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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  January 3, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hello, everyone, i'm alisyn camerota. happy new year and welcome to newsroom. >> i'm victor blackwell, good to be with you. flights are canceled, some schools are remote, government offices are closed. the u.s. is dealing with both this winter storm and what one expect calls a viral blizzard. more than 20 million americans
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are nr under winter weather alerts from the southeast to new england, it is the region's first major snowstorm of the season and the year. >> at the same time, the omicron variant has driven the seven-day average of new covid infections to a record-breaking 404,000 aday. and this is news that so many parents have been waiting for, the fda just authorized the pfizer booster for kids ages 12 to 15. and it shortened the time for how long to wait before getting a booster. cnn's alexandria field takes us through the latest developments. >> if you look at the upstrict, it is a vertical increase. >> amid a tsunami of new covid cases, the dale a average topped 400,000 for the first time. the fda making maimer moves to add layer protection for booster shots for kids age 12 to 15 shortening the initial dosage
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between the booster shot for everyone from six months to five. and authorizing a third dose of vaccine for some immunocompromised children between the ages of 5 and 11. all of that as the omicron surge brings with it a growing number of hospitalizations, but at a lower rate than we've seen during other surges. >> the one group that that may be a problem for is very young kids. toddlers who have trouble with uper airway infections. we're seeing rising hospitalizations. >> school districts across the country now struggling with how to bring students safely back to school. five metro atlanta schools going remote for the first week of the new year. while seattle and d.c. schools delayed their start days to allow time for more testing. but the largest district in the nation, new york city schools, is bringing students back to class. with a new mayor committing to in-person learning. >> we're notsending a message,
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we're staying hope. >> it is part of a shift toward finding ways to coexist with covid. crowds filling stadiums for hollywood bowl games and the nfl and nba easing restrictions on players last week after so many cancellations and delays. but there are still consequences of the high case count and it isn't business as usual. >> when i say major disruptions, you're certainly going to see stresses on the system. >> we already know that there are reports from fire departments, from police departments in different cities that their 10, 20, and 25 and sometimes 30% of the people are ill. >> new york city coping with a staffing shortage among first responders by instructing emergency medical services not to transport most stable patients with flu-like symptoms. the headaches for air travelers intensifying amid a me. of staffing shortages and winter weather causing cancellation of
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2100 flights today. >> those shortages are now even effecting covid treatments. the state of new hampshire was set to receive federal monoclonal antibody teams today. they're now being told the teams won't deploy before next week. the federal government citing the high demand for antibodies across the country, according to the state of new hampshire which said they requested the treatment a month ago. >> alexandria field, thank you so much. let's bring in dr. albert co and will leana wen. let me start with you and tick through a couple of these developments from the fda. boosters now approved for children 12 to 15. ome half of 12 to 15-year-olds according to the latest data are fully vaccinated so how does this change the landscape? >> well i don't think that the booster shot for 12 to 15 years
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old is going to do much. this is now how we're going to curb the huge cases among children and adults but that will give peace of mind for parents who teens who may be eager. there are teens with underlying medical conditions including asthma and obesity at increase risk, getting them the boost ser important but i certainly agree that the overall emphasis really still needs to be getting the unvaccinated vaccinated. as kids are coming back to school and i strongly believe that we should have in-person instruction, we need to use every tool in our tool box to protect our children and they have the ability with vaccinations. they should not delay. >> dr. ko, i wan to ask you about something that alexandria field just touched on that in piece and that is the culture changing around covid. i was just in new orleans for new year's eve, there were throngs and throngs of people on the street as there often are in new orleans. there were trongs of people
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going to the sugar bowl game and few masks however every restaurant required proof of vaccination. so are you seeing any kind of shift in the paradigm where fully vaccinated people are learning to live with it or trying to get back to normal now? >> so, thank you very much for that question. i think really we have to go back to what are the ground principles. the most important thing that we could do during the pandemic is save live and prevent our hospitalizations from overflowing from you must certainly vaccination are important. covid is still a pandemic among the unvaccinated. so we have to get primary vaccination included as well as boosters. but we have to implement the nonpharmaceutical interventions, the basic face mask and social distancing so we're not getting
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into a horrible surge in the month of january. >> doctor, let me stay with you on what we've heard from dr. fauci. there could be some clarification coming as it relates to the five-day weindow that people could leave quarentine. he said the testing could be added to that. what does a test tell me, say a person tests positive for covid, does that mean they are still able to transmit it, is the viral load necessarily high enough to pass it on to someone? >> yes, i think it is important to differentiate there are two different types of test. there are a pcr test isolation is going to be the rapid antigen test. that is much more specific, for determining if someone is more infectious rather than being infected. and in that situation, i'm certainly of the opinion that we
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need a test out option to get people out of isolation rather than the one rule for all five days, staying in isolation and then come out regardless of your testing result. >> and that at home rapid antigen test, that is the at home test people are taking. >> right. it could be done in pharmacies or clinics but also done at home with the at-home tests. >> dr. wen, i want to ask you this because you are the mom of two little kids and i don't know if you heard what dr. scott gottlieb said over the weekend, former fda commissioner, but that omicron appears to be more mild, a more mild variant for adults but possibly more problematic for little kids because it might be an uper respiratory virus. so do you agree and can you explain that? >> well, based on the data that we have, what we understand is that omicron is appearing to be
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quite a bit less mild than previous variants, certainly than the delta variant. when it comes to adults. and the reason seems to be that there is less virus that is going into the lungs. and covid pneumonia was the major reason why people were getting so severely ill. so this is good news. what is unclear is the degree to which this effects younger children because of the anatomy of younger kids and we're talking in this case about one and 2 y-year-olds in particular their more susceptible to upper airway disease. if you have a virus in the upper airways, could it cause more severe disease in these children? that remains to be seen. but what we're seeing across the country and that we do know for a fact is that when we have a lot of infection as mong adults, we're also going to see and we are seeing a lot of infections among children and some substantial proportion of them are going to need to be hospitalized and so this is a really dangerous time when it comes to our children, the best way to protect them remains getting everybody around them
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including older kids who are now eligible to be vaccinated, getting them vaccinated, that is the whole idea of herd immune i ity, to protect the most vulnerable among us. which includes kids. >> thank you both for all of th of today's severe weather. and the faa has issued a ground stop for reagan nation and bwi airports. so tom sadir is tracking this storm. what cities are seeing that will get the most snow? >> it is quite an arare of totals. the first snow of the season, we have 9 1/2 in atlantic city, it is snowing on the beaches and major coastal flooding in sea isle city, in north carolina. and we've had tornado to the south. it is a old air is moving throug
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the florida keys. look at the totals. maryland, almost at a foot of snow over that in virginia and washington, d.c. 8 1 and 6 1/2 at reagan national therefore more of the flight delays. in boone, north carolina, we have thunder snow. it is snowing at three inches an hour in some cases. warnings are starting to dwindle but it is still right at the heart of the mid-atlanc including washington, d.c. up through new jersey. good news is most of the heavy snow seems to be straying to the south and east of new york city, but it is coming down still in north carolina down around areas of raleigh, up to the north it will continue to snow and even though this is fast-moving, we're going to see an additional two to four inches as this system moves out. now we do have a if you tornados to the south, a tornado watch in effect for the outer banks, bu problems. a lot are pretty shocked that the temperatures have been so
11:12 am
warm after so many records that have been broken that after that first initial snowfalls, it cools the ground so snow is sticking around. the power outages are really heavier around charlottesville, this is where you have the heavier snow on the trees. but look at the temperature difference. it is 35 degrees drop down in tallahassee. freeport, fl the morning it is in the 20s and snowing. that cold air will be with us for a while, through the entire week and again that cold air goes down through florida. so just hang in there and by the end of the week, things hopefully will get better. but first snow of the year for some is coming with quite a punch. >> it looks like it is. tom sater, thank you so much. lawmakers investigating the january 6 insurrection say they have firsthand testimony about what former president trump was doing while his supporters were doing this, storming the u.s. capitol, what could mean for possible criminal charges next. general has subpoenaed ivanka
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lawmakers investigating the capitol insurrection appears to have broken former president trump's wall of objection. the january 6 committee has information from multiple people with firsthand knowledge about what trump was doing as the attack unfolded. and that includes keith kellogg, national security adviser for then vice president pence who was with trump in the white house as the riot was happening and is reportedly a key witness. >> here is liz cheney with more on what that committee is
11:18 am
learning. >> the committee has firsthand testimony now that he was sitting in the dining room next to the oval office watching the attack on television. as the assault on the capitol occurred. members of his staff were pleading with him to go on television, to tell people to stop, we know leader mccarthy was pleading with him to do that. we know members of his family, his daughter, we have firsthand testimony that his daughter ivanka went in at least twice to ask him please to stop this violence. >> lonet's bring in gloria borg and ronaldo imoti. for all of the people that are obstructing and suing to keep testimony and documents from the committee, that are members of this inner circle that are talking and that wall is not holding up. >> everything is unraveling for those people because for every
11:19 am
email or text, they refused to share, there is someone who texted them or there is someone they shared some information with and so what the committee is doing is kind of what reporters do. which is trying to sort of get the full picture from as many primary sources as they possibly can. people who were eyewitnesses to what trump was doing in that dining room as liz cheney was talking about. who went in and out, ivanka trump going in and out a couple of times saying you have to stop this. and what donald trump may or may not have been saying to people who were coming in and out of that dining room or the oval office. so they're trying to get this full picture and so for every person who is refusing to cooperate, and those are the bright shiny objects, there may be multiple people who are saying, you know what, i'm going to cooperate. because what happened was a --
11:20 am
was appalling. >> and if they do have evidence, as liz cheney said, of president trump's dereliction of duty as roughly 140 police officers were being beaten, some of them within an inch of their life, we would remember the horrible image of officer hodges being crushed in that turnstile. that is just one example. there are more than a hundred officers while they claim that president trump was standing by, you know, doing nothing for hours, is that criminal, would that warrant criminal charges? >> i think it certainly is enough to prove a dereliction of duty beyond a reasonable doubt. but of course that is not what the relevant criminal charge would be. and so my focus coming from a criminal law perspective would be on what his action was. not his inaction. because his inaction, i don't think anyone could argue with that. but the question is what exactly was he doing. and i know in that same interview liz cheney talked about how trump was on the phone with senators, trying to urge them to delay the vote.
11:21 am
how will he by interested there i was investigating this matter, is to what exactly he was trying to ivanka during those conversations, and what trump knew in advance about the attacks. i think they would have to show is that trump not only knew this attack was going on and did nothing in the face of the attack, but that he actually took an active step to aid the scheme in some way. and that would involve taking a look at his words and actions and really learning from the sort of people you were just talking about, is exactly what he knew and what his intent was. >> and gloria, you reconcile what we're learning from the vice chair cheney and that gem about firsthand knowledge about ivanka walking in at least twice to get her father to do something, juxtapose that to 72% of republicans believe the president little to no role or bears little to no responsibility for the january 6 attack. it was clear to ivanka
11:22 am
trump that day who had con some control and it was clear to don jr., and mark meadows text who had some control that day. >> here is the question. whether or not you believe that donald trump provoked the attack, and most of his loyal supporters would say of course he didn't provoke the attack. but the committee is talking about now is what did he do, if anything, to stop the attack on democracy, to stop the attack on the capitol, once he saw the violence that was being perpetrated. i think they would like to prove to the american public that not only did he provoke it and participate in it, and maybe they'll use the money chain to do that, but also that when, as president of the united states, he saw the u.s. capitol under attack, he did nothing and in fact perhaps he was even applauding it because he saw it as people supporting his point of view, that the election was stolen.
11:23 am
so, why did it take 187 minutes, why was his daughter unable to have him go out immediately or quickly and say you've got to stop this? we don't know the answers to those questions because we don't know yet when ivanka say went in there and what he said to her. we don't know that yet. >> yeah, i mean and let's not forget as we're pointing out, the fox hosts knew that day and were trying to get ahold of the president as you say, his children knew, that day people knew what they saw with their own eyes and what was happening. and so i just circle back, ronaldo, i understand your distinguishing between an action and inaction, but isn't failing to render aid in the midst of a grievous attack, isn't that a crime? >> usually not. it could be in a certain circumstance where you have a specific duty to do so and that is part of a scheme. for example, if we're all
11:24 am
robbing a bank and the guard is in on it and just stands there and watches us rob the bank, if he was in on the scheme, that would be a crime. but if trump was just eating popcorn and laughing while this was going on, and really he had no idea it was going to happen in advance, i think that is a very difficult case to prove. i mean i certainly think that there could be -- i'm sure you could come up with some arguments but it is easier to come up with an argument that we could debate on tv rather than something that a jury would convict on based on in terms of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. i think we're on to something -- >> ronaldo, let me ask you about the news from the new york a.g. office, subpoenaing ivanka trump and don jr. as part of the investigation into the trump administration business practices. we know that former president trump said that they will fight this. what is the first significance of if they cooperate, we have some hint they will not, but do
11:25 am
they have any greater protections than the former president does? >> well, they don't have greater protection. i would say what they probably are going to try to do is say there is a criminal case ongoing. and essential say they shouldn't be forced to make a decision rega regarding whether to take the fifth when there is an a criminal investigation. i think there that's what is going to happen because the d.a. is investigating them for criminal charges related to the same conduct. they're going to try to dance around taking the fifth. that would have -- aside from the p.r. battle, that would have an impact on the civil case if they took the fifth. but i think that is likely how that is going to play out for them. >> all right. ronaldo, and gloria, thank you both. >> thank you. we are breaking news. in the criminal fraud trial of the former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. the jury just sent a note
11:26 am
saying, quote, we are unable to come to a unanimous verdict on three of the counts. holmes faces 11 counts including nine for wire fraud and to counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. >> now the jury has not indicated which of counts they've been unable to reach a unanimous verdict on. the judge and prosecutors and defense attorneys are still in the courtroom discussing how to respond to that note. >> yes, and we understand the judge has just told the jury to continue deliberating. >> that just came in. >> all right. >> new york city new mayor eric adams is vowing to keep schools open. his plan to keep kids safe as omicron cases surge. and what parents and teachers across the country need to know. we have that for you next. strypaper? luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue! from the very first touch,
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millions of students across country are back in the classroom today after the christmas break. large school districts in new york, philadelphia, and chicago are reopening doors for in-person learning saying that the benefits outweigh the risks. but it chicago, the teachers union is pushing back, they plan to vote on whether to move to remote learning as cases rise. setting up the possibility of a walkout. >> according to data collected by a tracking company, more than
11:32 am
2,000 schools will be closed as omicron surged. athena joins us and gabe cohen is in washington, d.c. let's start with you. d.c., students there need to submit a negative covid test to go back to the classroom. but the snowfall, the difficulty to get to a place to get a test, that will cause some delays? >> victor, that is right. and because of the storm, d.c. is pushing everything back aday. but students will still need that negative test. now they'll have to have it uploaded to a district website by wednesday at 4:00 p.m. and if they don't hit that deadline, they'll most likely be turned away if they try to come into school thursday morning. now, d.c. has been hit particularly hard by this surge. but this district is just one of so many that are really grappling with this right now. the cdc is urging schools to stay open and to use tests to do it safely but some health experts are urging schools to
11:33 am
consider moving to virtual learning. some of them are already choosing to do that. and the u.s. education secretary is warning that there are most likely going to be some bumps in the road as the schools reopen. there will probably be staffing shortages as well as schools across country because of this virus. now the cdc is offering guidance to parents which could be useful in the coming days. one of the keys they say is that if a child shows any symptoms, any signs that they're sick, even if you think it is the flu or it might be a cold, the cdc is urging parents keep your kid out of class, and out of activities until you can get them tested. we asked some health experts about that. here is what they told us. >> if you test negative, i would test again in the next day. >> you think still hold them out of a school for a day and get them tested again. >> i would. especially if they have a sore throat. >> what if they can't get a test. >> the safest thing is probably to either isolate or quarantine in the hope --
11:34 am
>> now if a kid does test positive, the cdc new isolation guidance this shortened the amount of time to ten days to five days, it does apply to kids as well. but schools may have their own policies and procedures when it comes to kids coming back into the classroom after a positive test. so much of the guidance here is still local and so experts are urging parents, if you have a case, or if you have questions, call your kids' pediatrician and call their school. >> it is good guidance for everyone, if you have a runny nose or a sore throat, stay home. athena, the new mayor of new york city, he seems adamant that he wants to keep schools open. so what is the plan? >> hi, alisyn, that is right. they talked about the importance of children being in school, keeping schools open because he argues that it is the safest place for children to be. he repeated that this morning to an elementary school in the bronx. here is what he had to say.
11:35 am
>> i know there are questions about staff and i know there are questions about testing and there is a lot of questions. but we're going to turn those question marks into a exclamation point, we're staying open. we're going to make sure our children are in safe spaces. >> and so the commitment is there to keep the schools open. so there is a plan in place which you just heard. on the the testing front, 1.5 million tests were delivered to every single school across the city over the weekend, in the last few gaves to prepare them to be able to test. and according to the school chancellor david banks, if there is a case in school, they'll test every close contact of that case, isolate the positive cases and then keep the rest of the young people in school safely learning. so that is test to stay. when it comes to staffing, there is a covid incident command center that is meant to give the city realtime updates to address the staffing issues so they have a pool of substitute teachers
11:36 am
standing by and what they call para professionals. the mayor said there are people that work for the schools who may be a superintendent or an administrator, they may be someone who has a teaching license. those with the kind of people that they are bringing in should there be serious staffing shortages which is one thing that one of the union leaders said this morning they predict maybe even 20% or 30% of an absently rate and as that climbs union officials are concerned there is no way to avoid some schools closing. but it is a big challenge. >> athena jones, gabe cohen, thank you. house democrats are preparing for the future leadership in their party in congress. who will lead in a post-pelosi era. we have new reporting, next. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. for people who could use a lift
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the washington post is reporting that after years as the house democratic leader, speaker nancy pelosi is expected to step down at the close of this congress. >> so, who will take her place in well, "the washington post" story suggests that new york congressman hakeem jeffries is the favorite to replace her. but said pelosi's departure will likely set off an intense scramble saying, quote, the maneuvers for power has just begun and fights over who else should be on leadership team
11:42 am
could pit the factions of the caucus against each other. so let's bring in lola sotomayor who wrote this story on pelosi. great to have you here. you got a quote from congressman ro khanna that i want to read. he said, quote, i think we want leadership that bridges some of the different wings of the party that is committed to listening to all of the perspectives, that will be capable of helping move the senate or things that have stalled in the house, and has a bold vision of what we need to achieve for the american public but whoever it is, i hope they would adopt progressive position and also listen to the broad caucus and build consensus. who is this myth logical creature of which he speaks? >> well, there are a lot of members who are asking that same question. you know, they don't -- they aren't looking for pelosi to leave. many members want her to stay. this is if and when she decides to go, which many people think
11:43 am
could be at the end of this congressional term, just based on previous promises she had made. but you know, a lot of members really trying to figure out who would be able to do what she notoriously does best, which is unite the caucus. and even though we have seen during the infrastructure and build backet process last year on capitol hill, where a lot of those divisions especially between moderates and progressives on the house side were on full display, many members still give pelosi credit for at the end of the day delivering and passing both of the bills in a way to keep all of the factions within her caucus together. they don't know if future leaders as much as they desperately do want a new generation could do that. but some members say, that could be a benefit in some ways, that there isn't just one person who could do it. if thinking, it lends itself to more of a team, a team role, not just between this newer generation of leaders but also
11:44 am
having more member to member discussions which many members actually realize they were able to do during that build back better process. they themselves feeling because they were able, both progressives and moderates able to hash things out and statements and they were able to really also provide a path forward to make sure that biden agenda was saved over on the house side. >> you point out that it is not justified over the ideology of the next leadership team but the leadership style. but you talked about the promise that speaker pelosi made at start of i guess 2019. you know what they say about promises. made to be broken. but the potential that even in the minority, if democrats go that direction, the election next year -- this year goes that direction, that she will go or she will stay. >> right. exactly. right now we don't have a concrete answer in terms of whether she goes or leaves. so those closest to her tell me
11:45 am
that she has always looked at things like this by keeping her decisions close to vest and she doesn't make them public until the end of an election year. so we won't likely get a lot of clarity until many months from now. but even so, members still gearing up, starting some of them starting to make calls to try and test the waters, see where they could potentially fit in a new leadership run. >> okay, thank you for sharing your reporting. >> thanks for having me. >> well, first fire and then ice. how a winter storm is slowing the search for survivors after that devastating wildfire in colorado. stay with us for that. ash... and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs is a vacation home slash vacation home. find yours on the vrbo app. pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes.
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announcer: tired of pain radiating down your leg and lower back? get relief finally, with magnilife® leg and back pain relief. and get living. available at your local retailer. in colorado, the search continues for two people still missing after wildfires destroyed nearly a thousand homes in boulder county. >> a winter storm is now blanketing that area with snow. cnn's rosa flores joins us now from boulder county. rosa, of course this now complicates the search for those people who are missing. >> reporter: you know, you're absolutely right, and there's also a lot of pain and anguish here because of the nearly 1,000 structures, most of them homes, that have been completely destroyed, and you really have
11:51 am
to think about this as three separate weather events that caused a lot of grief here. first of all, the damaging winds. there were wind gusts on thursday of up to 100 miles an hour, and then after that, the wildfire that ravaged through some of these communities completely destroying complete neighborhoods. some of these people, tens of thousands, had to evacuate. some of them had moments to grab their belongings, put them in their car, and then drive through a hazy inferno to safety all while seeing fires on either side of the road and then they were blasted with 8 inches of snow. overall, about a thousand structures were destroyed. you can see some of the damage behind me. the big question, of course, is what caused all of this. now, the sheriff of boulder county says he doesn't know the cause of the fire, but he does know the origin of the fire. take a listen. >> so that's the point of origin of the fire is that intersection
11:52 am
of marshal road and highway 93 where the big wires are down, laying across there. that's a telecom wire. the fire originated somewhere in that neighborhood. >> alisyn and victor, we have to be careful. the sheriff is very clear. he says that neighborhood, that area, that's where the fire started. the cause of the fire has not been determined yet. >> all right. r rosa flores for us there in boulder county. thank you. now to this, antonio brown's dramatic departure in the middle of an nfl game appears to have sealed his fate. the coach says he's no longer a member of the tampa bay buccaneers. some people are calling for compassion. that's next. >> and there's a lot going on today. here's what else to watch.
11:53 am
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11:58 am
on tv across the country and in front of a stadium. full of stunned fans, coaches, and players. so just moments ago, his now former head coach talked more about this incident and delivered a new message to brown. cnn's andy scholes joins us now. what more do we know? >> it appears, guys, there was some sort of disagreement on the field about brown going back into the game. earlier today, head coach bruce arian said he wasn't aware of any injury that brown had, and brown did not voice that he was injured to him. according to multiple report, t koefg coaching staff asked brown to go back into the game. he refused. they told him to get out. that's when you saw brown take his jersey off, glove, shirts, and waved to the fans good-bye. it was tough how it all went down. >> i wish him well. i hope if he needs help, get some, and, yeah, it's very hard
11:59 am
because i do care about him. >> now, tom brady is the reason antonio brown signed with the buccaneers, and after yesterday's game, listen to brady. he sounds pretty concerned about his friend. >> i think everybody should find, you know, hope any do what they can to help him in ways that he really needs it, and, you know, we all love him. we care about him deeply. you know, we want to see him be at his best, and unfortunately he won't be with our team. i think the most important thing about football are the relationships with your friends and teammates, and they go beyond the field, and, you know, i think everyone should be very compassionate and empathetic toward, you know, some very difficult things that are happening. >> and brown did not fly back with the team. he's posted on instagram multiple times since the game. one of the posts saying thanks for the opportunity. brown, you know, it's ended badly, every team he has been
12:00 pm
on. whether that has been the steelers, the raiders, the patriots and now the bucks. a lot of people considered this his last chance, and after what transpired on sunday, it would be hard to believe another team would give him a chance. >> we have become more sophisticated about knowing mental health problems as well in sports figures. >> yeah, i mean, listen, mental health and mental illness, emotional challenges present in different ways, and we don't know yet why specifically he walked off the field, so i'm not of any expertise to say exactly why he did but leave some space for the possibility that this is an extension of the conversation we had about naomi osaka when she quit the french open, when simone biles decided she wouldn't move forward with the events at the summer olympics. we'll find out eventually, but leave space for that possibility as tom brady says he's going through some things. >> andy scholes, thank you. >> bye


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