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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 19, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PST

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hello. i'm brianna keilar with john berman on this "new day". kevin mccarthy's innic speech to stop democrats from holding a major vote. plus, the rittenhouse trial entering day four of deliberations. the one thing the jury wanted to take home with them. the defense rest in the case of ahmaud arbery. >> covid boosters for all. at least all adults as early as today. we are a waiting a huge announcement from the fda. good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it is friday, november 19th.
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and some breaking news. kevin mccarthy finally done talking on the house floor. finally done making history as well. the republican minority leader delivering a more than eight-hour-long speech, essentially a filibuster with the goal of preempting president biden's social spending bill. it worked, at least for a while. democrats scrapped their plans for a vote last night. speaker nancy pelosi calling the speech nothing more than a temper tantrum. mccarthy breaking her record, giving him the longest house floor speech. his airing of grieve answers went far beyond the build back better plan, the biden agenda, he talked about afghanistan, defunding the police. carrots. you name it. . >> i don't know if this speech is going to make a difference. . >> well, it did make a difference in sleep schedules but probably not outcomes.
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in just a couple of hours, house democrats said they will hold a vote. they say they do have the votes to pass the build back better plan. the senate is a different story. that's a matter for another morning. jessica dean is alive and a bake which is a feat in and of itself. this was history making last night. this much is objectively true. beyond that, it's interesting to talk about what was accomplished there. >> reporter: right, john. this went on for 8 hours and 32 minutes with house leader kevin mccarthy starting at 8:30 last night. we were all settled in, settled in a little longer. he just wrapped up not too long ago. here's where things stand right now. the house is set to reconvene at 8:00 a.m. we are expecting house speaker nancy pelosi to wrap it up with some remarks. they do have some debate time left. she also has unlimited time. but she's going to want to move
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this process along. then, after that, there could be more republican procedural votes kind of slow to down. ultimately, we do expect that this bill will be voted on and pass the house sometime this morning. once that happens, it goes to the senate. overnight, railing at just a number of things. take a listen. >> in a desperate attempt to save face and apiece their extremists, left wing base, speaker pelosi has crammed even more radical policies into a partisan bill that cost trillions in dollars we don't have. for government-run programs that nobody wants, not even democrat voters. what the democrats are proposing is out of touch and the extreme.
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what we have before us isn't a social spending bill. it's a pathway to socialism. >> reporter: now, of course this is the second plank of president biden's massive agenda. it includes pre-k for all 3 and 4-year-olds, expansion of medicare to cover tepbl, vision, a number of things that democrats see as major priorities and things that a lot of democratic voters support across the country. this is very important to the democrats, very important to president biden. john, as you mentioned, it faces a long and winding path once it goes to the senate. all eyes go to senator joe manchin. he expressed a lot of concern about a ton of these issues. the bottom line, what will he expect. we'll fiend out. >> please stand by. this could happen during this broadcast.
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in and of itself, a big moment for the white house. jessica, thank you very much. all right. let's talk about all of this now with cnn political analyst and "new york times" washington correspondent maggie haberman and cnn white house correspondent, kaitlan collins. do they see this as an obstacle, or is this just kevin mccarthy screaming into the wind, no one is listening at the white house. . >> i think they're not surprised that republicans wanted to delay this vote for them. it's a big step for them. it's been months in the making. they would like to get it done sooner rather than later. i don't think they think in the long run it's going to really change anything. they expect to have the votes when they reconvene at 8:00 a.m. this morning. they want to get it passed before lawmakers leave town. they were expecting some objections. i don't know if they were expecting 8 hours and 32 minutes
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from kevin mccarthy. i don't think it is that surprising to the white house. in the end, the result will be the same. obviously, mccarthy was trying to make a point. . >> maggie, if we could put up some of the things mccarthy traced in out hours of speaking out loud, baby carrots, mcdonald's, red dawn. wolverine. i'm all for it. this may not have been much about the build back better plan or red dawn about something else. >> it is new to see this on a house floor speech. clearly it was not only about the bill. it was about a load of grievances, food. i clearly missed a bunch of it. he wants to be speaker. the republican party has been defined by this ethos now that trump put in place which is fight, fight, fight, fight, fight. so look like you're fighting. even if it's not going to delay passage of this bill, look like
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you are trying to keep it from going through. i think that's what he is doing. he is facing blowback over the fact that 13 republicans voted in favor of this bill to advance it, and he has been getting pressure to have kept them in line. trump has been telling people privately he's frustrated with mccarthy. take all that together, look at what mccarthy wants. if republicans retake the house next year, we know he wants to be speaker. that's what his goal is. . >> mccarthy wants to be speaker, but his former colleague and trump ally mark meadows is not so sure. . >> i would love to see the gavel go from nancy pelosi to donald trump as -- you talk about melting down. people would go crazy. as you know, you don't have to be an elected member of congress to be the speaker.
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she would go from tearing up a bill no handing the gavel over to donald trump. >> message received. she is saying message received. . >> you can see steve bannon as the ventriloquist moving meadows's mouth. i think he was taking a shot at mccarthy. he is trying to help his own standing with trump. and, again, playing to trump's idea that mccarthy should have done more to keep this bill from passing because it gives biden an accomplishment. . >> is trump complaining about mccarthy behind the scenes? >> yes. . >> interesting. . >> trump complains about almost everybody at various points. it doesn't mean he will do anything to try to block mccarthy, but that is what he is talking about now. . >> over the next few hours, we expect the house will pass the build back better agenda. it's a big day for this white house.
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what about the senate, this being the first tay of the rest of the white house's life? how are they going the handle this going forward? . >> it is a big day, but not the biggest day for the white house. they know they have a long road once it's in the hands of the senate. with the exception of kevin mccarthy speaking for 8 and a half hours, pretty simple road to get this passed right now. it had not always been so before. the senate is where the real challenges remain. or there still a lot of issues with this. one, just getting this bill off the ground. you have seen senator joe manchin. he is not hiding what he is thinking here. he is making clear he is not completely convinced that he is ready to take up this bill once it makes it to the senate right away. democratic leaders would like to get all of this wrapped up by christmas. that timeline seems very iffy if you were talking to democrats and people inside the white house. of course we shall see what happens there. you it's not just senator manchin who has the issues with
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passing more federal spending at this time. you see people like senator bernie sanders complaining about state and local tax deductions in their provisions. they think instead of this being a boost for the middleclass, it is a big tax cut for a lot of wealthy families. that goes against what the white house has been selling on the road. the white house say they want to get it passed and some will not vote for it unless that provision is in there. there are still a lot of things to work on going forward. the white house is well aware of that. this will be essentially jump starting this process once the vote gets passed through the house. . >> all that, plus max jones had a great night last night. . >> roll tide. >> in every segment, it comes back to alabama. >> maggie and kaitlyn, there
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will be baby carrots at our buffet as well. what the judge allowed the jurors to take home as they weigh their decision. >> plus, the defense resting its case in the killing of ahmaud arbery. what the man who shot arbery aadmitted on the stand. today will debate boosters for all adults. this could get fda approval as early as today. claire coulde enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nenexium 24hr stops acid beforere it starts for all-da, all-night protection. can yoyou imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ♪ i'm a reporter for the new york times. if you just hold it like this. yeah. ♪ i love finding out things that other people don't want me to know. mm-hmm. [bp] i just wanted to say... ♪
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the jury in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse set to ginday four of deliberations. the panel has been talking for 23 hours and asked the court a handful of questions but stayed silent for most of yesterday. shimon prokupecz live in kenosha with the very latest. and they wanted to take
3:16 am
something home with them last night, shimon. >> reporter: well, this was really interesting. first of all, the fact that we didn't hear anything from them yesterday is fascinatifascinati how complicated some of the issues are, how much is at stake here. we heard nothing from the jury yesterday. they spent the entire day behind closed doors. we didn't see them until the end of the day when they wanted to go home. but even something more interesting happens as they are being dismissed for the night. one of the jurors seated in the back a woman. she raised her hand. the judge asked if they had any questions. she raised her hand and asked the judge if she could take the instructions, the jury instructions, which is all about the law and self-defense and the provocation, all the instructions on the law. she asked to take that home. very, very bizarre. because that's something that i certainly have never seen, lawyers that i talked to, even some of the defense attorneys said they had never seen anything like that. so the judge allowing her to take the instructions home. and so he did.
3:17 am
he said that's fine. you can take them home. the jury is due back this morning. we'll see. as you know, covering trials, fridays are a day that juries usually like to come back. obviously, we have no idea what's going on. the fact that they have stayed so silent is really, really interesting. >> it is interesting. friday is a day juries often come back with a verdict. but you just never know. we appreciate you being there. keep us posted, shimon. >> reporter: thank you. now another high-profile trial over the death of ahmaud arbery. lawyers for the three men have rested their case but not before travis mcmichael, who shot and killed arbery, returned to the witness stand where he was grilled by prosecutors over his version of the deadly shooting. cnn's martin savidge live for us in brunswick, georgia. this may have been the most conscious kwepbt day of the entire trial. tell us about it. >> reporter: yeah. i think you're absolutely right, brianna. good morning to you.
3:18 am
the prosecution used eight days and 23 witnesses to use their case. the defense used just two days and seven witnesses. but as you say, it's the last day of testimony that could make all the difference in this trial. closing arguments will begin monday in the state trial of the three men accused of murdering ahmaud arbery outside brunswick, if a. travis mcmichael taking the stand for the second day as the prosecution finished their cross-examination of the man who fatally shot arbery. . >> didn't brandish any weapon? >> no, ma'am. >> didn't pull out any guns? >> no, ma'am. >> didn't reach for anything, did he? . >> no. >> he just ran? . >> yes. he was just running. >> the lead prosecutor pressing mcmichael on why they think arbery would be trying to get into their truck. >> you're telling the jury a man who spent five minutes running
3:19 am
away from you, you're now thinking is somehow going to want to continue to engage with you, someone with a shotgun, and your father, a man who just said stop or i'll blow your [ bleep ] head off by trying to get in your truck. . >> that's what it shows, yes, ma'am. >> reporter: mcmichael giving this reason when the prosecutor challenged inconsistencies between his testimony and what he told police right after the shooting. >> i just killed a man. i had blood on my still. it was the most traumatic event of missed life. i was scared to death. >> reporter: she also asked why mcmichael and his father did not initially tell police they were trying to make a citizens arrest. >> during your statement to the police, did you say that you and your father were trying to arrest mr. arbery? did you? >> in the statement? . >> yeah, to the police. >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: and the self-defense claim. >> and you were right there and
3:20 am
pulled that trigger immediately? >> no. i was struck. and we were face-to-face being struck, and that's when i shot. so he came up i think is when we were hit. he started strike. he was on me. and i had the gun. and i was too close to draw it in. >> so you're saying that all of that took place, he's got your shirt, he's striking you, you have the gun up in this thing, and you can't draw down on him, it's a struggle, and he's on you, and you're going back and forth in front of the truck. is that what you're saying? . >> yes >> reporter: the defense calling neighbors to testify about perceived crime in the area. . >> with that, we rest. >> then resting their case in just two days. but before that, defense attorney kevin gough, who
3:21 am
represents william roddie bryan, filing a motion for a mistrial after a state prosecutor asked a witness this. >> do you believe that someone stealing is deserving of the death penalty. >> objection. irrelevance, your honor. . >> the judged on monday issuing the question but denying the mistrial request and the third motion about people in the public gallery during the trial, specifically calling out civil rights leader jesse jackson, who was inside thursday seated close to arbery's mother, wanda cooper jones. meanwhile, outside --. >> we're going to pray anyway. >> reporter: hundreds of the community gathered for a prayer wall. >> i did not come in the courtroom to protest. i came to pray. >> reporter: after the day court, cooper-jones wanted to hear gregory mcmichael testify, though he will not. but she's optimistic about how
3:22 am
the trial will end. >> i want to remind you it was 74 days we went without an arrest. things happen. and now we're here. and i'm very confident we will get a guilty verdict. >> reporter: and a reminder all three defendants in this case have been charged exactly the same. the most serious charges they face are malice murder and felony murder. and if convicted, they could all face life in prison. brianna. . >> all right. martin savidge live for us in brunswick, georgia. thank you. joining me now is criminal defense attorney joey jackson and stacy richmond. always a risk to put the defendant on the stand. now that we have been through it and seen it all, how do you evaluate that decision? >> hindsight 2020. you evaluate and see how the case is going. i think the defense made no headway with respect to the actual people's case, right?
3:23 am
in the event that you're a defense attorney, you want to challenge the case, raise reasonable doubt. they didn't do that. you have to do the hail mary. i think there are three. number one, explain if you're in what led you to that critical moment. why you availed yourself of the citizens arrest law. everything going crazy. he's the guy, we had to chase him. number two is interesting. the judge denied the use of an expert witness as it relates to use of force. essentially they used this witness as an expert witness. he was talking about the use of force, escalation, de-escalation. i think the third thing they tried to do in a tricky way is impwaou him with the authority of law enforcement, trying to paint him as law enforcement. the reality is that perhaps the
3:24 am
jury, on the issue of the cross-examination, devastating. too many things that he really had to concede. and you don't know that he's grabbing for the peril of the gun. you didn't tell the police officer that? what was your justification, sir, for actually using self-defense in the first place? you say he bolted. you said, hey, i'm going to call the police. you didn't mention that. you said that to the jury. you didn't happen to mention that the day of. too much to explain, too many inconsistencies. ultimately it hurt. i understand the analysis in doing it. it just didn't work to the effect that it could have, should have, and i think they hoped that it would. . >> stacy, the subject joey is talking about concessions, i sort of saw three. number one, that he had other options along the way other than to chase him in the truck and ultimately pull the trigger. number two, never brought up the idea of a citizens arrest. he had to admit he never brought
3:25 am
that up. number three, exposing the discrepancies between what he told police and what he testified to on the stand. what is the most important thing they not out of that? . >> they completely deconstructed the concept of self-defense. it demonstrated they were the initial aggressors and they did nothing to step back to say, hey, he is now the aggressor on me. they held the line. the prosecution held the line and took that away from the defense. so i think this is extremely problematic for the defense. . >> any points scored by the defense? did they get anything out of this? what are you hoping the jury saw in all of this? >> that the jury saw he was afraid in the moment and he reacted in self-defense in that moment. but in new york, the jury instructions are very clear on what you must consider. and one of those things is if you are the initial aggressor, you do not have the right to
3:26 am
self-defense. but if you are the initial aggressor and the person that you are assailing comes upon you, you may still avail yourself of self-defense. the question is did they turn that tide. . >> joey, 30 seconds left. chances that the jury looks at the three defendants differently? . >> you know, i think heats always certainly could be the case, where they look and they evaluate. but birds of a feather flock together. the reality is all of them have and are looked at as these people who should not have engaged in what they did. i don't think they should get an instruction on citizens arrest law. if you looked at the defense that they made, they were talking about there was a pittsburgh larry this day, that tay, the other day, three weeks ahence. . >> there was nothing to connect mr. arbery to those crimes, and they ultimately admitted that. . >> if they don't get an
3:27 am
instruction on citizens arrest, that would be devastated. press secretary jen psaki tweeting president biden is going to have his physical today. this is his routine physical and he will head to walter reed later this ustria is going intol lockdown as covid cases surge there. and j.d. vance, who is vying for an ohio senate seat, said he regrets being critical of trump. why he is trying to transform his image now.
3:28 am
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new this morning, austria
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will be the first european country to reimpose a coronavirus lockdown beginning monday. in the u.s., pfizer and moderna are both seeking federal approval for booster shots of covid vaccines for all adults 18 and over. and this afternoon, a cdc panel of advisers will meet to discuss the requests. it's possible that the fda could actually authorize those boosters as early as today. let's talk about all of this with former detroit health commissioner dr. abdul el sayed. doctor, let's talk about the universal boosters. big news could come as soon as today. what would that mean that adults could get one? >> it is important right now considering the fact that cases are rising in the united states. where i am in the country in michigan, in fact, we became the national leader for the second time this year. but these boosters are critical because they do reduce the probability of transmission and infection.
3:33 am
those break through cases that become such an issue for folks that are vigilant but vaccinated. and the unpored, unvaccinated is the problem. among them, the key thing is people have to get their first shot. that is the worry that the boosters will be great for people who have already been vaccinated. the worry is the folks who continue to continue to drive the pandemic and have chosen not to get vaccinated. . >> that's where we are seeing the price being paid, right? how should a person who is vaccinated but not boosted be thinking about their immunity level? >> yeah. well, what we understand now, and where the science really has changed that pushed this effort by both pfizer and moderna to get their boosters approved for everyone, is the fact that we now have evidence that in fact, particularly with pfizer, that the immunologic response has waned with time. we don't know if it's with time or delta. those things happened at the same time, un fortunately.
3:34 am
but we know the responses are waning. these shots should have been, rather than two shots and a booster, they should have been three shots to begin with. and this is just getting your third shot. folks who have yet to boost, this fda and cdc ruling will be coming down. and as that does, i would highly recommend following the recommendations that you get. it's likely that considering where this evidence is that the fda and the cdc are going to approve and recommend. so i would follow those recommendations just like you have to get those first two. . >> what should we make of how austria is doing with the lockdown mandate. >> they didn't have a vaccine mandate to begin with. they are one of the least vaccinated in europe. none of us want to go to any form of lockdown at this point. we are more vaccinated than they are out there in austria. it reminds us the vaccines are
3:35 am
critical. they were slow at the national mandate and because the vaccination level is so low, at this point, given the nature of their surge, they're in this position where the best bet is to have this national lockdown. none of us want to be there. as we think about our circumstances here, the reality here is we sort of have a tale of two pandemics. the pandemic among those unbothered, unvaccinated which is severe and continues to account for the highest proportion of hospitalizations and even death. and the pandemic among the vigilant vaccinated which tends to be a series of very, very uncommon though possible break through cases that tend to be mild if not asymptomatic. those vaccinated look at this and say, wow, cases are going up, so my infection may be going up >> you're saying increases cases aren't the cause for alarm that they were last year. a case in 2020 isn't necessarily
3:36 am
the case in 2021. tell us how we should be measuring these cases then. . >> that's right, brianna. we are looking at the case count, which is something we have been accustomed to from the beginning on of the pandemic. we are seeing cases go up. this is deja vu all over again. we experienced this back before last thanksgiving. the big difference is that 70 plus percent of people have been vaccinated who are eligible in this country. that fundamentally changes the nature of this pandemic. i think rather than thinking about cases which mix together the serious cases among unvaccinated people and less serious cases among vaccinated people, we probably should talk about hospitalizations and watching them. then even beyond that, we should think how we stratify the hospitalization rate in counties where more people are vaccinated, say more than 70%, than in counties where less people are vaccinated. if you're unvaccinated in this
3:37 am
country, you are more likely to live among other unvaccinated people. and if you're vaccinated, you live among vaccinated people. the risk of being unvaccinated in an unvaccinated community is higher than being vaccinate indeed a vaccinated community. there are two different pandemics that we're watching in that are mixing in with this case ticker. it's probably worth us asking, can we get a better look at serious cases and can we look at communities where people have made the right choice versus communities where they have not. . >> look at the hospitalizations and the community demographics as well on vaccination. dr. el syed, thank you for being with us this morning. >> always my pleasure. thank you. the governor halting the execution of julius jones. plus, is trump souring on desantis. what we are learning about their relationship since trump left office. a chinese tennis star still
3:38 am
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just hours before his schedule execution, julius jones granted clemency. he is now sentenced to life in prison without parole for a 1999 murder he maintains he's innocent of those charges. ed lavandara joins us live. ed, this was a dramatic day yesterday. >> reporter: it was. his attorneys tell us he had eaten his last meal the night before the scheduled execution. he was actually in a holding area next to the execution
3:43 am
chamber in the middle of his last meeting with his attorneys before the scheduled execution before they got -- when they got the news that his life had been spared by the governor of oklahoma. his team says they are grateful that the governor prevented an irreparable mistake. . >> what an amazing win today to actually see and feel the world and all the pressure that was paying attention to this case. and then at the last minute we get that bucket and we saved julius jones's life today >> we will fight another day. and we're going to keep going forward. we shall not turn back. >> now, what the governor of oklahoma ordered, john, is that julius jones's sentence be reduced to life in prison without the possibility of
3:44 am
parole and without the possibility of future clemency or pardons. so there is that caveat. the family and supporters of julius jones, and this is a case that garnered the support of millions of people across the country who signed a petition for the governor to spare his life. they say they will continue to fight to figure out a way prove his innocence, to try to get him a new trial. the family of the victim, paul howell, this is a murder that dates back to 1999, paul howell's family said they understand the governor had a difficult decision. the family believes there is overwhelming evidence that julius jones is the one guilty of murdering paul howell. they understand that the governor's decision was very active and that they take comfort in the fact that they believe the governor's announcement yesterday affirms the fact that julius jones is guilty. john. . >> we will hear from julius jones's family later in the
3:45 am
broa broadcast. thank you very much. he once called donald trump reprehensible and now an idiot. but now one senate candidate is changing his tune. why. >> dwyane wade out with a new memoir afterlife after basketball. what he shared with us ahead. it's the black friday sale. get 30 to 50% off everything. ♪ ♪ this is how w we shine... at zales. the diamond store. it's m my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy.
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author j.d. vance running for an ohio republican senate seat while running from his never trump past after previously calling the former president an idiot and reprehensible. he is trying to transform his image from trump critic to trump cheerleader.
3:50 am
>> reporter: in ohio, an outspoken trump critic now embracing the former president. . >> i'm a never trump guy. i never liked him. >> reporter: j.d. vance, author of the best-selling book "hillbilly elegy", in ohio's key senate race. in the process having to atone for his past criticism of former president donald trump. . >> i have been very open about the fact that i said those critical things. i regret being wrong about the guy. >> reporter: vance deleting old tweets attacking trump, including this one from 2016 when he wrote, trump makes people i care about afraid. i find him reprehensible. the 180 on trump opening him up to questions from republicans about his loyalty to the former president who won ohio in 2016 and 2020. >> i think everyone should be suspicious. >> reporter: shannon burns leads a group in stropbgsville outside cleveland. >> he was clearly a self-proclaimed never-trumper.
3:51 am
>> reporter: vance, who declined cnn's request for an interview, going all in on the culture wars. posting a plea on twitter in support of kyle rittenhouse, a white teenager standing trial in the killing of two people in wisconsin during racial unrest last summer. >> if we don't defend this young boy who defended his community when no one else was doing it, it may very well be your baby boy they come for. >> reporter: and saying this in a recent interview with the far right media outlet breitbart news. >> it turns out they want us to fight the culture wars. >> reporter: his campaign responding we are working on this report and are just waiting for a few additional pieces of information from third parties and noting they will file the report well within the 30-day grace period provided for in the rules. vance, who has financial backing from paypal co-founder, peter
3:52 am
thiel, is one of several candidates for the trump vote. and former ohio state treasurer josh mandel, who has made the big lie that the election was stolen from trump in 2020 a major part of his campaign. >> i believe the election was stolen from donald j. trump. >> reporter: and former ohio gop chair timken. >> really incredible person and friend of mine, jane timken. >> reporter: who is also embracing trump but trying to appeal to voters who didn't support him in 2020. . >> i am the candidate that can build a coalition between trump supporters and the education parents and bring back the suburban voters. >> reporter: and taking a subtle dig at her primary opponent. . >> you can't win a race in ohio on twitter. >> at a nearby forum in str
3:53 am
stropbgsville, vance running from us as well. he would not take our questions. they are saying that the 2020 election either rigged or stolen. brianna. >> yeah. she's trying the glenn youngkin playbook. eva, great report. thank you. up next, growing concern over the whereabouts of a chinese tennis star. the head of the women's tennis association willing to lose millions until she is fully accounted for. baby carrots, mcdonald's and red dawn. topics covered by kevin somic kaerbgt in a record-setting eight-hour speech all to try to block the biden agenda. but a huge vote coming just minutes from now. t wasn't me by♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card.
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this morning the women's tennis association taking a strong public and what could be hugely consequential stand against china. wtea steve simon says if they do not account from missing peng shuai, he is willing to pull all funding from china. will ripley standing by with the very latest here. first of all, we still haven't heard anything from peng. right to the piece here. will ripley has the story for us. >> reporter: silenced and disappeared for speaking out. that's what many fear is happening to peng shuai, the 35-year-old, one of the top-ranked doubles players in the world, accusing china's 75-year-old former vice premier of coercing her into having sex. peng's shocking claim erased within 30 men's from chinese social media. that was more than two weeks
3:59 am
ago. peng vanished from public view ever since. her wabo account, with more than half a million followers blocked. the tennis world outraged. serena williams tweeting she's devastated, shocked, saying this must be investigated. on wednesday an email claiming to be from peng released by a state-owned broads caster. the email reattracts her allegations saying, i'm not missing nor am i unsafe. i've just been resting at home and everything is feign. the man who received the email, the head of the tennis association, is not convinced. . >> for us to see an email that basically denied what happened and said it didn't and that all is great,s i'm just struggling to agree to that and don't believe that's the truth at all. >> reporter: the wta is demanding proof peng is okay. a broken into her allegations and says it is prepared to pull
4:00 am
out of china, potentially losing a lucrative 10-year deal. . >> there's too many times in our world today when we get into issues like this that we let business, politics, money dictate what's right and what's wrong. >> reporter: the fury comes weeks before another high-dollar event, beijing winter olympics. peng, three-time olympian. the ioc staying out of it. quiet diplomacy offers the best opportunity to find a solution. . >> the wta have been quite bold compared to other organizations that have interest in china. they really came out swinging. >> reporter: china's ministry of foreign affairs refusing to comment. >> translator: this is not a foreign affairs matter. >> reporter: u.s. president joe biden is considering a diplomatic boycott of the beijing winter games. the chinese patriarchy has long been accused of suppressing th


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