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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 10, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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rewriting the social contract. thank you so much for joining us on this breaking news day. more ahead after governor andrew cuomo resigns in the wake of a sexual harassment probe. president biden will speak at the white house. don't go anywhere. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. the breaking news, a seismic shift in the world of politics and a stunning fall of one of the nation's most well-known leaders. a growing scandal ultimately bringing down governor andrew cuomo. as he made his announcement, we were with the governor.
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his lawyer came out holding a separate press conference, where she refuted the new york attorney general's hreport that accused governor andrew cuomo of sexually harassing 11 women. >> from day one, this was about building a case. the investigators if you go through the report with a discerning eye and give it the scrutiny it deserves, it failed to collect relevant evidence. they credited people they know had had lied in the past or had motives to lie. >> now i want you to hear from the governor himself. >> i would never want to be unhelpful this any way. given the circumstances, the
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best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. so that's what i will do. because i work for you. and toing the right thing is doing the right thing for you. because as we say, it's not about me. it's about we. >> so what's next? lieutenant governor will take cuomo's place in just two weeks. mj lee is following these dramatic developments today. this is a profound day in american politics. >> that's right. a stunning development. three-term governor will no longer be governor of new york. in 14 days this is a man that has been the king of new york politics for so many years. he has been a major figure in national politics as well. especially becoming a big household name.
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but you heard him say there for the good of new york, he believed it was time for him to step aside. just think about all of the things he confronted. there's an impeachment inquiry that's ongoing here in new york. he had really lost the support of fellow democrats and allies. i want to play a sound of him responding to some of the allegations this he has been confronting in recent days. here he is. >> the report said i sexually harassed 11 women. that was the headline people heard and saw. the reaction was outrage. it should have been. however, it was also false. my lawyers, as you just heard, had reviewed the report over the past several days. and have already raised serious issues and flaws that should concern all new yorkers. because when there's a bias or a
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lack of fairness in the justice system, it is a concern for everyone. not just those immediate ly affected. the most serious allegations made against me had no credible factual basis in the report. and there is a different difference between alleged improper conduct and concluding sexual harassment. now, don't get me wrong. this is not to say that there are not 11 women who i truly offended. there are. and for that, i deeply apologize. >> so it's clear before announcing his resignation, he wanted to try to clear his name when it comes to these sexual harassment allegations. a few minutes ago, we heard from the lieutenant governor who said she supports cuomo's decision to step aside and she herself is
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are ready for the job. but obviously, the reality is that the job she is inheriting is a very, very tough one, particularly when it come ss to the covid crisis and the state budget here in new york. and no doubt about it, this is a huge day for not only new york politics, but national politics as well. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in the state assembly member. thank you for being with us. last week governor andrew cuomo vowed to fight. are you surprised he reseened today? >> thank you for having me on. we all expected him to resign. this is the beginning to the end of a nightmare, but the start of an opportunity to have a woman to run the state. and although this is profound moment, it comes to no surprise certainly everything was headed towards a resignation after the attorney general's report was released, photo to mention with the women stepping forward about
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their experiences, resigning was the right thing for him to do. but it also could be stralkic for him. as you know, as of today, the judiciary committee is still proceed ing with the anticipatin of an impeachment process. so if cuomo decides to resign before the proceeding starts, we have to decide whether we can further impeach process legally. in that event, it would be very similar to trump in terms of the impeachment process. but unlike the federal system, senators would be the only judges and jurors. and the judges from the highest court would hear the case. cuomo resigns will not bar him from running in the future. so again, i thinks that a very strategic move for him. >> i auns what you're saying. but he can't be impeached if
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he's out of office. so like you said, two weeks is when he's supposed to resign. we'll see where it goes. what i'm hearing you say is impeachment process will continue up until that point. i want to get some rerx from their a accusers saying they feel relieved he will no longer, quote, be in a position of power over anyone. what message do you think his resignation sends to the victims of sexual harassment? not just his own, but other victims of harassment. >> the message says if we speak out loud, uniformly and with solidarity, that justice and all of us who have been a victim of sexual harassment and sexual assault, we can be vindicate d. i think this was a movement it's been waiting for so long in
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terms of hearing the voices of victims. who has been abused by men of power. so i think it sends a message that new york is changing. the state of new york is changing. the workplace in which we work and is changing. so i think it sends a strong message to everyone. and now you'll see probably more women running for these higher positions because people will feel more comfortable with women being in these positions, nurturing and doing the work that is called for for them. >> geb, just to reiterate, how big this is. governor andrew cuomo was the governor for the past ten years. his father was new york governor as well. for at least a couple stints. this is a political dynasty ending this way.
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>> it's historical. it's profound. this is huge. and again, this resinates with all of us in telling the state of new york that we can no long er be abused. power is given by the people. and the people have spoken. and so we are ready to take on this historic moment and potentially let a woman run the state of new york. >> can i just quickly circle become to what you said. if he resigns, do you think he will try to run again? >> i think that was strategic. and i would not put anything past governor andrew cuomo. you mentioned that he came from a dynasty. more than 40 years of having control and power over the state
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of new york, so when you are raised and bread with power like that, there's no stopping. so i do feel that there might be a potential for him to run again. not to mention the polls are saying they would reelect him. the there was a poll that said about 26% of voters would vote for him and the rest of the numbers were split amongst 12 or other 13 potential candidates. so in his hand, he feels that he may have another shot at this. >> we'll see. state assembly member, thank you for being with us. just in, we saw the white house reacting to governor cuomo's announcement. just reiterating, that's something the president had called on him to do as of last week. let's get some reaction now and talk about what's next with a couple great legal minds, cnn
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legal analyst elie honig is here a former state prosecutor. and areva martin, civil rights attorney is joining us as well. prior to this announcement, his lawyer came out swinging. what do you make of this one-two punch? >> there's a reason that the defense lawyer for governor cuomo came out and spoke before the residengnation. this is not over legally for governor cuomo. two things to watch for. first of all, any or all of these can sue the governor and the state of new york civilly opinion meaning for money d damages. they need to prove their case by a. of the evidence. the other thing is criminal charges. it's important to understand that's a much higher burden of proof. you have to prove that case beyond a reasonable doubt. we now know that numerous district attorneys are looking at this, but one thing to keep in mind, they won't be able to use the volume of evidence.
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the fact that there was 11 women had had a big impact on the decision to resign. a da is not going to be able to say there were 11. they have to focus on the one complain tant case. >> a key line of this defense that we're hearing now from governor cuomo's team seems to be, yes, he's called people darling, he's hugged or kissed people casually. he's asked personal questions, but he didn't know his actions made people uncomfortable. this just country rise to the level of harassment. to that you say what? >> that's a ridiculous argument to be paed by the governor of state of new york. it's really shameful. i agree there was a legal reason why the lawyer came out and spoke. he try eddiscredit the women th have come forward in preparation for what she knows will be civil lawsuits and criminal charges. but it was really shameful the way she discredited the women
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and to see the governor to do the same. to try to suggest that somehow buzz of his age or generation, toez are the same tired arguments women have heard for decades. we lived through bill cosby and harvey weinstein. the governor has been put on notice. that and notice occurred long ago. unfrptly, it appears his conduct has been engaged before the difference now is that the times have changed. women have more power. they are taking agency over their workplaces and they are saying enough is enough. what they saw today was the shameful attempt to dismiss and undermine these women. >> there's a couple different legal paths here. there's the civil and then the criminal. we know there's at least one criminal complaint that has been filed against the governor.
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they say itten won't impact their investigation. so do you think this hurts his case in any way because he's resigning? >> that's interest ing. it could be seen an admission he did something wrong, but also to take some of the political pressure off the das. das think about these kind of things. one thing i want to echo that is such an important point. sol of the attacks make are age old attacks that get maid. this idea that why didn't someone come forward or go to the police the day of. this person stated at the mansion, she smiled, she ate snacks and could not have been assaulted or harassed. that is nonsense. that needs to end. this was a step towards that.
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>> they just spoke publicly yesterday and cuomo's attorney spnt a lot of time try ining to poke holes in her story specifically. she said dates line up. is that going to present a challenge for presenters in this case? >> we don't know all the evidence. obviously, the credibility of this witness is going to be incredibly important. obviously, any eyewitnesss, but what we know about sexual harassment complaints is typically they are he said, she said. rarely is there an eyewitness or someone standing right there as this conduct is happening. plrly talking about grope ing a touching someone's private parts. what the investigative report tells us is there are corroborating witnesses and evidence to help support the allegations that have been made.
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i want to echo how important this day is for women. i have been involved with sexual harassment cases for decades. we have seen a seismic shift in the way women are being believed. what we know is 87 to 94% of women don't even come forward and file complaints. and although she's not african-american, african-american women are filing complains at three times the rate as wohite women. particularly those who have historically photo been plooefed wbelieved when they have come forward. to see that kind of pressure to force him to resign is really significant. >> as far as other evidence goes, the lawyer did really sort of hone in on photos. she says there's no pictures of the governor doing the alleged misconduct, for example, grabbing somebody's butt, yet there was a picture of a smile
10:17 am
with the governor. could that stand up in a court of law or was that more about the court of public opinion? >> i think it was geared at both. that's a perfect example. saying here's a photo of the governor with the complain tant moments after the allegation. and she is smiling and seems fine. and i think our thinking on that has been evolving. could that we used as a defense, i they could try it. that's a high burden of proof. >> thank you both. thank you for being here for us today. >> thank you. kathy hoke the has served a as new york's lieutenant
10:18 am
governor since 2015. she's set to become the state's first female governor. miguel march kwez joins us now. >> she's served at every level of government. she was in the house of representatives, the state level right now. she serve d as county clerk and on theham berg town board. she brings a different governing style to albany when all is said and done. she visits all the counties in the state. all 62 counties every year. she gets around to them and she's basically made herself available over the years at almost every event around localities and towns around the state as well.
10:19 am
this is somebody who has been preparing and very well aware of what is happening and has been preparing for some time. she was critical of the governor when the allegations first came out in the spring. and she has tweeted today, i agree with governor cuomo's decision to step down. it's the right thing to do in the best interest of new y yorkers. as someone who served at all levels of government and next in line of success session, i'm prepared as new york state's 57th governor. we do know from one source dealing with the administration that they are looking at all of the executive orders, all the personnel decisions that governor cuomo has signed and has made. when he leaves office, those will be up for either renewal or for changing or for doing away with. there were billions of dollars in the american recovery act that she will have to figure out how to do. new york state still recovering from the pandemic. the economy, jobs, all of that
10:20 am
will be front and center. they have been working on this for some weeks already. so she will have to hit the ground at an absolute sprint. >> again, she says she is up to that challenge ready to lead. miguel marquez, thank you. some school officials now taking a stand on masks as republican governors try to block basic safety measures in the classroom. caught in the middle, the kids. plus it's a big win for the president. the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal could be derailed. we will hear from the president moments from now. stay with us. you're live in the cnn newsroom. gas ranges and grills. and if you're looking for...
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today growing outrage in the battle over masks in school. children are stuck in the mild. with cases spiking like never before, 94,000 covid infections were among children. let's get two states at the center of the fight of florida and texas. rosa flores, what's the latest in florida? >> reporter: it's a mess here in the state of florida. you're got school board officials and these are elected officials having to balance safety of the students they serve with threats from governor's office withholding paychecks. superintendents are also getting these exact same threat. so the threat is that they must follow governor desantis's executive order on thasks. this is not a ban on mask
10:26 am
mandates. the rules were issued on friday when it does say is that schools must give students option to opt out of these school mask mandates. so what we have seen just this past weekend is school districts. the largest school districts in this state issuing mask mandates and allowing pampts to opt out. that's what happened here. same in hillsborough county. that's in the tampa carat. we just got the numbers from the district. 18,000 students have opt ud out. this is happening right now in broward county. school board members there are debating. they are trying to figure out if students will be wearing masks or not. if it will be mandatory or not. here's what's happening outside. take a listen. >> are you going to bully him into wearing a mask? >> we lo our state.
10:27 am
>> i don't believe that. i want my child to go to school unmasked. >> we have job to do. our job is the vice and speak for our children. that's our right. so you have your rights to your mask. you have your right to your mask. we should have our right to unmask. >> there's a lot of division on this. i did ask the governor's office about the growing number of school districts that are issuing mask mandates and allowing students to opt out. the governor's office says that all of the school districts out there and that's the county. according to the governor's office, they don't have an opt out option for all students and a that is what the governmor's office has been issued with according to its executive order. >> yet i know the superintendent
10:28 am
has he couldn't move forward with that man tat in his drikt. let's head to texas. ed lavandera is in dallas for us. what's the lay of the land there today? >> reporter: kind of a similar argument and similar fight you're seeing. a slightly different bubbling below the surface. here governor abbott hasn't come out and responded directly to the stwo school districts that announced they will require masks from students, teachers and administrators when classes resume here in the next week. dallas and austin are saying they will require these mask mandates on thursday night. houston will meet and it's expected that school district is will join in is essential going against the mandate that the governor here in texas has issued, who has been saying for weeks that it's the, quote,
10:29 am
personal responsibility of allenes to get the coronavirus under control. but that is a style of governing that is coming as the number of hospitalizations continue to skyrocket in this state. we're in about 9,400 people hospital lieszed with covid. we haven't seen numbers that high in texas since early february. and because of that, the dallas school superintendent says he needs to be able to put this mask mandate in place. >> i recognize that in a society where interests conflict, there can be no absolute response that will rest with all of our sp constituents or stakeholders. that being said, i am responsible. for the safety, health and welfare. for each of the students and staff. if i error, i must error on the
10:30 am
side i must be overly cautious, not that we have fallen short. >> that was the superintendent of austin schools here in dallas. the superintendent says he's not putting a timeline on how long the mask requirement will be in place. he says it will be completely directed by how quickly the number of hospitalizations in the situation in this surge improves. >> ed lavandera, rosa flores, thank you. joining us now is dr. peter hoetz from the center of vaccine development. >> in health in orlando, florida. you're in the thick of it. how dire is that availability where you are right now and how does this compare to any other time during the pandemic? >> i appreciate you having me here today.
10:31 am
this surge is a little different from our previous surges that we have encountered. especially in orange county. i think we saw the rate of incidents of hospitalizations for those patients that have covid in the ward is hit us like a freight train. we were expoesz eed to a high number of hospital saiss and a large number of those were actually very sick. so the patients required in reentry into the critical care arena sorks we we have seen is almost a transition from the gradual need for a patient when they become hospitalized to go into the hospital and maybe asend to a higher level of care. we see more patients coming to the hospital that are very sick requiring our highest level of care in a very time sensitive manner. that's put us at a very unfortunately the eight ball.
10:32 am
when we required resources of the icu capacity, so right now i would say we have a very large need for critical care beds with critical care resources. >> and i know texas is also seeing critical bed shortagings. greg abbott is asking hospitals to postpone elective surgeries because of the rise in coronavirus cases. he's taking this step, he's urging vaccinations, but he's still not budging on masks. can texas regain control with this plan? >> right now, here in harris county, houston, we're now setting up a tent city for our hospital. that's how much things are accelerating right now. s that a fire storm across the south. i think we have to really have a frank discussion about whether we're serious about having our kids and doing in-person
10:33 am
classrooms or not. and right now with this screaming level of transmission, and i do mean screaming, florida and louisiana, if they were countries would be some of the highest levels of transmission gleeblly and the other states like texas and mississippi are not too far behind. that's how this is going to continue to evolve. so if you're serious about doing in-person classes in that setting, you have to use every possible tool for the kids, for the teachers and staff. that means everybody has to be vaccinated. particularly, for those over the age of 12. so we need to vaccinate all of the adolescents. nobody is even talking about vaccination mandates. remember our vaccination levels among adolescents in the south is 25%. it's not like the northeast. so you have a huge ways to go. we have to have everybody masked. and we have to have all the teachers and staff do the same. if we don't do that, what's going to happen. we're starting to see it happen.
10:34 am
there's going to be covid outbreaks and things will fold up and we won't have the in-person classrooms anymore. we have to have an adult conversation and stop this kind of posturing that's going on right now. >> can you talk about what you're seeing and thefacients you're treating initially when people were come iing to the hospital, how many are unvaccinated and what else can you tell us about what they are like? >> led me spread some facts. so currently, this is really short-term data. the numb of hospitalizations that are covid positive are upwards of 94% unvaccinated. so that kind of translates to what the tragedy of this surge is arguably one surge that could
10:35 am
have been prevented. so specify a pagety of our patients are ub vaccinated patients. >> you talk about the children being so vulnerable. 94,000 pediatric cases were aidesed last week. we know the american academy of pediatrics and pressuring or call ing on the fda to act with had more urgency when it comes to emergency use authorization for vaccines 12 and under. do you support this call for them to fast track the emergency use authorization for this group or would it be too risky to move faster than it already is? >> i wouldn't use the word fast track because that implies that things are hurried and rushed. so what i would say is we need to look at the data and if it
10:36 am
supports the saeftfety of the vaccines, we need to move forward expeditiously. i'm concerned about the 5 to 11-year-olds because they are going to be in schools and they are at high risk as well i don't know that we need to hold back schools for that, but i think if we get all of the adolescents vaccinated, the 12 to 17-year-olds, we can try to move expeditiously on the 5 to 11-year-olds and you'll do okay. you'll do better in the north than in the south because the adults are vaccinated. and that has the rattle benefit of protecting kids. but down here, nobody has any protection and the as a result nshlt is massive. >> not even the protection of masks in some cases, a as we have been reporting on. thank you so much. thank you for your time and all you do. i know it's been, what a battle for you personally in your profession. it's been a challenge. thank you.
10:37 am
a big win for president biden today. any moment, we will hear from him after the senate passed a massive infrastructure bill. we'll speak with the secretary coming up next.
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after months of haggling and finger point, senate just passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. progressives insist they won't get behind it until the senate pa passes their social policy legislation and, nonetheless, president biden seizing this as a victory. he's going to speak on this legislative win in remarks we expect at any moment. as soon as that happens shs we'll take that live. but first, i want to bring in the commerce secretary. thank you, madame secretary, for being with us. assuming this gets through the house, how long until americans feel the infrastructure package? >> very soon. we have many projects ready. we know that we have to start laying fiber to connect everybody to broadband. so americans will feel it within
10:43 am
a matter of months certainly. but i will say i don't think we can gloss over the mag nitude o this accomplishment. having by been in the thick of it on the president's team, we have heard over and over again this is too hard, republicans won't vote for it, you won't find the compromise. yet the president has lead through all of that and delivered us to this point today, which is extraordinary leadership for him and big step forward for america. >> 19 republicans did join democrats in the senate to pass this, but it's still facing a battle in the house and some progressives. democrats have threatened to hold this bill hostage if the senate doesn't pass the reconciliation package. here was alexandria ocasio-cortez just a couple weeks ago. >> if there's not a reconciliation bill in the house and if the senate does not pass the reconciliation bill, we will uphold our end of the bargain
10:44 am
and not pass the bipartisan bill until with get these investments in. >> there's no wiggle room. are you confident this will get through? >> i am. more important, the president is. the president has been very clear from the beginning that we're going to move on both of these packages in tandem. we are not resting our laurels of today's success. we are today and every day working hard on the budget resolution and the reconciliation package. president biden has been clear that we need both of these packages. and it's also very important that we have a bipartisan infrastructure bill. several presidents have said they would deliver a bipartisan infrastructure package. and only president biden has actually been automobile to do that. and it's enough money to make sure every kid in america has clean water pipes and high-speed broadband. it's the biggest investment in public transit ever in our nation's history. and we did it by reaching across
10:45 am
the aisle, finding compromise and staying at the table long enough to find common ground. so i'm confident that we will get that next step down. quite frankly, we're going to stay at the table until we do. just like we stayed at the table until we reached today's historic deal. >> let's talk about the bill that we're talking about today. we have all heard the pitch it will create more jobs. can you provide specifics on what type of jobs, are we talking construction, tech and how many? >> thank you. we believe this will create millions of jobs over the next five to ten years. there will be jobs created immediately, as you say, in construction. by the way, high-wage jobs, many of them union jobs, laying the fiber for the broadband, fixing roads and bridges, doing the work to make our coastal lands more resilient. but not just those jobs.
10:46 am
there will be more technical jobs created in terms of plrly in the broadband package, but the very importanten point is we will be unleashing millions of jobs on top of that. think about all the small businesses that now don't have high-speed internet that will get high-speed internet. they will be that much more productive and hire that many more people. and on and on. so it's not just the immediate jobs created. it's the fact that investing in infrastructure makes our economy stronger and will grow faster and create jobs on top of that. of all kinds and good-paying family supporting jobs. >> awe bbut you know there's a d number of job openings, yet millions aren't being filled. so how will the administration ensure people are actually talking all of these jobs? >> well, in the president's
10:47 am
reconciliation package, there will be enormous investments in job training, apprenticeship,en community college, skill development. part of the issue now is we have a mismatch in many of the jobs that are available require digital skills or technical skills. we have to make sure more americans have those skills. the other thing truthfully, americans need to get vaccinated. a lot of people now are afraid to go back to work. they are afraid to go back to work because we don't have covid behind us. so the best way to get americans to take those jobs is to make sure people are vaccinated and feel safe. and then finally, child care. millions of women dropped out of the workforce in covid. and they have not returned to the workforce. and won't be able to until we have more high-quality affordable child care. there's also that provision for
10:48 am
child care tax credit and i investments in child care and home care in the reconciliation package. so it all goes together. >> i hear you. thank you so much. secretary, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. we should be hearing from the president any moment. we'll continue to monitor that and bring it live. four strikes and she's still not out. twitter suspending marjorie taylor greene's account, for violating its misleading information policy. when is enough enough? with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene has again been temporarily suspended from twitter for spreading covid misinformation. last time it was 12 hours. this time she's banned for a week, but the tweet in question gets to stay up, albeit with a label that it may be misleading. cnn chief media correspondent and host or anchor of "reliable sources" brian stelter joins us. this is not a one, two, three strikes you're out. this is her fourth infraction. why is she allowed to continue spreading misinformation? >> you got it. there are five strikes on the twitter platform. she is up to number four with covid misinformation. every time she does it, every
10:54 am
time twitter takes action they suspend her for a longer period of time. now she is timed out for a week and eventually will become more severe. to your question why is it acceptable at all, it is because twitter is trying to balance the needs and expectations of its users to find accurate information and not be lied to and not see dangerous information with pressure from right wingers like marjorie taylor greene who say they should have unencumbered access and say whatever they want on the platform. it is ultimately a private platform. twitter can do whatever it wants, but every time it takes the action it invites a backlash from the like of mtg. >> also on the misinformation account and accountability, dominion voting systems is suing far right networks over their false claims on the election front. give us the detail. >> i think the theory here is the only way a company can try to clean up a mess others made with their reputation, the only way to clean it up is through
10:55 am
the courts, and that's what dominion is doing as is smartmatic. this follows dominion suing fox. they've suned all of the right wing networks for pushing the big lie theory last winter. here is part of what dominion said in a statement. oan and mike lindell disregarded the truth and they say they made the conscious decision to manufacture and spread the fan taste cal lie that dominion stole the election from trump. i think it is notable they're calling out mike lindell as well. he is facing lawsuits and yet he is out there today as we speak holding a big event claiming he has the proof of election fraud, claiming trump will get back into office. we are living in a world that -- where there are a lot of sane people looking at something simply insane happening, pushing the big lie nine months at this point. i think if you are a company like dominion, the only thing you can do to deal with the insanity is actually go to court. whether they will win, whether they will prevail with the defamation lawsuits time will tell.
10:56 am
it might take years to find out, but clearly thecompanies believ they have to be aggressive in defending the truth. >> brian stelter, good to have you with us. thank you for being with us on this busy news day on a tuesday. i will see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 eastern. in the meantime don't forget to follow me on twitter @anacabrera. the news continues next with victor blackwell. it's the sound of a thousand sighs of relief and of a company watching out for you. this is the sound of low cash mode from pnc bank, giving you multiple options and at least 24 hours to help you avoid an overdraft fee. because we believe how you handle overdrafts should be in your control, not just your bank's. low cash mode on virtual wallet from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. ♪ all by yourself.♪ - oh. - what? rain.
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit.
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making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. this is "cnn breaking news". welcome to newsroom. i'm victor blackwell. alisyn is off today. we are beginning with breaking news. new york governor andrew cuomo has announced he is resigning. >> and i love new york and i love you, and everything i have ever done has been motivated by that love. i would never want to be unhelpful in any way. i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now some if i


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