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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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like they stood up for justice for their own families and yours, wolf and millions more. >> thank you so much for doing this documentary. to our viewers, you can watch elie's new document on our website on very, very important. e erin brunette, "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. the committee investigating the riot moves to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt. will he be forced to testify? the closely watched race in america for virginia governor. how did vitamin ga go from a solid biden stage to a toss up.
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now he's under arrest for the second time in a month. let's go "outfront ". good evening, i am erin burnett. the house committee will move to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt for refusing to comply with the subpoena. this says tonight as we are getting this new video, the v violent assault during police officers, you are looking at the mob, michael fanone from inside the building, out to the crowd. the manuel yelleyelled, "i got " a rioter is jabbing a taser into a back of fanone's neck. he's new dealing with brain
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injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. this is exactly figuring out how this happened is crucial. now of course unfortunately for him the president chose he or the former president can assert that is privilege. it resides with the actual executive office in power right now, president biden. here is the problem with the committee, they need ababannon. in a call on december 30th, bannon told trump, "you got to return to washington and make a dramatic return," he tells trump quote, "people are going to go what the f is going on here, we are going to bury biden on
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january 6th, effin bury him." bannon was clear on what were to happen that day. here he is the day before the insurrection. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. tomorrow is game day. >> well, you know this is where and this is for your time and history. so much for the argument that just sort of happened, look, he was rallying the troops, trump knew that. we know that woodward and costa's reporting is correct. bannon says so himself soon after the book was published. just listen to him. this regime is starting to collapse and there was a quote all over the book and i was talking to the president that we'll kill the illegitimate
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biden regime in the crib, it kills itself. just expose it, just expose it and never back down and give up. this thing will implode. >> so the committee needs to hear from bannon. the pack of getting him even with criminal contempt charges is not so easy for congress. they need the justice department to prosecute bannon and the doj has not weighed inu yet. this is not to say the doj won't get involved or bannon won't be found guilty at this time. the president was clear he won't protect trump from this investigation. a letter from the white house refusing to exert exec utive privilege on trump's behalf. the privilege should not be used to congress from congress or the public information that reflects a clear and apparent to subvert
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the constitution itself. well, that's what the white house council says. ryan nobel is out front. the committee has not ruled out a subpoena even for the former president, donald trump himself. >> that's right, erin, he's hoping that this information that they requested from the national archives from the trump administration which biden administration is now saying they're not going hold back because of executive privilege provides them a lot of information of what they are looking for and the connections that could be made between actions made by the trump white house that led to that dangerous and violent day here on capitol hill. he said as a result there, they're not ruling out subpoenas for anyone and that includes the fo former president, donald trump himself. he also took aim for donald trump for the way he responded of this select committee's work. he put out a number of statements where he picks on the
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committee, calling them the unselect committee. thompson says if he continues to think he's going to be able toll get away from this in the event of january 6th by putting out press releases that he's sadly mistaken. it shows the select committee is not avoiding a direct con front seatation with the former president if they feel it's necessary. that goes exactly back to the work today. yes, it has a lot to do with steve bannon himself. it also had a lot to do with other groups of individuals they subpoenaed, demonstrating to people like mark meadows and kash patel, the group of rally organizers and jeffery clark, they're willing to do whatever it takes to get the information they are looking for and that includes taking the steps refer to the department of justice and prosecuting the individuals. the committee, this is a strong signal for them today, erin, this was a skeptic they felt
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they had to take. they're not messing zaaround an today they demonstrated that. >> and gloria borgers is also with me. norm, as i lay out, you can go for criminal contempt but it does not mean it's easy. it's an uphill battle. you were very involved in the house fight to go ahead and subpoena back during the impeachment hearings of don mcgahn. that fight lasted two years, it went to tocourt, trial was overy the time it was settled. this is what happens. can democrats really fight this way and time is not on their s side? >> erin, thank you for having me back. it's important to consider steve bannon in the context of everything else that's happening and however long it may take and
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these cases can move much faster if the courts determined to move them. however long or short, this is a committee has hauled friendly witnesses in like the acting attorney general, jeff rosen, startling testimony we know he has to give. privilege that would have stood in if way waived by the biden administration and the same as you mentioned in the open with documents, they are getting a ton of information and ingredient in that is not just the carrot but the stick. this bannon contempt however long it may take, it will bring other witnesses to step forward. it's a good move. >> gloria, i want to show you the video again that we just got. it does remind people of the horrible stakes of what is at stake and what happened of these people assaulting officer fanone. he pulled out his badge and that
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they he had a heart attack and ptsd and brain injury. steve bannon was the one saying all hell was going to lose tomorrow. he was not hide ning in the cor of facebook and not known by the fbi. he was saying this. it's clear he does not want to cooperate. >> right, i spoke with a source and they're thinking this. steve bannon is an unsympathetic figure, he's low-hanging fruit. he's the person at least claimed to have executive privilege since he did not work in the white house. it's their way showing that if they're going to be this serious about steve bannon and charge him with criminal contempt potentially, then they'll be serious with everyone else. they believe it's going to encourage with other people of whom they are speaking to
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cooperate in one form or another. the attorneys, for example, for kash patel and mark meadows are speaking with media attorneyatt will they be able to come up with some kinds of documents that'll get more testimonies. this will show them maybe they should. don't forget, they got a lot of stuff already as norman was saying. the doj has a lot to say already. they need bannon. there is a lot of information they have from raffensperger. >> the context of all this if you are relying on the doj, reputations have been bruised and merrick garland is trying to
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turn this around. now this is on his plate. you have known him for a lock time, what do you think he's going to do? this was not a close case as gloria was saying. there is no executive privilege here because it belongs to biden. bannon was not even, even if there were executive privilege, erin, he was not working in the k executive branch. he's claiming attorney/client privilege. one thing we know about merrick garland, he's a laumw man. he's not going to turn his back on this and in a clear case like this, it can move quickly and i have to ask what does bannon have to hide? why not come in and cooperate? why is trump covering all this up? why are we having this sto
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stonewalling that we had in the white house when he was there? they're hiding and it's not going to work. >> will any of this actually scare bannon or get them to comply? >> it's hard to know. i mean -- this is something that appeals to his demographic, his fans. >> fair. >> that he's fighting the democrats in congress and he's standing up for donald trump. this thing is going to play itself out. he does not have a president who's likely to pardon him for anything. that's a potential problem for him. i think right now he wants to run the string out on this as well. to a certain group of people he's a hero and a martyr as a result of this. you can say in a way this is fine with him. i think he knew, steve bannon knew what he was doing.
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>> well -- he may be in the camp of just spelling my name right. >> and let it drag on. >> thank you both very much. i appreciate it. next, standoff between chicago police and the mayor over covid vaccines, the deadline is hours away. could as many as half of the police force of chicago defy the city's mandate be off the job. republican glenn youngkin is running for governor of virginia. >> we won in 2016, we won in 2020, the most corrupt election of the history of our country. >> once prominent, alex murdoch, is arrested. tresemmé pro pure 0% compromise, 100% you.
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4:18 pm
not? if you are not, you go to a separate zpapage and you will indicate that. >> reporter: the city's requirement to disclose vaccine status by friday. city employees including police officers who don't comply would be placed on unpaid leave. >> do not fill out the portal information. >> reporter: the deadline is thursday night. >> if we suspect the numbers are true and we get a large number of our members to who stands firm, they believe this is an over reach and they're not going to supply the information or submit the testing. it's safe to say the city of chicago will have a police force at 50% or less for this weekend coming up. >> reporter: there is no way to corroborate those estimates. >> reporter: the leadership of the police department directly contradicted the union head calling the policy mandatory for
4:19 pm
officers. >> i know the residents and businesses have expressed concerns that the department will not properly be staffed heading into the weekend. i can assure you this is not true. chicago police fire department will be fully staffed and ready to protect the citizens of the city. >> reporter: on vaccinations, employees who are not vaccinated by october 15th, employees must under go regular covid-19 testing on a twice weekly basis with tests separated by three or four days until the end of the year. the standoff comes after all four police officers who died in the line of duty in 2020 because of covid. even the previous chicago union died of covid earlier this year. shootings are up 11% compares to last year and up almost 70 compares to the year before, leaving no room for a source of officers heading into the weekend when violence typically surges. a letter to mayor lightfoot, urging her to drop the mandate.
4:20 pm
we can lose officers if they get severely sick or die from covid-19 or we make confront of further unraveling in our streets if officers decide not to work because of this mandate. for now we are asking you to reconsider, the mayor is not backing down. >> our goal is to create a safe workplace and the best way to do that, the biggest tool that we have is by getting people fully vaccinated. >> omar, it's a stunning situation that you are reporting on. if this is true, half the force could walk off because of this. all police officers died in the line of duty last year, died from covid. they died from covid and still to think half the force does not want to have this vaccine mandate, it's hard to understand. >> well, there is a lot of factors at play here. you talk about the four that died because of covid last year,
4:21 pm
you had none died this year because of covid and right now vaccines is readily available. this is really the disclosure of the fact that you gotten vaccinated or not. part of this may just come down to contentious relationships that we have seen at times. now when we ask the mayor whether he was concerned of a lack of officers tomorrow and into this weekend, she was not. she does not expect to be an issue. she does not want to get into contingency plans but she did say they have state resources they can lean into if needed. >> wow, this is going to be fascinating. omar, thank you so much. next, republican candidate from virginia, governor glenn youngkin says he's no trump's clone. can he really walk this line? chinese state media warning the united states tonight, if he gets in the middle o f a
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the white house says president biden will head to virginia in the coming days to campaign for terry mcauliffe. it's tighter than ever between mcauliffe and glenn youngkin. this was youngkin distancing himself last night. the rally headlined by steve bannon where former president
4:27 pm
trump calmedled in. jeff zeleny is "outfront." >> reporter: the former president can be heard but not seen. >> i believe that virginia is winnable but everybody has to go out and vote. >> reporter: as republicans hope to launch a come back in the biggest campaign of the season, trump is not invited at least for one of his signature rallies. he called into an event last night. >> we'll take it all back. >> reporter: headlined by steve bannon to build support for the gop ticket. trump used the forum to spread election lies. >> we won in 2016, 2020, the most corrupt election of the history of our country. >> reporter: gubernatorial candidate youngkin says he was
4:28 pm
elected and quickly move to the senate. in the final days of the race that had democrats on edge, terry mcauliffe is calling into cavalry, president biden this summer. jill biden on friday and barack obama next weekend, a surprising visit he made in 2013 when mcauliffe first narrowly won. >> the next governor of the great commonwealth of virginia, terry mcauliffe. >> reporter: this time mcauliffe is blasting youngkin as a trump's clone. >> i was honored to receive president trump's endorsement. >> reporter: youngkin is trying to stand alone. mindful he needs to win some of the very vitarginias who recent voted democrats.
4:29 pm
>> the person who's going to be campaigning here is glenn youngkin. >> i am on the ballot. you are going to see me campaign as glenn youngkin, you will see my opponent bringing in everybody he possibly can because he cannot win on his own. >> reporter: youngkin did not appear in person at that rally, he did find himself answering questions all day long about it. one particular incident including the pledging allegiance to that flag that organizers say was present at the u.s. capitol on january 6th, this is what youngkin said about that. >> i was not involved so i don't know. if that was the case then we should not pledge allegiance to that flag. there is no place for violence, none, none in america today. we have our right to assemble and protest protected in this great country and this great commonwealth. there is no room for violence.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: and then he quickly tried to change the subject but a few hours later, his campaign released a statement saying it was wrong and weird that organizers at that rally used that flag to pledge allegiance. clearly, the youngkin campaign is nervous about walking this tight rope for the former president, the trump's tight rope we'll call it is a challenge for him. the mcauliffe campaign is trying to tie him to former president trump. that's a challenge, erin. >> jeff, thank you very much. let's go straight to terry mcauliffe who's now out front. i know you stayed on message and been consistent tieing glenn youngkin to former president trump and calming him a trump-wannabe. what's your reaction? >> this is what he does time and
4:31 pm
time again. since the beginning of his campaign, he had one issue. for six months, all he talked about was election integrity and he would not say that joe biden is legitimately elected president of the united states. he said if he were in congress, he would not know if he'll vote to certify on the january 6th date. he's been endorsed by trump five times. that rally last night was for him. he called the organizers and profusely thanked them. now we know he's in trouble. trump said yesterday, glenn youngkin will do whatever they want him to do. a flag that was used representing the greatest democracy in the world that they used to destroy our democracy, taking a pledge of allegiance is so offensive. youngkin needs to say the pledge of allegiance was wrong and he's got to deny the president who says trump says he'll do whatever he wants him to do. he's a trump-wannabe and he's
4:32 pm
trying to play it both ways. he's got an education plan that's designed from betsy devoss, that's not who we are here in virginia. >> as the nominee for governor and you point out, and he has tried to walk as jeff called it the trump's tight rope. he's gone against trump on some crucial things. biden winning the election and believing in the election that results are going to happen in your own race. here is glenn youngkin. >> joe biden was legitimately elected. i said there was not material fraud. i believe the election was certifiably fair. >> i do. i do. this is why we came to vote. the process is going to be fair. >> that's opposite of what
4:33 pm
donald trump stands for and youngkin is saying those things loud and clearly. >> please, he said it ten months after he got in the race. eight months, election integrity is the most single important thing in virginia. he owns the statement where he says so much of the reason why i am running because of donald trump. so let's be crystal clear, look at what he has said from beginning. he did not thank joe biden when he was running for nomination, he did not think joe biden was legitimately elected. he said this week, let's go an audit of virginia's voting machines. these are his own words. he's being accountable for his own words. i may unite her. i got a lot of things done on transportation and veterans affairs. i work with everybody.
4:34 pm
glenn youngkin is an extreme. he wants to ban abortion in virginia. he's against gay marriage. texas abortions are now gone. it's so dangerous for women, they want to put doctors in jail and finally though, erin, i recruited 1100 companies and i created 200,000 high-paying jobs. no business is going to come to the state and discriminate against women or the gays. amazon or google or facebook or any of them. >> to this issue of trump and why this race is so much tiger than anybody thought it would be because it's. >> glenn youngkin is saying he does not want trump campaigning with him. president biden says today that he's likely going to come to virginia soon to campaign for you, called you a friend. you have not been shy to be critical of certain things about
4:35 pm
biden of late including how he's handled this push for the infrastructure bill which is right now not looking very good. i think everybody can agree on that. here you are. >> we are facing a lot of head winds from washington as you know the president is unpopular today unfortunately, we have got to plow through. >> if i ever run in the show here, i would get everybody in the room. >> what do you want joe biden to do? >> let's get everybody in the room, lock the door, what do you need, what do you need? let's get it done. >> when you said the president is unpopular today in virginia, do you think that's the issue? you won the state by ten points and now you are neck and neck with mr. youngkin? >> yeah, first of all, i am happy to see a fox poll just came out had me up six and the president biden plus one. i want to thank joe biden, he
4:36 pm
gave us $4.3 billion and vaccinations. it's all for washington. i am frustrated. we had an infrastructure bill past the senate with 69 votes. billions for bridges. they have got all of them. all of them have got to get together. when i was governor, i had an extreme republican legislatures. i got 74% of my bills passed. why? i brought everybody in the room, i lock that door, i am tired of doing little chats. we need infrastructures. do your job and get money out to us and help us. this is everybody in washington. so you know and i love joe biden, i have been friends with him for 40 years. he's been great to the commonwealth of virginia. this is about virginia and our future and i have a plan to
4:37 pm
build this economy, lead us out of this covid crisis. i will put the biggest investment in education, i am excited. i got more energy today than i had when i am born. we are going to take the state to the next level like it's never been seen before. i am going to do it in a bipartisan way. i get things done and glenn youngkin's extreme position on abortion and gay marriage will destroy this commonwealth. >> terry mcauliffe, thank you very mump. we'll continue to ask glenn youngkin to be on the program. he's welcome on the show any time. now, untouchable family. alex murdoch is a person of interest in the mysterious murder of his son and wife. he's facing new felony charges relating to his housekeeper who died. chinese state media warned the united states, to not
4:38 pm
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new tonight, alex murdoch is considered the person of interest for killing his wife and son. murdoch is accused of stealing settlement money. the time murdoaugh says she tripped and fail. >> alex murdaugh was arrested in orlando where he was being treated for a self-proclaimed opioid addiction. announcing the arrest, the south carolina law enforcement division says these charges stemmed from an investigation into a misappropriated settlement of funds in the death of gloria satterfield.
4:43 pm
she suffered some kind of falls as the murdaugh's home. the satterfield family says they never received any settlement money. thorlts are loo-- authorities a conducting on how satterfield died and her death was ruled accidental. in june, murdaugh discovered his wife and sons are shot to death. >> is she breathing at all? >> no. >> in a recent interview in greenville, one of murdaugh's
4:44 pm
attorneys says alex was identified by the florida division. in the same interview, the attorney says his client was visiting his mother at the time of the murder. murdaugh had not been charged in the death of his wife and son. >> it's cyou have been called a hill-billie hit man, how does it make you feel? >> i laugh at it. >> smith says on september 4th, murdaugh called him for help. murdaugh pointed a gun at smith. >> you got to take care of it. i can't do it. >> you want me to kill him? >> smith says he never shot murdaugh.
4:45 pm
murdaugh's attorney describing something different. murdaugh confessed that he hopes by dying would collect a $10 million life insurance policy. murdaugh was free on bond when he was arrested again. alex murdaugh is expected to hear tomorrow in a courtroom. it remains to be seen if he'll be allowed to go free on bond again. erin? >> martin, thank you. i want to go now to eric bland, attorney for the family of gloria satterfield. area eric, what was the family's reaction when they learned murdaugh was charged?
4:46 pm
>> it was surreal. they are shocked. in three weeks they learned $4.3 million was stolen from them. they learned that any criminal investigation is opening up regarding their mother's death and today they learned that somebody that they had great respect for revered and thought was a family member is now criminally charged with stealing their money. it's like we are in the middle of a three-ring circus, everyday is a new level of disgust regarding alex murdaugh. >> let me ask you, the $3.4 million that murdaugh stole from the family. the family was not aware for settlement for filing and they did not know about the amount. did you have any idea of what he did with that money? >> i know he went to a bank account in bank of america, we know in that same bank account,
4:47 pm
a lot of the money he alleged to have stolen from the law firm went into that account. it's hard to get $3.6 million that he got from my client and $10 million from his law firm. we expect that subpoena is going to be complied with the next day or two. it should tell us where that money went. for his crime, erin, it's not where the money went. he could have given it to mother teresa, it was stealing it which got him criminally charged today. >> recently the coroner raised questions about how gloria satterfield actually died. we know the family said there was a fall in the home and there was no autopsy. the death skcertificate came ou and concluded by a natural death. it's not a natural death. do you have any questions of the cause of her death as all of these pieces tastart to come
4:48 pm
together? >> i don't. i take alex at his words although his words are difficult to accept these days. i take him at his words and maggie called 911 and we are in the process to get that tape subpoenaed. they told 911 that she told them that she tripped and fell down the stairs because of the dogs. that's what we take happen and until something else provers otherwise, it was a negligence death that was unfortunately caused by their four dogs. >> all right, eric, thank you very much. i appreciate your time. i will be eager to hear what you find out in the next day or two when you hear more from bank of america. so thanks. >> we appreciate you having us on. all right, next death blow. those are the exact words china's state run media is using tonight warning the united states, that's what will happen
4:49 pm
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4:53 pm
to american troops. also telling taiwan don't be so sure of u.s. support being rock solid. it comes as china is escalating its military training and threats leaving the taiwanese thinking that china is serious. will ripley is in taipei. >> soldiers train for the invasion. a new video shows an amphibious assault. beijing says this targets the timeline of independents and interference by external force like the u.s. a warning for president biden and other u.s. allies who continue to voice support for taiwan. u.s. arms sales to the island at record highs. taiwan's defense minister says china could launch a full scale war by 2025. he said military tension are the worst in more than 40 years. the mainland's army faces a
4:54 pm
growing threat. on the streets of taiwan, i get a sense of the mood on the ground. it's not what you might think. >> china is for a long time, like they want to take over taiwan, but they just maybe just saying we don't know that. >> you're still here. >> yeah, we're still here. >> he owns a small burger restaurant. he believes taiwan is a country. his country. not part of china. this tea shop owner thinks the u.s. military would intervene. >> translator: i think the united states has to help because of taiwan's strategic position as long as taiwan does not give up, i think the united states will definitely help. >> this month, china flew a record number of warplanes near taiwan, including fight eer jet and nuclear capable bombers. beijing has never ruled out taking taiwan by force, insisting the island is part of mainland china, even though it
4:55 pm
has its own government and military. more than 70 years after china's civil war. but this is the first time in 70 years that china has actually had an army that angalysts say may be mighty enough to take taiwan within a matter of days even with the backing of the united states and also a president who might be president for life and who might want to put as his crowning achievement, taking back taiwan, a territory that china says will be part of the mainland eventually. >> thank you very much, will. live from taipei there. next, will the fda have a permanent leader soon? the white house showing signs it's moving toward a nominee nearly nine months into president biden's term. bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. tonight, finally. a major step toward a permanent lead r for the food and drug administration. the key agency during normal times, but this isn't a normal time. we're talking about a pandemic, crucial approvals. the fda has been without a permanent leader for nine months. the white house is vetting dr. rob kalif. while there's currently an a acting chief, senators including democrats, are giving objections
5:00 pm
to holding the job permanently. but there needs to be permanent leadership during the fda at all times. they are responsible for the safety of food and drugs in the entire country. and congress needs to get its act together and get the right person confirmed. thanks so much for joining us. "ac 360" is now. good evening. there is breaking news tonight about the right of a great arm. andrew mccabe who was fired cruelly to the glee of the former president just hours before his retirement has been totally vindicated. he'll speak about it for the first time in a few moments. we begin though tonight in a similar vein with a picture of contempt in many forms. contempt for congress and the responsibility we granted to investigate matters to national importance. contempt for the law and contempt for democracy, which took a blow when the building you see there was attacked. we got another reminder of it late today. video of the