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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  October 30, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. >> good morning. boris sanchez. the big story we are following. president biden meeting with leaders at the g20 summit in
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rome a major moment on the world stage. >> the president stepped on to the world stage. issues on the economy. greeted by italian prime minister those with authorization in the area. meeting with first responders. the president took selfies with some of these being a top line agenda for this summit.
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focusing on the plans for the nuclear talks advocating for global minimum attacks and rising energy prices all as the discussions back home remain in limbo. these are really important meetings. >> they had the g 20 summit and you saw the president with world leaders reacting. they get down to what they are wanting to accomplish. one of those the global minimum attacks. asking what is the biggest give away. developing relationships and pushing priorities in the actual developments having these world
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leaders and 80 to 90% of the world gdp. aimed at apple and others in terms of using and pushing profits off shore in areas where there are more favorable tax rates then going behind closed doors to germany, united kingdom and france describing a, quote, no b.s. conversation. they've had a chance to have a very critical talk about that and where they are going to go and what their strategy will be. some very big conversations ahead of president biden today. >> how is the world reacting to
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president biden's trip overseas to reestablish the u.s. as a global leader. in rome watching all of this unfold. what do you anticipate? >> the feeling we are getting, this is the italian daily that says the g20 is a race against time. also saying in light of a growing number of extreme weather in the world. family photos of world leaders is really no longer enough to deal with the climate crises as far as how people see the role of leadership. >> there is a good degree of
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leadership some might sigh the pair al sis is hobbling the immunity of the united states to act on the world stage. there was a lot of optimism that somehow the u.s. would restore its position. the track record so far was spotty with that pull out of afghanistan. the botch's submarine deal that caused a pressure in relations with france really will beginning to seep in. of course unlike as the u.s. has an economic power exceeding in
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terms of global numbers given the style of politics of lead leadership increasingly distracted by too many problems at home. for more on the g 20 summit, what can we exhibit along with cnn global analysis let me get your thoughts on all of this. working out the deal on this mim m minimum global tax. >> it is a bit of a shel game
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you spread your revenue around and pay little to no tax back in your own country. this aligns where he wants to be as well. there is a big bottom line in this raising $100 million and that's significant. the open question is whether you come away with the deliverable. discussing iran. there is no b.s. conversation. >> no one on either side is positive about where these talks may go. it may be these are harder as opposed to the reentering the
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sanctions. >> you've been reporting on the stalled efforts to revive the agreements. what's the latest? what are you hearing? the reason for that seems to be three fold. we thought it would pick up where it was in the deal seems not to be in focus.
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they are saying iranians are possibly closer to the ability to make a bomb since the 2015 deal came together. >> what about the u.s. credibility right now. sort of that withdrawal and the riff that developed with france. what are you hearing. >> officials are skeptical. they say biden is the best of what they've got in terms of a global leader. he really dented their confidence with the afghan pull out not consulting them enough and they didn't like the way the u.s. handled it and they felt
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the u.s. left a lot of their people on the ground behind and then with this deal with australia that left france out of the communicate group. i understand they told leaders, we know we screwed up but we are learning as we are doing but give us more time. the president bluntly said that the p the president said that deal was dealt with clumsy. >> that would have been such a good follow up question. he admitted it was clumsy and
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could have been handled better together. no one told them this was happening. they had their suspicions. they had these deals to strike. forming a new deal to give them nuclear powered submarines cutting these off. we are told four or five months ago where he met with these world leaders. that deal that is worth $10s of billions. the fact that that could go unmentioned to the press conference president is kind of remarkable. >> that may be strategically
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right this is australia aligning itself with the u.s. putting enormous pressure and seeing that, they made this pact with the u.s. remember, the u.s. and china not just an economic power here and to have australia on their side is part of this security umbrella is part of that and they didn't keep their friend informed of a shift that they were making. >> we watch all of this unfold here. what's going to happen monday and tuesday when the president is in scotland dealing on this climate summit, there is so much at stake right now globally and internationally, right? >> there is. the president had hoped to be
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coming with a package where he had explained that group would come together. >> certainly he is. there were a lot of doubts the u.s. would put his money where president biden would be declaring the intent. the broader question is two fold. you brought up the sub deal and the way we left afghanistan has called into question. as the president tries to rally the world clearly with china and lesser degree, russia in mind.
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they've showed a lot of time getting back into its grove. that's the theme in the next few days. enormous concern about the future of taiwan would have been an issue. president xi decided to stay home. >> that highlights china and russia have been working on a
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sort of alternative influence pact that governs how people are impacted in the middle east. it doesn't bode well for the success of cop 26. it made some pledges to reduce emissions. right now, they have ramped up coal production. so there can't be any face-to-face arm twisting on that. >> thank you. we'll stick around to watch all of this unfold as president biden meets with world leaders, there is major news with the investigation into the january 6 insurrection. >> thank you. we'll be checking in with you throughout the morning.
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we are learning in the middle of the insurrection, one of president trump's former attorneys sent an email to then vice president pence blaming him for the events of that day for refusing to overturn the response. the post says as pence hid, rioters yelling, hang pence. >> calling the attack a siege. he wrote back, the siege is because you and your boss did not do what is necessary so the american people can see for themselves what happened. >> eastman confirmed the content
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and denies he was blaming himself for the violence. >> with the right of, quote, every legal means. shedding new light. boasting of the importance of his now famous memo that outlines a scheme that would subvert the constitution and three out the election and blames pence for not carrying out the plan. >> all of your running is totally solid. >> supporter to supporter why would they do it? >> mike pence is an establishment guy at the end of the day. all of the es stab plishment guys in d.v. bought into this view that promptly destroyed the republican party. >> when not on hidden camera,
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he's expressed slightly different views. it is important to say, there has not now or ever been any prove of fraud or irregularities. >> no wide-spread election fraud. still ahead, children could seen receive vaccines. but convincing parents to have their little ones get their shot right away could be easier said than done. >> saying he is not running for reelection. former president trump a e easy --'s reaction to the news. two down, eight to go. u the chance to grow your savings and create cash flow that lasts.
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young children, the fda has granted emergency use authorization of the pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11 years old. 28 million kids could start getting the shots as early as wednesday. joining us, a pediatric airway surgeon. dr. hills, good morning. thaur thank you for sharing part of your weekend with us. i want to share with you a sound bite. >> the ability to vaccination children frees them up to attend school with reduced risk of outbreaks that limit in-person learning. for many students, school is a safe place. for many children, it's a place
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where they get meals. so this has a profound affect beyond prevention of covid-19. >> doctor, how significant could this be in the grand scheme of things in fighting the spread of covid long term? >> this is a huge deal. our children have really been impacted by this pandemic. we have over $6.3 million kids that have been affected and ended up in the hospital. over 700 have died from this disease. it has been a huge deal and not to mention the development and psychosocial impact this has had. it is huge for when we can get this vaccine available for 5 to 11 year olds. this will help us to give our kids the same protection over the year and to get this
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pandemic under drcontrol. >> picking up 22% in the population. that's showing up. 25% of infections right now are in kids. so this is a huge deal. >> so it could get approval been tuesday and could get shots by wednesday. however, you have to have buy in from parents. polling shows a majority of parents won't get their kids vaccinated right away. 33% say they are going to wait and see. what would you say to parents that are hesitant right now? >> we expect parents to have questions and concerns. it is good for parents to be wanting more information. i urge parents get the information they need now to feel confident making their decision to get vaccinated. this is the moment to do this.
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our kids have been severely impacted by this vie rus. we have a tool. the clinical trial data show it was 91% effective in preventing the disease. that's really incredible efficacy. we know it works. there were zero side effects. other than the side effects from this vaccine in the age group of the clinical trial. particularly since we are entering the holiday season. i want to remind everybody, that was the moment we saw the biggest surge yet in the entire pandemic. january 8 is our highest case rate. in order to prevent that from happening, we are back to the holiday season, let's give our
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kids a chance for a healthy holiday season and get the chance to get the vaccine. >> thank you so much for the time. >> thank you. still to come, congressman a a not seeking reelection. so, should all our it move to the cloud? the cloud would give us more flexibility, but we lose control. ♪ ♪ ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ and we need insights across our data silos, but how? ♪ if i go there will be trouble ♪ ♪ ♪ wait, we can stay and go.
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join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. a key member of the committee investigating the january 6 insurrection and one of president trump's most outspoken critics kinzinger says he won't seek reelection. >> we've allowed leaders from
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the false prem as strength comes from degrading others. now we phase a poisoned country filled with outrage binding our ability to achieve real strength. it has become obvious we must unplug from the miss truths we've been fed. >> kinzinger is the second of 10 republicans who voted to impeach then president trump who has announced he's leaving congress. joining us now to discuss the week in washington. kinzinger didn't rule out running for office again. president trump has made clear he's out for veng as in a statement gloating two down, eight to go in reference to the republicans who voted to impeach
4:33 am
him. >> i don't know if he's going to return to congress but he has a future as a state-wide candidate in illinois because he gets republicans and moderate democrats who appreciate he stood up to former president trump and many other republicans did not. he's a military veteran. he takes that oath seer rousely. he would be a pretty good candidate for a state wide office. you look at maryland and massachusetts, that would be in that same vein. >> daniel, cnn is reporting the committee is losing patience with former chief of stat mark meadows and considering forcing his cop operation.
4:34 am
how do the chances rate? >> i think they don't have the best chance of getting cooperation because meadows is still close to trump. trump is telling people to fight this to the a end. he was there until the end as chief of staff. meadows does not want to piss off loyal trump supporters. he doesn't want to get on the bad side of trump given that meadows might want to play in the next trump campaign or next commission if there is one. that's why he does not want to be helping the democrati c
4:35 am
committee. what do the events cost in terms of presidency. does it hurt other world leaders. they have to work it among themselves. that helps his case. if you look at the individual components of that package, they are broadly popular you are not
4:36 am
going to push back in that attempt. the white house feels pretty good about where they are right now. >> always good to see you, thank you. >> be sure to watch this week's new episode of this is life with lisaling. unpacking origins of so-called mallishias in america and the armed movements of the domestic threat. >> if 9/11 was this generational threat, january 6 was the beginning of a different era where the greatest threat now is the divisiveness between
4:37 am
americans. >> so many will say that they have a right to rise up against a tyrannical government. >> they believe they do. as we saw from the number of arrests that came out of january 6. you do not have a right to armed against the government. the president making major concessions when it comes to his build back better plan. among them, nixing provisions. more on this next.
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fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at president biden's economic agenda is stalled in congress. that's having some real world consequences. the latest framework leaves out provisions that would allow the government to negotiate precipitation drug prices with many pharmaceutical companies. >> that means many americans left paying more. speaking with one woman now rationing her insulin as a result of the soaring prices. >> all of this is insulin. >> she's been on insulin for
4:43 am
decades. >> this is long term. this is short term. >> routine and like clock work until she got a bill for $3,000. >> i can't say what was my emotion was on tv. i couldn't believe it. it is unbelievable. >> the two drugs that cost her $100 a month through medicare skyrocketed to $1,000 a month. >> i can't afford it. >> this week, president biden failed to reach an agreement on lowering drug prices in the package which would have allowed medicare to deal directly with drug companies. >> no one got everything they wanted including me. >> an issue for 18 million americans. >> it has been an issue for decades. there is a real risk it could be many, many years before they are able to come back to the table
4:44 am
and do something about it. >> leaving americans like miller taking drastic measures. >> it helps you stretch the doses out. >> claiming it could affect funding for drug research. >> what i hope i could be confident in is that people from all sides of the political party understand that this is not a democrat issue and not a republican issue. it is a people issue. my friend gave me this because her aunt no longer needed them. >> without that pile from your friend -- >> i would have had to buy insulin. >> with this, she has enough to last her through the end of the year. spends her days looking for
4:45 am
discount programs to bring down costs. >> without this, what would happen to you? >> i'd probably die. i'm telling you, that insulin is a life-sustaining drug. you will die. >> reporting for cnn. germantown, pennsylvania. thank you for that report. still ahead, a buying night for atlanta braves. braves pitchers dominating on the mound in game three of the world series. coy wire walks us through the highlights next. ♪ i might send it up ♪ the last day of vacation is still vacation. with guaranteed 4pm checkout at fine hotels + resorts properties. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum.
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the braves flirted with world series history in a dominating win over the astros. >> atlanta just two wins away from taking the world series. coy wire is live from the braves home ballpark. coy, an electrical and emotional night in atlanta? >> no doubt, this place was rocking. the people, and the first world series in atlanta since 1999. you could argue that the emotion was at its highest before the game, an emotional tribute to the late great legend hank aaron. the hall of famer who died earlier this year. his wife of 48 years billie in
4:51 am
tears. including dusty baker who began his career with atlanta, signed by none other than hank aaron. hank junior joined by family throwing out that ceremonial first pitch. game on. the braves making hammering hank, proud. and astros looking to reach garcia in the third. it was the only run that the atlanta fireball ian anderson would need. the 23-year-old was untouchable. a no hitter. no hitter hit in a fall classic since 1912. it wasn't meant to be. the manager, pulling in after 76 pitches, handshakes, high-fives around the dugout. atlanta's bullpen, stellar. but they just weren't able to keep the no hitter alive. the pinch hitter diaz gives one
4:52 am
to eddie rosario's glove to start the eighth. the high pop of tyler matzek. and braves relievers didn't crack, arguably, the best lineup all night long. the braves win 2-0, taking the series lead. after the game, anderson spoke about being pulled with a shot at history. >> obviously, you want the chance to compete. especially on the biggest stage like this is, but, i knew he wasn't going to budge. >> luke jackson didn't know, and after my inning, they said, do you know you gave up the first hit? yeah, i did know. >> it's a fun team. they're great to watch. this team, they were a losing record at the all-star break. but they turned into one of the hottest teams in baseball, a
4:53 am
perfect 6-0 here in atlanta, if things continue, they could be champs by the end of the week. former president donald trump expected to attend. >> a huge game, coy wire, thank you for walking us through that. >> thank you, coy. >> the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast are getting hit hard by rain. and the weather service says it could cause some of the worst coastal flooding we've seen in decades. what you can expect, next. ♪ ♪ learning about our history with ancestrydna®, inspired us to learn more about our culture and where we come from. ohhh my god. it told us, almost to the t, where we come from, where our mixture is. ♪ i'm very proud to be indigenous to zacatecas. that's our history, our little legacy.
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4:58 am
rain moves northeast. now, the national weather service is calling it, quote, the worst coastal flooding in nearly two decades for the affected areas. >> let's get straight to meteorologist allison chinchar live in the cnn weather center. allison, what are you seeing in the forecast? >> right. still chilly conditions and a lot more rain, especially for the northeast because that's where the system is moving have been gusty winds taking that atlantic water and pushing it inland which is why we have so many areas with coastal flood war warnings, up to 2 to 4 feet. that will lincoln into the evening hours some into the evening time. looking at this, over a dozens, moderate flood stage. one of them still lingering at major flood stage. keep in mind, several of these actually broke record-high crests overnight last night when appears peeked with the water. here's the system still
4:59 am
churning. you can see the spin to the low pressure bringing rain to the mid-atlantic and even to the northeast. look at all of the heavy rain, especially late this afternoon, that starts to surge into areas of massachusetts, new hampshire, even portions of maine as we go into the afternoon and evening hours tonight. by late sunday, you still have a few lingering showers across a lot of these areas. now, widespread, going forward, most areas likely to pick up another 1 to 3 inches of rain. will you get a couple of heavier pockets where you get heavier bands, 4, 5, 6 inches of rain, isolated not out of the get. winds have been a big factor. take a look at wind gusts almost 70 miles an hour at tuckerton, new jersey. atlantic city, topping out at 55 miles per hour. gren nie greenwich, connecticut, 55 miles an hour. the key time line, amara and
5:00 am
boris, late this afternoon and continuing through the evening hours and then finally we'll start to see a lot of this begin to die. back down. >> all right. thanks for keeping us posted. allison chinchar, thank you. your next hour of "new day" starts right now. ♪ good morning. and welcome to your "new day." it is saturday, october 30th. we are so grateful that you're with us. i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm grateful that you're having me. i'm amara walker in for christi paul. let's get right to it, because we are learning this morning that in the middle of the imsusim indiana sur recollection of january 6th,


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