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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  August 24, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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hello, i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman on this "new day," president biden expected to make a decision today that could seal the fate of thousands of afghans who helped u.s. troops. will he keep u.s. forces in afghanistan past the august 31st deadline? plus, the president's trying
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to get his own party on board with his economic agenda. the capitol hill battle growing more heated by the hour. a big step in the fight against coronavirus as the fda fully approves the pfizer vaccine. a stunning new time line by dr. anthony fauci of when this pandemic will be over, with americans asking this morning, that long, really? and breaking overnight, new york has a new governor, but andrew cuomo has one last message for critics about his record as a governor and as a dog owner. a very good morning to viewers in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, august 24th, and overnight, the u.s. reporting major progress in the evacuation efforts in afghanistan. an estimated 4,500 people are
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now waiting for flights inside of the kabul airport zone which is more than 15,000 less people than when we went on the air yesterday. a source telling cnn the majority of those who are waiting for flights are afghans. cnn has also learned that special immigrant visa applicants, those afghans who helped u.s. troops during the war are not permitted on to the airport after being told not to come there on monday. still, the gates to the airport remain closed. a huge decision point for president biden in the next few hours. the u.s. military says he needs to decide by today whether to extend the u.s. troop presence at the kabul airport beyond august 31st. the military needs to know by today because they would need to start withdrawing the some 6,000 u.s. troops that are there and all of the equipment. u.s. allies want an extension. democrats in congress want an extension. afghan allies to the u.s. on the ground, they want an extension. right now, the major hesitancy
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seems to be coming only from the biden administration and the taliban. the taliban saying august 31st is a red line. there's tons going on this morning on covid, infrastructure, democrats going to scuttle the president's plans this morning, and afghanistan, which is where we begin. we have reporters standing by on the ground in kabul and in doha where evacuees are being taken. sam kiley, give us a sense of the situation. how many people are getting out, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, the number of people down from when i was on the ground in the flight line yesterday afternoon is 10 and a half thousand. there's now 4 1/2 thousand people waiting to get out. that's less than the number of u.s. troops of 5,800 at kabul airport and there's a thousand british and numerous others from the wider coalition. of course special forces all trying to get their particular out that they have had a
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relationship with while the gates are still closed. there are efforts being made on an almost individual basis to get people through the gates, if they've got these siv visas, but this is all being conducted during a period of extreme tension. at about 5:00 this morning, 45 minutes or longer, just off to the west here, there was a substantial fire fight. we don't know who this was between but there was a very sustained exchange of gunfire. there is also now large crowds c coalescing around the hotel, helping small numbers of people, even the ambassador himself driving people to the airport to help with the evacuation, and on top of that, the taliban have now told cnn on the ground inside kabul that they are now actively hunting for isis because they have caught, they claim, four isis or alleged isis
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operators filming possible targets on the streets of kabul. this against the background of course of the national security adviser in washington, d.c. saying that there is a persistent and real threat from the islamic state, and that is going to play very heavily into the mind of both the military and president biden who will be discussing today whether or not it is worth trying to extend the deadline here, which would extend the period of risk of islamic state attack either on refugees trying to get out and become evacuees or indeed on u.s. and coalition troops here in the airport. the taliban have said that they absolutely see the august 31st dead lean as an immovable limit and anything after that will be seen as a persistent occupation with unknown consequences that may follow. there should be diplomatic wiggle room because the taliban is trying to wiggle itself into
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the international community. the spokesperson saying they want to be able to do trade, get legitimacy, have enough aid to keep this country rolling forward. they're also facing a relatively small insurgency being conducted by elements, particularly of the former northern alliance, led by a british trained former army officer here in afghanistan. his father known as the lion, assassinated by al qaeda in 2001. all of this coming into play at this critical time and this crucial decision. as we speak, aircraft are taking off and landing, trying to clear the decks of 4 1/2 thousand people. at the moment, very few more people are coming in, and the fear must be that at some stage, particularly if the extension is not made, the u.s. operation will start to withdraw into itself to preparing for its own withdrawal, and those gates may never open formally for the large numbers that have been
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evacuated so far. the figure must be well over 40,000, but there are many more thousands on the outskirts of the gate. local reports put those close to the gate at about 9,000. >> nick, you know, a lot of those folks are afghans who have a legal claim to emigrate from afghanistan because they did help u.s. troops. but look, i think a lot of people look at this day that we're at and they say, well, we're still a week out from the deadline. the fact is this operation doesn't turn on a dime. there are logistical considerations that are very much pivotal today. >> yeah, absolutely. while special immigrant visas are getting on, i understand it's 1s and 2s that they are having to essentially find their way through the airport, through their own means, through this unofficial channel that afghan security forces have had rolling for some time. it's small numbers, and the idea of bringing large numbers in is
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complicated. what sam was saying, i understand from a source familiar with the situation, those on the airport consider themselves to be at pretty high risk, if they stay after august the 31st. that is essentially because taliban leadership have made it very clear directly to a senior u.s. military official that the 31st of august is nonnegotiable for all uniformed personnel. now, there may be some diplomatic presence that endures in kabul, but the military have to be off in the mind of taliban by the 31st of august, unless of course president joe biden makes a decision to change that timetable, which i have to say it sounds like the advice he's getting from the ground will make that a very tough call indeed. if that timetable is stuck to, i understand from the source that the military will begin what they call their retrograde, their packing up, their withdrawal into themselves tomorrow. that could of course change but that is what they will probably have to start doing if, indeed, they want to leave by the 31st. and in fact, if they do want to
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be totally clear, they'll probably finish that departure by late the 30th, just to be sure there's no misunderstanding. i'm told also too by the source, they expect the quote departure to be messy, because of course you'll have a moment when the images of u.s. troops departing will get out, all the news they're beginning to think about will get out, and thousands of people at the gate, certainly, that are closed, but also in the city who are hoping for some last minute moment to get to the airport will realize that maybe their time is up or certainly running very short indeed. the source tells me down to the taliban to keep security while this evacuation gets underway. i think unless we see some radical change during this g7 meeting when president biden talks to his counter parts and they begin to work out whether they have the ability to move this slightly further down the line, and i have to say all of the indications are that they cannot simply do that, then we
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may start seeing the americans looking at leaving, being seen to leave, and that small window for those they still have out in kabul, radically shrinking. remember, there are thousands of local afghan employees of the u.s. embassy who have to get on the airport. tens of thousands of siv applicants. sam talked about scenes at serena hotel trying to get on, you know, there was always going to be the moment where the panic turned into worse panic because the chaos at the airport was beginning to disappear and withdraw and we have to be obviously very hopeful that the days ahead remain calm and that those who can get out do manage to and that those 5,800 u.s. troops leave slowly in an orderly fashion with many as they can possible take. important to remember, the last 24 hour air lift was startling. seems like they can do it. they just have to get people on the airport first. >> waiting to hear a complete number over the last 24 hours,
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but could be well over 10,000 again, which is a big number getting out each day. nick paton walsh, sam kiley. in the meantime, dr. anthony fauci telling cnn in a new interview that the doesn't thin the coronavirus pandemic will be fully under control until next spring. >> if we can do that, with the people who have been infected get them revaccinated, the people who are unvaccinated now, the 90 million people, get them vaccinated, i think we can get a degree of overall blanket protection of the community that as we get into the early part of 2022, getting through the winter which could be complicated by influenza, by respiratory virus, that as we get into the spring we could start getting back to a degree of normality. >> degree of normality next spring? that's a long time from now. that time line comes after the
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fda fully approved pfizer coronavirus vaccine for people 16 years and older. elizabeth cohen, nice to see you. when dr. anthony fauci says a degree of normalcy by next year. president biden came out july 24th and basically said we're back. not really, what are we supposed to think about this? >> one word for you, delta. july 4th it wasn't such a big deal, and now it is. you see the toll it has taken. and that's all the more reason why people need to get vaccinated and as john mentioned, pfizer now has full approval from the food and drug administration before it was emergency authorization, which is something that basically is temporary, and full approval, that's like any other drug you take. let's take a look at the difference full approval could make. it could encourage people who have not gotten vaccinated, now i feel better, there's a full approval. like other drugs, i'm going to roll up my sleeves, i don't
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think many people will necessarily feel that way, but some will, and every warm vaccinated body is a good thing. second of all, what could happen here, and what's hoped will happen here is pfizer will advertise. they say that they will. they couldn't do that with emergency authorization. you'll notice, you didn't turn on your tv and see ads for pfizer's vaccine. now, you can. pharmaceutical companies good at marketing their products. the last one is an important one. employers, restaurants, universities, they will likely feel more comfortable requiring the vaccine now that it has full approval, and tahat's a big dea. it's one thing to say no, i won't get the vaccine, then your boss says, okay, you're fired. that might make you roll up your sleeves. let's look at the people who haven't rolled up their sleeves for one shot. 82 million americans have not gotten one shot. that's 29% of the u.s. population 12 and over. 29% of people who could get a
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covid-19 shot have chosen not to. >> let's see if some of them change their minds when their bosses tell them they have to. thanks for being here. this morning, nancy pelosi doesn't have the votes, the infrastructure bill, the budget, they don't have the votes this morning. moderate democrats threatening to derail the president's economic agenda. we're waiting to figure out how pelosi can get this all over the finish line. plus, i'm going to speak with a prominent afghan journalist who is begging the pentagon to do more to help afghan women. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid
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♪ ♪ we have breaking news concerning the situation in afghanistan. moments ago the white house told us that within the last 24 hours more than 20,000 people were evacuated from the kabul airport. more than 20,000 flown out in a
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24-hour period. that follows a day when 10,000 were evacuated. that 20,000 number is huge. it is a gargantuan number. we're going to get much more information about the shape and who that involves coming up. but right now, it seems the u.s. and its nato allies able to withdraw people at a very quick rate. this is all happening as president biden faces a major deadline. u.s. military says he needs to decide by today whether to extend the troop presence at the capitol and the president meets with leader of the g7 conference all of who want the u.s. to extend the stay. the breaking news, just a huge number, but president biden going to face pressure today, a lot of pressure from countries who wants u.s. to stay longer at the airport. >> reporter: it's clear that the u.s. is picking up the pace of
3:19 am
these evacuations. the real comparison point we should be looking at from the 10,000 plus number yesterday. today that is 12,700. that 20,000 number includes all coalition flights, not only the u.s. military planes which was the number that they provided yesterday with the 10,400, but still an increase of about 2,300 people from one day to the next. clearly they are picking up the pace, and this is happening at a time when president biden is going to come under pressure from these g7 allies today about the deadline for which u.s. troops are supposed to be getting out of afghanistan. that is august 31st. the taliban making clear at this point at least that they see that as a drop dead date. those g7 allies expected to press the president to extend that. so far he has not said whether or not he is willing to do that. he has said that the military has been looking at this possibility, and so far, the pentagon says we are trying to execute the mission to get everything done by the 31st. but it is hard to see how that's
3:20 am
possible given the tens of thousands of afghans in particular who still are hoping to get out of the country. and you'll remember president biden last week said that that commitment that he said to get every american out of afghanistan who wants to get out of afghanistan, he said it also applied to those afghan allies. an administration official has said the president's decision could come today in the g7 meeting, and we should also keep in mind that military feofficia have said they advised the president, he should decide today whether or not he could extend the deadline, all the logistics in getting the troops out by the 31st. we have to watch for the g7 meeting by 9:30. >> the military says the decision has to come today. 12,000 people flown out on u.s. planes, which is the highest number we have seen. 8,000 on nato and other planes.
3:21 am
20,000 people getting out of the kabul airport. a high number indeed. >> that is an accomplishment. joining us now is freelance afghan journalist, nazeera. she has faced threats from the taliban having covered them as a journalist throughout the 1990s, and recently she has been pressing the biden administration. thank you so much for being with us today in studio. i know you have a number of extended family members who are still in afghanistan that you are considerably worried about and that you're hearing from a lot of afghans. what are they telling you? >> sure. first of all, good morning to your audience. afghan audience, and thank you for having me. good question. everybody know afghanistan's situation. they don't need me to explain again. but believe it or not. many many afghan people from
3:22 am
different category, they keep calling me, nighttime, daytime, 24 hours, but i have to answer them. some of them, they are hiding theirself. some of them calling from the airport. women crying, young generation also crying. they asked me, how should i leave afghanistan. they think that i am somebody. i told them i'm not extraordinary person. just a journalist. i just can't raise my voice because of you. they're crying, i'm crying with them. that's why i lost my voice. look at my voice. every single minute people call me, and they're crying, and they remind me, 1996 when i was in afghanistan and i was young journalist. now, everything repeat and they remind me of the dark time in
3:23 am
afghanistan. >> it reminds you of the dark, of the time in afghanistan, and let me ask you about that because you've heard the taliban trying to project a more moderate image, promising that there won't be retributions, although we have already seen, you know, facts that contradict the promises that they're making. no one really knows the taliban like you know the taliban having covered them. what do you think about these promises the taliban is making and what this is going to mean for women and girls in afghanistan. >> good question. i doubt it because taliban is ideology, how can change someone's ideology. taliban is the same taliban, they promise they are going to be a modern taliban. if it's the new generation, i would be more happy. i go to afghanistan one day, and i, you know, make a report from
3:24 am
my beloaved country, but i doub it. i think it's too soon. time will show that, but based off my experience, the taliban shot women at the kabul sport stadium. i have so many unfortunately negative experience, but as i told you, it's too soon. but if they are really keep their commitment, because we are living in the 21st century. it's a different time, but i hope so. we shouldn't lose the hope, but i doubt it. but still. >> you really brought the human element of this story to the pentagon briefing, which can be sort of a stale place where information is certainly and importantly grabbed by reporters, but you brought the human element of this to a briefing there the other day as you questioned about the departure of the former
3:25 am
president. what is your message to americans? what is your message to americans about the plight of afghans and what you want to see from americans? >> you want me to cry again? it was not my voice. it was million of afghan people. it was million of kids in afghanistan. it was not easy. that moment was very tragic, very strong moment for me as i told them, as i asked that overnight taliban all of afghanistan. but i have hope, but still i was thinking about i don't know which interpretation about shar ya law, we know how to practice
3:26 am
our religion. i told you, it was voice of million of voiceless afghan people, especially afghan women, their accomplishment, my beloved country, i was crying for my flag. it's my identity. afghan women has a lot of achievement, and it was, you know, i was thinking about my culture, afghanistan has a rich culture. i am very strong journalist, but in this situation, i look so weak and crying, otherwise for 30 years i work as a professional journalist with bbc, and now i am independent pa because i would like to be a voice of million of afghan women. afghan woman brave, afghan woman standing, still try to fight for
3:27 am
their rights. my messages from the united states, first of all, we have hope. number two, i have a message to united states leaders. a lot of women in afghanistan, they are sleeping inside the airport. why they don't bring them to the united states and arrange them a visa. as i told you, i have connection with many many different category of people, former ambassador, former teacher, engineer, doctor, nurse, ordinary, and extraordinary people. this is my hope. this is my message to the people around the world, people know about afghanistan, what's going on. although i'm hopeful the taliban promised us that they are going to change, but yes. united states supposed to keep the commitment. i ask president biden a month ago, afghan women have expectation from you, what is
3:28 am
good message, which i asked yesterday, i said all of this situation, you cannot do anything, do we have any message for afghan women, and she comments, and she commented, and she said we will be with afghan women because afghanistan has valuable women. president biden has been in afghanistan, he saw kids say that we're going to be a doctor, engineer, that's why we supported them. now they should continue. they should continue. >> i heard what she said. she said they will be in their hearts, will they be on the planes, right, that is going to be the question here. and i really appreciate you coming in and being the voice of so many people. we see them in the pictures. we don't always hear what is on their minds, so we really appreciate it. >> thank you. i saw your eyes, you had feeling. i think people who blame me that's why i crying. >> well, we're human.
3:29 am
we're human. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. president biden's economic agenda is in jeopardy as moderate democrats are holding up negotiations over infrastructure. we're standing by for updates. you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal.
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major breaking news, we learned that 21,000 people were evacuated from the kabul airport in the last 24 hours, 12,000 on u.s. planes, about 9,000 by coalition allies. this is a hunl number. we're going to have more on this shortly. also breaking "the washington post" reports that cia director william burns was in kabul yesterday meeting are taliban leaders presumably about this evacuation. this is by far the highest profile meeting between the biden administration and the
3:34 am
taliban. cnn reached out to the cia who told us that they don't comment on the director's travel. we'll also get more information on that throughout the morning. also developing right now, president biden's economic agenda in jeopardy. negotiations between house democrats, democrats to democrats ended last night without a key procedural vote on the three and a half trillion dollar economic package. that's the budget resolution. a group of moderates are demanding a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill first before the house takes up a vote on the broader budget resolution. joining us now. cnn white house correspondent john harwood, and managing editor at axios, margaret. there's the bipartisan agreement on infrastructure that nine modera moderates want to vote on right away, and the democrat only plan of 3.5 billion in spending that other democrats want to see
3:35 am
voted on first. the key thing is if nancy pelosi had the votes to push this through right now, she would have done it already. so they went to bed last night with no deal. as we wake up this morning, this is all up in the air. >> john, good morning, and it is up in the air. of course the house democrats go back as a caucus into talks around 9:00. there's going to be a lot of movement and pressure on this today, but if you're an average american at home watching this, you're like, what on earth is going on? i thought the senate passed an infrastructure deal, why isn't the house voting on it. i think it's the messaging concern that has pelosi so concerned because the average american is not thinking, if they're thinking about infrastructure at all right now, they're not thinking about the procedural differences or how amendable a bill is or what's going to happen on the floor or how reconciliation works. they're thinking, if we're getting the roads and bridges and high speed broad band or not. this is also a moment of strength or power for those.
3:36 am
it was nine centrists sold out. it's now ten holdouts inside the democratic caucus because if nothing else, they get to wake up with that headline that they pushed back for moderation and the bill to move forward. that's what they all want to take home to their swing districts. i still think this is probably going to be resolved because it's the central core agenda issue that actually could be going well for biden. he's got afghanistan in the other hand. this is what they want to run on. >> you count on nancy pelosi, she knows how to get votes better than anyone. if she could have done it last night, she would have. so john, this morning, if i'm wacc w waking up at the white house, and i'm president biden, this bipartisan infrastructure bill could be one of the major achievements of the first year of a first term, and i don't know where it stands this morning. >> this is not about the bipartisan infrastructure bill.
3:37 am
that's going to become law. it's already passed the senate. it will at some point pass the house of representatives. joe biden is not going o to wal away from that. this is about the reality, zero margins for error in the senate and a few votes of a margin in the house. any small number of democrats can take down the biden agenda if they choose to do so. so they ultimately have to decide, you're right, nancy pelosi has a track record of success. i'm reminded of when the obama administration when the democrats lost their ability to pass health care with 60 votes in the senate, and they needed to make some changes and she figured out a way to do that. the house passing senate bill and complicated maneuvers. so you would have to assume that she will be able to do this. you're right, she went to bed without having those votes.
3:38 am
these moderates have expressed concern about getting infrastructure into law. the real concern is with the bigger bill, the 3 1/2 trillion dollars reconciliation bill. they have concerns about tax portions. they want tax cuts for their upper income constituents because of some provisions that were in the trump tax bill. josh gottheimer, the leader of this group has expressed unease with the corporate tax increase, suggested maybe get rid of the corporate tax increase on the reconciliation bill, so there are many things in play. it is not, though, about the infrastructure bill. that's going to happen period. >> the question is when, the question is when and how, and as it stands this morning, it is frankly, uncertain. stand by for news on that when nancy pelosi gets up. maybe she'll tell us more. mar marg margaret, john, thank you so much. new challenges facing president new york's first female chief executive and the
3:39 am
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so shortly after the stroke of midnight, kathy hogel sworn in as the first female governor of new york replacing andrew cuomo who resigned after the state attorney general report found he had sexually harassed seven women. athena, this is a historic moment for the sate, but hochul will be inheriting real challenges here. >> that's right. kathy hochul, making history as the first woman to hold that position. a native of buffalo, she had served as andrew cuomo's lieutenant governor since 2015 and held elected office for 27 years, at one point serving in the u.s. congress. she has a lot of challenges
3:44 am
ahead. her first focus on day one will be fighting covid, she'll also be focused on the state's economic recovery from covid. she has tapped two women as top aides and promised to up hold the highest ethical standards in her administration, no one will describe my administration as a toxic work environment. yesterday, andrew cuomo gave his final address where he continued to defend himself and to condemn what he called a rush to judgment. after the state attorney general's report, he's some of what he had to say. >> a fire cracker can start a stampede, but at one point everyone looks around and says why are we running. the attorney general's report was designed to be a political fire cracker on an explosive topic, and it worked. there was a political and media stampede. but the truth will out in time.
3:45 am
>> now, later this morning, governor hochul will have a ceremonial swearing in followed by a meeting of top legislative leaders and an address in the afternoon to the people of new york. brianna. >> we'll certainly be watching for that. athena jones, live for us in albany, appreciate it. florida is setting records for covid hospitalizations and deaths. we're going to talk to a doctor about how they're coping with the surge. and major breaking news this morning from afghanistan. cnn has learned the u.s. and its allies evacuated more than 21,000 people from afghanistan in the last 24 hours. that is a remarkable number. "the washington post" reports this morning that the cia director has been in kabul meeting with taliban leaders. what was that about. we're all over the breaking news. stay with our special coverage next. for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks.
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this morning, florida remains the epicenter of the latest coronavirus surge in the united states. deaths in the state right now are at an all time high, more than 17,000 floridians are currently hospitalized. 90% of those patients are unvaccinated. that's according to hospital officials and the majority are between the ages of 30 and 50. joining me now is justin senior, the ceo of the florida safety net hospital alliance. justin, thank you so much for being with us. you know, one of the statistics here that is really jumping out is that more than 9 out of 10 of those who are in the hospital battling covid are unvaccinated between the age of 30 and 50. is that what you're seeing where you are? >> yeah, we have 14 systems that are part of our group, and they run from pensacola down to miami and everywhere in between. that's really a consistent thing we're seeing in every one of our locations. between 90, 95% of the patients generally are unvaccinated and
3:51 am
they are -- it's an adult population, often in their 30s, 40s and 50s, which is significantly younger than the population we were seeing last year when we saw peaks in july as well as earlier this year in january. >> so, i mean, that comes up against what was sort of long accepted by many people, which was that they are not at risk of severe disease if they are not the elderly. what is this telling you, and how are patients responding to this? >> so, you know, what this tells us is that the delta variant that's going around is quite a bit different than some of the prior variants that we were dealing with. i mean, it really does get to a younger population. if there's a silver lining to it, i think that it also, it really provides strong evidence and strong data that the vaccines are highly effective. if you look at the population of florida, the 65 and over population is by far the most vaccinated group among the age bands, and so they have been pulled to safety, if you will, and they are less likely,
3:52 am
significantly less likely now to be hospitalized. the 30, 40 and 50-year-olds, they are not as vaccinated as age bands, and the unvaccinated populations there have shown up and it's actually shown up in the data as you look at the situation statewide. c you call florida an epicenter, well, florida has its own epicenter. and this started in jacksonville, jacksonville at the start in july had only about a 49% vaccination rate in its adult population. miami-dade on the other hand had well over 70% and is currently right around 85. 85%, and so they haven't been hit as hard, and it's just real strong evidence that the vaccines do really good work. >> and you know, you don't have this kind of influx of patients without having an effect on your staff. i understand that you have the ppe you need, but it's really, the staff is so taxed here. we have actually seen a group of south florida doctors who staged
3:53 am
a walkout to protest against the surge in hospitalizations among the unvaccinated. that's not your hospitals, but it seems like the problem is the same in your system. >> yeah, i think they were really trying to send a message of the importance of vaccinations here. so it was not one of our systems, but i certainly understand the message. our hospitals are seeing that from the panhandle down to miami. the vaccines definitely work, and i think that it really is something, if you want to do something to help the staff, then it's a matter of going out and getting the vaccine, and as you said, staffing is really the issue right now. these patients require so much work, so much dawn of personal protective equipment, it changes the intake process. it's a labor intensive process for employees, and so managing your staff and trying to keep your moral high is really the challenge all hospitals are
3:54 am
facing right now. we have been working with state officials for the last year and a half. they did a great job last year of helping us get personal protective equipment and getting laboratory supplies and equipment when they were in short supply around the world. last year with a really frail elderly population, it was hard to discharge them because you couldn't. they no longer needed to be in the hospital but they still were testing positive for covid. you had to find a place for them outside the hospital so you could free up the bed. you couldn't send them back to a nursing home. we had a lot of coordination and collaboration with emergency management officials to try to work through that logistically. now, this population is in its 30s, 40s, and 50s, there aren't any challenges there. supplies are there. it comes down to trying not to wear out your staff. >> definitely. look, we all need to do what we can do to keep you all doing your job. so justin, really appreciate you being with us this morning. >> yeah, i appreciate it. thank you. >> we are following right now some major breaking news out of
3:55 am
afghanistan. more than 20,000 people have been evacuated from kabul here in the last 24-hour period. plus, a new report about a high profile meeting between the head of the cia and the taliban. >> and president biden's economic agenda in the balance this morning. all of a sudden overnight, things on hold. does speaker pelosi have the votes to get the infrastructure bill over the finish line? democrats infighting. i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this morning, dangerous heat headed for the northeast after all that rain from henri. let's get right to cnn meteorologist chad myers.
4:00 am
what gives. >> what happens when the sun comes out and there's water on the ground, it gets muggy. that's what we're going to see. henri is out of here. servpro helping to make fire and water damage like it never happened. the feels like temperature across parts of new jersey will be 100 degrees today. that's nothing like the deep south where that number is 115. that's how hot it's going to be. the thermometer in the shade will be approaching 100. it's going to feel like well over 100 degrees all through the midwest today, and even without the heat and humidity, oklahoma city you're going to be 98. st. louis, 97. by thursday, the thermometer says 93. "new day" continues right now. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is tuesday, august 24th, and we do begin with major breaking news out of afghanistan. the white house moments ago announced a huge


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