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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  October 20, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. >> top of the hour, i'm victor blackwell. fbi agents say items of interest were found at the carlton reserve in the search for brian laundrie, he of course the missing fiance of gabby petito. >> we know the sarasota medical examiner and a cadaver dog are on the scene, let's go to randi kaye at north port, florida. any description, anything more specific then articles about what was found? >> so far victor, no, we know
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that these items, these articles were found, according to the family attorney, these are articles that belonged to brian laundrie. they were found just off a hiking trial here in the environmental creek park here behind me. this is the entrance to the carlton reserve which is where authorities have been searching for brian laundrie since september 17th, since his family directed him here, saying this is where he came to hike. it's unclear what was found but we know the family was in there early this morning after alerting authorities that they were going to come here and search for him. the park just opened yesterday, so the family came here this morning along with law enforcement who was trailing behind them and found these items off one of the hiking trails. we don't know what they were. we know the coroner is on scene. that has not happened here in the search for brian laundrie yet in this last month or so. we also know there's a human remains detection dog here, along with two spotters, this is
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a dog that only searches for decomposing bodies, does not alert for anyone who's alive or missing or for a dead animal, strictly, a decomposing dead body. i spoke with the pasco county sheriffs office, they were called this morning to come here with the human remains detection dog to help in the search. the fbi is on the scene. we saw a large trailer go in behind us, unclear what that is as well. there is one north port, just at the entrance here behind me, again, we have an area so we can see the dog working in that area. it's unclear what exactly is happening inside. the fbi says the reserve right now is closed. this area is closed to the public. clearly they were processing the scene. v victor, alisyn. >> authorities have been looking for brian laundrie for a month and then last night his parents
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called the fbi and they say, by the way, tomorrow morning, we want to go to that very park, and look for our son, and lo and behold they find his belongings after looking for a month. help us understand the timing. >> this is what we're understanding from the family attorney. the fbi out of tampa has just tweeted after confirming items of interest found in the fbi evidence response team. they are processing, they don't say who, though, they just say items of interest. it is very very coincidental. i mean, it's just ironic. however, the family from the beginning has said we believe he's there. we know the areas where he would frequent. the trails that he enjoyed to hike upon. but it was about a week ago that the father actually went out with law enforcement to show them exactly he liked this, he liked that, and they had a dog out at that time, and they did search those trails. so this would be going back to those areas that conceivably
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brian laundrie's father frequented. >> gene, randy, stay with us. i want to bring in now a forensic scientist, lawrence cobalinski to join the conversation. first, when we consider the medical examiner has been called out, this is not a person who searches, right. what would be, from concluding from that, that this person is now on scene, how far along into this search they are. >> i do think this medical examiner comes from sarasota. he's the county medical examiner, and i think it would be very very odd for police to call the medical examiner without having remains at the scene. finding clothing is a very significant factor, but there's no need for a medical examiner here unless they did, in fact, find human remains, either complete remains or partial
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remains, this is a site exposed to animals. known to pull body parts, body pieces away from the main torso. and that could be why the cadaver dogs are at the scene. this may not be a complete set of remains. and they're trying to put the pieces together. but it seems to me you would not have a medical examiner present at the scene, unless there were human remains that were found, perhaps by the cadaver dogs. it does seem a bit odd as gjean casarez pointed out to have these -- the parents come back. they're the ones who find this clothing when the police have been looking for so many weeks now. it just seems very very odd, and i would really like to know a little bit more about the status of the clothing, what the clothing appears to look like. does it look like it's been weathered for many weeks. or is it relatively fresh, does
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it have bloodstain on it, that would indicate some kind of violence or trauma or some sort. was it exposed to water and for how long. >> i want to be clear about what we know and what we done know. we know that there are articles that have been discovered, if it's clothing, a backpack, camping supplies, know that these are items of interest that might have belonged to him. but nothing specific on what exactly it is. >> about where you are at that park, you were saying that it was closed. has it been closed for the past month to the public while they have been searching or what's the satatus been. >> it has been closed, it just reopened yesterday. this is the area, this entrance, it serves as the environmental park, serves as one of the entrances to this carlton
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reserve, which is basically a 25,000 acre swamp filled with, you name it, al ligators, bob cats, florida panthers, this has been closed, what's key about this location is that on september 13th, apparently, this is according to the laundrie family attorney, brian had come here, brian's father had then come here, and this was the last day that they say they saw him, the parents, they came here to search for him, the father did on september 13th, and then on september 14th is when north port police found the family mustang parked here at this entrance, and tagged it as an abandoned vehicle. the parents came back that night and saw the car, this is all according to the family attorney, and on the 15th, they came back and drove the car home. this is the only piece of evidence that puts brian laundrie here or at least a family member or somebody from the laundrie family put a car, their car here, at this
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entrance. again, i have been told by north port police that until today, they have not found a single piece of evidence that brian laundrie was in this reserve, infor was in this park. they didn't find a footprint, a backpack, any article of clothing. >> and the size of this reserve, close to 25,000 acres. it's important to point out, the terrain is not static, there are animals that move things. this is, it may not be identical to when potentially they searched this specific area before. >> that's true, the environmental conditions can change. this is about a month before they began to search in that area. they had a buggies that are elevated. so they can go through the swampland. it's very interesting when we look at all this, this is the
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area they have focused on from the beginning, and the resources they have put in this area from so many law enforcement agencies are quite amazing, and finally today, ironically, so they went out as public citizens wanting to search for their son, and they, or they and law enforcement, according to the family attorney found these articles of interest. some items, but it is plural. it's not singular. it's plural. >> lawrence, as ryou only call cadaver dog to identify human remains. you're not looking for a live human being. this isn't a dog rained to chase the scent of somebody on the run. this is for human remains. can we conclude they wouldn't have called this dog we have seen in this aerial view, unless they had found human remains.
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>> i think this is very likely, although dogs can be called even without a body present. they may clue in law enforcement to different items of evidence, clothing, backpacks, things of that sort. i wouldn't say that the dogs are a certain indication that there is a body present. but i do think the fact that the medical examiner was called in, that tells me that there are remains at the scene, it's yet to be confirmed but i believe it will be confirmed. >> we're still waiting for the latest there at the scene. several agencies there, including the fbi, they have confirmed. gene casarez, randi kaye, thank you all. now to washington, democrats appear to be nearing a deal on the president's signature spending bill. how close are they to the finish line. we have that next. of polygons here! what's going on? where's regina?
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president biden is set to leave for scranton, pennsylvania, this hour to pitch his social safety net plan that is still a work in progress on capitol hill, negotiations for that sweeping bill seemed to be progressing at this hour. >> president biden has floated now a 1.75 to $1.9 trillion price tag. that moves closer to what some of the hesitant moderates want. cnn chief congressional correspondent manu raju is following the investigation.
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what's the latest? >> they're still discussing it. they don't have a deal yet. the hope is they can bring the party together, the moderates and progressives behind this negotiation that has been going on for months, bring a deal behind some sort of outline, a framework, as they call it over this larger plan, that initially it was $3.5 trillion. some progressives are pushing for now money. they're going to see demands fall short because of push back from moderates like joe manchin, kyrsten sinema, and i want to pair back on the number of benefits in this program. as part of this proposal that includes a number of issues that are still we understand on the table, including universal pre-k, an expansion of medicare. more money to provide for affordable care act subsidies. things that could fall by the way wayside, including tuition free community college, something
12:18 pm
progressives had been pulled. other issues as well. expansion of the child tax credit, some democrats wanted to make that permanent or make that five years, but we are hearing there will probably be one year. also paid family leave. the white house and democrats wanted 12 weeks to provide paid family leave to individuals. that is likely to be paired back down to four weeks. nevertheless, despite these changes, we hear an acceptance, democrats believe it's time to get behind something. may not be everything they want but at least what they can ultimately agree on, and essentially pass this. there are still a lot of questions, how do we deal with the issues of climate change, a number of liberals, joe manchin has rejected the push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over the next decade. alternatives to appease him and appease the left. those discussions are still ongoing. the hope is they can get there by friday, get an agreement on all sides and that could pave the way for passing that
12:19 pm
separate infrastructure bill. $1.2 trillion, and perhaps that can get through the senate or the house if they can get to that point. a lot of questions still but talks are progressing. >> also at the same time, we hear that any minute now the senate will be voting on a major voting rights bill. what's the status, what do we expect to happen there? >> the voting right now, the tally is 48 no votes, 43 yes votes. we don't expect this to get the 60 votes they need. no chance they can get that. that was not expected because republicans are voting in mass and in unison against that voting plan, the bill to rewrite elections and voting laws, democrats say it's necessary to push back against the state level for a strict voting. republicans say this would essentially federalize election laws that should be left to the state, so you're seeing a significant partisan divide. this is essentially going to become an issue that will be litigated on the campaign trail. it has no chance of becoming law. kamala harris, the vice president did come back to
12:20 pm
preside over this vote. at least the beginning of ulti convinced republicans they failed, and is going to be up to the voters to decide what's going to be done next. >> manu raju, watching it all on capitol hill for us. thank you. >> let's bring in dana bash, coanchor of the state of the union, our chief political correspondent, something. something impressive, dana, i know that much. dana, great to see you. >> you too. >> i want to talk about both things, the substance of this bill and where it is, and also the parlor game of who's caving. actually, we followed both of those for months, and i think it's interesting where we are today. here's what we know, what's still in this big safety net package, more funding for housing, medicare expansion to include the vision and the hearing, and i think the dental that was, you know, such an issue for some reason of contention. and affordable care act. and there's more. and isn't it interesting, dana,
12:21 pm
we've heard. we've all interviewed so many progressives who have said, no, something east not better than nothing. we're sticking to our guns. today it feels as though something has shifted and we're getting to a finish line where maybe we're going to compromise on different things. how did we get here. >> we got here through extremely intense, extremely visible sausage making, the sausage making are the negotiations. of course progressives have said, and understandably so that they're not going to budge. why would they budge until they have to, as more than one has said to me, why would i negotiate with myself, fair point. same goes with the moderates. the difference between even monday and today is it's very clear from talking to sources and from hearing from our reporters, both covering the white house capitol hill, that the white house is putting the screws on their fellow democrats
12:22 pm
to say, okay, we basically have a sense from you progressives of where you can and can't go, from you moderates of where you can and can't go. let's put meat on this, and explain the details of this. and they are starting to shake out. and that is what is most important here is what the programs and the policies are that add up to those numbers that are hard to digest. over a trillion dollars, 2 trillion, it's a lot of money, and so those are the negotiations that have been going on, but you're starting to see more evidence according to sourc sources about which ones are going to stick, like for example, universal pre-k, we thu t -- knew that. things that joe manchin has been for since the beginning. things that might go away. college free tuition free community college. that might not happen right now. that is what really matters, and
12:23 pm
that is the most important thing from the white house talking to them, and one of the things that you can be sure that the president is going to make lcler over and over. this isn't just about democratic infighting, this is about what they're going to accomplish, once it's done and they are confident that it will get done for the various sectors of the population that will be directly af affected by these new policies. >> let me talk about the overall number, because in the discussion of compromise, it looks like one side is doing the compromising, so chairman sanders started at $6 trillion back in the spring. then the progressives came down to 3.5. then pramila jayapal said 2.5 to 2.9. now it's down at 1.75 to 1.5 being his floor. joe manchin has been at a trillion and a half dollars for months. is there an indication that he is moving or at this point that he really needs to?
12:24 pm
>> well, he would argue and has argued both to me and to other people that he came from $0, that he was for the infrastructure bill that passed in a large bipartisan way, the hard traditional infrastructure bill, but on these issues, he didn't feel and still doesn't feel like it's time to do these broad policy changes that the president is so intent on doing. and so he says, well, i came from zero to 1.5 and now i'm going up a little bit. and progressives, of course, as you said, bernie sanders actually had like a $7 trillion bill, knowing full well that that was never going to happen. but why not start there. he's the budget chair, he's bernie sanders, he can do that. so there was an understanding they could get someplace in the middle, but again, there is a psychological part of this kind of like when you go and buy something, it's easier to swallow if it's $1.99 rather
12:25 pm
than $2.01. it's something about seeing the numbers. onus is on them both in congress once this is done and on the white house to explain way beyond these numbers that this is about real people, and it is a big challenge because that is not the conversation that they're having as they're doing these negotiations. >> even if this bill stays at $1.5 trillion or gets to that point, it will totally be a more than 4 1/2 trillion dollar investment when you consider infrastructure and the rescue plan in less than a year. dana bash, good to have you. >> nice to see you guys. you too. president biden will discuss this legislative agenda and take questions from the american people during a cnn town hall with anderson cooper. it airs tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on cnn. also, new guidance on boosters could impact millions of americans and the white house is preparing for a massive rollout of vaccines for children
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big news for parents across the country, the white house is set to roll out plans to vaccinate children ages 5 to 11.
12:31 pm
we know the fda could issue an emergency use authorization for moderna and johnson & johnson bo boosters. >> joining us now dr. su ju matthew. >> great to see you. let's talk about what parents need to know about vaccinating their kids. at the moment, i believe the cdc says only 50% of the eligible 12 through 17-year-olds have been vaccinated. obviously parents still feel reluctant about getting their kids vaccinated. i would imagine for younger kids, 5 through 11. there will be similar, i guess, trepidation, so what do you tell parents? >> well, what i would tell parents, alisyn, number one, is that this vaccine has been tried, has been tested. we have found the right dose, the dose is so important in younger kids, it's just going to be one-third of the dose that the older kids are going to get. that's why it took this long to really get this approved, and also the fact that we have 28 million children. if we can get most of them
12:32 pm
vaccinated in the age group of 5 to 11, that's the 28 million i mentioned, then we can really cut down on the transmission. also, i want parents to know that the white house is gearing up a massive rollout program, making sure about 25,000 providers are going to be engaged in the rollout. i sure hope that a lot of kids can go to the pediatrician's office and get the vaccine. they're familiar with the nurses and the surroundings. it's a safe vaccine. we have to get as many kids vaks t -- vaccinated as possible. >> let me ask you about boosters. a source tells cnn, soon boosters could be considered for people 40 and over, and it was really not that long ago that there was an authorization for people 65 and older. so what has changed, if anything, that now would lead them to discuss this younger group? >> right. you know, victor, i think what's going on is the cdc and the fda
12:33 pm
is realizing that there are a lot of breakthrough infections that is actually causing people to go into the hospitals, so these are people that are fully vaccinated. they get a breakthrough infection, but a good number of them are also having to go into the hospital. we don't really have a handle of those numbers, and i've always been critical that the cdc has never kept track of these breakthrough infections. i know that personally in my practice, i am seeing quite a bit of people with these breakthrough infections, but most of my patients are recovering at home. the vaccine still works. i want to make that clear to our viewers, and if you look at the percentages, only 97% of the people in the hospital are still the unvaccinated group. >> oh, yeah, you want to avoid the hospitalization and the death. that's what we have been trying to avoid and vaccines do an incredible job. with that, i want to talk about dr. matthews, something really, i think, moving that happened
12:34 pm
yesterday, and that was some of our cable news friends have shared their personal journey with this. our friend john king revealed that he is immunocompromised. he has ms, and he talked about how grateful he is that the people around him are vaccinated because it could basically be saving his life, and then over on fox, neil kavuto who also has ms, revealed that he has tested positive for covid and he's so grateful that he was vaccinated because otherwise it would have spelled doom and i'm just wondering what you think as a doctor, when people with platforms share their personal stories like that, the impact that it has? >> the impact is huge, alisyn, i have so much respect for john king and the fact that he was brave enough to just, you know, mention this. i'm not sure he planned on doing it. i actually was listening to cnn when that happened, and i was actually shocked and surprised. you know, it shows you a couple of things, alisyn, that you don't know who could be sitting right next to you on the plane
12:35 pm
that could be immunocompromised. who could be shopping right next to you that's immunocompromised. this whole pandemic is greater than us individually, we have to make sure we're not only getting vaccinated for ourselves but people around us. kudos to neil and john king for using big platforms to encourage people to get vaccinated. that's absolutely huge. >> dr. sagu matthew, thank you, good to talk to you. democrats are inching closer to a deal on the president's economic and social safety net agenda, but they are slashing some key priorities to get there. i'm going to speak with a democratic smart to find out where she stands now on the environmental impact of this.
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cnn has just learned that the fbi will be providing a statement on the search for brian laundrie, that's going to happen next hour. cnn's randi kaye is live in north port, florida. so what do we know, potentially , about this news conference, and i understand you have learned something from the faa as well? >> exactly, victor. a couple of pieces of new information coming into cnn. we know that the faa has now issued a temporary flight restriction above the carlton reserve. this is a 25,000 acre swamp. we are here at one of the entrances to that reserve. it's the myaki hatchie creek park right here behind me. that's where these items of interest or articles belong to go brian laundrie were found earlier today. now there's this flight
12:41 pm
restriction until october 22nd at 4:00 p.m. there's a lot of media attention. there have been drones flying above this reserve. clearly they want some privacy in terms of what they are working on inside this reserve. we also know as you mentioned, there's this fbi press conference happening today at 4:30. that will be happening right here behind me. of course we will be here for that and bring you the latest. hopefully we will get some answers on exactly what these items are that were found here along this hiking trail that belong to brian laundrie, and what else they may have found. we know that the parents are out here early this morning, brian laundrie's parents early this morning with law enforcement, loo looking on the liking trails. they say brian laundrie came to this carlton reserve. no one else had told police that information. they were strictly relying on brian laundrie's parents. sure enough, this area opened up behind me yesterday after being closed for more than a month, and the parents called authorities and said they wanted
12:42 pm
to search this morning so they did that, and apparently they found these items. the coroner is also on the scene working the scene here, processing what was found as well as a human remains detection dog. that is on the scene as well with ka couple of spotters also working the scene here. that dog can only detect a decomposing body. that is not a dog looking for somebody that's missing or on the run. >> important to find out that the video we have been showing was from earlier today. now, there is that faa no fly zone over the park. we're not going to be getting much more of that until at least until tomorrow as this has been called by the faa, randi kaye. thank you so much. we'll bring you the statement from the fbi as soon as it happens. >> meanwhile, president biden just took off from joint base andrews and is headed to his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. to try to sell his economic agenda and discuss the concessions he is willing to make it get it passed. he spoke just before he left.
12:43 pm
>> will you reach a deal on the package. >> you all never believed from the beginning we would get anything done. i think we'll get a deal. >> reporter: are you going from 12 years to 4 years of paid family leave? >> i'm not going to get into, if i had negotiated with you all along, i wouldn't be as far along as i am. i'm hopeful. i think we'll get a good deal. >> reporter: are you concerned about chinese hyper sonic missiles? >> yes. >> joining us now is democratic senator tina smith of minnesota. senator, thank you so much for being here. i really want to focus on the climate portions of this whole package because it sounds like something has changed today back on october 15th, must meaningfully address climate
12:44 pm
change. i'm open to different approaches, i cannot support a bill that gets us to missions. there are 50 democratic senators, every one of us is needed to get this passed. you weren't alone in june. senator marky tweeted no climate, no deal. senator tweets a deal light on climate and clean energy should not count on every democratic vote, and today it sounds like something has changed. so what happened. >> alisyn, first, it's great to be with you, and i do have a lot of optimism that we are getting closer and closer to finally delivering on the promises that president biden made during the election, that i campaigned on in 2020 around this build back better agenda, and you're asking about climate, which is so important it has been the thing that i have worked on the hardest over the last few months. so my position is actually exactly the same. we need to get significant emission reduction so that we can achieve the president's goal of cutting our carbon emissions by 50% in ten years.
12:45 pm
>> i understand, but hasn't the clean electricity program been dropped. senator joe manchin was dug in against it. hasn't that portion been dropped? >> i have been been a huge champion of the clean electricity plan. >> you're right, it's still out there and who knows where this may end, but that doesn't mean there aren't other options for achieving what we need to achieve, which is deterioaddressing the climate crisis on top of that. doing that in a way that creates jobs, improves our health, that does all of the things that we have to do when we do address the climate crisis. >> and are those things part of the package, are those alternatives actually being built into the package or no? >> that is what we are negotiating right this minute, there are a variety of things we can do. i mean, i continue to think the clean electricity payment plan is the best way forward. that doesn't mean it's the only way forward. we got to find the path, a path that 50 of us plus, our friends in the house can all get behind.
12:46 pm
>> i know that you have been actively, i think, talking to senator joe manchin who has been immovable as far as we can tell on this. do you think we're talking enough about senator manchin's financial conflicts of industry when it comes to coal. just to remind everybody, he started his own coal company in 1988 and since then, he has made lots of money on coal. i mean, these are just the past two years that we know of, in terms of his dividends from ener systems. in 2019, he made more than half a million dollars. in 2020, he made roughly half a million dollars. isn't that a financial conflict of interest for him to be so involved in this? >> well, listen, senator manchin is answerable to his constituents on all of that, but what i know is that strong forward motion on climate change is going to help west virginia. it's going to create more jobs, it's going to lower electricity rates in west virginia. west virginia relies heavily on coal for its electric power, and
12:47 pm
that means that rates are higher. so that is, i think, the thing we have to really focus on. i want to just say one other thing about senator manchin, we're looking to find our areas of common agreement here, and one of them is he cares a lot about innovation and bringing that innovation back to the united states and that is very much what we're trying to accomplish with the climate parts of the build back better build. >> look, i have heard some people describe it as joe manchin's holding president biden's climate program hostage. how do you see it? >> i would lie, and i said this to joe myself, and it is certainly frustrating to find that common ground. wait and see, we are working hard, this is not just about one or two senators. this is about all 50 of us plus the members of the house coming to agreement, and i want to just also say i'm really grateful for the leadership of pramila jayapal and members of the house progressive caucus who have been saying, hey, wait a minute, this is something that a lot of
12:48 pm
people care about, and we have to make sure that all of these voices are heard in the negotiations, and honestly, i think that that's happening. it's frustrating because it's happening behind the scenes, but i know that that's happening for a fact. >> okay. well, we appreciate you sharing some of this and the negotiations with us, senator tina smith, thank you. >> thank you. what's being called a miracle on the runway, how every passenger on board survived this plane crash. we've got new details ahead. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town, and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something else that's good to know? if you have medicare and medicaid, you may be able to get more healthcare benefits through a humana medicare advantage plan.
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we now know the survivors who walked away from yesterday's fiery plane crash were flying to the mlb championship series game between houston and boston. ntsb investigators were on site today outside of houston trying to figure out what happened to the md-87 which never left the
12:53 pm
ground. it hrolled through a fence and burst into flames. local responders are calling the incident a miracle because everyone on board survived. 18 passengers, two pilots and an attendant. there were only two minor injuries. one of the survivors was a 10-year-old child. joining sustim gibson, director of the waller harris emergency service. tim, good to have you. it's been a little more than 24 hours now since this happened. you've been able to sit with this. when you look at that video of that burning plane and now you know 21 people survived it, what goes through your mind? >> you know, victor, here we are again thinking not only is this a miracle, but it was a lot of skill on the part of the flight crew. the fortunate circumstances that nobody could ever think we'd put together at any time to come together like this.
12:54 pm
the way the plane landed. where the door ended up at the dirt road that goes out to that field. everything was just a fortunate set of circumstances that really looked good. >> which is why people are calling it a miracle. you point out that the door lines up on the dirt road and people are trying to climb out here and you also talk about the skill of the flight crew. what did they do to make sure that everybody got off there with their lives? >> so you know, the flight crew is going to be the experts on their aircraft and they are the ones that made sure everybody got off that aircraft and kept them together and kept up with them. when we arrived we found them together with all the passengers, and while there was some confusion on the initial numbers, that group stayed together and we knew we had all accountability very quickly after we got there. that allowed all of our responders, all of our partners and ems crews to focus on the
12:55 pm
incident rolling before us of the aircraft starting to catch fire and burning all while we still had engines turning and running. >> when you got the call, you didn't know that all 21 had survived, right? >> no, sir, not at all. in fact, the initial dispatch that we got from the sheriff's department was this was going to be a helicopter with two pilots on board. it was only after we looked to the sky and saw the column of smoke we knew this was something much, much larger than what we were initially told about. >> what were your fears as you started pulling up on this scene before you knew that people were safe? >> you always have to go to that worst case situation where we're going to come into this and we're going to have a lot of responders putting themselves on the line to try to effect rescues, to try and get into an aircraft that now it's burning to try and find any victims we can save. and to know that there was -- everybody was out, it was a relief on all of our shoulders
12:56 pm
that we could now take a step back, let's focus on the firefighting efforts and let's get the resources we need to get that part of this done while we allowed our ems partners to assess all of the victims, all of the passengers, the aircraft crew to assess any injuries. our ems partners were outstanding. they got a strike team and all the crews in, and we were prepared for the worst. i can tell you that much. >> when you saw the survivors, what were they saying? what was their mood? tell us about that. >> you know, we didn't spend much time in contact with them at the very front. as far as where we were in command. we immediately got them off and got them to the medical sector down away from the incident, away from the aircraft so that everybody was kept safe. as you can see in the videos and pictures, there was an enormous amount of fire and heavy, dark smoke that is absolutely dangerous to your health. so we immediately got them as far away as we could and we
12:57 pm
didn't spend much time asking them those types of questions. we went straight to the medical assessment questions. >> well, tim gibson, thank you for the work you do. we've had that video of that burning plane up during our entire interview. and as we watch that and hear you tell the story, it really is remarkable that everybody, all 21, made it off that plane. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, victor. >> that is remarkable. it's a miracle, and, you know, as we were saying, it's so rare that you see something like that that it end well. >> two minor injuries and one of them a 10-year-old boy who survived. thank you for being with us this afternoon. "the lead" with jake tapper starts after a quick break. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo...
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it may be a compromise, but there's still 11 zeros in the price tag. "the lead" starts right now. president biden set to speak in just minutes to sell a now slightly scaled back plan to democrats and the american people. what survived and what is getting cut in the social safety net expansion bill and how this could affect your family. kids and needles. you can almost hear the crying already. the white house has a new plan to vaccinate the youngest americans. kids as young as 5. plus, breaking today


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