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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 4, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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appreciate your time today. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. ♪ hello and thanks for being with me. how soon until a covid-19 vaccine gets full approval, not just emergency use authorization but full approval? we've been asking that question for weeks and today we have more of an idea. according to the "new york times" the fda is aiming to fully approve pfizer's covid-19 vaccine by early next month. dr. fauci says he's hopeful it could be even sooner. here's why this could be a game changer. data shows full approval would likely mean more shots in arms and more vaccine mandates. bottom line, more lives saved. the timing is critical as the troubling delta variant spreads like wildfire.
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take a look at this. right now the variant makes up 93% of new covid-19 cases here in the u.s. the headline you don't want as millions of kids return to school, cases among children and teens jumping 84% in just one week. that's where we begin with elizabeth cohen. this rise in childhood infections is alarming. >> it really is. most of these children are not ending up in the hospital. however, you just have to read the reports of the children who are even just home sick. some of them are at whole 104 degree temperatures. they are miserable. why in the world would you want your child to be miserable? as a mom of four, i cannot even imagine how a parent would make that choice. let's take a look at the newest numbers. just july 22nd through july 29th
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there were more than 70,000 new cases, up 84% from the previous week. that's a huge increase in just one week. that's five times as many cases among children and teens as at the end of june. something that would really benefit children is to have more adults or anyone over age 12 vaccinated. that helps the children who are too young. there's hope the approval in the coming weeks will make some vaccine hesitant people go, okay, now i'll roll up my sleeve. let's listen to dr. anthony fauci. >> i think there is a certain proportion of people who are just waiting for that full approval even though the data are overwhelming right now that these vaccines are highly
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effective and safe. it's going to allow independent local enterprises, universities, colleges, businesses who will people much more comfortable when they say i'm going to mandate that if you want to come to this school, if i want to work in this place, you've got to be vaccinated. >> speaking with public officials, i think there is a general agreement that mandates need to happen to have significant numbers of people vaccinated, that all the education, money, prizes, that just isn't cutting it. >> to florida now where the delta variant is raging. 50,000 new covid infections in just three days. unvaccinated patients are getting seriously ill. florida is seeing more covid patients hospitalized than last summer's peak. the numbers are dire.
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dw yet the battle over protective measures like masks is gettingh >> reporter: we're only days away from the school year beginning here in duvall county. that will require more time and additional paperwork. in alachua county, the school board voted to require masks for the first two weeks of school, then they will reconsider come mid august. in orange county the school district is requiring employees to wear masks. as cases surge, school districts are trying to find a way to stop the spread of covid-19 but still take into consideration governor ron desantis's executive order that threatened to cut state
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f funding if they implement any sort of mask mandate. it has divided many parents we talked to. >> i think the best and most fair thing to do is to give parents the option of whether they want their children to wear a mask or not. >> i care about your kid as much as i care about my kid. i don't want any kid to risk being hospitalized or getting long covid symptoms or just being a part of our community spread, which is so bad right now. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics as well as the cdc both say that universal masking indoors is what's best right now. >> joining us now dr. rodriguez, the board certified internal medicine specialist and viral researcher. deaths are going up,
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hospitalizations are going up, cases are skyrocketing. let's talk about when we might get full approval of the vaccine, hoping that might spread vaccines. the new york teams is reporting by labor day. dr. fauci says he's hoping it will happen in the dmnext coupl of weeks. typical approval takes six to eight months. >> this data has been looked at since the initial data came out and more information is coming in. above all else, they are sort of given the mantle to make sure the vaccine is not only effective but safe. i think they're moving at actually a very quick pace and i hope they do it sooner rather than later, because there are a lot of people waiting for this to be an officially approved vaccine. we need it. >> there are people who are eager to get more shots because they want to be protected as
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possible. on the other hand, you have people saying when can i get my booster. i know san francisco says people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine can go ahead and get a supplemental pfizer or moderna shot. would you recommend that? >> the data behind that is not 100% conclusive. there has been information that shows getting a booster definitely increases with the johnson & johnson some of your antibodies. would i say that's a good idea? i'm on the fence about that. but i don't think it is going to do any harm. we know the johnson & johnson protects maybe not to the same percentage. really i'm on the fence about that. i don't think it's a horrible idea but i'm on the fence about it. >> is there anyany danger in mig and matching, though? >> correct. the little bit of information out there because in the u.k.
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they did mix and match and there has been information. there have been no long-term effects but there has been no steady information that has come out yet about this. what i would probably tell sp people is just holidad the cour. wait until there is sanctioned data about this. real world data is showing that perhaps these vaccines are not as protective as we thought. >> we are seeing more and more countries now moving to give booster shots. let's talk about something we've heard from florida governor ron desantis who has been fighting some of the mitigation measures. now he's saying this. we're about two weeks later in the summer when we saw the rise last year, but it goes up, it pae expands quickly, the growth
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slows and goes down. i think you're going to see that turning down and that's basically right on schedule from what we had last summer and what all these viral cycles have done is there any science to back up what he just said? >> you know what, i hope he didn't put a sharpie to the graph of the virus going up and down. yes, there was a rise last summer and there is one now. if you look at the washington state institute of health metrics, they indicate that if we take all precautions, perhaps this virus is going to peak at the end of august. if we don't follow those measures, they go into september and october. if he really knew this is what naturally happened, he should have been on the bull horn two weeks ago to warn people to start taking precautions.
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at the end of the day people need to take care of themselves, wear masks and please get vaccinated. >> the delta variant seems to have really thrown a curve ball for a lot of people. it makes up 93% of u.s. covid cases. some have expressed concern that it could spur stronger variants. in india and the u.k. went through delta surges and now that is declining. do you feel that mutation will be less likely? >> no. as a matter of fact i think there is probably a mutation brewing that is going to be stronger. it may not happen in two weeks or half a year, but that is the natural course of vi
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i think we need to be cautious and aware that if there's early data in any part of the world of a new variant, we need to assume that soon er or later it is goig to get here. up next, one of governor andrew cuomo's accuse irs is speaking out today. hear what she thinks of his bizarre photo monotaj. plus, a plane passenger so unruly he had to be taped to his seat mid flight.
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embattled new york governor andrew cuomo has now lost the confidence of more than half of his constituents. new polling shows 59% of new yorkers now think he should quit following a damning report from the state attorney general which found cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women and created a, quote, hostile work environment for women. cuomo denies ever touching anyone inappropriately. the governor addressed one accuser specifically who says the governor asked her questions about her sex life knowing she was a sexual assault survivor. >> i thought i could help her wo work through a difficult time. i did ask her questions i don't normally ask people. charlotte, i want you to know that i am truly and deeply sorry. i brought my personal experience into the workplace. >> it wasn't an apology and he didn't take accountability for his actions.
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he can't once apologize and then say he diplomat do anything wrong. he blamed me and said that i simply misinterpreted what he had said, but his line of questioning was not appropriate. he was coming onto me and he insinuated that survivors of trauma and sexual assault can't tell the difference between mentorship and leadership and sexual harassment. >> joining us now is one of the new york state democrats calling on governor cuomo to resign, a member of the state assembly. thank you so much for being with us. you weren't one of the voices calling for the governor's resignation before this investigation was complete. now you are. at this point do you believe the governor has a single ally left in the state legislature? >> i don't think so. i think you have heard from my
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colleagues, many lawmakers throughout new york state and the united states that governor cuomo should resign and an impeachment process should provide. as the chair of the brooklyn democratic party, one of the largest county parties in the nation, i believe this type of gross misconduct against women is complete ly antithetical to the party's values. i have to say that eliminating my personal biases and feelings toward this and despite what president biden had said in terms of calling all of the lawmakers to call for his resignation and impeachment, the question does remain can he be impeached. i would say with 168 report,
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74,000 misses of documentation as well as 179 people who were interviewed on the sexual harassment, on these 11 brave women, a report that was conducted independently by the office of the attorney general leticia james. i believe there's sufficient evidence to proceed with impeachment proceeding. >> you share on twitter that you've experienced harassment in your chiareer. i'm curious what your reaction was when the governor played that picture montage. >> i do it with everyone, black and white, young and old, straight and lgbtq, powerful
10:20 am
people, friends, strangers, people who i meet on the street. >> what did you think about that? >> first i want to give my full sympathy to all the victims who endured these egregious sp experiences and took a heroic step forward. as a survivor of sexual abuse, seeing that video and just thinking about what's going through the minds of these victims triggered an emotional disturbance. i felt it was a way to dismiss our suffering, our pain and to use it as a coverup to say i am not the person that these women have said i am. so it was quite disturbing.
10:21 am
i did not feel that it was an apology or he was apologetic to any of stlthese victims. i think it was a way of him saying i am innocent. it was appalling to me. >> back in 2008, we saw then governor elliot spitzer resign after he was caught up in a prostitution scandal. at the time he said i cannot allow for my private failings to disrupt the people's work. these were the words of elliot spitzer as he resigned. based on what you know of governor cuomo, why do you think he's refusing to resign? >> it's funny that you said that because when spitzer resigned, he resigned for less charges. governor cuomo is facing more serious charges. we don't know why it's very difficult for him to come to the
10:22 am
realization that it's time for him to step down so we can continue the work of the people of new york state. people say that he wanted to exceed the terms that his father had served. he served for three terms and he wanted to serve for more than that. but i think it has a lot to do with who he is. again, you saw elliot spitzer decide to step down on less charges. again, it is really up to us, the assembly body, to continue to conduct the investigation, gather all the documentation and put a package together that is sufficient and substantive enough to present to the senate to proceed with the impeachment process. >> on that note, i know there's a group among the assembly meeting on monday to
10:23 am
specifically speak about possible impeachment. what are you ux pexpecting to c out of that meeting? >> because we're dealing with thousands of documentation and because we're determining whether this will be on the sexual harassment count or the other counts that are also being investigated, like the nursing home and the mario cuomo bridge, we are still figuring out what is the best approach. as you know, there's no pr precedents for this. at the end of the day, the committee has to come up with all the documents and it has to be a strong package of evidence that will be impeachable to present to the senate body and
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adding to the drip, drip, drip of democracy being undermined, today new details, another document detailing efforts to overturn the election donald trump lost. cnn justice correspondent jessica schneider joins us with the latest. first there was that phone call directly from trump to the georgia secretary of state, but now it appears trump had allies within the justice department working on this too. what are we learning? >> these are newly surfaced e-mails and a draft letter obtained by abc news. they show just how far this justice department official went to promote these false claims of
10:30 am
election fraud and ultimately how other top doj officials forcefully pushed back. this was jeffrey clark. he drafted a letter in december 2020 to urge georgia's governor and state lawmakers to investigate these false claims of voter fraud. this letter, crucially, was drafted one day after he know that then-president trump pressured the top two officials at doj to say the election was corrupt. we know from previous reporting trump had an an ally in clark. he wanted clark and donahue to sign off on this letter that states s the doj found voting irregularities in several states, which wasn't true. what we're seeing in e-mails that accompany this letter is how rosen and donahue swiftly
10:31 am
stopped this effort, saying this was no widespread election fraud and there was no basis for this letter to be sent to georgia or any other state. in fact, we're seeing it in black and white. richard donahue put it bluntly in an e-mail. he said, "there is no chance i would sign this letter or anything remotely like this." the letter was never sent but it's part of this trove of evidence that lawmakers and thethe doj inspector general are now sifting through to uncover the lengths donald trump and allies went to overturn the dplelectio. we know the house oversight comm committee are investigating. it appears maybe some of these doj officials are already
10:32 am
talking. as we see here, they're sharing notes and documents from those fateful weeks between the election and january 6th. >> all these new details are helping to paint a clearer picture of what was happening behind the scenes. amanda carpenter is a cnn political commentator and joe l lockhart is with us as well. joe, your thoughts first? >> as dramatic as the testimony was last week from the capitol police, this is really what congress and doj needs to get at. january 6th was the symptom. the disease was trying to overturn an election. that is as serious as you can get, you know, in u.s. politics.
10:33 am
i hope congress and doj really dig in and get at that and who was involved and what they did. >> amanda? >> i mean, i think we all know this was a systemic, deliberate attempt over many months to overturn the lelection. what we've learned are about the fragile guardrails that held, the people who said, no, we won't do this, bill barr walking away, the officials down in georgia, various canvassing boards in michigan. what we don't have a full picture of is the people in government who said yes, the people who were in on this coordinated attempt. that is what the january 6th investigation has to be about. who were the people inside the white house telling donald trump yes, we will do this, we will help you? because we need to know each and every one of those names to drum them out of public service. >> let's talk about the current
10:34 am
president and this moment the country is facing with covid. joe, communication is key in a time of crisis. yo you're a former white house press secretary. how can this white house get the delta surge under control? >> i don't know how muddled the message is. the science is muddled. they're learning things every single day. what distinguishes biden from many others is he's dealing with this as a public health issue. many of the republican governors are dealing with this as a political issue, as something they can take advantage of at the expense of the lives of their constituents. so i think what the president needs to keep doing is pushing like he did yesterday. he may have to get a little harder politically, but ultimately he treats this as a public health issue. that's the way it should be. >> why hasn't he mandated vaccines if it's all about public health? we saw him go over the legal boundaries when you know it came to the eviction moratorium
10:35 am
yesterday and extend that. he could do that with the vaccine mandates, no? >> yeah. i think actually doing mandates would be good politics. most of the country is behind that. but i think what president biden is doing is he's trying not to make the ploolitics worse. he's trying not to inflame trump supporters and abbott and desantis. but i think he has to push harder and mandates may be in our future. >> the president has told republican governors like abbott and desantis to get out of the way if they're not going to help. are republican governors taking this virus seriously enough? >> of course not. there's going to be a clear contrast between the red states and the blue states. in terms of what joe biden could
10:36 am
do, of course he could be urging faster fda approval for this vaccine, which would certainly help a lot. most importantly, speaking as a parent, make sure schools are open this fall. i do not understand the reluctance to go harder at the teache teachers unions. those teach er were first in lie to get the vaccines and now it's like we don't know how we're going to open schools. these kids have not had normal schools for a year. parents are looking at a nightmare scenario here. those kids are going to be locked down again, masked up all year long? let's be clear about who is to blame for this. it's the people who didn't get vaccinated and teachers who are not willing to get back in the classroom. if the teachers are vaccinated, the kids should be there too.
10:37 am
we need more flexible solutions. everything should be geiared toward getting school open this fall. parents need to hear, yes, it's going to happen. no more wait and see. >> i'm going to be talking with a pediatrician in our next block. as casualty of covid-19 is former president obama's 60th birthday party. this was supposed to be a huge bash with hundreds of people and celebrities and so forth. now it's just going to be close family and friends. was a party of that size during a pandemic always going to be a mistake? >> i think as this thing developed you saw something from president obama that you don't see that often among politicians, particularly republican leaders, which is leadership. people are looking to people like obama, president biden and others, political leaders to
10:38 am
take their cues on how serious to take this. i think he did the right thing by saying this sends the wrong message to people and as a leader, i need to continue to send the right message to people. he's done the right thing. >> great to have both of you with us. thank you. up next, a new study finds covid cases among children and teens jumped 84% in a week. i will ask a pediatrician if she thinks it's time to mandate masks and vaccines for school staff. this is the sound of change from pnc bank. it's the sound of a thousand sighs of relief and of a company watching out for you. this is the sound of low cash mode from pnc bank, giving you multiple options and at least 24 hours to help you avoid an overdraft fee. because we believe how you handle overdrafts should be in your control,
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take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 14 day. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. as kids return to school, a dire warning from one arkansas school district that's already dealing with 500 students and staff in quarantine after just one week back in the classroom. marion school superintendent telling lawmakers it is clear that we are, as many others will soon be, fighting a battle we are not appropriately equipped to win, a battle that, if lost, could well lead to mandated school closings and the
10:44 am
subsequent economic upheaval we all witnessed during the previous pandemic. joining me is a medical director of infectious disease at children's health care of atlanta. not all students are eligible for the vaccine based on age, but all adults are. let me ask you this. is it time to start mandating school staff vaccinations? >> thank you. that's a really great question. i think what we do know is that if we can vaccinate everybody who is eligible to be vaccinated, that will then protect those who are unable to be vaccinated like all of our children under the age of 12. unfortunately, there's not a one-size-fits-all solution to this. in some communities mandates do help to increase vaccination rates. in those situations, a mandate would be appropriate. we would hope that everybody
10:45 am
would want to be vaccinated, by clearly there is some concern and some hesitancy. so mandating might be the way to get us to that next step of more complete vaccination. >> and the question a lot of parents have is, when can i get my child vaccinated? the "new york times" says fda approval for the pfizer vaccine could happen by labor day. we're talking about full approval, not just emergency use authorization. dr. fauci says that might accelerate vaccines for children under 12 who aren't currently eligible. what do you think? >> i'm hoping it happens as soon as possible as many parents around the united states hope as well. clearly there has to be apn evaluation of all the safety. obviously we want it to be as soon as possible, but we also want all the steps of evaluation to have gone through. >> can you remind our viewers why it takes much longer for
10:46 am
this age group to have a vaccine approved for use? >> so one of the issues is federal figuring out what the exact and precise dose is is challenging. we want to combine safety with efficacy. children are not just small adults, so we have to figure out the appropriate dose, that we get that right balance between safety and efficacy. and after we have the correct dose, testing it in a larger number of children, both children who get the active vaccine and those who get a placebo so we can understand and make sure the vaccine is working. it's really finding the correct dose first and then doing the studies in larger numbers of children to make sure we get exactly what we need. >> as we reported at the top of the show, there was a huge jump in the number of children and teens infected by covid in the
10:47 am
past week, 84% jump, about 72,000 new unpinfections. this delta variant is more transmissible, but is it proving to be more dangerous? >> it depends on what we're looking at. what we're definitely seeing is a lot more children are testing positive and most of those children, thankfully, do not have to be admitted to the hospital. among the children who do have to be admitted to the hospital, we are seeing more severe infections. part of that might be because now children with underlying medical conditions have been out in the community and going on holidays and mixing with other children. so we're seeing children who are having underlying medical conditions having more severe covid infections. there's also circulation of other respiratory viruses like rsv and influenza 3 which is also complicated the situation as well. >> i really appreciate your
10:48 am
expertise and insights. >> thank you very much. meantime, people are still traveling. chaos on board a frontier flight. cameras rolling as a crew duct tapes a passenger to his seat. why they say they had no choice. plus, another chance to see the greatest of all time. what simone biles is saying about her future at the next olympics. (man) eye contact. elbow pump. very nice, andrew. very nice. good job. next, apparently carvana doesn't have any "bogus" fees. bogus?! now we work hard for those fees. no hundred-dollar fuel fee? pumping gas makes me woozy. thank you. no $600 doc fee? ugh, the printing, the organizing. no $200 cleaning fees. microfiber, that chaps my hands. you know, we should go over there right now and show 'em how fees are done. (vo) never pay a dealer fee. with carvana. - [announcer] dearest smoke shacks, defenders of the dry rub. thank you for giving your all to a 20-pound hunk of brisket.
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now to a wild scene onboard a frontier flight. the airline now throwing its support behind the crew members that helped subdue an unruly passenger. as you can see, literally taping the man to his seat. cnn aviation correspondent, pete muntean, is joining us now. help us understand how it got to this. >> flight attendants are calling this one of the ugliest incidents yet. this happened saturday on a flight from philadelphia to miami. police say this passenger was fueled by alcohol, spilled a drink on himself. came back from the bathroom with his shirt off and then groped two flight attendants.
10:53 am
a third flight attendant was assigned to watch this passenger and that is when this happened. >> hey! no, hey! >> this is where it gets really interesting, though. the flight attendants restrained this passenger to his seat using something called restraint tape. that's something that flight attendants have to deal with unruly passengers and other emergencies. frontier airlines said it was suspending this flight crew. they got a lot of pushback from airline unions. now it's changing its tune, saying it supports this flight crew and prosecution of this passenger. he is 22-year-old maxwell berry of ohio. miami-dade police have charged him with three counts of battery. there have been 100 cases in the last week. 99 cases this year have only gone to enforcement action. so flight attendants are pointing to this as an example
10:54 am
of swift prosecution that needs to happen in all of these cases, ana. >> what a wild story. pete muntean, thank you. now, imagine breaking a world record and having to settle for silver. the women's olympic 400-meter hurdles final was billed as a showdown between the two fastest women ever to run this race and it lived up to the hype. sydney mclaughlin and dalilah muhammad went head-to-head in this case. as you can see it was so close. mclaughlin shattered her own world record by nearly half a second to win gold. muhammad took the silver even though her time beat the previous world record as well. go americans. go team usa. in the meantime simone biles says she's leaving the door open for a potential returning to the olympics in the future. here's what she told nbc. >> was that beam routine the last time we're going to see you compete at the olympic games?
10:55 am
>> i think i have to relish and take this olympics in and kind of recognize what i've done with my career because after 2016 i didn't get to do that. >> so you're keeping the door open? >> yeah, keeping the door open. >> you'll recall biles withdrew from the team all-around, the individual all-around, the vault, the floor exercise, the uneven bars as she battled the twisties. now we've learned her aunt also died during the olympics. biles says the bronze medal that she ultimately won on the beam is extremely meaningful to her. join cnn for we love new york city, the homecoming concert. this is a once-in-a-lifetime concert event saturday, august 21st, exclusively on cnn. thanks for being with me. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to follow me on twitter. the news continues next with alisyn and victor. have a great afternoon.
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hello, everyone, welcome to newsroom. i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. vaccinations against covid are at the highest level seen in a month. at this current pace it will take six months to get all eligible americans at least one dose. that's according to cnn's analysis of data from the cdc. in the meantime the delta variant continues to spread across the u.s. almost all of the new cases shall among the unvaccinated. what you're looking at is a cdc time lapse. it shows over the course of a month it has taken over. the red areas are areas of high transmission. >> the cdc says delta now makes up more than 90% of u.s. cases. in late may, that number was about 3% of cases. so today for the third day in a row, the average number of infections has increased by double digits compared t


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