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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 3, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman on this new day. president biden's coronavirus plan is working. the new numbers, the new incentives and how he plans to hit his vaccination goal by july 4th. nis predecessor is trying to convince his followers that he will be reinstated as president this summer. it's nonsense, but it's sparking
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a previously unthinkable alliance to take away benjamin netanyahu's power. and -- >> how the hell do we have you become our mayor? >> colder than a new york knicks playoff run. see what happened when the candidates for mayor squared off in a major debate. a very good morning to viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, june 3rd. we're almost to friday, not quite, and this morning the biden administration and american people have actually a lot to celebrate in the fight against coronavirus. for the first time in 14 months, the united states is averaging fewer than 20,000 new cases a day. hospitalizations are also at the lowest point in more than a
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year, and they're declining steadily as more and more people are getting vaccinated. >> but the rate of vaccinations is slowing. the u.s. is averaging 1.1 million doses a day. that's less than a third of the peak that was in mid-april. that's why president biden is launching a new push to get 70% of the americans vaccinated with at least one dose by july 4th. joining us, harry enten. i want to show people how good things are. >> take a look here. this is coronavirus cases, new cases in the past week versus the previous week. look at all this green on the screen. new cases are down. the only red is in the west. the reason california is so red is they were so, so low. overall a solid picture. >> green just about everybody. what about daily dose? >> here's another thing. daily deaths.
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we were at this peak. look at that. this drop all the way down here now down to less than 0.2 deaths per 100,000 residents. good news on the coronavirus. >> good news and dropping even further. all right. vaccinations. where exactly do we stand right now? >> here's exactly where we stand. all americans north of that 50% mark, again, good news. adults nearing 63%. so, again, we're higher than we were, but perhaps as you were pointing out, lower. we're just at about 63%. what's the date? the 3rd? june 3rd. >> yes. >> president biden wants to be at 70% by july 4th. are we going to hit that? >> no, not at the rate we saw last week. if we continue having new vaccinations, the people getting new doses at the rate we did over the last week, where will we be on july 4th?
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68% of the adults. new vaccines go up to say we were at the rate two weeks ago instead of last week? we will hit that 70% mark. same with three weeks ago. so we need to boost the number of new people gets vaccinated. >> this is interesting. if we continue doing what we're doing, we won't get there. we were on pace, but something happened in the last week where we slowed down. who do we need to reach in order to get to 70%? >> basically if you look at the last month kaiser foundation family poll, at that point it was 62%. we need to add in those who said they will get their first vaccine as soon as possible. that jumps us to 66%. then the wait-and-see group who said we'll get one in the next three months. that's an additional 4%. if we add all of those groups together, we'll get to 70%. if we can get the folks on the side who are not sure, that's
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euro our best shot. >> they're saying they'll get it in the next three months. the cdc is saying don't wait. get it now. >> yes. >> harry, thank you so much for those numbers. how do you get those folks? beer to the rescue. president biden is rolling out a list of private sector partne partnerships to help do it and do it now. beer is one way. >> free stuff. americans love free stuff. these are the incentives being offered here, the white house unveiling all kinds of perks to get to that goal of 70% of americans by july 4th getting vacc vaccinated. >> america is heading into the summer dramatically different from last year's summer, a summer of freedom, a summer of
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joy, as joy, a summer of get-togethers. >> that's right. getting back to normal, the white house calling the effort the month of action to push people who might be hesitant to get the vaccine or having trouble accessing the vaccine. so go get a haircut at a black owned barbershop to get your vaccine or a day care. they'll watch your kids. free rides to the vaccine. they're keeping pharmacies open later on friday night so people have access to an appointment at all hours. a tax credit for giving your employees time off to get the shot and recover from it. yes, john, free beer to the rescue. anheuser-busch said it will buy america's next round of beer if we hit the 70% goal. new jersey, a shot and a beer. i wonder.
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we had this big moment where it was big mass vaccination centers. now they're micro targeting. >> they've got to go out and reach every person who think they might do it at some point. they've got to do it now. christine romans, thank you so much. cheers as it were. brianna? >> reporter: israel's longest serving prime minister benjamin netanyahu is one stoep away fro being honest. they struck a coalition deal to form a new government. this is an extraordinary coalition. paving the way for netanyahu's exit. cnn's hadas gold is live for us in jerusalem. this is something to behold, hadas. explain to us what happened here. >> brianna, it definitely is history in the making. last night with 38 minutes before that midnight deadline, the centrist leader lapid said he formed a coalition that could oust benjamin netanyahu as
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israel's longest serving prime minister. under the terms, the leader naftali bennett would serve as minister. then lapid would take over. but as you noted, this coalition is made up of a wide swath of political parties from the far right to the left. an arab israeli party has signed on as part of a coalition. that goes to show you who all is sitting in this party. now, not much unites this coalition other than they want to see the back of benjamin netanyahu leaving the prime minister's house. so it might be a fragile government to begin with. in a statement the centrist leader said the government will work to serve all the citizens of israel, including those who aren't members of it. we'll respect those who oppose it and do everything to unite
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the parties. it is not over yet because this new government needs to pass a vote of confidence. they'll try to get members of parliament to defect, not vote. he's already doing that. in a tweet an hour ago, he said all right wing members must oppose this dangerous left wing government. so we could be seeing the e beginning of the end of benjamin netanyahu, but it's not over yet. >> we will see. we'll see where that goechlts haddad gold, thank you so much. let's check in with the former u.s. member of the middle east envoy who served under five administrations. it's wonderful to talk to us this morning. this is an extraordinary
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partnership of folks who are united against a political enemy but really not much else. what's your reaction to this? >> well, i think it's actually extraordinary. you used the right word. it is extraordinary. it's not just that they're united solely against benjamin netanyahu. there's something else going on. there's a view that the institutions were under assault, that the rule of law was under assault, that in a sense rather than having a rule of a government for the people and by the people, it was increasingly a one-person, one-man rule. so what you see that unites this extraordinary coalition from left to right including an israeli arab party for the first time is also a sense that something was very significantly at stake in israel, and that was the future of its institutions. i think that may be one of the
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driving forces. of course, benjamin netanyahu unites them, but there's a deeper sense that something more profound was at stake. i think that helps to explain why we're seeing what we're seeing. >> look. that's a pattern that many americans are familiar with. we saw some interesting strange bedfellows in our last election as well. as you are looking at this narrow, narrow margin here, and benjamin netanyahu is already, as hadas said, trying to twist arms, can he blow up this coalition? >> well, there's a potential. one at this point can't say he couldn't because there could be some additional defections. but understand he has been making an effort to produce defections for a long time. naftali bennett had said he would join the netanyahu government if netanyahu could put a government together, and netanyahu was saying for some period of time he would get defections from one of the right
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wing parties, the new hope party, for example, the gideon sar party, and yet there were no defections. is there the potential to get defections? yes. there's also the other joint party that's not part of this coalition which did not sign on, it's also quite possible if there is a defection or two that netanyahu is able to produce, it's also possible that members from that joint list will decide that they will either vote for the government or abstain, which would help ensure that that new government is allowed to seat itself or be seated. >> so naftali bennett, who would serve under this arrangement as prime minister for the first two years was not exactly a calming influence, you could say, during the recent war with palestinians. what does that bode for, you know, what we are expecting to see at a very sensitive time? >> it's exactly the right
3:12 am
question to ask, but, again, i think when we take a step back, it's also worth noting that while naftali bennett obviously comes from the right -- his party literally means on the right -- it's interesting when you look at what he's been saying. his language and ayair lapid's language are different. we have to change the civil discourse here, chairj the political discourse, treat israelis as if we're all young people. the language sounds remarkably like what we heard from joe biden, and that's coming from naftali bennett. what they've agreed on, there are basic issues not only at stake, but there are things they will agree on. they will pass a budget. it has all sorts of implications on how the defensemen industry
3:13 am
can plan. they haven't been able to make appointments, so the whole personnel system has been frozen. they're emphasizing a new infrastructure. indeed part of the new deal includes infrastructure. it's something that has been overdone. what we're seeing is there are issues they'll have to address. they're going to have to find a way to deal with the palestinians. what we saw in the recent conflict is the palestinians can't be ignored, but here again you have a government that has to realize they're going to have to deal with internal stresses, even divisive issues. it may not produce a serious condition but may produce a serious discussion. really if you look at the last
3:14 am
several years, there really hasn't been a policy within the netanyahu government. it was, we'll deal with the arabs -- meaning on the outside -- but we won't necessarily deal with the palestinians as it relates to our next-door neighbor. >> it's an extraordinary time as we say watching what's happening in israel. ambassador ross, we're so thankful to have your voice on this. >> thanks for having me. next, some chilling new video of the moments when child runaways opened fire on deputies, which start the sheriff to ask, where have we gone wrong. plus, does one of the guilty insurrection pleas indicate how long rioters will have to be behind bars and the firing of candi candidates in new york city. >> how the hell do you become our mayor?
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cam that left a girl shot. they used weapons they found inside to fire at deputies. cnn's reporter is live in florida near the house where the shoot-out took place. what's on this video? >> reporter: i can tell you this morning there's still a deputy parked outside the home. what this new video shows us how this went down from the deputy's perspective, from having to hide behind a tree when fired upon to their attempts to de-escalate the situation. this police body camera footage shows a disturbing scene in
3:20 am
central florida tuesday night. >> the juvenile male looks like he has something in his hand as well. sliding glass door on my side, which would be facing the tree. shooting out the rear window toward my direction. stand by. >> reporter: the volusia county sheriff releasing an edited video. >> the call was that a 12-year-old who is a diabetic and needs medication every four hours or so had walked off campus with the 14-year-old. >> reporter: according to the sheriff, the teens broke into this house and allegedly used an ak-47 and shotgun discovered
3:21 am
inside to open fire on the officers. >> the female has a shotgun. stand by. >> reporter: deputies working to de-escalate the situation. >> i'm not sure if they're going to come to the front door or now. stand by. don't make me do this. don't do this. they look like they're going to try to come out and will challenge. hands in the air now. >> reporter: but after about 35 minutes, police say the teenaged girl who was armed with a gun threatened to kill a deputy. >> stand by. shots fired at me again. juvenile male fired that round. stand by. she's got the ak and the shotgun. she's wrapping it around the top of her neck.
3:22 am
-- shots fired again. the female has a pistol. juvenile has a long gun. so does the female. >> she was in critical but stable condition and the boy taken into custody, speaking about the situation. >> when we questioned him when it was all over, he tells investigators that the female made a statement that i'm going to roll this down like gta, grand theft auto, and she fired multiple times. they knew it was law enforcement and they were shooting to cause harm to law enforcement. >> reporter: no deputies were hurt in the incident and an investigation is under way. >> nobody comes to work to shoot and kill anybody. we certainly don't come to work to get into gunfights with 12- to 14-year-olds. >> the sheriff was very critical of the juvenile justice system.
3:23 am
we did reach out to the home where these two children lived. in a statement they said in a statement they plan to stop the emergency care shelter program and admitted to being overwhelmed saying they also believe the situation was, quote, the result of a system failing our children. john? >> that's terrifying, leyla. the weaponry involved, the duration, the length of time that went on. terrifying. thank you so much for your report. the former president of the united states, listening to conspiracies from the bottom of the bottom of the crazies in a barrel. that's according to a former aide. more of cnn's brand-new reporting next. plus, how are qanon followers responding to trump's delusional claim that he'll be reinstated this summer. we'll talk to an analyst who predicted the january 6th insurrection.
3:24 am
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this morning, brand-new reporting that the former president is said to be singularly obsessed with the false notion that the election was stolen from him. a former aide told cnn's dana bash that trump is listening to, quote, the bottom of the bottom of the crazy in in the barrel about election conspiracies. it comes as trump has reportedly been telling people he's going to be reinstated as president this summer, which is a delusional plan. the question is how is this claim being received by folks who follow qanon, by folks susceptible to these conspiracy theories? joining me now is a political consultant and independent researcher who monitors extreme chatter. on december 21st, aria, you wrote, on january 6th, armed
3:29 am
rallyists will be on the capitol. you have a knack for seeing things online and raising questions about them. so what are you seeing online? the president as we reported, maggie haberman reporting yesterday he believes he'll be reinstated as president by august, which is crazy, but what are people online saying about that? >> there's two slightly different things. on the specifics of trump's claim, inside qanon and the mega movement they're not paying much attention because they don't believe anything out of what they call lying. so if trump himself had said that in his own words, you would see them going absolutely insane in support of it. because it was maggie haberman, somebody who they have a deep dislike for, they're not responding specifically to this claim. all that said, they're extremely excited right now particularly
3:30 am
around what we're seeing in maricopa county and rumors in some other states. we're seeing on the one hand -- >> they do think donald trump will become president again this summer perhaps? >> yes. they speak about the talk of trump becoming president. some say not right away, some say sooner rather than later. very few of them expect that joe biden will finish his term. they think trump is coming back one way or the other. >> onewhat do you mean one way another? >> one way or another. where everybody holds up their hands and reinstates him or whether that's through force of arms or a coup. >> that's what i wanted to ask
3:31 am
you about next, force of arms or a coup. retired general michael flynn in answer to a question sounded like he was endorsing the idea of a myanmar-style coup, a military coup. once again, how are those claims being received online? >> the first thing to remember is qanon from the very beginning believes in a military coup. they believed it would be led by president trump when he was in office and he would use the generals to purge out congress and arrest hundreds of thousands of his enemies. so the idea of a coup is inherent to how these people think. flynn's comments were seen as extreme. many people in qanon -- for the united states after trump's defeat.
3:32 am
flynn himself rushed to take it back saying i didn't mean that, they're misinterpreting me, the fake media is twisting my words. all of his comments were, no, it's not true, you lied, we supported you. yeah, that's the real excitement, hope, the essence of what qanon is, the hope that the military will rise up and perish enemies on the left, democrats, liberals, and others. >> they took his word for it when they heard him say a myanmar-style coup, no reason it couldn't happen here t. thank you for being with us. bob baffert, the kentucky derby trainer banned from churchill downs. baffert's lawyer joins us next.
3:33 am
plus olympic champion michael phelps joins us to talk naomi osaka and his own struggles with mental health. [ footsteps] [ suspenseful music ] ♪
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hall of fame trainer bob baffert has been banned from entering horses into the kentucky derby for two years. this comes after medina spirit's failed drug test was confirmed. so a second test came back positive. medina is the horse that he trained that won this year's kentucky derby, and it's possible that win could now be thrown out. let's talk now with bob baffert's attorney craig robertson. thank you so much for joining us, craig. we have a lot of questions here. what is bob baffert's reaction to his suspension? >> well, mr. baffert has been disappointed and upset throughout this process. with regard to any issues with churchill downs, i can't and i'm not going to comment on those. i'm happy to discuss any other aspects of this case, and there are a lot of them.
3:38 am
in broad strokes generally, you know, this has been a very difficult time for mr. baffert. he has worked hard all of his life and has achieved the pinnacle of the sport. basically bob baffert is the michael jordan of horse racing. to now have, you know, his life's work questioned the way that it has has been very difficult. >> look. bottom line is the second test came back and the levels of betamethasone were too high, right? you don't dispute that the betamethasone levels were higher than the lab. >> kentucky's rules do not allow beta meth sohn on any horse on race day. they foenlund 20 picograms. >> i think it was 25. >> correct. a picogram is a trillionth of a
3:39 am
gram. >> only ten picograms is allowed. >> that's correct. but just because that that's the rule doesn't mean that it's a proper rule. and the reason why it's not a proper rule is that at that level, there would be zero pharmacology in a horse, zero. and it would have had no effect on this race. one thing you haven't heard and you will not ever hear is an equine pharmacologist come out and say that 21 picograms, 25 picograms would have any pharmacology in a horse. they're not going to say that because they can't say that. >> mr. robertson, yes or no, did the horse break the rules? was the amount of the drug beyond the rules? >> as i said, the kentucky rules do not allow the finding of any betamethasone. >> so, yes, it was beyond the rules. was bob baffert aware of the
3:40 am
rules? >> yes, mr. baffert is aware of the rules. >> so he broke the rules. >> listen. let's be clear on another thing too, okay? the rules here are designed to prevent a horse from getting an injection of betamethasone -- that i don't think that that's true. the rules specifically state the amount of beta meth sohn in the blood. it doesn't matter the manner with which it appears in the blood. >> i respectfully disagree with you on that and the evidence will show the rules were related to the injection of betamethasone and failed to address how the betamethasone got into the horse here, which was through an ointment and cream that was used to treat a dermatological condition. >> i understand that's what you're saying here. you're going to have a hard time
3:41 am
proving it was not an injection. that may be impossible. i will state churchill downs cited repeated testing failures, not just this one. what's your response to that? >> listen. when you look at the history of mr. baffert, he's had a 46-year-long history of training, and the vast majority of his career has been free of any particular issues, okay? i think the most telling statistic is this fact. the real problems and findings for trainers in horse racing is when you get suspended. in mr. baffert's 46-year history of training, he's only been suspended twice. once in 1977 and once in i believe it was 1997. so he hasn't had -- he's only had two suspensions in a 46-year
3:42 am
career, and he hasn't had any in the last 25, 26 years. >> with all due respect, you say he's like the michael jordan of the sport. but when you look at his history, he's more like the jose canseco of the sport. these are issues you're downplaying. >> i disagree. when you look at each individual particular issue, the fact and the evidence of those issues on many of them mr. baffert has prevailed. and, again, the findings, all of which have been investigated thoroughly by racing commissions and the findings in all of those have only resulted in two suspensions. if these were significant issues, those racing commissions would have suspended mr. baffert in the past, and they have not. >> i've got to say. only two suspensions. i'm not sure you want that as your second line on your chyron there. bob baffert only suspended twice
3:43 am
in his career. can i just ask you how it seemed to some that baffert was blaming everyone else after the first failed test of medina spirit. listen. >> we didn't treat him with that. we don't even use that. contamination is the only way. the horse was not treated by anybody. and we're going to investigate who touched the horse, who was near him. >> you know. and then baffert blamed fake news and media here. he said no one ever treated him. the bottom line is the horse was treated with something that had betamethasone. >> what the horse was not given was an injection of betamethasone. this ointment and cream was prescribed by a veterinarian, and one of its ingredients turned out to be beta meth sohn. and to go back to one of your points earlier, we will be able to, i believe, scientifically prove this came from the cream and ointment because there are
3:44 am
certain compounds in the ointment that are not present in the injection. and so when we can further do the blood and urine test, we believe we will be able to identify those compounds in the blood and urine. and, again, we'll scientifically prove this was in the ointment. >> how is that relevant, t thou? when we talk about substances in sports -- we have the olympics coming up. whether an athlete uses an ointment or injection. >> or a pill? or a pill. they're not allowed just as medina spirit was not allowed to have this substance in his system, nor are any of these horses. >> again, it's relevant to this point, which is the regulation was designed to deal with an injection into the joint of the horse and concern that that type of injection into the joint of a horse could somehow mask an
3:45 am
injury. it was not designed to deal with an innocent application of a topical ointment to treat a skin rash on a horse. two totally different thing snas that's not what the rule says. the world "innocent" is your interpretation of it. craig robertson, multiple-times lawyer for bob baffert, we thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up, highlighted mayoral debate. plus, remember this moment, a moment now an area of concern by the u.s. government. the new fda warning about eating cicadas. >> you're going to roll that all the time, right? all the time. snacks that taste great, and come straight from the earth. and last time i checked, pretzels don't grow on trees. just saying. planters. a nut above.
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3:47 am
less than three weeks until new york's democratic mayoral primary, the gloves off, way off. last night the eight leading candidates came together for their first in-person debate. it was at times tense and marked with personal clashes.
3:48 am
athena jones has the highlights. >> let's meet the candidates. >> reporter: new york city's top democratic candidates squaring off in their first mayoral debate. >> you do not bode well in elections at all. how the hell do we have your become our mayor with this racket like this? >> we need to turn the page on the people who have been running our city into the ground for the last number of years. >> no one on this stage did more during the pandemic in march, april, and may when things are really dire to keep this city going. >> reporter: the contenders eager to draw contrast with their rivals. with the winner of this month's pri debate expected to prevail. there are concerns over the public safety. >> we can no long rear e respond to mental health complaints with overpolicing. >> we believe we can get to a
3:49 am
safer new york city by divesting $3 billion to the nypd. >> reporter: in april the city saw major crimes rise 30% compared to the previous year including a staggering 166% rise in shootings. >> if we're going to turn around our economy, we have to make this city a safe city. >> aaron adams, a former new york police captain has made public safety a centerpiece of his run. >> i was beaten by police at 15, so i became a police officer to battle racism from within. >> reporter: he calls for earlier intervention in at-risk communities and training of police regarding gun violence. >> we must have a police department that we trust and is going to do its job of keeping the people of its city safe. >> reporter: former presidential candidate andrew yang says voting is high on people's concerns. >> we're going to address these concerned neighborhood by
3:50 am
neighborhood. >> reporter: he's focused on the overhauling of the police department. >> defunding is not the right move. >> reporter: katherine garcia has put forth what she calls practical ideas. >> we need to have police officers live in the city b a little older, have transparent discipline, and really measure the community impact. >> reporter: civil rights lawyer miley wiley pledging to transform the nypd. >> this is the time for a mayor with the courage to confront the bureaucracy, developers, and the nypd. and we need the investment. that is mental health services. >> reporter: with rank choice voting it's hard to predict who will come out on top. all the candidates i spoke to
3:51 am
put public safety and/or near the top of the list of voter concerns and some new york political observers believe the focus on recent crimes benefit someone like eric adams who makes fighting crime central to his campaign. >> it's interesting to watch. no one knows what the heck's going to happen. >> not at all. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has just responded to the last-minute deal to oust him for power. what he said about the new remarkable unity government. plus, new cnn reporting about another justice department investigation connected to the pr probe into congressman matt gaetz. one wash, stains are g. daughter: slurping don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide. are your hr processes weighing down your employees? on to quarterly projections!
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3:56 am
strikes as well. this weather is brought to you by carvana, the new way to buy a car. let's go hour by hour. we're going to see the potential for severe weather across the east coast. look at what the radar is going to do this afternoon. it's going to get warm. in some spots it's going to get hot. and then we're going to have these big cell thunderstorms. some may rotate. there's not a zero percent chance of a tornado. there's some chance, not a big one. the big threat really will be the wind and the hail and the lightning. we'll see that go by for tomorrow and light rain by the end of all this. one to two inches. the big story is how much rain we'll get across the gulf coast. temperatures begin to heat up. john. >> all right. chad myers, thank you very much. brianna? the first face-to-face meeting between president joe biden and russian president vladimir putin is set to take place in geneva in less than two
3:57 am
weeks. there are frosty issues over several key issues including a series of suspected russian cyber attacks against the u.s. and the russian foreign minister's recent comments defending the january 6th capitol rioters. let's talk with founding partner and washington correspondent. she's covered stories on u.s./russia relations for years. good morning to you. tell us a little bit about what you're expecting here. it seems like the message coming from putin is i'm going to do what the heck i want to do, and we'll see if you're going to do anything about it even though we have this summit coming up. >> reporter: hi, brianna. thanks for having me. i think you're exactly right. the foreign minister's comments yesterday signified just that. it's sticking a finger in the eye of the u.s., doing this thing we know about what
3:58 am
aboutism. the soviet will say you can't ask us about human rights. who are you to teach us. now they're saying you can't talk to us about human rights because you're persecuting these protesters. of course, this is coming amid a crackdown on civil society and politicians and journalists in russia. people are going to jail and the like for posting poetry online. and lavrov is basically saying we don't expect anything from the summit on our side. >> so that is what he is expecting. what's the objective for america here? if you're having a summit, hopefully you have one. what is the plan? what does the u.s. want to get
3:59 am
out of this? >> the u.s. wants to address the issue of cyber attacks, the meat-packing or meat processing plant being just the latest one. had the solar winds attack, the pipeline attack. not all of them are necessarily connected directly to the russian government, but russia doesn't exactly hand over or extradite cyber criminals to the u.s. where they could face legal consequences for these actions. and i think that has to be addressed. we want to address, you know, past election meddling by russia in the american political process. but, again, i don't know that there's much that -- much leverage that the u.s. has going into this election -- sorry, into this summit. i think biden is trying to show that he's going to be tougher with russia, much tougher than his predecessor was who basically repeated putin's
4:00 am
talking points, but other than rhetoric, you know, there's not much leverage he has going into the summit, and i think the russians know that. >> maybe they're doing it for the insta as the kids say t moment. >> for the gram. >> for the gram. for this moment in history. i julia ioffe, thank you. great to see you. "new day" continues right now. >> i'm john berman alongside brianna keilar. on this "new day," new reporting on the sex trafficking investigation involved congressman matt gaetz. mia, a republican lawmaker who said to start taking down names and kicking ass on january 6th is now nowhere to be found. >> the mental health of pro athletes. we'll speak with olympic winner michael phelps and the safety of


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