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tv   LFG  CNN  September 6, 2021 6:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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rt liberty. liberty. ♪ we hope you had a nice labor day. as we mentioned, the cnn film as we mentioned, the cnn film "lfg" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- can i say what it stands for? can i yell? please don't put that on there. my mother will kill me. i only yell out loud. >> lfg stands for let's [ bleep ] go. >> let's [ bleep ] go. >> lfg, let's [ bleep ] go.
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>> it's like an inspiring and, like, all-encompassing rallying cry. it stands for our team. >> like let's [ bleep ] go. let's do it. >> and the lfg, you can put out in the world and not upset mom. >> lfg. >> lfg. >> let's [ bleep ] go. >> let's [ bleep ] go. let's get it. let's get weird. ♪ it took true blood, sweat and tears to obviously get to where i am today.
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there were times i wanted to give up. i mean, here i am, three-time pro champion, two-time ncaa champion. i have achieved my dream. i wanted to make usa team, and i did. but even though all these athletes sound absolutely incredible, we don't get paid very much. i mean, i was scraping pennies for the past seven years in my career just trying to get by literally living paycheck-to-paycheck. i had friends who were waitresses who were making three times as much as me in a year. and me being a professional
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athlete, still to this day i still think it's unacceptable. and then it was like, oh, my gosh, holy crap. ♪ >> megan raised her hand and was like, hey, team, we're going to have a meeting. and we were like, okay, cool. what's she about to say? you know? she was like, so, we have this lawsuit. i was like, what? pump the brakes, what? we are suing our employer that gives us a job. and this is the job that we all want and that we all strived our entire lives for. >> and it's frightening and some people have different levels of understanding of what a lawsuit actually contains and what you're going to have to do.
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>> we knew we were coming upon the biggest couple of months of our lives and careers with the world cup coming up in june. it's scary to go against your federation or go against your employer in that way because the alternative is, you know, not being able to make a living do it. >> okay. we're going to do this really scary thing together that's really important and can impact the world. at the same time that we, like, put our entire life and career on the line for each other. >> and we're like, yeah, let's do it. we're all in this together. let's fight the good fight. we've been asking for a long time, and we finally got to a point where we decided to take matters into our own hands. ♪
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♪ so, the women of the u.s. soccer team are suing the united states soccer federation for equal pay. they have been discriminated against by their employer, who pays more money to the men's team than the women's team, even though the women's team are the world champion and the men are not. so, merely for showing up and playing a game, the men get more per game than the women. for each game they win, the men get a higher bonus than the women would get for winning that
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game. for qualifying for the world cup -- uh-huh -- the men make more money than the women make. for advancing in the world cup and for winning the world cup, the men make more money than the men would make. so, at every single point in time, there is a difference. that's just the starting place in money. then we have to add to that all the other discrimination that's taken place, the fact that the men will go to five star hotels and the women live at the motel six -- that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. the men will travel in charters. the women never travel in charters. i think the last one they did was when they won the world cup. the men will get more trading
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resources, more marketing resources, better fields. and the only reason for this discrimination is because they are not men. and that's wrong. it violates the laws of understanding, and that's what this case is about. >> women's world cup kicks off in france. but in a stunning move on international women's day, all 28 members of the team filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation. >> these players are arguably among the most famous athletes on the planet. >> much more success on the pitch than their male counterparts winning three gold cups and four gold medals. >> ain't going home without a trophy, baby. >> whenever you talk about this team, you have to talk about the
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equal pay lawsuit. >> having lived through a lot of contract negotiations -- >> my first reaction was, wow, that was bold. to throw a lawsuit down against your employer who you're going to the world cup with in three month's time and have that sitting there was a big one because i knew this -- this gets c contentious. it gets ugly. i wonder if we would have had the courage. i don't think we would have done that. >> it has never been done before that female athletes have sued their employer in the u.s. to be treated equally with male athletes. it just hasn't happened before. if we are victorious in the case, this will be one of those landmark decisions that will be talk about for decades. >> to do the things we did and speak the way we speak, we're
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inviting criticism. we make this target on our back bigger and bigger. >> i was just surprised by the sheer, like, number of people who were just oh [ bleep ] that. they don't deserve that. they should be in the kitchen. for someone to say i don't deserve to get paid when a male soccer player who does the same exact work that i do makes -- i mean, makes so much. and it's not just in america. it's all over the world. how do we see the world so differently? >> controversial comments from united atlantic manager. >> called the idea of equal pay in sports ridiculous. >> we're not just fight lg for soccer glory. we're representing what women can be when given a certain platform. and anything less than win ning is a failure. >> usa! usa!
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usa! >> the 2015 winner is the united states, begin their defense of the trophy against thailand. >> an evening they've been waiting for for quite some time. >> a sea of red white and blue in this sold out stadium of just over 20,000. >> the president of u.s. soccer in attendance tonight. >> this is ours. if we win this world cup, they will have no choice but to be on our side. >> and we all wait. >> this just has to happen. >> here we go. >> entering that field, it was we are going to make a statement that is going to carry us the rest of the tournament. >> alex gordon, going. and the route is on.
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u.s. in the shot. rapinoe with the goal. 9-0 u.s. come on, 5 for morgan. 13-0 u.s. >> that was just the start of it all, and everyone was just like, wow, 13-0. it's like, oh, we're not done yet, okay? >> they're going to cross, take down jones. they've got two u.s. athletes. >> long awaited free kick. rapinoe sends it in low.
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goal u.s.! >> that pose is like you're not going to steal our joy. are you not entertained? what more do you want? probably just feel the fire and this team won't -- it's just uncrackable. and if anything motivated and inspired by more pressure. >> happy birthday, alex morgan! >> huge numbers of u.s. fans have made their way to the unofficial capital of france. most channelling world cup is now down to just two nations. what's it like, game day of a
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world cup championship match? >> we were, like, we have to [ bleep ] win for reasons that we know, you know. everybody knows what that means. >> rapinoe 2 for 2 in this tournament. goal! u.s. wins. >> it was just a couple of minutes left, so i kind of started to be like, is this really about to happen? >> that's it. u.s. wins the world cup. >> the whistle finally blows, and i was just like, oh, my god. i was so proud of myself for making it there. i was so proud of the team for overcoming everything that we
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had overcome. so many great emotions, you know. the feeling like, oh, my god, i can't believe we did it again. and for me, like, the sense of relief like oh, good, i didn't screw it up for the team. >> we did it in spectacular fashion and got, you know, essentially the entire world on our side. so, what more do you need? >> we heard people chanting. >> equal pay! equal pay! equal pay! equal pay! equal pay! >> oh, my gosh. that's when i felt the movement. >>. [ crowd chanting ] >> all right, it's not just us, but it looks as if the world is on our side.
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>> you know, macron is there. all of those sort of big wigs in fifa and just generally, obviously carlos is there. >> carlos ka der row, president of u.s. soccer. >> so, yeah, it's kind of like, i told you guys. everyone's, like, ready for this. it's the time. so, get with it. this case is not about fifa. it's not about the fact that fifa discriminates massively against women.
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it does. but that's not this case. fifa doesn't pay any money to these players. they pay money to federations like the u.s. soccer federation. and it determines how to divide up its money between the men and the women. they refused to pay the women equally because they thought they could get away with it. you cannot treat women like this in the workplace and get away with it. if i didn't think we were going to win, i would never have taken this case. >> you know, i think at some point between the final whistle and us landing in the u.s., like, every single part of the team probably thought about the lawsuit. you know, we were thinking, we've still got to go back and figure out what we're doing and figure out what this means. >> now the world cup is over, another battle begins. the women's team will start mediation. >> mediation will be taking place between the two sides. that in itself is a very big
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step. ♪ >> the u.s. soccer federation president carlos cardero has some words he would like to share. carlos? >> being a part of the moment, i was very hopeful, probably naively because i was just thinking, like, surely you're not going to mess this up. it's laid out for you. >> to our women's national team and the millions who support them, in recent months, you have raised your voices for equality.
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today, on behalf of all of us at u.s. soccer, i want to say, we hear you. we believe in you, and we're committed to doing right by you. and that is why over the years u.s. soccer has invested more in women's soccer than any country in the world. >> i was like, not exactly what we want to hear, is it? >> and we will -- we will continue to invest -- >> you deserve the boos, so i was enjoying that. [ crowd chanting ] >> we believe at u.s. soccer that all female athletes deserve fair and equitable fair.
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one nation, one team, go usa! >> i wish that he would have, and the federation, frankly, would have understood better the moment and the potential that they had to kind of flip the script going forward because i think they could have come out looking like heroes as well, to be able to stand on the steps of city hall and be like, we're going to do this with our team. obviously they weren't prepared to do that and they didn't do that. >> to the federation, carlos. everybody gets booed. everybody in the position of power gets booed. i want to stick my neck out there a little bit. i'm going to endorse carlos. i think he's with us. i think he's on the right side of things. i think he's going to make things right. thank you. we look forward to holding those feet to the fire. federation, sorry for some of the things i said, not all of it. but it's time to come together.
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it's our responsibility to make this world a better place. i think this team does an incredible job of taking that on our shoulders and understanding the position that we have and the platform that we have within this road. yes, we play sports. yes, we play soccer. yes, we're female athletes. but we're so much more than that. you're so much more than that. we have to collaborate. it takes everybody. please, i ask you, new york city, you're the [ bleep ] best! ♪
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>> my life personally i think has changed forever. in the same sense, it's totally the same, you know, still just me and still just doing the exact same thing that i was doing before, just sort of in a much more heightened sense. i am who i am all the time. it's not like some act. i mean, i'm not trying to make this embarrassing. but in the same ways that people liked that trump just said some wild ass shit, but, like, i'm like that but for good. you know? and we noeed more of that.
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>> this is juliet. >> yes, please. >> there's been so much energy from this tournament that is almost unprecedented. what do you think makes this moment in 2019 so different? >> i mean, i think female athletes in general are really always at the forefront of every protest because we're virtually constantly being oppressed in some sort of way. so, i feel like coming together whether it's for equal pay or gender equality or lgbt rights, we're kind of all in this fight together. >> this is standard post-tournament show. >> hi.
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special cloth? >> it is special cloth, provided by fifa. >> i feel like i'm just super engaged citizen. everybody should be this engaged. everybody should care this much. we have been very outspoken. the federation has put a lot of resources and money and support behind the team. and i think they do deserve credit for that when we talk about the other federations in the world. just because you're better than someone who's good doesn't mean necessarily that you're good. i think the way i feel often is the way i am on the field. >> rapinoe, goal. ♪ what you see is what you get ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i love it.
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i love the game. i feel like i have a deep connect -- like emotional connection with soccer. of course you have to work at it and all of that, but, i don't know, i just -- i don't like that narrative. athletes always talking about how hard they work all the time. so does everybody else. i think we were definitely raised that way. just pretty standard blue collar, working class family. my dad's a construction supervisor. my mom's a waitress. she grew up super poor. i think that i'm the perfect snapshot of america. you know, not from, like, crazy, like, left-wing, you know, coastal elite family or anything. i'm just really just normal, you
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know, regular small town sort of family. you could look at me and say, oh, i'm the american dream, and then, you know, look at my brother and be leek, oh, this is the american reality in a lot of ways. i think we were like, ten, or something when he got arrested for the first time. really probably just needed, like, drug treatment, you know. we had this crazy opioid epidemic that was left totally unfettered and actually encouraged and sort of here we are. i think actually the perfect example of having this exceptional world beating athlete be in essence the very same person as this, like, person who got swept up in all this shit. so, it's like a true american story basically. i mean, i think it's all connected.
6:30 pm
me too or black lives matter or anything, to me it's all the same fight. >> hey, megan. >> hi, how are you. >> probably every woman, i think is watching this. to see it go through all generations is kind of incredible. you can -- you know, and to see the different emotion and all the different ages of eyes is really cool. older women would be like, i know i'm nervous. and then little kids saying it to me. >> i probably won't get it but you might. >> maybe i'll get it like one or two years in my career, hopefully. but, you know, really it's going to be, like, for all these little kids that are coming up now. >> that's exactly what we're fighting for. we're fighting for that change. and literally people have stopped me in my tracks just to
6:31 pm
say thank you. and that's because of this fight. >> i mean, it's 2020, and at this point we need equity and we need equality. the kbeginning of my career, i got treated six times in, like, four or five years. i was only making about 15 grand each year. >> let's do this. >> all season i had a full-time job. i was packing boxes at amazon for 12 bucks an hour. >> aim for the corners, the corners. good finish. >> child care was more than my paychecks. and so there were a lot of training sessions where my infant toddler would be sitting in his stroller at the training. there were times the kid would crap in his pants and i would have to stop in the middle of
6:32 pm
training and change him. >> a large majority of my teammates do not make a livable wage. so many women have made the decision do i live my dream or start the other part of my life, the other career, where i can start putting money away. and jess made that tough decision that she wanted to live her dream and she got to do it. >> you've got to prep yourself for psuccess, man. >> now even though i'm on the usa team, i still have to work. i still have to coach just to make ends meet. i need to just work my tail off in order to make it. going to training, doing things that we need to do to recover and then leaving work and going home to my other job, and that's being a mom. >> green and yellow. >> oh, they're not moving. >> i told my coach how i got injured. oh, my goodness. oh. kid, you're breaking my neck. >> i just couldn't imagine my life not being a mom, obviously,
6:33 pm
in this career because i come home to my child and he's just such a happy kid. jeremiah is his name, it's a bible verse, jeremiah 1: 5, before you were born i knew you, i set you apart. i set you as a prophet to the nations. hi, little guy. we want to get paid more fairly. and it's a badass thing -- can i say that? well, it's a badass thing when you can be a parent and juggle what you're getting paid for doing. >> i have my family in north carolina who have been my rock, and i have no idea what i would do without them because i don't have blood relatives here. they are my help. they are my family here.
6:34 pm
just looking for somewhere cheaper to live and they just offered their home. they said technically you don't have a home, so you could just move in with us. this is just like, that break i've been waiting for my entire career. it's like i just need solid support and being able to juggle my career at the same time. and i got. that when usa women's national soccer team has a full stadium coming to support them, that's beautiful. when people are on our side as female athletes, that's beautiful. it brings people together. it's absolutely changed my life. all these things helped shape me into the human being that i am.
6:35 pm
>> get away sh, get away. kick it out, kick it out. good. good time. good finish. >> now as a mother i'm trying to be the best mother that i possibly can be. i don't know if i'm always doing things right, but i feel like every parent feels that way. i feel like that's sort of the common denominator for all parents. but i'm just trying to raise a good human being because, i mean, i love that little boy so much from the bottom of my heart. >> go, go, go, go. >> he's seven years old. he's at an age right now where he's going to remember celebrating the world cup with his mother, with megan rapinoe, with kristen press, with all these incredible females. he doesn't know it yet, but it's going to hit him hard. it's going to hit him hard one day once he is able to understand how big this is.
6:36 pm
hopefully he can be inspired by that with whatever it is he wants to do with his life. >> are you saying that i'm slower than my grandmother. >> yes. >> i'm slower than grandma? >> yes. >> at the end of the day i'm here to set a good example for my son that if you want to chase a dream or if you have a goal, you don't stop until you get there. >> can you pick me up? here, let me get on your back. >> no. >> why? >> i can't hold you. >> you're like the strongest kid in the world. >> no, i'm not. >> i think you are. >> okay, okay. >> so, ussf makes a number of counterarguments against our case. i don't think even one of them has the slightest bit of merit. so, one of the arguments is that if you look over the last five
6:37 pm
years, there are some women on the team who actually got more compensation than some of the men did. how could that be discrimination? well, it's very simple. the women played more games than the men. they were more successful than the men. and they made the world cup and the men didn't make the world cup. so, even with the discriminatory agreements, yes, it's true. some of the women made a total compensation in dollars more than some of the men. does that make it equal? no. you see, quality is about the opportunity. the ussf does argue, also, that the men generate more revenues for u.s. soccer. well, that sounds good, right? well, that should be a basis. the problem is it's not true. since 2015 we have their audited financial statements.
6:38 pm
all the revenue they assign to the women's team and the revenue they assign to the men's team, if you add that all up, the women have made more than the men's team for ussf. the highest tv ratings in this country for any soccer game has been the championship game at the world cup of this women's team. and then they say, well, the women agreed to the agreement they have. they agreed to their compensation, so why should they complain? they accepted it. the problem with that is they were never presented the men's deal. they agreed to the best agreement presented to them at that time. had they been paid at the same rates, these women together would have made far more money. we believe the number is in excess of $60 million more for
6:39 pm
the last four years. so, this is not a question of apples and oranges. this is a question of women doing the same job as the men for the same employer on the same size field under the same rules except they do it better and get paid less. mom: ahem ahem ahem we're out. (door closes) ♪ ♪ (door closes) ♪ ♪ (excited laughter) ahhh! ohhhh! (fridge closing) (crowd noises) (cheering) (laughter) ♪ ♪
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♪ >> really? this is what we're going to do? you're going to come out and say that you paid us more? >> the argument was we actually outearned our male counterparts. but what is not discussed is we had to be wildly successful in order to outearn our male count counterparts. we had to win everything in order to make more than the men. but we had to do all these
6:44 pm
things in order to make a little bit more than the men. it's not fair. >> i thought we were going to be in a better place and like, it just feels like we're going to be far away. like, it feels like we're going to be far away in this mediation. it's really irritating. it's really frustrating. honestly, i'm just so [ bleep ] sick of, like, debating my own worth with the federation. >> the only way to force change is to make u.s. soccer have the conversation in the sunlight, in the open, so that everybody can see the decisions that they're making. >> you good? hi, sweetie.
6:45 pm
>> thank you. >> do you know where that is like in the physical paper? have you seen it? >> women just made history, but they have always deserved equal pay. 23 is the number of players on one champion team, womens or mens. 23 pairs of chromosomes make up one winning athlete or male. 23 is a prime whole number. it can never be divided. 23 is the number of strength. totally make mess cry. but we know strength is more -- >> when secret put this outstanding advertisement in the "new york times," it -- it's a sign -- it's a public sign that u.s. soccer is going to literally get dragged into equal pay. after all the toasts, cheers,
6:46 pm
parades and awards subside, the issue remains. inequality is about more than pay with players. it's about values. let's take this moment to propel women's sports forward and close the gender pay gap, equal work, equal sweat, equal pay. >> shout out secret. >> it's pretty [ bleep ] amazing. >> what are you going to do next? would you at all entertain running for office or something else? >> i'm not sure i'm qualified for office. i'm going to fight for equal pay every day, for every single person out there as the great serena williams said, until i'm in my grave.
6:47 pm
my girlfriend sue is a basketball player. she's affectionately known as the point god. sue is a little bit more successful than me, but that's fine. activism for us just is life. i mean, we're female athletes. we're gay female athletes. we just generally want things to be better. and we're both in positions where we can be really influential in making that happen. >> we get it. we obviously know who we are and realize that that's an important thing in breaking down barriers in the lgbt community and just both fighting for equality in our sports. >> the right team builds culture
6:48 pm
and connection well beyond the front. and the winner is -- >> all those in favor of equal pay, say aye. >> what's happened over the past months is that the players have gotten to be so much bigger than this conversation over a lawsuit with their employer. i mean, megan rapinoe is a global icon for equality. i don't think carlos can complete with this. i don't think the entire u.s. soccer federation can compete with this. >> u.s. soccer's argument against paying women the same as men are just excuses for holding on to beliefs that are outdated and wrong. >> burlington high school girls
6:49 pm
varsity soccer team is not playing around when it comes to wage and equality. >> we just want to do this for our team. then we had to open it up to the community. >> go usa! >> hey! >> hey! >> get the same pay. >> equal pay and equal working conditions, period. >> you are on the right side of history and you cannot let up now or ever. >> inspired so many young girls and boys to use their voice to speak on what they believe. >> pay them ladies, man. pay them ladies what they're worth. snoop dogg says so. [ speaking foreign language ] >> equal pay!
6:50 pm
u.s. soccer has used every tool at their disposal to get rid of this conversation and to ignore this problem. they just use everything available to them not to take responsibility. >> like, this is a new all-time for soccer in this country and you're lobbying against equal pay? that's wild. >> when you find out they're hiring lobbyists to go around d.c. to pedal their narrative to congress, it's like you're spending more money to try to tell -- to paint your picture. that's just not true. so for me, that's just another example of wanting to run your head into -- really?
6:51 pm
that's what you're doing? ♪ ♪ >> jessica, can you hear us? >> i just had a few items on our agenda today. >> when you file a lawsuit, it's not the lawyer's lawsuit. it the individual's lawsuit and the individuals have to direct the lawyers on the direction that they want to see the lawsuit go in. do they want to try to settle the lawsuit? what is the strategy? >> i didn't know the difference. >> all of that information has to come directly from the plaintiffs. they really have to be 100% engaged in this. >> the lawsuit is something that no professional athlete would want to have. it's so much work. it takes you away from your sport. it very stressful. >> the same sentiment that's been happening for years and years, decades and decades through many different negotiations. >> something that collapsed and
6:52 pm
crumbled and we need to build it up. >> we're in camp a lot but there are times when we're in completely different time zones, states. >> that's great, guys, thank you very much for doing this. >> there say is a lot of phone calls, text messages, emails strategizing and keeping everyone on the same page. >> carlos is the only one that has his eyes on that. >> discrime nated peoples don't have the luxury of [ bleep ]ing around, frankly. so our players are having to form what the lawsuit is. figuring out the inequalities over the year, trying to go through our contract and the other contracts. it's hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of our time. >> what is that? >> all the men.
6:53 pm
>> for a littleless. >> isn't the point to like suffer through it? >> the point is to alleviate suffering, live in bliss, transcend society. >> okay. >> sanction of all pain. love and kindness. and i'm getting on a call in like an hour with gloria. >> lol. that's amazing. you know who i talked to today? chance the rapper. >> oh! my gosh. "lyrical rap" is our jam. >> i know. >> what did he say? >> his manager is a huge fan and it was her birthday. he was really cool, though. >> we have to have a real talk really quick. your need to slow down, i think. >> oh, yeah, how? >> how? start saying no. >> i know, i can't. >> you need to. you're going to lose yourself. >> i'm saying no to games. [ laughter ] >> no.
6:54 pm
no. no. >> i know. it's crazy. i have to stop, obviously. >> it's not going to stop. >> i know. it's a lot. >> this is too much. there is too much. i literally work all day. i go home and go on my laptop and work until 2:00 p.m. until midnight every day and i never run out of things to do. she called me and said get up, leave your devices, go on a walk. >> move your legs. >> don't lose yourself. >> i'm not going to. [ laughter ] >> okay. well, listen, we'll talk tomorrow. >> okay. >> love you. >> love you.
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it's hot today. >> feel good? >> yeah. it's a perfect day to kick ass, becky. >> so the idea behind mediation is that in the midst of hard fought litigation, that we would sit down and find common ground and hammer out a solution. everybody cleared their schedules for three days and we were promised that at the very beginning of the conversation, u.s. soccer would give us a proposal for equal pay. >> i mean, at any point we can settle throughout the entire thing. nobody wants this to continue any longer than it has to but i would like, yeah, i would like there to be a fair settlement that, like, you know, provides equal pay and provides us the
7:00 pm
appropriate back pay for the discrimination we faced and addresses the inequities going forward and etsets up the contracts we don't have to the next day sue for contracts being unequal. ♪ ♪ >> more revelations emerged today about the two guards tasked with monitoring jeffrey epstein's jail cell the night he died by apparent suicide.
7:01 pm
>> the guards watching epstein fell asleep. falsify the records. if that is actually true, that is wild. at first, it was frustrating. like whack a mole. it's like whack a sexist, pay sickly. every time you sort of get one like something else pops up and just trying to think and strategize how do you create a deal? how do you create a contract? how do you force someone or an institution that's operated a certain way? it's kind of like you have to prove they did it and then call them out on it and then continue to, like, police them and that's the exhausting part, i think is just like the continual policing and explaining why that's not acceptable behavior and, like, how we can move forward.
7:02 pm
>> what's so concerning is the players just feel this absolute lack of respect for who they are and what they do and it doesn't just apply to the federation. it's just everyone around them in the ecosystem, you know, lawyers and executives, i mean, the sad thing is a lot of these people are men, and it's not that men are incapable of showing respect or acknowledgement but a lot of these men are. i think there is justice moment of wanting to punch someone in the face. >> i had to go back to my club team the next day, so i ismisse the second day, which is when most of the action happened, but we had a group text going. there was kind of some updates coming in.
7:03 pm
i think eventually the whole team was alerted to what happened. ultimately, both sides walked away without an agreement. we had to do so much to set this moment up and for them just to kind of, like, shit the bed basically. we were kind of blown away even though we shouldn't have been because par for the course but people were very frustrated and very angry and kelly oc'hara probably would toss a table if she could. >> yeah, all the things. we came prepared and you didn't. we flew here. we're in the middle of the season and we flew here to medduate and come to an agreement and you didn't. we quickly, i think i at least was like this -- they don't -- there is no intention of coming to a settle the here. i feel like we've given them so many opportunities to comp mrome
7:04 pm
compromise, to make the right choice and they just never did. >> overnight medication talks with the u.s. soccer federation broke down. >> a spokesperson for the players said it clear the federation will continue to comp said women players less than men. they will not succeed. >> a spokesman said instead of allowing meduation to proceed, plaintiff's counsel took an aggressive and ultimately unproductive approach that follows months of presenting of misleading information. >> after the conversation failed, they couldn't go attack their own players who were world champions, so instead, they attacked the person who is saying the words on their we half. the federation accused me and us of being misleading and
7:05 pm
inflam inflammatory. think of the basic totally sexist brain you have to have to say that somebody is being inflammatory for asking to be paid equally, this a woman is being inflammatory by asking to be paid equally to men. >> this discrimination is what so many women deal with all of the time, you know, imagine you can't go on "gma" the next morning. imagine you don't get to do the morning show hits. this is our responsibility to tell people what happened. >> is there something in
7:06 pm
particular that's holding up this negotiation? >> i think, unfortunately, it was just the concept of paying us equally. we never even got past that. >> one down, two to go. ♪ ♪ >> with your gender discrimination lawsuit. >> what if you lose? do you have a plan when you go to trial? >> there is no social equality for women without financial equality so if that means we'll go to trial, we'll do that. >> we won't accept anything less than equal pay. >> megan thank you. >> thank you on behalf of us that don't get paid like male counterparts, thank you. >> thank you. exactly.
7:07 pm
thank you for that. >> so, let's just talk about the elephant in the room. i was quite surprised during your victory speech at the parade when you gave a nice shoutout to carlos and seemed like everyone was on the same team and genuine respect happening. obviously, a lot happened since the open letter, the lobbyist and mediation breaking down. so how are you feeling in light of that sort of switch in tone? >> i mean, i think that we can say we're, you know, we're disappointed. we deserve this. we -- i as a person, we as a team, we as women just in general. why don't we deserve this?
7:08 pm
>> i think for so long women have been brainwashed into just feeling gratitude for what they have. ♪ ♪ >> it's something that would be very difficult to break, you know, universally but i think having mentors and other women who kind of open up this kind of new world of viewing things and kind of guiding them along, i think will help change that mind
7:09 pm
set. even myself early on in my career, i was so happy to be there and willing to take whatever scraps they gave me and it was really the older players to help me change that and see i'm in charge of my own destiny and if nobody else is going to fight for it, like, i'm never doing to get it. i have to fight for myself. >> today is the day soccer fans around the country have been waiting for. the world cup finals between the american's women's team and china. >> in pasadena. >> where i think back on watching the world cup in 19 99 and seeing brandy and my heroes of that time, my sister and i watched those tapes back and we would rewind and play them over. we had the commentary memorized
7:10 pm
and i think it was like magic of the patriotism and seeing people with their faces painted as a flag and the realization these women were representing our country, they were the best in the country drew me in. i was at home in st. louis watching the game with my dad. he's in his rocking chair. i'm on the floor with my head in my hand just watching and that was the moment for me where it was like whatever it ftakes. whatever it takes, i need to know what that feels like. the fight for equal pay has been going on for a long time. it been going on since probably this team started. >> i shutter to think where we would be without those players and leaders and we try to really just continue on the fight that the abbies and christis and before that, the julie and acres, that they were fighting. >> it was always a battle.
7:11 pm
>> still scoreless in the title game of the women's world cup. long-time member of the team. >> a lot of the mind set back then was you should just be grateful darling that you have a place to play. right? you're wearing the red, white and blue and stop asking for more things. >> a record crowd for not just woman member's soccer but a woman member's sporting event? we were getting $10 a day. that's it. >> you had players, really good retiring at 23, 24 because they couldn't afford to continue on. there is just so many things, like, they would give us these uniforms. the shorts would be hanging down to your knees. the sleeves would be like here. we would be on a ten-hour flight. we would have no seat assignment. they would put you in the middle literally sitting in smoking and we would say, can you assign us seats? is that too much to ask? you would be in the room in the hotel and the roaches would scurry to take cover and i was
7:12 pm
like, oh my god. i did not need to see this. >> goes long. >> it was just one thing after another. the little things become big things and you get angry. >> we knew that world cup was this incredibly important milestone for the women oos game. >> the winner of the 19 99 women's world cup will be decided on penalty kicks. >> we penalty into penalty kicks which you never want to do in a world cup final. >> next for china to take a penalty kick. >> billy jean king would say pressure is a privilege. let go and show the world what we got. >> saved! >> and of course, the rest is history. >> the usa can win the world
7:13 pm
cup. chastane will take it. they lost that game. [ cheers ] ♪ ♪ >> people don't know that was a common soccer sell price that men did. you didn't see women do it often. >> we thought, okay, winning the 1999 world cup will be the catalyst for people's lightb bulbs to go off and everyone will have an epiphany. our lawyer, i can't believe i'm telling you this.
7:14 pm
we actually got him a hat that said gfy. we won the world cup and had leverage, we had gfy, go [ bleep ] yourself was a no to their proposal. we'd be like johnny, johnny, you know what we're going to say, johnny? he'd be like oh, come on. i'd be like that's right, johnny. you go tell them g-f-y, g-f-y. >> michelle acres will join president clinton as he announces a plan to improve federal laws requiring equal pay for women and men. >> we want to make sure everyone will have the chance to make the most of their abilities. >> we're still being discriminated against. we're still not paid eblgquallyr the equal amount of work we do. >> nothing was happening. we keep asking. nothing is happening. the fact it's been on going for 20 years now is a little discouraging honestly.
7:15 pm
i don't think things change historically until people get angry enough and motivated enough to rise up and say uh-uh, no more. this isn't right and this isn't fair. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:16 pm
♪ ♪ (door closes) ♪ ♪ (door closes) ♪ ♪ (excited laughter) ahhh! ohhhh! (fridge closing)
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7:19 pm
♪ ♪ the moment the mediation failed, the very next thought was now we get ready for trial. >> the next phase is depositions. depositions is like testimony like you would see at a trial but it's before the trial and we get to take these depositions as sworn under oath just like the trial and ask questions of their witnesses and they will also, by the way, they will take the depositions of many of the players and these depositions by the way. they're no fun but you know what i found? i tell to all of my witnesses, it's easy to tell the truth. to lie, that's hard. >> right now, we have kind of a long process of getting through all the depositions as a team
7:20 pm
and i think it feels like just very foreign and almost like not a real part of my life. >> okay. so what i want to do at the beginning is really talk what it going to be like giving a deposition. you've never done that before, right? >> no. >> one thing the lawyer will try to do is make it seem informal. it really conversation. we're here having a little chat and that's to get you off your guard. it's not informal. depositions are never informal. it as if you're testifying at trial. >> the whole deposition process was extremely frightening. your whole phone gets copied. that's uncomfortable and feels like an invasion of privacy for a lot of people. >> the person across the table is not your friend. their whole goal is to get information from you that will hurt your case and help their case. that's the goal. ♪ ♪
7:21 pm
>> hi. >> hi. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> they ask a question and megan doesn't know the answer and looks to you -- >> she can't look to me. >> any time you look to me or elizabeth is if you're concerned something might impede upon the privilege. that would be legitimate. at the end of the day -- >> there is so much riding on this, it become so much bigger than this group of players in this moment, and i think, i think it feels like there is a lot to lose. there is just a lot to lose if we don't succeed. ♪ ♪ >> update you. ask him what the new code -- >> yes, we make sure we covered that, yeah.
7:22 pm
♪ ♪ >> we are almost at the end of the fact discovery. carlos cordero ran for president. >> talk about equality and resources. >> during his campaign, he stated that he believed women werediscriminate against and being treated unfairly. >> being collaborative, encolen inclusive and working on teams. i think you'll see a very different leadership going forward. >> we won the election on that basis and after he became
7:23 pm
president, complete turn arnoun. >> one of the things we got from the past president of soccer is when the women ask for equal pay in collective bargaining through their union in 2016, they admitted that this was testimony from a variety of officials and admitted they refused to provide such equal pay and that's very important. they never offered the women the same deal as the men. we thought this was very powerful. evidence, most of this is put into the record before the courts. we've shown this relationship and what to dispute about it but if there is that issue, we go to
7:24 pm
tr trial. >> this team has such a rich history, culture, a winning resume and i'm on this team for a fine amount of time. i was winning as many gold medals and cups for u.s. and through my career and time, i've realized i want to leave this team better than i found it off the field and this is a huge component of that. >> we'll see how this goes. bye, guys.
7:25 pm
>> [ bleep ]. i'll be there all day, oh my god. where are they going with this?
7:26 pm
we have to do it. this is our work right now. we have to do it. i have to fight all of my natural instincts to be wild and emotional, i need to take a nap. i just got notice about the olympic qualifying team for 2020, and i made the roster. i am completely just overwhelmed with joy and very emotional about it. >> i have to prep jeremiah. hey, buddy, mama has to go away for soccer again. this is how long i'll be gone.
7:27 pm
you'll be with the family but know the reason i play soccer is obviously, something i love doing but also, i take care of you through soccer. that's how, you know, i earn my money, it's very helpful to prep him for what's about to come. since i know my kid is well taken care of, that's a worry and that stress that i'm able to just leave out. >> thank you, buddy. i love it. i'm going to take it with me. >> there are millions of people out there that would kill to be in my shoes so i need to look at it that way. just remind myself every day to be grateful and the fact i have that opportunity, i mean, it's one in a million chance. so i have to grasp it and hold on to it. >> thank you .
7:28 pm
♪ ♪ >> i want you to be a good listener, okay? be a good boy. do your best in school. okay? i'll facetime you tonight before you go to bed, okay? i love you, okay ?
7:29 pm
[crying] bring it in! today nothing else matters.
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[woman] what is that? [man] uh, mine. why? it's just that it's... lavender, yes it is. old spice, it's for men. but i like the smell of it. [music playing]
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7:33 pm
♪ ♪ after all these performances we've given you, the product we put on the field day in and day out, this is the argument you'll come at us with? >> this is a terrible legal argument when you're the defendant in a gender discrimination case. you're basing your legal defense
7:34 pm
on gender? >> it was like a slap in the face. we're not in the 1950s anymore. >> u.s. soccer's main legal strategy was that the women don't deserve to be paid fairly because we havel less responsibility on us as a player for the u.s. national team because we're biologically inferior. yeah. >> the entire governing body for soccer in the quitunited states for that national governing body that has no problem taking money
7:35 pm
from young women and girls and families to look them in the eye and say yeah, we'll take your money but at the end of the day, we don't view you as equal is outra outrageous. >> how if you're with the federation and who if you're with the federation allows the lawyers to come to you and say hey, let's make this our legal argument. isn't this a great idea to not just argue women are inherently different and inherently infe inferior. >> you don't get to say that publicly. you don't get to have that stance and not have the team say something. i mean, we can't. we can't not say something. we have to do something very strong. you know, the clippers team pops into my mind. their owner donald sterling was caught on tape saying ageg
7:36 pm
egregiously racist things so they switched their shirts inside out to say we're not playing for you, we're playing for us. >> the unified statement from the clipper players wearing warmup shirts inside out. >> that really resonated for us. >> so the women's soccer badge, the federation and for the women's team we have four stars on top of the badge which rep s -- ref accpresents our four u. world cup wins. to wear it inside out, it's like you don't respect us so we don't respect you in this badge. >> i am pissed about this. this isn't okay. i want, i want people to know how we feel. ♪ ♪ >> just before the match, we
7:37 pm
noticed something a little different about the u.s. warmup, the u.s. women wearing their wa warmup, the u.s. women wearing their uniforms inside out. ♪ ♪ >> for us, the field is always a sacred place where we can go out and be excellent. this just felt different. it just felt like words weren't going to be enough. how more effectively can you say what we've been saying? this speaks for itself. like this, these four stars embroidered above our patch, like, that's why we deserve what we're asking for. we weren't doing to smile. because we were pissed off. why are you going to smile for a picture when you're pissed off? ♪
7:38 pm
♪ >> i am so proud of them. they brought the entire group and again, it goes back to this, this is a sister hood. this is a family. we're in this together. we're united in our statement that disapproves of what you just said in this lawsuit. >> 84 degrees here at kick off with the 2020 she believes cup title on the line. >> we were so ready to show the world what real talent, what real energy, what real competitive drive is. all those things they argued against us, we were going to prove them wrong. >> the americans to score in the seventh minute. rapinoe over the ball. rapinoe goal! >> that is what happens, megan rapinoe striking that beautifully. >> it's not easy to constantly have to demand your worth or tell people how good you are or tell people you deserve to be
7:39 pm
like a whole human. to be able to go out and do the thing that we're best at free kicks are difficult and don't get scored often. chipped the goal dkeeper from 1 yards out. ridiculous. >> goal, goal, goal! >> it was just, like, here we a are. >> 90th minute. u.s. clinging. that might be generous. holding the lead. >> as we're doing the game live. my play by play announcer sebastian salazar gets a piece of paper handed to him in the booth and he turns to me and goes, give me a second. i have no idea what the piece of paper is. >> julie, i have just been handed a statement from usfs president. >> and he reads the statement. >> i'm reading it for the first time as i'm reading it to you on
7:40 pm
behalf of u.s. soccer, i inserely apologize for the pain in the court filing that does not affect the values of the women's national team. i've asked for a legal strategy going forward. >> i literally had that same emotion i used to have as a player that would hear u.s. soccer give a bull argument and you'd have to call their bullshit. you're like no. >> how is this ever allowed to happen, sebastian? i don't get is how you get to this position where you're okay with letting your legal team run all these depositions in that manner. you know this is happening. >> what do you mean you didn't know about what was being filed? like, you're the person of u.s. soccer. your eyeballs didn't see this before it went out? clearly, u.s. soccer had to know so at that stage simply because
7:41 pm
sponsors had, i felt, been very vocal against u.s. soccer's position. >> to stand up and say my bad. i was like uh-uh, no, not today. not 20 years ago when we played. not going forward. no more. what are you telling the young girl? this inheritly inferior argument was soul crushing. they of course, walked that back but it was too late. >> as they always have, the women's u.s. team proved their worth on the field. they are she believes cup champions. >> to see that as the argument as sort of play blatant sexism e argument against us is really disappointing. i want to say it all false to every girl out there to every boy out there, who watches this team who wants to be on this team or just wants to live their dream out, you are not lesser
7:42 pm
just because you are a girl. you are not better because you're a boy. we're all created equal and should have equal opportunity to go out and pursue our dreams. >> equal pay! >> the girls need to know they are good and the boys need to know they're good. it so dangerous to teach young boys that girls are as good as them. it's like leading us all down this bad path to perpetuate sexism that's been around for forever. >> equal pay! equal pay! equal pay! it's hard to think of an organization is worse three or four years than the u.s. soccer federation. carlos cordeiro resigning just laid last night. >> yeah, the world is reacting and caused them to retreat,
7:43 pm
cordeiro was forced to resign and the lawyers were removed and fired and replaced with another law firm. they withdraw that defense before the judge on the summery judgement motions. what it really caused them to do is settle and agree to equal pay going forward. well, it hasn't caused them to do that yet. gender equality has been set back, as women have stepped forward. women always bear a heavy cost. more of the frontline care. more of the pay cuts. more of the jobs lost. more of the responsibilities at home keeping them from going back to paid work. these times are not unprecedented. but they give us another chance for equality,
7:44 pm
if we all choose to step forward as equals. care equal. hire equal. pay equal. model equal. do equal. choose equal. at home. at work. right now, for an equal future. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪
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this is cnn special live coverage of the coronavirus. >> this morning virtually the entire sports scene at a standstill. >> the nba, hla, nhl sustained sp suspending games. >> the olympics may not happen as planned. >> today is friday, march
7:48 pm
something. >> what's going on? >> i don't know. quarantine day. we're on like three weeks or something. came back here after she believes and i'm in connecticut. >> i'm staying in my house. the only time i venture out is to a field to get training when i can. >> it's definitely weird. our end of the season has been pushed back. national team games have been canc cancelled. >> next sentence? >> another reason -- >> will they start school next semester? will they make kids wear masks n now? >> oh my goodness. >> we think it bad now, it's probably going to get a lot worse unfortunately.
7:49 pm
♪ ♪ >> so i was sitting taking some time to myself playing video game and i get a text message that is our executive committee group chat and it from sam saying so what? does this mean we [ bleep ] lost? >> so i just finished working out, and looked at my phone and saw a text from sam, and it didn't look good or sound good. >> and i'm thinking she maybe meant that text for somebody else and so i kind of write back and inquire like what? what are you talking about? >> read it slowly. yeah. read it slowly. i'll be back. bye. >> we're getting on a call with our legal team and legal committee and just figure out what this means because a lot of us are confused and just trying
7:50 pm
to wrap our heads around this but i definitely have a pit in the bottom of my stomach right now. ♪ ♪ >> okay. jeff here. i'll just start out by saying what i told molly. ♪ ♪
7:51 pm
>> i'm sorry for interrupting you. we're going to have to go because we're losing in the press because everyone is going with this story without our com comment. it's molly coming back. sorry. this isn't the end. like, you have to fight this. everybody is looking to you to fight it. just keep going. ♪ ♪ >> we were completely shocked to
7:52 pm
get a decision from the judge that granted summery judgement against the players' equal pay claims. it ruled that only the working condition claims could go to trial but not the fundamental equal pay claim. >> initial responses just shocked, just crushing and you don't understand and i need a deep dive into that summery judgment. >> we never expected that the judge could reach the kind of conclusions that he reached particularly that on the central issue of pay discrimination, you can't look at total compensation. you have to look at rate of pay. it just doesn't fund mentally make sense in my mind from a
7:53 pm
legal perspective. yeah, i mean, it just so disappointing. i don't understand it at all. >> there is a dispute. a jury should decide that dispute so i think it's most likely that the ninth circuit would say there are disputes as to a number of facts that the judge decided were undisputed and those facts should be try toto a jury. >> so yeah, we'll go to the ninth circuit and do our appeal there. >> it's a setback and disappointment but we did this for a reason. it will take more than this to stop us in our tracks.
7:54 pm
>> i always thought from the very beginning of this that even if we came out of this and went to trial and lost, there was so much significance in the fight and so much importance and so that's what we'll do, well continue to fight. >> a lot of young women and girls who are looking up to the team, nobody wants to let them down so we won't. we'll keep fighting. >> it not over and i know i'm convicted in my heart it's not over. and that's a good feeling. shitty day but a good feeling.
7:55 pm
>> so what the judge said is first of all, we agreed to the deal and it turned out to be not as good and so you can't agree to something and it doesn't turn out the way you like or want it and you go back on it. obviously, the point that the judge i feel like missed is that we never had the opportunity to agree to the same deal. so the men got to, you know, do their negotiating on the top four and we started in the parking lot. and then also what the judge said was over the course of, you know, x amount of years, we actually made more money than the men, and which dollar for
7:56 pm
dollar, that is true, which is actually a testament to how successful we have been. say we made $100 in that year, we had to win nine games to make $100. and the men made $90 but they had to win three games so we still yes, made more money, but we worked twice as hard. >> if the fundamental notion is that in order for us to be paid equally going forward, we have to win more and we have to win at the highest levels, the kind of pressure that that puts on them is quite frankly, i don't think it remotely lawful but we will see if the ninth circuit agrees with that. ♪ ♪ >> i think the story is the same everywhere. whether you're an executive,
7:57 pm
whether you're a domestic worker. whether you're a soccer player, women get paid less to do the same job. >> this is not the way we wanted it to go but in no way is this fight over. we have the next steps and marma marching orders. let go. this is not done. think about how we got our country. think about racial inequality and when women didn't have the right to vote. you have to take risks and it doesn't come easy if you want the world to look a certain way, you have to fight to get there. >> i want the u.s. women's national team to be remembered as a group of women that came together and were on the right side of history. >> the team that did the right thing that chose to speak up and
7:58 pm
fe finally do something. >> i would want to be able to tell my kid one day you can fight the good fight. you can break barriers. that's exactly what we did. >> ultimately, it's not like us against them and it's not like this petty thing. it like if they win, no one wins. if we win, everyone wins. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 pm
♪ ♪
8:00 pm
this is a special edition of "don lemon tonight." i'm laura coats in for don lemon. president biden is hours away from a visit to new york and new jersey where at least 52 people lost their lives this after ida slammed the region with flooding and tornados just last week. the president declaring major disasters in multiple counties in both states. that as hundreds of thousands of people are in their second week without power in a sweltering louisiana. the president is facing one challenge afte


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