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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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conversations for those that have questions, honesty. we're not shaming anybody, providing good information. >> that's so, so important. it could save a lot of live, governor asa hutchinson from arkansas. thank you so much for joining us. you are always welcome to "the situation room". thank you for watching. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. ♪ "out front" next, trump's coup attempt in plain sight. the president's push to overturn the election and his role in the deadly insurrection now moving to a whole new phase. plus president biden has a new name for florida governor ron desantis, governor who? as the war of words over two escalate tonight. it may not be enough to simply say are you a trump supporter. you may need to carry a card to show your loyalty. let's go out front.
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good evening, i'm erin burnett. "out front" tonight the coup attempt. tonight's investigation into former president donald trump's attempts to overturn the election if his role of the january 6th insurrection is entering a whole new phase. the january 6th select committee is now taking over all aspects of the investigation and there are two crucial witnesses who could be calls to appear before the panel. the acting tomorrow jeffrey ro rosened a and his deputy richard donahue. now the house oversight committee was set to interview them this week. now we have learned the january 6th committee will take off where they left off. this will be one investigation. they're important. because rosen and donahue know first hand, trump's repeated attempts to use the justice department to overturn the 2020 election. today we get details how he tried to use the department of justice to pursue and to create
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basis claims of voter fraud, including what one official who went so far as to draft a resignation letter in response to what he said were twump u trumps questions to the results. this was drafted january 3rd, three days before the deadly insurrection. but the pressure campaign started long before that and i want to lay it out for you. sow understand what we are really looking at here. i'm start with december 1st. on december 1st, trump summoned then tomorrow bill bar a to meet with him. after barr told the associated press the department of justice had quote not seen fraud on a scale that could have affectled a different outcome in the election. period, number stop. basic facts from bill barr. according to abc news reporter jonathan karl, trump said, quote, the eye and mannerism of a madman in this meeting with barr. barr tells trump in this meeting december 1st, to trump, you keep on saying the department of
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justice is not looking at this stuff and we are looking at it in the a responsible way. but your people keep on shoveling this sh-- out. that's what barr said let's move on. december 3rd. this is what trump's cronies were actually shoveling out. >> the democrats worked into the middle of the night, moved republicans out of the room. took ballots under a table and counted them in the middle of the night. >> they have fought so hard to get rid of president trump and tried every dirty, nasty illegal trick in the book to do it. yes, it is pure evil. >> okay. so that's what was being shovelled out. then comes december 14th. an hour before trump announces barr would step down because that's how they relationship was going to go after barr is the truth.
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trump's personal assistant fires an e-mail to the incoming jeffrey rosen. it claims to show evidence of voter fraud in michigan. the same claims that were tossed out by a federal judge a week earlier. i'll give you another date, december 23rd, trump picks up the phone and calls georgia's top investigator, you remembering her to find the quote dos honesty. >> whatever you can do, frances, it would be a great thing. if the right answer comes at you, you will be praised. >> you will be praised. december 26th. trump, obviously unhappy that the justice department had not publicly come out to say there was election fraud fires off a tweet. he says the justice department is put in quote and the fbi has done nothing about the 2020 election voter fraud. the biggest scam in our nation's history, despite overwhelming evidence. they should be ashamed. history will remember.
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never give up. see everyone in d.c. on january 6th. december 27ing, trump holds a call with the then acting tomorrow jeffrey rosen, rosen's deputy, richard donahue is in the call. he's taking notes. so he takes notes according to done a hue, here's what trump said and i quote, just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the republican congressman. december 28th. jeffrey clark, a trump loyalist who works at the justice department circulates a letter. this calls on georgia to convene a special legislative session to look into quote irreconciling laters in the 2020 election. the letter falsely claims that the doj identified quote significant concerns that may have impacted the outcome of the election in multiple states, including the state of georgia. end quote. that is a complete lie. the department of justice had not identified that. it's a lie. barr had already said it was a lie. this guy clark goes out, send out this lie.
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well, doj officials rejected his request to send that specific letter. trump doesn't stop. in the days that follow. he continues to go out there. he is growing more desperate at this point. december wipe thelet. mark meadows has a meeting with rosen and several others, the top sick voter fraud. january 1st, meadows again e-mails rosen and in this e-mail meadows chief of staff to the president of the united states sends rosen a youtube video. it thaux about italks about italian satellites fixing the u.s. election. i'm not kidding you. this comes from the rosen e-mailed this, responds, pure insanity. january 2nd, trump again picks up the phone and calls georgia action top election officials, including the secretary of state brad raffensperger. >> all i want to the do is this, i just want to find 11,780
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votes, which is one more than we have. because we won the state. >> okay. and that was just one of 18 attempted calls to the secretary of state since election day. and that weekend, january 3rd, trump appears to abandon his threats to replace rosen after top justice officials threatened to resign en mass. two days before the election, this is what we heard from trump publicly. >> over the past few weeks, we've demonstrated that we've won the election in a happened slide. the fact is we won the presidential election. we won it big and we're going to win tomorrow. >> what was tomorrow? hmm. january 6th. the day of the insurrection. trump's efforts to overturn the
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election then came to a head. his supporters gathering in washington and trump taking matters into his own hands as he whips them up into a frenzy and unleashes them onto the capitol where the lawmakers were meeting to validate the election results. >> we fight like he --. if you don't fight like hell, you will not have a country jaromir. we will walk down, i'll be there with you. we will walk down to the capitol and we're going to cheer on our brave as far as and congress men and women. >> "out front" live on capitol hill. it's incredible when you do this, take the date stamps and look at what trump did and said. it is incredibly powerful to put it altogether. what are you learning what the january 6th committee is planning to do now? >> they performer live got more
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power after it became the committee would be the main investigative committee in the house of representatives looking into what happened on january 6th. everything that donald trump did. everything about the communications breakdown that led to the deadly insurrection that happened at the capitol on january 6th. it was announced the house oversight committee, which had been doing a number of interviews with key justice official who's had interactions and clear insight into donald trump's actions. they no longer would be doing that work. instead it would be handed over to the select committee with then members and two republicans. republican leader mccarthy claimed to not name anybody. nevertheless, the committee is charging forward after there are clear lines of investigation and they undoubtedly will interview some of these key officials. the aide tells me the committee will quote part of its ongoing
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investigation will report conduct interviews related to january 6th and also on the senate side, dick durbin pressing ahead, telling me jeffrey clark, the man you mentioned, the official who tried to pressure states to overturn the elections, he wants to talk to him as well, erin. >> thank you very much. so i want to go straight to ryan goodman. he is the former special counsel at the department of defense and now the professor of ny school of law along with john dean. i appreciate both of you. we need your analysis as you look at this moving to a new phase. when you look at the totality of what trump did in the weeks leading up to january 6th of which i just laid out some of it. the pressure he was putting on officials to back his lie from georgia to the department of justice to other states. do you see a crime here by trump? >> erin, thank you. i certainly do.
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that's an impressive list. i think it's an important list. the only thing i would add is the bending of the arm of the vice president as well goes into there. and it is a clear effort to overthrow the election. it is a very conspicuous conspiracy as it's finally surfaced. to me, it is the cream that got everybody in watergate, which is 18 usc 371. it's defrauding the government. it's interfering with our processes. this is a classic f. that statute doesn't fit for this, that statute has no meaning. >> ryan, do you see a crime by trump or anyone else here? >> i absolutely do. it's, in fact, ha ready to escape a conclusion. there is also the hatch act. the hatch act is not enforced generally because there is only one specific criminal provision. the criminal provision fits this like a hand in a glove. the criminal division actually says if you try i to pressure an official to support one candidate in a campaign, that's
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it. and they can be prosecuted for that. so all of the documentation that we have of trump and mark meadows reaching into the justice department to pressure them to carry out these investigations and try to flip the results in georgia, meet that quite scarily. >> so, john, according to new reporting by our justice reporter evan perez. and this is really interesting. because i lay that all out. so much of it involves the department of justice. the department of justice according to evan right now is not looking at these events as prosecutable right now. so, john, what is your reaction to that? and is the doj doing enough? >> that's fairly stunning reporting. i'm kind of disappointed with the department, come what may, they should be investigating this, even if it's to exonerate trump. which i can't imagine. but to at least dig into it. they're sort of waiting for the results of the assistant u.s.
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attorney's investigation in the district of colombia to see if anything surfaces and head up. they are kind of waiting for a crime to quall in their lap. i don't think that's appropriate. i guarantee, i didn't blow the whistle in watergate to lay the predicate for trump to disrupt the entire government in the electoral process. this is pretty serious stuff and much u much worse than watergate. i'm surprised they're doing nothing. >> ryan, we know they were supposed to interview jeffrey rosen with his former attorney done a hue. they are standing down. the january 6th committee is taking over. we don't know yet when those interviews might happen. when i layout their role, donahue taking note of some of these calls when trump says just go out and say there's fraud. go say it, say it was raid and i'll take care of the rest. lou important could the testimony of mr. rosen and done
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a hue be? >> so i think it can be incredibly important. the december 27th call he says, just say it was corrupt. he threatens them and says i have been told that i should maybe change the leadership of the justice department and put in jeff clark. so he's saying it all right there. that is coercion. that's pressure. i think the committee mostly wants to hear from those particular individuals on that call with trump and who are subject to the week's long repeated efforts by trump to get them to use the justice department's powers for improper purposes. that's basically i paraphrased the draft ill lit racing, which is another document. they need to speak to them about that. >> which is crucial. i want to remind viewers jeffrey clark was the one who wrote a letter calling on georgia to have a special session to look at irregularitys.
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in the letter he died saying the doj had identified significant concerns that may have impacted the outcome of the election. jeffrey clark had written a lot of that, that had lies in it about the election. all right. thank you both very much. i appreciate your time. and next, the battle between biden and desantis escalating tonight. he responds to the governor vowing to quote stand in the way of biden's plans to combat covid. >> plus a republican official dies from covid days after mocking masks and vaccines. it's sad. sadly, he's not the first public figure to downplay the virus only to lose his life to it. and trump supporters may have a new way to show their devotion, a trump loyalty card.
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you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. . new tonight, president biden mocking florida's governor ron desantis after a war of words between the two over how to deal with covid. >> using your words about don't be in the way and he said, i am
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in the way. you blocked too much from the government. what is your response to governor desantis? >> governor who? >> now john kasich, former governor of ohio and 2016 presidential candidate as you know. governor in the spring, president biden stayed silent when gop governors lifted covid restrictions. he tried to stay out of it. obviously, biden and his team are calling them out. is it a smart fight for biden do you think? >> i think it's the thing to do. you saw where the governor of arkansas, asa hutchinson signed a ban on masks. he said he wish he hadn't done it, called his legislature in to try to change that. look, republicans are supposed to believe in local control. sow don't want to have a governor telling local people what they can do like a school district. if they want to have the kids in that school district wear a
4:21 pm
mask, they should be able to. frankly, it's hard to believe they stand up against that. because we are all in this fight together. not just on masks, maybe we can tell you about masks. we should not be fighting vaccinations, we should be in there together. >> he lashed out after biden says governors should do the right thing or get out of the way. here is some of what we heard. . >> joe biden suggests that if you don't do lock-down policies, then you should quote get out of the way. let me tell you this, if you are coming after the rights of parents in florida, i'm standing in your way. i'm not going to let you get away with it. so why don't you do your job. why don't you get this border secure and until you do that, i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> what do you make of the tone from desantis? >> well, it makes it sound like
4:22 pm
he's trying to run against joe biden for president starting today. the 80 that if a local school district wants to use masks to protect the kids. he says you can't do it. to me, it's irresponsible. i don't understand. i don't understand that position. i wish you could explain it to me, because i can't figure out why anybody would do that? why would a leader of a st. where you see this delta virus spiking like crazy tell local government if you want to use a mask, i'm prohibiting you from doing the it? it makes absolutely no sense to me, unless you are playing to some sort of an uns and in the middle of all this, we should not be using political mumbo jumbo here to try to promote one's self, but we should all be in this together. >> of course, you know, i've had on members of unions defying what desan is is saying. he is threatening to take away their funding.
4:23 pm
he is going to the mat with this. it's not the points of the republicans prideing themselves on local governments and ideas and an edict from one governor again. it's the statistics in florida which leads the nations in new adult and child hospitalizations, number one in both. it's spin for one in five cases in the entire country. right. but yet this is what we keep hearing from governor desantis. >> in florida, we chose freedom over fauci-ism. we're much better off for doing that. florida is free. we pride ourselves on people being free to government their affairs. >> we can either ver a free society or a biomed cal security state. can i tell you, florida, we're a free state. >> so governor, do you think this works? he thinks it resonates for his base for re-election. maybe for 2024 as well. do you agree from a strategic point of view or will it
4:24 pm
backfire? >> maybe he believes this. but, you know, i was governor of the 7th largest state. i wouldn't have imagined telling a local school district that you shouldn't protect yourself against something that's a virus like this. it doesn't make sense to me. i don't understand the political calculation unless there is an appeal to a narrow group of people who feel this is great. you know, people are free in florida. they're free in arkansas, all over the country. that's what americans are, to say because a local school district wants to say to parents, i want your kids to be vaccinated so they can be safe. i don't understand how that's loss of freedom. that's a decision at the local level. one of the tenants is i have been conserved is that you allow people to make decisions and to have local control. just listen to republicans when they talk about local control.
4:25 pm
now all of a sudden on high i'm going to strip local control iowa. i don't agree. i capitals say any more, be any more clear than that, erin. >> governor kasich. i appreciate your time, thank you, when you lay this out, let me give everyone another example. another republican who opposes mandates fires back against biden i'm talking about henry mcmaster who came out and said every day illegal immigrants and drug makers enter unvaccinated, untouched. yet an american citizen wouldn't make it into an airport like that. the hip progrypocrisy is danger. it includes a plan date for elementary and middle schools. now, benjamin, i appreciate your time. so classes begin for you in leps than two weeks. why did you think the mask mandate is necessary? >> well, we've seen a
4:26 pm
precipitous rise in cases between the 1st of july and the end of july 10-fold increase in covid-19 cases and six-hold increase in hospitalizations. just early this week, our children's hospital announced they were at capacity almost every single day treating children who are dealing with either covid-19 or rsb. it seemed there was this odd pro seisso plug into our state budget that sought to deprive school districts as governor kasich said of their ability to provide masks or have masking policies in place to protect the children. i also took an oath when i decide to run for office over a decade ago to protect the lives, safety, health and welfare of our citizens. it didn't make sense to me, it was illegal, either moral or unconstitutional. the state of emergency yesterday our city council validated that
4:27 pm
emergency. it is now in place in the city of colombia the next 61 days. >> so a spokesman for governor mcmaster responding to you said, quote, this is another attempt to force children to wear masks in schools without a bit of consideration for or a parents' right to make that decision. state law prohibits mask mandates in public schools and the ordinance would require teachers and administrators to violate state law. i don't know if you heard governor kasich. he is making the point, it's ironic republican governors would try to mandate what local jurisdictions should do. that would go against centers of conservative. sprat to that, what do you say to the fundamental am point here? >> the fundamental point is that the governor spokesperson is wrong. the law does not say that. and, obviously, i reach out to our tomorrow, who we had significant disagreements on some points of law in the past as well and we're prepared to defend this to the u.s. supreme
4:28 pm
court. our state law does not say that. if, in fact, it did, quite frankly, it would be ill moral. we have in south carolina a closer attendance law. most states to. we are required, i am required to send my 14-year-old daughters to school under penalty of day under fine or imprisonment. if i were to send my children to school, you are required to keep my children healthy and safe lysle while there their and these laws a immoral. they seek to low down the spread of covid-19 by using good data, if data gives you the ability to create good decisions and policies. you need to trust these men and women who work every day to educate our children and do it in a safe environment. so we're putting on the boxing gloves here. we're on the side of right here in colombia. we're going to work every single day to protect these babies. not mind you, erin, our policy, our law is narrowly tailored,
4:29 pm
vaccines approved for those children under 12-years-old. so this focuses on elementary schools and middle schools. children who by definition cannot be vaccinate ltd.. they are voiceless, voteless. that's what mayors do, school district leaders do as good parents do. >> i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. god bless. all right. next, a texas gop official praised mask burnings and says vaccines don't really work. less than a week later, he was dead, from covid. and more breaking news from capitol hill. the senate can speed things up on the infrastructure bill and vote on it tonight. it's a big development. will it pass? sleep from sleep n? because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help increase energy. the new sleep number 360 smart bed helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. only from sleep number.
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if you tonight. a texas gop official mocks masks and vaccine. less than a week later he dies, from covid. tom foreman is "out front." >> the number one thing we can do to support our local
4:34 pm
businesses is get out of their way. >> reporter: that was texas republican h. scott aptly in 2014, before the pandemic came along and he became a raging critic, praising mask burnings, calling a health official promoting vaccine, an absolute enemy of a free people and last friday echoing a claim vaccines don't really work anyway. but just after posting that, according to a go fund me page set up for his family, he was admitted to a hospital, diagnosed with covid and by tuesday he was dead. >> the virus, they're working hard. it looks like by april, you know in theory, when it gets a little warmer, miraculously goes away. i hope that's true. >> reporter: plenty of republicans dismissed president trump's threat even when he ended up with the virus. her man cane downplayed masking
4:35 pm
at one point before he went to a crowded trump rally unmasked last summer, developed covid symptoms and died. gop downplaying of the danger did not stop them. not even close. in tennessee, conservative radio host phil ballentine joked about the virus this summer. then it nearly killed him and left his brother pleading with the public. >> we want as many people as can hear my voice this morning to put politics aside, go get the vaccine. >> reporter: in louisiana, he died in december weeks to before he was sworn into congress. he wanted the vaccine. it wasn't available. now his wife can't believe others still won't take it. >> i would have given anything, i would have given everything for that shot to be available for us. i mean, looking back now, and for someone to turn it away,
4:36 pm
it's heart breaking to me. >> reporter: still a recent poll found nearly a third of republicans insist they will never take the vaccine even as other people like travis campbell who didn't get around to getting the shot is also begging from his hospital bed for everyone to get on board. >> result me. if you all have a chance, don't follow -- [ indiscernable ] just protect yourself. >> yes, some republican leaders are now in a luke-warm fashion embracing the idea we should do something about this. but an awful lot of others remain white hot against mask mandates and any social distancing, against any sense there should be restrictions if you do not get the vaccination even while their own supporters keep getting sick and dying.
4:37 pm
erin. >> all right. thank you very much, tom. and i bring in now dr. jonathan reiner, medical adviser george w. bush white house. dr. reiner, first your reaction to what happened to scott aptly. it's horrible. >> yeah. it's horrible. my condolences to mr. aptly's family. there should be no -- for the death of somebody like mr. aptly or anyone else who has, you know, doubted the seriousness of this of horrible pandemic and yet has gotten sick. this virus has split the country by politics and this is the tragedy that we've let politics blind people to science. i am reminded that at the time of the signing the declaration of independence, that benjamin frankly said very appreciationly, if we don't all hang together, we will hang
4:38 pm
separately. we need to come together as a country and listen to scientists, not politicians, about this pandemic. 96% of physicians in this country have been vaccinated. that's about all the public needs to understand right now. physicians get it. the public needs to get it. you shouldn't be listening to polarized politics. >> so republican senator lindsey graham is recovering from a break-through infection. he did get sick. he told the ap that he spoke to former president trump and he said to trump, quote, i've urged him. he said, i've urged him to be aggressive and say, take the vaccine. so lindsey graham says he says this to trump and graeme is calm at this time antidote we'll be right backing havoc on our hospitals. he is calling trump. trump, of course, hasn't done it. what do you say to senator graham? >> where has he been for the last 18 months?
4:39 pm
for the last i can't months since the vaccine has been released. you know, senator graham has been v been very effective adviser and enabler and golf caddie for the former president. but he has not wanted to run foul of him. which is why you haven't heard him vigorously urging americans or south carolinians to become vaccinated despite the fact that almost 10,000 people in his state have died from this terrible pandemic. thank you, senator, for saying what was so painfully obvious. >> dr. rheiner, thank you very much. >> sure. my pleasure. and next, trump's die hard supporters may soon have a few way to show their devotion to the former president. an actual loyally card. and breaking news, chuck schumer announces the senate will vote on biden's massive infrastructure bill tonight. we will go to capitol hill for the latest on this breaking story. remember it's a business r not a costume party.
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remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. . tonight donald trump wants americans to carry trump cards.
4:44 pm
so the political action committee e-mailing supporters asking them to choose from these four card designs announcing they are launching official trump cards for his strongest supporters to carry. now this rays eyebrows. it goes to fascist parties and communist parties. one of his designs is drawing comparisons to the nazi war evil wh which is obviously a hate symbol. bill crystal, editor at large of the bullwork and defending democracy together. so, bill, the campaign sends out these e-mails for the strongest supporters to carry. you can pick your designs to nominate. what do you make of this?
4:45 pm
>> i don't know if you ever carried around a card professing loyalty to a person or idommize a person? the closest is i pay have cared around a baseball card, al troyline, mid-fielder. my hero because i didn't like the yankees. a wonderful right field and baseball player, an impressive man. anyway, i carried around his card when i was 10 years old. it's one thing, 10-year-olds should carry around baseball cards. adult citizens should not carry something weird about carrying around a card. caleb is a good baseball player. donald trump is not a good president. >> it is bizarre, it is something that has been done you know in communist countries, fascist countries, that itself the history of the card-carrying global member.
4:46 pm
>> yeah, the authoritarian side -- >> not to mention, the authoritarian side. but it was also, bill, in the context of the people who are being told that they can carry and these cards to show their loyalty to the former president are the same wing of the republican party who say if they are asked to carry a vaccine card it's such sort of a fascist state asking them to do this. just listen to this. >> i am not going to go up there and show my vaccine passport. i'm not going to give in to this tyrannical regime. >> i thapt you to be required to have something called a covid passport and this would mandate your ability to be able to travel and go to events. >> no vaccine passport. yes, trump loyalty card. do youhypocrisy? >> yes, the loyalty to trump
4:47 pm
isn't sort of free. it's not something, oh, okay, people like him a lot. that stupidly buy this card and carry it around. they're being loyal to someone who didn't tell the truth about covid while president, has done very little, almost nothing to get people vaccinated since. has propagated the big lie about it and that's the person whose card they want to carry. it's not silly, i came to washington, in the administration and we really looked up to president reagan in re retrospect and probably overdid it a little. the idolization of trump goes along with denying the truth, you know. >> so all this comes as tucker karlsson is broadcasting from budapest and celebrating the right-wing victor orband's regime, crushed for years. here's the calls last night celebrating for his leadership.
4:48 pm
>> it's international pressure. they called him all kind of names. the eu called what he was doing illegal. but he did it anyway. he built a wall. he said to a hungarian minister standing there, it's hard to believe that's your policy, you come here legally, you are quartered out? he said, quote, we're a serious company. howell barrasing to be an american in a conversation like that. >> now, though he called this a week-long infomercial for authoritarianism. is this what trump republicans want? >> it is sort of the ultimate working out of trumpism i think. kind of idolization of european-style right-wing totaliarism. i had a woman that left hungary because they were cracking down on universities on freedom of
4:49 pm
speech and the press. incredible corruption and soft. i mean, the idea that he is mocking people who are critical of this person was really eroding democracy, one of the great achievements in the last 30 areas, right. is liberating the fall of the roman wall. iron curtain, all these countries, to be able to achieve democracy. for tucker carlson, it's kind of a joke that he is destroying democracy in hungary. >> i hope he goes through some of the amazing buildings there as many of us has and sees the bullet holes on the wall so he can see what people sacrificed to get democracy there in bu bud budapest, thank you very much. i appreciate it. senate could vote tonight on on infrastructure bill. does it stand a chance? and former secretary of state mike pompeo breaking his silence after a bought him of whiskey valued at $vacate 00 he was given as a gift in 2019 is
4:50 pm
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savor your summer with lincoln. more breaking news tonight from capitol hill. a surprise move by senate majority leader chuck schumer. an attempt to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill tonight which would give president biden a massive victory. manu, what is happening right now? >> there are negotiations happening behind the scenes to set up this vote on final passage that would essentially kick in over to the house. they're still going back and forth to set up this vote. that is not a done deal yet. if there's not an agreement to have a vote tonight it could potentially get kicked into the weekend or into early next week for final passage. it's moving in the direction to get this bill out of the senate. that despite a number that came
4:55 pm
back from the budget office today that said that this bill had $256 billion to the deficit. that is something bill supporters say this bill will be fully paid for but the congressional budget office had some difference. it is still expected to pass with republican support, potentially even the support of the republican leader, mitch mcconnell. >> all right, so this is something. some would say, if you can get it through the senate, you're set in the house. but no, no, no, not so fast. what are the possibilities given some of the real pushback on the far left that if it gets through the senate it actually passes in the house. >> it's a delicate dance for nancy pelosi in the house. they want this to pass quickly but she has said she will not move on this bill until the senate passes a larger $3.5 trillion democratic only plan
4:56 pm
that they can pass without any republican support because of the rules they're employing to advance it. the democratic bill would expand sasht net social programs. but in order for the bipartisan infrastructure to have to pass the senate has to pass a democratic only plan. unclear if that's going to happen. still a lot of questions about whether this gets to biden's desk. >> thank you very much. next, mike pompeo has something to say about the missing $5800 bottle of whiskey he received while secretary of state. does he know where it went or i guess who drank it? gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:00 pm
whiskey bottles. i have no idea. i assume it was never touched. it never got to me. if it had been a case of diet coke, i would have been all over it. i had no idea it was missing. sadly i wouldn't know the difference between a $58 bottle and a $5800 bottle. >> i'm with him on that but who the heck took it. no one drank it? we're assuming it's long gone. it's time now for a.c. 360. good evening. tonight one of the nation's top health officials said it bluntly. our surge could be over within a matter of weeks or we could soon be right back to the worst days of the entire pandemic. >> if we work together, vaccinate everyone who is interested in unvaccinated and put our masks on to prevent disease, we co