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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  November 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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restrictions will buy the u.s. more time to learn about the variant. the world health organ aceh moving quickly, and they gave it a name, omicron. investors around the world of rattled, the dow jones logging its worst day in more than a year. arlette scenes is live from nantucket, pete muntean is outside reagan airport. what did the president have to say today? >> reporter: jim, president biden said he wants to take a cautious a3r067 when it comes to this new omicron variant. that's why he's decided to issue restrictions in that southern
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african region, the president acknowledging there's still a lot that needs to be learned about this variant, but for now he believes this is the right approach. take a listen. >> i decided we're going to be cautious. we don't know a lot about the variant except that it is a big concern. it spreads rapidly. i spent about a hoff hour this morning with my covid team let by dr. fauci. >> reporter: so that decision was made in consultation with dr. anthony fauci, and the rest of his coronavirus team. one things that officials are hoping is that issuing this restriction, these new travel restrictions will essentially give the administration more time to learn about this variant, and what it could potentially do if it were to make its way to the united states. these restrictions are set to go in place on monday. officials say they are acting as quickly as possible, but that
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that time is needed to issue directives to the tsa, and also work with airlines as they are trying to put these restricts into place. the boiden administration stressing they're trying to act quickly and taking this seriously. he believes the unvaccinated need to go out and get their vaccine shots. also that those boosters are extra-extra pivotal at this time in order for americans to be protected. >> arlette, thank you. pete, i'm sure this will call people to scramble. all of these concerns about getting into their countries of origin, so on. how are the airlines responding? >> reporter: well, no doubt, jim. the entire u.s. airline industry was wondering exactly when these
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restrictions could come down after they kept popping up in europe and in the uk. we know that the federal government is formulating a directive to give to the airline industry, with guidance about what they should do next. we also know there was a meeting today via phone between the airline industry and the federal government. it's two major u.s. airlines operating flights right now between this region and the united states. delta air lines operates a flight three times a week from johannesburg and atlanta. united has five times a week between johannesburg and newark. just one example. in the netherlands, passengers on board a flight from south africa from amsterdam found out mid flight these restrictions came down and they were cordened
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off while official figured out exactly what to do. initially the industry was calling this a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. no doubt it's a gut punch to the international world. in the u.s. there were restrictions relaxed not even three weeks ago allowing foreign nationals to come into the u.s., that they were fully vaccinated. this is also happening during a time when -- 2.3 million people, it's expected sunday will be another huge day for air travel, just another wrinkle, that shows how quickly things can change in this pandemic era, jim. >> and more time for this variant to just travel all over the world. arlett saenz, pete muntean, thank you. cnn's david mckenzie reports it could be weeks before we could start to get real answers. >> reporter: in a world fatigued
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by waves of covid-19, now renewed fear. scientists identified a troublesome variant of the coronavirus. >> there are serious concerns driving this spike in numbers. >> reporter: more than 30 mutations, say scientist, in the spike protein alone. it's a worrying sign. scientists are working in labs, scrambling to determine if it crucially weakens vaccine efficacy. definitive answers could take weeks. >> we think it may be more transmissible virus, and may have some immune escape. we don't know that for sure, but that's what it looks like. >> the commission today has proposed to member states to activate the emergency brake on
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travel from countries in south africa. >> reporter: countries all across the globe rapidly banning travelers, they say to curb the spread of the variant. now thousands are likely stranded. in amsterdam, hundreds of passengers forced to sit on the tarmac after landing, then crowding in a testing site after the netherlands bans travel. the international air transport association saying restrictions are not a long-term solution. they have already lost billions to the pandemic. and anger in south africa, where officials call the bans draconian, knee-jerk measures. >> what i find so disgusting and really ly distressing was not the ban implemented, but that that was the only reaction, or the strongest reaction.
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there was no word of the support that they're going to offer to help us control the outbreak. >> reporter: no sign that there is this variant in the u.s. confirmed at the moment. just moments ago, jim, this news coming in that the european center for disease prevent and control, saying there's a high to very high risks this variant will spread through europe. it's the expectation that if it is more transmissible, it will spread globally, but it's too early to say. it must be stressed w.h.o. and african fdc say travel bans are not the most effective and several scientists expressed to
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me today that they're coming out quickly with these news, and it's led them to be punished with these bans. that's the view from here, at least. jim? >> jim mckenzie, i suspect you are correct. joining me is dr. peter hotez at texas children's hospital, and deal of the school of tropical medicine at baylor. i had a feeling we would be having this discussion sooner rather than later. some new variant was goods to emerge. we god a new alert from the european version of the cdc, saying that there is a very high risk -- high to very high risk that this new variant will spread throughout europe. i suspect it's not going to be very long before our cdc says the same thing. >> well, a few thoughts. one, this is the consequence of failing to vaccinate the african
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continent. only 6% of the continental is vaccinated. we knew additional variants were going to emerge. that's how variants of concern arise. they emerge among unvaccinated populations. the fact there was not a good-faith effort to go beyond mrna and no vector vaccines, we could have had the african continent vaccinated by now had we done that. so part of this is aself inflicted wound, but look, i think it's important to convey the message there's concern, but the sky is not falling. here's why, jim. first, this variant does not appear to be causing worse san diego than anything we have seen before. this is not the andromeda strain. it's not like the mortality goes up even further with this variant. the second point is, yes, there's a lot of mutations in the spike protein, including the receptor binding domain, but in
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the past those kind of vaccine escape variants have not really translated into major global path os gens. we have seen this before, but with the beta variant, with the lambda variant, those never really took off. so there's nothing intrinsic in the spike protein that would account for global spread. the two worst ones, the alpha, that arose out of theuu uk, and the delta variant that rose out of an unvaccinated population in india, was because of amino acid substitution that caused it to be a much more highly transm transmissible. so the most important question for this weekend and next few days, next week is -- is this variant more transmissible than delta? does it have the ability to
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out-compete delta? we don't know that yet. it's possible, but we still have to do more studies. the delta variant has been the worst so far. so i think all of those things have to be kept in mind. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. moderna released a statement just a short time ago -- of course a lot of people have gotten the moderna vaccine -- moderna releasing a statement the mutations represent a, quote, significant potential risk to natural and vaccine-induced immunity. how concerned are you about that? >> so this weekend, our scientists, working on our protein at texas children's hospital at baylor, are doing just that. we're looking at the antibody responses, and i'm sure moderna and pfizer, and the other pharma companies are doing the exact same thing. we'll get some idea of its
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ability to cross-neutralize the variant in the laboratory. it's not quite the same, but it gives us some indication. i think that's going to be very important as well, but it's still critical to remember that the biggest crisis right now facing the united states is still that we've only vaccinated half the population. we have 41% that are totally unvaccinated. we have a significant percentage that have only gotten two doses of the vaccine with waning immunity, and we have those infected and recovered who have incomplete immunity, because they have not gotten vaccinated. so the game plan doesn't change. the travel restrictions, we have not seen a big impact on travel restrictions so far in terms of helping the situation. we talked about travel restrictions from china, when the whole time this virus enter
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into new york city from europe. so i think this variant is probably widepress already. >> i spoke very briefly via text to dr. fauci. i asked whether or not this means people should not get their boosters. no, absolutely you should get your boosters right now. dr. peter hotez, thank you so much. coming up. congresswoman lauren boebert making shocking comments about one of her colleagues, while republican leaders remain silent. and a migrant crisis taken to a whole new level. ♪ your dell technologies advisor can help you find the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers.
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♪ ♪ cases of anxiety in young adults are rising as experts warn of the effects on well-being caused by the pandemic. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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breaks news, chaos unfolding at a north carolina mall after shoppers heard multiple gunshots. it is reported that one person has been shot. what do we know, nick? >> reporter: one of our affiliation is reporting that a person has been taken into custody, but we have not been able to confirm that. we are told that at least one person has been shot. their condition is up known. we asked if there's a suspect that's been apprehended, he said no information has been -- but we got off the phone from a please chief and there's a press conference planned. it happened just a couple hours ago, ought southpointe durham
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mall. a video from the scene shows a large police presence, multiple police officers, laws enforcement vehicles outside the mall. according to eyewitnesses that our desk spoke to, said they heard multiple gunshots and saw people running, scared for their lives. we understand the situation is still very floored, but a scary situation on black friday when hundreds, if not more, are likely in that mall. just quick here, i mentioned the 5:35 p.m. press conch. some people may remember, a large fight broke out at that mall about a month ago. things like this are the worst you would deal with. these are images from durham.
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we are waiting on the 5:35 press conference. thank you for that record. still no condemnation from republicans on the hill after a video of lauren boebert maze horrific comments about one of hour colleagues, suggesting she was afraid to get on an elevator with ilhan omar because she was worried omar may blow it up. congresswoman boebert, i guess, is apologizing to the muslim community, but she hasn't really apologized to the congresswoman. >> reporter: this was an incredibly shocking comments that congresswoman boebert made in colorado. >> i looked to my left, and there she is, ilhan omar, but i
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thought, well, she doesn't have a backpack. [ laughter ] >> so we only had one floor to go, and i said oh, look, the jihad squad decided to show up for work today. [ cheers and applause ] >> don't worry, it's just her staffers that talk for her. she's not tough in person. >> reporter: you can seeing the crowd there jeering and laughing as she tells this story, which ilhan omar tweeted wasn't even true. in her tweet apologizing, saying i apologize to anyone in the muslim community i offended with my comment about representative omar. i have reached out to her office to speak with her direct lid. there are plenty of policy differences to focus on without this unnecessary distraction. i reached out to sees if they discussed, but representative
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omar is asking from her leadership to step in, to take action, to do something to stand up against these comments. the question, of course, is there anything that they will do? i reach out to both mccarthy and i scalise's office. crickets so far, jim they could censure. there's also a possibility they could strip her committee assignments. whether or not they take that action remains to be seen. >> a familiar pattern in our news cycle these days. lauren fox, thank for you that report. let's discuss with john kasich, and contributor for cnn. governor kasich, it's been nearly 24 hours since these remarks have surfaced war your
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thoughts on this? should they be condemning this? they all believe in the same thing, love god, which creates humility for people, and love your neighbor, or help your neighbor the way you would want your neighbor to love our help you. jim, what's happened in our has lost favor. as a result, people see each other sort of too much of the time like widgets. for a woman to make this kind of statement means she's ignoring the fact we're all made in the image of god. we all deserve respect. we don't deserve attacks. people who laugh at this, they
2:24 pm
don't understand what faith is all about. we wonder in this country why there's so much fighting, why there's so much name-calling. not just in politics about across the board. it's because people have lost sight of how important religion is, in terms of guiding individual behavior, and it's not about the negatives. it's about the positives. so the idea that somebody would say something like this means they have really little understanding of what it means to have faith. i can't question her or think she's not a faithful person, but it sure gives you a sense that she does not understand that that is completely and totally inappropriate, and, frankly, as a person that is a christian, it's flat-out wrong and it's very disappointing. these things need to be healed. these things need to be observed if we're going to begin to heal this country. >> dean what are your thoughts?
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would it hurt just to be a little kind? you're worked about what kind of member that boebert is sending. something do hear what she's say and get very carried away and do something with terrible consequences. >> let me be blunt, the gop might be spewing anti-muslim bigotry. donald trump took it to a new height. attacks to muslims are higher than after 9/11. so that's perfectly in line with
2:26 pm
the gop? could we be nice to each other? how about republican leaders announce open bigotry, but they won't paul gosar in his an i me clip, what about -- they've been telling ilhan omar for months she's a sympathizer, and so, look, these bigotry, it's rank, but sadly it's part of the gop. they're not going to condemn it. >> governor, does the republican party just have a problem here, as dean is saying? >> look, it's about respecting the religion of our people. jim, it's not just the republican party that's lost its
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way. religion has driven out of the public square too much of the time. with we look at each other, and we fail to see the fact that we are commanded to love other people and treat them the way that other -- we want other people to treat us. we have missed it all. it's not just a republican problem. it's a crisis of faith in our country. we can heal it if we get back to basics and understand that at some point in time we'll ought be held accountable for how we were made and the gifts we were given. >> dean, final thought? >> democrats are not demonizing up their faith. we need the gop to stand up and saying this wrong, and they won't, because it's part of who they are. so, look, this is who they are, it's up to americans in 2022 to
2:28 pm
say no more of this. thank you both for your comments. we appreciate it. coming up, a big test ahead for president biden, as the country faces a dead ceiling deadline, while the democrats are struggling to get the sweeping building through the senate. what makes salonpas arthritis gel
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president biden's effort to overhaul the u.s. safety net, while facing a del line by congress to raise the country's debt ceiling. let's get more from the congressman from illinois.
2:33 pm
congress cannot afford to miss the december debt ceiling deadline. with so much on the to-dodd list, do you think that will push negotiations into next year? >> i think the deadline can't be missed. we can't toy with that. we're actually pays for past bills as part of the dead ceiling debate. it's not about future incurring of dead. so we have to pay those past bills. we have to make sure we get it done, but we can do that and do the build back better negotiations at the same time. >> as you know, senator manchin is in no rush to pass this bill. can you negotiate with senator martialing potentially?
2:34 pm
i think there's momentum for getting it done. i think we have to deal with some of these challenges that will plague our economy long term. you snowe, 2.5 million women dropped out of the workforce because they can't afford child care. i think that right now is the time to deal with that particular issue, as well as, for instance, passing some provisions that i have offered. to deal with those acute, if we do not things, because we'll to speak up more inflation and
2:35 pm
acknowledge what do you think? do you agree he needs to talk more about inflation and ramp uple messaging on these rising prices hitting americans? what are your thoughts? >> yes, i think he is increases his discussion of this issues. i think that the president is doing so, for instance i think ult ulti ultimately covid essentially idles workers and factory, even as demand bounced back, what i've been pushing along with my global caucus chair, is we have to increase dramatically our aid
2:36 pm
so it's no surprise that they have now developed, some threatened against to idle more we have to rush vaccine aid to africa and other places because that's our ultimate cure. congressman, thanks as always for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks, jim. and human smugglers arrested after more than two dozen migrants drown in the english channel. we're learning more of the details on this disaster at sea.
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five human smugglers vehave been arrested. they are agreeing to step up efforts to prevent more crossings. it's such an and you have tragedy. >> the worst-ever tragedy. i'm at a port in dunkirk. the vice president tier boats that regularly gets called out to rescue stranded migrants at sea. frankly the bickering over what to do with this migrant crisis seems to be totally disconnected.
2:42 pm
we wanted to meet they people to find out who they are, wile they're willing to risk everything to cross the channel. this is what we found. migrants huddling, a father and his little girl, no more than 8 years old, seeking shelter. this is one of the several encampments near france's northern coast. 21 g 21-year-old geography student says he arrived three days ago. his earthly possessions, this tent and a few blank either. >> it was the only option. >> reporter: you know some died today oenchts much more people are dying at the turkey border. nobody care. >> reporter: thousands of
2:43 pm
kilometers on foots it builting near he will not stop now. they're sometimes off shelter by government agencies, but they only use it as a temporary reprieve. migrants used to jump onto trucks bound for england. with security tightened, this is now the last leg of their journey. the english channel. cargo ships, strong winds, and near-freezing temperatures. dangerous, but so close. officers acknowledged they don't have resources to monitor every inch. the smugglers take advantage.
2:44 pm
this was one of the boats provided by smugglers to a group the migrants. they're about ten meters long. they can fit several dozen people. they're fairly rudimentary. local police say these are often buried, and when the time comes, migrants inflate this emeasily and head out to say. 8 thousands migrants have been rescued in operations like this one. strewn along the beach personal belongings. even in the inside pocket, a ring. now, the people that this belongs to at this stage -- i
2:45 pm
asked that student what concerns him the most after that tragedy that killed 27 people. he said what concerns him the most is that it brought all this media attention to this stretch of coastline. more cameras means more security and less smugglers -- he calls them agencies -- so less opportunity to cross over. >> excellent report, cyril. coming up, race in america. we'll talk to the head of the national urban league. journey. and along the ride, you'll have many questions. challenges. and a few surprises. ♪
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within the span of less than a week, three of the most closely watched trials in the u u.s., and the killer of ahmaud arbery were found guilty. joining us is marc morial. thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate your insights. you say ahmaud arbery's murder has been held accountable, but this leaves a deep wound on our country's soul. what are your thoughts on how -- and is itting on to say we've
2:51 pm
had made just a little bit of progress. >> first of all, happy thanksgiving to you and all of your viewers. the way i would characterize this is at least three cases represent a split decision. in the wisconsin case, just was not don't. the way in which the jury in just 11 hours carried out its duties means that in that instance justice is done. in charlottesville, twhich is clearly a civil case, with significant damages award i think represent the cause of justice being done. what we have to take away from this is the idea that there can be justice. just is possible. that's what the case in georgia
2:52 pm
indicates. justice is possible, but let's keep this in mind. in the georgia case, there was overwhelming i want. other than the you had a 911 call. on the third had, you had the defendant in effect admit he was never threadant. so it's important to recognize these cases are distinct, they're different, but it is a split decision for the cause of justice. my heart pangs for the arbery family certainly in charlottesville with the civil case, it send a strong message to these eight, they're going to pay a financial penalty if they kin the vigilanteism, this
2:53 pm
violence-induced nationalism, which has no place in american democracy. >> marc, you make a good point. what does it say in this day and age, a blahhic jogger is presumed guilty, and a white teen with an assault rifle is acquitted on all charges. >> let me say this, too, we were not in the jury room during that deliberation. i had a sense that the prosecutor in the georgia case was strong, assertive, no-nonsense, and the glimpses i caught of the courtroom in wisconsin didn't give me the same left of nor did i believe that the judge did not in one or two instances tip his hand by scolding the pro -- prosecutor
2:54 pm
in the presence of the juries so while these two cases yielded different results, which i looked at then um more closely, i don't know what the jury? wisconsin was thinking. you had two unarmed man, and a man with a heavy assault rifle, in fact induced himself, pushed himself into the middle of a situation, he walks out. that crime, that heinousness and barbarism shocked me and should shock every american. we cannot sanction that kind of behavior, that kind of conduct, that kind of vigilanteism in america today.
2:55 pm
>> do think back to ahmaud's mother, this is the first thanksgiving where they had justice for ahmaud arbery. >> we could claim the progress, while at the same time tempering our enthusiasm after all -- i think we have to always keep this in the proper context, and continue this work and continue the fight going on. >> marc morial, thank you so much. we appreciate it. breaking news next, a surging new variant prompts sudden travel bans. our medical experts are standing by with what everyone needs to know. energizer ultimate lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery. some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome in. alarm spreads as a any coronavirus variant is discovered in south africa. it's not been detected in the united states yet. the biden administration will rye strict travel from south africa, and seven other african nation. u.s. officials say the restrictions will buy the u.s. time to learn more. is the world health organization has named it omicron and called ar


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