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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  September 15, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thank you for watching don lemon tonight with the big star d lemon right now. >> how are you doing? >> i'm confused, man! >> about what? >> i'm confused about what is happening with this missing
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22-year-old, beautiful kid, going around the country. i'm confused by this south carolina situation with this family. and i'm confused how the senators believe they can get righteous about milley for deciding to do something about an obvious risk that they ign ignored, that he worked with the secretary of defense. they want to say he went rogue. you want to misrepresent what did he when he did the right thing and you did nothing? and you think you'll be the righteous agent? >> well, two things, i hope the families of the young people, i hope they figure out what happened to everyone. i hope there's a resolution to all of it.
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you can't bring people back. moving on to the political part, there have been so many people who have been an apologist for this president. pretty much the entire campaign, once he became the nominee and then became the president, that it was time to really call people out on their you know what. on their bs, including him and including the folks around him who were apologists and who aided and abetted in all. his wrongdoings. so i think for them not to step up now, to call for milley to resign, or someone is calling for him to be court martialed or something. have a seat. you didn't do the right thing. you're still trying to elevate yourself through some big lie that you don't know if it will work in the next election. it is a minute ort of people.
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i think i think we have to stop coddling people. you can't shame them. you can't call them stupid. yes, they are. the people who aided and abetted trump are stupid because they believed his big lie. the people not getting vaccines who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science, it is time to start shaming them or leave them behind. you didn't feel that way about the polio vaccine, measles, mumps and rubella, all of a sudden, this is different? what's different? the only thing about it is because of your politics today. people talk about, i don't know what's in the shot. i don't know what's in that shot. >> i'll tell what you is not in it. a tracking device. >> let me finish this. do you know what they get shots in nowadays? in their rear ends they're getting shots to make it bigger. they're getting shots in their
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face. they don't know what is in botox. they don't know what is in this stuff, nothing wrong with botox. >> people don't know what they eat or drink or smoke. >> you can see, i have all these wrinkles. everybody asking me, when are you going to get botox? nothing wrong botox but i'm saying, do people really know what's in botox in all the stuff, what they eat, what they drink? stop it. stop with it the ignorance. and we have to stop saying, you know, you have to listen to people. no, you don't. these people are being harmful to the greater good. you don't have to listen to a minority of people being harmful to the greater good, and who are not acting on logic and science. i had an issue when my family was here, i don't know. i said you got here to visit me, you took an airplane. what is that? science. do you know why people live to be older than 40, 50, 60 years old these days?
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science. medicine, no one questions that. do you know why people, what is so contradictory about it? when people get sick, they go into the hospital and they say, give it all to me. inject me. you'll pay a lot of money and tax the medical system when you could have gotten it for free and you wouldn't be there in the first place. >> you're going to question the horse. >> i accept everything you just said. mostly that the majority cannot be healed by the tyranny of a minority. their stubbornness has to be their own consequence at some point and the rest us have to be able to live life. now, i see a repeat of messaging problems that we have with the vaccine with the booster. somebody allowed joe biden to go out and set a schedule before they had all their ducks in a row. now they're going to debate whether or not there's a
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booster, which set of data, how do they look. we've discussed this before. scientists make lousy messengers. we're used to people in politics holding on to a politics no matter what the facts are. the facts change and the politician never changes their position. science changes as you learn things. now we're in a situation where he said september 20 rollout. now they'll debate. now there's a mix of minds as to whether or not we need it and that's all fine. but you've got to be good on the messaging side. >> that's -- >> set out a timetable before you know. >> that's hard, chris. that's why it was called a novel virus. because it was new. and you learned, when you learn new things, especially when it comes to science, what are you doing? you department. so you should have an oemtpen m about it. if people were trying to fuel, they would say it's set in stone. do you think there is a whole conspiracy to put stuff in
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people is this it's ridiculous. >> i agree. >> it's crazy. so look, i understand the whole thing about messaging. okay, fine. there could be better messaging. hindsight is 20/20. >> i'm saying right now with the booster. >> maybe at some point they thought they needed and it then they got new information about it. what harm, what does it do? what is the harm in it? why do you care so much? if someone told me, science now said, don, you need to reup your measles, mumps, rubella when you were a kid, what i would say? okay, great. a couple years ago we didn't need shingles vaccines. now when i go to get my flu shot now, guess what i will do? i will get a shingles vaccine. was there some conspiracy for people trying to make me sick by getting shippingles? no. all of a sudden we've learned that it is a problem in our society. >> just don't give ammunition to the haters. that's what i'm saying.
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>> yes. every year you get a flu shot. you don't say i took it last year. why do i need the flu shot again? >> i'm with you. but this is a little different. you have the president saying, all right, here's when the boosters come. now you have the head of the nih and the head of the fda saying hold on, we're not sure we need it yet and that fuels resistance. >> but it fuels resistance who are not being logical. people looking for an excuse not to do it. an excuse to criticize the administration. here's what you do. oh, they have new science. when they say, get the booster, i'll get it. whenever they do it, just be curious instead of judgmental. and figure out, listen to the scientists, what they say. if they tell you to do something, do it. they're not doing it off some conspiracy. scientists and science aren't political. they don't care. they care about what is in the science. mathematicians. it is not political.
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1 plus 1 equals 2. stop trying to look for reasons to citizen strike zone administration and to not get something because maybe you're afraid of it or because you want to be political about it and just be open. >> i'm with that. i'm just saying don't give them reasons to doubt you. get it together. and then give us the answer and we'll move forward. >> i'm going to go. i'm going to have to come next door and smack you if you keep disagreeing with me. >> i love you, d lemon. >> chris and i, i don't think this is a disagreement. >> i disagree how often you put stuff on your face. >> there ain't nothing on this face. you hear people say, you know what people say about us. you guys have aged so much in the last year. >> that's true. there's no drug that will say otherwise. there's not enough to stop this. >> if you want to get botox, that's your business. i'm just saying people go get
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injections all the time. they don't know the exact science behind and it it is okay. >> people have free choice. i've never done anything you've done to yourself. >> tomorrow i'll come in. i'll be like this. >> like the cat lady. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> this is don lemon tonight. chris and i have had our fun but we're telling the truth. what i want to say is something that may be tough to hear. it is really the truth. i want to you listen to me because we've got to face this. the well of the american electoral system has been poisoned. it is the crown jewel of our democracy. our free and fair elections. the envy of the world. poison with lies. lies that are now baked into the platform of what used to be called the party of lincoln. a party that is now under the spell of the big lie of bogus electionism. millions don't believe that joe biden is the rightful president
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of the united states. this is a new cnn poll. 78% think joe biden actually won the election. that's a fact. joe biden is a duly elected president. do you know who else didn't believe that? hundreds of rioters who tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power on one of the darkest days in american history. when lawmakers were forced to run for their lives. when rioters put up ao gallows and chanted, hang mike pence. >> hang mike pence! >> when they savagely beat police officers trying to defend the capitol. and what fueled all of that? the big lie. the lie that 78% of republicans still believe. how can you have a functioning democracy when nearly eight in ten americans say the president of the united states didn't legitimately win the sfleks there's absolutely no evidence of widespread voter fraud in
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2020 and case after case has been just thrown out of court. yet the vast majority of republicans continue to believe the lie. that as more than, look at this, 90% of americans think democracy is under attack, or being tested. like i said, the well of the american electoral system has been poisoned. 51% of americans say it is likely elected officials in the next few years will overturn the results of an election their party not the win. that's scary. if you think that can't happen, just take a look at what's going on in pennsylvania. republicans voting tie subpoena the department of state for millions of voters' personal information. thing like names, addresses, driver's license numbers, and partial social security numbers. it's fraud it 2.0. they're digging for any sign of fraud even though there's no evidence of fraud in pennsylvania or any other state
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for that matter. whatever happened to the gop being the party of limited government? that used to be appalled by government intrusion and overreach? i guess it is a whole other ball game when you're trig to appease a twice impeexd, one term president who is still pushing the sail big lie of bogus election fraud that fueled the insurrection at the capitol and it is still alive and well today. i've said it before. the warning lights are blinking red. take a look at this live picture of the capitol now. fencing going up around the capitol tonight. just like after january 6th. can you believe it, we're here again. the tsa getting ready for the justice for j-6 rally. in defense of those who tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power. capitol police requesting d.c. national guard assistance. >> we have received a request from the capitol police force.
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some assistance for this weekend's protests, scheduled protests. not going to detail the specific address. >> warning members and staff to avoid the capitol on saturday ahead of the right wing rally at the season of the crime. eight months after blood thirsty rioters stormed the seat of our democracy. that as more bomb shells come from this new book out, "peril," documenting the final few weeks inside the then president's inner circle. you have to listen to this. bob woodward and his "washington post" co-author reported in the book that joint chiefs chairman general mark milley believed the then president was in such serious mental decline that he tried to ensure trump didn't start a war with china. they write that milley, quote,
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was certain that trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election, with trump now all but manic. screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies. the book reports milley made to reassure that the u.s. was not considering a strike and instructed top military officials not to take orders from anyone, including the then president, unless milley was involved. and that has some crying foul. >> i don't think there's any doubt at a minimum he should be fired if this is true. >> the former president going on news max today, to claim that that is treason. president biden defending general milley today. >> sir, did general milley do the right thing, sir? >> i have great confidence in general milley. >> but apparently it wasn't just
7:16 pm
the cheryl. joint chiefs who was concerned. the book details a prift call to kevin mccarthy and with trump the night before the joe biden's inauguration. mccarthy saying, i don't know what's happened to you in the last two months. you're not the same as you are the last four years. none of us is in a position to speak to the former president's mental health. did you hear that before you play the sound bites on the propaganda networks? none of us is in a position to speak to the former president's mental health. according to the book, the top general in the country and one of the top two republicans in congress, both had questions. and the former president's niece, mary trump, said this to chris just tonight. >> what must not be forgotten is that on november 7th, he suffered the worst humiliation, the worst loss of his life. it was incalculable, the damage that it did to him.
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>> that as some on the right, i don't know, they delight in making wild accusations against joe biden. but remember, when the former president bragged about acting -- excuse me, about acing, i should say, a cognitive test last year? >> such person, woman, man, camera, tv. okay. that's very good. if you get in it order, you get extra points. okay. now he's asking you other questions. other questions. and then ten minutes, 15, 20 minutes later, he said remember the first question? not the first, but the tenth question? give us that again. can you do that again? you go, person, woman, man, camera, tv. if you get it in order, you get extra points. they said nobody gets it in order. then when you go back about 20, 25 minutes later and they say go back. they don't tell you this. go back tom question and repeat them.
7:18 pm
can you do it? and you go, person, woman, man, camera, tv. they say that's amazing. how did you do that? i do it because i have like good memory. because i'm cognitively there. >> you forgot with that, right? that actually happened and we lived through it. wow! wow, wow, wow. wow to this next one, too. gather around the tv. we've got news tonight on the covid vaccine and nicky minaj. this is the truth, everyone. these are the facts. that's what we're all about here. facts first. you may have seen that nicky minaj said she was invited to the white house after she tweeted some misinformation a if you days ago saying her cousin in trinidad won't get vaccine because his friends got it and
7:19 pm
he became impoet sxenlt there were some other things i shall not say. trinidad and tobago knocked down that information. now a source tells me tonight that she has not been invited to the white house. so that's a tweet now involved two governments. administration officials tell cnn's jeff zeleny, as we have with others, we offered a call with nicky minaj and one of our doctors to answer questions that she has about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. that's a lesson in how to reach people. with facts. not with social media fights. not with name calling. facts first. in this environment, we need people to step up, right? why are you doing this story about nicky minaj? she has a huge following. everybody with a platform has a huge responsibility. we're in the middle of a pandemic. this is an emergency situation. that's why i want to use this platform.
7:20 pm
there's a group of people out there who have been hesitant. even some in my own family. and she has a big influence. she might be able to make a difference. i'm not here to talk about name calling or fight on twitter. i'm here to talk about meeting people where they are. that's the only way we'll get through people. so i home she talks on doctors and she gets educated and through this, her fans get educated as well. that is the best outcome for everyone. so the well of the american electoral system hack poisoned. ahead, simone biles' emotional testimony before the u.s. senate, blasting the abuse allegation of dr. larry nassar. >> i blame larry nassar and i also blame an entire system that
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according to a new cnn poll. what is being done to protect it? let's go to an adviser for former president george w. bush. what a great title for a book. everybody go read it. i'm sure you've seen the numbers of the new cnn poll on the state of our democracy. most americans think democracy is under attack. if the well of democracy has been poisoned so much, what is the antidote? >> first of all, i think the american public needs to understand who poisoned it and how. in order to combat i, you have to knower when it came or or where the river of democracy is sourced from. and that's really important. whether the gop or the dems side think democracy is under attack and it is fragile and all that, we need to understand, it is the gop primarily through lying and
7:26 pm
deception and on various things including what happened in the last election and throughout the trump presidency, is they're the source of it. to confront that, truth is the best antidote. we have a segment of the population that seems unwilling to hear that truthful. >> is that why people are fighting truth and nail not to have the truth of the country taught in schools? they want to live in a delusion? >> it's funny, with the people you interact with, there is a natural human tendency called confirmation bias, to seek out information that confirms your own bias and ignore information that makes you uncomfortable. which is why we hardly ever have a race conversation because it makes certain people uncomfortable because they have to confront their own biases. >> it makes white people uncomfortable, right? >> exactly. they have to confront what their history is. and the same is true here.
7:27 pm
so people, we have a whole group of people that all they watch is fox news or own or one of those other crazy outlets. and they receive information that's not factual. it's not truthful. they just confirm their biases and it gets worse and worse. that's what we're dealing with. we have a segment of the population that's unwilling. i'm sad for them. they're the victims of this. they're being lied to. they're being lied to by leaders. and when somebody lies to you, they don't respect you. that's what i want most republicans to understand. most people that back trump. they don't have any almost for you at all. if someone isn't willing to tell you the truth, they tdon't respect you. >> 300%. yes. let's talk about these voting laws being put into place across the country and the big lie
7:28 pm
continues to be promoted a year after the 2020 election. meanwhile, voting rights bills are being slow walked in congress. isn't this asymmetrical warfare at the ballot box? shouldn't there be more urgency? you think this is the most important issue other than covid, facing our democracy. >> i think it is way more important than covid. ultimately, we'll get through covid and we'll figure this out. it is taking longer than any of us want. but the attacks on our democracy and what is happening on voting rights goes to the core of who we are. bucks that's undermined, there's no way to fix it. and texas as you know, where i am today, people that understand, texas in the '90s, texas in the '90s, was ranked 14th on ease of voting. texas today is ranked 50th on ease of voting. so where every other part of our
7:29 pm
lives, you can dockusign a $500,000 loan our why house in your bathrobe. you can transfer any amount of money from your living room. for some reason the technology and making it easier for people to vote and access the ballot box is something that we still are struggling with. to me, voting is the only possible way that the american public is given as an individual. they can't hire lobbyists. they can't do all the things wealthy people do. the only thing they have to hold people accountable is the vote. when that's restricted or made harder, it makes it easier for politicians to not be held accountable. and one thing i've criticized democrats on, they have not dealt with this like it is a five-alarm fire. they need to deal with it like a five-alarm fire. they can pass all the infrastructure stuff they want and do all the other stuff they want. if they let democracy collapse, it all doesn't matter. >> that's why we love having
7:30 pm
you. you tell the truth. facts first. and you're right about the ease of voting. now i sit in my kitchen and i send checks. i can't believe people send checks. and i deposit them. and people laugh at me. you're still writing checks? old man. you're still carrying cash? everyone is doing zelle or venmo. it is old school. if we can figure out how to do that, you can buy a house or a car online, why can't we figure out how to vote? >> absolutely. if voting is so important, we ought to make it as easy as possible for people to do. >> i am not saying voting online but we should make it easier to do. so stunning testimony from olympic gymnasts including simone biles. they tried to hold back tears as they pled for help in the investigation against larry
7:31 pm
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attorney general merrick garland set to appear next month. it is likely he will be asked about the botched investigation of larry nassar, the former doctor for the usa gymnastics team now behind bars for sexual assault. olympic gymnasts who were abused by him testifying today and tearing into the fbi for mishandling the allegations
7:36 pm
brought against nassar. more from jean casarez. >> they had legal legitimate evidence of child abuse and did nothing. >> i felt pressured by the fbi. >> i blame larry nassar and i also blame an entire system. >> why? why would the fbi agents lie to oig investigators? >> the elite gymnasts and members of the olympics united states gymnastics team giving emotional testimony, ripping the fbi for failing to protect them from their sexual abuser. >> i was so shocked at the agent's silence and disregard for my trauma. >> it was like serving innocent children up to a pedophile on a silver platter. >> one by one the decorated gymnasts told their stories, recounting the years of abuse by larry nassar. the former usa gymnastics team
7:37 pm
doctor. >> i sit before you today on raise my voice so that no little girl must endure what i, the athletes at this table and the countless others who needlessly suffered under nassar's guise of medical treatment, which we continue to endure today. >> that evening i was naked, completely alone with him on top of me molest megafor hours. i told them, i thought i was going to die that night because there was no way that he would let me go. he turned out to be more of a pedophile than he was a doctor. >> nassar is currently saevg 40 to 175-year state prison sentence after 150 women and girls came forward to expose he abused them over the course of 20 years. but today's congressional hearing, a result of the scathing report from the justice department's inspector general's office, revealing fbi officials investigating the allegations
7:38 pm
against nassar, made false statements and failed to properly document complaints by the accusers at the time. >> not only did the fbi not report my abuse but when they eventually documented my report, 17 months later, they made entirely false claims about what i am. >> one fbi agent already fired michael langman, according to the "washington post," interviewed maroney in 2015 about her allegations of sexual abuse by nassar. and is accused of failing to launch a proper investigation. langman declined to comment as did the fbi and the inspector general's office to the paper. >> the fbi's handling of the nassar case is a stain on the bureau. >> christopher wray who did not lead the bureau at the time, also being grilled today. >> what am i missing here? this man is on the loose molesting children and it appears it is being lost in the paperwork.
7:39 pm
agency. >> i share your bewilderment, your outrage and i don't have a good explanation for you. >> wray apologizing to the victims and vowing to do more. >> it is my commitment to you that i and my entire senior leadership team will make damn sure everybody remembers what happened here. in heart breaking detail. >> jean casarez, cnn capitol hill. the fbi director says he will do more. what did the doj do when they discovered the false statements and mishandling of their agents?
7:40 pm
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(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ shocking testimony on capitol hill today. we played some of it before the break. fbi admits to botched investigation, a botched investigation of larry nassar, the sexual assault case there. top usa gymnasts squarely pointing the finger at the
7:44 pm
institutions that enabled the abuse to continue. by bring in the former fbi assistant director of the criminal division and laura coates, senior legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. good evening to both of you. thank you for joining me. let's start with the i.g. report saying the agents involved betrayed their duties. the indianapolis field office first learned there were allegations against nassar from three gymnasts but they only to one. it was by phone. raisman said they took 17 months to speak to her. it is frankly almost unbelievable. what went wrong? you know the fbi. what went wrong here? >> don, this is as bad as it can get. chris wray said today on the hill as he testified, he had no explanation for it. not only did they do no investigation despite receiving
7:45 pm
credible allegations from the victims and the committee itself. they lied about it and covered it up. and then on top of that, the special agent in charge in indianapolis was applying for a job and trying to go for a job with the olympic committee at the very same time. and in those 14 months, dozens and dozens of young victims were at the hands of the predator nassar. so don, i can't explain it. i have had some personal experience with the fbi where a matter is reported and i've done it myself. reported different activities to the fbi. pretty serious crimes. if it is not counter terrorism, if it is not counter intelligence or cyber, they seem very lethargic getting off the ground. they seem ihyper focused. >> laura, i know you. i see that look on your face.
7:46 pm
i want to play something. this is moroney speaking with what happened to her. we'll play is it. >> i then told the fbi about tokyo. the day he gave me a sleeping pill for the plane ride to work on me later that night. that evening i was naked, completely alone with him on top of me, molesting me for hours. i told them i thought i was going to die that night because there is no way that he would let me go. but he did. i told them i walked the halls of tokyo hotel at 2:00 a.m. at only 15 years old. i began crying at the memory over the phone and there was just dead silence. i was so shocked at the agent's silence and disregard for my trauma. after that minute of silence he asked, is that all? >> it's absolutely shocking. when you look at how these girls were ignored, what does that signal to them and everyone else who is trying to get justice in the face of such ugly abuse?
7:47 pm
>> it is shocking and disgusting. she said that question later on saying, what's the point of reporting it if nothing will be done? buried somewhere. someone will be self-interested enough to get a job out of it. the idea shows that wasn't in person's mind to warrant even a telephone call to a law enforcement counter part in michigan? that's shocking to me. as a prosecutor, i've prosecuted sex offenses on behalf of young people. and let me tell you, the actions of the fbi and their delayed investigations actually probably compromised the later prosecution of larry nassar. now you have a jury pool or a judge who doesn't understand why there was a delay. was it because the fbi agent did not find the person credible? was there some reason why they looked at what they said and they said, is that all? is there something to this that makes a jour question, that little seed of doubt is all need to tank a case. you think about all the domino effects and what they've done
7:48 pm
and the difference. only in the court of public opinion among potential and also, actual victims of this person. but also, what it does when you try to prosecute and the prosecutor does make the decision to prosecute the person. this person is serving decades in prison. but that's because a judge looked at the evidence, saw the sentence, and really, it belies what the investigators did. which was nothing, it seems. >> you know, chris, one of the fbi agents involved in this was fired within the last few weeks. the other is now retired. a referral was made but doj didn't bring charges against them last year or this year. should they be charged? >> as a former prosecutor, a former agent, fbi agent, i say yes. i read the statutes that applied. the inspector general himself has no authority to prosecute. he had to refer it over to other
7:49 pm
parts of it. the lying to the fbi and the inspector general, a criminal conflict of interest on the part of the special agent in charge. other, malfeesance in general. those are what should have been brought forth by the justice department. i'm shocked that they didn't. that's how you deter this kind of conduct. >> laura, i can see you agree. you think they should be prosecuted. >> i think there should be accountability in a form, to deter this behavior. if the fbi will be able to ask for prosecution of people who lie to them, misrepresent facts and knowingly do so they have to be held to the same standard. otherwise, there is no integrity in the fbi. no credibility, no trust. and that cannot have a functioning fbi in our country if that's the case. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. >> unfortunately, we'll be discussing this, a case that
7:50 pm
should have been handled already. thank you. i appreciate it. >> coverage of today's hearing may have elicited strong emotions for some people. that's especially true for those who are survivors of sexual violence. if you or someone you know are dealing with the after
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7:55 pm
civil rights by black americans. the bombings sparked riots where two more black teenagers died. it helped galvanize the civil rights movement. it took more than a decade for one of the bombers to be brought to justice in 1977. 20 years later former senator doug jones brought charges against two more of the cland klansmen. the last bomber died in prison in the summer of last year. the past isn't really past. there are millions of americans who can remember when black and white citizens were legally segregated, when black americans faced every conceivable obstacle to voting. now nearly 60 years later voter suppression is resurgent in gop states across this country, resting on a foundation of racist lies about voting in blue cities. we saw where those lies can
7:56 pm
lead, when hundreds of rioters attacked the capitol to steal an election that was lost fair and square. on this anniversary let's remember how hard people fought for rights that still need defending, even today. president biden saying he has great confidence in general mark milley as some call for his resignation. but what would have happened if he wasn't around to stop trump's worst instincts? the former defense secretary william cohen is here to talk about it, next. sleep here. ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. i strip on public transit. we strip in the community garden. i strip with the guys. i've been stripping here for years. i strip all by myself. i'll strip just about anywhere!
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a presidential show of support. president biden saying he has great confidence in general mark milley after a book says milley took steps to limit the options of the


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