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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  October 19, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i'm kate bolduan. here is what we are watching at this hour. refusing to cooperate, former president donald trump sues to keep white house records secret, stone walling the committee investigating the insurrection. neither side is backing down ahead of a pivotal vote today. democrat versus democrat, the white house chasing a so-far elusive deal on trillions of dollars on spending. president biden is trying to reunite the party. and the cdc is ready to
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clear the path for millions of americans to get a covid booster shot. thanks for being here. new developments on the house committee investigating the capitol insurrection. the panel is moving swiftly to vote tonight to hold at least one of donald trump's close advisers in criminal contempt of congress. we're talking about steve bannon, and they're moving on him for refusing to comply with their subpoena deadline. at the very same time, donald trump is suing that very same house select committee to try to keep his white house records secret. this maybe is the least surprising of donald trump's tactics to delay investigations. the national archives says it plans to turn over dozens of documents from the trump white house next month as requested after the biden administration refused to asertd executive privilege. the white house is defending that decision, saying the former president abused the power of office. let's begin our coverage with
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cnn's whitney wildlife in washington for us this hour. start with the vote that's coming up on steve bannon. what's going to happen? >> reporter: well, it will certainly pass. this is the committee vote to move on these criminal contempt citations against steve bannon. that will go to the house floor for a vote where it will likely pass. then it moves to the department of justice where it will essentially be up to the attorney general to decide whether or not to move on that. so there are still a few steps in the process, something to watch and it kicks off tonight. it is impossible, kate, to believe that the house committee investigating the january 6th riot and insurrection has not calculated for lengthy court battles that could be drummed up by steve bannon as well as former president donald trump. back to steve bannon, they believe he has crucial information. they believe he was at the center of this effort to stop what they call ramp up the stop the steal rally to continue to,
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you know, spread this big lie that the election was stolen, which eventually led to the riot. for example, they cite words he said on his podcast january 5th. here's the quote that popped up in the resolution from the house committee last night. steve bannon on his podcast, january 5th. "it's not going to happen like you think it's going to happen. it will be extraordinarily different. all i can say is strap in. you made this happen. tomorrow it's game day, so strap in. let's get ready." then later on, "all hell is going to break loose tomorrow," so many people said if i was in a revolution i would be in washington. well, this is your time in history. those are steve bannon's own words flying back in his face from the house committee. they say he was at the center of this effort which ended up erupting into a violent insurrection at the capitol. kate, the other illuminating information we got yesterday from the house committee is we
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had basically had the cover sheet and now we have the committee believing what steve bannon knows. the investigation includes communications with extremists, groups like the proud boys, the oath keepers, many who are facing conspiracy charges. >> whitney, thank you. appreciate it. that vote coming up tonight. joining me for more on this, cnn chief political correspondent, co-anchor of "state of the union" dana bash and prosecutor paul cowan. let's start with the legal then the broader impact. paul, it would be a misdemeanor against bannon, but it comes down to there's this long process. as whitney lays out, it comes down to what the attorney general wants to do. what do you think merrick gar land would be weighing here? >> the history of the use of contempt by congress. when you look back in history, not a whole lot of people have
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been held in contempt of congress. so that's something that would weigh in bannon's favor. on the other hand, he'll be looking at the purpose of this legislative committee, the select committee. they have a right to issue a subpoena if they're functioning in the course of what's called a legitimate legislative purpose, that is, they're investigating something that legislation can arise from. and if the attorney general decides that that happens to be the case, he may very well feel that he can support a contempt trial and a contempt charge against steve bannon. bannon would then face up to one year in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted. >> dana, this is, though, more than a legal fight. this is an opening salvo ahmed lots of them over how serious congress is going to take the january 6th investigation, how serious congress and really the public image of congress is and
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how serious they take subpoena power and investigations. what do you think is at stake with this? >> there's so much at stake. you're absolutely right, kate, that this is first and foremost about fact-finding, about finding out in this case from steve bannon what went on, how much of an impact did he have on what ended up as the insurrection, what kind of communications did he have with the president and people around the president that day. people in and around this committee admit fairly that this is about being taken seriously, that this is going to be a real investigation. and it starts with steve bannon to use him as an example. again, it's not as if they don't want to talk to him. they do very much so. but they want to send a signal to the others who are just completely blowing off the
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united states congress and subpoenas from the united states congress to say this will not stand. there is a lot of frustration that members of this committee are hearing that why isn't it going quicker, why is it taking so long? the reason is what paul said. it's not unprecedented, but it's incredibly rare for people to have the gumption or frankly lack of shame to just ignore subpoenas like this. and so finding their way legally and going through the process and doing it properly is really important in order to set a precedence not just for the future congresses but more importantly for mow they information gather for this particular investigation. >> it's especially ridiculous with steve bannon because he's trying to say executive privilege needs to be dealt with, yet he left the white house and the administration in 2017. >> they expected executive privilege to be invoked for some
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of these potential witnesses, those who got subpoenaed, but not steve bannon for that exact reason. >> exactly. >> he has no grounds, i think, to be supported on that executive privilege claim. that will be thrown out, i think, in court. >> paul, with bannon, could it be decided that he be held in custody until there is a legal resolution of whatever this is? that could be some time. do you think there's an argument to be made for him to be held in custody until it's resolved? >> that's an interesting question, kate. you know, if i were appearing before a judge in new york city and i was held in contempt, they'd haul me out to the cell behind the courtroom and i'd be held there. a judge would have that power. a congressional committee doesn't really have the power to do that, to order his incarceration, but there's something called inherent contempt that was enacted in the 1800s because congress was fetd
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up with this idea of sending this to the courts and having the courts decide. he could be hauled in front of the entire house of representatives, and they could vote on whether he should be held in contempt. in fact, there used to be a jail cell underneath the capitol where people could be held where an inherent contempt trial was taking place. as i said, this is a procedure from 1800s. we haven't seen it in modern history. i don't think you're going to see wit steve bannon. >> regardless, kate, you know from spending a lot of time walking the halls of congress with me that there's this spectacle that we are going to see, never mind in the vote tonight with the committee but the broader house of representatives. and as important as it is to continue this process for the reasons we've described for the democrats on the republican side, you know that they're going to use it as bait for fund-raising and express their
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fealty for the former president as much as possible. >> there is a whole lot wrapped up in all of this. you laid it out perfectly. appreciate it, guys. there's another legal issue facing donald trump. the former president spent more than four hours answering questions under oath monday in a video deposition that's part of a lawsuit unrelated to anything we drus just discussed. kara scannell is live in new york with the latest. she's been tracking all of this. what do we know about what trump said during his deposition? >> reporter: as you mentioned, this deposition is very different and separate from the other depositions that you were talking about. this stems from a 2015 lawsuit where a group of men while protesting outside of trump tower, protesting against trump, who was then a candidate for president, his anti-immigration rhetoric. they accused his head of security assaulting them at that protest and punching one of them in the head.
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the deposition took place at trump tower, and lawyerings for the plaintiffs questioned trump under oath for 4 1/2 hours. while those lawyers declined to get into any of the specific answers that trump had given, one of the attorneys, thomas madrid, was on "new day" this morning. listen to how he characterized the deposition. >> our strategy to make sure he'd tell the truth i think, you know, we had him under oath, posed the questions, and we tried to corner him. at times he was combative and evasionive, but we did pose the questions and we got answers i think for the most part to most questions. >> if you've seen trump in the press like most of us have and the way he responds to the press, it wasn't too different to the way he answers questions from them. >> so the lawyer also said that trump complained several times about having to sit there and answer questions. the big question is will we get to see any of this deposition. there's a court hearing on monday that might shed more light into that process.
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this deposition will be played before a jury in the bronx when it goes to trial. kate? >> kara, thank you. coming up for us, two big meetings at the white house, but the question remains the same -- what is joe biden going to do to get his party on the same page and his agenda back on track. and what does it mean for the most closely watched governor's race in the country? ready for subway's eat fresh refresh™? that's the new and improved italian b.m.t.®, with new artisan italian bread, new black forest ham, and new mv- you gotta refresh to be fresh! hold up, false start on the spokesperson. save big. order through the app. ♪ when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots?
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if you take a look at president biden's schedule today, it sends a clear message.
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the president is all in and really wants to make a deal. this afternoon, the president has meetings on the books with progressive members of congress and a separate meeting with moderates as they try to bridge the divide over how far to go, how many people to help as they redefine the social safety net of the country. john harwood is live at the white house tracking the comings and goings. >> reporter: kate, we've paid attention during this negotiating process to the recalcitrant democratic senators who have been holding out, kyrsten sinema of arizona, balking at some of the provisions. she just arrived a short while ago at the white house. yesterday the president spoke to joe manchin of west virginia. of course he represents a coal state, is concerned about some of the climate change provisions that would accelerate america's shift and the world shift away from coal to cleaner burning renewable fuels. he also is concerned about some of the portions of the bill that he thinks are tantamount to welfare, big spending. he doesn't like the price tag.
8:18 am
but the president is also going to be hearing today from some of those house progressives, people like jamaal bowman, who spoke on "new day" and said representing the views of the progressives, hey, what about our views? >> i asked joe manchin is he okay with violence in our communities continuing, public housing falling apart, black and brown people disproportionately dying from covid, the climate crisis, ask him to go bigger instead of asking us to go smaller. >> reporter: now, of course, jamaal bowman and the views that he represents are more common place within the democratic caucus than joe manchin and kyrsten sinema's views, but the challenge of governing with extremely narrow majority, zero margin for error in the senate, tinemy margin for error in the house, is you need everybody on board. what joe biden is doing now as he's trying to sprint toward a resolution of this by the end of the month of october to try to get both this bill and the infrastructure bill passed is
8:19 am
trying to bring everyone together and step up the presidential involvement and see if he can forge a deal drawing upon those 36 years he spent in the united states senate. kate? >> stand by to stand by. thank you, john. outside of washington, democrats might not be following every twist and turn of what's going on here, but the headwinds facing joe biden, like these negotiations, they are following and they could have a very big impact on upcoming elections. these headwinds first and foremost, the governor's race in virginia. election day is two weeks out. hundreds of thousands of voters have already cast their ballots. joining me now is terry mcauliffe, the democratic candidate in that race. we have extended an invitation to glen youngkin and he has not accepted. it is one thing, as john was getting to, to hear democrats in congress battling publicly on how to move forward on their agenda. they have time to do that. in virginia, people are already
8:20 am
voting. is it already too late for democrats to pass a bill to give you a boost in these final days to show that democrats in power can get something done? >> yeah, we've already had 400,000 people early vote. we are on track to have the biggest vote turnout in the history of a gubernatorial campaign if you look at the early vote. the issue on the infrastructure, i'm confident they'll get it done not because i'm running for governor but i'm going to get $7 billion here in virginia just for roads. i'm very happy what we've seen so far. as you know, the american rescue plan, kate, we got $14.3 billion in virginia, $300 billion just for education, child poverty is being cut in half. we have a lot of great things to run on. i'll be honest with you, what i hear every day, are you going to get the $15 minimum wage, paid sick leave, family medical leave? i will get those done for virginians. glen youngkin is against
8:21 am
abo abortion. donald trump has endorsed youngkin six times. he's said the reason is running is so much because of donald trump. i'm running for virginians, to raise them up. i did before as governor, 200,000 new job, personal income went up 14%, unemployment dropped in every city and county. i'll do an historic investment in education and health care. that's what folks are asking me. we had a great weekend. stacey abrams was here last weekend. dr. jill biden. i have president obama coming in this weekend. it's exciting here. big issues on the ballot, lifting people up. that's where people want to go. they don't want to hear a donald trump, glen youngkin. the other day they had a youngkin rally where they pledge aid lee jans to a flag. >> he wasn't there and called it gross after the fact. one name i haven't said yet was donald trump, which you've mentioned two or three times.
8:22 am
you are rolling out a new ad today about january 6th, tying your opponent to trump and january 6th. look, you have been running against trump and trumpism as much as against glen young kin throughout the campaign. no secret in that. >> yeah. >> do you think your only path to success is making this a choice between you and donald trump? >> that ad, i was governor during charlottesville, and i talked to president trump on the phone and begged him to come out and condemn the neo-nazis and white supremacists. he refused and said there were good people on both sides. glen youngkin has consistently said -- all he's talked about in his campaign is election integrity. they're running to get him off the mat to get him ready for 2024. in regards to that rally, youngkin wasn't there, but it feels his rally.
8:23 am
if it was a terry mcauliffe, that flag being desecrated the way it was, i wouldn't call it weird, i'd call it disgraceful and disgusting. glen youngkin needs to condemn the actions where you actually pledged allegiance to a flag. it was used to try to destroy our commonwealth. it's plain wrong, kate. >> terry, to my question, do you view your only path to success -- because it is a clear choice that you talk about donald trump so much -- do you see your only path to success a making this terry mcauliffe versus donald trump? >> no. i've spent most of this campaign, if you look at my advertising, what i say on the trail, there's huge differences in this campaign. i'm for raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks and for paid family medical leave. i'm for paid sick leave. he wants to ban abortions. he got caught on tape saying he will go on offense to ban abortion and defund planned parenthood. now after what we've seen in
8:24 am
texas with the trump supreme court, if glen youngkin is elected governor, abortions will cease in the commonwealth of virginia. women's right to choose will be gone. >> you do talk about issues. let's talk about one issue that has not gotten a ton of attention, which is one thing you're up against is apathy amongst democratic voters, the risk they will not show up. set aside the parental rights, parental control issue that has really become a thing, i'm seeing democratic activists upset now over you changing your position on a core issue in criminal justice reform, qualified immunity. why do you now say that you would not end qualified immunity when you said months prior that you would? >> first of all, democratic activists are not upset. i have been consistent. qualified immunity is exactly what it says, qualified. if you're a law enforcement officer and go out in good faith and do your job every day, you get the protections of the
8:25 am
commonwealth of virginia. however, if you're a law enforcement officer and you break the law, then you will not get the protections of the state. that's why they call it qualified immunity. >> that's what the entire debate about qualified immunity is all about, which is that people believe -- >> it's what i've said from day one in the campaign. >> -- shield police officers from accountability. do you think it shields police officers from accountability? >> let me say it again, we will protect law enforcement officers every single day. when i was governor, i had the lowest crime rate of any major state in america. i always invested in our law enforcement. as governor, your number-one job is to keep your citizens safe. if someone breaks or goes against someone's constitutional rights or breaks the law, you don't get the protections. our general assembly today has a whole task force. they'll come out with recommendations, and let's see what they do. let me say this, kate. people are enthused. let me repeat what i have said. we've had 400,000 people vote. that is more than any governor's
8:26 am
race in the history of the commonwealth of virginia. i've raised $2 million just since that flag pledge of allegiance they did at the rally. one of my best signers, carole king, you've got a friend. people are excited here. we knocked down over 102,000 doors this weekend. we had 722,000 voter contacts last weekend. this is historic here. so i've got to tell you, kate, come down to virginia, virginia is for lovers, come on down and see the excitement and the enthusiasm. as i say, we have president obama coming in this weekend. vice president harris is coming. >> when is biden coming? >> the president is coming and i'll let the white house make the official announcement, but i can promise you that president biden will be back in state very soon before the election. and, you know, we had stacey abrams here this weekend,
8:27 am
dr. biden. folks are fired up here. come on down, kate. >> are they fired up? i want to double-check. thanks for coming on. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> two weeks out. people are voting as we speak. thank you so much. a programming note -- on thursday, president joe biden joins anderson cooper for a live cnn town hall at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. up next for us, another missle test by north korea has neighboring countries on edge as china denies conducting a test of their own.
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north korea has fired a ballistic missile overnight. the latest test seems to be launched from the sea. it follows another potentially ominous weapons test in the region, china reportedly conducting a hypersonic missile launch, one capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. china denies the claims. will brickley is live with more. what do you know or are picking up about both weapons tests? >> reporter: here is what we're waiting for right now from north
8:33 am
korea, is their state media to release photos, which usually takes about 24 hours after the rest of the world finds out about this test. we need to know if this ballistic missile was launched from a submarine as is suspected. japan saying two missiles were launched, south korea saying at least one missile. if they have the technology to launch a ballistic missile from one of their antiquated, noisy submarines, no match for the modern fleet of the united states or the uk or china, but still a potentially dangerous weapon because they can sneak up and launch. the hypersonic missile that both north korea claims they tested last month and also china is now denying that they tested, this hypersonic arms race is one of the most concerning trends analysts say that we're seeing in this part of the world, because now if north korea is getting closer to hypersonic missile technology, which meanings its travels at least five times the speed of sound, it could actually travel from
8:34 am
pyongyang to washington in less than two hours. if north korea has this, china has this, russia has this, the united states is working to develop this technology, it's also very difficult to shoot down, they can change direction, literally fly in under the radar. so if you have north korea now moving towards a hypersonic capability, china, we know they have it, and also now potentially submarine-launched ballistic missiles, it's definitely an arms race and a lot of room for miscalculation, kate. >> absolutely. great to see you, will. thanks so much. joining me for more is david sanger, white house and national security correspondent for "the new york times." good to see you. when it comes to north korea and this ballistic missile test, i saw it described as possibly the most significant demonstration of north korea's military might since joe biden has taken office. what are they trying to do here? >> i think, kate, the first thing they're trying to do is get some attention.
8:35 am
so far the biden administration's method of dealing with north korea has been largely to ignore them. they've put a lot of effort into trying to get back into the 2015 iran nuclear deal. there's been no particular major outreach to the north koreans. the north koreans realize that president biden isn't interested in the kind of summits that president trump had. and so i think a good deal of this is pay attention to me. they also want to see if they can convince us that they have perfected the submarine launches that will was discussing before. as will pointed out, their subs are not exactly hard to find. it's the chinese tests that i think are more worrisome at this point than the north korean ones. >> that's what i was going to bring up. it feels like every day we hear of another new missile launch in the region. you've been doing extensive reporting on the tension between the u.s. and china and china's denial of this hypersonic missile saying that it was a
8:36 am
routine spacecraft experiment, i believe, what is really going on here? >> well, you know, routine spacecraft experiments can be used to understand things you need to know before you design a missile. the north koreans and the iranians at various points have put up satellites, small satellites, said this is a peaceful space launch, but of course the technology you need to get a satellite deployed into space is pretty similar to what you would need to be able to launch a warhead. what it's missing is the reentry part. what we don't know about the chinese test is what did that last segment of it look like. you know, probably my view would be in the u.s. interest to sort of begin to describe that. as will said, there is a hypersonic missile competition under way. the united states is not in a great position to argue for stopping these since the u.s. is also building them. but they are designed to defeat
8:37 am
traditional missile defense, and i think one thing you could conclude from this, kate, is that 300 billion or more we've spent on missile defenses at this point is pretty much not going to do much against this kind of threat. >> that's why i think probably one of the reasons you explored a provocative question recently, which is is the united states now in a cold war with china? where do you land on this? >> so, a lot of this issue depends on how you define the cold war and those in the administration say we're not in one point out rightly that the u.s. and china have much deeper economic entanglement than the u.s. and the soviet union ever did, that china is a technological competitor, an economic competitor, military competitor. it's a much more complex relationship. in my view, while that's true, that doesn't necessarily mean you're not in a cold war, it just means that the elements of it are a lot more complicated.
8:38 am
and you have some possibilities of avoiding military confrontation precisely because it would so hurt the economies of both sides. >> david, thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> always great to be with you, kate. >> thank you. there are new developments out of haiti this morning, after 17 missionaryings, 16 american, were kidnapped over the weekend. a haitian official tells us the gang has laid out a ransom demanding $17 million for the safe return of these missionaries. we do know that the group includes men, women, five children, one just 8 months old. they are being held in a location we're told near the capital of port-au-prince, and haiti's justice minister tells cnn they are believed to be safe for the moment. the fbi is assisting with that investigation. coming up still for us, the fda is ready to approve mixing and matching coronavirus boosters. we'll discuss why they're moving in this direction. that's next.
8:39 am
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! cnn has learned the fda is planning to allow americans to get a different coronavirus for their booster shot than their initial doses. the exact wording of the guidance is not yet clear, but
8:44 am
sources say the agency is expected to make a broad authorization as soon as this week. nih has presented evidence from an ongoing study showing it doesn't matter which vaccine they get, that mixing doses is safe and boosts immune response. peter hotez is the co-director for the center for vaccine development at children's hospital. what do you think of this? all good news? >> yeah. on the other hand, kate, what i would say is there are really not too many instance where is i think it would be necessary to make a switch. the reason i say that is an abundance of the three different types of vaccines available in the united states, and, you know, there may be some parts of the u.s. where one is limited and you can't get it, but generally speaking they're widely available. let's go through this one by one. the first two doses of the pfizer/biontech vaccine which i got, i stuck with pfizer, the reason being because there's always going to be more data on a vaccine coming from the same company.
8:45 am
so we'll always have more data on safety and the effectiveness if we stick with the same vaccines. i stuck with pfizer. i would probably recommend doing the same with moderna, if you got two moderna doses. stick with moderna. the one gray zone may be those who got a single dose of the j&j vaccine. there's e merging data that a second dose looks really good and always looked that way from the phase one trial and gives robust effectiveness when you give t in two doses. i think the one study that's kind of spooking a lot of people is there was a preprint that suggested those who got the johnson & johnson vaccine when they got that second dose, they did bet were one of the mrna vaccines. i bead a little careful about that because, you know, the kinetics of the immune response with the j&j vaccine is a bit different. the peak in immune response tends to be delayed, and you also see more t-cell responses with the two doses of the j&j that you might see with the
8:46 am
mrna. so there may be other advantages. so the team that's doing those booster studies is going to be publishing additional studies to look at it later on. so possibly the one place where you might want to make a switch is if off single dose of the j&j vaccine and you're at risk for clotting disorders, if you're pregnant or susceptible to thrombotic events or birth control, you might want to switch to a mrna. the biggest question i get by far is those overseas who don't have any access to the vaccines used in the u.s. and use a china or russian vaccine, what should they do when they come to the united states. >> thanks for that. so transitioning to another aspect of what we're constantly talking about is schools. when it comes to schools, we are learning more about dealing with covid exposure in a different way. instead of quarantine after all
8:47 am
exposures, schools have been -- some schools have been evaluating a strategy of if exposed and exposed students test negative and have no symptoms, they can stay in school and in person. in marietta, georgia, 3% of students exposed were found to test positive, which means 97% of the students exposed were able to stay in class. what should we learn from this? >> well, we're now understanding the importance of keeping kids in class, doing in-person classes, but then again, if we were to take a step back, i would say the single most important thing to do is to ensure that everybody who walks into that school has a mask on -- teachers, staff, buggs drivers, the students, with the possible exception of some of the special needs kids who can't wear masks, and then vaccine mandates, making sure everyone who walks into the school who is eligible to get a vaccine gets vaccinated. those are the two most important
8:48 am
things you can do to ensure kids will get safely through the school year. this additional testing process, i think it's great. it builds in some added protection and reproach, but it's still not a substitute for the mainstays of keeping our kids in school. >> just further proof that the other medication efforts are just that important. good to see you, doctor. thank you. >> thank you. breaking news in to cnn, decision by the judge in the case of alex murdaugh as he appeared at a bond hearing in columbia, south carolina. much more right after a break. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm. (vo) adventure has a new look. (man 1) let's go lower. (man 2) lower, that sounds good. (vo) discover more in the all-new subaru outback wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. (vo) i am living with cll and i am living longer.
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bars. let's get the late forest on the ground. cnn's diane gallagher is live outside the courthouse. diane, what happened? >> reporter: many threads to the story surrounding alex murdaugh. this one this morning not too long ago, judge clifton newman denied bond to alex murdaugh saying he must undergo a psychiatric evaluation before bond could be considered at a later date. these charges were on obtaining property under false pretenses
8:54 am
related to the 2018 death of the murdaugh housekeeper gloria satterfield. according to the state prosecutors, murdaugh came to the satterfield family at the funeral saying she could sue him after she died following a trip and fall accident at the murdaugh family home. now, he set them up with an attorney, according to state prosecutors, who then brokered a $4.3 million settlement agreement. roughly $3 million of that was supposed to go to the satterfield family, but according to families they didn't see any of it. instead, that attorney put checks in an account that shared a name with an insurance settlement firm that deals with these kinds of things in south carolina except it was one that was run by alex murdaugh. he made the name similar according to attorneys and they say that he was using that money for his own personal reasons. they laid out the case saying that he had used to pay off credit card bills, give money to his father and things like that.
8:55 am
the judge initially was asked by the state for a $200,000 bond after the satterfield eats attorney said that they felt he was a clear and present danger to the state, to people, to himself. the judge considered that. the satterfield family attorney coming out saying that they were happy with this decision. >> and as you mentioned with this, there are so many threads. thank you so much for the update, diane. i really, really appreciate it. and thank you all so much for joining us today. i'm kate balduan. much more to come. "inside politics" with john king begins after a break. ♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪ ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪ ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪
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hello and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. the january 6th committee collides with trump defiance. today the panel plans to hold a top trump ally in contempt, and this. the former president sues to stop that committee from getting access to his records. plus, can joe biden deliver? this afternoon the president hosts a slew of critical meetings with fellow democrats still divide over the size and scope of the biden agenda. plus this, the fda plans to okay mixing and matching your covid vaccine, this as the clash over vaccine mandates grows and a power 5 school


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