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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  September 13, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. ahead on "cnn newsroom." north korea said it fired a new long range cruise missile. details now the u.s. and south korea are reacting. extreme weather heading toward texas as another tropical storm forms in the gulf. plus this. >> this is what we've got to do to get to the next phase of the pandemic response so we can get through this and get back to normal. >> health experts are defending president biden's pandemic response saying it was the right call to fight the surge in
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coronavirus. ♪ ♪ good to have you with us. the u.s. and south korea said they're looking into claims by north korea that it has test fired a new strategic weapon. according to state media, north korea successfully tested long range cruise missiles over the weekend which hit targets 1500 kilometers away. the move is likely to heighten tensions in the region with japan expressing its concerns. pa paul paula hancocks is following this for us. how big a threat might there -- this pose? >> reporter: rosemary, any testing that north korea does
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does bring its own concerns to those in the region and of course in washington, as well. the fact it appears to be, according to state-run media in north korea, a new strategic weapon will be of a concern. the fact they are test firing something new. we had a couple of parades over recent months one in january and one in october of last year, there are a number of new weapons systems that were unveiled. experts have been saying since that point that, at some point, north korea will need to test the systems. that appears to be what we're seeing now. it's unclear whether the contact cruise missile test fired over the weekend was unveiled specifically at one of those parades. one thing that is interesting is the fact that the north korea leader kim jong-un was not present, apparently, at the firing itself. at least according to state-run media. he was not mentioned at all.
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that would suggest that it is considered maybe more routine in north korea that the leader doesn't need to be at the particular test firing. it was also on page two of the newspaper in north korea as opposed to being splashed on the front page. again, showing this isn't as significant, maybe, as another kind of missile launch. the technically it wasn't breaking any rules when it comes to the u.n. security council resolutions. it's ballistic missile technology that is banned by those resolutions, not specifically these cruise missiles. so the u.s. and south korea said they're looking into this closely. we have a statement from the u.s. military in the pacific command saying it highlights north korea's continuing progress on developing its military program and also pointing out it does show it is a threat to its neighbors and also to the international community. japan said its concerned by what
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north korea has announced, but the three countries haven't specifically confirmed they had monitored or noticed these cruise missiles were test fired, as well. >> paula hancocks, many thanks. the head of the international atomic energy agency is welcoming a last-minute deal with iran that will allow specters to maintain nuclear monitoring equipment inside the country. that development came as iaed director met with the head of iron's atomic energy organization for talks in tehran. iran had previously threatened to present inspectors from reviewing video footage of nuclear science until there was an agreement to savage the 2015 nuclear deal. he's hailing sunday's agreement as a concrete result for both sides.
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>> the important, indispensable work that iran and the iaea have to carry out together requires reinforcement and, most of all, requires that we get to know each other. >> the israeli military carried out air strikes against four hamas targets. the israel defense forces said it struck hamas compounds used for military training and weapons workshop and entrance to an underground tunnel. it was in response to rockets fired from gaza toward israel. tensions have been high affiliate six palestinian militants escaped from an israeli jail. four have been captured. on capitol hill, democratic leaders know they won't receive republican support for president joe biden's $3.5 trillion domestic spending plan. that's why they're trying to pass the package through
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reconciliation, which requires no republican votes in the senate. they face other obstacles, as well. joe manchin said he won't support the hefty price tag and several other moderate democrats expressed concerns, as well. the sweeping bill includes large-scale investments and paid family leave, education, child care, health care, and clean energy. cnn' cnn arlette saenz has more from washington. >> reporter: the white house needs all democrats to stay on board in order to pass the president's $3.5 trillion economic package. the new comments from senator joe manchin could prove troublesome for that endeavor. the west virginia democrat said he wants more time for the legislation to be written, and he has an issue with the $3.5 trillion price tag. >> that's fine. he will not have my vote on
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$3.5. chuck knows that and we talked about this. we've put out $5.4 trillions. all the help we put out there is still there and going to run until next year, 2022. what is the urgency? what is the urgency we have? it's not the same urgency with the american rescue plan. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said they're moving forward with this bill. pelosi is hoping the final legislative text will be written by wednesday of this week, with a vote being held next week in the house. and president biden has said he ultimately believes joe manchin will be on board with this plan. the president will be traveling out of the country to denver, colorado on tuesday to sell elements of the proposal but the white house stepping up their messaging campaign over the course of the past week saying that the time is now for this bill to be passed. the white house is also keenly aware that so much of the
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president's domestic agenda depends on how the next few weeks play out on capitol hill and they can't afford any defections from the democrats. arlette saenz, cnn, the white house. house democrats want to raise taxes on wealthy americans and corporations to pay for this spending plan. the proposal and the fine prints surrounding the tax hike is expected to be officially released later today. and earlier i spoke with the white house reporter for the "wall street journal" about senator joe manchin's opposition to the spending bill. >> for president biden, it's a key piece of agenda that is at stake here. senator joe manchin is a more centrist democrat. he's part of the key supporters of the bipartisan infrastructure deal that biden and democrats hope to pass, but, you know, with the president and democrats want to do is move ahead this larger $3.5 trillion economic
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package that includes over priorities like health care, child care, and, you know, elder care. so that is something that manchin is saying simply costs too much. and, you know, democrats said they won't pass one bill without the other. the big question is can biden keep democrats in line? they have only a slim majority in the house and senate. you can't afford to lose many votes. >> as we mentioned, manchin isn't the only democrat expressing residervations about the bill. kyrsten sinema opposes the price tag and mark warner saidn't there not enough funding for housing assistance. the u.s. capitol police are recommending disciplinary action be taken against officers in six cases related to the january 6th riot. the violences include conduct on unbecoming of an officer, failure to comply, improper remarks, improper dissemination of information. a seventh investigation is still
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penlding while no wrong doing was found in 20 other cases. authorities said they didn't find sufficient evidence that any of the officers committed a crime. members of congress are expected to get a security briefing with law enforcement today about an upcoming rally at the u.s. capitol. authorities are bracing for potential clashes and unrest on saturday as far right groups are said to protest in support of those charged in the january 6th attack on the capitol. claiming they're political prisoners. and the document is shedding more light on the fbi's investigation into support given to the 9/11 attackers and their ties to saudi nationals living in the u.s. at the time. cnn's alex marquad has a closer look at what the report reveals and what it doesn't. >> reporter: the fbi released the first of what will be a series of declassified documents from the fbi's investigation
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into how 9/11 happened. the declassified memo released late on the 20th anniversary of the attacks on saturday, provides a more detailed look at the behavior of saudi arabia nationals connected to two of the 9/11 hijackers. it does not provide any stronger evidence of the awareness or the direction of the 9/11 plot at the highest levels of the saudi government or royal family. the 16-page document is heavily redacted and much is a summary of an interview with an named saudi national who was interviewed in 2015 by the fbi when applying for u.s. citizenship. that person, the report says, had worked at the saudi consulate in los angeles and was in regular contact with other saudi citizens who provided or or summited of providing significant logistic call support to the first two hijackers to arrive to the u.s. in los angeles. one of those who provided the support was omar. he offered travel assistance,
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lodging, and financing to the two hijackers. in response to this new report, the 9/11 families united group said it, quote, "puts to bed any doubt about saudi complicity in the attacks." the victim's families have long pushed for greater transparency about what the u.s. knows about any possible role that the saudi government had in 9/11. and president joe biden recently ordered the department of justice to release declassified documents over the next six months. this was the first one. the saudi government has said it welcomes the documents' release saying they would show that there was no saudi government involvement. dozens of haitian migrants were saved off of florida's coast. we're tracking another strong tropical storm heading
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for the u.s. gulf coast. the latest forecast from the cnn weather center after this short break. california's governor is society get a campaign boost ahead of tuesday's recall election. gavin newsom has a simple message to voters. >> question two? >> no interest. just vote no. simple no and go and encourage everybody who hasn't voted to turn in the ballots. election day ends at 8:00 on tuesday. n the wash. like fading, stretching, and pilling. new woolite has evercare, a first of its kind formula that keeps today's fabrics looking like new. new woolite with evercare
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welcome back. president biden heads to idaho and california in the coming hours to assess wild fire damage and to support governor gavin newsom and his final campaign rally. newsom faces a recall election on tuesday. a conservative group launched a petition drive to remove newsom from office as he deals with the climate crisis and the pandemic. the recall's outcome could have
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implications for the white house agenda. natasha chen has the report. >> reporter: more than 7 million california voters have already turned in their mail in ballots. others are taken advantage of early in-person voting at vote centers like this one over the weekend. people here of beverly hills told us they approve of newsom's leadership throughout the pandemic and worry someone like larry elder, the leading republican candidate to replace newsom with, will roll back vaccine mandates they feel would be harmful to public health. one major reason for the recall, some californians didn't like the pandemic i restrictions. i asked one voter if she can feel the frustration? >> not that i'm aware of. some individuals won't follow protocol because that's their group that think that way so it's very clear how people -- some people say i don't trust the government. i'm not getting vaccinated. i don't see frustration as much
1:19 am
as people are dug into their ways. >> she also told me she feels this recall election is a waste of money because there is a scheduled gubernatorial election next year anyway. this ballot has just two questions. the first question asks voters whether they want to recall governor newsom. if the majority of people say no, then he stays in office. if the majority says yes, then the second question kicks in. that question asks the voters who are who should replace newsom if recalled and lists 46 candidates to choose from. the person with the most votes on question two becomes governor. that wouldn't happen immediately. the california secretary of state has up to one month to finalize the tally and certify the election. back to you. >> thank you for that report. we're tracking tropical storm nicklaus as it makes the way through the gulf of mexico. a hurricane watch has been issued for parts of texas as the storm is expected to strengthen before making landfall. let's turn to our meteorologist
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with the latest forecast. what are you seeing, pedro? >> it continues to strengthen now. that's the concern with the storm system. we're watching it carefully because we think it'll run out of time here before too much longer to get to hurricane strength and beyond that. you'll notice here much of the thunderstorms activity on the eastern prefer i are of ree of tropical storm nicholas sits about 14 miles per hour shy of what would be designated as a hurricane. again, we don't expect it to have enough time to get there and you'll notice water temperatures into the middle 80s are going to be conducive to further try to intensify the system as it meanders up the coast. flood watches have been prompted. much of western louisiana and the entirety of the coast of texas dealing with flood watches because the models consistently brought down at least 7 or 10 inches of rainfall across a wide reaching area. notice any time you have a system that parallels the coast and makes landfall possibly stg having part exposed over waters, we tap into additional tropical
1:21 am
moisture. we think parts of houston will be seeing significant rainfall beginning as early as tonight when the system makes landfall and continuing through much of the middle portion of the week as the system hugs the coast and ends up potentially around areas of louisiana. notice this orange contours and red contours. those are 4 to 8 inches of rainfall in an area that, of course, is still an active recovery mode from what happened with hurricane ida in recent weeks. so the last thing you want to see. houston looks to be one of the wetter spots where three consecutive spots of moderate to heavy rainfall in place. temperatures gradually climb up as we reduce the possibility of the persistent rainfall and go into the summer time regime where thunderstorms will be scattered about. at that point, temps closing in on 90 degrees which is where they belong this time of year. and the other element with the tropical storm in the gulf of mexico, of course, we saw it with ida as it moved over the infrastructure here and the pipelines in place across the
1:22 am
northern half of the gulf, but on the western half of the gulf along the coast of texas, quite a bit of infrastructure in place. so we expect nicholas here to cause at least some disruptions associated with this as it hugs the coastline and laying out the tracks of how ida played out along the oil platforms versus where nicholas is forecast to move in. plenty of activity along the coast of texas. so the system will see impacts there, as well, when it makes landfall later on this afternoon and this evening. how about the tropics? pretty active still. 60% possibility over the next five days. another system would form. right now we're 14 storms into the season here. that would be number 15 coming in place. there is also a 50% chance just off the coast of the bahamas now but, rosemary, you see how active it's been through nicholas. odette is the next storm in the
1:23 am
list of names. >> we appreciate it. president biden is receiving blistering criticism from conservatives of his recent vaccine mandates. health experts are praising the requirements saying they are desperately needed. top infectious disease doctor anthony fauci tells cnn it may take many more vaccine mandates to end the pandemic, adding that requirements from schools and businesses would make a difference. kentucky is now among the states that have fully vaccinated at least half their residents. that is significant because kentucky has been suffering one of the worst outbreaks in the country with hospitals overwhelmed. while the u.s. vaccination rate has been ticking up, many health experts say it hasn't been fast enough. they're expecting the vakts seen
1:24 am
mandates to help push those numbers higher. >> number one the data tells us these requirements work to increase vaccinations. number two, a lot of businesses are actually relieved that these are going into place. we've heard a lot of feedback from the business round table and others it will help create safer workplaces. the measures you see taken with the president announced when it comes to the vaccine requirements with, it will help reach 100 million workers in the federal government and in the private sector. these are some of the most aggressive actions that we've seen taken to date. they will help. >> and despite florida governor ron desantis promising a legal fight over mr. biden's mandates, some local officials think it's the right move in a statement where the idea of mask requirements in school has provoked a fiery debate. >> this should not be a political push. this is a health concern issue. we've never debated the value of
1:25 am
vaccination for the measles, mumps, polio, or hepatitis. what is different now in the health conditions are not causing the issue. politics are. sadly here we are debating this from a political perspective rather than a health benefit perspective. i tell you, as a superintendent, as a father, as a teacher, i'm concerned for our kids. they are being used as political pawns in this political chess game. that is reprehensible. >> meantime, students return to the classroom today in new york city. the nation's largest school district. it will be their first in-person learning experience in 18 months. this comes as the delta variant is driving covid surges among young people. but health officials say covid vaccination approval for children ages 5 to 11 could happen in the coming weeks. >> pfizer said they'll have data before the end of september. they could be ready to file
1:26 am
within days of having that data. they'll file quickly with the fda. the fda said it's a matter of weeks not months to make a determination whether they're going to authorize vaccines for kids 5 to 11. i interpret it to mean perhaps four to six weeks. thing a best-case scenario given the timeline i've laid out, you could potentially a vaccine available to children age 5 to 11 by halloween, if everything goes well. >> earlier i spoke with cnn medical analyst, dr. esther chu, about the current push for vaccines and mask use. i asked her what she thought about the effectiveness of the mandates. here is part of our conversation. >> there are plenty of people on the ground who want their children masked. who want to do the best they can until we can offer the additional protections to children. it's very hard to push up stream. you know, i have family in texas where people would like to have
1:27 am
their children masked but when the message is it's optional, you know, a lot of cool -- schools is not reinforcing it. it doesn't create any momentum for things people are perfectly willing to do. we're in the middle of a crisis where covid is one of the main safety issues for workers and students and for teachers and for, you know, for health care personnel. so, to me, there is a logic to it. compelling logic. i think there are a lot of businesses of that size, 100 or greater, that have been struggling with this. should i or should i not impose a mandate? many employees want to feel as safe as possible for themselves and their family members. so i think this erases that, you know, that ambiguity for them and makes it clearer about how to move forward. >> and while some fear vaccine
1:28 am
mandates may be too extreme. the u.s. surgeon general said it's a good idea if it remains fair. delta airlines announcing a $200 monthly insurance surcharge for unvaccinated employees. and in the two weeks since that announcement, delta said the vaccination rate among its workers has gone up. one expert also says the move makes sense given how the pandemic affected the airline industry. >> the airlines are very familiar with the concept. if anyone has flown, they said commit to the safety. so safety for them and the passengers and to the employees was number one priority. throughout the pandemic, they have done everything. you know, they have implemented testing very rapidly. they have done all sorts of things, including making vaccines available to employees. at the end of the day, what we need to get people -- we need to get people vaccinated.
1:29 am
whether you do it through a mandate or making it harder for unvaccinated, you know, at the e end of the day, think about being a pilot or flight attendant or customer-facing representative. i think if we can get everybody vaccinated, i would feel more comfortable to know i'm getting on a flight where everybody is vaccinated. u.s. president joe biden is expected to make additional announcements about global measures the government taking against covid-19 and the delta variant. the surgeon general said mr. biden will speak ahead of the u.n. general assembly on thursday. last week the president announced a six-pronged plan to bring the country out of the pandemic, includesing increasing vaccinations and covid testing. there's no words so far on what he might say on thursday. for women in afghanistan, an encouraging announcement from the taliban. what they say female students can expect going forward, and later it appears the
1:30 am
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in just a few hours, the u.n. will hold an aid conference for afghanistan for humanitarian aid. the foreign minister held talks with afghanistan's taliban leaders on sunday. he called on the taliban to involve all afghan parties in national reconciliation and the taliban's new higher education
1:34 am
minister says women will be allowed to study in universities. they'll be segregated by gender and will be taught by female teachers wherever possible. ivan watson joining us now with more on this. he joins us from hong kong. good to see you, ivan. what is the latest or developments out of afghanistan and the specific issue of women in education. how can we be sure that the taliban will do as they say? >> reporter: that's a big question. first, let's get to some of the other developments. the work i'm trying to reopen and get kabul's airport functioning again is still underway. there seems to have been another incremental step forward with pakistan's flagship airline pia announcing it landed a plane at kabul airport that flew from the pakistani capital islamabad. a special flight, as described, where a spokesman for the airline says some foreign journalists were brought into
1:35 am
afghanistan and then some world bank employees were brought out of afghanistan. so, again, trying to get that airport back up and functional with help of countries like can t -- qatar and we believe some turkish specialists, as well. we're seeing a reverse air flow from uzbekistan. many members of the afghan air force from the former u.s.-backed government fled to in those final chaotic weeks of afghanistan as that government was collapsing in such spectacular fashion. we learned from multiple sources that about 175 afghan air force pilots and air crew were allowed to fly out of uzbekistan to the united arab em em rants. there's a total of 465 air began air force personnel that ended
1:36 am
up in uzbekistan seeking refuge there. we understand that there are about 140 other afghan air force personnel in draft jeek stan. many are applying for special immigrant visas to try to get to the u.s. big question still looming is what is going to happen with more than 40 afghan air force helicopters and planes flown to uzbekistan that like lit taliban would like to add to the arsenal. on the final question you raised, rosemary, the treatment of women. you have the education minister for the new taliban interim government, an individual who i might add faces sanctions from the european union from years ago for being part of the taliban, he was announcing that women would be allowed to study in universities with some very important conditions. take a listen. >> translator: when there's a need, men can -- according to
1:37 am
sharia, the female students should observe the vail. there's a need for the cure contain in the classroom so the teach care teach the students and using facilities such as tv screens or other modern devices. >> reporter: strict segregation there between the genders but 20 years ago, when the taliban was last in power, they didn't allow women to get any education whatsoever. rosemary? >> we'll continue to stay on top of this. ivan watson, many thanks for bringing us that. i appreciate it. from empty store shelves to a lack of workers and truck drivers, food producers in the uk have had a tough few months. many believe brexit is to blame. cnn's nina dell santos joining us live with more on this. how bad is this right now? what is the outlook in terms of future available food supplies? >> reporter: anecdotally i can tell you you're seeing across
1:38 am
all parts of the uk. not so much in lack of food or anything like that, but a lack of choice, at this point, particularly when it comes to certain items in supermarkets but it's not just super markets. it's also electronic items, furniture, and so on and so forth. this has started to affect a number of people and a number of businesses, as well. one of the biggest restaurant chains has had to say that it had to reduce the menu of chicken products because it just can't get enough supplies. mcdonalds has complained about supply issues. ikea said about 10% of the product line, 1,000 items, is being affected by the logistics issues. so what is the real problem? well, it's largely a labor crisis, which is being exacerbated by both covid but also brexit, as well. and the uk is a country that thus far until brexit was relying heavily on seasonal workers, particularly from
1:39 am
eastern europe and the agriculture sector and the logistics sector, as well. we're talking about truck drivers. and the epicenter of the problem at the moment appears to be a shortage between 90 and 120,000 heavy goods vehicle drivers, at the moment. so that is preventing items from getting inside the uk and preventing those items from circulating to different supermarkets and so on and so foth. it's becoming an increasingly heated political problem. the backdrop as the uk continues to negotiate retrospectively, if you like, the finer points of the brexit deal, in regard to customs check on northern ireland. the part of the uk that isn't in the mainland that was part of the contentious northern ireland protocol. the uk having to check goods, eu goods bound for the eu and eu goods coming in. that's another flash point in
1:40 am
the ongoing post brexit era. it is one of the things that is the backdrop to what we're seeing but it's also a labor shortage, as well. rosemary? >> it gets people frantic. understandably. thank you for joining us live from london. still to come, how novak djokovic fell short of making history at sunday's u.s. open final. back with the details after the break .
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a historic day in the nfl. the first black woman to officiate a game in the league. she was on the field sunday for the game between the jets and the. a they are -- panthers. chaka said the historic moment to me is an honor and privilege
1:44 am
i've been chosen to represent women and women of color in the most popular sport in america. chaka is the third on field female official in the nfl. the first sunday of the nfl season is now in the books! cnn's patrick snell has the minute in sports starting with a serious incident in formula 1. >> reporter: lewis hamilton speaking out after sunday's high speed collision with max verstappen. crashing at the first corner here. verstappen's red bull car flipping and landing on top of hamilton's mercedes. he said the halo device topped the crash from being worse. the kansas city chiefs are coming off a loss in last year's super bowl falling behind early to the cleveland browns.
1:45 am
patrick mahomes who threw three touchdowns and running for a fourth. and the new orleans saints making themselves at home with the dominating 38-3 win against the green bay packers. and russia's medvedev celebrating the u.s. open win. back to you, rosemary, on this monday. >> all right. i appreciate it. on saturday 18-year-old emma rad canoe won the women's final of the u.s. open. the first british woman to win a title in 40 years. we spoke about emma about her historic performance. take a listen. >> i heard you a moment ago say it was your dream to win a grand slam. how real has this moment being become for you now?
1:46 am
>> it still hasn't sunk in, to be honest. after the match, i haven't had a moment to just stop and embrace everything that happened. i can't wait to see everyone at home. it's been seven weeks away now. i'm excited to see my family and friends. >> you continue to get better as the tournament wept on. you mentioned there's a lot of areas you want to work on. when people consider this fortnight you played 20 sets and won every single one of them, i mean, what is it about the journey that allowed you u to execute so flawlessly? what was your approach mentally? >> yeah. i think that 0 you can look at the score and be like straight sets every match but i think in every one of the matches there were maybe a one or two points difference that between winning or losing the set. and i probably could have lost at lo of those sets but i
1:47 am
managed to win and even some of the score lines they didn't reflect how the matches were going and the dynamics. a lot were going to deuce games and an, you know, in tennis one point can make a difference between a set. i think that's my focus on the point ahead of me and what i was trying to execute point for point, game for game, not getting ahead of myself at all allowed me to be here 10 matches later with the title. >> i know you haven't had a lot of time to process this. this is a season of change in tennis on the women's side. both you and leila have been tagged as the future here for what you're able to do. how much do you feel that you and her can develop a rivalry that would be significant in the sport and take up the mantle in the sport? >> yeah, i hope so. i hope we'll play each other in more finals and matches on the tour and on these stages on such occasions like this.
1:48 am
i mean, it's so enjoyable and grand slam final to have two of us at a young and coming through, i mean, it's definitely just shows show strong the future of tennis is and hopefully we'll be able to follow in the footsteps of some of the legends i've played and are playing now. >> just incredible. the 2021 mtv video music awards celebrated the year's biggest artists including industry veterans and new names. we'll take a look at notable wins. justin bieber was nominated for the most awards with seven. he walked out with two including artist of the year. >> oh, wow! and the vma goes to -- so relaxed. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> oliva rodrigo! ♪ ♪ >> newcomer oliva rodrigo went
1:49 am
viral on tik tok won three awards. her biggest wins were for best new artist and song the year with her first hit "driver's license." little nas x known for his creative and controversial artistry won awards for his song "call me by your name." including video of the year and the wildly popular korean pop group bts won two out of the five nominations including group of the year for the third year in a row. and pop singer britney spears has announced her engagement just days after her father filed to end her conservatorship! britney spears confirmed on sunday that her boyfriend had popped the question. the pair met back in 2016 when he co-starred in one of her videos. britney spears mentioned in a court hearing earlier this year she wanted to get married and start a family. and just ahead here on cnn
1:50 am
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and these are live pictures of pope francis as he visits slovakia now. he met with the president a short time ago. he's ao scdulet with civil and religious leaders today. francis made a visit on sunday. the pope is on his first foreign tour since his colon cancer or his colon surge in july, i should say. prince andrew has been served with legal papers in a civil case filed by one of jeffrey epstein's accusers who says the prince sexually abused her. one of prince charles' charities is reportedly under investigation. according to britain's "sunday times" a scottish regulator said a russian banker tried to donate a six-figure sum to the prince's
1:55 am
foundation and royal correspondent max foster joining us now. good to see you, max. what is the latest on these two royal scandals? >> reporter: well, the allegations around the donation scandal in the "sunday times." and the latest one witthe russian businessman giving a certain sum. that's disputed by the two sides here. they later returned when they realized the donor here had been connected to money laundering. that conviction was later -- so more bad headlines, really, for prince charles. he's not directly indicated here. as you said, a pretrial hearing today in new york in the case that is being taken by virginia due fray and claims to be to have been trafficked by jeffrey epstein to prince andrew. this hearing is really about whether or not prince andrew was
1:56 am
served papers. so in order for this trial to proceed, he would have had been served papers. the lawyer said the papers were served last week at his house here in windsor. we're looking at whether the judge feels the papers were indeed served under use of uk and u.s. rules. >> max foster, appreciate it. and thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. be sure to connect with me on twitter @rosemarycnn. "early start" is coming up next. have yourself a wonderful day.
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party infighting, new demands, and a ticking clock. why the president eats economic plans are running into new roadblocks. north korea with the most significant missile test of the biden era. how the rogue regime fits into the web of global threats facing the u.s. and for the first time since covid hit, the nation's biggest school district is back open for all students today with new optimism for a vaccine for some kids could be weeks away. hello everyone. it's monday, september 13t


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