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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  January 5, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PST

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good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, january 5th. it's 5:00 a.m. in new york. thanks so much for getting an "early start" with us. i'm laura jarrett. >> good morning, laura. i'm christine romans. hello, everybody, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin with breaking news overnight in chicago where the third largest public school system in the country has followed through on its promise to cancel all classes today after the teachers union voted to refuse to show up for work in-person. teachers said they were concerned about a lack of safety
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measures. they wanted to go online. but now with no remote learning, hundreds of thousands of children are caught in the middle just hours after president biden said this. >> we provided the states with 130 billion, with a billion, billion dollars to specifically keep our students safe and schools open. funding for ventilation, ventilation systems in the schools, social distancing in classrooms, even larger classrooms, on buses. everything from bus drivers to buses. so i encourage the states and cool districts to use the funding, but you still have to protect your children and keep the schools open. >> chicago had actually resumed in-person classes on monday, but school officials insist it is safe for in-person learning in class. the standoff could last foreweeks. cnn's omar jimenez starts us off in chicago.
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>> reporter: this vote from the chicago teachers union triggers a cancellation of class, which is what the school district warned would happen if this vote went through. in total, 73% of the rank and file members of the chicago teachers union voted in favor of this. in response, the school district called this an unfortunate decision and said they now worry about the well-being of these students. they also said teachers will not be compensated for this. now, part of what the chicago teachers union has been so concerned with is they don't believe the current measures in place make it safe enough for students and staff to be in-person, especially amid record covid-19 case numbers among students, staff members, and the city of chicago over recent weeks. the school district, however, has maintained that class, in-person, is safe, saying that there is no evidence of widespread transmission. and the school c.e.o., pedro
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martinez, arguing this current tactic of negotiation isn't practical. >> i have been very, very clear that it is not practical to have a district-wide decision when there is such a variance across our city on how covid is affecting us. >> it feels like groundhog day. they are compelling leadership to harm hundreds of thousands of chicago families who rely upon c.p.s. for their daily needs. for their education, for their nutrition, for their safety. that's real harm. >> reporter: now, part of what the district has proposed includes school-level metrics on when to move to remote learning. for example, when 50% of the student population has to either isolate or quarantine. moving forward, the teachers union has indicated that this push to refuse in-person instruction isn't just for today, but goes until at least january 18th, or until both
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sides can reach an agreement on what safe in-person learning looks like. laura, christine? >> omar in chicago. all this leaves parents, employers, and of course children in a really tough spot. child mental health experts say uncertainty at school creates stress that is a cause for concern. >> they are feeling increased anxiety around just how to be and communicate with people and build friendships, and being able to feel comfortable in their environment. >> my 12-year-old, they're more like elementary school kids. their world was turned upside down. as adults, we are able to bounce back quicker usually, faster. but for them, you know, it's going to take a little more time. >> this unpredictable school situation also leaves parents in
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limbo yet again. >> the lack of understanding that we now have children and families in the crossfire of this gigantic mess that has laid in our laps because we have had a failure to plan for this moment, knowing that we were going to have a winter break, knowing that we were going to have a covid spike. i mean, all of this is really being left on the shoulders of american families who are trying to hold up the american economy at the same time. >> so, only adding to the school problem, finding enough drivers to get schools there, the situation so desperate the biden administration now allowing states to temporarily waive some testing requirements for school bus drivers. get this. the part of the test that asks drivers to identify under the hood engine components, that can now be waived until the end of march. it seems like a pretty good move. in august, many school districts offered cash bonuses for drivers
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as well. and more issues on the covid testing front, the popular rapid test is getting more expensive. walmart and kroger are raising prices on those test kits after an agreement with the white house to sell them at cost expired last month. health experts say these tests need to be inexpensive to encourage people to actually use them regularly. president biden says the new rule requirement private insurance companies to reimburse people for rapid tests will go into effect next week. officials say you will have to file a claim to be reimbursed, though. all right. i do not see january 6 happening the way he's being told. why was sean hannity texting mark meadows days before the insurrection? the january 6 committee wants to know. ♪ three times the electorlytes
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welcome back. what happens when the advice and concern of a right-wing talk show host moonlighting as a white house adviser is ignored? that's the question the january 6 committee wants an answer to as it now seeks voluntary cooperation from fox anchor sean hannity. lawmakers want the conservative media star to do something he's actually never done on air, explain his profound concern about donald trump's strategy and conduct before, during and after the attack on the capitol. already in hand, dozens of text messages hannity exchanged with former chief of staff mark meadows. >> the texts indicate hannity had advance knowledge. two texts stand out the day before the riot. january 5th, exactly a year ago, quote, i'm very worried about the next 48 hours. and another warning of mass resignations. quote, pence pressure, white
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house counsel will leave. cnn's ryan nobles reports for us from capitol hill. >> reporter: laura, christine, there are a number of people that the committee wants to hear from, and that includes sean hannity, the fox news personality, and the former vice president mike pence. let's deal with hannity first. they've sent him a formal letter asking that he voluntarily appear before the committee because they want to ask him more about his interactions with the white house, the former chief of staff mark meadows, former members and the president him several. they put in their letter to hannity, examples of some of the text messages he sent to meadows, jim jordan, members of congress and others, where he talks about his concerns about the pressure campaign being put on the former vice president mike pence to prevent the certification of the election results. now, it's not clear how hannity is going to respond to that. his lawyer, jay sekulow saying they have first amendment concerns about this request. but the committee is hoping
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hannity complies. now, hannity is one thing. separately, i had a conversation with bennie thompson, the chairman of the committee. and i asked him how interested he is in talking to the former vice president mike pence. and this is what thompson said. >> the vice president could not leave the capitol of the united states because of the riot. he was sequestered in an area in the capitol. so his life was in danger. i would hope that he would do the right thing and come forward and voluntarily talk to the committee. >> reporter: that's interesting. thompson would like pence just to come forward on his own accord and answer questions from the committee. at this point they haven't formally asked him to come and speak to the committee, either on a voluntary basis or through a subpoena. but it's clear that bennie thompson and others on the
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committee are very interested in pence's role regarding this, not just the pressure campaign that was put on him in the days leading up to january 6, but even what happened on january 6 itself, how he was ushered out of the senate chamber and was given a level of protection that made people very concerned given the threats there were against him. i reached out to pence's office, former spokesperson for the vice president, they have no comment at this time. it shows the committee casting a wide net into their investigation of what happened january 6. laura and christine? >> ryan nobles, thank you for all of that reporting. hannity, of course, had plenty of time to offer any context at all for these text messages on his show last night. he opted not to mention january 6. it's time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in former federal prosecutor, michael zeldin, host of the podcast that said, with michael. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> part of the story that strikes me here, all of the hand wringing, all of the concern
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from hannity behind the scenes. of course, none of that was happening in public, but behind the scenes he's texting things before the insurrection, like, quote, we, we, the royal we, can't lose the entire white house counsel's office. he's also saying, i'm very worried about the next 48 hours. his lawyer, jay sekulow, is now flirting some sort of first amendment defense here. but what's clear is he wasn't acting as a journalist. he's acting as an unpaid adviser. can the committee get his testimony? >> they should be able to. the information they want is factual, not who is your source, how did you learn this story, the sort of types of things that reporter's protections are important for. here is, what did you say, what did you learn, what did you see? and i think that sort of stuff should come forward without any first amendment concerns by jay. >> michael, the january 6 committee has also asked to speak directly with former vice
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president mike pence. he was, he was the focal point of trump's effort to overturn the election. he was in the center of all of it in so many different ways. some of his aides are already talking. how important is pence? >> well, i think he is very important. as you said, marc short and keith kellogg, key advisers to pence, are already speaking with the committee. but pence was at the heart of the pressure campaign. he was the one who eastman and all those legal strategists were trying to get to de-certify or not certify the election. so what pressure he faced, what strategic efforts they made against him would be very important. >> michael, can you just play this out for a second? if he tells the committee, yes, the president, former president trump pressured me to try to overturn the election, to not certify the votes, to go against my constitutional duties. what then? what if he actually said that to the committee?
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>> well, they will understand what the president's intention was. we have inferences that's what he was doing, but pence can say, this is what the president of the united states told me. this is what his plan was. and this relates back to the sean hannity 48 hours in advance worry, which was what was going on here? was this just the pressure campaign to de-certify? was this related to bannon, and his strap-in or stand by, be there? who knew what, who was coordinated with whom, and whether that rises to the level of criminal bad behavior. >> michael, we learned the committee now has its hands on financial records from a former trump spokesman who tried to keep those documents secret. what are they hoping to learn here by following the money? >> well, one of the things that they have been focused on, one of their work streams is who
2:18 am
funded this "stop the steal" rally. were those people involved in funding any of the transportation of the proud boys and the oath keepers to the capitol? was there money spent for equipment or anything of that sort related to the insurrection? they want to know at a very granular level what was going on here? where was the money coming from? what was it going to be used for? how was it used? and who was involved in that whole effort? so it's an important work stream in this whole unraveling of what went on on january 6. >> so much we don't know, so much has been well reported by many of our colleagues. that piece of it seems critical. >> yes. >> former federal prosecutor michael zeldin, thank you so much. >> a january 6 programming note, folks. join jake and anderson for an unprecedented gathering inside the capitol with police, lawmakers and leaders. live from the capitol january 6,
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really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at welcome back. the red-hot job market of 2021 is now the red-hot job market of 2022. a record 4 1/2 millions quit their jobs in november. a rate of 3%. tied with september, that was the highest in two decades records had been kept. mostly low-wage sectors of hospitality, a staggering 6.1% in november there. also in retail, people leaving
2:24 am
their jobs. and important to note, these people aren't leaving the labor force. they're not quitting, not working. for the most part they're quitting for better jobs in different higher-paying industries. it shows real dynamism. you can see it in the rising wages companies are paying to attract and retain workers. >> you would call this the quit rate. it's really the job hopper rate. there is a real job hopping happening. when you look at wage numbers, you can see people leaving their jobs for another job, they're getting 5% pay raises for leaving. so that's a really interesting, interesting development here in this post-covid economy. >> yeah and they have the upper hand to make that type of jump. all right. these are the questions on all of our minds right now. should you get tested if you want to leave your home, after you test positive for covid? what if you just come in close contact with someone who had covid? the cdc updates its guidance on
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and save at good wednesday morning. this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i can confirm it's wednesday, christine. i'm laura jarrett. it's almost 29 minutes past the hour. it's time for the top stories to keep our eye on today. >> for their nutrition and safety, that's real harm and we can't overlook that. >> public school classes in chicago, the nation's third largest district, canceled today after the teachers union refused to teach in-person. chicago public schools described the vote as, quote, an unfortunate decision. new text messages reveal what fox news host sean hannity relayed serious concerns to the former white house chief of staff mark meadows just a day before the insurrection the committee wants to speak with
2:30 am
hannity suggesting he had knowledge about trump's plans before, during and after the attack on the capitol. law enforcement is stepping up protection ahead of the january 6 anniversary of the insurrection. merrick garland will speak about the capitol riot investigation. so far more than 725 defendants have been charged. new york governor kathy hochul will impose a two-term limit for statewide elected leaders. she delivers the state of the state as she prepares to run for full-term member. cuomo was in his third term when he resigned. the company has stopped running support for older devices. all non-android blackberries paper weights. at its peak blackberry had 80 million users. i miss mine. >> i know, a crack berry. powerball fever is
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spreading. it's grown to $610 million. the last winner was october 4th in california. all right. the cdc has once again changed its guidance for people with covid after it took some heat for not recommending a test before you end your isolation period. but it's more of a cosmetic adjustment than a change to the substance of last week's guidance. the federal agency now says essentially if you want to get tested after five days, go right ahead. but if you can't find one, well, that's fine, too. cnn's kaitlan collins is at the white house with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, laura and christine. the cdc has now updated ennis guidance when it comes to what you should do after you've tested positive for coronavirus, but it may not do much to clear up the confusion that was generated last week when they cut that isolation period in half from ten days to five days, because right now the cdc is still saying you can leave isolation after five days without taking a rapid test and having a negative result as long as you continue to wear a mask
2:32 am
in public utility. the -- in public. you should avoid traveling on planes. they are adding caveats to that guidance, but they aren't recommending a rapid test. however, they say if you do take a rapid test on day five and the result is positive, you should stay in isolation for five more days. kind of making the guidance to where if you don't take a test and you don't get a positive result or negative result obviously, you could leave isolation and wear a mask. but if you do take a test, and you have a positive result, you need to stay in that isolation period. of course, this comes under criticism from health experts outside the administration who said they did believe it should require a rapid test to test negative to leave that isolation period. that's a model that you see similar in places like the united kingdom and other countries. not one that you are seeing from the cdc so far, as they face a lot of criticism over some of
2:33 am
the confusion that they've caused. of course, this comes as we are still facing a nationwide shortage of rapid tests. something president biden noted in a briefing with his covid team on tuesday, it is something that has frustrated him. >> all right, kaitlan, thank you for that. it's haltime for three questions in three minutes. a professor at harvard medical school, nice to see you again. thank you so much for being here bright and early for us this morning. the cdc as you see is trying to clear up guidance from last week. test if you can, it seems. but we know a third of people are still contagious after five days. so what do you make of this update? >> christine, i've got to tell you, it's not all that different from last week's guidance, right. it's still five days with day zero being the day that you first start having symptoms. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 after that. what they're saying is if you're fever-free after five days, your
2:34 am
symptoms improve, you can come out. loss of taste and smell don't count, those can last for weeks. we're not talking about those. you need a well-fitting mask the next five days. what you and laura and i have been talking about the last couple weeks, if you've got a test, you should take it is my personal opinion. the cdc now supports that if you've got a test, you can take it. but what's tricky about this is if you do have a test and it turns positive, the cdc is now asking you to stay in isolation for another five days. so starting today i'm going to recommend to my patients what i've been doing. buy tests if you can find them. if you have them, stock up because it's really going to make a difference whether you test positive or not on day five. >> what's so troubling, though, what seems to be motivating this is, one, you can't find enough tests so they're sort of making it optional. and two, the cdc director suggesting that some of the rapid tests are maybe not so great in terms of picking up results in a reliable way. so they didn't want to mandate it.
2:35 am
both of those two things scare me, but i guess that's where we are right now. i want to talk about some good news, though. data on covid and pregnancy suggesting women who were vaccinated while they were pregnant were at no greater risk of delivering pre-term, and also women who did end up getting covid while pregnant, the babies that were born seem to have no more neurological delays than any other infant. doctor, that seems like good news on both fronts. >> it's really great news, laura. here's the thing. my sister-in-law is pregnant. she's going to be really reassured. because we know other viruses, seek zika to rubella can lead to neurological problems. they didn't find whether or not you had covid. what mattered is all babies born during the pandemic over the past couple of years, were born and had lower gross motor skills some some lower social skills than kids born earlier. what that re-emphasizes is it's
2:36 am
been so tough on everybody, and the researchers are saying this might have been due to maternal stress during pregnancy. so everybody, especially if you're pregnant, but everybody really needs to ask for help because this is so tough on all of our mental health. >> yeah, so along those lines, right, we have the chicago public schools, the kids are home today because, you know, the teachers and the school district can't agree on how to proceed here. my own school today begins a period of voluntary virtual two weeks. some kids are at school, some teachers are at school, some are at home. some kids are home, some are at school. it's kind of a soup here. are kids safer in school, doctor? or are they safer at home right now with the way omicron is spreading? >> i've got to tell you, our kids are going to school today. for all we know that may change in an email later today. it really depends on how you define what safer is. now, so far we know that remote
2:37 am
school has been tough for so many reasons, and so many kids have been left behind over the past couple of years because it's so hard to shift back and forth. and it's hard to be in class remotely when you're in third grade and have to stare at a screen all day. >> i know. >> what's really tricky is we also know there's a chance teachers and staff are going to have to be out the next few weeks because of how transmissible omicron is. maybe not in school, but because of how we live our lives. i think it's important to get kids in school as much as possible for education, and socioeconomic consequence. for us as parents having to take care of them while they're out. we need to have a back up plan, contingency plan in case schools shutdown. >> the president said there is all the money for ventilation, masking in schools. we have these tools. let's remember, try to use them and get our kids back in the classroom. it's just -- all of this is so disruptive. okay, dr. ali raja, harvard medical school.
2:38 am
thank you so much. >> thank you, doctor. >> thank you. being open to a rules change that would create a nuclear option, it's very, very difficult. that's a heavy lift. >> a heavy lift from west virginia senator joe manchin, delivering another blow to democrats as he signals opposition to changing senate rules for voting rights legislation. cnn's daniela diaz joins us live from capitol hill. daniela, good morning. chuck schumer's vote is two weeks away, clock is ticking. what's the state of play. lay it out for us. >> reporter: laura, the state of play hangs on one senator, senator joe manchin. we say this again and again. several legislation tried to pass through the senate. right at the start of congressional recess last year, he torpedoed the build back better act that would expand the national social safety net
2:39 am
because he was worried about soaring inflation. now they have turned their attention to voting rights legislation because that is their priority ahead of the midterms. senate majority leader schumer set that deadline martin luther king day to try to pass a rules change so that democrats could pass this legislation using a simple majority or, rather, a filibuster carve out, the other way we call it. so they only need 51 votes in the senate to pass voting rights legislation. but senator joe manchin and, i should say, senator kyrsten sinema, another moderate from arizona, senator, they do not support this carveout. they do not want to see the senate rules change for this piece of legislation. and it is, as you said, you know, that sound bite you just played, a heavy lift is what senator joe manchin called it. he is concerned that this carveout would ruin senate rules in the future in case democrats lose their majority in the future which seems to be the scenario democrats are expecting. but voters want voting rights
2:40 am
legislation and democratic caucus continues to be optimistic that they could pass something. take a listen to what senator chris coons told cnn last night about their optimism they could continue negotiating with manchin. >> as we come up on the anniversary of january 6th, it's important that we realize there are substantive revisions we could make to restore the filibuster to how it was previ previously practiced here in the senate that might create a path forward for voting rights legislation. this is very much a live issue, something that's being discussed in the democratic caucus. we are all just returning from two weeks away with our families in our home states, and i would not reach the conclusion yet that what senator manchin said in the hallway means that conversation has come to an end. >> reporter: laura, senator joe manchin is willing to negotiate on some rules changed in the senate. not this filibuster carveout.
2:41 am
but he said he is willing to get rid of the cloture vote. a procedural vote that advances legislation in the senate. he is having negotiations with democratic senators on what he can accept for changes in the senate rules. but the bottom line here being he does not support a filibuster carveout and that is really the only way democrats can pass this legislation. because republicans don't support it, laura. >> yeah, at the end of the day it's a lot of procedural soup. but what it means is voting rights is not going anywhere right now. daniela, thank you. we'll be right back. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always looook for the grown in idaho seal. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin
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to hong kong now, the city has prided itself as one of the safest cities during the covid pandemic. but at what cost? the mental cost of keeping a zero covid hong kong is so high. visitors are required there to spend up to 21 days in a hotel quarantine that they have to pay for. and someone who knows this better than anyone, cnn's will ripley. will, i've watched you over the past couple of years from various locations, hotels, your own apartment. you have been quarantined so many times. will, you've spoken to other people about this as well. tell us more. >> reporter: you know, i have to draw a distinction between my quarantine experience which i argue is a pretty privileged quarantine because i do have the ability to stay in a hotel that has at least a decent size room
2:46 am
and window. i've heard of people on a budget that are quarantining in rooms that are a closet almost like a prison cell. when people come into hong kong and test positive for covid-19, which is happening more and more with the highly contagious omicron variant, even though they pay for the hotel, that's not where they go. they have a very different and some might say traumatic experience. in zero-covid hong kong, pandemic protocols have paralyzed this once busy travel hub. the arrival process that used to take minutes now drags on for hours. mandatory testing at the airport, waiting hours for the results. the lucky ones test negative and spend up to 21 days in self-paid hotel quarantine. cyril chan is not one of the lucky ones. >> i had both of my jabs. i've been boosted. i didn't think, didn't ever think i would test positive on arrival. >> reporter: 13 hours after
2:47 am
landing in hong kong, chan was in an ambulance. his luggage left at the airport. he tested positive for the omicron variant. even without symptoms, his minimum hospital stay is nearly a month. do you worry about your mental health as these days turn into weeks? >> yeah, absolutely because i've never been in a situation like this before. >> in general there is increased sense of isolation, anxiety, and in some severe cases, even posttraumatic stress. >> reporter: hong kong psychiatrist dr. elizabeth wong says longer quarantines can be traumatic. >> we have a lot of changes between the 7 days, 14 days, 21 days. that was before they were reporting stress, especially with longer period of quarantine. >> reporter: darrell's day begins with a wake up jingle. >> attention, please. >> reporter: he takes his own vitals. calls and messages with friends
2:48 am
and family help pass the time. >> social media has really helped actually. definitely makes you feel less alone. >> reporter: one of his greatest struggles, sharing a room and a bathroom with two strangers. >> but i think what has definitely impacted me so far is the feeling of just, you know, not having the freedom and regressing into almost feeling like you're back at school, you know, with a controlled wake up and bed times, not being able to control what you can eat. >> reporter: hospital meals often consist of mystery meat. the bigger mystery, chan's release date. he's supposed to start a new job, a new life in hong kong. what's the worst part of this? >> i think the worst part is not knowing when i'll be able to get out. >> reporter: for now, all he can do is wait from his hospital
2:49 am
bed. freedom feels like a lifetime away. he arrived before christmas. he's still testing positive. and even after he tests negative twice, it's still a 14-day isolation period after your release from the hospital. and, christine, instead of just in the room with two strangers, because of omicron, they now have six people in his room, six strangers, all positive, all there together sharing one bathroom. so i so i racked my brain and ask, is 21 days better in the hotel? i'll take testing in the hotel room despite the isolation, weird adjustment and being released. i didn't realize how averse to crowds and crowded places i became after spending almost five months of my own life in quarantine. but i really am rooting for darrell, still testing positive, still a long way to go before he gets out. >> so exciting to have a new job
2:50 am
opportunity, moving across the world for a new job. what a snag. >> reporter: yeah. >> i appreciate him telling his story so we can see what's happening. thanks. nice to see you, will. back here in the u.s., i-95 in virginia has finally reopened at long last after being shutdown and log jammed with so many cars at a stand still. for more than 24 hours. this fast-moving winter storm left drivers helpless in the frigid cold for miles there. senator tim kaine was on his way to washington when he got stranded for about 26 hours. meanwhile, amtrak passengers were delayed about 30 hours by downed trees on the tracks near lynch burg. looking at markets around the world, take a look at what's happening in the financial sector. you can see a mixed performance in asia. the hong kong down, shanghai down 1%. europe has opened higher here. on wall street, stock index futures at this hour, they are pointing to an in decisive open, i would say. look, it was a split screen for stocks yesterday. the dow hit a record high because of a rise in industrial
2:51 am
and bank stocks. but big tech stocks fell and that dragged the nasdaq lower. and we have this news. really important news about the state of the labor market. folks, a record 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in november. that is according to the b.l.s.. the largest quit rate was in hospitalities. look at what we've seen since may. millions of people are jumping ship for better-paying jobs, sometimes in different sectors altogether. those low-wage industries, people are just saying, take this job and shove it. also, investors today getting a glimpse of december's labor market with adp private payroll report. also today the white house will tout a record-breaking holiday shopping season, supply chain bottlenecks raised concerns, but the white house l say delivery times from the postal service, fedex were shorter than before the pandemic, laura. australians are outraged that novak djokovic has been granted medical exemption to play in the australian open. andy scholes has the bleacher
2:52 am
report. he's been a bit cagey about his vaccination status and vaccine. so how did he get this exemption? >> that's one of the reasons a lot of people are pretty upset about this. melbourne, it was one of the most strict and locked down cities in 2021 due to the pandemic. a lot of people have said that djokovic is getting a medical exemption from getting vaccinated in order to play in the australian open. players were told they had to be fully vaccinated in order to participate this year, or have a medical exemption granted by an independent panel of experts. djokovic has not revealed his vaccination status or what his condition is that led to him applying for the exemption. and djokovic, being allowed to play, has led to outrage in the australian community. one lawmaker called it a disgrace and described it as a kick in the gut to everyone who has endured months of lockdowns during the pandemic. one of melbourne's most famous
2:53 am
football league stars tweeted, australians have been taken for fools, and australia's chief executive officer craig tilly, he encouraged djokovic to explain how he got this exemption. >> it's ultimately up to him. i will encourage him to talk to the community about it because it will not only help him, but it will help the community because we have been through a very tough period the past two years. they would appreciate some answers to that. >> yeah, the australian open begins on january 17th. all right, to the nba, lebron james just continuing his incredible run against the kings. pick it up, fourth quarter lebron, drive to the basket. gets the bucket to go, plus the foul. then he had some words for the kings' bench. lebron had 31 in the game. averaging 34 points in his last nine games. the lakers got the win there, 122-114. all right.
2:54 am
eagles quarterback jalen hurts, meanwhile, wants answers after fans in washington fell out of the stands, nearly landing on him on sunday. luckily no one was seriously injured. but after reflecting on what happened, hurts sent a letter to see what follow-up actions are being taken. >> it didn't hit me until after the fact, having some time to reflect on it and think about it. so i just wanted to see what could be done to make sure it doesn't happen again. that's all i really care about. that's a very tragic incident, and it could have been much worse, much, much worse. but i just don't want it to happen again. >> the nfl did release a statement on tuesday saying, we appreciate jalen's concerns and have been reviewing the incident with the washington to be team. while the washington football team reviews what happened with the railing, they did finally announce when they will have a
2:55 am
new team name. they're going to unveil the new branding on february 2nd, groundhog day. probably not going to be called the groundhogs. the team president jason wright said they won't be the wolves or red wolves either. odds makers have the red tails and renegades as two of the favorites. you know, guys, they spent 19 months mulling this decision, so fans pretty excited to see what it will finally be. >> i know, washington football team has really grown on me. >> it's a mouthful. you have to say that every time. i need a team name. >> all right. we'll see what it is. thanks, nice to see you, andy. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. have a great rest of your day. i'm christine romans. >> christine romans, the true football fan. >> the team from washington. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next.
2:56 am
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