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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 31, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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thanks so much for joining us this sunday. i'm fredericka whitfield in atlanta joined by my colleague chris cuomo in rome. we begin with breaking news. president biden is set to hold a news conference in the next hour officially wrapping up the final day of the g-20 summit. we'll bring you the president's speech live as it happens. earlier he held meetings on the global economy and supply chain issues pledging a u.s. commitment to reinforce stockpiles and prepare for
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future bottlenecks. >> today i'm announcing two further steps. first, i'm allocating additional funding to help american partners as well as the united states cut port congestion by slashing red tape and reducing processing times so that ships can get in and out of our ports faster, and second i'm signing an executive order that will strengthen our management of the united states defense stockpiles for minerals and materials and allow us -- allow us to react and respond more quickly to shortfalls in the industrial base. >> president biden also met with turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan raising human rights issues and turkey's use of a russian missile system with the turkish president. biden did not attend some of the more informal cultural event
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including tossing copies into the trevi fountain with other g-20 leaders. many of these leaders will be traveling to scotland tomorrow where the united nations climate change conference or connecticut fence is under way. let's go now to rome for the final day of the g-20 summit. cnn's chris cuomo is there anchoring our live coverage. ciao, chris. >> ciao, presto, the next time we're here we've got to be together. so, you know, we don't want to ignore any small sign and i only say this because it's completely facetious, fred but none of those leaders threw those coins at the trevi fountain directly at other leaders. they all threw them over their shoulders and into the fountain. >> phew. >> if you throw it into the trevi fountain it means some day you will come back to the trev fountain. if you throw it at another leader it means you've committed a crime. all right. joining me now is cnn senior
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white house correspondent phil mattingly, cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson and cnn's chief climate correspondent bill weir. now he's a step ahead in glasgow, scotland, the site of the united nations climate change conference. great to have all three of you. let's start with the obvious. president biden giving a press conference. that's a story in and of itself because he doesn't do it often. what is the motivation here to come out and be heard and take questions? >> i think that a sense of normalcy, right, if you're coming off the president coming always does a press conference, come out of the nato summit and he'll do so now. hasn't done one since june at the nato summit and so i think there are no shortage of questions domestic or international and what's certain is you'll hear the president at least start the press conference talking about what he feels like the u.s. was table take away from the past couple of days and meetings, both bilateral meetings and the broader meetings and today's meetings on supply chains.
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we've heard about the 15% global minimum tax, we talked about the u.s. and eu agreement to ease tariffs than was a significant move that the administration has been working on for several months. to be table lock that in is something that the administration is quite pleased with right now. the meeting today on supply chains, it's a little bit dense of an issue but one that everybody recognizes when your packages aren't arriving on time or thinking about holiday gifts and bringing 14 pleerds plus the eu around the table to address that given it's such an international and interconnected system and issue i think officials might not be able to point to real concrete tangible steps but they feel like that's a net positive. the big open question and nick and i were talking about that on air is climate which leads us straight into where we're going next and the language that we've seen that will be in the communique related to climate isn't as strong as props some climate activists would want it, to particularly on cool internationally or globally and how the president addresses that trying to create momentum going into glasgow is a real open question. >> so i want to come back to you
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on what's he going to get hit on domestically at this press conference because we haven't had a chance to ask him questions, plenty going on, but staying thematically consistent, nick, what do you believe the tough pushback is on the climate measure that was here but specifically about coal? the outward criticism is that this isn't really new, no more. there is no enforce president or dating on it. seemed like lip service. what do you expect? >> reporter: there is no agreement as you say to on the use of coal-fired power stations, only to stop international investment in them by the end of the year. that was out there also, so that's falling short. i think we've heard from mario draghi, the italian prime minister who was hosting this conference essentially saying, yes, we've come up short, yes on the issue of cool, just taken a small step. do i know where it's going to go, he said, and what's the next step and where it's going to end? no, i don't. i think there's disappointment that the net zero global
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emissions wasn't set or agreed for 2050. now it's nebulously around sometime around or before 2060 so there's going to be disappointments on there. this is underdeliverance. boris johnson one of the most optimistic politicians you'll hear at the podium said we've fallen short. his rate card of how the g-20 has performed on this issue was probably a 5 out of 10. he knows he goes into the cop-26 that he's helping host, you know, on the back sgloofoot. bill weir does stories on all of the challenges we're facing everywhere. you're a step ahead of the process in glasgow. ni cris was just showing us video of a family member who has had their road washed out because of a flash flood in scotland. what do you think might be on the table in biden in the press conference as it's set up where you are? >> well, chris, he's got to tackle the very tricky problem
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of american credibility in this sprays. going back to the kyoto protocol in '97 in which the rich countries say, okay, we're going stop emitting the pollution that cooks the planet. back to the paris accords in 2015, in both cases the u.s. was at the table leading the negotiations and then pulled away after a republican president was elected, so biden is bringing a full contingent of cabinet members, enough to field a soccer team, football as they say here in glasgow ranger country and he's got john kerry and gina mccarthy and barack obama is going to make an appearance here as well. he has the pope weighing in on this, who probably would have done it regardless of the president's visit there just to say we're all. in the states, know, some of our biggest economic engines of california and new jersey, they are way ahead of the curve and meanwhile back in congress that sort of multi-trillion dollar in an ideal universe, biden universe, multi-trillion dollar
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climate-heavy package that he was hoping to bring here as proof is not happening yet. >> reporter: look, that is a range of things and an interesting point that you bring up, bill, that biden is not coming empty-handed in terms of his team. he has his special attache kerry and a host of other people and how often does a former president show up as these conferences, almost never and to have obama there also adds credibility to t.push back from the right, two beats on this, phil, i want to talk about what he's going to get hit on domestically, but on this the right's counter to everything that bill said which was completely germane is but we're so far ahead of everybody else on coal. you know, we've done things that nobody else in the world wants to do, why do we have to sign on to these things? why don't you make everybody else catch up? how does biden deal with that? >> that it's the u.s. responsibility to lead and this is -- bill lays out a great timeline of what has transspired which leads to a lot of
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skepticism from world leaders and to some degree when u.s. officials they want to leverage that saying this underscores the urgency of making real, tangible conkeith commitments now. you don't know what's going to happen four years from now or where we'll be in 2025. this is the moment to do it, obviously the movement to do so when you look around the world, climate disasters we've seen, that's why they are going so big and looking for tangible commitments and why you'll see a number of tangible commitments over the next couple of days. >> reporter: how does biden handle this press conference on tuesday? >> his entire domestic agenda is on the live. the white house is not officially setting that dead lipobut democratic leaders told the members in the house that they want a vote on both bills. one thing that i know and you'll hear the president talk about it. might not have a bill in
11:10 am
congress and in that is $550 billion and i've been told he's been talking a lot about the framework behind closed doors here. he'll certainly talk about that today and obviously going into glasgow. >> bill, still to come, part of theites presence in glasgow this week including as bill was laying out to you, bill weir, a group of u.s. governors making a urgent plea for action on the climate crisis. we're going to talk to washington governor jay insly. he was all about making -- plus, it's time for this pare to get together and deliver. those are the words of progressive how democrat ro chan.
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and will have democrats be able to snatch vickery from the jaws of defeat in the governor's election in virginia on tuesday? we'll see. stay tuned.
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all right. welcome back. when president biden returns home from his overseas trip on tuesday, he may see some major movement on the two pillars of his domestic agenda, at least that's his hope. house democrats are pushing to hold votes on both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and biden's larger spending plan, but before those votes happen, senator bernie sanders telling cnn today that he believes all 50 democrats in the senate need to publicly agree on a framework for the social safety net bill. >> i think there has got to be a framework agreed upon in the senate that all of us know is going to be implemented before the members of the house vote. going to have a piece of paper which will say this is going to be in the bill. you don't have to have all of the legislative language, but you have to have a statement which says a, b, c, d and e is going to be in the package and
11:16 am
50 members of the senators are supporting it. >> cnn's suesan malvo is with us now from capitol hill. another deadly for the democrats. where do things stand? >> good afternoon, friend. well it does look like they are getting closer to potentially voting for both of these bills, the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and the $1.75 trillion, that's trillion, both "ts" for those bills, for the social safety net program, but there are criteria, fred, three hurdles that progressive democrats have to get over. the first up you just heard senator sanders really spelling it out quite clearly here. they want assurances from senators sinema as well as sno manchin, the moderates who have been holding back and really driving this negotiating process. we heard from representative jayapal who is head of the progressive team, and she was not satisfied that she got that assurance that they are going to push that larger bill so they want it in writing. the second thing, of course, is
11:17 am
the two bills voted in tandem at the same time. speaker pelosi wasn't offering that last thursday and now the democratic leadership is offering that on tuesday. check that box, that would be good for the progressives and finally in the graphic what's in and what's out this is a process here and that progressive democrats went from $6.3 trillion to 3.5 trillion to 1.75 trillion and they have to accept some policy initiatives very difficult that are ultimately not likely to get in the bill, pead medicare and family leave and negotiates drug prices an this is what the progressives are going through this morning, senator bernie sanders and his counterpart in the house. >> i worked yesterday, we're going to work tomorrow to strengthen that bit. it is outrageous that we continue to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. >> i want to ask you about that.
11:18 am
>> and that one out of four americans cannot afford the prescriptions that their doctors write. that is not acceptable. >> the negotiations are taking place. i'm going to be a yes. i think we can have the vote by tuesday. >> fred, that's really what's happening here. letting go of some of those pieces, agreeing to what already essentially is 90% done, the framework delivered on thursday. the secretary of energy jennifer granholm saying look, potentially some of the policy issues can be introduced at a later time and date with smaller pieces and perhaps even get republican support. >> that, too, might be a tough sell to some of the democrats who want al or nothing. >> suzanne malvo, thanks for that. straight ahead. president is set to up his time. you'll hear from him come up.
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american airlines scraps more than 1,500 flights this weekend. what's behind the cancellation.
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all right. not to hype it, but here at the g-20 summit the american president having a press conference is going to be a big deal. why? he doesn't do it a lot. he's got a lot to spin and explain. he's got questions about what happened here, what's going to happen next when he goes to glasgow and what's happening at home, so the stakes are real. his performance is going to be measured and this won't be that
11:24 am
short, so we're waiting on it. when it comes it comes and we'll bring it to you and we'll discuss how he did. today, tomorrow, you're going to start seeing the leaders that are here migrate to the cop-26 climate summit in scotland which i was just looking at video. they are getting hit with extreme climate change there also. weather ear vents that they are not used to seeing, roads being washed out and what used to be simple storms, so nowhere escapes the reality, so they will go from here in rome. this final communique that they put out did include language on keeping global warming to a limit of 1.5 degrees celsius and trying to achieve net zero carbon emissions by or around 2050. there is going to be big criticism that it is all talk and very little provision for making people walk the walk. there is also a commitment to stop public financing of coal by the end of this year but there is a little bit of a loophole in
11:25 am
there. it's more about what countries do in funding things that are abroad than what happens domestically and then you have another layer of it politically in america which is where the right is going to sail america's already ahead on coal of these other countries. why do we have to match measures with them? why don't they get to just catch up before we do anything else? now somebody who cares about these intensely in fact made it the center piece of a campaign for president. we've never seen that before. washington governor jay inslee. he was talking about climate justice sand member of the u.s. climate alliance. he'll go to scotland as part of the governors who say, look, i run a significant economy, this is a great problem. it's great to have the governor ahead of this summit. thanks for being here.
11:26 am
>> thanks for having sfwlee when you mit made climate the center piece in the presidential race it was seen as almost a political oddity and now we see here and now coming into this summit it's a top-tier issue probably everywhere in the world except in the united states in terms of our government. what do you hope to achieve here to change that? >> well, a meaningful international agreement and also agreements amongst the states and, you know, i ran for president because i thought he needed a champion to work on the climate. thankfully we got with you. i believe he's going to land a $300 billion plus investment in climate that will be a reconciliation bill ultimately and that will lead an international consortium to advance the international ambition, up way or another we're going as governors of states, and this is the united states of america, and i'm leading a group of u.s. governors and governors around the world to show what states can do.
11:27 am
look, you know, the u.n. calls us subnationals. we think of ourselves as super nationals because we have 25 states and 25 governors who are committed to more ambitious efforts and we're acting. we have a climate change, a program in my state that's everything that we would want federally. we have 100% electric gridlock and we have the most ambitious cap on economy-wide emissions in the united states and that kind of thing is going on around the world, so we're both going to have a federal presence which i think is going to show us a strong hand of the investments. federally we're going make clean energy and we're going to show that 61% of the whole u.s. economy is covered by states that have made these commitments so i'm looking forward to good things coming out of this. >> let's talk domestic and then we'll go geo in terms of the questions and implications. on the domestic side you're going to get hid from the right. tuesday basic arguments.
11:28 am
one is boy you democrats love to throw our money at problems and here it's 300, 500 billion depending on how you look at the climate policies and a couple of different bills the president is trying to get passed in the congress now and america is already ahead of so many of these other countries. why keep slowing us down when the rest of the world hasn't caught up yet and spending our money on technologies that ant even ready. >> look. when you drive a electric car and you're not slowing down, you're speeding up. if you've ever driven down an electric car they hold the race records for drag motor cycles. when you drive an electric car you get instant tonchlgt look, when we've revolutionizing a clean building economy, we're accelerating our economic growth. this is where the jobs are growing faster and the jobs in clean energy are growing three times faster than the rest of the u.s. economy. when ford is making an f150 that
11:29 am
is all electric and every auto manufacturer in the world is racing to turn their combustion engines into electric fleets, we're putting the pedal to the metal and this time it's electricity and that's happening. the big money is making these investments, and so this is happening, but we need to accelerate it, and we can't let the fossile fuel industries drag us back. that's who is dragging us backwards, the fossil fuel industries that are trying to retard this accelerating part of our economy. these are the jobs not only of the future but today. so the fat most rapidly growing states in the united states economically are the ones that recommend bracing clean energy. i mentioned our 25 states. this represents 61% of the whole u.s. economy and those are the states that have the most rapid economic growth. so if you want economic growth, get on the bus, get on the electric bus. i just opened up ground-breaking
11:30 am
for our first electric bus manufacturing plant. i went to a company that's going to increase battery capacity maybe by 50%. i just went to a company that's using a fuel sell to power swapping out a diesel drive train for a fuel cell lition ion battery in the biggest truck in the world that mines precious metals so this is what is happening. i wish republicans were helping out on this, but they are tied to the past. they are the guys who still wanted to have the horse drawn buggies while we're moving to the steam power, so we're excited to keep moving forward >> on the geo side, i've been critical of china. nobody supports fossil fuel infrastructure more than they do and they are exporting it to anybody who wants it. president xi obviously not in attendance at the g-20. china has resisted some of the stricter language around the climate commitments. what do you do about them? >> well, we do what we can. it was good to know that china did publicly say that they are
11:31 am
going to actually stop financing coal-based infrastructure around the world. that's a good first step, but we need to keep the pressure on china, and the way to keep the pressure on china show our economic growth here around clean energy. that's what puts the pressure on china, when we're growing jobs and seizing markets, that's what puts pressure on china and if you're going to demand their neighbor mow their yard and stop throwing garbage over the fence the way to do that is own more yard and we've got to be in the moral high ground and when we land this reconciliation bill and when we show what states have done in this climate alliance that i'm helping lead, we're going have the moral high ground to keep pressure on them to move forward. but listen, it's their failure if they are not investing in clean energy like we are, because we want to seize these markets. you know, i just went to this company, it's called group 14 the other day. they have invented a new
11:32 am
silicone anod battery that could increase capacity by 50%. they are now in talks with all the major ought ore manufacturers. when we seize that market we'll have an international competitive advantage over china, and that's the kind of strategy that underpins the reconciliation bill that president biden has led on. those are the types of investments that are going to get us an economic leg up. we know what the future is. it's not fossil fuels. the faster we seize that, the better we'll be in the economic competition. >> and, of course, the future of the progress will bring its own challenges, the raw materials that you need to make these batteries, how do you preserve them, but those are questions the world is going to deal with. as i said to secretary kerry, if you want a platform to discuss what the positives are and negatives in glasgow you'll have cuomo "primetime" all throughout the summit and i give you the
11:33 am
invitation in advance. >> we'll be there. we've got a good story to tell. >> take care, governor. >> thanks. >> want to toss it back to fred. >> chris, thank you so much. american airlines cancelling over 1,500 flights this weekend. executives are blaming severe weather at two major hubs and staffing shortages. pete muntene joins us from washington. what more is american saying about its cancellations and what can it do? >> mesh says this will start getting better and for a lot of folks stranded across the country right now this feels like to will get worse before it gets better. take a look at the latest numbers here. american cancelled 816 flights today alone. 548 yesterday and 343 on friday. the numbers over the three-day period represent a cancellation of about one in every ten american flights. american says this all really started on thursday when high winds and bad weather hit its biggest hub in dallas.
11:34 am
that cause it had to start cancelling some flights and then that left crews out of position so american c.o.o. david seymour wrote the entire company to say he wanted to build certainty into the operation so the airline began proactively cancelling flights, but just tell that to all these folks who were stranded right now also at america's second biggest hub in charlotte where we've seen long lines and a lot of frustration now. i want you to listen to one of the folks who are stuck there right now. >> i don't understand why it's cancelled. i've heard that they don't have enough staff. well, you sold me a product. i paid for it and now it's your job to get me there. >> reporter: now, remember, this is not just about staffing issues. american says there is a bit of a silver lining here because starting tomorrow, november 1st, about 1,800 flight attendants who are on pandemic time off return from leave so they say things are going to get better, but it's still a big problem for a lot of folks who are stuck at airports right now, fredericka.
11:35 am
>> oh, my goodness, i know there's a lot of frustration at so many airports from coast to coast right now. pete, thank you so much. stay with us. we'll take you back live to rome where at any moment now president biden is expected to speak to reporters. we're back in a moment. [uplifting music playing] ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪ ♪
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it's the final push in virginia's race for governor. both ter mcauliffe and glenn
11:40 am
youngkin criss-crossing the state trying to secure the last-minute votes in a race that even the white house acknowledges is a bellwether for the mid terms 2024. just ahead of tuesday's vote, a new nbc news poll shows president biden's approval sinking with 42% of americans approving of his job performance so far. joining me right now from the campaign trail are cnn's eva mckin and arlette saenz. arlette, you first, is there a strong feeling that biden's popularity or policy-making will impact mcauliffe's final days of campaigning? >> well, fred, that is a big question in this case. how much of a referendum this president's agenda will be a drag and terry mcauliffe is touting his record as governor previously touting his job-creating record and he's repeated throughout this
11:41 am
campaign to make former president trump a consistent figure trying to tie the gop candidate to the president. take a listen to the nickname he gave his gop rival a bit earlier today. >> well, that's what you get with glenn trumpin'. >> now the focus for today is trying to energize democrats heading into tuesday's election. they are hoping that in an area where democrats have been making gains in recent years that they can also get that kind of turnout on tuesday night. fred? >> eva, to you. how is republican candidate youngkin spending his final days here just a couple days away, tuesday, voting day? >> well, fred, his campaign slogan is that he will make virginia the best place to work, live and raise a family, and he's really tried to appeal over time of republican. he's honed in on this parents
11:42 am
matter message that seems to be breaking through and when you go to his rallies that this cultural battle over what the future of virginia public schools looks like, that that's the number one issue. we followed him all along the trail in mostly a democratic areas so places like charlottesville and fairfax county, so he's made his pitch there to voters, but today he's in scott county, a county where former president trump won by nearly 70 points, so pretty safe to say that youngkin will do well, there but he's still trying to do all that he can to motivate conservatives in that region to show up in this off-year election. >> appreciate that report. let talk more from the perspective of ron brownstein, this is indeed a nail-biter, ron. ron is a senior political analyst and senior editor for "the atlantic." everyone knows that by now but we like to remind.
11:43 am
early voting ended yesterday with more than 1 million early votes cast. what does that tell you about the enthusiasm at the polls? >> yeah, well, look, you know, it's becoming a common feature of our modern politics that democrats are voting early and republicans are voting on election day. i think democrats feel they have a substantial lead among that early vote, but as you say the overall election is a nail-biter. there is no escaping the shadow of the president in modern u.s. elections to answer the question you asked before. i mean, know, for terry mcauliffe, joe biden being at 42% nationally, only at 43% in "the washington post" poll in virginia that came out a day or two ago, that's a tremendous undertoerks and it's a warning to democrats. win or lose, this is going to be a close election, much closer than 2020 was in virginia and what it basically says it that democrats have a year to rebuild some of president biden's approval because if he's this low in november of 2022, it is going to be a tough election for democrats. history makes that very clear. >> and then this morning on
11:44 am
nbc's "meet the press" terry mcauliffe, you know, put the blame for parents' obscene behavior at school board meetings squarely on glenn youngkin saying young kin has created hatred and division just like donald trump. you heard him calling him trumpkin, so youngkin has avoided with trump and are voters seeing differences between trump and youngkin, or are they seeing similarities? >> well, you know, hard core republican voters are up and down the line with youngkin and many republicans feel he is creating a model for how to deal with trump without fully embracing him or fully pushing away from him but offering just enough ambiguity to both prevent a full scale eruption from the trump base but also appeal to the more center right voters. this education issue on what is being taught in school is really
11:45 am
in one against a reflection of the broader trump mess am and it may go beyond it as well. it may be reaching some voters who are democratic. i think the overwhelm message of this is win or lose, when the president is at 42%, it is tough for candidates in his party and improving that number starting by passing the -- the economic agenda really has to be job one for democrats in congress, not only out of solidarity for biden but out of self-interest and survival. >> there you've brought together the gubernatorial race in virginia for the white house. let moo ask you about president biden's agenda. i mean, he returns to the u.s. on tuesday the same day votes on his two key pieces of legislation could happen. pretty high stakes, wouldn't you say? >> absolutely. look. there are 272 democrats in congress, 222 in the house and 50 in the senate, and there are
11:46 am
270 who clearly agree on the way forward. i mean, if joe manchin and kyrsten sinema would have followed president biden's unveiling of this framework last thursday by clearly indicating, unequivocally presidenting it and saying they would vote for it this would have been done thursday night and this could have potentially given a boost to mcauliffe. though chose not to do it knowing that that was same position. will house progressives allow a vote on the infrastructure plan to go forward without an expolicive public same that mannin -- which has been reconfigure almost entirely to meet their specify capital gains and hand.
11:47 am
it's above -- pelosi has been on that ledge of going forward before and manchin and sinema could make this very easy and they choosing not to. >> all-night nail barb biters. ron brownstein, great to see you. thank you so much. and we'll be right back. guess it's on maggie. plan today. feel comfortable about tomorrow. massmutual. the last day of vacation is still vacation. with guaranteed 4pm checkout at fine hotels + resorts properties. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum. ♪ i... ♪ ( ♪ ) ♪ i... i... ♪ ♪ i like it like ♪ ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i like it like ♪ ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i... ♪ ♪ i... i-i-i-i-i... ♪
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some sad news to share. the huge loss of an industry colleague and an atlanta fixture. longtime atlanta news anchor javita moore died this battle with an aggressive form of brain cancer. moore who had opinion with wtbs
11:52 am
in atlanta in 20 years and she was a journalist who was also hugely generous giving so much more back to her viewing audience including sharing countless hours, mentoring local student. she is survived by her mother and her two children. in a statement atlanta mayor keisha lance bottom say may her spirit soar. she will be truly missed. moore was 53 years old. and the world of sports is mourning a devastating loss today. legendary red sox broadcaster jerry remy died last night at age of 68. remy played second base for boston in the '80s and '80s but he was better known as the voice in the booth for the last three decades. some of his more iconic calls were moments of laughter just like this one. >> we did some investigative reporting between innings on who and what was thrown hat that
11:53 am
gentleman, and the gentleman has been ejected but it was an ugly, ugly sight. i don't know why it was necessary. i don't have my telestrator. here comes the pizza, see it. oh, cheese. >> highly unnecessary. >> guy with the patriots jacket and he's been asked to leave the ball game for ruining a good piece of pizza. >> jerry remy stepped away from commentating earlier this year to seek treatment for lung cancer. it had troubled him for years making recommend a vocal anti-smoking advocate. he made his last appearance at fenway park earlier this month throwing out the first pitch for the wild card game and, yes, the red sox beat the yankees that night. ishing jo the atlanta braves are one win away from their first world series title in 26 years. andy scholles joining us now from the ballpark. >> yeah, fredericka, you can just feet excitement here in
11:54 am
atlanta. we're right outside truist park in the battery where fans got here early this morning to set up their chairs just to be a part of tonight, just to be able to watch the game on the big screen and hopefully see their atlanta braves make some history and win their first world series title since 1995, and i'll tell you what. these fans, fredericka, were wall to wall here last night for game four and they went absolutely bonkers with swanson and soler hit back-to-back home runs in the seventh inning to give the team the lead. the braves would go on to win game four 3-2 to take a commanding 3-1 lead in this series and the braves undefeated here in atlanta this postseason, a perfect 7-0. one more win, and they will be world series champs. >> just want to win tomorrow. i mean, i don't know how confident i am. i mean, i like -- i'm glad we are quite honestly. i'd rather be up three than down
11:55 am
three i guess, but i -- i've been around too lange to get ahead of myself. >> 27 more outs. i think that that's kind of the mentality we need to keep. they obviously have a great ball club over there. a lot of great players and a lot of respect for just the ability those guys have over there. we need to come out, continue to compete and do what we've done to get ourselves into this position. >> yeah, fredericka, even though it's halloween, lots of people want to be here tonight. just for an upper deck seat in the stadium going for more than $1,000. >> that's a spooky number. quite frightening. andy scholles, thank you so much. go braves. lots of excitement there. >> all right. stay with us. we'll take you back to rome where at any moment now president biden is expected to speak to reporters. we're back in a moment.
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hello again, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. i'm fredericka whitfield in atlanta joined by my colleague chris cuomo in rome. moments from now president biden will hold a news conference marking the official end


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