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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  August 12, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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politic pressure by the free brittney movement and her plea removing her father's c conservator. no one knew mr. spears better. every step along the way, mr. spears offered his daughter love and support and encouragement both as conservator to and her father. britt knit spears argued otherwise. vindication for brittney and says they look forward for the vigorous investigation and others over the past 13 years. >> this pandemic is far from over. new york city has come certainly
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a long way in the fight, something uplifting for everyone, we love nyc, the homecoming con serpt is next saturday, august 21st in new york. music feature superstars, you will see it here only on cnn, next saturday, august 21st. the news continues right now. let's turn things over to "don lemon tonight." good evening everyone, this is "don lemon tonight." this is really important to me and for you and the country to see. every night for the past year and a half in this program, i sit here and i talk about the pandemic and i talk about the deaths and the politics and the misinformation, i talk about all of it but not tonight, not today. today i spent the day in the covid ward in the hospital where i was born in baton rouge, louisiana. except there is not a covid
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ward, it is becoming a covid hospital since there are so many patients with the virus. they're struggling to breathe and live and the doctors and nurses there are fighting to make it so. everyone thougthere is a vaccine that could avoided all of this and they have a message for all of you. listen. >> louisiana has the worst covid rate for the country. it is at the top of the list. i was born in louisiana, in baton rouge , at this hospital,i came home to see what's happening myself. >> did you have more people here with covid? >> that's correct >> i have never seen anything one illness occupying 90% of the resources and 90% of the beds. >> what's going on? >> delta. that's the new virus and it is more contagious and vigilant.
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catching people that have not been vaccinated. >> before i speak with any of the covid patients being treated, i suit up. >> everyone does this to go into patient room. you have some type of coverings for their clothes. >> everyday. all of you guys are doing this? >> yes, sir. >> this is a lot. >> it is a lot. >> here is 53-year-old jim, he's unvaccinated and so is his brother, until yesterday jim and his brother were in here together. his brother got well enough to be discharged and jim, hope he'll be as lucky. >> how are you doing? >> you and your brother were here? >> yes, sir. >> what happened? >> we got covid and sick and went to the hospital.
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he left before me. >> how is your brother? >> he's doing good? i talked to him this morning. he was at home. >> what does it feel like? >> feels like you got your lungs clamp down. >> why didn't you get vaccinated? >> had not had time. i guess just didn't do it. >> you are not antivaccine, you are just am bivalent about it. >> yeah. >> do you regreatt it? >> yes. >> what do you say to folks? >> open your eyes. open your eyes. this is nothing to play with. >> he says he's not antivaccine. just didn't have the time.
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>> yeah. >> you find that a lot? >> yeah, some people are antivaccine and some people don't think it is as important, i guess if you will. they don't think it is going to happen to them and unfortunately what we are seeing it can happen to anybody. >> i am aware i am in the hospital full of patients with the delta variant and so is the staff. there are strict protocol trying to keep the virus from spreading. >> so you have to change every time you go to a different room. >> outside is clean space and inside is dirty space. makes sense? we keep covid behind these walls. >> got it. >> it is a lot you guys have to go through. >> we do what we have to do to make sure we protect the healthy and the sick. >> is there some arch to this? >> i am getting my new ppe because i left a different section or a different ward, is it? different unit. now where ever i go, i have to
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have new ppe because they don't want to get me or anyone conta contaminated or bring something from another ward, another area. okay. >> ready? >> ready. the next room, i meet 40-year-old maxine sawyer. she came to the hospital thinking she had a heart attack. >> were you freaking out? >> i didn't freak out. i was shocked when they said i had covid. >> why? >> i don't go anywhere. we have been quarantining and d disinfecting and doing everything we are supposed to do. and i still ended up with the virus. my children got tested immediately and i am the only one that ended up with it. >> let me ask you, why didn't
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you get vaccinated? >> me, myself, i thought that i was being safe because i have been quarantining since the beginning of the pandemic. the reason i didn't get vaccinated. my choice was, i wanted to wait. let this first batch goes through and see how it works. but before i got sick, i was thinking about getting vaccinated and i was thspeakingo my children about it. i didn't make it in time. i got sick before i can get vaccinated. >> being in the hospital is hard but in some ways the conversation with her children is even harder. >> if mommy does not make it home, you guys know that i love you. i have raised you up the right
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way. i have made sure you guys have grown up close and their best friends and you guys have to be strong and make mommy proud. >> that could not have been easy? >> no. >> never. never is. >> what was -- did you ever think you are going to die? >> um -- i know it is a possibility to experience death around me constantly was a huge ordeal for me. >> you see people dying here? >> oh yes. oh yes. younger than me. healthier than me. you know -- and it affects even
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though i don't know these people, when you experience a code blue or laughter in the staff turns to silent because they're heartbroken because they just lost somebody. you know - it does something, you know? >> what? >> it is like you realize how precious life is and how we take the smallest things for granted like a single breath. one single breath we take for granted. >> nobody is vaccinated at home? >> nobody is vaccinated yet. >> how many of y'all? >> five of us. >> children? >> ages.
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20, 18, 14, and one and a half. >> you wanted to -- >> i spoke to them about it and i honestly think they were afraid. >> afraid of what? >> the time. how quickly the vaccine was pre presented. i think that was a big thing. for myself i had under lying health conditions. i wanted to make sure it is safe for me and we talked about it a lot. i didn't want to pressure them or push them into vaccining. i wanted them to make their own decisions. >> the kids can stop being afraid. if all continues to go well, maxine is scheduled to go home tomorrow.
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>> if good thing is everybody have said, mom, of all people, got covid, it is time for us to get vaccinated as a family. >> they say it is a small world and it really is especially here in baton rouge. actually met someone who went to my high school. >> did you go to baker high school. >> i sure did. >> what year did you graduate? >> '6'68. she was admitted on saturday with double pneumonia and covid-19 symptoms. >> what were your symptom s >> what were your sympymptoms? >> i could not breathe. i had no oxygen. i thought i was getting better and just the bottom fell out. you just don't know. it is rough stuff. it really is. >> did you know you had covid? >> yes, i had tested positive several days before. >> why didn't you get
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vaccinated? >> just a hepprehensive, you kn? my husband got vaccinated and wanted me to and i thought oh, i will be careful. but, i guess very needful. >> are you going to? >> and you are against vaccines? >> no, i have always taken vaccines. it seems so different. just informational. i just didn't -- i guess didn't get the information that i wanted or thought, well, it is so different, i am not sure it is going to be a good vaccine. >> yeah. >> what do you say to folks now? >> i think everybody ought to try to get it, yeah. >> if it will help to prevent you from getting really sick,
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you know? >> there were four patients at baton rouge general hospital. two weeks ago there were 15. now there are nearly 200 covid patients. 90% of them unvaccinated. >> this is where actually we used to have our covid patients just on this side, in comparison to what it is now. >> this was just covid here. and now everything is. >> yes, sir. >> how long ago? >> about a little over two weeks ago. >> wow. >> caring for wave after wave of patients since the start of the pandemic takes a toll on the hospital workers. what have they seen the last year and a half? >> we opened this hospital at april 3rd to take covid positive patients. we did it three different time and here we are again the fourth time. it looks a little different this time, our patients are a little sicker they have a lot younger this time.
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>> younger people? younger than the first surge absolutely. >> these are everyday people that i have been speaking to through some way or another who happens to get covid. i didn't hear as much about politics as we hear everyday. most of them said you know what, i didn't have the time or some ambivalent about getting the vaccine. but one thing is for sure, every single person i spoke to said, they're fwoing tgoing to get the now and urging everyone to do the same. so that's how i spent my day in my hometown. let me just say this, every single person i spoke to in the hospital patients unvaccinated, i told them i am not here to judge you, i am here to hear your story. sometimes it is easy to sit behind your television and in front of your television at home and you judge people because they're not doing a certain thing and they don't haves as
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much information or knowledge you have. everyone does not do it. people are busy taking care of their families and everyone does not have means or televisions over their homes or being able to pay for and see cable news. i came a way with a really broaden and open and slightly different perspective about people not vaccinated. yes, i understand there are politics in it. there are a whole lot of people out there there where politics does not have anything to do with it. here is what i will say though. i think because of what happened over the last couple of years, the attacks on our institutions, the atax on the first amendment, the attacks on journalism which is covererd in the first amendment that people wrongly don't know who to trust. they believe the propaganda on certain networks. they believe the propaganda on social media. it is going to be up to us here
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in the media to make viewers, to help viewers become more media literate. i am not an opinion host, i give my point of view, everything i say is based in facts. if i screw it up, i come back and apologize. i get it right. that's what we do here at cnn. that's the big difference between us and networks that don't have to operate in that. so, i am committed to helping people get the vaccine, to speak to people even if they don't agree with me or if i don't agree with them because i am here every single night. let's help each other, give each other some grace and leeway. let's hold each other accountable as well. i think there is room for it all. so i am not done with baton rouge just yet in the program. i have been speaking with the governor of louisiana about what's going on in his state.
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so when i say i was coming down john bell edwards, the governor met me at the hospital with a huge influx of patients begging people to get the vaccine and protect themselves and their neighbors. stay with us. >> when you have a virus this contagious and deadly, it requires government to manage that. you can only manage that by curving what people do. we all are mindful of people's liberty and interests. i don't wake up in the morning saying let me put a mandate on people. the only thing worse is not doing it. >> what's your message to everyone? louisiana, you are number one in covid rate. >> for many other states, their vaccination rates may belower than ours or slightly higher.
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we are back now talking about the explosion of covid in my home state of louisiana. it is a warning of what soon can
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happen across the country. that's a message from john bell edwards, i spoke at him at the hospital where i was born, baton rouge, general hospital, mid city. a place hit so badly by this pandemic that they put up a wall recognizing those who contracted covid and survived. louisiana has the worse rate of new cases per day than any other state. louisiana has the second highest rate of hospitalization per capita after florida. it is the fifth worse vaccination rates in the country. governor edwards told me the situation is absolutely dire and he's urging people to get vaccinated immediately. here is our conversation. >> this is all patients. >> that's right. >> it is amazing. >> thank you for doing this. at one point this wall was not full. >> that's correct.
11:24 pm
>> this is not the first time baton rouge as a special hospital for covid patients. he had to bring in outside staffing, we had 118 medical professionals we brought in. this hospital system so that they can take care of the patients here, 95% patients here covid, not a single icu available at this hospital. >> there maybe even, i think 95 right now but you had 15 a month ago and all of a sudden you are at 200 at one point. >> we had 2901 in the hospital today. that's ten times than what we had on july 1st. >> this is a hospital i was born in. i read this hospital was overrun and overwhelmed with covid patients. second to florida. you are not alone in this.
11:25 pm
all the states around you are beaming red. you have a mask mandate but you are going to need other governors around you to cooperate. what do you need them to do to help? >> well, i have more than i can say grace over here in louisiana and i don't really comment of what other states are doing. i will tell you we have a mask mandate in place because all the medical professionals here in louisiana told me it was essential to curve transmission. not just for covid patients but for all patients. you can be a motorcycle victim and you need hospital attention, you need a bed and a recovery room in the icu and so forth. it is incredibly important. the mask mandate to curve transmission, why don't we get people vaccinated. it is not one or another. it is both. >> you are number one case rate in the country. that's got to be frightening. >> it scares me.
11:26 pm
i know the sad part is there is nothing in the data thus far to suggest we are at a peak and we are coming down on the other side of the surge. we know that we don't have the capacity to continue to grow our hospitalizations. you no we announced today 54 deaths today. >> today. >> that is just heartbreaking because we know that this is, the delta variant is game-changing. quite frankly we had enough time to get many more people vaccinated in advance of this variant becoming a problem and we didn't take advantage of that time for the data that we should have. that's why we are having this nasty surge. this is the worse that it had been throughout the pandemic. that breaks my heart. this was not necessary. >> i just interviewed a patient upstairs who said she prayed for the workers in the hospital.
11:27 pm
she never heard death before and she has heard death. the staff will go from laughing and helping people out and silence because they lost some one. they are exhausted and they are muiracle workers. they are exhausted. >> the least that the rest of us can do is lighten the demand on them d the burden on them by doing something like wearing a mask or making sure you are vaccinated as soon as you can be. that really is a way out of the pandemic. we have safe and effective vaccines. they are free. they are available at over 1400 locations in louisiana. you can get vaccinated at more than 1400 locations. >> you can get vaccinated at the airport as well. >> crazy. >> yes, sir. >> there are people taking advantage of that? >> yes, there are. >> the good news is over the last month, vaccinations have gone up over 400%.
11:28 pm
that's very helpful. we still got a long way to go. that's very helpful. if you start your vaccination today, especially if you got, we are encouraging people don't wait. get vaccinated today. >> a couple of people i spoke to, they had concerns about the vaccine, they just wanted to wait to see what happens. i sfeexperienced more ambivalen than antivaccination. >> hopefully when people see what's happening with the surge and they understand how many vaccines had been administer and how safe and effective they are, they are going to stop wait. they can change their mind, too. >> that was a thing. there are people on television everyday telling in the papers or on the radio, go you convinc
11:29 pm
that it is okay. >> part of it is they don't have enough information. many people are consuming really bad information and misinformation. >> i was reading a story from the local wvrv, channel 2. it says the patients coming in now have younger and whiter. that was their headline. talk to me about that. >> it is not just younger. i was talking to some doctors and you are going to hear this. you know they believer they ar sick. the disease is more severe now in the people they are seeing and they're getting faster. it makes sense people are going to be younger because the higher percentage of people vaccinated are those 65 and older. we are well above 85% of those who have at least one shot. >> well, i think if you look at
11:30 pm
the map, i know you don't want to comment on others but you are in the south. >> sure. >> public health emergency. >> what every individual does or does not do, does not have an effect on them. it has an effect on everybody. the big disconnect between so many people in the country right now is that they want to prioritize their own individual rights to do or not to do something. you can't manage public health emergency in that regards. so you have to have certain res res restrictions when they are reasonably necessary to protect health. which gets back to the mask mandate. >> are you hopeful? >> oh, i am very hopeful. >> are you optimistic? >> the mask mandate has been in for a week and a day. typically it takes ten days until you see results.
11:31 pm
yes, i am optimistic. not with the delta variant which is transmissible. we have done this before and i know if we can get enough, you don't have to have 100%. >> you don't have to have 100%. if we can get enough louisiana to embrace these mitigation measures, i do believe we are going to peak soon. >> thank you. >> god bless you. >> thanks to the governor and good luck down there. we'll continue to follow. i want to show you more than 75,000 people hospitalized with coronavirus in the u.s. right now. that's how many there are. i want to know how we can get beyond the politics and how we can beat this pandemic. the former mayor of new orleans, miss landrieu is here and along with dr. jonathan riner, we'll talk to them after the break.
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the coronavirus surge, it could be a sign of what's becoming across the country if people are not taking safety steps. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate you joining us. >> i spoken to you about as year and a half about this. i should say an enhanced perspective from going inside the hospital. one of the hardest parts is knowing that these people who so sick in this hospital with covid that they did not have to be.
11:37 pm
there is a vaccine. it is available and there is information out there and that vaccine is free. >>. >> that's why it is so damn frustratiiing for me. the last eight months, we had to get out of jail free card, literally free. no one in the united states now needs to be hospitalized for covid-19. our vaccines are effective. so we have failed the public in our messaging and our leadership has failed the public in how we have presented the vaccines to this country. one of the original sins was to call the vaccine program operation warp speed. you heard some of the patients you spoke to at the hospital, don, expressed concerns of how rapidly the vaccine was developed. those are legitimate concerns. what they should have stretched
11:38 pm
is safety. they should have stressed the fact that these vaccines have been in development for decades. they stressed speed and speed scares people. >> when i consent somebody for procedures, nobody asks me how quickly can i do it. they want to know how safely i can do it. we need better messaging. >> before i move on. i think number saying, this many people and that and this and this many people are dying. the numbers don't convince people. what convinces people are the interviews like what i did or quite frankly somebody in the family or themselves getting it. people have told me when we see people on television, when we see the interviews that people are saying i have it or a loved one have it, go get it. that could make a difference. just spouting and statistics and
11:39 pm
numbers does not go through. >> when you go into hospitals and you talk to the heroes in the community. these are their neighbors who are putting themselves at risk and trying to save these lives. when you talk to the nurses and the respiratory therapist and the er docs and people who have been going into buildinrning buildings. those start ris start to resonate. i have to put all these people at risk to try to save me. maybe it reminds people of community. i hope sewo and i need to talk more about that. >> it is not just you. when you say it is my personal freedom and liberty. well, 90% of the people who are in the hospitals for covid are unvaccinated people who are taxing the system. people who come in for routine
11:40 pm
or have under lying conditions that had nothing to do with covid, they kcan't get treated because the covid patients who did not believe in science are now in the hospital having the opportunity to have that science stave their lives and the people who believed the science can't get the services. and so in a way it is not fair for the people who following the rules, mitch. do you understand what i am saying? look at all this red on this map. it does not need to be there. it is avoidable. so talk to me. 1 >> i have been watching the show at the top and i was able to walk around the hospital when governor edwards was expressing frustration. i have been in touch with healthcare workers who were just besides themselves because they have been there for a year and a half. there is threats of whether
11:41 pm
nurses and doctors and folks that are cleaning up, it was frustrating because this is avoidable. what's also true is that people have had a plethora about this. m maxine and miss brenda, what you interviewed, what a sad, sad situation. >> if you look at that map, you can look at that map and you can see the entire southern part of the country is on fire. i know that the medical expertise will tell you that this is highly likely to happen in the rest of the country. wear a mask and get vaccinated. that's what the signs tell us. now when people choose not to get vaccinated and express that's apart of their liberty, i would like them to think about the fact they want to be free.
11:42 pm
and of course what we should begin to see in clear terms and the governor told you, they went from 3 to 30 to 200 people in the icus. the doctors can speak to this more than i can. if someone involving in a car rec, are they having an attack or some kind of procedures and all the beds are taken up. so from my perspective, the kindest thing we can do is help each other around getting vaccinated and wearing a mask. that's the pathway out. it is the only pathway out. >> mitch, i am in trouble here if you go really long. you are right at the road from baton rouge. are you seeing this mask ma mandate, is anything punching through and making a difference of new orleans. >> it is beginning to.
11:43 pm
as you know the jazz fest fall and major ervents, when people start to hear that, they start to hear a little bit more and it will be a little too late. >> thank you, mitch and dr. riner. >> the u.s. is getting more diverse and the white population is shrinking for the tirshe fir time. it tells us why racist voice in this country gotten louder. that's next.
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it's taken a lot to get to this moment.
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♪ grew up at midnight - the maccabees ♪ dreams are on the line. you got this. refresh... it all, comes down, to this. ♪♪ numbers that'll impact the entire country released today. the 2020 census is out. the country is changing a lot. the white population in the u.s. shrinking for the first time in the country's history, declining
11:48 pm
8.6% from 2010 down to just 57.8%. joining me now is ana navarro and bacaral. >> remember this from charlottesville? >> jews will not replace us. jews will not replace us. >> nazis and white supremacists in charlottesville saying jews will not replace us. >> no question about it. you look at that and charlottesville and you look at what happened january 6th, what you are seeing now is america bringing out a lot of the true color of this country. whether it is antirhetoric, look
11:49 pm
at this panel, it is bakari sellers and don lemon and ana navarro. this is not the america that they want the seement. a lot of things we are seeing are not because of the 2020 election. it is because of the census and what we knew is no such thing as economic anxiety. the medial did disservice of calling that. it is not true but that's how they feel and they're showing out with the violence and they're showing out with the anti-semitism and their racism. we are pealing the band daid of who we are. >> i want you to look at this whole replacement idea, it is not just the white nationalist
11:50 pm
rally, where else? on the . >> the democratic party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the third world. demographic change is the key to the democratic party's political ambitions. in order to win and maintain power, democrats plan to change the population of the country. this is the administration bringing felons, violent criminals into our country on purpose. why would you do something like that? what they're doing is bringing in people they think will vote for them. >> i mean obviously this is absurd and dangerous, but still it resonates with many americans, ana. how do you push back on that? >> by voting, by showing up, by registering to vote. listen, some of the numbers i saw today are really encouraging when it comes to raw numbers, right? there's almost 20% of the population is latino.
11:51 pm
18.2%. but those numbers don't mean as much if the black and brown communities, if minority communities don't show up and flex that political muscle. having the numbers doesn't not mean as much. so i think we need to be very aware of the forces in this country that are trying to divide us, that are trying to keep us down, that are trying to build fear around this, that are trying to demonize us, that are trying to portray us as "other than," as if we don't belong. and it's people who forget what this country was founded on and who was here when folks came. this is, you know -- america is what we see reflected in the census. what i'm very concerned about, though, don, is the gerrymandering and the redistricting. >> yes. >> because the numbers are one thing. but then how does that translate
11:52 pm
into political power? and the folks that are in charge of legislatures are very savvy and very good at drawing districts that are not reflective of america. >> well, you both got everything off in one question and one answer, so i thank you. our time is a little bit short. >> we got to say one thing before you go. we got to say tucker carlson is racist. tucker carlson is racist. that's all i wanted to say. >> wait. bakari, let me tell you something. you talked about stephen miller at the beginning of the segment. you know, i don't want to name drop, but, man, i was at the white house the other day, and guess who's got stephen miller's old office? her name is susan rice, and she's one of us. and guess who is in ivanka trump's old office? julie rodriguez. >> who? >> she is cesar chavez's granddaughter. >> yeah. >> yeah. you go around there and -- you go around that white house, and you see what america looks like.
11:53 pm
listen, we're here to stay. the good news is we come in peace, and we are american, and we love this country. >> joe biden promised that his administration and his cabinet and everyone that he hires or involved in government, that it will reflect the diversity of this country, and it looks like he is living up to that promise right now. thank you both. appreciate it. >> thank you. the terminator says, quote, screw your freedom. he's got strong words for people refusing to wear a mask and take the basic precautions to protect their neighborhs. you've got to see this, next. ar. which is why we do everything in our power to make buying a car an unforgettable experience. happy birthday. thank you. we treat every customer like we would treat our own moms. because that's what they deserve.
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arnold schwarzenegger coming out strongly on wearing masks to help stop the spread of covid. and for those who claim wearing a mask is a question of freedom, he says, quote, screw your freedom. >> and the only way we prevent it is to get vaccinated, to wear masks, to do social distancing, washing your hands all the time, and not just to think about, well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here. no. screw your freedom because with freedom comes obligations and responsibilities. you can't just say, i have the right to x, y, and z. when you affect other people, that is when it gets serious. [ applause ] >> arnold schwarzenegger says anyone who doesn't wear a mask is a schmuck. next, surrounded, verbally assaulted and harassed. one father mobbed for speaking in favor of masks at a school board meeting. he speaks out right after this.
11:59 pm
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