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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  January 4, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> there is a sense of pride when you know you are helping your community. it's a beautiful feeling honestly. >> reporter: always on people's minds here of the sense of sadness that so many people don't get covid vaccines. >> in the icu admissions, 90% of the patients are unvaccinated patients. >> reporter: did you know in addition to the nurses and doctors that you have people from the national guard and military helping you out? >> oh yeah. they're so good. they are wonderful. >> reporter: how does it make you feel? >> very safe. >> reporter: among these people who have been so very sick, a feeling of american patriotism. >> the best i have feeling in the world. >> reporter: the national guard members are scheduled to be at this hospital for two weeks. it can be extended and likely there will be a need to extend it. i want to mention, anderson, spending the over night hours and watching these hospital
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workers and the guard members working together was inspiring. their team work is amazing. >> appreciate what they are doing. the news continues, i want to turn it over to don, "don lemon tonight." those are the real heroes. this is "don lemon tonight," the january 6th committee wants to talk to sean hannity. they are releasing more of his texts, that's right. his texts with mark meadows and others in the days before the attack at the united states of capitol by those blood thirsty trump supporters. and what the committee already has is stunning. we'll tell you about a text that they say indicated that the hannity had advance knowledge of
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the president's planning of january 6th. the quote is, look on the screen and follow alone. >> we can't lose the entire white house, i do not see january 6th happening the way he's being told after the 6th. he should announce we'll lead, meaning he'll lead, i imagine. the nationwide effort to reform voting integrity goes to florida and watch joe mess up daily. stay engaged when he speaks and people will listen. the committee goes onto say on january 6th the night before the violent riot, he received a stream of texts. i am worried of the next 48 hours. that's what he was saying in private. he's certainly was not reporting on that on the quote, fox news network that the white house and the president was plotting this and instead on tv with ted cruz, he's promoting a big exciting date. watch this.
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snap your fingers and hope that goes away. >> the then president and his acco accolades, sean hannity, told him not to. the community had a text to t
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the -- dguys, we have a clear path to land the plane in nine days. he can't mention the election again ever. i did not have a good call with him today and worse i am not sure what is left to do or say and i don't like not knowing if it's truly understood. ideas? hannity's attorney, jay sekulo. >> the president bares responsibility for wednesday's attack of congress. >> president trump is morally responsible for provoking the event of the day. >> all i can say is count me out, enough is enough.
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>> there you go. where are they now? >> the chairman committee wants to speak with mike pence. he tells cnn this. >> the vice president can't lead the capitol of the united states because of the riot. he was se quested in an area of the capitol. his life was endangered. our hope that he would do the right thing and come forward and volunteerly talk to the committee. >> johnson says the committee has not officially asked the former vice president to speak with them. he says everything is under consideration. let's remember mike pence had to run for his life on january 6th along with his family after rioters put up a gallow at the
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hospital and chanted "hang mike pence." tourists? patriots? all that because he refused to do the bitting of his boss and overturn our free and fair election. a spokesperson of mike pence's declines to comment tonight. we have dana bash and brian stelter. boy, do we have a lot to talk about tonight with all of you and your expertise is needed this evening. good evening. jamie, you are first, the committee releasing these texts in their requests for hannity's cooperations including texts from january 5th where he seems to be along of what's happening behind the scenes at the white house. what more are we learning tonight? >> whether or not sean hannity with cooperate are the
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committee. this is very bad news for donald trump. when he looks at these texts, jim jordan, there is a text exchange in one of them. this is betrayal. these are the people around him talking about him behind his back and talking about they're worried about his state of mind and what's happening. that you knows sean hannity is afraid and the white house council is going to walk away and quit. i think that you have to think about why donald trump cancelled his press conference for thursday. it seems to come right after this news came out. >> not to mention the sheer hypocrisy of oh, nothing is happening here on testimony vision and they are behind the
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scene -- what the hell is happening here? it seems to be the tone here. in one text, hannity says he does not think january 6th is going to happen the way trump is being told. hannity appears to know about conversations trump is having with his advisers of the certification of the election, how significant could that be to the committee? >> all of this is significant and we should also mention they just released a few texts. i am told there are dozens of texts and texas changes that goes back and forth. the strategy for the committee is look -- they want to see whether sean hannity will cooperate but they also want people to understand that the people closest to donald trump were worried about what was going to happen. didn't think it was going well. that other texts you read they wanted him to stop when it was over but they could not convince
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him to do it. they knew it was wrong. dana bash, benny thompson are saying they want to speak to mike pence. that would be incredible. can you imagine the fallout there? >> no, it's hard to imagine that the former vice president would actually go and speak to the committee members. this was very clear from benny thompson, the chairman's interview with our own ryan nobles that this is something they would like. they're not talking about s specifically subpoenaing him or they have not put in a formal request yet. that would be pretty unlikely for him to do that. remember mark schwartz, the chief of staff has agreed to talk to the committee. he was there with mike pence at the capitol that day and also
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the general council, the chief council is going to speak. there is going to be movement in pence's world and that's likely to happen either this month or next month and the question is going to be how does that go before or ever the former vice president that speaks to them for a lot of reasons. number one, precedent and number two, maybe this should be in reverse order, don. politics, he's already in deep trouble with the trump base because he upholds his constitutional oath. >> he's been backtracking and so as mark meadows and meadows going down to mar-a-lago kissing him. brian, let's talk about sean han hannity. he sent this text message to mark meadows and jim jordan. okay, so -- excuse me, not mark
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meadows. the senate minority. this is about mark meadows. i was referring to dana. jim jordan, we have a clear path to land the plane in nine days. he can't mention the election again ever. i did not have a good call with him today and worse i am not sure what is left to do and say and i don't like and not knowing if it's truly understood, ideas? okay, listen you know hannity had an opening line with trump. it's shocking to hear this from fox news host and of course both trump and hannity pedalled the big lie ever since. >> on january 10th and on the 11th and the 12th, what did hannity tell his viewers? did he inform his viewers about the president's mental health? no, he didn't do that. that's why it's damaging for hannity and his friends at fox.
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he's not commenting about this and he's pretending it does not exist. there is also the days after the riot. i wondered how was trump musmu the days after the riot? what happened after those days. >> here is hannity saying i had a bad call with him. why didn't you tell your viewers and why did you call the fox newsroom and say we got an emergency in our hand. these men aided and abetted the former president. they're like actors, don. they're all actors, you know? they go on the air and they pretend to be loyal and they pretend to support trump but they knew what was going on. and you have hannity in his own words saying it, we need to land the plane and we can land the plane. we need to make sure he does not talk about the election ever again. by the way, don, how pathetic
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does this make hannity looked? hannity thinks he has power and turns out he has no power at all. >> here is the thing, this is not here say or someone saying that hannity texted them. the committee has proof. hannity is not responding and not saying anything on his show. >> not on his show and we know there are texts from other fox news personality as well. this does speak to the role of the protrump media in providing cover and air support to trump in those pivotal days and i think you just got to wonder, what more do those folks know? do they have a chair? >> president trump is responding to these texts saying that he disagrees with hannity and again, more proofs that these texts are real. he needs to stop talking about
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the election and the facts are proving him right. do you think trump is worried about how all this makes him look especially to his base? >> um -- i think that ship sailed a long time ago. i really do. i think he believes that he can convince his base to believe anything that he wants. >> he's probably right. you see people saying it's made-up. go on. >> totally. to the point that brian was just making, he's helped in that regard by the people who have the biggest megaphone on conservative media like sean hannity saying things that amplifies the lie even though he knows and full well that we have his text messages to the white
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house's chief of staff about the president to prove it and that was what he was doing was wrong. it also just -- i want to say these are a few brush strokes in the larger painting that we know it was there in and around the president in these faithful critical days. that's almost to a person if you take rudy giuliani and the two or three other people of his ilk out of it. people were calling him and begging him cut it out. this is not good and never mind for the country but they were trying to appeal to him this is not good for you and your legacy. that was the tone of the hannity's text. that was happening realtime -- >> but they won't say it publicly. >> they won't say it publicly.
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kevin mccarthy went down and kiss his feet and spent the entire year to make it up to donald trump. if they tell the truth, they get in trouble. s >> they do. they try to ignore it. it's interesting to see these republicans who have been asked in the hallway or elsewhere the fact that donald trump was supposed to have a press conference on january 6th, pleading through the media please do not do this. people who try to ignore questions about trump chose to answer and said stay away, don't do this mr. former president. >> let's talk about that more. i am going to join this conversation after the other side of the break. how is the former president feels about top tv adviser texting behind his back. we'll talk about that in a moment. that's next. so when she moved in with us, a new kitchen became part of our financial plan. ♪ ♪
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on january 6th, coverage of potential to be moved of the 25th amendment and secretary deboss resigned next day. they want to know any effort behind scenes to remove trump. that could be explosive, right? >> there is nothing that's put in this letter by accident. that was mentioned further down. there was not a text associated with it but the words 25 amendment were repeated. my understanding is that there is, we don't know and they did not reveal texts there but it appears the committee has information about conversations that were going on at the highest level about it is 25th amendment. this was about, there were
7:22 pm
discussions going on we heard reporting that may be some people in the cabinet thought trump should be removed from office. the fact that the committee may have information about that may also speak to trump's state of mind. at the beginning of the letter is very well-written and it puts hannity on the spot. it says you had advance knowledge regarding president trump's and his legal team for january 6th. you had relevant communications while the riot was underway and the days therefore. that makes you a quote, "a fact
7:23 pm
witness," we don't know if sean hannity is going to cooperate. i tend to doubt it. they really are putting it on the line with him. >> that's pretty direct. >> it's very direct. as jamie said they're clear in the letter, by they, the chair and vice chair of the january 6th committee. they're not asking him in the context of his job as a journalist or a broadcaster. in fact it's the opposite. they're saying we respect the first amendment and that's why we are very specific in saying, you are a fact witness because he was not acting as a
7:24 pm
journalist. he was acting as an adviser as he has for years and years. it was an open secret is that sean hannity did. the fact they had it in writing because mark meadows hand it over voluntarily is texts is the reason he's firm to speak even though he's somebody working for the organization. >> and also what goes on in fox news of anything happening over conservative media is -- i mean is astonishing because these are receipts. they have the receipts from sean hannity. whatever sean hannity felt, he remains loyal to trump. talk to me about their relationship and can they keep this sort of pearl-clutching
7:25 pm
about oh my gosh, the liberal media when they are as you say whoever said that to you, they are exposed as complete actors. it reminds me as what i heard several times. it was -- he knows and the sources would say hannity thinks trump is crazy. he thinks trump is crazy. i remember a vivid comment about someone saying sean, why are you vaping so much? if you wear what i heard from trump, you would be vaping too. sean was in about it and he knew the truth about trump but he could not or did not ever say it. these text messages bring it into sharp relief. trump and hannity needed each other. this is a beneficial relationship. that relationship has not ended.
7:26 pm
>> fox news presidency was such a cancer. no matter what you think of democrats are up against, you should not have television host spending all their free time advising the president. it's not the way the world is supposed to work. everybody knew it. think about the long-term damage that it caused here where these folks are not telling the truth. they are going to ignore this as much as they can. they'll technically cover the speech and they'll mention the anniversary but they're going to minimize and push this down the memory hole as hard as they can. they do not want to be reminded of the horror of that day and the cover up. as long as fox is part of that cover up. well, a big part of this country is not going to hear the truth about what happened. >> thank you all. i appreciate it. >> sure. >> they want to talk to hannity, they want to talk to pence. what do they want to hear? i am going to ask a member of the committee investigating the
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the january 6th committee releasing text mes sages to the
7:32 pm
trump's white house. joining me now is congressman jamie raskin. he's the author of the new book "unthinkable." i have not had a chance to read it yet. next time i would have read your book, thank you for writing it and thank you for doing this. >> i appreciate you are having me on tonight, don. >> let's start with these bomb shell texts, what does the committee think hannity knows about the effort and why does the committee believe he must cooperate? >> he clear lly knows something because he was on the course trying to dissuade him from executing the coup against joe biden. they were trying to overthrow and just repudiated by the
7:33 pm
electoral college. he seems to know a lot more. those texts are kind of pregnant with possibilities when he says i am disturbed this could happen the next 48 hours or i am nervous the next 48 hours so we want to know. not because he's a news commentator anywhere than sound engineer, he knows and he was a fact witness and his name has come up. everybody owes congress his or her truthful testimonies. the supreme court have said as much. we are operated under commands from the house of repre representatives to go out and term everything that happens and the causes of it and what we need to do to prevent another nightmare like this. >> what happens if he does not come forward? will you subpoena? >> we have a panel of options. we have subpoenaed a lot of people who did not want to come
7:34 pm
involuntarily. i will tell you we have had several hundred witnesses and the vast majority have come in volt voluntarily because they see it as a civic obligation and an honor to be able to help our representatives and congress get to the bottom of this plot overthrow the 2020 presidential election and to seize the presidency for occupants. it was a coup surrounded by insurrection and a riot. we'll tell that complete story to america through hearings and report in this new year. >> of course our democracy are on the march. >> i just want to ask you, you are not interested in his role as a journalist. you are interested in his role. you this think he's a fact witness. initially, i think his attorney jay sekulo says there was
7:35 pm
concerns. he said himself he's not a journalist, he campaigned and been on stage with the former president and clearly through his texts, this was a role as an adviser and not a journalist. >> i mean don, let's say that you are on your way to work and you see a car accident, okay? you can be subpoenaed to come and testify if you were a witness to what had happened. that's different than telling don lemon, you got to tell us who your sources are, we want to see all of your notes or a report that you are doing about it. we are not asking him any of the journalist stuff. he made himself part of the story by entering in the political circle of donald trump and in a positive way trying to pull them back from staging this coup and insurrection or at least an indication of it. it's a matter journalistic that
7:36 pm
you are better equipped than me. don't doce this, this is as nightmare and going out to the public and eventually saying oh yes, donald trump is right, they pl greeted the officers with hugs and kisses. >> at least what you put in your text messages should match. congressman -- >> if you are going to make yourself part of a state propaganda news network. >> it should match up with your reporting. >> you want to hear from mike pence. members of the inner circle cooperated. have you gotten any indication that pence is willing to talk to you and what do you most want to know? >> not to this point of whatever conversations have taken place. look, mike pence to my mind was a hero and a constitutional patriot on january 6th because he did his job and he refused to
7:37 pm
succumb to overwhelming poli political coercion being brought down by donald trump and declare these extralegal powers in the vice president to repudiate votes coming in. he did not have the powers that the president was imputing to him. he could not do it. for that they chanted "hang mike pence," they set up a scalpel outside as if they were to start to hang people. he was the first person they wanted to hang. the vice president of the united states had to flee the peaceful join of power because a mob wants to access it. >> congressman, i want you to stick around. you have a new book.
7:38 pm
surely after the insurrection, his family was inside the building during the attack. i want you to stay with me and discuss some things. we'll be right back.
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we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ jamie raskin, the author of "unthinkable." i appreciate you talking about this and your book is really candid in the beginning of two horrible events in january, the death of your son and the capitol attack. talk to me about the challenge and how difficult is that? >> yes, we lost tommy on
7:43 pm
december of 31st, 2020. that was the end of the world for us. he was the light of our lives along with hanna and tabatha and our other two kids and i was drowning in agony and grief along with sarah and my wife and the rest of my family. i thought i would never recover from it. i truly taken my chief of staff who came over and was there with the police. said that i was essentially catatonic, i was wrocking back and forth, i have lost my beautiful son, my dear tommy is gone and my life is over. i felt that and we were surrounded by a lot of love from my zprfriends and our family an maryland's beautiful district for several days. we buried tommy on january fifth and the next day i had to go in
7:44 pm
for the traditionally ceremonial peaceful transfer of power and the telectoral vote. my kids tried to stop me. i had to be there. spe speaker pelosi asked me to come in. i said instead why don't you come with me and tabatha asked me would it be safe? i know donald trump has been asking these people to come to washington and i said of course it will be safe. it's the capitol. i had a specific image in my mind from june the 2nd, the day after trump and william barr unleased that police riot and blm came to the capitol the next day. i had this image of national guards and women standing at the
7:45 pm
capitol steps armed and protecting the capitol. i could not imagine somehow the capitol would be breached and much lessover run and sieged by an angry mob. my book describes what happened on that terrifying day. >> you also describe during and you were talking about that in your speech about impeaching donald trump and that very day. let's listen to it and we'll continue to discuss. >> the kids hiding under the desk, placing what they thought for their final texts and whispered phone calls to say their good-byes, they thought they're going to die. my son-in-law never been to the capitol before. when they were finally rescued over an hour later by capitol officers and we were together, i hugged them and i apologized and
7:46 pm
i told my daughter, tab tabatha -- who's 24, a brilliant algebra teacher and teach for america now i told her how sorry i was and i promised her it would not be like this again the next time she came back to the capitol with me. and you know what she said? she said, dad, i don't want to come back to the capitol. of all the terrible brutal things i saw and i heard on that day, and since then that one hit me the hardest. >> one of the most moving things i have ever heard. i remember watching it and watching you and i could not imagine everything you had gone through and how you were still
7:47 pm
standing and you had the strength and the courage to be able to do that. just you know congressman, the trauma of that day is undeniable and people are still questioning that it even happen or even violent that has to infuriate you on some level. how did you handle that? was the book part of the catharsis to get it out? >> yes, i tried to analyze that in the book as a tactic of totalitarian political movement. that's a tactic to deny and rewrite the actual history of the event. there were 150 cops ended up wounded and injured in the hospital, broken ribs and legs and arms and fractured skulls and traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress syndrome and people were being beaten in
7:48 pm
the head with bats and pipes. donald trump tells his people that his followers greeted the officers with hugs and kisses and this is -- you repeat that lie enough. it was like the return of dr. king's march in washington. >> patriots, we love you, go home. >> that didn't happen until so many of our officers were wounded and crushed and injured in these medieval-style battles that were taken place. we have to understand this is an attack on our democracy. democracy needs a groupdnd to stand on. that ground is the truth. you can't base a democracy on lies because people got to have
7:49 pm
the truth in order to go vvern. telling the truth and making recommendations of how we are going to fortify against future violence and coup against our institution. >> listen, i know this may not mean anything to you, i am so proud of you for writing this book as someone who lost a loved one recently and it takes real courage. the next time i will finish the entire book, i can't wait to read it. i didn't get a chance to read your book. i am sorry for what happened to tommy but i am grateful to have leaders like you in this country who's standing up for what's right. >> thank you for having me on don. >> thank you. the book again is "unthinkable: trauma, truth and the trials of american democracy" by congressman
7:50 pm
raskin. our thanks to him again. we'll be right back. rchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health. chantell was suffering, and we had to put an end to that. the absolute best way to do that was through dental implants. [ chantell ] clearchoice dental implants changed everything. my digestive health is much better now. i feel more energetic. the person that i've always been has shown up to the party again. have you ever sat here and wondered: "couldn't i do this from home?" with letsgetchecked, you can. it's virtual care with home health testing and more. all from the comfort of... here. letsgetchecked. care can be this good.
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analyst. doctor good evening. does this new guidance from the cdc make any sense to you? >> not really. when something fails the common sense test people are just not going to follow it. i think what the cdc should have said is it is too bad we don't have enough testing but if you happen to have tests then that is a good way to end your isolation. instead this guidance is saying if you test after five days but if it is positive after five days you have to add your isolation to five more days? that is going to disincentivize testing which is not what we should be doing at it point. >> don't people test positive for a while after you contract covid? >> with the pcr test, yes you could test positive even for weeks after. but the antigen test the rapid at home antigen test usually that is a pretty good test for infectivity. are you infectious at this point in time. a lot of people could clear the virus after five or six days.
7:56 pm
what the uk has done is to say if you test negative twice on two consecutive days you can end your isolation at seven days. that is the kind of policy that would have made more sense in the u.s. >> president biden was out today encouraging vaccinated americans to be concerned but not alarmed about omicron variant. with this variant now making up to 95% of covid cases if the u.s. do you agree with the president? >> i absolutely do. we are at a very different place than we were in 2020 or 2021. we now know this is a defrnt variant, milder than previous variants. also people who are vaccinated and boosted for the large part are well protected against severe illfeness. there is no reason at this point teachers should say we are not going back to school because they are well protected with vaccinations and boosting. we should not be shutting down the economy or businesses.
7:57 pm
this may be our new normal going forward. it may be we get a resurgence of a new variant every several months and we cannot close down the economy or shutter schools every time. we have to figure out how we can live with this virus going forward and if we can turn it into something more like somewhere between a mild cold and the flu then that is how we can live with covid-19. >> get people vaccinated is what we need to do as well. thank you, dr. wen. appreciate it. the committee investigating the insurrection wants to talk to the former vice president and one of fox's top hosts. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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