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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  September 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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as covid cases fall an r we at the beginning of the end, or just bracing for another winter judge former commissioner dr. gottlieb weighs in. gabby petito's loved ones gather in new york as the search for her fiancee stretches on. >> i want you to understand. i want you to be inspired. investigators tonight trying to work out why a passenger train derailed in montana killing at least three people. >> the first thought i had when i woke up was, oh my god, we are derailing. ♪ behind the scenes in britney
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spears battle to free herself from the control of the courts. i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the cnn newsroom on this sunday. tonight president biden ignoring the kritdices and maybe the math predicting today the infrastructure bill will pass. that's despite infighting among fellow democrats. >> i'm optimistic about this week. it will take the better part of the week i think. >> earlier today house speaker nancy pelosi backed off the vow to hold a vote tomorrow on the massive infrastructure bill. the reason, it would almost certainly fail because of resistance of progressive lawmakers in her own party so we have to see what happens on that front. those progressives are demanding the bill to improve roads and bridges tied to the larger signature spending bill and the bottom line of the democrats
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both bills are in danger of collapsing and would push the nation closer to a shutdown. democratic congresswoman debbie dingle joins me now. debbie, we saw pelosi's letter that came out yesterday saying it will be an intensive few days. how brutal is this week ahead going to be for democrats like yourself? >> i'll tell you will be the week from hell. the fact of the matter failure is not an option. there is at stake. we need both bills. we have to come together as a caucus. the "d" in democrat for me stands for deliver. we need both bills and we have to figure out how to make that happen. >> it is interesting baze you have been in congress a long time. >> not that long! >> not that long. long enough, long enough. >> yeah. long enough. i've been three terms but i'm a
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seasoned person at watching the congress. no. i have never seen it this bad. there's more tension, more intensity than i have ever seen probably comply kated by many factors including a pandemic. what's at stake is too serious and real. we have to come together. we need both of these bills. what's in this infrastructure bill is important but we can't get to where we need to get without the build back better bill and on top of it it is a separate vote on shutting the government down. the republicans want to take the hands and say not my problem. it is all of our problem and to shut the government down in the muddle of a pandemic would be the most irresponsible thing to do. >> i want to go back to the reconciliation bill because that's a big part of the week ahead. pelosi said it's obvious that bill will have a smaller price tag in the end. how low are you willing to go on
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it? >> it is what's in this bill that's important for me. not having lead in the pipes. meeting the president's goal of evs in 2030. to child care, 3 million women having left the workforce during this pandemic, broadband needs to be gotten into rural areas and urban areas. there are so many things in this bill that matter that we have to deliver. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. i know people on both sides of the aisle that want the roads and bridges fixed, want that broadband, want lead out of the water that we have to figure out how to get it done. >> you are confident the democrats will eventually come together despite how divided they are and will compromise and the bills will pass this week? >> you know what i'm going to
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say? it is not going to be pretty. there's the will rogers. people with weak strom ands should not watch laws or sausage being made but nobody can afford to have either bill fail. nobody can. both of these bills have got to get passed. they both must be passed. i think in the end everybody's having long, thoughtful discussions and when we realize that what will happen -- by the way, republicans need to worry about this, too. if we lose the opportunity to fission our roads and bridges, it will be a pox on every member's house, republican and democrat. >> as it stands now how do you see the week unfolding from what you know? >> there's no better master negotiator and nancy pelosi and she's been working hard all this weekend. we'll come together as a caucus tomorrow night. i'm not saying it will be easy. i suspect long nights.
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lots of discussions. people talking, building trust, development. but we'll get there because we don't have any choice but to get there. >> i want to switch gears and i would be remiss not to have you address the exchange of words on the capitol hill steps that you have had with republican congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. let's listen to that exchange. >> >> killing a baby up to birth is a lack of civility. it's murder. how about some order down there. lack of laws. >> there are laws we follow. respect your -- >> church? are you kidding me? try being a christian and supporting life. >> you try being a kris yaen -- >> support life. >> so you've said that wasn't your proudest moment but also fed up about being bullied. what do you mean by that?
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>> so she had been -- what people didn't see is the context of this. she had been yelling at us for almost ten minutes. the speaker was having a conference at the bottom on build back better and she clear he was disruptive. look. choice is one of the most difficult issues for many people but it is a separation of church and state and she came out looking -- she kept spewing the hate that we see heifer do so often that's dividing this country. and my colleagues have a right to have a prez conference at the bottom of the stairs without her spewing that kind of hate. i just don't know why she always has to attack everybody. we can disagree but we can disagree civilly. and that lack of civility is destroying the democracy. i hadn't felt good all weekend. i've been honest that i'm
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actually pretty depressed over the weekend over the fact it happened. i'm tired of the bullying, of people bullying us and just trying to throw these word of venom that really are horrific and i've been bullied and not afraid to step up to a bully and i think this is a woman that tries to bully her way through the colleagues on both sides of aisle and i don't think if you're elected to the united states congress we should athlete every member, i don't care who you are, with respect and civility. >> congresswoman, thank you so much. best of luck with the hellish week ahead as you said. thank you very much. >> thank you. the nation's top military officer will have a different combat readiness put to the test on capitol hill. on tuesday, joint chiefs chirm
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general mark milley will give his testimony and grilled about his actions during a final days of the trump administration. according to a new book "peril" general milley took secret action to ensure donald trump couldn't quote go rogue with nuclear weapons and allegedly placing secret calls to reassure his chinese counter part. cnn's melanie zanona joining us from capitol hill. president biden has thrown his support behind milley. what's at stake? >> reporter: a lot. this is the first opportunity for members of congress to grill general milley and since the biden administration's messy withdrawal from afghanistan and republicans and democrats will have a lot of questions for him. for democrats they want to know about trump's state of mind in the final months in office and also going to want to know how concerned the general was about trump going rogue and for
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republicans some of whom called on milley to be fired or resib they'll want to know if he was acting out of the chain of command trying to avoid a conflict with china. milley denied any wrongdoing saying he was trying to provide strategic reassurances to china and none of the calls were secret but it could determine whether he survives politically. more than anything it is an opportunity to set the record straight and repair any damage that might have been done to his reputation. democrats and joe biden stand by him but this is a must watch hearing on capitol hill. pamela? >> thank you so much. so when will the delta variant run the course in the u.s.? i ask the former commissioner of the fda that question and his answer we'll tell you right
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♪ si acelero no me paran ♪ ♪ el viento pega en mi cara ♪ ♪ si acelero no me paran ♪ ♪ el viento pega en mi cara ♪ ♪ family and friends of gabby petito gathered today to celebrate her life and sense of adventure. a public memorial service was held in new york near the town where gabby grew up. long line of people waited to get inside. it was a week ago her remains were found in wyoming. her hoertbroken father spoke at today's memorial. >> the entire planet knows this woman's name now. she inspired a lot of men and
4:16 pm
women to do what's best for them first. put yourself first and do it now while you have the time. i couldn't be more proud as a father. >> gabby petito's fiancee brian laundrie still has not been found. police and the fbi are intensely searching for him. meantime federal transportation investigators are now on the scene of a deadly amtrak derailment in montana. they're looking for what caused eight cars to leave the tracks. look at this video. three people were killed. seven other hospitalized tonight. late today amtrak released a statement quoting here, we have no words that can express the sorrow for those who lost a loved one or hurt in this horrible event. they're in our thoughts and prayers montana's governor saying all passengers have been accounted for. here's cnn's natasha chen. >> reporter: officials say at least three people have been
4:17 pm
killed as rescue crews work to help passenger just the amtrak empire building 727 had taken off from chicago headed to seattle. a trip amtrak says on the website to experience the rugged splendor of the american west. including major portions of the lewis and clark trail. at around 4:00 p.m. mountain time on saturday the scene turned to tragedy. >> probably ten or 15 seconds of rocking back and forth and tons of noise and came to a stop. >> reporter: megan was taking a nap in a front sleeper car that did not derail 141 passengers and 16 crew members. two locomotives and eight of ten cars derailed. >> kind of like extreme tush benz on an airplane but like louder and there was kind of a lot of smoke smell.
4:18 pm
>> reporter: she said there was silence in the car and then evacuated within ten minutes. not until she got outside she realized the extent of the problem. she says while the front cars with respect affected she could see one a couple cars behind that sat between two tracks. then -- >> one behind that one had completely tipped over and fallen over and the most shocking part. immediate shock because we didn't know anything that significant happened. >> reporter: photos from her and other passengers show cars on the side and she said passengers if front sleeper cars worried about loved ones in other parts of the train. >> the mood was disconnected. i think people were trying to process what happened. not understanding. especially the people in cars that tipped over. they were kind of coming out of it not knowing what to think or how to process what just happened to them really. >> reporter: natasha chen, cnn,
4:19 pm
los angeles. last hour i spoke with former fda chief dr. scott gottlieb where we are right now on the coronavirus pandemic. and he laid out a possible target date for an end point to the deadly delta surge. >> probably by thanksgiving i think it will have run the course. you have seen dense epidemics in the northwest and pacific northwest, enflamed earlier than that. the question mark is whether the northeast sees a surge of infection. with high vaccination rates and high prior exposure that it's impercent you and people that believe that the surge of delta in the summer was the surge that you will see in the northeast. i'm more skeptical. i think you will see a wave of infection in the northeast as kids go back to school and people return to work and the weather gets cold but by thanksgiving it will move its
4:20 pm
way through the country. >> he says early indications point to another mild flu season and he hopes that's the case because at some point after two years of avoiding social contact the flu immunity will have waned. that's why our health team says it's important to get the flu shot this year. you can get a flu shot and a covid shot at the same time. our health team says. dr. gottlieb talked about the trump administration's initial response to covid-19. >> look. we prepped for a pandemic for years going back to inl in the bush administration we were worried about a pandemic and prepped for a pandemic in the trump administration. table top exercises and crimson contagion which was prepped for a pandemic with influenza. we prepared for a pandemic but for the wrong pandemic and i think what we found were a lot
4:21 pm
of preparations to put in place for flu with respect really applicable to a coronavirus. >> i also asked him about whether he thinks it is important to keep investigating the origin of the pandemic. >> the side of the ledger that points in the direction of this coming from a lab probably grown. we have more circumstantial evidence certainly to suggest a lab and the side of the ledger saying nature really hasn't evolved or grown. if anything it is diminished from the fact that we proved that the wet market wasn't a source of spread but a stop along the virus' path through that country. >> for the record nothing has been ruled out. the authorities in china removed the evidence from the market before anyone could look there and people don't think the wet market was the source and no consensus on what the source was or was not. you can check out the interview
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at up ahead on this sunday night britney spears' fight to free herself from her father's control. the scrutiny right down to what she was allowed to read. the beginning of fall is turning to be a lot like the end of summer for president biden. americans giving him a thumb down. how does he right the ship. we break it all down. balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪ kraft. for the win win. (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have? (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost
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of his presidency but now crises abroad and at home are beginning to take a toll. his job approval rating has fallen to 45%. that is a big drop from even just a month ago when the figure was in the mid to low 50s. to discuss why we turn to our political panel. scott jennings is a former sperm assistant to george w. bush and natasha alford is at the digital news platform with an african-american perspective. great to see you both on this sunday night. let's kick it off by talking about the week ahead, natasha. talk about the president's signature spending plan hanging in the balance on capitol hill. how pivotal is this next week for democrats and president biden's legacy? >> this week is everything. there's so many questions. can he finally get a domestic policy win? can we avert shutdown? is he able to wrangle the democratic party behind the
4:28 pm
scenes? for voters there's always this grace period. right? where they accept and understand that a president has inherited a series of crises from the prior administration. but that grace period is over and so voters are very much watching to see what president biden can get done and he's promised so much and i think that also it just sort of raises the stakes for what happens this week. i think it's very telling that we are starting to see the approval numbers slip because the faith is sort of shaking right now based on the back to back crises. >> let's talk about one of those. you have the biden administration coming under fire struggling to contain haitian my migrants at the southern border. how damaging was this episode to
4:29 pm
the president, scott? >> the immigration issue is damaging for several months now. donald trump had the border under control. democrats raged -- >> i wouldn't say he had it under control. there were record numbers under president trump's watch. >> i'm going to -- the situation is the border is out of the control. you can watch it. there's people running across the border. thousands of people camped out. the biden folks had a different message and you can see the results as some point the grace period ends and you own the issues and they own this right now. kamala harris his vice president owns it because joe biden supposedly putt her in charge of it and so i think that's an extremely damaging thing because it's a thing to all see on television. like january 6. these things that unfold before our eyes is no way to spin it.
4:30 pm
you can see the disaster and the response is sluggish. and misguided and so i do think that's one of them. i don't think that's the main issue. i think covid, inflation, afghanistan taken a serious toll and immigration is in the mix. >> i want to bring in natasha because you mentioned the vice president. obviously this is such a difficult assignment to take on immigration but the reality is this was the assignment she is given and not been to the border yet. a congressman last night said she needs to show up. do you think it's a mistake she's not been to the border yet? >> i think all eyes are on the vice president and an added responsibility as being a woman of color and seeing many of these sort of racist narratives
4:31 pm
playing out again with immigration and there is an expectation for many of the voters who put her in office that she would speak not just as a representative of the united states but as a person who said that she stood for so many of these communities. we know that there was an event with the congressional black caucus and many of the attend des said that vice president harris was very open to hearing the feedback. she encouraged them to continue speaking out but that sort of behind the scenes washington sort of insider conversation about it is different than what the public is seeing. and let's talk about the fact that president biden had very sharp words for the border patrol agents, you know, these startling images we saw of them treating haitian immigrants less than human, right? yet the policy is a reflection
4:32 pm
of the trump era. title 42 and turning people away because of covid. there's a disconnect there. you talk tough about bringing american values back and respecting people and letting them see this country for what it's supposed to be which is welcoming but then the policies reflect one in which we close the doors on people in need so i think a lot of people are angry on every side of the political aisle and certainly the vice president has a role to play in that dissatisfaction. >> and you have asylum narrow that's extremely narrow. fleeing a country with violence or economic issues that doesn't qualify you for asylum. i want to ask you, scott, about former president trump holding this really in georgia
4:33 pm
yesterday. something he said caught a lot of people by surprise. let's take a listen. >> stacey abrams who still has not conceded and that's okay. would you take to take this place? having her might be better than the existing governor if you want to know the truth. might very well be better. >> what does that say that he has such a personal grievance against the republican that -- stood up for the election which was fair and free that he wants a democrat to take his job? what does that tell you? >> you know, i was on a road trip this weekend and driving through georgia and drove through the big line of cars to get into the rally and had time to ruminate on this and reminded us of january saying there's voter fraud and they didn't vote and now we have chuck schumer in
4:34 pm
charge. i get the feeling that donald trump is so permly embarrassed that a republican lost georgia that he doesn't want anyone else to win there. brian kemp did a pretty good job and most republicans i know down there thinks that's true. to try to sabotage another republican in georgia the way he did the two republican senators is outrageous. you got to be for the advancement of that party and more than just the advancement of your own emotional problems. it is terrible. i have text messages from republicans in georgia this weekend and p.o.'d. >> is that right? >> donald trump is not helping. >> donald trump is not helping in your view and he's certainly not going away any time soon it appears. scott, natasha, thank you both for coming on and sharing time
4:35 pm
with us on this sunday night we have just learned from speaker nancy pelosi's office a vote on the infrastructure bill is set to take place on thursday. after hedging on specific timing earlier today and committed last week to holding the vote on monday so an update for you there. herschel walker looks to win in politics like on the football field but it is not like running on the gridiron. cnn's michael warren has a look at the different political strategy.
4:36 pm
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offer ends september 27th! midterm elections a year away herschel walker from georgia is wasting no time showing voters that he stands with former president trump. >> we have been together for a long time. and i said it a long time ago. a great man, great leader. i want to be a leader like him when i get to that senate seat to show everyone i love america. >> but when it comes to campaigning the heisman trophy winner is using a different playbook. be seen. not hear. or not be asked the tough question just cnn's michael warren joins me now. you make this fascinating point about walker at a recent campaign revent saying that he shook hands with adoring
4:41 pm
football fans before the taechl's recent home game and did what he is most famous for, ran like hell. so walk us through his aversion to tough questions and why he's hitching everyone to someone that lost georgia. >> it is an interesting campaign strategy and one of first do no harm on behalf of the walker campaign. keep the candidate laying low because this primary is his to lose. he is the only major candidate in it race at this moment. he's very popular in the state of georgia. well-known and has that donald trump endorsement so the campaign around him wants to keep him in the bubbles of sealed events like the trump rally and the georgia football game where he is around adoring fans and not answer questions from the local media and doing meetings with friendly outlets like fox news and keep him from
4:42 pm
answering questions about the back ground and the views of the issues. republicans in georgia are worried about the hugging of donald trump. georgia is a 50-50 state. mbah a mitch mcconnell needs to take back congress in georgia. it's a big problem. with the suburban voters around atlanta. walker might be popular among football fans in georgia but republicans look at this as too bick of a risk. >> well positioned to win the primary and then the general and how long do you think he can get away without confronting and talking about and answering questions about the past? >> republicans are worried he won't be beaten up by answering the questions and that a lot of potential problems could crop up in this general election if he runs against warnock the
4:43 pm
democrat. that is something that the walker campaign said they can basically get away with through the primary. the general election again another story. they think -- you can hear it from what walker said last night. trying to say let's come together. running really as a general election candidate now and allegations out there. cnn has reported on some of these investigations allegations a couple weeks ago. a woman in texas in 2002 accused him of stalking her, threatening her and other allegations out there. it's going to be a problem that republicans worry about and wonder if he is ready to answer the questions and look at the strategy and think that's not a sign of confidence. >> thank you for bringing the latest there from georgia. paul was 10 when he found out that she was kidnapped as a
4:44 pm
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when paul j. franzak was a boy he discovered he was kidnapped as a newborn and reunited with his family nearly two years later or so he thought. as an adult he discovered that everything he thought he knew about himself was a lie. now the new cnn film "the lost sons" explore's paul's journey to find himself. ♪
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>> my mom was upstairs. my dad was at work. i was 10 years old. i was snooping around the house looking for christmas presents. and i thought, this is a great time to go in the crawl space because it is a great place to hide presents. i saw a bunch of boxes. i thought this is it. the big score. right? ♪ it's just like papers and things why it is not a present. open another one. a bunch of cards. more letters and newspaper clippings. i'm like, this isn't christmas. so i looked at one and said 500 search for kidnapped baby. baby still missing. so i started reading it. and it said paul joseph
4:50 pm
kidnapped from the hospital. and i saw a picture of my mom and dad and they looked realitily, really sad and heart broken and distraught. i thought, wait. that's me. what happened? >> joining us now is the man at the heart of this story. paul j. franzak. paul, that is such a tease. i really -- i cannot wait to see this coming up. take us back to the beginning. what went through your mind when you first 45erheard you were th baby kidnapped at birth from the hospital? >> firstly, thank you, pamela, for having me. privilege to be here. when i first found out about the kidnapping, at first i thought it was a cool story. i'm like i'm a 10-year-old kid and find this kidnapping story and i showed my mom the
4:51 pm
clippings and she was furious i was snooping around the house. she said you were kidnapped, we found you and we love you and we won't talk about it again. i was like wow, i can't believe this. so we never talked about it again but i never ever forgot. >> so then what prompted you to decide to do more research on yourself and what do you find without giving it all away? >> i basically when i had my daughter, my daughter emma, and the doctor asked me the question he always asked, what's your medical history? i spotted off the thing i was told about my family and i started thinking really, what if i'm not paul? what am i doing to my daughter if this isn't my medical history. i thought maybe it's time to find out for sure. >> so had you ever considered maybe you weren't the kidnapped boy? did you ever question your place or connection to your family? >> you know, i had questions growing up. everyone has questions. this can't be my family. i'm living with these people.
4:52 pm
they're not like me. in my case, i really had a reason to question it. but, you know, your family says you're our child so you just go along with it because that's what you do. it's only when i got older i started realizing things weren't really -- i looked nothing like my brother or mom and dad. i was drawn to things i wasn't exposed to like music and acting. oh thought how can i be this person when i'm totally different than everyone else in my family? >> and what was that like for you being on this journey for so many years trying to find the truth who you are? tell us what it's been like for you personally doing through this? >> you know, i urge anyone that is not sure about their identity to start the journey but it comes at a high cost. i mean, i lost a lot but i would do it again and again without hesitation because once you know something isn't right, you can't live a lie because living a lie isn't living at all.
4:53 pm
>> all right. we'll leave it there. thank you so much. we are looking forward to seeing this tonight.cnn film "lost son" premieres tonight at 9:00. as early as wednesday a judge can end britney spear's conser conservatorship. it's the cnn special report and here is a preview. >> she said the conservatorship was abusive. she said she's been giving lithium against her will. >> she says she's not allowed to remove her iud contraceptive from her body even though she wants to have another child. >> it was absolutely shocking. a huge bombshell. nobody expected this. not even her fans. >> it was one of the most arresting things i've heard in my career as a journalist. >> listening live as spears testified virtually. she pleaded for the end of her
4:54 pm
court ordered conservatorship. the arrangement that has been controlling her life and finances for more than 13 years. >> she was lucid, she was furious. she was acknowledging that she might have some mental health issues to confront. but also, laying out a detailed case for how she was exploited. she used the word enslaved. >> that audio testimony has now been sealed by the judge, but the impact has been profound. >> she spoke so quickly. it was almost like she had to get everything out as quickly as she could because she was afraid they would take the microphone away. >> the c nnn special report "toc britney spear's battle for freedom" area at the top of the hour. that's all for tonight but before we go, we have breaking news for the cnn weekend family.
4:55 pm
a huge condpratgratulations to weekend warrior leslie on the arrival of her son henry. we can report that everyone is happy and healthy and we want to note, fun fact here, leslie is a second generation cnn journalist so we look forward to henry joining the team around 2043. does that sound right? so cute. welcome to the world henry and i'll see you again next weekend. i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at i'm not hungry! you're having one more bite! no! one more bite! ♪
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tonight, pop icon britney spears and her fight to take back control of her life. ♪ ♪ >> good evening. i'm alisyn camerota. >> britney spears sold more than 150 million albums worldwide over her more than two-decade career. her songs are the sound track of a generation. >> she's made countless headlines trunk thanks t


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