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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  October 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the shooting on the set of" rust" was one in a trillion event. >> we were a well oiled crew shooting together and then this horrible event happened. >> reporter: as the january 6 commission investigates donald trump's role in the insurrection, new details on the huge trove of documents he's trying to keep hidden from congress. >> from his point of view, there is no good that could come from any light being shed on his activities. >> january 6 committee member jamie raskin weighs in. >> just days before the polls open in virginia's high stakes race for governor. >> he wants to force you to join a union and raise your taxes. >> the candidates are making their final pitches. with more than a million early ballots already cast. >> we work with reasonable
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republicans but glenn youngkin is not a reasonable republican. >> kids ages 5 to 11 could start getting pfizer's covid-19 vaccine as soon as tuesday. >> there is a really good reason to have the children vaccinated. good evening, we begin with breaking news. fatal shooting on a new movie set in new mexico, rust, the tragedy nine days ago that left a cinematographer dead and the film star alec baldwin facing questions about the fatal shot he fired from a prop gun. he's speaking out now publicly for the first time. i want to go right to natasha chen for more on this. and why is he speaking out now about this? >> reporter: well pamela, alec baldwin seems to have be with his family in vermont being
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followed by questions and he addr addressed paper audsy questions. the woman you'll see in the frame stepping close to baldwin with her own phone held out is his wife. >> let's go. >> i will. >> what do you want to know. >> what is the current state of what is it going on. >> i'm not allowed to make any comments because it is an ongoing investigation. i've been ordered by the sheriff's department in sante fe, i can't answer any questions about the investigation. i condition. it is an active investigation in terms of a woman dying. she was my friend. she was my friend. the day i arrived in sante fe to start shooting, i took her to dinner with joel the director. we were a very, very -- excuse me, we were a very, very well oiled crew shooting a crew together and then this horrible event happened. i've been told multiple times don't make any comments about the ongoing investigation and i
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can't. i can't. i can't. that is it. >> sorry. >> what are the questions that you have other than that. >> you met with the -- i forget her name. you met with her family. >> her name is halyna. if you're spending this much time waiting for us, her name is halyna. >> i met with her husband and son. >> and how did that meeting go. >> i wouldn't know how to characterize that. they're mortified by that. >> no details. >> i'm going to answer the question. >> i'm sure he was probably upset. >> the guy is overwhelmed with me. this is something that -- there are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time. but nothing like this. this is a one in a trillion. it is a one in a trillion. so he is in shock as is a 9-year-old son. we're in constant contact with him because we're worried about his family and his kid and as i said, we're eagerly awaiting the
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sheriff's department to tell us what they're investigator is. what else do you have? >> would you work on another film set with firearms of that nature. >> i couldn't answer that question. i have no answer of it at all. i do know that an ongoing effort to limit the use of firearms on film sets is something i'm extremely interested in. but remember, something that i think is important and that is how many bullets have been fired in films and tv shows in the last years. this is america. how many bullets have gone off in movies on tv sets? billions. in the last 75 years. and nearly all of them are without incident. so what has to happen now is we have to realize that when it does go wrong and if this is horrible catastrophic thing, some new measures, rubber guns, plastic gup guns. that is not more me to decide. it is urge ent that you understd i'm not an expert in this field.
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so whatever other people decide is the best way to go in terms of protecting people's safety on film since i'm all in favor of and will cooperate with that in any way i can. >> do you have any other projects. >> that is irrelevant. >> do you think production will start up again. >> why vermont. >> that is private. >> anything else? so do me a favor. my kids are in the car crying. >> because you guys are following us. >> i came to talk to you. i'm not allowed to comment on the the investigation. i that you-- i talk to the cops every day. >> they know where you are. >> i'm cooperating with them. my point is that i'm just asking, we sat down as a courtesy now to talk to you. now please would you stop following us. >> just go home. go home. >> thank you. >> go home condolences. thank you. >> now turn it off. >> clearly a very difficult
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situation for the people involved in this incident. baldwin there keeping in mind he wasn't just an actor on -- in this movie, he was also a producer and he mentioned that he's regularly speaking with police here. and that matches what we heard here in sante fe. our colleague josh campbell reports that investigators have had follow-up questions and baldwin has willingly answered and picked up the phone. the other people that the sante fe sheriff here would like to do follow up interviews with are the armorer and the assistant director. now hannah gutierrez-reid released a statement through her attorneys saying she has no idea how a live round got on set and safety is her top priority. the sheriff told cnn that there may be some conflicting issues that he would like to clarify by speaking with her again and also speaking again with the assistant director, pamela. >> natasha chen, thank you so much. and let's continue this
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conversation. i want to bring in patrick gomez, the executive heeditor a elie honig. patrick, how surprised are you that baldwin spoke out now and what appears to be spontaneous? >> clearly alec baldwin, anyone who follows his career knows that he's not shy about speaking out, about sometimes ruffling fenlers. i think what is clear in this situation is these are two exasperated parents that pulled over because they have children as young as i believe 7 months old and i'm sure there was a traumatic experience. we've seen many people speak out about how the paparazzi and that meant in this case speaking about something that i'm sure he didn't want to have to speak about today. >> right. but it is interesting because he has some tweets apparently that he then deleted.
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where he would re treat articles and stuff in clearly in this case two distressed parents seeing their kids crying as he said. and that is what seemed to push him over the edge to get out and share a little bit. but obviously he couldn't share everything, as he said, because he said he's under orders to not talk about the investigation. and he said he's talking to the cops every day. what do you make of that? >> yes, so two things. first of all, it is important that he's talking to police. that is consistent with what we've heard from the sheriff and the d.a. look, he has important information. and it is probably for the best for everybody involved that he come forward with it. it is not exactly technically correct that he's not allowed to comment on this substance of the investigations unless the prosecutors and cops have an order from the judge, which is does not appear in this case, you cannot stop him. could you tell him we would like you to not address this.
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his lawyer, if he's any good and i'm sure he is, has told baldwin you should not say anything at all and if you have to say something, don't say anything about the substance of the case. so you see him there struggling to find the right balance between wanting to address the situation and not saying to say anything of substance. >> he also said it was a freak occurrence, quote, one in a trillion. patrick, there were safety concerns on this set and previous safety complaint against halls who handed the gun to bald win. do you think this will lead to reforms on movie sets? >> i think there are two factors here. the assistant director had been pulled off of a set in 2019 for a similar situation. so clearly there is an investigation here in this particular instance. but yes, i do think this is already leads to reforms. in so many different areas, we've seen multiple shows state
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they will no longer have guns and so we're seeing the industry respond to this. >> an we heard baldwin talk about this, he would be interested in limiting the use of firearms on sets. so i want to ask you, elie, there is the assistant director and the armorer and the armorer released a statement through her attorney saying that she has no idea how the live rounds got there. what do you make of that legally for her and for the assistant director? >> so, that is a really important statement by the armorer through her attorneys. i'm not sure it actually helps the armorer, mrs. gutierrez because it leads to if you have no idea how a live round got into the gun. did you or did you not inspect that gun before it made its way on to set? if they did not inspect the gun, think there is an argument of criminal negligence, you're an armorer, what is your number one
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job, inspect the gun. and then she must have missed the live round which could lead to neg lithence or the higher level of the criminal negligence standard. >> and you said that you don't foresee baldwin facing any charges. have you seen anything to change that. >> no, i haven't. if a assistant director hands you a gun and said it is a cold gun, the actor doesn't have any obligation to inspect the gun for himself. in fact its would be dangerous to do that. so i don't think alec baldwin has potential criminal liability here. i do think he and the production company be sued civilly for money damages however. >> thank you both. well up next, crunch time in the commonwealth. the candidates pulling out all of the stops in virginia with national implications. and the last time he went to eye
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more than a million early votes have been cast in the hotly contested virginia governor's race. but terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin are both barnstorming across the commonwealth trying to get every single vote they still can. arlette saenz is covering the mcauliffe campaign and, let's start with you. mcauliffe said this race isn't about donald trump after spending months it is about donald trump. what is up with that? >> reporter: yeah, it is kind of a curious statement.
4:17 pm
bec because as you mentioned top democrats have spent months during this campaign trying to tie the gop candidate glenn youngkin to the former president. you have the biden campaign -- that is honking because the terry mcauliffe bus is rolling int into the event right now. but you have joe biden and former president barack obama, all mentioning and tieing glenn youngkin to donald trump. but today terry mcauliffe, as he was speaking to dan merica, he said this isn't about trump. take a listen. >> you know, it is just killing trump that he's not here. obviously. he's in the race, obviously he's endorsed youngkin seven different times. but, i think trump is trying to play, whichever happens, he will claim credit for himself. he's very unpopular here in the state and everybody knows it and that is probably why youngkin doesn't want him. >> would it help your campaign?
4:18 pm
i know you told me it would have paid for the jet fuel to get him here. >> i would love for him to come here but this isn't by trump. >> for the most part after the campaign events today mcauliffe has not been mentioning trump. but when he was speaking with reporters at last two events he did reference that youngkin was a trump wanna be. but one big question is what campaigning and turnout will be like in a post trump eras weigh as such a motivating factor for so many democrats. now in just a short bit mcauliffe will wrap up his day of campaigns. today he was campaigning with tim kane as well as congressman jim clyburn. he's been relying on some of the national figures to come into this race in the closing days. i also have the chance to ask mcauliffe if he was frustrated with that package not -- the economic bills not being voted on until tuesday. he said it is what it is. take a look.
4:19 pm
pamela. >> thank you. i know how tough it is to keep talking and keeping your train of thought when it is so loud in the background. so great job there, arlet. glenn youngkin has done everything he can to keep the president on blanks in the waning hours of this campaign. talk about why this is a tricky political tight rope for him? >> reporter: well, pam, it seems he's been able to do this with relative easeba when you speak to the people at the rallies as i often do, they tell me they are not all that concerned about trump and really they believe that a republican like glenn youngkin could only win statewide if he does all that he can engage moderates, engage republicans on the far right and independents and even peel off some democrats and youngkin has that understanding too. that is why he emphasizes the democrats that are supporting him. take a listen to how he zeused
4:20 pm
this on the trail. >> this is not democrats versus republicans any more. this is not -- this is not people standing around holding up certain political philosophies. this is virginians coming together and defining a new way forward for our commonwealth. >> reporter: so the number one issue i'm hearing from people here is that they are primarily focused on education. pam. >> all right. eva, thank you both. so just how many young children will get a covid vaccine shot if the cdc signs off on it next week? maybe fewer than you think. and wait until you hear some of the reasons why. i'll talk to dr. al isson messina from all children's hospital. we'll be right back. ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i like it like ♪ ♪ i... ♪
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well four days from now young children could be getting a covid shot. the cdc meets on tuesday to decide whether to approve the use of the vaccine for children 5 to 11. the cdc director must still sign off on it and we expect that to happen. so let's take a closer look at all of this. >> the ability to vaccinate children, frees them up to attend school with reduced risk of outbreaks, that limit in-person learning. think for many children school is a safe space as well as obviously the important role that it plays in their education. so, and for many children it is
4:26 pm
a place where they get meals. so this is a profound effect beyond the important prevention of covid-19. >> but here is the big question. how many parents actually plan to get their young children vaccinated. not many according to a new poll out this week by the kaiser family foundation. as you'll see here, only 27% parents say they are eager to get their children vaccinated. 33% say they would wait and see. while 30% say they would definitely not get the vaccine for their kids. let's look at the top reasons why. here are some of the concerns. parents say they're very or somewhat concerned about the vaccine, 76% think not enough is known about the long-term effects. 71% are worried about side effects and 66% are worried about future fertility problems. to be clear, fertility concerns have been debunked by science and here is what dr. fauci said
4:27 pm
about the science. >> i do feel it is important to vaccinate children. no doubt from a statistical standpoint, when children get infected there is very much more likely they would not have a severe outcome compared to an elderly person like myself or someone who has an underlying condition. but that doesn't mean that the kids are exempt from some serious illness because all you need to do is go to the pediatric hospitals around the country and you see particularly what the delta variant, which has a much greater chance of transmitting, that more kids are getting infected. >> so let's talk more about this. joining me now is dr. allison messina. good evening to you. those numbers are stunning. that more parents are saying right now that they would likely not get their kid vaccinated when it is available to them versus the parents who would.
4:28 pm
and i think what is on a lot of parents' minds is it worth it. because for so many months parents kept hearing that it is not a significant risk to their kids. help us understand, at this point what risk does covid pose to children and what risk does the vaccine pose. >> sure. well those are great questions and i think that parents are right to be asking those questions. you really need to decide risk versus benefit for your child. and that might be different for every parent. i think that for those people who want the vaccine right away, i think the -- what they're considering is not only the health of their own child, perhaps some of these parents are parents of children with pre-existing conditions for which that calculus, that risk benefit calculus is a little easier. some parents are wanting their kids to be vaccinated because they want them to attend school without as much worry about
4:29 pm
whether they could get sick or not and what kind of disruption that would cause. so those are some of the big considerations that i hear parents saying, is just if they are concerned that their kid is going to become very ill or that their education is going to be disrupted, the vaccine is something that they can do to allay those concerns. i think the parents that are in the middle, still kind of waiting and deciding, i think that those are the parents that should have a talk with their child's pediatrician and really make that decision wisely with someone who knows their child's medical history, and knows what is going on in their community and i think that they will be able to come up with a good decision. and if it is that they want to wait a little longer, then they have that opportunity. >> right. so if you had young children, would you have them get this vaccine? >> for me, i would. and the reason that i would is because i know that even though
4:30 pm
we haven't had this vaccine available for very long in young kids, we have had it available in older children and in adults for almost a year now. and it is been given to millions of people. and we really have not seen any bad effect of that. that is meaningful to me and that reassures me a lot. the other thing too is especially as a pediatric infectious disease physician, i have seen young kids get very sick with this so that is very real. and i think sometimes people don't see that. but if you ask our pediatrician or ask your doctor, they'll let you know it is very real and so those are things that are meaningful to me. >> you just heard that there are parents who were worried that the vaccine could effect their child's future fertility. that has been repeatedly disproved. how do you fight something like that? is misinformation a bigger problem than covid? >> yes, i think that
4:31 pm
misinformation obviously is a huge problem. and especially with things like you mentioned with fertility. there is absolutely no reason to think that this would impact fertility. and the science is very clear on that. so, if that is the major concern, it is really unfortunate that people really think that they need to worry about that because that is the one thing that they probably really don't need to worry about. but other things like what are long-term side effects of any vaccine or any medical product well that is a realistic concern as well. but i also would remind people that we don't know the long-term effects of covid either. so i think that it is one of those things that you really have to -- you have to remember that the choice not to get the vaccine is not a risk-free choice either. it is really difficult to decide i think for young children. but i think that with the information that we have and the transparency that the fda has with this process, i think should reassure people.
4:32 pm
>> i do want to ask you about something else. on friday the supreme court refused to stop maine vaccine mandate for health care employees who wanted a religious exception. how important is it for health care workers to be vaccinated for both their own protection and for the safety of their patients? >> yes, that is something that is really important to me. you know, in my hospital, that is one of the things that we talk about every day. we really -- our main goal is to keep our patients safe and to keep our employees safe. and if there is a safe vaccine that could do that, to keep your patients and your staff safe, to me that is something that is just should really be at the top of our priority list. so i do think that it is important. >> dr. messina, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. have a good evening. >> you too. well president biden is meeting with g20 leaders but as
4:33 pm
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president biden notched an early win at g20 getting world leaders to sign on a plan for a minimu minimum global tax. a small victory abroad as his once in a lifetime social safety net plan at home, it looks like it will pass. he doesn't have the win yet but
4:38 pm
it is holding on by a threat. joining me sabrina siddiqui and both are political analysts. ladies, great to see you. so night to have company on the saturday evening. what more what we wouldn't to do than talk about biden's trip abroad. how important is this for biden for his political reputation right now, for this trip to be a success for him and what would that look like exactly? >> well, i think that it is a very significant trip because after the kind of honeymoon phase where there was a lot of celebration among world leaders, that perhaps the biden administration would bring back a sense of competence, as well as predictability and return to traditional alliances after four years of the trump administration which was more chaotic and then saw a difficult couple of months with the withdrawal from afghanistan and this nuclear submarine deal that angered the french because it
4:39 pm
undercut a deal they had in place so this is on the world stage and secure key commitments on issues like climate change and supply chain issues and they have agreed to the minimum corporate tax rate so that is a significant deal and there is the on going challenge of covid-19. i don't know how much they're paying attention to what is happening back home and his agenda hangs in the balance but i think democrats will get to a deal but this is more important for biden to once again show that the u.s. is back in a position of leadership and reasserting itself on the global stage after previous four years where a lot of world leaders felt like america had kind of retreated. >> and no doubt about it. he wanted to go on this trip with the win. right. it didn't happen where he wanted to see the infrastructure deal at least pass. but the progressives held firm and then they released a stapt saying they do back the
4:40 pm
framework. it looks like it is going to pass as you said, s sabrina, but not before the virginia race. the democrats that couldn't tout this win could hurt terry mcauliffe. >> he's been on the phone calling congressional leaders now for weeks trying to get his virginia allies to press leadership to have this vote so that they could sort of pull out the base and energize democrats and get them to the polls in a race where republican energy is much higher than democrats right now. just to be realistic. and so this race is really tightening and i think for terry mcauliffe he wanted this win. but i do think in terms of the white house and president biden, last week was significant for him. i mean, yes, they weren't able to get the infrastructure bill passed but they did put out this big social spending framework after sort of haggling behind the scenes for literally months. but they got two moderate senate democrats who didn't want to do this bill to commit to a
4:41 pm
framework where they're going to have $500 billion worth of tax credits for renewable energy to try to move sort of a cleaner energy in the future. that is a huge win for progressives too. so you saw moderates endorse that and progressives who wanted a much bigger package come behind this. so i do think there was significant momentum for president biden, will it help in virginia? probably not. how much will that really effect the race? i'm not really sure at this point. >> no one really knows for certain, right. this week james clyburn in congress helped propel joe biden to victory. he said democrats may lack the will to win. let's listen to what he said. >> i think we can. i'm not sure we will. and that comes from -- my dad used to say to me all of the time, son, wherever there is a
4:42 pm
will, there is a way. so i'm not too sure that democrats have yet developed the will to win in 2022. >> those are powerful words. i mean, it is true in a close race that energy and enthusiasm matters but are republicans winning on that level, you mentioned that that was the case in virginia. but what do you think? >> well i completely agree with rachel, then enthusiasm is on the republican side. this is not without midterms favor the party not in the white house especially after a presidential election. so after president obama victory, you saw republicans take control in the house in 2010 after the victory in 2016 and the enthusiasm was on democratic side and in the 2018 midterms so now i think you'll see that same dynamic play out. the issue for democrats and this is where we go back to the
4:43 pm
agenda, there is not much to tout despite having both chambers in congress and the white house absent the $1.9 trillion package signed in march, they have not had any other major legislative victories so there is concern among democrats that there hasn't been progress even if they do get a deal on infrastructure and reconciliation. other key issues like voting rights and those are important for black voters that are critical to their success and down ballot. so i think republicans are seizing on culture wars an just showing that they have a lot more enthusiasm within their base, whereas democrats i think with the base it is not a sense that a lot has really change this year. and i think that is a challenge for joe biden and for democrats going into next year. >> there is also a divide amongst democrats of what it will take to be success envelope 2022. you have progressives saying we
4:44 pm
campaigned on child kir and universal pre-k and if we don't deliver on this, the base will not show up and then you have moderates who are vulnerable and say if we pass a huge package, i'm definitely going to lose my seat. so there is a fundamental disagreement about what it takes and what they should pass to protect themselves in 2022. but everything agrees they have to do something and i think that that is why you're seeing some frustration on the hill and eagerness to get something done. >> right. you do seemingly have an agreement between the progressives an moderates like manchin and sinema now which is extraordinary as you pointed out. i do want to ask you about this. we mentioned trump. we have to meng the latest antics, the anti-trump lincoln project. they sent demonstrators dressed as unite the right rally in charlottesville with tiki torches when they took some heat for this here is how they
4:45 pm
responded. we'll continue to hold glenn youngkin accountable that the charlottesville riots and until we'll be back. i mean, wow. >> such bizarre. antics. >> and it took a while for it come out that it was the lincoln project. >> it seems like they do more damage, they are trying to help democrats by ridding the republican party of anyone who is supported former president trump, they're trying to kind of eradicate trumpism from the republican party but i don't think the tactics work but this is a strategy in virginia to try youngkin to trump and he's trying to distance himself from trump while still courting his supporters and we'll see if that is effective on tuesday, they want a healthier republican and a distance from trumpism and they do something like this and
4:46 pm
it creates this distrust in the greater atmosphere. there were people after january 6, many republicans trying to blame january 6 on antifa, the left. and like if you pull stunts like this, you put it out there that, okay, people don't trust what they're seeing. they don't trust the facts and this is where you get conspiracy theories. it is just dangerous. and it is certainly -- it is going to backfire on the the group clearly. perhaps even on democrats. >> it is not good in this age of so much misinformation. as you point out, sabrina, thank you. rachel, i owe you an apology. i said you're with "the washington post" but you're actually as i'm sure all of our viewers know with politico playbook. you're a co-author, i'm sure washington post wishes he were still with them. but thank you so much. >> well just months after call forge a boycott of major league baseball, donald trump is heading to atlanta for game four of the world series. we're going to take you there live.
4:47 pm
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baseball's biggest event returns tonight. game four of the world series in atlanta. and there is even a hint of some political drama. cnn's donee o'sullivan joins us in atlanta where we're expecting donald trump to make an appearance any moment now. any idea yet what kind of reception he'll get? >> reporter: sounds like it's going to be pretty mixed. folks coming in here today range from being upset he's coming, delighted he's here. and most folks just really want to watch the game. have a listen.
4:52 pm
how do you think trump will be received? >> well, i hate to say it. we are fans. >> yes, we like his policies. we don't like his attitude sometimes but we like his policies. >> you think he'll get more cheers than boos tonight? >> more cheers than boos, yes. >> there's a special guest coming tonight. >> oh, yeah, we heard. the one that doesn't like baseball. >> what do you think about that? >> we're here to see the baseball game. >> you think he'll get a warm welcome or booed or what? >> mixed. >> probably mixed. >> because up until a few months ago he wanted people to boycott, right? >> yes, i couldn't figure that out. you'll never see baseball boycotters here. >> special guests coming in tonight. >> who terrell? >> you think he's going to get a
4:53 pm
warm reception here? >> absolutely. atlanta fans love him. he should have won the election. >> reporter: trump back here tonight in a state that he falsely believes he didn't lose and now we're 12 months out from the mid-terms. >> yes, we sure are. thank you so much. if you want to better understand the state of the republican party look no further than myrtle beach, south carolina, this weekend. uber conservative congressman tom rice left out in the cold by his own party. bryce has aligned with trump on almost everything. his one sin he voted to impeach the president for inciting the capitol hill riot, and for that he doesn't even get an invite to the gop headliner event going on right now in his own district. but you know who is invited. the likes of conservative talk
4:54 pm
show host williams and white house doctor and now texas congressman ronny jackson. meantime trump's big lie has found a new fan zone among young gun gop house candidates. cnn has found at least a dozen of the gop's prized mid-term recruits have cast doubts about the 2020 election. among them caroline levitt who really thinks trump won the election, she says. tim baxter from new hampshire says it's time for an audit in every state. and gale huff brown who said, quote, there were a lot of irregularities in the election in 2020. it's a danger to this democracy and frankly influential republicans should know better. >> did trump win or lose the election? >> i don't know. >> well, there you go because the world does. >> he knows.
4:55 pm
so spare a thought for congressman tom rice this weekend whose truth telling basically cost him an invite to his own party leaving him with plenty of time to reflect on the state of the gop in this op-ed. my republican friends, my plea to you is this. enough with the bickering, enough with the conspiracy theories, enough with the grudges. if we don't change course, we are doomed to failure. well, thank you so much for joining me this evening. i'm pamela brown, and i'm see you again next weekend. hope everyone has a wonderful halloween. the cnn special report, stop the vote, the big lie, assault on democracy airs next. hi susan! honey? yeah? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry.
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