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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  August 6, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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very good friday morning to you, i'm jim sciutto. a father's desperate plea. don't make the same mistake i did. he said this morning right here on cnn. a man speaking from his bed while on oxygen. struggling to breathe. travis campbell wishes he and his family had gotten vaccinated. he's asking other parents now to get themselves and their children vaccinated right away. >> just so thankful that i pray that people will just really stop and evaluate what is the value of your decisions on your life. there is more people
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unvaccinated than they are vaccinated. and we, we've got to have value of life. we got to be able to trust our doctors. i'm so blessed and thankful to be surrounded by my children. and i pray that other fathers an single moms and single dads, single grandparents, please evaluate your situation and get vaccinated for others. >> please listen. please listen. mr. campbell's change of heart is not unique. we've heard from numerous health professionals who have been having sick unvaccinated patients share the same. as cnn has learned that the biden administration is now discussing a new aggressive strategy to boost vaccination rates including the possibility of with holding federal funding from places such as nursing
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homes, that receive some federal funding unless their staff are vaccinated. it is important to note that those discussions remain in the early stages. it is up clear how far the administration will decide to go, a lot of headlines to get to this hour. we begin in florida. the current national epicenter of the pandemic today, leyla santiago joins me now. so school is opening there. several school districts are getting around or trying to the governor's executive order on masks in schools by requiring only employees to wear them. what kind of dance are they being forced to do here to institute what are kind of basic public health measures? >> reporter: right. some school officials telling us it is a tough, tough balancing act, jim. let's start with orange county. just announcing that they will be mandating masks for employees. all of this coming after we've seen this surge in hospitalizations as well as
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cases here in the epicenter here in florida. and in orange county, not alone, one county will begin school next week and they will be required to wear masks until they could evaluate. northeast of alatchua county, if you don't want your kid to wear a mask, you have to opt out. that requires more time and more paperwork. so they're making it more difficult not to wear a mask. and then in broward county, south florida, they are mandating masks for all students as well as employees. so they are trying to find ways to stop the spread of the very contagious delta variant that is a factor in the surge in cases that we're seeing. it is not just schools, jim. yesterday the head of jackson health system announcing that there will be vaccine mandates for all employees in the
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hospitals and also miami-dade county mayor announcing that she will be requiring testing now for any unvaccinated county employees. so schools are trying to find a way to stop the spread. local lo local municipalities are trying to stop the spread but governors continue to say that florida will not be the state of lockdowns or mandates. jim. >> leyla santiago. joining me now is dr. rose lynn good from the florida county school board. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> so, last week your school board voted unanimously, we should note, unanimous vote for masks for all students and teachers and staff and visitors at school and had to backtrack when the governor issued his threat to withhold funding for districts that did that and now broward said the mask mandate
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will be in place until further notice. where do you stand now? in effect are you defying the governor here. >> we did not backtrack. we will meet on tuesday to see how we move forward. i personally will continue to speak up and speak out and vote to require masks and make it mandatory for both staff and students. i'm not willing to take a risk with somebody's life when we have a deadly pandemic that has shown us how devastating it can be. >> roslyn, has the governor responded by saying, hey, we're going to hold back some money on you. where does that threat stand? >> well the department of education is meeting today to make what we call a ruling to see what they're going to do. so they have mask mandates on the agenda and they have another item where parents want their
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children to have a mask and take them out of the public school and use a scholarship to go to private schools. >> understood. i spoke to orange county mayor jerry demings yesterday because he's facing a similar challenge there. wants to institute local public emergency measures being pushed by the governor. here is how he described the governor's is a poach here and i wonder if you agree. have a listen. >> there is no question that governor in this case has placed his political future over the life, health and well being of the residents here within the state of florida. and i say that because this is the same governor that just last year did put mandates in place that restricted businesses and he did a number of things in that regard. the only thing that has changed is his polling among his base. >> do you agree with placing his political future over the life, health and well being of residents? >> i do. i mean it is fairly obvious that
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it is a political decision. there is no way that any moral being can be okay with a pandemic that is killing people and not using their authority to put things in place to protect the lives of our staff and our students. it is just ridiculous that we're now prioritizing politics instead of prioritizing the lives of people. >> and young people, right? because right now at least folks under 12 have not been authorized to get the vaccine so they are largely unprotected. i wonder how parents speak to you about this? because though some oppose masks, i know that many are concerned about the health of their children. >> yeah, we've seen major outpour from parents, some not wanting masks, but more just very afraid and very concerned. they worked the last year and a half to keep their children safe and now to have to even think about sending them into a small classroom environment on a
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school bus where somebody is not wearing a mask is really traumatic to these parents. what the governor is doing right now is causing that extra level of trauma on our parents and on our community. we have to mandate masks so that we could keep people alive. >> well, dr. roslyn good, we appreciate the work you're doing. you have a lot of work going forward and we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you, i'm going to stand my ground and protect my community. >> i don't doubt it. in new york the department of health will not be released guidance on school reopenings. will leave it up to the school districts. across state line new jersey governor murphy set to sent a different message that masks will be required for all students in grades k through 12 beginning this fall. we are joined now live from new york. evan, kind of a tale of two states right now as they approach this. what is next?
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>> reporter: well, jim, these t tales are being told across the country as millions go back to school this month and next month. and it falls into three categories. the right way and the confusing way and the wrong way. and what we have in new jersey. that is the one that is easiest to explain. when schools reopen in first week of september everybody in a school build lg have to wear a mask. that is simple and exactly what the cdc said to do. in order to prevent the spread of the delta variant, everyone in a school building should be masked up. now, new york across the river is a little bit more confusing. they're having a battle right now. i don't know if you notice but politics in the state are dicey especially at the executive level and two departments are arg you've being what they could do about this. the department of health said that because the order, the emergency order creating the covid rules have expired, they can no longer order schools to do anything when it comes to covid safety. the department of education of
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safety saying you can do that. we have seen individual districts popping up and saying they'll have mandates when the schools reopen. that is the confusing way. the wrong way is like in places in florida and seven other states where the governors have banned the mask mandates and districts working their way around them as you mentioned in the previous part of this segment. so that is where we're at when it comes to school reopening. there is new jersey style, which is is following what the cdc said, and the new york thing where individual districts could do what they want and it is confusing what that means for parents an the battle in the state where's they say schools can't make the decision if they want to. and that is the kind of -- the environment where we're in as schools are about to open, jim. >> you look at texas, the guidance is the exact opposite of the public health guidance. they're not allowing contact tracing which is remarkable. thanks for bring it altogether
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for us. still to come this hour, new details in former president trump's attempts to orchestrate a coup after losing the 2020 election. now getting close attention in congress. there is more evidence as attempted to over turn the elections probes and january 6 attack begin to come together. plus the man who testified in trump's first impeachment over a foreign election interference, alexander vindman, he's going to join me live next. he has a new book. plus the gop has eyes on retaking congress next year and they are leaning on republican women to do it. a top house democrat calling out progressives for targeting moderates. could so-called woke culture threaten democrats' chances in the midterms? that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look.
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right now the bipartisan house select committee is digging into the timeline of the events surrounding then president trump's attempts to over turn the 2020 election. we're learning new details about the days leading up to the january 6 attacks and the final days of trump's presidency. we expect more details to emerge as house investigators interview former trump officials. jessica schneider is following all of this. jessica, what you see here are more details about explicit attempts, right, to over turn the election and use for instance the justice department among others to do that. >> right.
7:18 am
that is exactly what we're seeing in the details that are emerging every day. and so far they've been centering around how trump and his allies pressured top doj officials to over turn the elections. investigators will be going through more details in coming days since the top officials from the time, the acting attorney general jeff rosen an richard donahue are slated to be interviewed by the select committee in the next few days and they could give more insight into the records that they kept from late december, early january, when that pressure was amped up from the president and pressure even from the head of doj civil division, jeffrey clark. that is someone who investigators want to talk to. so the timeline that is emerging here is disturbing. so we know this, based on handwritten notes from deputy a.g. donahue, it is during a phone call with trump where he told doj official this is, he said just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me
7:19 am
and the r congressman, the republican congressman, we don't know who. then it is one day later when jeffrey clark was head of the civil division, a division that won't have any part in investigating election issues but he took it on and drafted a letter to be sent to governors in georgia where he falsely wrote that doj had found voting issues that impacted the outcome in several states something that was wrong and he wanted donahue and rosen to sign off but they won't. and in fact, donahue swiftly put his foot down and wrote back this, there is no chance that i would sign this letter or anything remotely like this, from what i stand this is not even within the realm of possibility. but beyond this, there is likely more that we will learn since trump was obviously so focused on getting doj to interject itself into the electorate process to overturn the election. the good news, jim, is that doj has cleared the way for top
7:20 am
officials who were there at the time to testify to hand over documents, we're expecting that the house select committee will hear from them in the coming days. so a lot more likely to come out about exactly what the pressures were beyond what we already know, jim. >> we'll see if they're able to interview them under oath. jessica schneider, thank you very much. it was grave concerns for our democracy that led my next guest to set in motion the first of two impeachments of former president trump. it all began when lieutenant colonel alexander vindman reported the infamous phone call between then president trump and the president of ukraine. and at the cost of putting his distinguished military career on the line. he reassured his family he would be fine for telling the truth. you may remember these words. >> this is america. this is the country i've served and defended, that all of my brothers have served and here
7:21 am
right matters. >> those words are now the title of the new book, "here, right matters, an american story." colonel alexander vindman joins me to talk about this more. thank you so much for taking the type and thank you for the service. >> thank you. >> here right matters. you paid a cost for this. you were forced out, your brother as well. the president to date has not faced legal consequences over this. he was acquitted in not one but two impeachment trials. do you still believe that? ? >> i do believe that. but i also believe that in order for right to matter we have to make it matter. and that means doubling down on accountability, that means he doesn't get a pass nor do his enablers in congress, still serving congress men and senators and i think they locked away to reints grate back into normal business profit off of their positions. they don't get a pass either. >> yeah. when you look back at the ukraine case and so much has
7:22 am
happened since then, that people may forget the details of it. but here is a case of a u.s. president willing to use military assistance to an ally in need, under attack today by russia, for political gains. saying hey, investigate my likely opponent in the next election and you help expose that. from your view inside of that instance, what was that revealing in your view of a pattern with this president, not isolated to ukraine, but just the way he used the office? >> absolutely. everything was transactional and self-serving. there was no action that the president personally took that wasn't self-serving. on the other hand, you had a host of public servants, career public servants on that day-to-day basis tried to advance u.s. interest and oftentimes the -- it was a clash between the president upsetting the way things are supposed to work, this is not a policy disagreement, this is the president just throwing hand
7:23 am
grenades into the good order and governance and a public servants having to continue to figure out how to navigate policy as it was designed. >> you took a lot of flack, right. i remember, i remember just poisous comments about you. folks said because you wore your military uniform, which by the way was standard direction at that time and somehow you were trying to profit from that, et cetera. beyond the consistent pattern of trump's behavior, is the pattern of the behavior by trump's enablers. they'll attack anybody, even someone with distinguished military service if they question the president. what did you say to those people who came after you personally for felling the truth. >> i have little regard for them and i could care less about them and but they are self-serving individuals. they did the same thing to the
7:24 am
honorable police officers that dedefended this country and the capitol on january 6. so that is not something that i will tolerate. but the president happens to be a important foil in this book i wrote and a book about doing the right thing in the right way. navigating very, very difficult affairs and the president is incidental, unfortunately he's been -- continues to have an adverse impact on this country. but it is about the good people doing right thing and that is why i tell the story. >> there was an example of not good people, not doing the right thing on there that you experienced, right. which was an effort to deny you a promotion. tell us about that. >> so there was a calculation that the good -- i hope the calculation was simply that the functioning of the institutions, the army and department of defense, required maybe the sacrifice of one individual. if it is something that simple, actually, it is something that i could live with. because this is an important institution, and it needs to be
7:25 am
strong and it needs to have -- it needs to maintain the -- it needs to maintain pride of place in u.s. government. at the same time, there is also in the back of my mind that there was self-serving, this is a way for people in power to preverve their currency, and their position. what i find hard to understand is in my case, my twin brother and i left the white house, i was marginalized and at the same time michael flynn's brother charlie flynn wass elevated in that same administration because somebody thought it was useful to cater to the president's interests. this is not a dig on charlie flynn, who has a steppar reputation. but people in power thought it was wise to advance an individual while in my case my brother and i were ostracized. >> we've talked many times about the military and the pentagon
7:26 am
standing up to this president and there were instances where they did but you're describing an incident where they bent. >> they did bend and indicated to the president there were vulnerabilities or exploitations and that enable the president to parade the secretary of defense and the chief of staff, chairman of the joint chiefs out on lafayette park after protesters were -- peaceful protesters were cleared out and i think that bit of weaken encouraged the president that he could do more and potentially encouraged them to continue to press toward stealing an election. he was the one that triped to steal the election. rightfully won by president biden. >> it is a remarkable point. are you saying in effect that by getting away with crane, he was impeached but he was acquitted but that spur and gave him a sign that, hey, i could get away with more. >> absolutely. it was ukraine that allowed him to believe that he could act in whatever -- in whatever way he felt he needed to going into the
7:27 am
covid pandemic. mismanaging that pandemic. mismanaging the economic fallout. mismanaging and inflaming public unrest in the summer of the 2020, all the way into trying to steal an election through the rest of year. >> just very quickly, of course you have a new administration, they have called out russia for a whole host of bad activities in a way that trump has not. but biden administration has let t the nord stream pipeline. you have been disappointing by the biden administration approach to ukraine. >> it is too early to judge, frankly. we have an engagement between president zelensky and president biden on the horizon. we'll see how that goes. ukrainian needs to do a lot more on reforms and anti-corruption, the u.s. needs to press them to do more. cr crane wants to integrate into europe and me need to take the steps but ukraine needs major
7:28 am
support from the united states in order to push back on russian aggression to be a bulwark against russian aggression toward europe and into the united states so that is yet to be determined and i i'm hopeful that they'll do the right thing. >> here is the book. i'm lucky enough to have the book. "here, right matters." we thank you for your service and willingness to speak the truth and for taking time today. >> thank you, jim. a top democrat you can congressman has choice words for the so-called woke liberals in his own party. could the rift between moderates and the far left damage democrats in the midterms? i became a sofi member because i needed to consolidate my credit card debt. i needed just one simple way to pay it all off. it was an easy decision to apply with sofi loans, just based on the interest rate and how much i would be saving.
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when you add xfinity mobile. get started today. feel candidates are now a central part of the gop game plan heading into the 2022 midterms. house republicans hope that female candidates will power the party back to a majority. after a historic number of republican men -- women were already elected in the last cycle. melanie zanona joins me with this new reporting. melanie, they've had a weakness among women, we saw that in the national race among suburb women, those kind of issues. this is i imagine a way to counter that. how believable is it? >> this is a strategy that worked very well for them in 2020. they were off the democrat's 2018 playbook and 11 out of the 15 seats that republicans
7:34 am
flipped last year, were done with republican women candidates. and so they're doubling down on that strategy and making a huge recruitment push to retain women in the swing districts. that being said it is difficult because those women who did flip the seats are in some of the most competitive races in the country and democrats are going to remind voters that republicans kicked out their highest ranking woman, liz cheney over her criticism of trump and yoke marjorie taylor green of the freshman class. they are going all in on this strategy. >> and as things move through courts and various state legislatures, restrictions on abortion. >> they feel like these women candidates could talk to voters and particularly in the suburbs, where the battle for the house is going to play out in a way ma male candidates can't necessarily talk to voters in the same way. and so they are really banking on these candidates. they're having them elevated
7:35 am
inside of the conference. they're using their bills for legislative procedural moves and so they are definitely going all in on that strategy. >> thank you very much. four democrats, the ongoing conflict within the party between moderates and progressives is sparking divisions toward 2022. congressman hakeem jeffries told "the new york times," quote, the extreme left is obsessed with talking trash about mainstream democrats on twitter, when the majority of the electorate constitute mainstream democrats at the polls. in the post trump era the anti-establish. line of attack is lame. those come on heels of chantel brown beating lisa turner in a election in ohio. also watching the new york mayor's race. joining me now to discuss, political anchor of spectrum news, errol, good to have you on. >> >> good to be with you, jim.
7:36 am
>> he's taking sharp aim at woke-ism, does he have a point. >> of course he has a point. he is rumored on his way to becoming speaker if democrats could hold the house. he was also in 2016, in that congress he was the co-chair of the democrat policy and communications committee. the group that puts together the talking points, that angles of attack, the heart and soul of the democratic congressional campaign and they won 41 seats and control of the house in 2018. so he knows what he is talking about. and i think to the extent that some of the more progressive wing of the party have in fact been sort of talking trash on twitter and beating their chests anz claiming their the future of the party, there is another side to that and hakeem jeffreys is saying not so fast. we flipped seats and con control of the congress and passed law and you guys have a couple of
7:37 am
victories here and there but you're not going to be the future of the party necessarily. >> so 2022 is still a while off, but hey, we're in washington so we start talking about this stuff early. we've had a couple of bellwether elections, chantal brown beating nina turner and eric adams, a moderate beating out two other progressives in that race there. is it safe to say that the more moderate wing to some degrees that -- has the upper hand right now. >> what we call a moderate in new york city is far left everywhere else in the country. what is considered moderate is to change and reform the police department as opposed to defunding it. what we call moderate in new york is finding ways to house tens and tens of thousands of people as opposed to, you know, sort of doing nothing at all
7:38 am
which is what happens in a lot of the rest of the country. we have got a very, very progressive democratic party nationally and certainly in new york city. >> you bring up defund the police. an i have not met a democrat who thinks that is a helpful bumper sticker for the democratic party. many of them lament that even though a tiny minority support that, that is sort of a yoke that has been slung around their whole neck. but we see missouri democrat cori bush sparked controversy after being called out while spending money on private security while echoing the defund the police point here. i want to play how she explained it and then get into the broader debate. have a listen. >> i'm going to make sure i have security because i know i have had attempted on my life and i have too much work to do, there are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. so if i end up spending $200,000, if i spend 10 more dollars on that, i get to be
7:39 am
here to do the work so suck it up and defunding the police needs to happen and we need po tut that money into social safety nets. >> could see that last sentence there popping up in a thousand gop house ads going forward. damaging the party in your view? >> well, i mean, that is exactly what is it going to happen. and cori bush is a freshman, may not quite understand. and this is i think the point that hakeem jeffries was trying to make, if you have a lot of talking points and footage to the opponents of those who are in swing districts, in areas where republicans have a chance of taking back the seats, that is how you lose control of the house. that puts all of the democrats in the minority and that puts an end to all of the things that cori bush and others are talking about doing. you can't do it if you don't have a majority. you can't have a majority if you run around taking radical talking points and giving ammunition to the opponents of the party. it is really very simple.
7:40 am
jim clyburn said it a million times, nancy pelosi has said it a million times. it is painfully obvious and when you went to into her district and asked them if they want to defund the police, i think she would find a different story and a different sensibility out there. >> i went into the one of the highest crimes and nobody was talking about defunding the police. thank you so much. >> thank you. well the showdown between the texas governor and texas democrats may not be over yet. the governor is set to call another special session just as some democrats planned on returning to the state. we're going to see where that all stands. we're going to be live next. re. hey joshie... wrinkles send the wrong message. help prevent them with downy wrinkleguard. feel the difference with downy.
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this morning the battle over voting rights is heating up again in texas. as state democrats fight to block a new restrictive voting bill there. governor greg abbott has announced a second special session of the state legislature to begin tomorrow at noon. just hours after the initial special session ends tonight at 11:59 testimony. texas state house democrats stalled any action on the bill by leaving the state, staying outside of it. they had planned to return but with a second special session now scheduled, what do they do? do they stay out of the state. dianne gallagher joins me. how do they respond to this? >> reporter: at this point they are touting victory that they
7:46 am
did state out of the state for 26 days and killed that elections bill that had voting restrictions in it. house bill 3, at least for the first special session. they also talk about the fact that they feel they've moved the needle in washington, d.c. for federal voting rights protections. but, look, the reality is that in about an hour, the house is going to attempt to gavel in for the final day of this special session, they're not going to achieve a quorum and the question is whether they're going to get one at all for this second special session that begins tomorrow. now i'm talking to republicans here in austin and they say they're pretty confident that at some point in this session, they're going to achieve that. saying they've been talking to some of their democratic counter points in washington, d.c. and that they feel that they will eventually return. now, today the democrats struck a confident and unified tone saying that they are together in this, that they feel like they have done at least what they initially came to do and many of them, when i've spoken to them
7:47 am
independently, say they plan to stay through the august recess. now our colleague lauren fox reported that maybe there is something that is happening there in washington, d.c. saying that majority leader chuck schumer in a wednesday meeting privately told members they should expect some additional votes on voting rights before the senate finishes ahead of the august recess. but again, jim, the question is what will do that for texas? the republicans do have the votes here and when i asked if they plan to change too much in those bills, they told me they feel like they have a good bill, one that they like and they don't plan to change much. just to make the democrats come back. >> dianne gallagher, you'll keep following it. less than three years after the birth of her daughter, allyson felix made the track in tokyo this morning. it was so good to watch. we'll take you to tokyo, live. y.
7:48 am
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if you missed this this morning, you have to find a way to watch it. allyson felix just ran into the record books at the olympics. cory wire with my most envious assignment with more on her history. it is great to watch that race, ten golds, ten medals i should say for her.
7:53 am
>> so inspiring. already alegend. she was. six time gold medallist and this is her fifth olympic games but the first time as a mother. her biggest goal is to be an inspiration to little girls around the world including her daughter cammy. now taking bronze, she just cemented her status as the goat of women's track and field. 35 years old and her tenth career olympic medal. she's the most decorated female track olympic either. she crossed the line in 49.46 seconds saving her season best for last. the six golds were among the most of any woman all time on the track. she also already had three silvers and now this bronze. congratulations to the best to ever do it, allyson felix. u.s. women's basketball dominated against serbia. they will play for a seventh straight gold medal. they extended the win streak to a staggering 54 games, jim.
7:54 am
brianna steward set they wanted to have fun and it showed. brittney griner led with 15, and team usa was one gold date back to 1996 and they'll play japan. and april ross and alix klineman beat australia. and ross won silver in london and bronze in rio and the 39-year-old finally gets her gold. she called it a fairy tale story. kleinmon told me that victory is something that they visualize before every game giving themselves the added boost of confident they need. well it worked. finally his nickname is captain america but nathaniel coleman looks more like spiderman. look at speed and the strength. it is incredible. he wins a silver medal in sport climbing which made the olympic debut here in tokyo. jim, he said he would climb door frames, cupboards and his
7:55 am
parent parents frig and then he graduated to trees and playgrounds and now a olympic medallist. in incredible. >> it was fun to watch. i'm sure you could do the passes -- the no lick passes? >> they'll probably going to end up in the bleachers somewhere. >> a fan gets a memento. coy wire in tokyo, thank you very much. >> and thank you for joining us today. i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour" with kate bolduan will begin right after a short break.
7:56 am
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good morning, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. thank you for joining us. any moment now we're standing by to hear from president biden. he's expected to making remarks touting the latest jobs report and it was a good one. when president biden begins we'll bring that to you. but back to the report, over 943,000 jobs added in july. the unploit rate dropped to 5.4%, a big sign the economy is recovering from the depth of the pandemic. but there is much more to this. with trouble ahead. the report comes as a majority part of the economic agenda is facing a key vote. another key vote. maybe the key vote. the final vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill that is likely to happen this weekend.


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