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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  October 2, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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unprecedented mail-in voting. a a investigation and he denies all accusations. a call on biden to get rid of dejoy. he doesn't have the power to fire him, he can replace the board that does. nominated two people to vacant seats. but the majority installed under president trump standing behind dejoy. the postmaster telling lawmakers he's not going anywhere? >> how much longer are you planning to stay? >> a long time. get used to me. >> cnn, washington. quick programming note, the new cnn original series diana
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reveals the woman behind the princess. pre premiers here on cnn. zb morning. welcome to your new day. let's talk about covid-19, the vaccines being widely available across the country. they certainly are helping. the u.s. has surpassed significant figure. 700,000 people have died from the coronavirus. right now, 55% of americans have received their vaccines. the average number getting
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vaccinated is at its lowest point since august. drug makers merck and ridge back have created a anti-virus pill that cuts the rick of covid hospitalizations by 50%. it would be the first oral medication of its kind. >> that comes as the committee reviews the pfizer vaccines for young children 5-11 years old. >> as early as next fall, california students will have to be vaccinated. saying the state is the first of the nation adding covid to a list of vaccinations required
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for in-person learning. >> i want to get this behind us. i want our kids not to have to experience the call that they can't go to school. for the groups grades 7-12 and k through 6 after that. parents waiting to vaccinate those under 12 remain hopeful that may happen by halloween. and hopeful for the ne w medication. we do need better treatments. it is not a replacement for
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vaccination. prevention is the way to go. but when people get covid, we need to provide better treatment. >> with more than 70% of americans having been vaccinated. hopeful those who need a second dose will get one. >> those who will comply have come and gone. more than 90% of the 70,000 teachers received a shot according to the city. those who didn't include stephan stephanie edmonds who now face unpaid leave. >> unless something changes, they've decided i'm a threat to public health. of course we need to balance freedom and safety but i would say this is an overstep. >> telling cnn, the few teachers can still reconsider. >> we look forward to welcoming
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them back to the classrooms. >> in addition to the pfizer shots for people under 12, they plan to take up the issue of moderna and j&j boosters. also on tap, discussions on the mix and match booster approach. reporting for cnn, new york. >> a dramatic high stakes week on capitol hill ends with not much to show from democrats. no agreement and no key vote on elements of the agenda. >> president biden is confident the package will be approved. he's just not sure when. his visit is giving him some breathing room and a place t o
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negotiate. >> this was the biggest test yet for president biden and his historic agenda and trying to pass two separate infrastructure bills. this $1.2 trillion bill that would fix roads, bridges and rail which has already passed the senate and a separate economic bill. $3.5 trillion which would combat climate change, child tax credits and paid family leave. the problem is they can not unite to pass two of these together. the week started with the goal to try to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill to get to president biden's desk to be
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signed, that ultimately did not happen. he visited of capitol hill and visited in the administration and reminded them to negotiation or both of these will fall apart. >> they emerged from this meeting with biden feeling incredibly optimistic. take a listen to what the congresswoman said telling anderson cooper last night feeling optimistic with what joe biden said. >> six minutes, six days, six weeks, we are going to get this done. we need time to negotiate. there was a lot of time to negotiate the infrastructure bill. i was wrong about that. i'm happy to be wrong about that. now we need a little time to negotiate on this build back better act. i believe we'll be able do that.
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>> part of the house problem, writing this bill, $3.5 trillion to expand the safety net. but objected to that price tag. man chin wants something between $1 to $1.5 trillion. progressives are trying to figure out where they can meet senators in the middle. they want americans to feel the results of that bill. they've butt themselves time and will continue to negotiate on these two bills. >> a lot going on. we are glad you are there. thank you. >> we'll get some insight from cnn political analyst. great to see you.
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thank you for being here. some real optimism right now. what is the reality of his new i guess loosened time line does this give them breathing space? >> it is a great question. it depends which democrats you talk to. i got a call from a very frustrated house democrat who said he's never seen anything like what he saw yesterday. president biden went to the hill and whipped a member of his own party against the key agenda. a way to get this huge
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multitrillion spending package. there is a lot of distrust on the hill. progressives think they can get this done within a week. i have a lot of questions about the level of distrust i'm seeing. traditional democrats pelosi saying they don't know what is going on. it is chaos out there. that doesn't bode well for getting things done. we had seen speaker pelosi say
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we are going to get this done. did we see the pred undermine her or what the mindset is after this? >> no question he undermined her or trumped her. she made a promise to democrats that they would have a vote on this bill whether or not they had this larger reconciliation package. a lot of these moderates were telling us all the way up to yesterday when they came to the hill that they were going to get this vote the speaker has been put in an incredibly difficult position if they didn't want the vote. they'll go on record voting of his agenda. almost a fair down but speaker
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pelosi versus president biden. they are not going to be snieping in public. they'll say there on the same page and try to pass biden's agenda. the reality is, the ork strags of this was quite messy. the way it went down, is something i haven't seen in 10 years. >> when you say there is distrust, are there a lot of people who didn't know how to make a decision? >> it is absolutely distrust. some are more left, some are more centrist. what happened this week, promises were made and not kept.
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not within the house. between the moderate democrat about a $1.5 trillion spending package. a lot thought they would get. how will they get these passed is the real question going forward. >> thank you. be sure to watch cnn state of the union. joining at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. a big day for
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demonstrations. more than 600 marches are planned in support of women's reproductive rights. this rally in response to texas enacting a restrictive abortion bill. the law bans abortions after six weeks when many people don't know they are pregnant. also no exceptions for rain or incest. the supreme court which returns on monday recently denied the request. activists fear there would be more states acting in pursue. more states with an alarming rise of military suicide. the secretary of defense wants to see something done. viral tiktoks and misleading
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18 minutes past the hour. the department of defense reveals a new report. suicide rate of active-duty military has risen by 41%. when you break those down further, the suicide rate of reserve members went up by 19%. increased by 32% by national guard members. in all, some 580 members of the military died last year by suicide. joining us now, general marks. it's always good to get your
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perspective. you are so unique to be able to speak to this with your expertise. i want to isolate that number. 9.1% increase in 2020. the expectation is the pandemic had something to do with that but is something else going on here? >> there is so much increased isolation. the military is all about units being together and cohesion. that couldn't take place. a high number of these are usually in various deployment mode they can do their job and that requires a large amount of
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training. with a pandemic, there is going to be some isolation. the short answer is yes, the pandemic is a large contributing factor. there needs to be some work done in terms of the recruitment process. there needs to be some deeper dives but the psychological and social makeup of the young men and women that want to serve the nation. only 30% are even eligible to sign up for the military because there are social issues, health issues, obesity issues, legal issues, educational concerns and they don't meet the standards. it is a very selective crew that can join and because those numbers are so low, we have to look very hard at whether there is some slippage in terms of the recruitment process. that's kind of my surface view
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of what we are reading here which is an incredible tragedy. >> we know the secretary of defense addressed this. he said suicide rates are still too high. the trends are not going in the right direction. we must provide the care and resources they need to ensure the community uses simple safety measures. what resources can you identify, if at all, are missing or absence to try to address this issue more broadly and more power fully. >> secretary austin is making the point. he's spot on in terms of what needs to be addressed. you are in a marshal environment. part of the military. we've been in combat for 20
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years. what needs to take place is acknowledging when they are feeling this way. accepting vulnerability. it's difficult to raise a hand and say i have some is challenges. to raise the hand and say, look, i don't think i'm the smartest dude in the room right now. whether this is a deployment or soldier issue and unique type of mission set, if you realize you are not the smartest person in the room, you get input and open the door to provide thoughts. we need to do that with feelings about how we are engaging. we have to encourage
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vulnerability which doesn't mean we are toughed and hardened. we can balance both of those. >> there's always the issue then, god forbid after a suicide of how that affects the troops and the families and that leaves you with a whole other issue of how you recovery and reconcile that. we appreciate you so much. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> we want to make it clear, if you or someone you know needs help, you can call the suicide hot line 800-273-8255. we'll be right back. this is worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth. and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important,
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one saying, anti-vaxxers are using the same tactics as cults do. in 1972, i was recruited by a cult. i look back and see the fear tactics used to keep me in the cult are the same to attract and retain followers on social media and other outlets. joining us any, an expert on cults. steven, we are grateful you are with us. help us understand how the tactics of a cult overlap with
4:30 am
the anti-vax community. >> so there are several components of a mind control movement or cult. in particular, two points i want to make. one is information control, which lying. outright lying, withholding vital information or distorting it. second, part of the bite model. the deliberate installation of phobias or irrational fears to short circuit people's thinking and analytic minds to be so afraid of miss judging. i want to tell the public that fear is good if there is real danger. we need to be able to react or
4:31 am
get away from anything that is really, truly dangerous like the covid-19 pandemic. a phobia is where you believe something is dangerous but there is very little risk of the danger. we need to look at facts and analyze the data to assess, i'm in the africa savannah, there is a lion. my life may be over versus i'm sitting in my living room watching a movie of a lion attacking and i'm sitting here in my living room. people need to understand control of their minds otherwise other people will control it for them. >> in the world where you have the opportunity to choose the information you consume and often it is misinformation you
4:32 am
consume, especially on social media, how would you approach someone who has gone down that rabbit hole? especially a loved one? >> absolutely. one of the keys is when i was in the moon cult, i didn't believe i was in a cult. i didn't believe i was brain washed or mind controlled. i believed the world was controlled by satan. i was tout to do thought stopping. i was deliberately taken to see the exercist movie along with other munis. and then the leader, said to be the messiah and ten times better than jesus said god made this
4:33 am
movie to show what would happen if you left the cult. before the cult, i didn't believe in satan. i'm jewish but i couldn't ever imagine ever leaving the cult. i see now, people are so programmed to dismiss any members. there is a great book i want to tell "b" you about, the doctor that fooled the world about the doctor that started the anti-vax nonsense. i want to see more teaching people how to do an intervention basically where people are thought how to control their minds.
4:34 am
if you have an elevator phobia, you can't imagine riding safely in an elevator, all you can imagine is plummeting to your death. teaching people, modern elevators have emergency brakes. the worst that will happen is you'll pee on yourself. there are ways to teach getting over the fear. people can talk to their loved ones not trying to persuade them with facts and attacking their believes but asking about their values. have they gotten vaccinated in the past. do they have trust in someone who is a doctor or a health care
4:35 am
professional? there needs to be a gentle approach with gentle questions that motivates a person to say, you know what, there really is little risk. the worst thing that happens is i'll feel bad for a day or two but my life will be saved from these infections. >> and there are profiting companies. >> and foreign actors and bad actors that want to destroy the democracy. those of us who care about our country want to step up and support our great country. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> a quick programming note. lisa ling looks at historical events in america but aren't
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their jobs to take care of kids. >> jobs in child care centers are in high demand and struggling to keep up. >> reporter: the challenges you are facing hiring staff right now, how would you face it? >> frustrating. overwhelming. nearly impossible. >> why is that? >> in the past it was can we find someone qualified. right now, can we even bet people to a lie. >> these three women who run patty cake child care in up state new york. >> one big reason, low pay. wages are $13 to $15 an hour,
4:42 am
nationally, it is $12.88. >> is that reasonable for somebody tasked with taking care of children ever day? >> no. it is not. that's frustrating for us to see how hard they are working. >> why don't you raise tuition. we do a small percentage each year. the parents can only afford so much. >> the tuition already sky high directly pays staff. infants can require one teacher to four children. with little to no funding. the result is wait listed. >> i feel bad. a lot are calling desperate looking for child care. i just can't help them. >> nearly 127,000 fewer child care workers than before the
4:43 am
pandemic. some citing covid fears and low pay. brianna is one of them. >> i love working here. i just need more money. >> she was making $13.50 an hour. >> wasn't making enough. trying to make ends me and feed my child. >> she's found a new job making $16 an hour. the decision to leave here was not an easy one. >> bittersweet. >> do you feel like the children lose when they loose somebody they did truflt and is their safe tis when they gom to school. so yes. reporting for cnn in new york. welcome to cnn underscored,
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this is your guide for the latest in tech and travel. working the hardest to find the latest in tech and travel to help you make informed decisions. the director for cnn underscored. we are talking about cook wear, specifically knives. i'm amazed how many are in this set. >> this is one of my favorite picks. the chicago cutlery infusion which includes 17-piece set. it is $130 for a knife set which is pretty much as sharp as anything else we had. the full tang, which means the metal goes all the way through.
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the global supply chain at risk of collapse and we talked about how child care is facing difficulty. looking at how potent the strain is on supply chain networks. >> easy to understand why when you look at the fact that economies are stop, start nearly two years. we are all experiencing shortages of items and staffing.
4:53 am
the transport workers have been at the absolute sharp end of this. it is different for every country and changing frequency. some contractors had to extend their contracts by 18 months. in an open letter from a group representing transport workers saying global supply chains are beginning to buckle as two years of strain are tabing their toll. more expected to leave as a
4:54 am
result of poor treatment faced during the pandemic putting the supply chain under greater threat. they want to see the return of the movement. they want to see them being made as a priority when it comes to vaccines and a coordinated process. hearing about how some have had six different vaccines for different countries and yet are still unvaccinated. it is a huge concern. i think we'll continue to see shortages. coming up, lava fountain the height of a five-story building. more video of an erupting
4:55 am
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a question for you this morning. how lucky are you feeling? today's powerball is at $635 million. we are a long ways off from the
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highest record in 2016. get those tickets now while you can. >> if i'm sick tomorrow. >> i will walk to atlanta to go take care of you. >> have you seen this video from hawaii? the kilawea volcano is still erupting. visitors have been going to watch this in person. no worries, currently, there is no threat to on lookers or nearby


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