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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  December 26, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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infections spreading quickly, rising rapidly. >> omicron variant fueling a new surge in coronavirus cases. >> we're particularly worried about those who are in that unvaccinated class, those are the most vulnerable ones. >> mask cancellations in the skies as major u.s. airlines ground hundreds of flights because of the covid surge. >> there is a lot about this moment that is frustrating, but we have the power today to have impact on tomorrow. >> remembering arch bishop
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desmond tutu. >> we either are going to survive together or going to be end together. >> a towering figure in the fight for human rights. i'm amira walker, pamela brown has the evening off, you are live in the cnn news room. millions around the country spending this christmas week end with friends and family, but, you know, the coronavirus is not taking a holiday, in fact we're seeing new covid cases racing toward record highs now, daily infections now surpass the summer surge sparked by the delta variant and hospitalizations are trending up as well. we are in the thick of the holiday season, and vaccinated or not, triple a estimates more than 109 million people will
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travel between christmas and new years day. and that increased movement sparking a lot of concerns about this highly transmissible variant. americans are lining up for hours at testing sites, at cities across the nation, something dr. anthony fauci believes is critical right now. >> we should be using testing much more extensively than we have. even in a situation where you have people who are vaccinated or boosted. we obviously got to do better. i mean, i think things will improve greatly as we get into january, but that doesn't help us today and tomorrow. >> as important as testing is right now, the number one tool, according to healthcare experts like dr. fauci is vaccinations and boosters. cnn's nadia romero joining me now from one of the busiest airports in the world, atlanta's
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heartsford jackson international. today marks high on cancellations, tell us what's happening there. >> reporter: yeah, amara, would have been a happy holiday for so many people, unfortunately a lot of stressful moments for people here finding out their flight has been canceled so let's look at the numbers. more than 12,000 flights canceled today alone and it all comes together, right, you have sunday, people more likely to travel on sunday the day after christmas, and you have the omicron variant that are, is impacting these flights being canceled and delayed, all happening today, across the weekend, friday, saturday, sunday, looking a the more than 3,000 flights canceled, with so many people expecting to spend that time with loved ones because they haven't been able to. last christmas, 2020, the vaccine wasn't out,, was just o
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people feeling unsafe traveling. i spoke to someone seeing her grand son for the first time, not able to travel for the pan dem demic, people checking airlines making sure their flight wasn't canceled or delayed just to see their family. >> reporter: your nephew only 2 years old so only known covid-19, what was it like being able to spend it in person. >> it was great, he was born before the pandemic and i haven't seen him since so sad i missed so much, and hopefully won't have to again. >> this is my inlaws first time i seen them in two years so yeah, it's been a while, saw my mom over thanksgiving, first time in two years. >> reporter: yeah, so it's been big for a lot of people finally seeing family. a lot can happen in two years as we all know, but because of the cancellations we're seeing, thousands globally, we also saw
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the tsa telling us they screened fewer passengers which you might expect as well. nadia, thank yo so much for that. carnival cruise ship back in miami port today on scheduled return despite a number of people testing positive for coronavirus during that eight-day voyage, it's unclear how many exactly tested positive after the ship left florida last saturday. a carnival spokesperson tells cnn all passengers were fully vaccinated and tested before the trip began. the ship was denied entry to two ports, at two caribbean islands but made stops in kirasou and the dominican republic before docking today. some passengers have positive things to say about the trip while others say the company wasn't very transparent about what was going on. >> the only reason why we found out that people on the ship had
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covid is because the first destination we were told to go to, it took, we sat there for a couple of hours and then we found out they wouldn't let us on the destination because of so many people on the ship having covid and just let everybody go about their business. >> well cnn asked carnival for a response but the company did not directly address that passenger's specific claim. all right, more now, with infectious disease professor dr. william shafner from vanderbilt university, doctor, welcome, thanks so much for joining me. obviously, christmas is now behind us but, you know, if we've been with family, gathered with friends, should we be testing before considering, you know, any plans especially for new years? >> well, sure, amara. i think that is a very good idea. we are at a critical jurngz.
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we junction. we have all these people moving about, sharing the holidays and looking forward to the new year, but at the same time an extraordinarily contagious virus, omicron, spreading throughout the country, and with all the travel delays, people at airports for longer periods of time provide even more opportunities for this virus to spread. so if i had a suggestion, it would be, if you've had contact before you want to get into other groups, get yourself tested. goodness sakes, if you haven't been vaccinated, please, do that, and that extends to children five and older. we haven't protected most of the children in this country either, and if you're eligible for a booster, by all means, get that booster. >> you talk about this omicron variant being extraordinarily contagious. so let me ask you then about these large new years eve
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gatherings. as you know, new york city scaled back the crowd size, also requiring masks even though it's outdoors requiring proof of vaccination. is that still low risk and what do you think of the new years eve celebrations where there are large numbers of people gathering? >> first of all, amara, being outside is much lower risk, fortunately, and new york is doing it the right way, reducing the concentration of people and obliging everyone who comes to be vaccinated or tested. that seems like a very good idea, it seems to be a very low risk event. but most new years eve gatherings, of course, will be indoors. they'll be at a local level, a neighborhood, or a family bringing in extended family members and friends. they ought to try to get a test the day of the, of new years, so they can all gather safely. >> you know, my husband and i -- yeah, for new years eve -- my
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husband and i were having this conversation over lunch this afternoon whether or not we should be taking out our n-95 masks. we did. i know some called cloth masks little more than face decorations and there's no place for them in the light of omicron. do you agree, do we need n-95s and if not should we be double masking? >> double masking isn't a bad idea, but i would like to get all the people who don't wear mask to see wear them and of course the folks who wear them this way, got to wear them to wear the mask above the nose. the n-95s are more secure, are a stronger mask, you got to wear them well so that they fit tightly around the cheeks and the chin. the work of breathing is harder, as you and your husband know, when you do that, but that means the mask is working because you are only breathing through the mask itself which is acting as a
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filter. >> yeah it drives me crazy at an airplane or grocery store and see people with their masks hanging down off their nose i'm like that is not the correct way, you have to play mask police. let me ask you about, you know, a fourth vaccine dose because you have places like israel and germany now moving towards rolling out the fourth vaccines. you know, what does the, i know it's still a little too early, but do we know about how long these boosters are effective or efficacious? >> well, amara, we don't know that exactly yet, so let's give this sometime. i know israel and other places are thinking about, at least for healthcare workers, are using fourth doses, but we need to see much more data before we implement them. in the meantime, we have all the folks who need their third doses, and remind the folks who need their first. >> absolutely, and i do want to
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get to at least one of our viewer questions and this one's asked are we still relying on vaccination herd immunity to bring this pandemic to an end, dr. shafner? >> herd immunity with such a contagious variant would have to be very, very high. we're just trying to cope at the moment. we would like to get as many people vaccinated as possible. i can that would create herd immunity, but we have to get way over 90% of people compliant in order to have that done. >> yeah, we're only at about 61% fully vaccinated right now. thank you so much dr. william schaffner, we will leave it there. >> thank you. well, joe said no but democrats have another idea to keep build back better alive and maybe getting senator manchin back on board. congresswoman maxine waters on with me next, to see if she can get behind this idea. also, new lines for testing, but what about new years eve in
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places like miami beach? we'll talk to the mayor if those celebrations should be put on hold or scaled down. and we are just days away from the first anniversary of deadly insurrection on capitol hill, the justice department now releasing new video, showing one of the most violent confrontations between officers and the pro-trump rioters. the gm slash music studio. the daybed slash dog bed. the living room slash yoga shanti slash regional office slash classroom. and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs is a vacation home slash vacation home. find yours on the vrbo app. ♪
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build back better is officially on life support after west virginia's democratic senator joe manchin slammed the door on it last week. democrats now considering breaking it up into smaller stand-alone bill hope they get could attract senator manchin or even some republican support. congresswoman maxine waters joining me now, good evening to you congresswoman, thank you so much for joining me. let me get right to it, do you think this is the best way forward by breaking up the bill, do you think that will help get democratic hold-outs and possibly republicans on board? >> i'm not sure, but that shows our determination to do everything possible, to get build back better in some shape or form, without losing the
4:16 pm
essence of it. so in the negotiations, many ideas come up, many things are tried, and so the discussion about breaking it up into smaller packages is something that could be, you know, out there to be considered. and so, we're very, very, very determined, that we're going to do what we can to stimulate this economy, to get better childcare, parental leave, to deal with the climate, and to produce housing resources for the so many desperate people who are in need of just safe and secure housing. and so we're working very hard and we're doing everything that we can in the most honest and open and legitimate way that we can to get build back better. >> congresswoman, you say you're very determined, but realistically, how optimistic are you, you have majority leader chuck schumer and president biden sounding optimistic to move forward in
4:17 pm
january. do you share this optimism? >> well, i have to tell you, i am a very optimistic person. no matter what happens during the day, i go to bed at night and thinking i can do better the next day. we can do better the next day. we can never give up. optimism is extraordinarily important, as you are confronted with these kinds of difficulties. it gives you the spirit to keep going, and so yes, i'm always optimistic, and the democratic party is optimistic now. >> you say you don't want to lose the essence of the bill, as you know, senator manchin is concerned about the cost, and how that will worsen inflation. how do you think that the expenses from this, nearly $2 trillion bill will be offset, how do you address his concerns? >> as you know, when we started out with this legislation, the president started out and made sure that it was paid for.
4:18 pm
how do you pay for it? you close the loopholes in the tax laws. we have so many major corporations who don't pay their fair share. some don't pay any taxes at all. and so, when you are able to target where you are able to get the money, and you apply that to the programs that we have devised for build back better, it's all paid for, so that's not an issue with us. and even if it's an issue on the other side, we're still negotiating and helping to do everything that we can to show them how it makes good sense, to pay for it in the way that we're doing. we have people, average people, working everyday on average jobs who pay their taxes. they pay their fair share every year and so it's up to us to make sure that we do everything that we can do get the corporate community, the big businesses who know how, you know, to deal
4:19 pm
with getting taken advantage of our tax codes. we got to get them paying their fair share and that's how we pay for build back better. >> you know, i'm sure you and your colleagues in congress can walk and chew gum at the same time so while build back better is being worked on, what about voting rights? i spoke with ron brownstein yesterday, wrote this sobering piece in the atlantic warning of what he called the great divergence, between blue and red states with basic civil rights like voting and abortion being reversed in red states and pointed out that the house has already passed laws on these issues, but, you know, of course these measures are all stalled right now in the senate and writes this, quote, that stalemate is raising anxiety among more democrats who fear the party is sleepwalking through an escalating emergency. what do you say to that? is your party sleepwalking d
4:20 pm
through this? >> absolutely not, but i do think we can do a lot more to have people understand exactly what is happening with voting rights and to have people understand why it's so important for everyone to be able to participate in order to make sure that we have a strong democracy where people are at the table being able to address the concerns in our society and in this democracy, but in addition to that, there are a lot of people who don't know what is in the build back better bill. they don't know and understand how their families, and their communities, are going to benefit from build back better. we have many of our mothers who want to go back to work, but we need childcare. we have so many of our families, well, you have young people, young married couples who are taking care of their mothers and fathers and grandmothers and gr grandfathers who have covid, who have experienced it and it's
4:21 pm
lasting with some people and also, we have dementia that is growing in our society. and so we need to have parental care. we need to have childcare. we need to get the homeless off the streets. we need to make sure that we're working to deal with climate change. these are important issues that will serve everybody. everybody well. and so i'm very, very concerned that there are those who don't have the vision, but we got to do everything we can to leverage and try to convince them. we can't stop. we can't give up. >> all right, appreciate your time congresswoman maxine waters, best of luck to you all. >> you're welcome. thank you. well south florida is atop new years eve destination. how is miami beach preparing for the surge in visitors? while grappling with the surge in covid cases? >> we'll talk about this next with the miami beach mayor when we come back.
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in florida, christmas day brought a report of the largest single day increase of new covid cases since the pandemic began, with more than 32,000 people testing positive in florida just yesterday alone. it seems every new day brings a new record, right, florida's case numbers were up more than 330% in the past week. and, miami day county one of the hottest spots in the state, in 14 days, counted almost 64,000 new cases according to new york times data.
4:26 pm
joining me now is dan galber the mayor of miami beach, thank you for your time on this sunday. just curious how testing is going for you in miami beach. for those who want one u how l long are they waiting, and are they getting it? >> thank you for having me, happy holidays and marry christmas. we're doing all we can, really all we can do to give access to testing. we have our own testing centers open well into the night. tomorrow we start giving out test kits free of charge to folks who get them. so we're doing everything we can to get people tested and also trying to get everybody vaccinated because obviously, that's the best thing we can do and we have a group that goes to your business and will vaccinate you and have given money to our employees. i've given prizes to our local highschool for the kids who get vaccinated, but of course this is a self-inflicted problem because there's just too many
4:27 pm
people who feel like a vaccination is a political statement and that's really become a problem. >> you were mentioning mayor you're going to be giving out tests free of charge. how was your city able to get your hands on this test? how many and i guess, what's the response been so far? >> well we're just starting that tomorrow, but we have really robust testing sites in our city. and we've had them from the beginning. we have a testing and vaccination site across from city hall that, you know, takes hundreds or thousands of people, really, every few days. unfortunately, there's a huge number of people getting tests and a small line for vaccinations. which, of course, is the problem. i don't know how many we're giving out, i'm sure will start in the hundreds, county is county wide and we're doing everything we can to for the opportunity to get tested but we can tell this omicron is everywhere, not just, you know, something you're hearing about,
4:28 pm
almost every business i know people say someone in the family or workplace has gotten it so i'm convinced we're in the midmidst of a very substantial surge certainly here in south florida. >> speaking of the surge, i'm curious to know what your plans for new years eve, i lived in miami and miami beach for seven years and know that is a prime destination for a lot of people to celebrate new years and, you know, what is your advice to people who are coming to miami? i can't imagine that, you know, are you going to be able to scale down any events? what's it going to look like? >> well we're very limited as you know, the governor and legislature don't let us do a lot. we can't mandate masks. unfortunately, we can't mandate vaccines and private businesses aren't even allowed to mandate proof of vaccination. so we're sort of in the worst of all worlds. if you've gotten your booster, you know, i look at the hospital data every single day in my
4:29 pm
county and almost no one has gotten their booster is getting hospi hospitalized. very small number. some who are vaccinated getting hospitalized, 20% or so are people who received the vaccination but may be people who got it a long time ago. if you got the boost, it's almost, you know, some days not a single person hospitalized is someone who got the boost. so we're urging people to be vaccinated. some, like, you know, harry styles concert the orange bowl was going to do, they canceled it so some folks making decisions on their own but most of the events on new years eve are private events, in private hotels or things like that and very little we can do other than urge people to get their booster shot and if you don't have your booster shot, you should consider what you want to do that evening because i think there are going to be crowds and throngs of people in a lot of places and i think that's
4:30 pm
something people should think about. >> yeah, local officials like you in a really extraordinary position because you have the governor who signed laws that does not allow local government to see require masks and also show proof of vaccination. my last question to you, i mean do you worry that because of omicron, reportedly, as far as we know causes less severe disease, are you concerned that people will take it less seriously? >> yeah, in a lot of our experts are saying that, you know, look, there's still hundreds of people getting hospitalized and you have to be pretty sick to be hospitalized. that's not something that's minor. and i don't think they know enough yet to see how severe the results are. so if you haven't gotten your booster shot or didn't, you got vaccinated a long time ago, you should be careful. and just, it just makes sense. i wish, in my state, we were allowed to do more. i wish we could mandate vaccinations. certainly, in some areas, like my community, where you have so
4:31 pm
many people coming from other communities where they're going to go back to, but i think we're going to do the best we can and hope for the best, but it's a tough situation. >> yeah, you also have a huge older population with a lot of retiries so yeah, very vulnerable population as well. dan gelber appreciate your time, thanks so much, happy holidays and happy new year. >> you too, amara, thank you very much. >> thank you. this last week of the year brings a new push to contain the rapidly spreading omicron variant, forcing government leaders to scramble to try to stop the spread which will potentially impact new years eve plans as we've been discussing. cnn's international correspondents, take a look now at how omicron is prompting new restrictions. >> i'm tom mcclain in london, while many countries are piling on restrictions in response to omicron variant, uk is reacting to record-high case counts with
4:32 pm
a shrug, some new effects in scotland and whales today but n england where estimates show one in 35 have the virus with one in 20 estimated to be infected in london. uk has not seen spike in hospitalizations or deaths likely thanks to omicron causing less severe illness and lightning fast roll-out of the booster shot with over half of the eligible population having now had it. >> in hong kong, there are growing questions now about the viability of china's zero covid strategy as the nation takes increasingly extreme measures to stomp out relatively small clusters of covid-19 infection. in the chinese city of xi an, 13,000 people, in a level two lock down, the city considered a controlled area meaning schools and public transportation are closed, all but essential services are stopped. that means in every household
4:33 pm
just one designated person can go out for groceries once every two days, otherwise, unless medical emergency, you have to stay inside. all of this infecting 13 million people with just over 200 confirmed cases. state media saying 30,000 of close contacts in quarantine now. china just weeks away from the beijing 2022 winter olympics and trying to keep covid spreading inside the country before the lunar new year travel rush. the world lost a giant today, civil rights leader archbishop desmond tutu died at the age of 90, the fight to end apartheid in south africa inspired the world. >> unfortunately, when you see, let by-gones be by-gones don't operate that way. either the past comes back to haunt you, what we are seeing is we need to look the beast in the
4:34 pm
eye, deal effectively with that past, and then we can close the door on the past and concentrate on the present and the future. >> president biden released a statement today saying, born to a school teacher and laundress into poverty and entrenched racial segregation, desmond tutu followed a spiritual calling to create a better, freer and more equal world. his legacy transcends borders and will echo throughout the ages. cnn's david mckenzie in south africa tonight. >> reporter: amara, here in south africa and across the world, they're mourning the loss of the great desmond tutu, archbishop a huge moral voice in this country, particularly in the dark days of apartheid, south africa's president paid attr t tribute to the man in national address calling him a global icon. >> desmond tutu was one of our
4:35 pm
nation's finest patriots. he was a man of unwavering courage, of principle, conviction, and whose life was spent in the service of others. he, in many ways, embodied the essence of our humanity. >> reporter: desmond tutu made his name during apartheid years particularly the 1980s where nelson mandela was in prison and many leadership of the now ruling amc was in exile, desmond tutu there not just using his word and see faith but also his actions, physically, going in the front of marches in very dangerous situations and always using his moral clarity to force for change and racial equality. now, after the end of apartheid, he was not silent. he often was strident in his
4:36 pm
criticism of the ruling anc and what he saw as the short falls of the government, and also was his role as the head of the truth and reconciliation commission here in south africa where he tried to build bridges and promote forgiveness for the very difficult past that south africa has. desmond tutu was often a thorn in the side of later rulers here in south africa and despite this, and perhaps because of his moral clarity, throughout the world, there have been tributes pouring in from leaders both current and former, including president joe biden and the first lady, who are lauding him as the icon he was. >> thanks so much for that, david in south africa. a year from the march of the january 6 insurrection, we see
4:37 pm
new video of the attack, so where does the investigation go in the new year? john dean is here with his predictions, next. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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recently resleased surveillance video shows another harrowing angle of the january 6 riot, three-hour stand off between rioters and capitol police in a tunnel. here you see rioters attempting to climb over police, punching them, grabbing at them and launching a metal pole into the barricade of officers. despite their efforts, the rioters never managed to breach past police at this location, but this is where capitol police had to retreat to, because of this out-of-control group. i want to bring in john dean, former white house counsel to richard nixon. you know, i have to say, john, i've seen this video so many times and each time i have to remind myself that this is
4:41 pm
america, not another country. you saw democracy threatened during watergate. what do you see when you see this video? >> i see something far worse than watergate. in the end, richard nixon actually played by the rules. he did some very antidemocrat things to get elected, he cheated to win, he abused his power in office, but in the end, he seemed to have had a conscience and resigned when in trouble and was incredible he would be impeached. i don't see that behind the january 6 drive behind it or what resulted and erupted. we are on a straight path right now towards authoritarianism or authoritarian rule. the republican party has embraced it. i've written extensively about it. it's an ugly way for our
4:42 pm
democracy to die but that's what's in the scope right now. >> republicans continue to downplay the insurrection, right, and avoid cooperating with the investigation. we're days away from the anniversary. it came by so quickly, almost been a year, so do you think we are in danger of seeing something like this happen again? >> it could very easily happen again. what is probably more troubling is what's been happening in various states that are controlled by republicans where they're literally rigging the elections, gerrymandering the districts and not playing by the rules of democracy. this is all part of a pattern and it's kind of a sad situation. i kind of had to search my new york times today to find stories on it. didn't really get there until i got into the op-ed section, some brief ones, but, you know, it's
4:43 pm
not something featured in the news. i must say cable and cnn are doing a much better job than the print media. >> let me ask you this then if it's not printed enough in the news, i had a conversation last week with ron cipcowski, former marine, defense attorney, this is a man who has been monitoring the extremist right wing elements before the january 6 election, had been republican and wanted to see what the voices were saying trying to take over what used to be his party and saying what he is seeing now, you have these extremist voices like a steve bannon and alex jones who are currently mobilizing these extremists to take on local governments, to get them in positions of power. when you hear this, i mean this is frightening. is this a wake-up call to all of us americans who want to protect our country? >> the fellow you talked to has
4:44 pm
been very active online and putting a lot of information out he's been gathering, kind of combs the web and tweets it regularly so i'm very familiar with his lafrm and is, isignali what we should be paying attention to, but yes, i think the media should pay attention to this. democracy is being tested as it has never been tested, far beyond anything that happened in water gate. with nixon resigning, actually, when nixon agreed to honor the supreme court ruling that he had to turn over his tapes, it was pretty clear he was going to cooperate and that would be the end of his presidency. trump and his followers take the gambit to do everything contrary to the norms, to break all the rules. they are now trying to stall as best they can through litigation, of turning over to the january 6 committee, so we don't learn how bad it really
4:45 pm
was, how it might have infected the white house and the presidency itself. so yes, we're being tested. the system is being tested but fortunately have good people in place to deal with it. >> trump also asking su, blocki supreme court to release those documents. john dean, thank you, we'll be right back. >> thank you. this is your home. this is your family room slash gym. the guest bedroom slash music studio. the daybed slash dog bed.
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from social media, to traditional media, 2021 was a year of change. cnn chief media correspondent ryan stelter shows youus the to0
4:49 pm
media stories of the year. >> 2021, the year the media and the world tried to get back to normal. the pandemic is now subject of scripted dramas and movies, helping us process it. but it's not over yet, and some things have changed forever. so here are our top 10 media stories of the year. number 10, deplatforming donald trump. twitter permanently banning the president just days after the capitol insurrection, while facebook gave him a time-out. >> breaking news this hour, facebook says former president donald trump will not be allowed back on its platforms until at least january 7th, 2023. >> while trump cries censorship, media ceos trying to figure
4:50 pm
where to draw the line. now, chris cuomo out of cnn after helping his brother fight sexual harassment allegations, now both out of jobs. with rachel mad dow renewing he contract but expanding into documentaries, nbc also needs to replace brian williams who signed off in december with a warning. >> for the first time in 62 years, by biggest warning is for my country. >> in fox, a different departure, lou dobbes ousted without explanation, after being named in defamation lawsuit. leaving fox on his own terms, leaving cnn for a streaming service. >> interview with prince about baby archie's skin color.
4:51 pm
she felt so alone she contemplated suicide. >> i didn't want to be alive anymore. >> fallout from the interview rippled across the media and when a co-anchor called off piers morgan, he stormed off the set of his british studio. >> you continue to trash her. >> i'm done with this. sorry. >> no, no, no. >> see you later. >> this is absolutely die-- diabolical behey your. >> hollywood giants trying to get bigger envesting more and more in streaming series to keep you subscribed. streaming is the focus of at&t's deal to spin off warner media including cnn and combine it with discovery. if okayed by regulators, the news company will take shape in mid 2022 going head-to-head with netflix and disney.
4:52 pm
shows like "squad game" and ted la lasso won attention and awards and studios kept experimenting by putting movies like "black widow" in theaters. scarlett johansson shocked hollywood by suing showing the rules are being rewritten every day. number six, daring reporting from afghanistan. as the taliban encroached on kabul and the u.s. withdrawal turned ychaotic, reporters becae the eyes and ears of the world. >> they told me to stand to the side because i'm a woman. >> charissa ward documented and earned praise from fellow journalists. wards and hundreds of others worked to evacuate endangered reporters, assistants, drivers and afghans that worked with western media. the local reporters that remain there face a hostile climate which brings me to number five,
4:53 pm
the continuing crackdown on global press freedom. in hong kong a raid arresting top editors. a month before that this incident shocked the world. a belarus journalist arrested after his commercial flight was forced down in essentially a state sponsored hijacking. >> have we seen anything like this before? >> no is the short answer. >> countries around the world are rolling back the rights of reporters and sometimes brazen ways. the committee to protect journalists says a record high number of reporters are behind bars now with china being the worst jailer. number four, the woke wars. it's an awackening but over reaction to others. cancel culture or consequence culture and whatever it's called, has it gone too far. >> it will eventually get to straight white men are not allowed to talk. >> this is called a purge.
4:54 pm
it's a mentality that belongs in russia. >> cancelling dr. seuss isn't stupid, it's intentional. >> of course, dr. seuss wasn't cancelled. his legacy company decided to stop publishing a fewracist imae speech is real and alternatives for people that want to by pass newspapers and gate keepers. writers are flocking and launching newsletters, a model that brings fresh debate over free speech. number three, january e6th denial. the big lie about trump winning the election led to the big deny, desperate attempts to erase the violent reality of the riot. >> you see people walking around and taking pictures. they don't look like terrorists but tourists. >> that's fox' highest rated star trying to rewrite history while right wing media barely covers the real news about the insurrection's aftermath or
4:55 pm
efforts to subvert democracy at the state level. what we're losing in america is a sense of shared reality but the big lie may cost its crusaders. >> breaking just a short time ago, fox facing a $1.6 billion lawsuit accused of spreading election lies. >> and that was just the beginning. two voting tech companies filed multiple defamation suits against fox news and other networks in a series of blockbuster books continue to reveal what really hatppened during trump's final days. number two, the facebook reckoning. a whistle blower was heard around the world. a series of "wall street journal" files based on leaks from inside facebook and the source, francis stepped forward. >> i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy. the company's leadership knows how to make facebook asand instagram safer but won't make the changes because they put as
4:56 pm
s -- profits before the people. >> the research showed the platforms can be toxic for children and society at large. but the company failed to take action. ceo mark zuckerberg pushed back saying many claims didn't make sense but gave momentum to governments that want to reign in social media. it was a through line for the entire year bringing us to the number one media story of 2021. the vaccine disinformation divide. reliable info about covid-19 vaccines helped people get vaxed and protected but anti-vax lies and distortions went viral from facebook to fox in ways that worsen the pandemic's terrible toll. the right wing media machine took conspiracy theories from the fringes and moved them to the main stream. >> radical left wing fanatics bent on forcing each and every american to get themselves injected with an experimental unproven drug. >> fox news demonized anthony
4:57 pm
fauci. >> he doesn't represent science but joseph manage la. >> and it cost lives. several right wing radio hosts that resisted vaccines died of covid. tv stars who claimed to respect their audience actually put them at risk. big tech said they tried to clean up the garbage but the vaccine divide is a sad reflection of a choose your own news culture. it's inckcumbent on everyone to choose carefully. brian stelter, cnn, new york. marley? first you will see the past. excuse me! coming through! ugh! and then...the present.
4:58 pm
and finally, ebenezer...the future! introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz.
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