >> this is not working for america and republicans. >> it cannot even govern. what the hell happened to republicans? >> good evening, i am fareed zakaria, america may never lived through a political era as troubling as this one. a sitting president, donald trump, trying to hold onto his office even after he lost the election anden angry the mob. much of the gop believes that
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big lie and is trying to make it harder for americans to vote. what on earth happened to the republican party? the only way to find the answer is to go back to the beginning of this story. >> a hot july 9th, 1964. san francisco. an arena built to showcase the capitol, back with birds of republicans. thousands of rowdy delegates there to choose the gop cand candidates for president. >> i have never seen a convention like this time. >> at the podium stands a strong group but one on the road. >> i don't believe a liberal
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republican. >> there were many liberals in the gop. like governor nelson, rockefeller of new york. tonight he's demanding his party denounce segregation and extremism. >> the extremist feet on fear and hate and terrorist. they encourage this unity. the crowd quickly turns hostile. >> he started getting booed. it is frightening. >> the governor is entitled for five minutes. >> conservative republicans
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despise the republican party. >> the republican convention of 1964 turned into these fights. >> the governor has not had a chance to talk. he's been up here for ten minutes and he has not had a chance talk for about four minutes. >> we want barry. >> senator barry goldwater. wouchb>> senator barry goldwater. wo one of the most right-wing candidates. >> i think the mood of t the -- they'll not support the nominee of goldwater.
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>> that's not just any republican. >> jackie robinson is an american hero. the first black player in the major league baseball. >> there seems to be some concerns that former great, jackie robinson may lead a negro walk out of this convention. >> jackie, could you explain to us the walk out of a vote in candidacy. is that right? >> nobody is walking out the republican party. >> robinson remains to the party of lincoln. the party what historically been pro-civil rights. >> if you are a black republican, you would suddenly
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feel this party in your home of the civil war, this party didn't want you there. >> 40,000 people demonstrated against goldwater. >> those who felt unwanted took to the streets outside the cal palace, including jackie robinson. at the heart of their anger, the 1964 civil rights group. signed into law days before the conv convention began. barry goldwater was one of 27 senators to vote against it. >> goldwater was not a racist. most agree. he did not do any to denounce segregation. at the convention, the racial
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climate is brewing ugly. >> you seen it first. >> they got demonstrators carrying boards in the center isle. a back man protested in goldwater is dragged out by security. >> it does represent a lot of people watching tv unnerving. jackie said he thought he knew what it felt like to be a jew. america's most famous black republican finally seen enough. >> mr. robinson. >> he walked out of the convention and the party for good .
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>> i would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is so vice. >> he called the supporters to be extremists and be radicals. was it a water shed moment in america? >> yes, it was. >> goldwater's defensive extremism would lose him the election. >> london b. johnson's landslide of november 3rd, 1964.
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goldwater had change history for the republicans. he created what he now know was the right wing base. >> goldwater brings together the post war world ii, the cold war republicans opposed to business regulation and he brings those together with the southern democrats, the southern white premise who were against the idea of desegregation and he ma marries them in a new coalition that's going to take the party. >> the founder of modern conservatism. he wrote a conservative us someone who stands towards history yelling stop. indeed the right would shout stop over and over again in the coming decade. >> those shouts echoed through the 1960s as america exploded.
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cities were wrecked by rioters over civil rights and police shooting. >> don't bow down anymore. hold your heads up. >> thousands would die in the ju jungle of vietnam. >> antiprotests filled the streets. >> entered presidential candidate, richard nixon. he knew how terrifying 1968 was to the right wing base. >> the way of crime is not the
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way of the future in the america. >> nixon used what was called the southern strategy. >> build a base by attracting more white support in the south with subtle appeals to racism. >> these dog whistles and law and order. >> he wanted to make the government bigger. h >> he proposed a universal health program. nixon actually founded the environmental protection agency. >> the government was there to stay. it was disappointing for a lot of conservatives. >> there is the president waving
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good-bye. >> the watergate scandal consumed the nixon presidency. it would be 1980 before conservatives found a new hero. ronald reagan was goldwater reen c goldgoldw goldwater reincarnated. ronald reagan toke the goldwater message. >> he's at the sense of real triumph that america is going to change its fundamental ways. >> he was and is a republican icon for defeating the soviet union. >> but once again, a conservative darling shocked the
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base with his domestic policies. >> he didn't cut spending and he ended up as you know exploding the defibt deficit. >> the reagan revolution turned out to be more than reality. reagan even expanded medicaid. when reagan left office not having radically transformed america, conservatives became ready. the right long for a fighter. and reagan's successor, the elite, george h.w. bush did not fit the bill. >> conservatives felt betrayed one more time. now they found a new hero, the man who wrecked bush's
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president. newt gingrich. >> once the democrats was back in if white house, newt gingrich became leader of the opposition. >> we are going to change their world, they'll do anything to stop us. >> gingrich pioneered the fight club mentality that would eventually consume the gop. >> gingrich understood that his voters did not care about winning, winning policy fights. what they cared about was fighting. >> mr. begigingrich will whispe your right ear and i will whisper on his left. >> boosting gingrich were some powerful new allies. >> fox news channel. >> the fox news channel fed the
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conservative grievance. most are very politically correct. well, we are going to try to be different. >> the way report and cover it. if we could not make the voters believe anymore then we have to fight the cultural wars. >> by the time george w. bush became president, a new wave of conservative lawmakers were ready for politics as war. once again another bush disappointed them. >> the president of the united states. >> i remember sitting at the state of the union address, the first line was george w. bush. he was talking about no child left behind and big government programs that mike pence and i were kind of gasping at. we finally got to the battle and the war was over. >> that disappointment would
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turn into rage. >> during bush's failed war in iraq and the financial crisis and the bail-outs that bush supported. >> it just destroyed and discredited everything he was going to do and left it open for different kind of radicals to struggle. it was of course race. the issue republicans had happily exploited would finally push the party to the edge. a black president in the white house figured a dramatic response. >> the rise of the tea party movement was supposed to be a response to obamacare. but in reality it was mostly a
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response to obama's race. >> obama's election is a trigger. >> this president exposed himself as a guy over and over again who has a deep seeded hatred for white people. >> the base began not only to hate obama. what is wrong with this president but to dispise gop leaders. searching for someone who would embody their rage and give them their revolution. >> oh, we are going to win, we are going to win so big, thank you so much everybody. # the new samsung galaxy s21 this looks different. it is. show me. just hit record! see that? you're filming in 8k. that's cinema quality.
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these days they face a daunting challenge in winning real majorities. in the last each presidential election, the republican candidate for president won the popular vote only once. in 2004, the republicans have found a way to lose and yet still win. >> this is made element in the party sour on democracy itself. >> how else to explain the
5:24 pm
dozens of efforts across the country. >> trust and confidence in our elections. >> introduced 45-state legislatures. >> all to make it harder for americans to vote. >> how many of our christians, they want everybody to vote. i don't want everybody to vote. >> it is a reflexct on the righ that's been building for decades. our leverage in the election quite candid. even the rights were hero, ronald reagan. >> during barry goldwater's 1964 campaign. >> i know goldwater for a long time. >> a nationwide gop effort that monitored voters of color in the
5:25 pm
name of preventing voter fraud. >> william led part of the efforts in arizona where hispanic people were forced to read the constitution before they can vote. >> the purpose was to challenge people who were trying to cast a ballot and not just people but intimidating and challenging minority voters. >> every american citizen must have an equal right to vote. >> after the voting rights act finally allowed millions of black people to vote. >> here is something that can help our president. >> it is time for universal voter, registration. >> proposing the same day voter registration nationwide among other reforms.
5:26 pm
>> laws allowing voters to register on election day. >> it would increase turnout vote by an estimated 20%. >> ronald reagan was dead set on the measures, warning that election workers scooping up apathetic voters to keep the benefit dispenser in power. >> that's vintage reagan, vintage southern strategy. >> the law would make the gop as dead tsas the dodo bird. >> we'll make action. if we find evidence of voting or election fraud. >> the election boogey man to justify more justified voting. >> it is going to be fraud all
5:27 pm
over the place. >> study after study by democrats and republicans found voter fraud is less common than getting strike by lightning. >> from 2000s to 2014, there were one billion votes cast. >> out of those 1 billion, that's with a "b," there were 31 cases of voter impersonation fraud. >> 31 in 15 years out of one billion votes. >> it is a scene that's played out in states across the country. >> republicans use the method of widespread voter fraud to best dozens of laws, making it disproportionately difficult for black people to vote. >> hundreds of thousands of
5:28 pm
voters may not have necessarily have id. >> we are ready to march to the ballot box. >> it was a shameful echo of the jim crow south. >> one of the most troubling measures. >> if you needed to vote -- >> north carolina. >> after obama flipped the state in '08, thanks to a massive voter to announce, republican state legislatures gathered meticulous data to see how black people voted. which ids did they use to vote? >> ladies, we are here to take your early voting. >> and which day? >> including sunday after church. then they wrote a new election law that would made jim crow proud. >> this is 57 page of
5:29 pm
abomination. >> if the united states awarded medals for voter suppression, this bill is a candidate for a goal. >> the republicans targeted african-american with almost surgical precision. >> one of this things the four circuits said this is as close as a smoking gun that we'll ever see. >> the 2016 elections, there were more smoking guns. fuelled by the supreme court decision that got us the voting rights act. >> this was the first presidential election in 50 years. when black voters face the full assault on their voting rights. the full implementation of voter id laws. almost 1200 polling places closed, millions upon millions removed from the voter roles.
5:30 pm
>> a lot of republicans since 1984 and the presidential races have not been able to win in wisconsin. >> now we have voter id. >> a voter id law in wisconsin may have helped swing the states to trump. >> tens of thousands of people didn't have the id to vote and black voters plummet ed. >> trump won the states by less than 23,000 ballots. >> election officials could face felony charges. >> the processes of the election and today in 2021. republicans are not merely suppressing the wrote, they're trying to pry away power from election officials. as legislatures attempt to seize control over how the votes are counted.
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. let me give you a sennapsho of the republican party today. 70% of republicans said they did not believe joe biden won the election legitimately. >> there is too much evidence of fraud. >> fight for trump! >> over 40% believe bill gates is planning to use the covid-19 vaccine as a pretext to implant microchips in people's brains in order to track them.
5:35 pm
roughly one and four republicans agree with the key tenant of the qanon conspiracy that a group of satan worshipper elites trying to control media and politics. >> joe biden is the biggest pedophile on the face of the planet. >> not a conspiracy. >> the republican party today has been infected by a crazy conspiracy theory. why? this kind of fear and suspicion of power has roots on the right going back to more than half a century. there is a big difference between then and now. >> in the past, paranoia never
5:36 pm
went mainstream. today the republican party leaders have encouraged many of its supporters' worst fears and fantasies. this is the story of how conspiracy theories and theorists move from the fringe of the republican party smacked down to its center. >> it begins in the 1950s. the early years of the cold war. americans felt the enemy was winning. >> america was so strong and so powerful and rich. yet, many thing in the world did not go america's way. >> joseph mccarthy electrify the
5:37 pm
country this is happening. >> now robert welch picked up mccarthy's baton. >> first up is to stop tit. >> for a lot of people in that confusing post war period they wanted the easy answers. >> everywhere they look, they saw looming in internal communist menace. >> within a few years they had built a powerful grass roots organization. >> we, too , are involved in a contest between human beings
5:38 pm
everywhere. >> they stop of nowhere and even accusing president eisenhower of being a conscious agent of the communist theory. >> they fought tooth and nail using anticommunism as a cover up. >> those views reached millions of americans through widely distributed pamphlets and magazines and books. >> they finally found someone they like, barry goldwater.
5:39 pm
>> it is hard to imagine barry goldwater again. >> his anticommunists thrilled. >> the only peace of the world is communism. >> he's been urged by republicans to denounce robert welch and the deranged conspiracy propagated by society. >> unlike today, republicans felt morally obligated to call out what they knew were lies. >> goldwater called it out himself but was careful. >> i am fearful of the radical members of the left than the society. >> this was the beginning of a calculated two-faced dance by republican politicians, not
5:40 pm
voicing the conspiracy themselves but embracing it, the conspiracy theorists. ever since donald trump election, republican officials with denial of the crazies. >> you have donald trump's main vision in his campaign and the birtherism thing that barack obama was not a citizen. that was coming from canada. >> they have come to see that anger represents paranoia. >> we are not going to let this election be stolen by joe biden and democrats. >> the republican base have been mislead. they are created a frankinstein monster. >> they don't get to steal it from us. why don't you call td ae for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk and potential profit and loss. could've used that before i hired my interior decorator. get a strategy gut check from our trade desk.
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it was hard not to laugh at the absurdity of this political mary. >> his history is not a history of a good christian man. >> even trump asked himself how did i get here. >> this is somebody who can't fake religious corinthism.
5:45 pm
>> by 2016, the core of the republican base were a minority. >> united states is becoming a very secular society very fast. >> the percentage of americans were affiliated with the christian church has collapsed. >> this is the story of how the republican party weaponized christianity to hold onto political power. >> what you saw there is the pimping of jesus. >> good morning. southern baptist church, jerry farewell. broadcasting across the country on sunday morning. >> is it great to be a christian? >> falwell was a fundamentalist
5:46 pm
who believed the bible should be interpreted. >> the nation does not come back to god, it is all gone. >> like most white vevangelical of the time. falwell believed that religion and politics do not miss. >> that changed in the 1970s especially after the federal government gave private schools an youultimatum. >> they are not practicing racial discrimination. >> some evangelicals have built their own school as a response to federal desegregation. for many evangelicals, there were another important driver. evangelicals were furious.
5:47 pm
>> we got to raise up an army of men and women in america. we call this nation back to moral sensibility. i call it the moral majority. >> the mission of falwell's new army was to restore america's christian identity. >> a sleeping giant is standing up. >> falwell's movement became a political force. >> he says it is adam and eve, not adam and steve. >> the moral majority claimed to register millions of christians to vote in the 1918 election, helping ronald reagan win the white house in a landslide.
5:48 pm
>>. >> the formal hollywood actor became the perfect spokesperson for christian value. >> i believe faith and religion play a critical role in our nation and always have. >> oabortion remained the law o the land and gay rights were advancing. >> christian conservatives finally heard a rallying cry from the 1992 rally. >> it is a critical war and as critical to the nation we shall be as the cold war itself. >> by the beginning of the 21st century. the religious right have become
5:49 pm
the most powerful interest groups in the gop. at the same time they could see they were losing the country. america was becoming less religious and socially conservative and less white. >> in 2008, barack obama's election was to white christian conservatives a kind of death mail. >> christian conservatives have lost. they lost the fight over their ability to find what it means to be an american. >> this desperation on the right was an opportunity for donald trump. >> it broke my bible. >> see? >> trump understood how to tap into the deep anger and sense of grievance that had been building among white christians for decades >> christianity is under siege, folks. >> the founders were quite clear of the fact that this would not
5:50 pm
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america's growing diversity is built on immigration and it is proved to be a strength and not a weakness. republican politicians are now riding the back of a tiger and they can't get off. reagan, gingrich, trump, all the
5:56 pm
icons on the right. promised they would repeal and reverse most of these terrible trends but of course it never happens which makes the republican base gets more and more angry. they sense betrayal and desperation that america is in great danger of collapse. but that's different from a ban of ideology warriors with a vision that fuelled the end of days, seeing opponents as traitors and devils and believing all methods sanctioned in the basalt to save civilization and itself. in short, the republican party needs to have a political
5:57 pm
exorcism and driving out its demonism and come to terms with the modern world. i am fareed zakaria. thank you for watching this special. whatever you have at home, knorr sides can turn nutritious veggies into mouthwatering meals. ♪ veggies taste amazing with knorr. ♪ v[truck horn blares]g (vo) the subaru forester. dog tested. dog approved. the new samsung galaxy s21.
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all right, all right. >> johnny carson was late night television. >> but when dave came on i felt like it was a show for me. >> maybe you will get some, maybe you won't. >> it was a huge deal who'


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