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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 20, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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. hello, and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm isa soares. >> there's a tsunami coming. it will be a tough few weeks to months as we get deeper into the winter. >> if you are unvaccinated with this variant, you are going to get infected. >> i wish everybody would go and get the vaccine tomorrow. >> sounding the alarm.
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americans should prepare for the spread of omicron. senator joe manchin deals a blow to joe biden's build back better. peng shuai's latest interview. >> announcer: live from london. this is "cnn newsroom" with isa soares. hello, everyone. welcome to the show. monday, december 20th. nearly two years since the covid-19 pandemic turned the world really upside down. the threat is far from over. one u.s. health experts says we're beyond counting the waves, the country is facing a tsunami. it is now being detected in 45 states. you can see on your screen. experts say it's just a matter of time before omicron accounts for a majority of new cases.
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it comes as the u.s. is already grappling with the surge driven by the delta variant. countries now averaging more than 130,000 a day -- infections a day and experts warn omicron will only add fuel to that fire. have a listen. >> we are going to see a significant stress in some regions of the country on the hospital system, particularly in those areas where you have a low level of vaccination, which is one of the reasons why we continue to stress the importance of getting those unvaccinated people vaccinated. this virus is extraordinary. it has a doubling time of anywhere from two to three days. right now in certain regions of the country 50% of the isolates are omicron, which means it's going to take over. we are going to be in for some serious difficulties right now and we better be doing more to mitigate against that. >> as dr. fauci said,
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unvaccinated people likely face a tough few weeks ahead. new cdc data says compared to fully vaccinated and boosted people, those not protected by a vaccine as you see on your screen are 10 times more likely to test positive and 20 times more likely to die. meanwhile, u.s. president joe biden is preparing to meet with the white house covid response team in the coming hours. he will address omicron in a speech on tuesday. with cases really soaring in new york city, he's wondering about what to do with the new year's eve celebration. >> we expect omicron to be a fast and temporary phenomenon. we expect the next weeks to see very, very big surge in the number of cases, more than we've seen previously, and then we expect after a period of time that it will dissipate.
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this temporary reality demands an urgent, immediate step, which is to maximize vaccination. >> well, overall the state of new york continues to report some really troubling covid numbers with records being broken daily as you can see there. cnn's paulo sandoval has a story for you. >> reporter: for three days now new york state has seen a significant increase in the number of new covid cases now. in fact, record number of covid cases confirmed throughout the state here. we have heard some optimism coming from new york city mayor bill de blasio on sunday saying the bringing back of several of these mitigation efforts, increase in numbers, yes, it is happening right now. it's a new reality but it is a temporary one. but when you speak to new yorkers, there is a concern, fear that things are possibly going to get worse before they get better. so we have seen just massive crowds at covid testing sites throughout new york city. people who are trying to at
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least secure an appointment to actually get those tests. some it is a requirement. they're going to be traveling soon. for many, almost everybody, they want to be tested. they want that extra piece of mind even though majority of them are vaccinated. >> i feel like a couple friends i have that have been vaccinated did catch covid or have scares. i'm trying to play it safe for the family. >> to be safe. you never know. even if you are vaccinated, you can still get it so it's better to make sure. >> reporter: as recent as last week new york city announced a multi-point approach that is meant to try to slow the spread that includes increasing the number of locations where people can get vaccinated and where people can get tested making those home kits available for those who are not able to stand in line for hours at a time but the big, big advice coming from officials not just here in new york city but throughout the country. to get the shot. if they already did, get
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boosted. if you got boosted, get tested. paulo sandoval, new york. >> thanks, paulo. coronavirus infections are soaring across the u.k. with omicron and delta variants driving up the numbers. 90,000 on some days. hospital numbers are rising in london. this is a major incident. elsewhere in europe, streets in the netherlands are largely deserted with the country enforcing one of the strictest lockdowns on the continent lasting until at least january 14th. authorities in denmark say covid infections there could reach up to 45,000 a day by christmas and thousands gathered in brussels on sunday to protest restrictions. there are covid passes for bars and restaurants. cnn is covering every angle of the story.
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cyril vanier is with us. selma, the prime minister is clearly under pressure to act. how likely are further restrictions at this stage? >> reporter: i think everyone is waking up asking this morning, will there, will there not be a lockdown for christmas. you saw the numbers over the weekend and over last week. tens of thousands of positive cases every single day breaking records that have not been seen since the start of this pandemic. over the weekend the london mayor declared a major incident in the city saying further infections are inevitable. there are new statistics that say without further restrictions in place this country could see 3,000 people a day arriving in hospital. they blame this on the omicron variant. they are pushing the government
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for tougher measures before the end of the year. every day is important when you're in the crucial period between the positive cases and hospitalizations. all of these huge surge of positive cases we're seeing right now will translate a couple of weeks into some people showing up in hospital sick putting pressure on the health care system. now prime minister boris johnson and his administration have been insistent that the restrictions in place are tough enough, but i think this morning we're hearing their tune change a bit. the deputy prime minister was on the morning talk shows today and he said there is no hard and fast guarantee that there won't be further rules put into force before christmas time or during the christmas period. he advised everyone to be cautious, to be careful. i think that is what everyone is doing. taking matters into their own hands and self-isolating because of the positive cases. >> absolutely. selma, let's talk wine and cheese.
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not our own consumption unfortunately but the prime minister gathering last year when we were all in lockdown. how damaging is this? >> reporter: yet another photograph, this one downing street garden taking place in may when there were restrictions in place. published by "the guardian." downing street said this was not a social gathering, that these were people having drinks after work. that's what you're looking at is key workers who finished their job for the day and are enjoying a moment of quiet, a moment to have a drink. i think the rest of the public will say that simply doesn't fly especially we've seen one photograph after another video after another, this growing snowballing scandal of christmas parties taking place in downing street. so really this is going to put pressure on the government, losing authority and legitimacy at a time when they need it most, isa. >> selma, do stay with us.
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i want to bring in cyril. we've seen france battling with surging cases. what's being done in france and indeed elsewhere in europe to slow the spread of omicron before the holidays? we have five days or so until christmas. >> reporter: you're right. absolutely, isa. what you have on the continent is a lot of governments scratching their heads how to slow this down. they know omicron will be the dominant strain. that will happen as soon as next month. they want to slow it down to get as many people boosted. france is betting on the boosters. the rollout of the boosters in france is for all adults. that's been effective. 1% of the entire population in france is getting boosted every day. roughly 800,000 people excluding weekends. within three months everything
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else being equal and at the same rate you would have roughly the entire population of france or the entire eligible population would be boosted and would have a significant level of protection against omicron. that really is the plan. there isn't a plan c. well, this is plan b. there isn't a plan c. in the meantime, countries like france have to figure out how they can slow down the rise not only of delta which appears to have peaked but the expected rise of omicron. france right now taking fairly light measures. they're canceling the fireworks display at the eiffel tower for new year's eve. other gatherings at new year's eve. that's very targeted. their long-term measure is they want to crack down on the unvaccinated. they want to exclude them from public spaces. it wasn't popular but the government deems it wasn't necessary and they want to turn the health pass into a vaccine
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pass meaning that only the vaccinated would have access to large areas of public life, isa, and that could start potentially in january. >> which is what we're seeing more and more across continental europe. thank you very much, both of you. israel is taking strong measures to slow the spread of the omicron variant. it's adding the u.s., canada, and eight other countries to the red no fly list starting at midnight tuesday. a fifth wave of covid-19 has arrived. we're joined live from jerusalem. as it faces the fifth wave, talk us through the measures and how they're being received where you are. >> isa, the measures are based on the fact that most of israel's cases or confirmed cases of the omicron variant, been 175 so farr, along with 380 which are highly suspicious of
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omicron, most of those cases came from people traveling into israel from overseas. what they're trying to do by adding countries to the ever expanding so called red list, no fly list, is to try to reduce the number of imported cases. that's why we've 150e7b the u.s., canada, others being added. we've already seen the u.k., much of africa being added to that list as well. they want to reduce the number of imported cases in a bid to slow the spread of omicron. they have accepted the fifth wave is here and it will spread and cases will spike over the next three to four weeks. they want to give the country more time to boost vaccinations. it used to be a world leader but now it is a middling country. it wants to ramp up the campaign to vaccinate children. there's only been 10% of children that have been vaccinated so far. they want to increase that. the other thing naftali bennett
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said was asking the private sector to go back to working from home and the public sector will do that. >> elliott, thanks very much. great to see you. what they're saying at the white house and in congress about senator joe manchin's stunning decision to reject president biden's build back better plan. that is zblooeks plus, a chinese tennis star is walking back allegations about sexual assault and the women's tennis association has responded. those details and a live report from tokyo coming up next. you are watching "cnn newsroom." use a single hr software? nope. we use 11.
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president biden's build back better plan. manchin is under fire from the white house after rejecting the nearly $2 trillion spending package. supporters of the plan can't get it through the evenly divided senate without his vote. cnn's suzanne malveaux has more on how washington is reacting to his decision. >> reporter: the senate and the house are on recess for the holiday but the reaction was fast and furious. democrats, moderates as well as progressives angry, frustrated, disappointed all tweeting out statements over the weekend regarding this bombshell announcement that was made. congresswoman barbara lee of california tweeting she was infuriated and disappointed that those who would be losing out would be the caregivers and she said primarily black and brown women, children, the poor, the homeless not to mention the climate. many provisions to protect the climate also in that bill. at the same time we heard from republicans almost uniformly.
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senator john cornyn describing it as an early christmas gift. this was a bill that was reckless and costly. we have seen this play out for months and months and months now. senator manchin at the center of all of this as his colleagues, progressives and moderates have tried to bring him over. he is the lone standout and see what he would find acceptable. they started off as a $6 trillion price tag to this. they cut it down to 3 trillion and then about $1.75 trillion. the latest complaint from manchin was that the child tax credit extended for one year. he said, well, if you extend it for 10 years it will be a lot costlier and the cbo, the congressional budget office actually scored it as such, but democratic colleagues said the bill you have before you is a one year extension, not 10.
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secondly, the cbo didn't take into account any revenue generating mechanisms that might be proposed and kick in during that period. they said it really wasn't a valid complaint. there are some of his colleagues, those who are most angry, most frustrated who are now saying they don't even believe that manchin negotiated in good faith. >> i hope that we will bring a strong bill to the floor of the senate as soon as we can and let mr. manchin explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests. if he doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for the working families of west virginia and america, let him vote no in front of the whole world. >> reporter: i spoke with senator dick durbin before they went on recess and he joked and said if they went home to eggnog and fruitcake, maybe they would come back with better attitudes and negotiate. he was optimistic they would strike a deal earlier next year. i asked him why.
1:22 am
he said, because the american people need this legislation. they are in desperate need of this. clearly that argument did not hold up for senator manchin. the question now becomes whether or not there is a piece of this bill that could be taken out, a stand alone portion that perhaps manchin and even some republicans would support. suzanne malveaux, cnn at the capitol. boy, the white house is accusing manchin of going back on his word. a statement from press secretary jen psaki said we will not relent in the fight to help americans with their child care, health care, prescription drug costs and elder care and to combat climate change. the fight to build back better is too important to give up. we will find a way to move forward next year. though it's all hypothetical at this point, senate republicans are ready to knife an appointment to the supreme court. steven bryant's retirement is escalating.
1:23 am
five senate republicans said they will oppose any likely nominee from the white house. if they call on the 83-year-old justice to retire soon it will back fire and he will remain off the bench. now to the investigation into the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. republican congressman adam kisinger said they are looking into former president donald trump's possible involvement. when asked whether he thought trump broke the law he said, i don't want to go there yet but the other day -- >> what i think is almost more important is what led up to january 6th? what is the rot in the democracy that allowed the 6th to happen? and have we corrected from that since? because what really matters to me is i want to hold the people guilty accountable, but i want to make sure this never happens again, otherwise january 6th will have been, yes, a failed trial run but sometimes a failed trial run is the best practice to get one that succeeds, a coup
1:24 am
that succeeds to to being our government. >> it's important for the government to see the truth. they said the messages prove trump's white house was aware of the violence unfolding that day. now more than 200 people are now dead and dozens more missing after super typhoon rai battered the philippines. the official death counts stand just at 30, national police say more than 230 people have suffered considerable injuries. the storm hit the philippines last week with the strength of a category 5 hurricane. monsoon flooding has displaced more than 41,000 people in malaysia. rescue efforts are ongoing. hundreds had to be rescued from a stretch highway on saturday. they promised to devote $23
1:25 am
million to flood recovery efforts. after a couple of weeks of extreme weather, we are still looking for calmer weather moving into the weekend. we have more with the very latest. good morning, tyler. as we prepare for the holiday travel season, how -- what can we expect? >> hi, isa. we've got a little bit of everything coming our way across the u.s. weather wise in the next several days. we'll start with monday. the monday map shows an area of low pressure gathering strength across the gulf of mexico. that will be problematic across the southeast. more in the way of storm systems across the pacific northwest. so let's go through all of this in turn. we'll start down here in the gulf of mexico where you see the storm system moving to the northeast. it's going to spread rainfall to the deep south, not just monday but tuesday and wednesday, too. so that's going to cause some issues if you're doing any holiday traveling down here across the south.
1:26 am
we could see approximately four inches of rainfall from northern florida up through southeastern georgia and on into the carolinas. meanwhile, across the west coast we're not just looking at rain, we're looking at heavy snowfall, too. this is great for the ongoing drought and it's great for the snow pack, too, which has recently gone from just 18% all the way up to 98%. that, too, is great for the drought. what's happening here is an area of low pressure is dropping down. it's also strengthening. it's expanding and it's going to cause another atmospheric river to come ashore. those atmospheric rivers cause a lot of rainfall and snowfall to accumulate in very short order. in addition, this week, isa, we're also looking at above average heat across 2/3 of the u.s. case in point, atlanta, georgia, you'll be seeing your temperatures rise all the way out to nearly 70 degrees fahrenheit. the average temperature is 75
1:27 am
degrees fahrenheit. we are well above average. not going to feel like christmas. not going to look like christmas in the city of atlanta. that's because of the heat, the sunshine. so i can tell you that you're not going to see a white christmas here. historically a white christmas would be seen across the mountains, the rockies going into the cascades. maybe across the great lakes and new england. for this year, isa, here's what i'm thinking. i'm thinking with all of this snowfall, it is very likely across the mountains out west we'll see a white christmas. it's possible across the northern plains because of some clipper systems moving through. i can say the same for the great lakes and new england too. i would say across new england, isa, that's going to be a great place to see snowfall. >> i would love snowfall. it would be lovely. tyler, great to have you on the show. we can track santa later on this week. great to have you with us. tyler morgan there. now south africa's president
1:28 am
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. if you are just joining us, let me bring you up to date with our top stories this hour. senator joe manchin says he's a no on the build back better abruptly ending negotiations for the biden white house.
1:32 am
a number of manchin's fellow democrats in the biden administration are outraged over his decision in this act. in an interview with fox news manchin said they should be focusing their attention towards the pandemic. top u.s. health workers are warning of the omicron variant. they're averaging 120,000 cases a day at johns hopkins. cnn's natasha chen is in los angeles where they're seeing cases rise again. >> reporter: los angeles county public health is reporting a rise in the number of confirmed daily cases in the past week. on tuesday there were about 1100 positive test cases but by the weekend, on saturday and sunday both seeing more than 3500 positive covid cases and on sunday that number may even be a bit low because of the lag in weekend reporting. so within just a week's time frame we're seeing the tripling
1:33 am
of numbers. in california overall the positivity rate is still under 3%, which is relatively low compared to some other states, but california health officials did notice a rise in covid positive cases in the days following the thanksgiving holiday into early december, and that's why the state implemented new policies beginning december 15th to last for a month before the policies are revisited. there are three important things there. one is that everyone is required to wear masks indoors across the state. two is that people are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter a megaevent. that's defined as 1,000 people indoors or 10,000 people outdoors. finally people traveling into california have to get a covid test three to five days after they arrive in the state. already there are some events being canceled like there are across the country for positive cases. ucla basketball game, even
1:34 am
production of a christmas carol downtown in los angeles because of positive cases within those groups. schools including stanford are also transitioning to virtual classes after the winter break is over. here in southern california ucla, the uc system, the cal state system are saying they will monitor the situation for students after they come back from the winter break. back to you. >> thank you very much on that. health experts are urging americans to take the threat for omicron seriously, the u.s. is going to face a brutal surm. >> there's a sue namm any coming. it's as contagious as measles and that's about the most contagious virus that we've seen. this may be the most contagious virus that civilization has faced in our lifetimes. >> we could be in for an ominous
1:35 am
winter season and a kind of grim beginning of the new year. there are still so many now vaccinated but still not boosted folks out there. i wish everybody would go and get vaccine tomorrow. we've got plenty of vaccine available. it's in the refrigerators just waiting to get into arms. >> meanwhile, the u.s. is seeing a jump in air travel despite increasing covid cases. the tsa screened more than 2 million passengers at u.s. air ports on saturday. that's the third day in a row. the number of travelers over the past few days is nearly the same as pre-pandemic levels suggesting americans aren't canceling holiday travel despite the threat of omicron. get tested. >> we need to flood the system with testing. we need to have tests available for anyone who wants them. particularly in a situation where people are going to be
1:36 am
gathering even though they are vaccinated and boosted, they may want to go that extra step, that extra mile to know that when we have people coming into the home, they're going someplace, that you can know in 15 minutes whether or not you're positive. >> that's the focus on the united states. let me take you to south africa. south african president cyril ramaphosa has tested positive. infections are surging since the omicron variant was reported in the country last month. david mckenzie is with us from johannesburg. the world has been monitoring south africa to understand the variant. what are you seeing with the hospitalizations and whether critical restrictions are needed here? >> reporter: the short answer on restrictions is they haven't put any restrictions in. the authorities in south africa
1:37 am
said because there's a relatively low rate of hospitalization and death, even now nearly a month after the variant was identified by south african scientists, they are not installing new restrictions. there's still a mask mandate in this country for public spaces. that has been in place for many, many months but there isn't the tight restrictions that we saw early on in the pandemic or the restrictions being put in place because of omicron in israel, parts of europe and potentially in the u.k. the fact is that the hospitalization rates are substantially lower still compared to the delta wave and previous waves. so are the deaths. they call it a decoupling between the rise in cases and subsequent rise of severe cases. there could be several reasons for that as we've been talking about, isa. one is in this province alone,
1:38 am
people have had covid. up to 80% of the population. that should protect people against severe illness, even if it was a previous variant. there are up to 40% of people with one vaccine dose. so that kind of complicates trying to assess whether this is because of that or is it because omicron itself is more mild? there's also a warning that you can't necessarily take what's happening here and other countries that might have a different picture based on previous parts of the pandemic. the feeling in south africa is people are feeling better about this variant. there's plenty of room in the hospitals and not that many severe cases. certainly very few people on ventilators. hopefully that translates to the rest of the world. isa? >> david mckenzie for us in johannesburg. thank you very much, david. i want to bring you a quick
1:39 am
look at oil prices because we've seen oil prices falling quite drastically around 5%. brent crude down 4.5%. wti crude down 5%. this is of course over fears of the spread of the omicron variant and fears that this could have an impact on demand right across the world. if you look at the u.s. futures, red arrows right across the board. of course, markets opening several hours from now and just took a 3% fall on the dow jones. we'll keep an eye on those numbers as trading gets underway this monday on wall street. now tennis star peng shuai says there's a misunderstanding about her allegations she was sexually assaulted from a chinese official. the latest on her case coming up. turizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. really?! this nourishing prebiotic oat formula
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in chile supporters of 35-year-old leftest gabriel boric are celebrating his victory in the presidential runoff. he is the youngest person ever elected in chile. he has the support of the communist party. boric will replace the outgoing president who is set to leave office in march. this comes in the wake of social unrest over inequality. now chinese tennis star peng shuai has given an interview to a singapore newspaper saying she never accused anyone of sexual assault. that is despite a post on her social media account about being coerced into sex by a former chinese official. in a video of the interview she says she's always been free and there may have been a misunderstanding. there's been a global concern about peng's well-being and whether she is being silenced by chinese authorities.
1:44 am
celina wang with the latest. give us more about what she said in this interview and whether this eases concerns at all for her well-being, the likes of the wta here. >> reporter: well, isa, this does not extinguish global concerns about peng shuai's well-being. the wta calls for an investigation. this is the first time peng shuai has spoken about. she was speaking on the sidelines of a trip. take a listen to what she said. >> translator: i want to emphasize one thing that is very important, that i have never spoken or written about anyone sexually assaulting me. this point is very important to be emphasized clearly. in terms of the weibo post, it's my personal privacy. there possibly has been a lot of misunderstanding.
1:45 am
>> reporter: in the interview she said she's been living at home in beijing and denied she's been under any surveillance. this is a video of her talking and smiling with former chinese nba star yao ming. the wta said, quote, as we have consistently stated, they do not alleviate or address the concerns about her well-being. ability to communicate without censorship or coercion. we want a full, fair, transparent investigation without censorship into her allegation of sexual assault which is the allegation that gave rise to our initial concern. they said it was suspending tournaments in china because of her treatment.
1:46 am
she said that a former chinese vice premiere had sexually assaulted her in the past. that was swiftly censored and it is blocked on the highly sense sort website. photos later surfaced in posts by chinese state media. the ioc said it held two video calls although it has not made the calls public. with the winter olympics less than two months away, chinese media says it doesn't want to politicize sport. >> celina wang, i know you'll keep us on top of that story. in tokyo, thank you very much. great to see you. closing arguments are scheduled to begin in a few hours in the trial of daunte wright of a traffic stop. former officer kim potter broke down in tears as she testified friday.
1:47 am
apologizing and sailing she didn't want to hurt anybody. potter said she mistook her gun. they say she has acted recklessly. she has pleaded not guilty to first and second degree manslaughter. pro and college sports are being rocked by outbreaks. every major league is hitting pause in some way to slow the spread. details on the teams getting benched next.
1:48 am
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can you imagine a circumstance where the director of the nih, somebody who believes in science would submit to political pressures and fire the greatest expert in infectious disease that the world has known just to satisfy political concerns? >> that is the outgoing nih director, dr. francis collins describing the pressure he felt under the trump administration to fire the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. anthony fauci. he tells cbs he was pressured by trump and other republicans to endorse unproven remedies like
1:52 am
hydroxychloroquine. >> i got into a difficult place and got a bit of a talking to by the president of the united states about this, but i stuck my ground. >> would you have resigned if it had come to the white house trying to get you to do something you didn't want to do? >> yeah. i was not going to compromise scientific principles to just hold onto the job. >> while cnn has reached out to trump's office for comment on the comments. the national hockey league has halted the season in week 17 due to covid infections. nadia ra mira has more for you. normally this time of year would be a great time for sports fans. you have college hoops, college football, nhl, nba, so many things to watch and enjoy. instead it feels like the very beginning of the covid pandemic with so many games being postponed or canceled.
1:53 am
basketball, the nba today on sunday canceling some of its games sunday and monday, postponing those games for a later date because of covidcovi. we're talking about like kyrie irving and kevin durant out. we're seeing that with college basketball. 20 men's basketball games and 36 women's basketball games canceled or postponed so far this year. from the basketball court to the gridiron now, nfl saturday doubleheader turned into a single showdown between the new england patriots and indianapolis colts. three games postponed week 15 of the nfl because so many players are out on the covid-19 reserve list, for the cleveland browns, rams and washington football team and the nfl saying this past weekend that they're having new protocols for asymptomatic, fully vaccinated players.
1:54 am
they're not going to test them on a regular basis but instead moving to a more targeted change. now the nhl making a big announcement on sunday saying it will postpone 30 games between december 18th and december 23rd and that includes cross border games. remember the nhl has teams in canada and the u.s. and they're citing the concerns over federal restrictions and travel concerns over the border and that's the news coming out of the nhl this weekend. nadia ramiro, cnn, atlanta. one of the nfl teams still playing games made it count big on sunday. the green bay packers clinched the nfc north title after holding off the baltimore ravens 31-30. star quarterback aaron rodgers passed for more than 260 yards and landed three touchdowns. at 4-4-2 rodgers ties brett favre for most scoring passes in
1:55 am
green bay history. tiger woods return to competitive golf went pretty well. he teemed up with his 12-year-old son charlie in the two-day tournament where they took second place. >> the fact that i'm able to have this opportunity this year, even a couple weeks ago we didn't know whether i would be doing this, but here we are. we had the best time ever. he and i out there. i just wish that -- i told you yesterday, i wish i could have walked down with him and been side by side with him the entire time like we were last year. >> the father/son duo shot 15 under par and birdied 11 straight holes. they were behind john daly and his son. movie theaters have been
1:56 am
desperate for massive blockbusters since the pandemic and now they have their super hero. >> the entire world is about to forget that peter parker is spider man. >> wait, everyone? >> the latest marvel movie spider man no way home saw the third largest weekend in history. $253 million in north america. the amazing spider man right there in action indeed. before i leave you today, we have some baby breaking news to bring you. congratulations to our friend and colleague sarah and her husband on the baby boy. freddy lewis is born in london. christmas clearly has come early for this family and we're thrilled for them all including baby sister levi. i'm isa soares. we have "early start" with
1:57 am
christine romans and laura jarrett. i shall see you tomorrow. bye.
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good morning, everyone. it's monday, december 20th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an "early start" with us. i'm laura jarrett. things look a little different but we are still together. >> we are still together. i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers. we are on two different sides of the screen. we are back in our flash cams as they're called. we won't be sitting next to each other for the foreseeable future. as the covid surge starts. i'm fine with that. >> we are


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