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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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parking lot leaving him with multiple injuries. little did he know the tesla's cameras were recording. police say the tape actually shows bates intentionally jumped behind the vehicle and staged the accident. he is now facing charges. our coverage continues now with jim acosta in for wolf blitzer right next door in the situation room. see you tomorrow. happening now, new evidence that covid-19 vaccinations slowing as the delta variant is growing including among children. the critical stage of the crisis and the new strategy president biden will unveil tomorrow. >> also tonight new video of the suspect who planted pipe bombs ahead of the january 6th riot. capitol police are now fearing about new violence. we're hearing about alarming online chatter ahead of next week's rally in support of the
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insurrectionists. more than 12 million people in the region could be hit with more flooding tonight. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm jim acosta, and you're in the situation room. and let's get right to the cboe crisis, and cnn national correspondent nick watt. nick, as americans face the dire prospect that the pandemic will drag into a third year there's new cdc data on the pace of vaccinations. >> reporter: jim, vaccination is clearly the way out of this. so this really is not good news. the cdc says that the number of people initiating vaccines, that's getting their first shot every day is down 26% in just a month. misinformation, fear mongering swirl around break through
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infections, the vaccinated who still catch covid. >> the science shows the vaccine will not necessarily protect you. it's not protecting many people. >> reporter: so not true. here's a fresh fact. those very rare break through cases who suffer severe symptoms tend to be older, 73 on average and have multiple other conditions like diabetes or heart disease, according to the cdc. and unvaccinated adults are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized than the fully vaccinated. >> i think we also need to have perspective and realize that the people who are hospitalized, the people who are suffering severe outcomes are the unvaccinated. >> in miami-dade county, florida, 13 unvaccinated public school staff have now died since mid-august. >> which represents, quite frankly, the danger of disinformation and misinformation which is so common these days. >> reporter: more than 60% of
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americans have now had at least one vaccine shot. the average daily death toll keeps climbing, but average new cases dropped 4% since last week. it's regional as always. kentucky just had its worst week ever, more than 30,000 new infections. >> we called in strike teams, the national guard. deployed nursing students all over the state. we could have prevented this by simply everyone going in and getting that vaccine. >> as the new school year ramps up across the controw more than a quarter of all new covid-19 cases are now in kids. once again a judge in florida just ruled in favor of school mask mandates despite the mask phobic still bullish governor's law that bans the mandates. >> i'm confident we'll end up winning on appeal in that case. >> reporter: now the silver lining here is that fewer than
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2% of kids who get infected wind up in the hospital, but of course it can end very badly. today mississippi just announced the seventh child to die from covid-19 in that state, its latest victim, jim, less than 1-year-old. >> that is devastating. all right, nick watt, thanks so much for that report. president biden met with his covid-19 advisers today as he reprayers to deliver a major address on the next phase of this pandemic response. our senior white house correspondent phil mattingly has more. phil, what are you learningabout this big speech tomorrow? >> reporter: as the president met with his advisers to finalize the details of those remarks there's a recognition inside the white house this is a moment to try to reset things, a moment to try to explain to the public, the white house, the administration has the ability to get control of something that has just been dominated by the delta variant over the course of the last several months. now, the president we're told will focus on vaccine mandates, building on vaccine mandates for federal workers, increasing the
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pre pressure on companies who may increase vaccine mandates and all comes down to a recognition the delta variant has gotten away from the administration despite the fact they have tools to address that variant, to address covid generally. this was how white house press secretary jen psaki framed things. >> going to outline the next phase in the fight to the virus, requiring more vax nazes, boosting testing measures and more making it safer for kids to go to school all at a time when the american people are listening. again this will be six steps we'll be working to implement in the months ahead. >> that point jen made at the end is an important one, the american people will be listening. they were keenly aware in the white house and throughout the month of summer and the month of august perhaps people weren't paying attention.
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that will give them an opportunity to really amplify this message, and it is a critical message for an administration that has long made clear solving the pandemic, addressing the pandemic is the number one priority and really interconnected with everything else they want to do whether on public health or the economy. obviously they've seen the approval ratings as well. his handling of the pandemic was in the 60% to 65% range. that has dropped 10 or 11 points over the past several weeks. >> that's right, ending the pandemic may just be the number one reason why joe biden was elected president. joining us now dr. vivek mirthy. you met with the president today as he prepares to lay out this six pronged approach. what specific solutions is he going to put forward tomorrow? are we going to hear anything new? >> well, it's good to see you,
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jim. we will hear some new details tomorrow about the president's plan to address the delta variant and the surge we're in the middle of. and what this builds on is a fundamental message the president had at the beginning of his tenure which is we have to use ever lever we have in the federal government to address this pan dem, and that's what you're going to hear more about tomorrow, the additional steps he'll be taking not only to expand the vaccination effort but also to ensure our kids are safe when they go to school, we're taking all the step we learned worked over the last year to reduce the spread of this virus. >> and will you be pushing schools to implement mask mandates across the country? is that something you're hoping to do tomorrow? >> well, the president will speak directly to plan on school, but here's what will i will say on schools. we know what steps worked to reduce risk within schools. we know universal masking helps. we know regular testing works, and we know distancing whenever
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possible is useful. we know keeping kids home from school when they're sick helps as well. what we have to do is make sure we're implementing these in schools across the country. and where we're not we're seeing children who are getting sick and other kids around them who are quarantined and unable to actually go to school, sole their learning is interrupted. so we have to make sure we're using the money provided in the american rescue plan to implement these changes. and what pains me, jim, is when i see states or local elected officials blocking these measures which are there to really protect our children, we should be doing everything we can to take care and execute on that moral responsibility we have to keep our children safe. >> will there be a message -- just to follow-up on that will there be a message to governor ron desantis trying to stand in the way of mask restrictions, mask requirements of schools in his state? >> well, the president's message is to the entire country and it's going to be we've all got to do our part wher wether we'r
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elected official, a community member, and recognize a conversation with us may actually help change that. we've all got to step up and do our part. the delta variant is pushing back hard, but we've got to push back harder. and we have the knowledge to do that, the ability to do that and i believe our country will do that. we've just got to double down over the next few week, make sure we get vaccinated and until then wear a mask, distance, do the things we all know work especially if you're unvaccinated to stop the spreads. >> let me ask you about some new polling that has come up, new polling from gallop finding just 40% of americans think the president has communicated a can leer plan of action in response to covid-19. 42% say he has not. would you acknowledge the communication could have been better since your team came into office? >> well, jim, this is obviously a challenging time with the delta variant, and there's a lot
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that's changed within the science as well. we've learned a lot about this variant that's led us to change recommendations. and communicating that has got to be an ongoing effort. our commitment has been honest with people, transparent and especially when our thinking changes to explain that to people and we've got to keep at it. and we will keep at it. the plan the president is going to lay out tomorrow will be another step in that direction. >> i was eager to ask you about this one. you gave an interview to politico which the point is made that unvaccinated people in this country may underestimate the danger of the pandemic while vaccinated people may overestimate their risk. is one of the messagewares going to hear tomorrow -- and you do see some of this coming from some folks inside the white house that vaccinated people can chill a little bit, they can afford to be a little -- i guess a little less cautious. what is your thought on that? >> well, jim, i think in the
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conversation about the delta variant and especially as we've seen cases rise and hospitalizations rise, one of the things i think has become lost in that is the incredible amount of protection vaccinated people still have including against the delta variant. if you are fully vaccinated you still have a high degree of protection against the worst outcomes of covid, severe disease, hospitalization and death. we've got to emphasize or remind people if you go into hospitals right now you'll find that the vast majority of people who are hospitalized with covid-19 are unvaccinated. and the lesson in that is that vaccinations work. so we've got to remind people of that. we've also got to remind people if you are unvaccinated you're at greater risk now than perhaps at any other time during the pandemic because we're dealing with the most transmissible version of delta we've had to date. so we've got to keep this in context but remind people of it. there's a lot of information, things are evolving rapidly and there's also a lot of misinformation flowing online in
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particular. so it's not always easy for people to keep things straight. that's why we've got to be out there communicating clearly and transparently with the public on what they need to know. >> do you think the white house, do you think officials in the administration could have been more aggressive ongoing after misinformation? why is it still swirling around? why do people still have all these crazy cockamamie ideas when you're the white house, you're the administration. you have the bully pulpit and the loudest voice in the room. presumably you should be able to knock that stuff down. it hasn't happened. >> jim, you're right there's still a lot of misinformation flowing. a few months ago i issued an advisory on the health hazards of misinformation. and many in the scientific community have spoken out about the dangers of misinformation flowing online. some of this is not entirely up to the government to solve. we need an all society response to address the flow of misinformation.
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individuals need to be thoughtful about what they share, asking is it coming from a scientific credible source? if it's not then don't share or if you're not sure don't share. the companies themselves, the technology companies especially our social media companies have a very important role to play because a lot of this misinformation is flowing on their sites. and i do believe they have a responsibility and moral obligation to step up, reduce the flow of misinformation because it is costing people their lives. >> and what is the end goal when it comes to this pandemic? i mean this is something i think that's on the mind of a lot of americans. is it to try to get below a certain number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths to have this completely eradicated? is there another measure you would consider to be success at this point, or are we going to have to live with the snis are we at the point now where there's going to have to be a percentage of americans going to have to refuse to get vaccinated and that will inevitably perpetuate this to some extent? >> jim, we live with a number of
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respiratory viruses including the common cold and we're able to manage with it because what's different is they don't cost us, the types of number we see in terms of lives lost in terms of hospitalizations. what we've got to do to get a to successful place with delta is vaccinate enough people, developner in the way of therapeutics and treatments such as we're not losing as many people. every day, every week, every year to the delta virus. we can get there, jim. but we've got to double down on our vaccine effort. we've got to take the other measures. >> we were there over the summer at the beginning of the summer. i don't mean to interrupt you, doctor. we just have a little bit of time left. when the summer was getting started the numbers were far lower than where we're at right now, and it's just gotten so out of control. do you have any optimism you're going to get these numbers under control we're seeing right now? >> i'm actually quite optimistic, jim. and the reason i'm optimistic is we are seeing every day hundreds
3:15 pm
of thousands of people make a choice to get vaccinated. we're also seeing that the vaccines are protecting people against the worst of delta. if we had more people who were fully vaccinated when delta started we would have saved more lives. so even though we had millions and millions who were already vaccinated, we knew that saved many lives but we could have saved even more with a higher vaccination rate. so we know the pathway, jim, to success here. we've just got to continue down that pathway, get more folks vaccinated and make sure we keep communicating with people about what the science tells us and how it evolves. we're going to have more to say, for example, of booster shots after the fda and cdc start to weigh in and start executing our plan after that. we'll have more to say about delta and especially about kids. and we're working hard certainly to make sure we get a vaccine for kids under 12, kids like my kids. what gives me hope, jim, is we know the pathway to end this pandemic. that's getting vaccinate, and we've just got to keep down that
3:16 pm
pathway and make it even easier for people to get vaccinated, get them the right information and help them on the path to protection from covid-19. >> thanks so much. coming up, the fbi just released new video of a suspect who planted pipe bombs on capitol hill shortly after the january 6th insurrection. stay with us. you're in the situation room. how much you'll need, and build a straightforward plan to generate income, even when you're not working. a plan that gives you the chance to grow your savings and create cash flow that lasts. along the way, we'll give you ways to be tax efficient. and you can start, stop or adjust your plan at any time without the unnecessary fees. talk to us today, so we can help you go from living.
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advantage! you cannot be serious! ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream with no annual contract. the fbi is hoping for new leads in the months long search for a suspect who planted pipe bombs on capitol hill the night before the january 6th insurrection. cnn correspondent jessica schneider is working the story for us. >> reporter: new video tonight on the pipe bomb suspect who has alluded authorities for more
3:21 pm
than eight months. the fbi releasing this new clip showing the suspect sitting on a bench where one of the two bombs was placed january 5th, the night before the capitol riot. the fbi has conducted more than 800 interviews, collected more than 23,000 video files and assessed more than 300 tips, but they don't appear any closer to identifying the suspect. saying only that they don't believe the suspect is from the area. the new video comes at the same time capitol police are warning about the potential for violent clashes and unrestats an upcoming rally in support of those charged in the u.s. capitol insurrection. that's according to an internal memo review by cnn. this latest rally played at the capitol september 18th. the intelligence report references amped up online chatter after the officer who fatally shot rioter ashley boyd on january 6th went public defending his actions after the justice department and capitol police cleared him of any wrongdoing. >> i know that day i saved
3:22 pm
counco countless lives. i did my job. and there was imminent threat and danger to the members of congress. >> reporter: the capitol police memo notes a recent uptick in violent rhetoric and heated discussions on social media and discussion boards centered on the shooting and the document warns many might view september 18th in a justice for ashley babbitt rally. matt braider acknowledges it will address babbitt' death but says it's primarily focused on the hundred involved now facing federal charges. >> we're calling for charges to be dropped against all nonviolent defenders. this is a peaceful protest for people whose civil rights have been denied. >> the internal memo says 500 people plan to attend and counterprotests are also expected. the memo notes prior events have
3:23 pm
attracted far less and there hasn't been a noticeable increase in hotel reservations in the area that weekend. plus unlike january 6th the danger is diminished since congress is on recess. the memo also warned at least one proud boy leader has encouraged followers to show up while others from the far right group are discouraging attendants online. capitol police note at least nine republican members of congress have been invited and all but three have declined the ininvitation. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe says all the aniline chatter about september 18th should be taken seriously. >> if they're seeing and hearing the same types of things they heard before january 6th, they should be taking better preparations and taking those conversations very seriously. >> reporter: and we've learned capitol police plan to present their security plans to the board this week, thaerts according to a source. and, jim, we've also learned house speaker nancy pelosi, she's invited top senator chuck
3:24 pm
schumer as well as two top republicans, mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy, to her office for a security briefing. that will happen we've learned on monday. and at that meeting the capitol police chief will detail all the security preps currently in place for that rally happening next saturday, september 18th. >> sounds like they're taking it seriously. >> yeah, tare. >> let's get more on all this with phil mudd and cnn law enforcement analyst charles ramsy. phil, what does it tell you the fbi released new video of the january pipe bomb spec as officials warn of possible violence at this upcoming rally? i'm a little puzzled as to why we're just seeing this now. >> a couple things you need to think about. first is the breadth of the investigation. you're talking about many hundreds of people as you know who have been charged. think about your multiplication tables, jim. everyone of those people involves prosecutors, analysts. it involves witnesses. you've got to go through their iphones, laptops, look at the
3:25 pm
history of e-mails, see what their social media profile is, compare months of interviews when people are lying. in the midst of that huge volume of stuff prosecutors and analysts have to do, you plop down this case there are 800 interviews in this case alone jessica mentioned. investigators have got to talk to everybody in that area on capitol hill. they've got to look at everybody's camera on their front doorbell, put it together on a time line. there's hundreds of cases, thousands of hours of stuff, that's one of the biggest investigations they have ever done. >> yeah. chief ramsey, what do you think about this video? should we have seen this sooner, or is it just one of those things, things develop as an investigation goes on? >> well, it does develop as an investigation goes on. perhaps they had it and could have released it earlier. i don't know. but i do know that they have the ability to greatly enhance those videos. so i'm sure they took a hard look at it and still cannot identify the suspect. now they're putting it out
3:26 pm
publicly and maybe somebody saw something that would lead them to a suspect because it's very troubling that this person is still out there. now you've got that rally, the next rally, rather on the 18th of september just a week or two away. and you've still got at least that one person out there. but you've got others very much like them. and, you know, i really am concerned about the threat that exists around september 18th, actually more so concerned than i am about the 20th anniversary of september 11th. >> and phil, this internal capitol police memo outlines a stick spike in violent rhetoric online centered on the september 18th rally. what do you think? how do law enforcement agencies do a better job of sifting through what's brauvado, what people are just [ ing about, beating their chest and what's the real thing? >> there's a couple ways you can
3:27 pm
do that. there's no simple answer. the best intelligence cases are cases where you have the head of the state, the head of al-qaeda, for example, and you can look at that person or that group as the center for activity. there's no center for ack-ackativity in this country. i'm sure they've got cases open in every state. you've got to depend on not only what you're seeing in that report, social media, for example, but you've got to depend on people calling in, too. >> and what do you think, chief? >> well, listen, they just have to be prepared. and in my opinion they need overwhelming presence out to try to make a -- sunday a very clear message that any kind of behavior that could lead to either an attack on the capitol or counter protesters and protesters getting into it is just not going to happen because we have sufficient resources available. that's what's most important right now. i don't know whether or not there will be rallies outside of d.c., but i wouldn't be
3:28 pm
surprised if there are. so others need to be aware and alert about september 18th as well. but tom is a veteran police chief, been with the capitol police more than 20 some odd years. you've got more than just the metropolitan police, capitol and others. they're going to have a lot of people on hand. >> all right, phil mudd, chief ramsey, thanks so much for the insight. coming up a new flash flood watch for parts of the northeast still trying to recover from the rem n remnants of hurricane ida. we'll bring you the latest.
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new jersey's governor is warning people about storms moving into parts of the northeast tonight a week after deadly flooding caused by remnants of ida. tom, what can you tell us? >> well, jim, it's a little more frightening when you look at the radar. it is a well-defined line of thunderstorms embedded in this cold front that stretches from eastern canada to texas, but i guarantee you we're not going to see the catastrophic flooding, but there are some concerns here because the ground is saturated in the new england area and all the debris that has been piled up in area streams and creek, that could divert some of the rainfall and even impede its flow and cause it to back up. storm drains are another issue that have been cleared since all the flooding pretty much went away. if you've got a storm train in your community just to make sure it's clear. dropping hails and storms over in vermont, over an inch an
3:34 pm
hour. i know that's frightening in parts of pennsylvania and new york. so when this line moves through it's going to move through rather quickly, but because we have thunderstorms embedded in it we can easily see 1 to 3 inches. we're not talking 10, not talking 15 inches but the severe weather threat is real. we've already had a few systems to the south. so that's there as well. the watches in effect does not include new york city but you're just on the line. if you want to play it safe just tell everyone just postpone your travel out this evening. this will be out of this area by 3:00 in the morning. >> we're also monitoring a new tropical storm in the gulf of mexico. >> this one spun up quickly. it's very disorganized. more of a nuisance storm. we've been watch ing it for day, sliding northward. it's about 60 miles southwest of appalachia cola but it's moving at 21 miles an hour and this will make landfall this evening.
3:35 pm
and will kick up the seas, kick up the gusts and that can throw around debris and knock out power here and there. most of that land flank will be around areas of northern and central areas of florida. and it slides across the florid florida-georgia line here. this is off georgia's coast by tomorrow afternoon. so a disorganized storm. more of a nuisance than anything, but be aware flash flooding is a concern in areas up in the northeast, but it will move through very quickly. >> all right, thanks so much for those warnings. this just in several family members representing nursing home residents where multiple people died ahead offy vacation aed of hurricane ida have just filed a class action lawsuit and there were chilling reports tonight about conditions inside
3:36 pm
that facility. >> reporter: the horrific accounts keep pouring in of overcrowded conditions inside this warehouse where some 850 elderly patients were taken from nursing homes around louisiana to ride out hurricane ida. >> it was just horrible. i just don't want to think about it truthfully. >> so you watched people die there? >> yeah, at least four i know of. >> reporter: an elderly woman evacuated to this warehouse in independence louisiana from a nursing home spoke to cnn affiliate wvue. her sister gives her own jarring description of conditions inside. >> they didn't have adequate staff. she said that the bathrooms were overflowing. people couldn't go to the bathroom and people were using the corners of the warehouse to go to the bathroom. >> since early in the morning to be changed and here we go it's 4:21 and still yet he's yet to be changed.
3:37 pm
>> video filmed by an anonymous person inside shows crowded conditions. a man told that station they were, quote, packed in like sardines. >> we were placed on beds that weren't even beds. they were just mattresses on the floor, and there were insects crawling all over the place. there were roaches, spiders, ants, crawling all over the place. the heat in there was just -- just not good. >> reporter: we interviewed independence police chief frank edwards who told his officers tried to help people at the warehouse before, during and after the storm. >> during the storm the wind was blowing hard. it was blowing rain. water got into the facility not from rising water but from water going sideways and under the doors. so the floors were wet. >> reporter: at least seven nursing home residents died after being evacuated to this warehouse. state officials say five of them are considered storm related deaths. the louisiana department of health has revoked the licenses
3:38 pm
of all seven nursing homes they came from, which are all owned by the same person, bob dean, who cnn has confirmed also owns the warehouse. two warehouses who tended to patients at the warehouse spoke to cnn. nurse natalie henderson saying the conditions were, quote, nasty, very unsanitary. she also spoke to cbs. >> the whole place is reeking of urine and feces. on top of them trying to eat, they're begging for water. >> reporter: another anonymous nurse tells cnn, quote, they told us we were going to sister facilities out of town. they at no time told us they were going to a warehouse. >> oh, i'm furious right now. someone needs to be held accountable and the state needs to do something to control this during a hurricane. the hurricanes are not new to us. >> reporter: cnn has reached out several times to bob dean, the owner of the nursing home facilities and warehouse seeking comment and seeking any explanation for what happened there. he's not responded to us, but
3:39 pm
dean did tell affiliate wvue, quote, we only had five deaths within the six days. normally with 850 people you'll have a couple a day, so we really do good on taking care of people, end quote. >> a disturbing report. pivotal democratic senators balk at the price tag. and this. and definitely this. and yes to more bread. panera. live your yes. free delivery on our app. seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on
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♪ ♪ life is full of unexpected surprises. for your first day of school. but other times, it helps knowing what to expect. at university of phoenix, you can count on fixed, affordable tuition for your program. learn more at president biden's agenda is in jeopardy tonight with democrats divided over his $3.5 trillion tax and spending package. and joining us nuto talk about that now is house majority whip jim clyburn of south carolina. the white house seems to be framing thias a choice for democrats to get onboard or you're going to misthe train. is it fair for the white house to put it in those terms when obviously there are members of your party who have real concerns about this?
3:44 pm
>> thank you very much for having me. there's always concern when you put a price tag on anything, and i think what has happened here is that the communication around this build back better plan, which has a ceiling of 3.5 trillion is just that a ceiling. no one has ever said that's an exact number or that's a floor. it's up to $3.5 trillion. i see joe manchin has mentioned a $1.5 trillion number. so somewhere between 1.5 and 3.5, there is $2 trillion. those two are there. and i think there's a lot of room for people to sit down and negotiate. it may be when you sit around the table you may not need
3:45 pm
3.5 trillion to do what the president wants done and what the country needs done. but let's work out of it and stay out of all this negotiating in the mediach am that's not the way to negotiate. let's keep this around the table and see what we can come up with. >> here's what senator cortez had to say about senator mantion. >> it's not just senator manchin who has leverage. frankly, the entire party needs to quote-unquote worry. because just as we have a slim senate margin we have a slim house margin. so we aren't saying it's either your bill or our bill but that both of these bills must move forward together or neither will. >> you worry that the moderate democrats agenda could tank both of these bills?
3:46 pm
>> i don't worry about that but i am concerned about that. i do believe that that's why we need to stay at the table and look on what needs to be done to do what the american people would like to see. remember we have a history here that we ought to be guided by. when you start trying to recover, this country when it tried to recover from this so-called great depression and you put things together, well, remember when they did social security they left out farm workers. they left out domestic workers. who were those farm workers, and who were those domestic workers? there were people especially in the south, there were people of color. now, we can't put together a package today, and i'll remind all of my friends that leave people out the number one thing we need to be concerned about is
3:47 pm
this coverage gap. this coverage gap is there. there are 12 states where americans cannot get health care coverage, and we need to take care of the people in these 12 states. we can't keep leaving this stuff up to states to decide who to cover, who not to cover. the senate did a great job with its $1 trillion program. but they only cover 65% of the broadband that needs to be covered. who do you think is going to be covered by the 65%, and what 35% do you think is going to get left out? so we've got to be serious about this. and the same thing applies -- you just had a piece here about nursing home care down in new orleans. nursing home workers need to be brought into this, and we need to take care of nursing home care because that's where medicaid money pays for that. yet we see people wanting to
3:48 pm
take care of medicare and then not do right by people on medicaid. what 19-year-old low income person gets medicare? that 19-year-old is eligible for medicaid. and so we need to take care of the 19-year-olds and the 90-year-olds. take care of everybody. and so that's why we've got to stay at the table and stop all this foolishness about how much it costs. how much will it cost if we don't do this? just think about what it's going to cost down in new orleans about those nursing homes down there that have allowed people to die. that's a big cost that this country can do without. >> and certainly is a desperate situation down there, congressman. all right, congressman jim clyburn, thanks so much for joining us this evening. we appreciate it. >> thanks very much for having me. coming up with california's pivotal recall election just six days away vice president kamala harris is hitting the campaign trail with governor gavin
3:49 pm
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with just six days until california's holt hotly recall election, dana bash has been tracking the campaign and out with a new podcast "total recall california's political circus." dana, what does this joint cam pab -- campaign rally tell you? sounds like the white house is worried. >> as they should be. the tone and tenure of the campaign not just today but the
3:54 pm
past few weeks has been deliberately nationalized saying what is happening in texas with voting. look what is happening all over the country with voting. look what is happening in texas with abortion. look what is happening in washington so on and so forth trying to make clear this is not just about california or maybe the better way to put it is what they're trying to do is worry democrats in california who may be complacent about the notion of a recall going through that you know what, you can't be. trying to give them passion. as you said, i've been working on a podcast, the first episode is out today about the 2003 recall but i talked to the man who won that arnold schwarzenegger and he talked about some of the similarities in terms of atmospherics between then and now. >> there is millions of people out there that are dissatisfied, dissatisfied maybe the way the coronavirus was handled, dissatisfied of the blackouts.
3:55 pm
>> you're saying dangerous for gavin newsom. >> very dangerous, absolutely. it's very dangerous for him because you got to take this stuff seriously for too long they didn't take it seriously, but now i think they do take it seriously. >> wow. >> so he was pretty honest, as you heard there about the fact that he didn't think that new s -- newsom i should say arnold schwarzenegger a republican. newsom is a democrat. schwarzenegger says he consider s newsom a friend. he is neutral when it comes to the pancakes but has an opinion on the atmospherics there. the fact he and newsom is campaigning as aggressively as he is now, schwarzenegger thinks it's about time. >> he was able to capitalize on the process -- >> newsom isn't a mega movie star. a little different. >> thanks so much. to remind our viewers, listen to dana's podcast "total recall california's political circus"
3:56 pm
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