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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 18, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. happening right now, on high alert. hundreds of officers and national guard members in line to support of the mob that stormed the u.s. capitol on january 6 and the trump big lie returned to the scene of the crime demanding quote justice for those arrested in that riot. plus the u.s. admits it killed ten civilians includingself children and not one isis member in a mistaken drone strike in kabul, afghanistan. critical care denied due to covid? as the fda approves booster shots for at risk americans only. hello, earn. thank you so much for joining me. we begin in afghanistan and the admission of a drone strike gone wrong. what had initially been called a righteous air strike on a member of the terror group isis-k was a
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deadly hit on an aid worker and nine other civilians ip colluding seven children. >> reporter: for the family involved, we went to the house today and really it is just as it was right after the strike happened. they haven't had the heart to tidy it up. they lost so many family members there and i spoke to a brother today saying the pentagon said that this was a mistake. he said they're happy to hear that. that's what they knew all along and confirms that the family members civilians and the idea that somehow their family that they knew was innocent civilians tarnished as terrorists weighed heavy listen ohm this. they said they would like justice and to see the person and the people who are responsible for this strike to
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go through the court system. the u.s. court system. and face justice, appropriate justice in the united states. they told me that no one from the united states yet from the state department or military or any other part of the government have been in touch with them. no u.s. diplomats. they said the offer of reparations that the pentagon is talking about is something that they feel would be the right thing to do. the house is way too damaged to live in and they had to borrow money to bury the family members and also said and the brother i spoke to is an applicant whose application is in the process and going through and what they would like is to be -- for the family to be taken care of, to be helped to get out of the country so they can begin a new life in a third country and spoke with the taliban spokesman today about the attack.
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he sad it is typical of attacks of the united states over the past 20 years and condemned the attack and commended the united states for owning up to the m mistakes but he said it's proof that in the past the united states killed civilians here. >> is it your understanding that the u.s. considering the options that would family said it would like in return? >> reporter: the family understand from that briefing yesterday at the pentagon that reparation payments are a possibility being considered by the pentagon. but nobody has directly been in touch with them to explain this to them. what i was told was a result of my questions talked about the reparation payments. they said, yes, but really what they would like and what they
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would hope would be offered to them because of what they have been through, a mistake, but a terrible, awful one for their family. as they said to me no amount of money, nothing anyone can do can bring the family back, bring all their loved ones back and did have a question. he said, when the car was being targeted there were five children in it at the time and don't understand how the satellite operators didn't see the five children get into the vehicle as the vehicle came into the compound. this is sort of part of what they want to understand through justice that they say going through the courts to get answers on the questions. >> all right. thank you so much. now to a growing humanitarian crisis on the u.s. southern border. u.s. customs and border protection closing the port of entry in del rio, texas.
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automobile traffic on the bridge is rerouted. the mayor calling this crisis a nuclear bomb alarm and declaring a local emergency. rosa flores is there in del rio. what is the latest there? >> reporter: fred, the department of homeland security saying that they are ramping up flights expulsion flights to haiti to try to deter haitians from coming here to del rio. this is according to a cpb official. but as you mentioned there are 14,000, more than 14,000 migrants under a bridge right now beyond the gates beyond me. according to officials here they're very concerned about the potential public health issues because there's just so many people that are in a very small area. we are seeing signs that the people are starting to live
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there. there are tents going up. they are drying their clothes on fences. and officials say unless something happens quickly the processing of the individuals could take weeks so that's a big concern. now i talked to city officials earlier today about the flights that dhs says that will be ramped up. city officials say they have not received confirmation that's happening. so they are waiting on that to see if that is the plan from the federal government to provide some relief in this area. because they are so concerned that they don't have the resources to deal with the issue. about the international bridge, customs and border protection announcing the closure of the international bridge and the rerouting of traffic to eagle pass about 57 miles south of where this international bridge
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is. according to customs and border protection for the safety and security of the area. again is this all part of the plan to try to provide some relief to local officials calling on the federal government to do so? it appears to be. waiting to hear from officials about the flights for relief here. fred? >> all right. so reportedly haiti has said it will accept something like three flights a day but we are saying that it is yet to be confirmed whether the u.s. is actually putting in to motion flights for these haitian migrants to return to haiti? >> reporter: so a customs and border protection official tells my colleague that dhs is ramping up those expulsion flights and told cnn previously that one had already left on wednesday and that these flights were going to
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continue. i talked to city officials this morning about this to try to get more information and figure out when the flights start, how many, how many people on flights because let's remember there's more than 14,000 people under this bridge. fred, what they told me is they're waiting on confirmation from the federal government that is happening. >> all right. thank you so much in texas. between the growing migrant emergency at the southern border and the u.s. military's add managers of that mistaken drone strike in afghanistan friday was a blistering day for president biden and his administration. for more let's bring in jasmine right at the white house. how's the white house responding to the developments? >> reporter: we haven't heard much from the white house on either of these issues. on the situation of dell row owe i was told yesterday the vice president was briefed on the
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situation. vice president harris is leading the administration's effort, diplomatic efforts for the administration on trying to slow migration on that southern border and the root causesen in northern triangle and we know that president biden was briefed on the drone invest before news broke on the issue and yet to hear an official response from the white house since then. this is news that no white house wants to hear. that the u.s. military when trying to combat terrorism aboard made a tragic mistake they called it leading to the death of innocent children and consequential for the president for two reasons. it is the latest stain of the chaotic afghanistan withdrawal. this is the last known missile fired in afghanistan leading up to the exit and this is the --
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really calls into question the administration's responsibility to carry out over the horizon attacks something they use unmanned drones when the u.s. no longer has a presence on the ground. this is something that president biden touted really frequently as he defended the administration's withdrawal from afghanistan saying that we can withdraw because of the ability. president biden really touted the success saying that this is really showing the military's ability to do the capabilities but we now know that the strike did not target isis but an innocent aid worker and his family and waiting to hear if we will hear a response from the white house on this issue. fred? >> thank you so much. coming up, a show of force on capitol hill. police on alert as officials
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♪we got it, yeah♪ ♪ (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling. welcome back. the nation's capital on high alert. protesters are expecting to converge in washington in support of the mob that stormed the capitol january 6. we are already seeing a substantial show of force by police and national guard troops. fencing is up and hundreds of officers are in position should demonstrations grow violent. we have a team of correspondents covering every angling. let's begin with shimon
8:16 am
prokupecz. what do you see? >> reporter: yeah. so we are here at the rally side. you can see here out of -- i want to let the police car go by. so this is where the rally is going to take place. we don't know how many people are here who are part of the rally. it is a lot of media people. so far we are an hour away. obviously the security here is very, very tight. you can see police officers here from the washington, d.c. police with the riot gear. they're ready. everywhere you go in this area you see police. there's hundreds of officers outside the perimeter. also what authorities have done here is they're using the dump trucks parked along the street here and what it is is to prevent let's say if the crowd is really large and people try
8:17 am
to come this way or leave from here this is supposed to prevent them. a crowd control method. something we didn't see on january 6. this kind of presence we didn't see on january 6. many of the officers out here were here. they said they hope nothing happens. >> that is indeed the hope. pete muntean, let's go to you. on a lovely saturday, not unusual to have a lot of people on the mall. talk to me about what folks are bracing for, if there's a way in which to discern among those on the mall what their intention and actions are going to be. >> reporter: it is so interesting that capitol police chief manger said the biggest threat is posed by counter protesters possibly clashing
8:18 am
with those arriving right now. this is the protest zone and not many people arrived just yet. on the other side the bike fence and then you can see a little bit of counter protest. trump loser sign in the distance but not much in the way of skirmishes. tom manger says the biggest irs are threats received from intelligence although nothing specific and can't say how sere yousz you things are yet. this is just beginning. whether or not there's ugly squirmishes. most falls to the washington d.c. police department. they have first amendment action here in d.c. all the time. >> all right. pete, i like your word dud. let's hope it's a dud for the sake of the safety there.
8:19 am
you have some reporting on the concerns within capitol police. they have been through a lot especially after january 6. many still suffering from ptsd. what more can you tell us about what's going on within the force? >> what this is about is what happened on january 6. among police officers who were investigated for potential misconduct that day. let's be totally clear. hundreds of cops responded valiantly bravely that day but the u.s. capitol police did look into potential wrongdoing or misconduct by about 40 officers. those investigations led to discipline for about six. many of the cases were unfounded but for six officers they thought they required discipline for taking selfies with rioters. a person even revealed to a friend allegedly where the lawmakers had been taken to a
8:20 am
sequestered bunker. a higher up according to the documents told his men and women under his command not to putt on the riot gear that day. obviously questionable order, especially considering that person reported to be a very strong supporter of donald trump. as the colleagues out there in the field just told you today is not about the police officers and how they responded january 6. today is about the rioters and i want to give you context about rioters, where things stand in the investigation. look at this. 600 people across the country have been charged but most were arrested and quickly released. only a few dozen of the rioters are still in jail before the trial or as the cases move through the court system. those people in jail, most of them charged with vie leapt -- violent crimes. they were considered too dangerous to let go out into the
8:21 am
public. some judges handling the cases that ordered people to jail just a few dozen said things like we don't want you to cause more chaos at rallies just like today. fred? >> all right. marshal cohen, shimon prokupecz, pete muntean, thank you. still ahead, critical care pushed to the brink as covid cases surge and governors plead for folks to get vaccinated. >> 74 more people died since wednesday. they'll keep dying. we'll run to the fire and get vaccinated right now. or we are going to pile the body bags up until we reach a point in time to where we have enough people that have natural immunities and enough people that are vaccinated. my friend stefanie, her skin was dry. i'm like girl you better get you some dove. she hooked me up.
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some of the most vulnerable of americans could soon be rolling up the sleeves for a third vaccine dose. fda independent panel of advisers recking the shots for 65 and older and those at risk for severe infection. deciding that's just too soon to offer booster shots for everyone. but the fda did express concerns about the lack of safety data for young adults and the fact that pfizer's data has not yet been reviewed by the fda. joining me now with more dr. nathan, an emergency medical
8:27 am
physician in new jersey. good to see you as always. are you satisfied with this decision? >> i'm very reassured by the pu decision and the public should be reassured why it is driven by evidence and science. what the fda independent panel is telling us is that vaccines are extremely effective against preventing severe death and should be a really reassuring message to people and it tells us what the focus is with vaccines covert covid-19 from something that's a life threat to a minor disease. >> so the cdc would have access to the same data, correct? yet they could reach a different conclusion. >> absolutely. this is coming with the interpretation of the data and we haven't seen all the pfizer data. as a farm suit call company they have a speck need.
8:28 am
they have a specific want and desire. our desire as public health officials, physicians and cd c is to protect the american public and need to see the data to interrupt it but i think the findings is reassuring of what is needed in terms of a booster. >> you have been very clear that universal boosters are not necessary for everyone. how do you believe the determination should be made as to who would be best eligible? >> people with a risk despite getting a false series of doses. this is a third of a series. they didn't gain full immunity from two doses why . 65 is what the fda panel said yesterday but we know that that older group has a higher rate of
8:29 am
break through infection and hospitalization. and those few, the rare cases of breakthrough disease, severe disease is driven by the older group and important to continue to be protected. >> so in your view might this decision in any way canbe setba as people are yet to get the first shot? do you believe this will make them even more reticent about whether to get one? >> i hope not. we need a big focus on getting primary vaccines to more and more people. boosters is an important thing to talk about but more important is primary series with the amount of protection that yields and seen real gains from mandates. the mandates that president biden talked about just recently have clearly had an impact on
8:30 am
businesses, whether the dod, united airlines, fox news. we see huge numbers of vaccination when mandates are in place and now we need to be targets to get more people vaccinated. pregnant women are undervaccinated and ten times the icu rate. 15 times the rate of death and need to reach out to that group and reaching out to obs and rns that women with pregnant women. so let's get that information to them to get vaccinated. we know that the young adults are unvaccinated and need to target that group. incentives for restaurants and venues to require vaccines and a travel mandate would have a big impact on the young adult group. we should probably see a vaccine mandate traveling by air and train. >> you think it's coming? >> i think it is necessary.
8:31 am
>> all right. doctor, always good to see you. be well. thank you so much. >> thank you. still ahead, a south carolina family's dynasty crumbles. murder, insurance fraud, em embezzlement. the story of the unraveling of the murdaugh family. ula moisturs to help prevent dry skin. impressive! aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ try the body wash, too. ♪ ayy, ayy, ayy ♪ ♪ yeah, we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shake ♪ ♪ get some whipped cream ♪ ♪ on the top too ♪ ♪ two straws, one check, ♪ ♪ girl, i got you ♪ ♪ bougie like natty in the styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck bed all the way home ♪ ♪ some alabama-jamma, she my dixieland delight ♪ ♪ ayy, that's how we do, how we do, ♪ ♪ fancy like, oh ♪
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8:36 am
embroiled in a scandal of theft, drug abuse, a botched suicide attempt and insurance fraud. this after admitting he arranged for his own killing so that his only surviving son could collect $10 million in life insurance money. it is just the latest twist in a bizarre case that involves the murders of his wife and son and the mysterious death of the family's housekeeper. cnn's martin savidge walks us through the troubling saga. >> reporter: residents elect murdaugh as the 14'd circuit solicitor. for more than 85 years 3 sen rations with the supreme law for 3200 square miles of low country. >> it is well recognized in law
8:37 am
that in criminal justice there is no figure more powerful than the prosecutor. >> reporter: the family was well connected to law enforcement. >> probably know each other pretty well socially, too. >> that is the case here, yes. >> reporter: the grip on the officer ended if 2005 when randolph murdaugh iii retired and they had offices in three counties. for 53-year-old alex known as big red to the friends working as an attorney provided plenty of reward. each evening he headed home to the 1700-acre estate and beautiful family. seemed to have everything anyone could want. until this past june. >> [ bleep ]! i've been up to it now.
8:38 am
it's bad. >> reporter: he said he returned home to find his wife and son shot to death. >> are they breathing? >> no, ma'am. >> okay. you said it is your wife and son? >> my wife and my son. >> reporter: 52-year-old maggie murdaugh shot multihello times and 22-year-old paul murdaugh shot at least twice with a shotgun. the gruesome scene suggested two shooters. leaving many wondering if the legal role played a role. an attorney and professor. two weapons, two people would suggest this had been planned carefully? >> it certainly not is something that i would expect an investigator to rule out based on the evidence that i'm aware of that's publicly available. >> reporter: alex murdaugh and surviving son put up the own money for $100,000 reward for information. but at the bottom of the notice is an odd catch.
8:39 am
the tip must be submitted to law enforcement on or before september 30th. ever heard of an expiration date on a reward? >> i have not. >> south carolina son and mother -- >> reporter: in an interview on abc's "good morning america" they said paul had been getting threatening messages online. >> i didn't think tft a credible threat. if it was i would have notified someone but i guess, you know, maybe i made a mistake. >> reporter: the family say it started after a fatal boating accident. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> a boat crash on arthur's creek. >> we have someone missing. >> reporter: 2019 south carolina paul murdaugh and five friends with a night of partying why paul murdaugh bought beer and
8:40 am
then more drinks at a bar. everyone gets into a boat. witnesses told investigators paul was driving. investigators say the 17-foot boat struck a bridge at high speed. 19-year-old valerie beach was thrown into the water. >> help! >> please send someone. >> they're coming. >> there's six and one is missing. >> reporter: it would take a week to find beach's body. >> all rise. >> reporter: paul murdaugh was charged with boating under the influence resulting in death. he pleaded not guilty. despite the serious charges still pending at the time of his killing the noogt of the crash a dash cam recording obtained captured the voice of a passenger suggesting paul wasn't likely to face serious consequences. >> you all know alex murdaugh? >> i know the name. >> that's his son. >> driving the boat. >> good luck. >> reporter: not the first time someone suggested the murdaugh
8:41 am
name to influence the outcome of an invest. in the aftermath of the mother and son murders there was a stunning announcement. during the investigation they said they found something. they wouldn't say what but they were going to reopen an investigation into another unsolved death from 20158. >> where is your emergency? >> i was going down the -- i seen someone laying out. >> we'll see what's going on. >> not moving. somebody going to hit it. somebody going to hit it. >> reporter: 19-year-old steven smith was found death in the middle of the road in the middle of the night just outside hampton. there were no witnesses but a lot of talk police files show. and one family name kept surfacing, a name many reluctant to talk about to police leaving investigators frustrated.
8:42 am
>> a lot of people seem nervous to say the name murdaugh. >> yeah. sure. >> yeah. you know? i understand they're big down there in hampton but i'm out of charleston and that name doesn't mean anything to me. >> i see. >> i want you to feel like you don't have anything to worry about. >> reporter: no one is arrested an ebb no publicly released evidence links anyone in the murdaugh family to smith's death. then another shock. september 3rd of this year the power. family law firm said they discovered alex mauer dough stolen allegedly significant funds from the company. sources say it's millions of dollars. murdaugh had his own stunning admission saying the murders of my wifr and son caused an incredibly difficult time in my life. i have made a lot of decisions i truly regret. i am entering rehab after a long battle that's exacerbated by the
8:43 am
murders. there's an opioid addiction but the biggest shock to come. >> shot in the head. >> reporter: the very next day alex said as he stopped on the side of the road says a man in a truck drove past and turned around in a church parking lot and returned. murdaugh told investigators the man shot him in the head. he was out of the hospital two days later. murdaugh spokesperson denied it was self inflicted but the church where the truck turned around might be the answer to investigators' prayers. the church has a number of security cameras. a few xh look in the general direction of where the shooting occurred down that way and another that looks into the parking lot where murdaugh said the truck turned around. if there's video there could be clues about a suspect and alex murdaugh. what do you make of the shooting
8:44 am
of alex murdaugh? >> i think it will complicate the job for the investigators of that shooting and the shooting of his wife eand son. there's possibilities and facts that investigators have to spend a tremendous amount of time and effort winnowing through. >> reporter: with so many new questions and so few answers from investigators many who thought they knew the friendly wealthy successful lawyer big red now wonder if they ever really knew him at all. now the other shocking developments. alex murdaugh has been charged with insurance fraud. it turns out that that whole shooting in the head thing? it was meant as a way for alex murdaugh he thought to be killed by a gunman he tired. it came apart when alex murdaugh was shot and didn't die. and there is another turn in
8:45 am
this investigation. that has to do with the housekeeper, gloria. she worked for them for 20 years and then in 2018 suffered a trip and fall why it was listed as natural cause just the coroner said there was never a autopsy done and a trip and fall is not a natural cause. meanwhile the family was supposed to receive a financial settlement. they said they never got the money hthey expected. where did the money go? martin savidge, cnn, south carolina. straight ahead, ancient trees covered in foil. a new defense as an out of control wildfire spreads. rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena®
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crews are working to protect california's ancient sequoia trees from another devastating wildfire. the biggest tree in the world called general sherman is wrapped in protective foil as fires threaten that forest. officials are hoping to avoid a repeat of last year when thousands of sequoias were lost in an especially bad fire season. and tonight at 7:06:00 p.m. eastern, the first orbital space flight in history staffed
8:51 am
entirely by tourists or nonastronauts is set to splash down off the coast of florida. spacex mission dubbed inspiration 4 launched wednesday night, funded by spacex founder and ceo and the mission's commander, 38-year-old billionaire jared isaacman. the other three crew members are a geologist, lockheed martin employee who won his seat by raffle, and a childhood cancer survivor and physician's assistant at st. jude children's research hospital for which the mission hopes to raise $200 million. all right. another named storm is forming in the mid-atlantic. tropical storm odet. it is the latest in a busy hurricane season as climate change makes for stronger storms and more of them. in today's mission ahead, cnn's rachel crane tells us how a sill
8:52 am
done valley startup is using drones to study hurricanes. >> reporter: the climate crisis is driving hurricanes to grow faster and stronger than ever before. >> this storm in no way will be weakening. time is not on our side. >> reporter: hurricane ida grew from a category one to a category four hurricane in less than a day. this effect known as rapid intensification leaves emergency planners little time to react. >> your window of time is closing. >> reporter: to help make better forecasts, the company believes autonomous research vessels are up to the charge of finding out what conditions cause storms to intensify so quickly. traditionally, scientists capture hurricane data flying planes directly through them, dropping probes into the sky along the way. in order to completely
8:53 am
understand a storm, scientists say more data needs to be collected from the surface of the ocean. >> what drives hurricane consistent is transfer of heat and moisture to the atmosphere. we don't understand the dynamics how it works. >> reporter: to find out, they deployed five ships to the caribbean, areas where lots of hurricanes develop and are likely to hit land. powered by sun and wind, can stay at sea months at a time, built to take a beating. >> it is designed to get hit by wave, tumble, submerge, come back up. >> i see a camera up top. >> hurricane mission, it is key to understand spray, foam on the water. hoping to see with the camera what it looks like. >> reporter: drone sensors and cameras can send data and images in real time back to headquarters. >> these are measurements of wind, temperature, humidity, right at that interface level that may help modelers understand fundamentals of hurricanes before. that's never been done before.
8:54 am
>> reporter: more accurate models allow them to get better direction to residents back on land. >> having to get precise measurements, to predict future strength of hurricanes, enable people to make preparations or get out of the way in ample time. still ahead, a bombshell new report about instagram being toxic for teens and that's not all. "the wall s "the wall street journal "says they knew the app was dangerous." cnn is spotlighting innovative people smashing long-standing barriers. here's a preview of our champions for change series. >> join your favorite cnn anchors for a special week. >> immigrants enrich our country and they're proving it. >> sharing stories of change makers. >> this is one of the most devastating, yet preventable, issues of our day. >> helps the defenseless learn to defend themselves.
8:55 am
>> peter teaches courage, confidence, trust. >> she saw a need and every day sets out to fulfill that need. >> he is using scuba diving for better environment. >> she's a trail blazing black woman. >> preserving the ocean for our children. >> empowering women with financial independence. >> no one should drown because they don't know how to swim. >> more steps can lead to big impact. >> help kids in school and beyond. >> he is a champion. >> she's a champion. >> for change. change. >> champions for change, all next week on cnn. after pioneering photographic film, we made it our mission to help change the world... in healthcare, our imaging expertise and ai technology
8:56 am
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. hello again, everyone. thanks for joining us. i am fredricka whitfield. i want to welcome viewers in the u.s. and around the world. happening right now, the nation's capital on high alert. substantial police presence and crowd control measures are in place as demonstrators in support of the mob that stormed the capitol january 6th gather today for a rally. only nine months ago we saw this terrifying scene and so many of this magnitude. hundreds of people scaling walls, breaking windows, storming hallways of the capito y


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