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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  September 3, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. could your story also be about ibs-c? talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. welcome to our viewers in united states and around the world. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. laura is off today. it is 5:00 a.m. in new york and we have reports from new jersey, hong kong, texas, capitol hill, louisiana, washington and pakistan. new overnight, help is on the way. president biden signing an emergency declaration for new york and new jersey after catastrophic flooding from ida. the storm caused at least 46 deaths in the northeast spanning six states from virginia to new york. the destruction unlike anything
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seen before in the region. record-breaking, major expressways completely flooded in new york city. passenger rail service shut down across the northeast. torrential rain flooded people out of their homes. >> there is only sadness and it is just overwhelming. so where we are is that we have to start from scratch as we are mourning. we have to see how we can move on. >> the nypd says more than 800 passengers were rescued. look at that, from the new york city subway system. the department says that it made hundreds of other rescues including a livery driver on a flooded road in central park. officers also say a disabled man trapped inside his home when he asked about his dog, police went back and rescued the dog as well. one of the most extraordinary images this minor league stadium turned in to a lake this
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boundbrook new jersey. polo sandoval is actually caught in floodwaters on the way there and he will join us soon. fema has approved a temporary housing program for victims of hurricane ida in louisiana. it gets people out of shelters and into hotels which also helps ease coronavirus concerns in crowded facilities. as of yesterday more than 3400 people were in 34 shelters across the state. louisiana department of health on thursday reported the deaths of four nursing home residents who have been evacuated to a different facility. ahead of hurricane ida. 870,000 customers remain without power this hour and air conditioning, as dangerous heat persists. ed lavendera has more in hard hit la place. >> reporter: president biden will be touring and surveying the damage left in the wake of hurricane ida, the president will be meeting with the governor of louisiana as well as local officials in the new orleans area.
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and the president says part of the contribute's mission is to reassure residents here along the gulf coast that he is trying to make sure that the federal government is doing everything that it can to help and aid the recovery process and to make it work as efficiently and as fast as possible. but this comes as local officials are telling residents here in southeast louisiana that this recovery process and getting things back to normal is going to take weeks. we are in the town of la place, louisiana just outside of new orleans. and the parish president here was telling residents that basically the entire electrical system was severely damaged and impacted in some way and because of that, they are essentially having to rebuild the entire thing and because of that, it is going to take weeks to get the power back on. and there are many communities like la place here in southeast louisiana that are really coming to terms to how long it will
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take to bounce back after hurricane ida shredded this part of southeast louisiana. >> those pictures tell it all. ed, thank you so much. to california now where winds are fueling the massive caldor fire, the winds may subside in the coming days. thousands were forced from their homes. firefighters are making some progress but officials warn a long fight looms and south lake tahoe is not out of the woods yet. >> we got very little rain this last winter season which definitely helped increase the fire dangers this year. the grounds are dry. they are very dangerous conditions. and 22 years of doing this, i've never seen fire conditions like we're seeing now. >> ski resorts have been running their snow-making machines to support the firefighting efforts. the mountain resort says while protecting our resort is important, it is our people that are top priority. key jobs report at 8:30 a.m.
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will tell us just how much the delta variant slowed hiring. there is a long way to go. labor market tell down 5.7 million jobs. and the virus is just one key trend driving the labor market. a high demand for, woulders leading to labor shortage and in this uneven k shaped recovery. the delta surge is happening as pandemic unemployment benefits are set to expire. at least 7.5 million people are projected to lose those benefits in the states still paying them, that happens this weekend. but health and safety concerns, child care issues and switching careers are reasons that people aren't heading back to work. and an animal sis found that states that cut the job benefits early they did not see a major jump in employment. job growth was about the same as the states that kept the benefit. world cup champions but
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took a knife from in there and started randomly stabbing people. six people wounded, three in critical condition right now. now, he was shot and killed within about a minute police say by a police surveillance team that was actually monitoring him tasked with doing this. now this, is what is really incredible about this case. the suspect is identified as a sir lankan man who was labeled a threat to national security in new zealand as far back as 2016 and was put under police surveillance then. though he was believed to be a supporter of isis and its violence extremist ideology, there were not enough grounds to arrest this individual who was in fact known, his case in particular was known to the prime minister of new zealand herself who addressed this today. take a listen. >> i can tell that you agencies
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were using every single possible means available to them to protect the new zealand public from this individual. every possible means. >> reporter: so the argument is that we knew this guy wanted to do violent evening things but until he did them, we did not have the legal constitutional grounds to arrest him and again, he was shot dead after he stabbed six innocent victims. >> amazing. ivan watson, thank you for that. this complicates everything. that is one democrat's take after joe manchin urged a pause on a key agenda issue for the white house.
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i would ask my colleagues and all of the senate to hit the pause button on the 3.5. hit the pause button. let's step back, let's see what happens. >> west virginia senator joe manchin throwing a wrench into his party's plan tone enact president biden's agenda. let's go first to daniella diaz on capitol hill. and this threatens both the larger democrat only proposal and that $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the senate. >> reporter: that's right. and these are two bills that president biden promised to pass in this congress. and senator joe manchin could possibly derail all of these plans because he is not supporting this sweeping $3.5 trillion package. look, he is a key swing vote and
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dnl he can leaders need him to get behind any legislation they want to pass through the senate using the process called budget reconciliation which means that they need all 50 democratic senators to sign on to any legislation for it to pass through with vice president kamala harris likely being the tie-breaking vote. but let's talk about what is in this bill. it is a $3.5 trillion package that would expand the social safety net of this country, it includes policies such as expanding the child tax credit, paid family and member leave, funding to combat climate change. these are key policies that the st administration promised that it would pass. and it would tax high income earners. and joe manchin says he wants to take a pause on the process for this sweeping $3.5 trillion package. this is what he said, a pause is
2:19 am
was warranted because it will provide more clarity on the trajectory of the pandemic and allow us to determine where inflation is transitory or not. now, the big er picture here is that because he is taking this stance, it could derail all of these plans to pass both of the packages, not just the $3.5 trillion. one senior member says that his stance complicates everything. and that is because democratic leaders have september sep15 fo the deadline to write this package. and nancy pelosi is navigating two very delicate factions of the party. she promised moderates that the senate passed infrastructure bill would be passed by september 27th. and the larger reconciliation bill she wouldn't put it until it passes through the senate. and so as a result if that does not happen, democrats have threatened to withhold their vote. so as a result bottom line is these democratic leaders are
2:20 am
navigating moderates and progressives and manchin could have complicated all of that yesterday. >> daniella, thank you for that. and that road block from senator man chen just aschin just as pr is refocusing on his domestic agenda. let's bring in jasmine wright. the timing, jasmine. remember the t >> reporter: that's right because the white house is clearly looking for momentum to jump-start their agenda. and joe manchin does that help that. remember president biden gave that are a tough speech on tuesday a clear indication that he was looking to pivot his administration and frankly the country's focus from afghanistan back on to these domestic policies because recent polls tell us that top of mind concerns are the economy and coronavirus, two things that the president has really staked his claim on and any kind of detraction on that including any
2:21 am
type of mess up to really his economic agenda could have a devastating affect on the months to come. not only does he have to respond to these two mounting crisis with the mask mandates and the economy and economic agenda looks possibly to be in trouble, but also he now has to respond to the crisis emerging in the gulf coast and northeast states because of the hurricanes. so on wednesday, press secretary jen psaki made the case that president biden knows that he has to constantly be responding to multiple crises. take a listen. >> i think that the president knows that he has responsibilities and the multicrises he will continue to have to face as president are part of his job description. he know that's has to do multiple things as president in order to govern the country. >> reporter: and those more things as president really
2:22 am
starts today. we'll see president biden give remarks on jobs in washington, d.c. before he heads to louisiana to survey hurricane damage. >> and the jobs report comes out in about three hours. we'll wait to see what the president has to say. and kevin mccarthy is among the lawmakers whose phone records need to be spreefshed at the request of the select committee. this week mccarthy issued a not so veiled threat to telecom companies warning that complying with the commit's request for phone records would be breaking the law. he didn't say what law that might be. lelg experts say that threat borders on obstruction of justice. record floods across the northeast, dozens are dead and rescue efforts are ongoing. is it enough to be a wake-up call for the climate crisis?
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it is devastating. it is heartwrenching to have conversations with patients who present to us either unaware of the law or aware of the law but we're right on the cusp of six weeks and we detect cardiac activity and we have to tell them that we can no longer provide them the health care that they have the right to. doctor >> growing backlash over the texas law that has a near total
2:28 am
ban over abortion as early as six weeks, that is before most women even know that they are pregnant. the supreme court refused to step in and block it raising concerns that it could be a blue present for other states looking to side step roe v. wade. the governor of south dakota has already ordered a review. v vice president harris says that we won't stand by and allow the nation to go back to the days of back alley abortions. president biden calls the texas law unprecedented assault on a woman's contusistitutional righ. dianne gallagher reports from austin. are t >> reporter: president biden lambasted the supreme court's decision to deny a request to block the texas law that effectively bans abortion after six weeks from going into effect. i want to read from you just part of what he said. he said that he is directing the gender policy council and office of the white house counsel to, quote, launch a whole government
2:29 am
effort to respond to this decision. he lists different ways that he expects his administration to address this, but that abortion law understandably getting most of the attention. but it was one of 666 laws in the state of texas to go into effect on wednesday. for example now there is permanent carry. you aare and critical race theory, educate tors say it isn't done in k through 12 schools but texas will now have a law for it just in case it ever is. it basically limits teachers from talking about current events and systemic racism unless they have deference to both or all of the sides involved. it also bans the teaching of the 1619 project. and also city that is cut funding to their police departments will be penalized financially by the state.
2:30 am
and just one more here, in the state of texas if you attend a professional sporting event, the national anthem must be played before the game or the team could lose state funding as well as business relationships. now, a lot of these were probably overshadowed when the democrats walked out of that regular session so that they could block the election overall bill that adds new restrictions and criminal penalties to the voting process here in texas. their six week quorum ended last month and that bill did eventually pass out and went to the governor's desk. he has not signed it into law yet. but he said that he does intend to do so. >> dianne gallagher, thank you so much for that. "early start" continues right now. good morning, this is early start. i'm christine romans.
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laura is off. 30 minutes past the hour. ida may be gone but the storm left behind a trail of devastation, 1500 miles long. so powerful it partially reversed the flow of the mch. river. the system was relentless for days as rain washed away a mississippi highway. there was also flooding and road closures in tennessee, maryland battered by a tornado, thousands rescued including 41 on a school bus in pennsylvania and throughout the state. >> the water was raising so high, i couldn't even get to the street, i had to go up the fire escape and they had to get a boat to rescue me. >> reporter: and new york and new jersey of course devastating flooding and loss of life. 46 deaths in the northeast and 23 were in new jersey. that is where we find polo sandoval. when you step back, people in eight steps died from hurricane ida. this week revealed a big reality, the u.s., it is not
2:32 am
built for a climate crisis. >> reporter: yeah, this is certainly being described as a wake-up call especially when you consider how many millions have been affected particularly here in boundbrook new jersey. it is quiet right now, the floodwaters are receding and it is the ominous alarm that you can hear in the downtown area. but when you look at the wider picture, latest numbers, 39 storm-related deaths here in new jersey and new york, nypd reporting 13 of those were people that were tragically caught in their basement. so that is certainly another tragic element to all of this right now. meanwhile philadelphia's authorities there have reported thousands of rescues yesterday. and then new jersey as we mentioned hit particularly hard. we heard from governor murphy yesterday saying that they have seen at least 23 storm-related deaths in this state alone. many of those were people caught
2:33 am
in their vehicles here. and others, yesterday i was in elizabeth, new jersey and had four people there that actually were recovered from an apartment complex after the waters receded. but really the biggest conversation that is happening is around the issue of climate change. mayor de blasio calling the storm really a big wake-up call for many when you read some of those studies that have been recently published by climate experts, it shows that these kinds of events are becoming more frequent. you look at the fires in the west, some of the droughts in the midwest. and then of course these kind of tropical events. so when you read these kinds of studies, it is certainly concerning and that is what the big conversation is obviously about. while so many people are picking up the pieces, not only in towns like this in the cleanup process. >> and you hear new york and new
2:34 am
jersey governor talking about resilient infrastructure. it has to be resilient for the climate crisis. and the biden administration is tapping into the emergency oil stockpile as the gas crisis in louisiana worsens. one of the rare ways that the white house can try to tackle inflation and concerns about shortages leads to hire gas prices. tapping that reserve, it comes as two-thirds of gas stations in new orleans and baton rouge are out of gas. and those who do find fuel they face long lines. governor john bel edwards says currently eight refineries are not operating, two expected to come online in the next couple of days. two more in the days after that. >> even if that happens, we'll be at half of our refining capacity. so we continue to look for other collusions. >> regulators said thursday more than 9 #% o 3% of is offline.
2:35 am
and tapping into the emergency supply is not a magic wand especially with gas stations still out of power. coronavirus cases this morning at levels highest since january. just as millions of children return to classrooms. it is time for a three questions in three minutes. for that so pleased to welcome a public health physician and fellow at the american college of preventive medicine. she lost her own father to coronavirus. so glad to see you. really important questions for parents. we are starting another school year in a pandemic. and this time with in-person classes in plmany places that we hybrid last year. you say protecting kids takes a multilayered approach. what is that, walk us through it. >> good morning, chrischristine. yes. i want people to remember that prevention is also multilayered and robust.
2:36 am
and what i mean with the multilayered approach for kids is that we need everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated to be vaccinated. so adults who work in school buildings, children who are 12 and older. second, we need all persons indoors to be masked, masks that are worn properly and that if it's properly. and third, we need to ensure there is adequate ventilation in indoor spaces. especially those school buildings where we'll have children potentially who are under the age of 12 and unvaccinated. and also hand hygiene and hand washing, you can't be safe enough. >> yeah, i'm putting the backpacks for school starting next week and i have all these things, masks that fit, that are clean, tescissues, everything ry for them. and we know that the pandemic has put us off on the time line
2:37 am
to be vaccinated. but we're still waiting for the vaccine. why is why is the vaccine for kids taking longer than grownups? >> children are not little adults, they are children. so we need to ensure that the doses are safe and that they are effective. we know that the fda is requiring six months of safety data, whereas for adults only two months was required. and also the fda has asked the drug companies to make the trials more robust, the minimum of 3,000 children are in those vaccine or placebo categories. so we want to get it right. and even wanting to get it right, i still think that we need a clear roadmap for the public of what to expect. will the drug companies submit by the early fall, will eua be submitted by october? those are the answers that parents need answers. >> daily covid cases now the highest since january, something more than 99% of the people
2:38 am
going to the hospital, they have not had the vaccine. this is still a crisis of the unvaccinated. from your perspective, what is the breaking point here from hospitals? i hear hospital systems saying that they are putting off elective procedures so that they can have room, space for these unvaccinated people coming into their ers. what is the breaking point? >> i'm going to say that the breaking point actually are the staff. we talk about this day in and day out. the emotional well-being of our staff, those staff will be leaguered, those staff are traumatized. we're in a pandemic that appears to never let up. but the public can help with that, the public can help by being vaccinated. so your likelihood of being hospitalized will drop significantly. the public can help with that by wearing masks in indoor spaces and the states and federal government has to understand the importance of mandates because we need to allow our hospitals to do what they are designed to do. but when they are overwhelmed,
2:39 am
primarily their people and resources, that is when the tragedy gets worse. >> frdoctor, thank you so much r your expertise this morning. 39 past the hour. 600 people have now been charged in the january 6 insurrection, at least one of them still getting in trouble. doug jensen of iowa who chased officer goodman was required to stay off the internet as a pretrial condition to stay out of jail. he couldn't do it. he was caught watching the pillow guy's conspiracy theories. and also the man known for wearing a horn skinned outfit is expected to plead guilty today. he is charged with six federal crimes. we'll be right back. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot.
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our thanks. your rewards.
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heavy fighting forces overnight with the taliban. this region is believed to be the last anti-taliban stronghold. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, this has been a fight going on for about a week or so, there were negotiations towards both sides seemed to have concluded that they can't agree through talks. takes heavy defended valley, a very long valley, strategically easy to defend but the taliban seem to be putting enough forces into to be pushing back the anti-taliban group. both sides are claiming victory but reality is that the fight for that valley that the soviets never conquered is likely to go on for some time. and the significance is really a base for opposition to taliban that it doesn't really affect
2:45 am
the rest of the country. it is fairly contained. and we've seen people trying to flee at the border, a big crush of people. one person there actually killed in a stampede, an effort to get across the border. and in pakistan today, british foreign secretary is here, has been up to the border to take a look at it for himself, is talking about having a conversation with the taliban, engaging with them, not recognizing them as a government but waiting to see how they actually act. and he says and this is what we're hearing also coming from the white house and state department, the most important thing the taliban need to deliver on is allowing that freedom of access for people who want to leave afghanistan by plane or by road to be allowed to do that. >> nic robertson, thank you so much for that. keep us posted. and this incredibly rare sight in taliban controlled afghanistan, a group of women demonstrating for their rights
2:46 am
in the country's third largest city herat. that's right, women demonstrating in taliban-controlled afghanistan. they are demanding representation in government. some say that they are willing to accept wearing a burka if their daughters can go to school. and priscilla alvarez is live in washington for us. what you can tell us about the situation for women right now in afghanistan? >> reporter: well, these instances tell us just how desperate afghan families and women were to skaescape the taliban. sources tell me and my colleague that some afghan women and girls who are residing in an evacuation center in the uae reported that they were forced to marry outside of the kabul airport and also instances of families paying tens of
2:47 am
thousands of dollars to have women marry men eligible for evacuation or pose as their husbands again all in hopes of evacuating afghanistan as the taliban seized power. the u.s. is relying on third countries to process and vet afghan refugees, this was revealed during some of the processing at evacuation center. though unclear just how widespread this issue is. but it prompted enough concern for u.s. diplomats in the uae to alert the state department. a source also tells me that guidance will be provided to those working at the center to identify any indicators of potential human trafficking. but this really underscores the fear and desperation held among families in afghanistan as the taliban seizes control. >> priscilla, thank you so much. the world will be watching. this morning the faa is grounding virgin galactic after potentially critical problems
2:48 am
during richard branson's flight to the edge of space. what happened here? >> reporter: yeah, it looked like a picture perfect flight. you couldn't tell anything from our vantage point. but what we're learning is that virgin galactic's spaceship 2 had a problem during the deskrentsdes descent, that it went out of the designated air space. and if you are caught flying at an altitude of higher or lower than where you are supposed to be, you get into a lot of trouble and that is essentially what happened here. according to the journalist who literally spent years and years inside the company, two warning lights went off in the cockpit during the as ccent of that flit and the pilots were faced with a split second decision.
2:49 am
they could either abort the mission and so richard branson would not be the first to reach the edge of space on a spacecraft thhelped fund and development or they could decide to correct the course. and that is what they ultimately decided to do. and they were able to course correct but not enough. this is a glided descent. so where you end up, that is where you start the descent. and so that is when it went out of the designated air space become 1:48 which is significant when you are traveling several times the speed of sound. virgin galactic is acknowledging that it happened, at no point in time were any of the crew members or passengers aboard the spacecraft in danger, no one on the ground were in danger, but they are acknowledging that something did happen so they are
2:50 am
now cooperating with the faa, the faa is investigating. but virgin galactic now prohibited from flying anymore flights. and this is really significant because just yesterday virgin galactic announced plans to launch a new crew into space in late september or october. >> thank you so much for that. keep us posted. let's get a check on cnn business. jobs day. looking at markets around the world, a mixed close for asian shares but tokyo had a nice advance. and european shares have also opened mixed. big move after the prime minister said that he will not be running in the upcoming election. on wall street, stock index futures moving up after a record day. dow finished up a 131, s&p 500 and nasdaq all time highs. and weekly jobless claims, 340,000 americans filed for first time benefits. and today the august jobs report, we'll see if the delta
2:51 am
variant has hurt the pace of recover iy or jobs growth. disruptions to the supply chain are major concern. and morgan stanley slashed its forecast to just 2.9% citing pressure from bottlenecks in the supply chain and the end of stimulus inspired spending. the bank expects 5.6% growth for the year. still strong growth but they are looking for something happening in terms of crimping the growth in the quarter because of the delta. and speaking of bottlenecks, general motors will temp temporarily halt production at some plants starting monday. the global chip shortage has hammered the auto industry for months now. automakers have either had to temporarily idle production or build cars without all the parts as they wait for the chips. that is keeping new car prices high and inventory tight.
2:52 am
and that is your business. who you about sports? ohio state rallies in the second half to win its season opener. a andy scholes has the beacher report. >> first big weekend for college football. things getting started with 16 games on the schedule and big one minnesota hosting fourth ranked ohio state and buckeyes were down at halftime, but got things going in the third quarter. redshirt freshman cj stroud a strike for this touchdown gives them the lead. and then in the fourth quarter stroud with the screen pass to henderson and he does the rest going 70 yards for the score. buckeyes go on to win that one by a final 45-31. and in new york, u.s. open organizers admitting yesterday that they were not prepared for the flash floods that left many fans stranded on wednesday night. >> we possibly might have made mistakes along the way and we'll look at every single thing that
2:53 am
we did to ensure it never happens again. but from 7:00 to when the fans left the safest place for them to be was in our stadiums. >> and fans that made it back to the grounds got to see one of the best shots in u.s. open history. jensen somehow going to get to this ball and because of the angle was able to go around the net post and get it in for a winner. he was pretty pumped about it. just an incredible shot. he beat teaylor fritz in four sets. and bruce arians says his team is now 100% vaccinated against covid-19. they are the second organization in the nfl to be fully vaccinated joining the falcons. the league does not require players to be vaccinate but has strict protocols for those who are not. they kick off the nfl season next thursday against the cowboys. and finally at the tour championship in atlanta, brooks
2:54 am
koepka putting for birdie, look at the butterfly guiding it all the way to the hole. i really wish this was on like hole 18 in the final round so we could have said this was maybe demaybe divine interception. but wow, that is awesome. >> it is like a moment of zen. when you are stressed out at work, just watch the ball go in with the butterfly. i love it. >> good moment for your friday. >> that is the good news i needed. thank you very much. have a nice weekend. thanks for joining us. new "new day" is next.
2:55 am
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♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is friday, september 3rd. i'm john berman. brianna is off. chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins back again. you brought a whole lot of news with you when you came up here. >> it's been a very, very busy week. >> eventful is one way to put it. look, these storms just devastating. this morning the death toll is rising after


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