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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  December 20, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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good morning, everyone. it's monday, december 20th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an "early start" with us. i'm laura jarrett. things look a little different but we are still together. >> we are still together. i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers. we are on two different sides of the screen. we are back in our flash cams as they're called. we won't be sitting next to each other for the foreseeable future. as the covid surge starts. i'm fine with that. >> we are vaccinated, we are
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boosted but we want to stay on air. >> we do. we do. we want to bring you all of the information you need for this holiday season. let's begin with the covid contradictions. americans trying to live with a resurgent virus for christmas week. so consider this. millions lined up to watch the new spider man in crowded theaters. >> and yet new york state broke its record sunday for the highest single day case count for the third day in a row. folks, we are talking over 22,000 new covid cases reported for a single day. this is not omicron. this is the delta variant and this return to life indoors that's driving these numbers. and yet we still haven't gotten the testing right in this country. look at this. people lined up at testing sites for hours. i was one of them. results taking longer and longer. rapid tests virtually impossible to find at your local drugstore. >> i have a couple of friends
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that haven't been vaccinated did catch covid or have scares so trying to play it safe for the family. >> ladies and gentlemen, tom hanks. >> hello. thank you. i'm tom hanks. thank you surviving crew members. tonight everyone -- >> a smattering of applause there because "saturday night live" was barely alive. they canceled the audience and sent home most of the show with no musical guests ♪ 6 ♪ >> and the rockettes, the radio city rockettes canceling their season. normally they stage four shows per day at radio city music hall. >> yet the streets outside "30 rock" were jammed with tourists visiting the christmas tree at rockefeller center. officials are trying to maintain perspective on the worst days of 2020 and now. >> because of the high level of
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vaccination even though we expect a lot of cases, we do not expect to see some of the very painful reality we saw certainly in the spring of 2020 or even last winter. we think the outcomes, what happens to people is going to be very much better this time. >> cases are high but here in new york we're not at a place where we're seeing a substantial number of deaths and we're not seeing a real problem with hospitalization. the real problem is the pandemic of lack of vaccinations. >> all right. it's unclear if the party is still on for new year's eve in times square. paris and dublin have canceled their new year's eve celebrations. open table says restaurant reservations are declining. school situation, harvard, stanford, yale switching to remote learning now. nyu and prince ton had made the
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turn. tsa is screening 2 million passengers every single day since thursday double the number from last year. >> this is driven by the delta variant. this is a delta surge. omicron is looming in the coming days and weeks. health officials in the u.k. and south africa say omicron spreads at a faster rate, but it's still not clear if omicron is likely to cause severe disease. the bottom line, if you are unvaccinated, you are strul neshl. >> we are going to see a significant stress in some regions of the country on the hospital system, particularly in those areas where you have a low level of vaccination. right now in certain regions of the country 50% of the isolates are omicron, which means it's going to take over. it is going to be a tough few weeks to months as we get deeper into the winter. >> on capitol hill three
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lawmakers tested positive over the weekend. senators elizabeth warren and cory booker. colorado congressman jason crow reported having their booster shots and say their symptoms are mild. tom president biden is going to issue a stark warning for unvaccinated americans in the coming winter. the cdc says the unvaccinated face 20 times risk of getting omicron. joining us to discuss all of this, dr. carlos del rio, the executive associate dean of emory university school of medicine. so nice to have you this morning. so much to sort through. it seems like we're having a bit of a hard time at calibrating our response to this virus and all of the variants even though it is no longer march 2020. i want to read you something from james hamlin, a physician and public health lecturer at yale. infection is not the same as
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sickness and not all the sickness is the same. accepting you're likely to get infected isn't the same as fatalism. it doesn't mean throwing your hands up and doing nothing. doctor, help me out. isn't there some reasonable middle ground that doesn't require shutting everything down again? >> yeah, i think we're going to have to do that. at some point in time we need to realize that our goal is no longer preventing -- having zero infections. we have to be able to live with a certain degree of transmission, however, what we're seeing right now is simply too much transmission. so the need right now is to decrease transmission as much as possible simply because there's too mean cases out there. that is not the problem, the problem is the amount. >> i'm so thankful. many people want to get their kids tested. the white house dismissed the idea of sending at-home testing
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kits to all-americans. here's jonathan reiner. listen. >> yes, that's exactly what you should do. mail these tests out to everyone. the trump administration missed an opportunity to mail masks to everyone. this administration should be mailing tests to everyone. this notion that people are going to submit their -- the receipts for their $24 test to their insurance company is fanciful. imagine what would happen to vaccinations if people had to pay for it up front and then bill their insurance companies. that wouldn't work. same thing is for testing. we need too get our act together. >> your thoughts there, doctor, on the testing issue and whether the government should be sending tests to everyone. >> you know, i couldn't agree more. the british are doing that. they're sending tests to everybody's home. last year, you know, the trump administration sent checks to everybody's home. we can do this. we should be sending tests to everybody. we should be sending masks to everybody. it's hard but difficult things need to be done and that's what our government needs to do.
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>> in some cases i was heartened to see so many people lining up to get tested. people are following the advice. every public health expert told us to get tested before the holidays. it's so unfortunate we haven't quite gotten out there. some news came out on friday and pfizer said the trials of vaccines for young children, children 2 to 5 years old, they didn't provide the expected immune response to the children. it was a two-dose vaccine and now it looks like it needs to be a three-dose vaccine. what are parents looking for? >> it's very disappointing. clinical trials, some work, some don't. that's why you need to do the studies. i think it's time to get back to the drawing table and rethink the trials. maybe third dose, increase the amount of antigen. it's a disappointing result but
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that's what science does. >> the president will address the nation tomorrow. the push was get vaccinated, get back to normal. the variants will come up, right, indefinitely, right? what's the off ramp. what could the president or should the president be telling americans tomorrow? >> you know, i think the administration is in a very difficult situation, but i think right now what they need to do is make it incredibly easy for people to get tested, to get vaccinated, to stay at home if they've been infected. they have to make sure we have a way for the economy to oup. people who test positive who were vaccinated who are boosted, several members of congress, they're going to be 2350i7b, negative by day five. they should not need to isolate. at the end of the day it's not helping the nation. we need to do public health and
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do it in a way the economy continues to function. >> at the center of all of this is vaccination. breaking news moments ago. moderna said a third dose of its covid-19 vaccine increased immune responses against the omicron variant compared with two doses in lab tests. pfizer had similar results recently. we're going to follow that all day. again, we're learning new information all the time as we learn how to live in a covid economy, covid health care. dr. carlos del rio, emory university school of medicine. the president's build back better plan dealt a fatal blow by joe manchin. now the white house suggests he wasn't negotiating in good faith.
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i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i have tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. >> you're done. this is a no? s >> this is a no on this legislation. i have tried everything i know to do. >> that's west virginia senator joe manchin putting an end to all the will he, won't he officially dealing a knockout blow to a signature part of the biden agenda. ending negotiations on the current version of the legislation that would have expanded the nation's social safety net. universal pre-k, health care subsidies, paid family leave. climate measures. a lot of those had been whittled down. jasmine wright is here. the pleasantries are over and
2:16 am
the white house is done with with joe manchin. >> reporter: yeah, laura, look. that blistering rebuke we saw from the white house aimed at joe manchin came at the president's direction. cnn learned yesterday that the president learned of joe manchin's intention to say no on fox here at his home in wilmington just a few minutes before the senator went on air and, of course, white house aides then tried to get manchin on the phone, which he refused. that kind of infuriated and astonished the president and his top advisers. sources close to them told cnn because, remember, the president has gone through laborious effort trying to get senator joe manchin to a yes on this hallmark legislation. he's been for months really curtailing to the senator to his deep concerns over the size and scope of this $1.75 trillion bill that would do things like shore up the country's social safety net expansion really with
2:17 am
education, with climate provisions. the child tax care credit extension and democrats credit would reduce childhood poverty by 50% since it was in place. this has a lot of the president's priorities. senator manchin has basically kind of killed at least in this iteration. i want to read you this blistering rebuke from the white house, press secretary jen psaki because it's a remarkable statement that attacks a member of the president's own party. senator manchin's comments this morning at fox are at odds with his discussions this week with the president. they represent a sudden and inexplicable place of his position. we will continue to press him to see if he will reverse his position yet again, to honor his prior commitments and be true to his word.
2:18 am
in the meantime, senator manchin will have to explain to those families paying $1,000 a month why they need to keep paying that instead of $35 for that vital medicine. he will have to explain to the nearly 2 million women who would get the affordable day care they need to return be to work, why he opposes a plan to give them the help they need. maybe senator manchin can explain to millions of children who have been lifted out of poverty in part due to the child tax credit why he wants to end a program that is helping achieve this milestone. we cannot. so there the white house is not holding any punches, taking off the gloves. it wasn't just the president that manchin's comments pissed off. house moderates put their vote on the line for that house bill voting for progressive issues. they didn't want to vote for the bill anyway. senator bernie sanders on the air with jake tapper yesterday,
2:19 am
he did not hold back when he offered this assessment of manchin's comments. take a listen. >> i hope that we will bring a strong bill to the floor of the senate as soon as we can and let mr. manchin explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests. if he doesn't have the courage to do the right thing for the working families of west virginia and america, let him vote no in front of the whole world. >> reporter: so there you go. stinging words from senator sanders, but the question now is, laura, where does this effort go forward? will the white house vow that they will continue to work on this, they're going to continue trying to press senator manchin, but it is difficult to see how this iteration of the president's build back better bill gets passed now with this newly frayed relationship. laura? >> question, jasmine. thank you. on the demise of build back better goldman sachs quickly
2:20 am
trimmed its forecast for the u.s. economy. writing this, a failure to pass bbb has negative growth implications, particulars parti expiration of the child tax credit. it will grow 2% down from 3% with similar cuts in the second and third quarters. the goldman economists don't see it becoming easier to pass build back better in the coming weeks. inflation is likely to persist, so what does this mean for you? i think it's so interesting, laura, that blistering, as jasmine said, from jen psaki. they were pointing out all of these things that are for working families. subsidized child care, universal pre-k. home health care. instead of having your grandma or great grandma having to move to a nursing home, keeping her in her home with some low-cost care to keep seniors in place. there are so many things in
2:21 am
this. really a generational kind of remaking of where we put the investments in the economy investing into the working people, working families, not necessarily into tax cuts for business. it's a real -- it's a real disappointment for some people who for so long have been wanting these kinds of investments to be made. just to remind you that 93% of the kids in west virginia were eligible for that child tax credit. so, you know, how he explains this back home i think, senator manchin, is interesting. >> and given those stakes you would think that he would have picked up the white house's call when they wanted to try to talk to him about this. apparently the reporting shows he did not. well, still ahead for you, even countries with high vaccination rates not immune from the delta omicron double whammy. a live report from europe next. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to.
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welcome back. to denmark now where the omicron variant is putting existing covid protocols to the test even in highly vaccinated countries. in denmark's case there is cause for concern. they are entering the hardest month yet of this pandemic.
2:26 am
cyril vanier is live in paris. what's happening there? >> reporter: look, this is something we're seeing across europe with european governments scratching their heads on how do we stop the current wave of delta driven infections and how do we stop the impending wave of omicron driven infections that are going to become the dominant type of infection next month. so denmark has decided to take the following proactive step. it has shut down its cultural scene. that means museums, art galleries, it also means amusement parks, zoos. that is a large swath of public life. the type of place people are going to meet in public spaces and denmark deemed that that was necessary especially ahead of the christmas period to avoid another surge in infections. if you look not very far from denmark, netherlands, there's a christmas lockdown there. so various countries are taking steps more or less restrictive,
2:27 am
very restrictive in the netherlands, very restrictive in denmark because they're trying to, first of all, contain delta and then slow down the inevitable arrival of omicron. some countries closing their borders. france and germany shutting down the boirtborders to u.k. travel because omicron cases are so high. europe knows that it is not going to avoid a wave of omicron. it is going tospecially ahead o the busy holiday. >> this is different than 2020. we know so much more now. so many challenges for managing through covid. cyril, thank you so much for that. we know next year's mid terms could mean a real shakeup in the house and the senate. what about the u.s. supreme court? what if there ease a vacancy there? we have new cnn reporting suggesting history could repeat itself.
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good monday morning, everyone. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. it's about 31 minutes past the hour here in new york. we turn back now to one of our top stories. senator joe manchin delivering a crushing blow to president biden's agenda. he went on fox news and said he couldn't support the build back better plan, universal pre-k, affordable housing, climate measures a no go. >> biden said manchin's support was looking iffy. they were still taken off guard sunday when manchin made it official. >> the thing that never changed, brett, was basically the same amount of things that they're trying to accomplish by just changing, if you will, the amount of time that we can depend on it. we should be up front and pick our priorities. that's the difference. so it hasn't shrunk in the desire. the intent is always there. >> it's time for three questions
2:33 am
in three minutes. let's bring in rachel day, co-author of the politico playbook. i've listened to that clip, every iteration of that clip a half a dozen times trying to figure out is there wiggle room there. i can't support, quote, this piece of legislation. you have new reporting in the playbook this morning that the white house may be looking for a way to work around some of these concerns? >> yeah. we're just about to hit send on that playbook this morning. yeah, look. i mean, the white house says they're not done with this. they're going to work hard to try to revive it. right now there's an idea being kicked about, an idea that goes back a couple of months that speaker nancy pelosi and a number of moderate republicans were floating. it's the idea of narrowing the bill only looking at a couple of provisions but looking at them for longer terms. the idea is to sort of alleviate at least one concern joe manchin has raised, and that is this notion that he doesn't like the, quote, sunset provisions in the bill. democrats have tried to decorate
2:34 am
this bill like a christmas tree, put as many of their priorities in this bill as they can and fund them for only short periods of time to keep the price low, but he says that's a, quote, gimmick, and so what they could ideally do or potentially do is just narrow them down and then extend them for a full decade like he wants. will he buy it? i don't know but there's certainly talks already underway. >> rachel, progressives in the house, many of them are furious with manchin because they think the president got played, right? they were supposed to tie these two bills, infrastructure and build back better together to avoid the very problems that democrats find themselves in. heading into some tough mid terms next year, how does the party stay together in a way that actually helps them given how fractured things are right now? >> i mean, i think that that's the big problem right now that they have. they want to revive this bill but there's a serious trust issue. it's not just progressives who feel like they voted for this bipartisan infrastructure bill believing that the larger
2:35 am
package, build back better, would eventually pass. it's also moderate house democrats who frankly put their political lives on the line to take a look at progressive priorities believing they would get something out of it and have something tangible to sell on the campaign trail. joe manchin is angry at the statement the white house put out suggesting he lied. there's a fundamental trust breakdown. this is going to be -- to mean putting this bill back together possibly in the new year all a the more difficult because right now people are very angry and impatient. >> senator manchin said at the end of the day he couldn't go back and explain what's in this to people in west virginia except 93% of west virginia children receive that enhanced child tax credit. essentially by not supporting this, taxes will go up for working families in west virginia and that is -- that is just, you know, the bottom line here. there's momentum here. biden is dealing with this blow
2:36 am
to his legislative agenda at the same time he's struggling to get coronavirus under control. stepping back, what does that mean heading into the mid terms. has he lost the momentum on the legacy building here and we're focusing right now on covid? >> look, this is requesting to get harder, not easier. he's looking at the spike of new variants and more people potentially dying. his poll numbers, they're not doing very well at all so that makes it hard as well. and the reality is that congress needs a deadline to get something done. they were looking at this christmas deadline to sort of force action. so they lost that sort of forcing mechanism. so, i mean, biden has a lot on his plate right now and there was a lot of thinking they could potentially do this by the end of the year. now they're going to be pivoting to campaign mode and election season. that sends people back to the corners and makes this all the more difficult. >> all right. rachel, thank you for being here
2:37 am
to sort of break it all down for us on a monday morning. it means a lot. >> a big newsy monday morning. we'll look for your playbook when you hit send. thank you. the theaters needed a hero and spider man swung in just in time. >> ever since i got bit by that spider i've only had one week where my life has felt normal. >> spider man no way home shattering pandemic box office records opening with an estimated $253 million over the weekend. it was welcome news for theaters with covid places rising and streaming the way millions of americans watch movies from home. no way home had the highest number in history. 2019's avenger's end game and infinity war opened to larger numbers. spider man won't be enough to save hollywood from a difficult year. the industry is expected to bring in $4 billion this year. way down from 11 billion in
2:38 am
2019. all right. monday morning let's look at markets and the world. big moves. asia closed down 2% in tokyo. almost 2% in hong kong. shanghai down 1%. europe has opened sharply lower. stock index futures leaning down here. at this point you're looking at maybe a 400 point decline at the open if this holds. it was a rough week for investors. worries about omicron variant increasing at the holidays. dow and s&p fell 1% for the week. the nasdaq down nearly 3%. stocks still up sharply for the year. the s&p 500 up 23%. the nasdaq up 18%. this week investors will get reports on november home sales. in october home sales rose for a second week in a row. the median price for existing homes, up 13% from more than a year ago. it has been a red hot housings rate. that could cool down the red hot housing market. it is a short week for
2:39 am
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as the u.s. braces for the spread of the omicron variant, it's worth looking back to south africa where the variant was first detected. cnn's david mckenzie live from johannesburg. david, how do things look there a month in? >> reporter: christine, it's still difficult to really tease out how really to approach this, but there is some evidence here in south africa and a building
2:44 am
amount of evidence that this wave isn't as bad as previous waves. if you look at the amount of cases that's surging in this country, positivity rates over 30%. however, the hospitals are not full. in fact, they're pretty empty in many cases. doctors have been telling me for days now there are fewer patients on ventilators, fewer patients on high flow oxygen. that matches up with statistics. there's a sense here from the scientists that omicron isn't as bad. now there could be a few reasons for this. one is that there is a very high amount of people in this country, particularly around the city, who have already had covid. that provides some level of protection of severe disease. around 40% of the population has had at least one dose of the vaccine. again, that should help prevent people from going to hospitals. there is also this open question. is omicron itself just less
2:45 am
severe, less virulent virus than previous variants? we just don't know at this stage. christine. >> david mckenzie in johannesburg. thank you for that. laura? back here in the u.s. there is now cnn reporting on what a supreme court vacancy could mean. isaac is here for us. it feels like shades of 2016 again with merrick garland and the mcconnell rule of doing business. >> well, that's right, laura. manu raju and i spent time last week talking to senators, including a number of prominent republican senators on the judiciary committee. they said in pretty clear terms that if there is a republican majority and a vacancy opens on the supreme court, they're ready to do again what happened with merrick garland. they said they would not confirm a nominee if the party of majority in the senate doesn't
2:46 am
match what's in the white house. that is, of course, a big concern for democrats as they go into not only the mid terms but the year ahead. they have a number of members who are aging, some who have been in poor health and are in states with republicans governors who could appoint their residential replacements. >> it's part of why you hear this quiet underbelly from some progressives about justice prior a -- breyer and retiring. some are more recently willing to speak out. has he shoni interest in stepping down though? i haven't seen any. >> well, look, he's 83 years old. there was a lot of speculation he was going to step down this past june. he may be planning in the year ahead, however, as you say, he's done some interviews. he's kind of brushed off the question. in fact, what i have seen from my reporting, that in the white house amongst senate democrats there is a fear of talking too
2:47 am
much about pushing him to retire because the idea is that he may choose not to retire just to show that he's not being political about it. they don't want it to backfire. that is the situation they are stuck in now. >> i remember the same thing with justice ruth bader ginsberg. the quiet pressure to get her to step down which didn't work during the obama administration either. isaac, thank you. >> thank you. 47 minutes past the hour. a staff member at a washington, d.c., public school is under investigation after allegedly having third grade students reenact incidents from the holocaust. the unidentified instructor at watkins elementary school was placed on leave. the washington post reports these children were assigned specific roles, including one as adolph hitler and directed to dig mass graves and simulate shooting victims. according to one parent, the instructor made an anti-semetic remark and asked students not to tell anyone about this
2:48 am
reenactment. now to this. another twist in the case of tennis star peng shuai. she denies making the sexual assault allegation. will ripley is live in hong kong with more on this story. will, there's so many questions here, including why now after so many weeks when everyone was wondering if she was okay, if she is even allowed to communicate. is this even her own words? what's happening? >> reporter: well, we need to keep in mind this weibo post where she accused a top party official of sexual assault, that was on november 2nd. we are now approaching the end of december. there have been many weeks for peng shuai to be coached, to be prepared for the possibility of this happening. this is the only foreign newspaper in chinese that you can actually buy in the mainland. so it's not necessarily official
2:49 am
state media but it's certainly considered, if you look at their coverage, we've been scouring their coverage history, it's very pro-beijing. this reporter approached peng shuai and was rolling -- you know, there was video of this and it looks kind of like one of those interviews where you walked up and said, hey, can i talk to you? she said yes. she gave the talking points that have been repeated very consistently by chinese state media reporters that have been tweeting feverishly about peng shuai even though inside china they have not acknowledged her allegations. any discussion of them are censored. this particular newspaper you can't actually access it without a vpn inside of china. people could read this article but it's not being shared on chinese media with this new hampshire. a lot of the peng shuai articles are censored. she is free to travel. she was at her home in beijing when she had the internet calls
2:50 am
with the olympic committee. it's bolstering that everything is fine. she is grateful to the ioc. very happy to have video calls with them. we have some quotes. i'll read this full screen. from peng shuai to this singaporean new hampshire. i have never spoken or written about anyone sexually assaulting me. it's my personal privacy. there has been a lot of misunderstanding. therefore, there should be no distorted misinterpretation here. her first weibo post, she is saying she didn't mean to say that she was sexually assaulted. the women's tennis association which has said they're prepared to pull their billion dollar business out of china, they're not convinced she is able to speak freely. calling for a full, fair, transparent investigation without censorship. even this interview, this foreign interyou voo doesn't cut
2:51 am
it in the eyes of the wta. >> the timing is so odd as you say. after weeks of so much concern and worry about her well-being. now to just -- there's more to come on this for sure. will, thank you. back here, the surge in covid cases is wreaking havoc with all of the major sports leagues. andy scholes has this morning's bleacher report. hey, andy. >> good morning, christine. basketball, football, hockey. the growing outbreak is sidelining a lot of players and forcing games to be postponed. the nhl has shut down seven teams in the last week due to the rising number of cases. they will pausz all activities through december 26th. the nhl suspending all cross border travel until after christmas. that caused 12 games to be postponed. so far 35 games have been called off since last monday. the nba meanwhile announcing yesterday the postponement of five games after multiple players and staff members tested positive for the virus. three games to be played
2:52 am
yesterday. tonight's magic/raptors game and tomorrow's game between the nets and wizards postponed. kevin durant, trey young are in the health and safety protocols. the nfl's answer to the latest outbreak is to test for covid less. the league sending a memo to teams over the weekend saying vaccinated players, coaches and staff will only be tested if they are symptomatic. the nfl says they're going to be monitoring symptoms more closely and will randomly test vaccinated individuals. previously they were tested once a week. because of postponements, two nfl games tonight and another two games tomorrow night to wrap up week 15. the saints didn't have head coach sean peyton on the sidelines due to a positive test. new orleans did have their defense. tom brady struggling in this one. he was sacked four times. turned the ball over twice. brady was shut out for the first time in 15 years.
2:53 am
he had gone 25 straight starts without being shut out. the saints win a touchdownless game. that one 9-0. packers and the ravens playing a thriller. aaron rodgers throwing three touchdown passes. ty baltimore going for two. tyler huntly's pass incomplete. the second time in three weeks the ravens have lost going for the win. packers clinch the nfc north. they become the first team to lock up a spot in the playoffs. finally, tiger woods making a remarkable return to golf this weekend ten months av nearly losing his leg in a car accident. tiger and his son charlie blazing their way to a second place finish at the png championship. they birdied 11 consecutive
2:54 am
holes. afterwards tiger said he was thrilled to be back on the course. >> the competitive juices are never going to go away. this is my environment. this is what i've done my entire life. i'm just so thankful to be able to have this opportunity to do it again. to push as hard as we have the last seven months with taking no days off and working our butts off each and every day and to have this opportunity to be able to play with my son, to have these memories for us, both of us, for our lifetime is worth all the pain. >> when we see tiger again, guys, it's still unknown. he says he's long ways away from playing in a big-time tournament. i was there watching him. he looked great when he was swinging that club and this certainly was a great start to that comeback. >> let's talk about his cute kid. he's a good little golf player, isn't he? >> charlie. so impressive. how many eyes were on him in this to your amount. he was hitting shot after shot. one point on saturday it was
2:55 am
hilarious. tiger missed the green from the fairway and charlie kind of went, oh, come on, dad. and then charlie hit the green and made a birdie putt. it was pretty awesome. >> so composed. love it. >> andy scholes, nice to see you, andy. thanks for joining us, have a great rest of your monday. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is how we shine. ♪ find the perfect gift at zales. the diamond store. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful.
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