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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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because platforms this innovative, aren't just made for traders - they're made by them. thinkorswim trading. from td ameritrade. hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world, i'm rosemary church. just ahead on "cnn newsroom." >> we are screening people who fly into the united states but we're not screening people who fly around the united states. hopefully we'll be able to lift that ban within a quite reasonable period of time. >> omicron variant concerns bring new travel restrictions in the u.s. and the u.k.
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a live report from london's airport just ahead. the biden administration is expected to announce a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics. we'll tell you how china is reacting to the news. ash and destruction in indonesia displaces hundreds of people. officials say the volcano is still dangerous. >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is "cnn newsroom" with rosemary church. it is monday, december 6th and we begin with the omicron variant. right now new covid testing requirements are in effect for all travelers coming to the united states. so here's what you need to know. there are omicron cases in at least 16 states including california and new york. now all travelers boarding a flight to the u.s. must have proof of a negative covid test
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one day before takeoff. plus, foreign nationals must be fully vaccinated to enter the country and a mask mandate remains in place for all airports, planes, and public transportation. though the new variant is causing alarm worldwide, here's what medical experts are saying about it. >> thus far it does not look like there is a great degree of severity to it, but we've really got to be careful before we make any determinations that it is less severe or really doesn't cause any severe illness comparable to delta. but thus far the signals are a bit encouraging regarding the severity. >> it's certainly possible that this is not the last emerging variant that will attract a lot of attention and a lot of concern. to the extent that's going to keep happening before we have adequate protection across the globe, we're going to see
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something and we'll have to use other letters in the greek alphabet. the delta variant is still the biggest threat in the united states. the country is averaging more than 100,000 new cases each day. covid deaths are also increasing. according to the johns hopkins university, an average of more than 1600 people are dying from the virus every day and health experts say masks and vaccines are still the best protections against the virus. >> we recommend masking in public indoor settings in areas that have high or substantial transmission, and that's over 80% of our count right now. >> would you rather see a nationwide mandate? >> i would rather see people get vaccinated, boosted and follow a recommendation. people should do this for themselves. >> and new requirements for travel from abroad to the u.k. will take effect early tuesday
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morning. nigeria has been added to the travel red list and starting tomorrow, anyone wanting to travel to the u.k. will be required to have a negative test two days before departure. meanwhile, as more covid restrictions take effect across europe, it is leading to unrest. police in brussels use water cannon and tear gas to disburse members who are angry about covid measures. on friday the government announced new restrictions including a mask mandate for children over the age of 6. alyssa bell is in paris. first we'll go to anna stewart outside of london. good morning to you, anna. travelers around the world have
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been caught off guard. what is the u.k. doing to combat the threat posed by the omicron variant. what are the restrictions? >> reporter: good morning. the travel rule book has been rewritten again and it's catching some flak, particularly people in southern african countries who are struggling to get off the travel ban list. nigeria added to the red list. they can travel from there and they need to stay in a hotel on arrival in the u.k. for ten days costing $3,000. there are reports of people having to wait days or possibly weeks to get on to one of these facilities given that they're at capacity. that's that. then there are all of the additional requirements. people have to do a pre-departure test to come to the u.k. it's done two days before coming and it can be a rapid or pcr. you have to test two days before arriving into the u.k.
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that needs to be a pcr test. all of this will deter some people from traveling. the cost of it. the fact of it. this is causing a huge amount of stress to the travel and tourism industry. people are hoping for an up tick in the holiday season. this is coming late given there are 246 cases identified of omicron in the u.k. which already doubled by 50% over the weekend. that's the story here. more restrictions, rosemary. >> police in brussels are using water cannons and tear gas. what's the latest? >> reporter: this is something we're going to see more of in the coming weeks rosemary. belgium once again seeing protests. luxembourg as well. and they're trying to tighten
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and get the unvaccinated to go ahead and get the vaccines. this is what we see in the country. icus reaching crisis levels. german authorities warning the covid numbers, the daily announcements of the cases may be well under what they actually are simply because of the rise, the surge being such that it's difficult to keep track and to keep those figures up to date. it gives you an idea just how disastrous the situation is as that delta variant continues its spread even here in france, rosemary, where we have vaccination rates 80%. one of the best vaccination rates in europe. we're expecting fresh restrictions and measures this morning which will see likely the vaccination rates for young ones. it allows to you do so much here in france because countries are trying to make it as hard as
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they possibly can. the growing number of countries, germany now looking at following austria's lead and possibly thinking about making vaccinations mandatory. this is something ursula said may at some point be considered at a europe wide level. that is how desperate europe means are to get the vaccine. the health systems even at this stage cannot work. >> alyssa bell and anna stewart, many thanks to you. a court in my an man has sentenced the former leader on violation of covid protocols. the 76 dw 676-year-old still fa more corruption charges.
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paula hancocks joins us from sydney, australia, with more on this. this is a crushing blow to suu kyi and her supporters. >> the assumption is this is 100% politically motivated. they took power by force on february 1st deposing that democratically elected government headed up by aung san suu kyi, they want to keep them behind bars to make sure they are not seen in public, that they can no longer be part of any political system in the country so that the military can consolidate their power. what we saw today was four years for aung san suu kyi and these were among the lesser charges laid against her. we have lesser charges that will be heard in the coming weeks and
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months. we know there is the breach of the official secret sack which carries 14 years and corruption charges against her which carries a maximum of 15 years. so potentially, as you say, aung san suu kyi stands to have decades of prison term against her. she is 76 years old now and certainly there are great concerns as to what exactly the military is doing here. there's already been criticism and we are hearing a lot more from around the world. amnesty international calling this, quote, an unbridled destruction of freedom. this is a corrupt decision to try and keep her silenced and to keep those around her silenced. this is the overwhelming feeling that the military took power in february of this year claiming that the election in november the year before was null and void, that there was fraudulent activity but international
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observers said that's simply not the case. so this is certainly seen as politically motivated and not neces necessarily anything that aung san suu kyi can do to appeal these charges and verdicts given what has been done so far. rosemary. >> paula hancocks joining us live from sydney. many thanks. sources close to the biden administration say a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics is expected to be announced sometime this week. that means no u.s. government officials would attend the games silently protesting china's human rights officials without affecting u. ss. athletes who wh to compete. christi lu stout joins us from
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beijing. tell us about the reaction so far. >> reporter: rosemary, china's ministry has responded saying that they will take, quote, resolute counter measures, unquote, to the biden administration. we've also been monitoring chinese social media today. the censors have been at work on the popular media channel. the words united states olympic boycott has been blocked. they will announce the diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympic games. not a full boycott but a boycott that would have u.s. government officials not attending the opening ceremonies of the upcoming games. u.s. lawmakers have been demanding a diplomatic boycott over human rights concerns over china including the charge that china vehemently denies of
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committing genocide agains t we gars and they had been weighing a diplomatic boycott. china has been condemning the calls for boycott calling it a malicious hype. the issue was raised today in the last hour or so. we heard this from the spokesman. they will bring up a statement for you. quote, the u.s. should stop politicizing sports and hyping up the so called diplomatic boycott so as not to affect china/u.s. dialogue and cooperation in areas. they dhauld a grave offense to
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1.4 billion chinese people and he mocked american politicians for being, quote, totally mockish, sensationalist and politically manipulative as china had yet to invite the united states officials to the beijing games. >> still to come, new details released by the michigan school system where a tragic shooting happened last week. the warning signs staff witnessed and the call for an independent investigation. plus, rescue efforts are underway in indonesia following saturday's deadly volcano eruption. why officials say the threat is not over yet.
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we are learning more about the building where the parents of the school shooter in michigan were arrested, specifically the man whose work space the couple was found in. the 65-year-old contacted police saying he had no idea james and
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jennifer had active warrants for their arrest. so far he hasn't been charged with any crimes. cnn's athena jones has the latest on the investigation from michigan. >> the oxford school district is now requesting an independent third party investigation into the events leading up to tuesday's deadly shooting. in a letter from the superintendent to the school's community they're revealing more of the school's version of the events leading up to that day. we know on monday when ethan was discould have had looking at images of ammunition on a cell phone he said they had recently gone to a shooting range and shooting sports were part of a family hobby. we know on tuesday morning after a teacher alerted the school counselor about ethan crumbley's drawings pictured a semi-automatic gun, bullet and body with bullets everywhere.
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that drawing was part of a video game he was designing. the letter said did counselors believe he exhibited behavior that showed he was going to be a harm to himself or his others. his demeanor was calm. one key point from this letter is that the superintendent writes that ethan crumbley's parents did not inform the school about the access to a firearm or that they had recently purchased him a firearm. what is not clear from the letter whether the school asked the crumbley's access to a firearm. we learned more about the man who helped james and jennifer crumbley into the warehouse where they were discovered. that man is cooperating with authorities. we know he's a local artist who uses the location as a work space. through his lawyer he says he did not know, he wasn't aware that the crumbleys were facing an arrest warrant.
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he has obtained a lawyer and he could be facing charges for helping the crumbleys. >> on sunday a u.s. senator representing connecticut cited the sandy hook shooting in 2012 spoke with cnn about what he feels needs to happen to stop gun violence. >> it looks as if these parents bought a gun for their child who shouldn't have ever possessed it. and so if parents are in violation of state law, they should be held accountable. i do think that this really should make us think hard about safe storage laws. in connecticut we have on the books a law that requires parents to safely store their guns and if those guns aren't locked up with minors in the house, they can be held accountable without question. michigan doesn't have that law on the books, but we should pass that on a national basis. >> tony monteldo's daughter was
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killed. he leads an organization to protect students in all schools. he says the oxford shooting was largely preventible. >> we see the school doing a good job of initially identifying the student, bringing in the parents but what they failed to do is bring in their behavioral assessment team. their behavioral threat assessment team would have consisted of school personnel, mental health and law enforcement and the reason you want that multi-disciplinary approach is because each of those folks bring something special to the table. perhaps mental health professional would have looked at some of those drawings and said, we need to get this child help immediately. perhaps law enforcement at the school would have looked at the warning signs and said, we need to search your backpack before we send you back to class. again, that's why these
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multi-disciplinary teams are so important. >> and that was tony montelto, father of gina rose montelto who was killed in the 2018 parkland school shoot joog milwaukee's dancing grannys walked arm in arm saturday night. their first public appearance since a driver barreled through a waukesha christmas parade. four members have been killed. they have been a staple since 1984. they usually perform in about 25 parades each year. the group hopes to be dancing again by spring. the ufrmt s. is paying tribute to long time senator bob dole who died on sunday at age 98. dole was a decorated world war ii veteran who served 27 years as a u.s. senator from kansas and was once a republican nominee for president. dole's family says he dedicated
1:24 am
his life to serving the american public. they say he will be remembered for his integrity, humor, compassion and unfounded work ethic. tributes have come in from both republicans and democrats. president joe biden has ordered flags flown at half staff honoring dole as, quote, an american statesman like few in our history. a war hero and among the greatest of the greatest generation and to me he was also a friend whom i could look to for trusted guidance or a humorous line at just the right moment to settle frayed nerves. i will miss my friend. former president george w. bush said in part, i will always remember bob's salute to my late dad at the capitol and now we bushes salute bob and give thanks for his life of principled service. ukraine is expected to be high on the agenda when the leaders of the u.s. and russia
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. if you are just joining us i want to bring you up to date with our top stories at this hour. the u.s. is placing new travel rules for all travelers coming
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into the country. those boarding a flight into the united states must have proof of a negative covid test one day before takeoff and foreign travelers must still be fully vaccinated. meanwhile, sources close to the biden administration say a diplomatic boycott of the beijing olympics is expected to be announced some time this week. it would mean no u.s. government officials would attend the games. we will have much more on both of these stories next hour on "early start." well, in the coming hours, u.s. lawmakers will be getting back to work on capitol hill and all eyes will be on the senate this week amid a push to pass president biden's economic agenda before christmas. senate democrats want immigration provisions to be included in mr. biden's build back better act which could provide a temporary reprieve to undocumented immigrants. all of this as a trump era immigration policy goes back into effect. cnn's matt rivers has the
1:30 am
details. >> reporter: remain in mexico is back for now. the signature trump policy which forced tens of thousands of people seeking asylum in the u.s. to await their claims across the border in mexico is set to be reinstated on monday. trump held it up as an effective way to stop immigration. something then president joe biden hammered him for. >> anybody seeking asylum has to do it in another country. that's never happened before in america. they're sitting in squalor on the other side of the river. >> reporter: well, biden is now the second president on that list. despite terminating the program after he became president, a federal judge ruled over the summer the administration broke federal law in doing so and the supreme court declined to reverse the decision and after a new agreement was reached in meksz i could he, the new program kicks off. >> we also believe in following
1:31 am
the law and that's what we're doing as there was a ruling that required this moving forward. >> reporter: some changes have been made. migrants will be proactively asked if they fear going to mexico and categories of vulnerable people exempt will be expanded but for the critics, the changes do nothing to alleviate their concerns. >> we see people today who are already living in these terrible circumstances yet more people will be returned. >> reporter: during the trump administration tent cities along the border sprang up, migrants waiting for their hearings easy prey to the thieves on the other side of the border. the program is expanding pointing to several examples in a statement saying in part, quote, by adding new nationals to this policy, they will remain in mexico and limiting access to
1:32 am
d counsel, they are going beyond a good faith implementation. for some migrants living in mexico, the conditions they're forced to wait in on the way north are terrible. >> translator: we sleep badly. there are children here. i think that the migration authorities should find another way. >> joe biden once described the remain in mexico dangerous and so why is he keeping it? >> he continues to stand by exactly those comments and statements and the secretary of homeland security put out a memorandum conveying we want to end this program. >> reporter: in an october 29th memo homeland security secretary says the administration is still formally preparing to end the program saying it, quote, fails to provide the fair process and humanitarian protections that individuals deserve under the law but mayorkas can't cancel the program until the courts let
1:33 am
him. it is unclear when that will happen. as we've seen in our reporting throughout the year, migrants are going to keep coming. only now getting to the u.s. just got that much harder. matt rivers, cnn, mexico city. the white house says president joe biden is looking forward to talking with his russian counterpart when the two leaders hold a video call on tuesday. they're expected to discuss a range of topics including ukraine. the white house says mr. biden will underscore umpt s. concerns of russia's troop buildup on the border with ukraine. joining us from berlin is frederick pleitgen. great to see you, fred. while everyone tries to figure out president putin's intent at the ukraine border, what can we expect to see come out of this video call he'll have with president biden on tuesday?
1:34 am
>> reporter: what president biden wants to achieve is de-escalation in the city of eastern ukraine and russia's western border. the russians are trying to achieve something different. they want concessions from the u.s. and from nato as well. it was quite interesting the run up to this, you have the russians amassing forces close to the borders with ukraine. ukrainian forces say several satellite forces seem to show that as well. it appears to be a very tense situation on several borders or border areas that ukraine -- the southeast of ukraine which is, of course, a big a ally of russia. you had the ukrainians doing some exercises there. president biden wants to make clear to vladimir putin that any invasion of ukraine is going to be very costly for russia. he didn't spell out exactly what
1:35 am
that's going to mean but it certainly seems as though from what we're hearing, for instance from the u.s. secretary of state, that it would mean massive sanctions against russia, much larger than the sanctions we've seen so far. that obviously is something -- is a tool, if you will, the u.s. has tried to use in the past as well. the russians for their part, they're sort of becoming more and more clear on what exactly they want. they do say they think it's a very volatile situation there. they say they believe the ukrainians are the ones that are acting belligerently. the russians are saying essentially what they want is they want guarantees there won't be an eastward expansion of 2345i9 tow and they also say that they don't want or they want assurances that ukraine is not going to become a nato member. nato itself has rejected those demands already pretty much outright. the nato secretary general has
1:36 am
said essentially it will be up to the aspiring country and nato itself as to who exactly would become a nato member and in all of this obviously you have this massively tense situation there at the border where the u.s. believes that russia could mount a massive invasion of ukraine as early as january of 2022, rosemary. >> so it comes out of that video call between the two leaders. fred pleitgen joining us live from berlin. many thanks. ahead of his virtual summit with president biden, vladimir putin is set to go to india for face-to-face talks with prime minister nor ren dra modi. russia and india are expected to sign several agreements focused on trade and defense. coming up on "cnn newsroom," covid cases are rising especially in south africa.
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let's return to our top story now. in an effort to slow the spread of the omicron variant, new covid testing requirements are now in effect for air travelers coming to the united states. the u.k. will also implement similar measures beginning tomorrow after adding nigeria to its red list. earlier i spoke to a viral specialist, dr. jorge rodriguez, and asked him if any of these travel restrictions would make a difference. here's what he said. >> we keep dodging bullets and we keep thinking is something that's going to go away, and that we have to do it in an easy way. we are now approaching two years of doing this in a relaxed fashion and we need to get serious about this.
1:41 am
>> there's still a lot we need to learn about the omicron variant. it appears the mutated form contains more of the common cold making this more contagious but perhaps less severe unless of course you're particularly vulnerable. if that is proven to be the case, would it actually be better for that variant to eventually become the dominant one across the globe? >> well, it's never a good thing for more people to get infected, and we have to keep in mind that the virus doesn't replicate in thin air. it replicates within the human host or another animal host. it requires our dna and it is replication mistakes that are variants. so, therefore, the more people that get infected, the more variants that are going to happen and the next one may be the really bad one. so i understand where some people are thinking, hey, maybe it's best to have natural immunity and that will take care of it, but we also see that natural immunity wanes and will
1:42 am
take care of it so at the end of the day you don't want people to get infected. >> growing outrage across parts of africa over the travel bans. this as cases continue to spike in south africa where the omicron variant was first identified. the nation recorded more than 11,000 new covid cases on sunday. one covid-19 related death was also reported as the total number of covid fatalities approaches 90,000. south africa's president has said the omicron variant appears to be dominating new infections. larry madowo joins us live from johannesburg with all of this. good to see you, larry. rising cases and also increased anger over the travel bans preventing the entry of travelers from southern africa, what's the latest on all of this? >> the latest is the surge here appears to be growing quite
1:43 am
exponentially. in just two weeks the positivity rate in south africa jumped from 2% to 24%. right now the last two days it's 23.8% and that is why the president is saying there is a need for south africans to get vaccinated. as this continues to spread in the community, the reasons to get vaccinated are compelling and south africa does not have a shortage of vaccines. there are vaccines in every part of the country but he needs to get everyone to get out to get vaccinated. south africans say this is a decision i want to make for myself and i don't want the government to make the decision for me. some believe in conspiracy theories. in the wider public a greater concern about the travel bans, anger, frustration because some people are calling them racist. the only countries are south
1:44 am
africa, namibia, zambia. the same bans are in other parts of the country. they're calling it travel apartheid. >> dr. anthony fauci is saying the biden administration will re-evaluate those travel bans. we will wait and see what happens. larry joining us live from johannesburg. many thanks today. coming up here on "cnn newsroom," more than a dozen people are dead after saturday's volcano eruption in indonesia. we will have a live report on the rescue efforts and the dangers that remain. we're back in just a moment.
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! the situation in indonesia is dangerous. at least 15 people killed and 1700 are displaced after the sudden eruption destroyed hundreds of homes, damaged many schools and left villages
1:49 am
covered in ash. 27 people are still missing. cnn meteorologist pedram javaheri has more for us. >> we're watching portions around indonesia because we know this is among the most volcanically active regions on the planet. indonesia easily tops the chart, 127. second place japan with 108. you'll notice where the united states and chile are in place of indonesia. this particular volcano, it is a popular hiking location. elevation at 12,000 feet high. there have been 55 of them since 1918.
1:50 am
that's one in every four years. back in january of this year we saw an eruption take place. no fatalities in the 2021 eruption. unfortunately we have seen fatalities with this most recent eruption. we saw the activity pick up. you see this build in advance of erup eruptions. it was the case with almost 170 quakes in the last 70 days. you get this particular ash fall that takes place. this is the wet season. i was looking at the climate tow logical data in gentle jakarta, becomes cement like and destructive. >> thanks so much for that, pedram. he was a baseball player, coach, executive and now a hall-of-famer. after nearly an eight decade career john jordan buck o'neill
1:51 am
is headed to coopers town. o'neill was a standout player in the so-called negro league before the sport was desegregated and he had a hand in that, too. he went on to become a scout for the chicago cubs. in 1962 he became the first african-american coach in baseball. he helped form the negro museum. he died in 2006 tweeting, well deserved and long overdue. congratulations to the late buck o'neill on his induction into the national baseball hall of fame. well done. well, the stage is set. the college football playoff committee has selected the four teams who will face off for a chance to compete in the national championship. cnn's andy scholes breaks it down for us. >> reporter: unfortunately we didn't get any chaos this year. the college football committee
1:52 am
getting it easy once again. everyone who needed to take care of business to get in did so on saturday. alabama number 1 after beating georgia. they will take on cincinnati in the cotton bowl in north texas. michigan number two. they're going to face georgia. both of these games will happen on new year's eve. at least years after the same old teams making it, the bearcats making history to become the first ever school outside of the power five conference to make the playoffs. they did it going perfect 13-0 to win the american conference. this is the first time michigan is in the final fours. blowing out iowa to win the big game for the first time since 2004. alabama has been to seven of the eight editions of the global playoff game. the odds makers have alabama
1:53 am
followed by georgia, michigan, cincinnati. the two teams who win on new year's eve will meet in indianapolis on monday, january 10th with the national title on the line. indiana and the detroit lions are celebrating their first win of the season. the minnesota vikings took the lead with just under two minutes to go on this touchdown pass to make it 27-23. the lions drove down the field and scored on the time play of the game with this 11-yard touchdown pass with no time left. after the game the lions coach dedicated the game to the oxford michigan community where four students were killed in a shooting last week. >> first thing i would start with, this game ball goes to the whole oxford community. all those who were affected. >> you hope to be a light for those people and a positive thing that they could have fun watching today.
1:54 am
i hope they were all watching today and enjoyed that win and we were able to take their minds off of it, maybe for three hours. >> lions fans signed autographs for oxford students and vikings players honored the victims by wearing t-shirts with the school's logo before the game. a dunkin' donuts employee is celebrating a christmas miracle after one of her customers gifted her the surprise of a lifetime. ebony johnson and susan burke had been close ever since they met in a dunkin' drive through. one day burke noticed her favorite employee was missing soon learning ebony and her kids were evicted from her home after falling on hard times. >> when she experienced this hardship i just wanted to see if i could help her just improve her life and the life for her kids and make sure they had stable housing so that she could continue to provide the
1:55 am
excellent service that she does at dunkin'. >> wonderful story. with help from several organizations burke was able to find johnson's family a home and furniture. >> thank you for helping me. >> wow. now with a new fully furnished home ebony says she and her kids are ready for a very, merry christmas. we want to take you live now to athens, greece as pope frances wraps up a trip there. that's his plane taxiing down the runway while in greece he called out countries in europe for ignoring the migrant crisis. he visited a refugee camp on the greek island of lespos on sunday. it has become a symbol of the migrant crisis. more than 2,000 refugees live in storage containers at that camp. many from syria, iraq and
1:56 am
afghanistan. during his visit francis said other countries have to stop closing their borders to refugees and passing the issue on to others. many thanks to all of you for your company. i'm rosemary church. be sure to connect with me on twitter @rosemarycnn. have a wonderful day.
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 6th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an "early start" with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we have reports from london, johannesburg, washington. we begin with new rules for international travelers coming to the u.s. everyone has to show proof of a negative covid test taken within one day of


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