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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  January 5, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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good morning to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. it is wednesday, january 5th. i'm brianna keilar alongside john berman live in washington, d.c. for our special coverage. one year ago today, outgoing president and right-wing media sold lies that america that would bring us to our darkest days. we will get to that in a moment, including a january 6th committee asking a fox host of president trump's mind leading up to the riot. breaking news overnight. parents waking up in chicago, your kids aren't going to school today because in-person classes, athletic events, all of them are canceled. members of the chicago teachers
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union, teachers in the third largest district in the country, refusing to return to work until january 18th or whenever the latest coronavirus surge subsides. so this morning no classes until teachers and city leaders resolve their differences. 73% of the teachers in the union voted in favor of this decision in defiance of chicago public schools and the mayor who wanted in-person classes. >> and it goes against what other districts, including the country's largest district in new york city have decided to do. listen to what mayor eric adams told brianna in this deeply revealing interview. . >> we cannot feed into hysteria. this is traumatizing our children. the way adults are responding to covid is having a negative impact on our children. the safest place for children right now is in a school building. that's the safest place for them. >> so you have new york city's mayor saying we can't close the
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schools. you have teachers in chicago saying we have to. this is a big deal. the union members there deeming the conditions in the classrooms unsafe. the chicago mayor, lori lightfoot, said reverting to online classes was unacceptable and unnecessary. so what's going to happen? in a couple of hours, the chicago teachers union will hold a news conference. will them come to some kind of resolution? what will happen to these tens of thousands of children? we're going to take you live there when it happens. in the meantime, the cdc tweaked guidance for people with covid but it stopped short of advising a test before ending the isolation period. the new guidance does not recommend a rapid test after five days. but if, if you decide to take a test, and it's positive, the cdc says you should isolate for another five days. the recommendations also advise people who are isolating to avoid places where they can't wear a mask, like restaurants and gyms and to wait to travel
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for 10 days after the onset of symptoms. meanwhile, the virus does rage on. maryland's governor has declared a state of emergency over the crush of cases and deployed the national guard to help relieve pressure on health care workers. let's get to cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. not sure it's much of a guide from the cdc here. what's going on? >> reporter: right. there are still so many questions. my team and i have read this over and over. they still have failed to put out guidance that people can really, really understand. but here are the basics of it. if you have covid-19, you should stay home for at least five days. isolation can end. you can get out of isolation if you're getting better. but if you do choose to do that, you say i'm getting better, i'm getting out of isolation, the cdc said wear a mask around
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others for five more days. here's the new part. they say if you want to, if you feel like it, if you can find one, go ahead and take an antigen test, also known as a rapid test, around day five. you don't have to. you can if you want to. if positive, you should isolate for the full 10 days rather than just the five days. now, let's talk a little bit about the science why they would let people out after five days, especially if they never take a test. this graph says it all. on the left-hand side, it shows the percent of people who are contagious when symptoms -- at symptom onset. when you start feeling symptoms, you are super contagious. that he wants the high bar there. as the days go by, you are less and less contagious. you see, after day five, the chances you're going to get someone else sick are really quite small. is it possible? yes. but it's quite small. so there are many voices saying since that chance is so small let's just, you know, why are we
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keeping people at home especially if they're essential workers and their services are so badly needed. john, brianna. >> if the cdc could say that as clearly as you did, it would be helpful. but they haven't yet. i appreciate you giving us the decoder ring. we need to land the plane. i'm very worried about the next 48 hours. for the second time fox tv host sean hannity's test pleading, begging and advising the white house before and around the time of the january 6th riot. in a letter to hannity, the panel reviewed five communications sent by the fox host that they argue show he was aware of former president trump's plans to contest president biden's election victory january 6th and the possible fallout from that. the committee is now asking hannity to voluntarily cooperate. >> he is a fact witness.
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we have in our possession dozens of texts that he sent to mark meadows and others in his role as a political operative, indications of his communications with the president and others on strategy. and it's that that we would like to talk to him about. >> former vice president mike pence also has the decision to make about cooperating. pence was there as the election results were read out loud, the 2020 presidential election, the electoral college, despite a trump white house pressure campaign against it. now committee chair bennie thompson is calling on pence to voluntarily speak to the panel regarding what he knew about attempts by former president trump and his allies to halt the process. >> let's go to cnn's whitney wild with more on this. tell us about the new developments. >> reporter: right now what we know is the committee has not formally asked former vice president mike pence to come
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forward. but bennie thompson made really clear they would really like to speak with him. we know this is a formal outreach to sean hannity. they are collapsing in on the trump inner circle. for two reasons, brianna. one of them is about the details going on in the white house in this really critical time on january 6th remain very elusive at this point. and the reality is the committee needs to establish the mind-set of the former president. that is why they are reaching out to the people they think may know it best. the house select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection now wants to talk to former vice president mike pence and fox news host sean hannity. the chairman of the select committee told cnn he wants pence to voluntarily speak with the panel about what he witnessed one year ago tomorrow and the conversations leading up to that day.
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>> i would hope that he would do the right thing and come forward and voluntarily talk to the committee. >> reporter: he said he certified the election despite risk of the rioters, who heard from days president trump's pressure campaign on his vp to halt the process. >> his life was at risk. the vice president could not leave the capitol of the united states because of the riot. >> hang mike pence! >> reporter: thompson said the risk to pence's life did not seem to motivate trump to act while the capitol was under attack. >> to take 187 minutes to say the rioters, you need to stop and go home because my vice president is in the building and his life is in danger is an
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absolute shame. >> reporter: a spokesman for pence declined to comment. the committee also wants to speak with fox news host sean hannity saying he texted with trump, mark meadows and others in the days surrounding january 6th. >> we have so many of these texts and pieces of evidence indicating that he was outside of his role as a press person acting as a political operative. >> reporter: publicly, hannity was saying this ahead of january 6th. >> a big day tomorrow. big crowds apparently showed up to the point where the west wing could hear the music and the chanting of the people that were there already. >> reporter: but privately, hannity sent a message to meadows the night before the insurrection reading, i'm very worried about the next 48 hours. the committee wants to know why hannity was worried and what, if any, prior knowledge he may have had before the capitol riots. >> i want to make sure everyone knows this isn't a subpoena. we've asked him to cooperate with us as a fact witness out of
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his sense of patriotism. >> reporter: its members also believe the host has detailed knowledge regarding trump's state of mind in the days following the january 6th attack. manti texted meadows and jim jordan about a conversation he had four days after the insurrection. it reads, guys, we have a clear path to land the plane in nine days. he can't mentioned election again, ever. i did not have a good call with him today. and worse, i'm not sure what is left to do or so, and i don't like not knowing if it's truly understood. ideas? this effort to try to talk to former vice president mike pence shows that the committee is working in this aggressive way. but what it also shows is they think that he can provide really critical information about what was going to leading up to january 6th even though he was not in the same place as the from easy in the 187 minutes when the president did nothing. and the reality is, brianna, if they do speak with vice
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president mike pence, they will have an informed interview, and here's why. we know that key allies of the former vice president have already cooperated with the committee, john and brianna. >> yeah. look, i don't know if i expect mike pence to talk to this committee. that would be quite the get. we will see if it happens. whitney, thank you so much for that report. joining us now, former republican city commissioner of philadelphia al schmidt who defended the results of the election after he faced threats from former president and his allies. and analyst and former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe. i want to start with you with these texts from sean hannity about what they mean for the investigation. because to me they are revelatory. he said i'm very worried about the next 48 hours, on january 5th. i'm very worried about the next 48 hours, which begs the
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question, al, why? why would you be worried? so, what does this tell you about the discussions that were taking place and what was going on? >> well, perhaps they're worried because they were participants in all of this leading up to it. on the one hand, they have their foot on the gas pushing lies about the 2020 general election and then as we're finding out now, on the other hand, they are trying to pump the brakes, i guess, to keep things perhaps from going too far. and that going too far is the physical manifestation of all those lies and acts of violence on capitol hill. >> andrew, what do you think? >> i think that's exactly right. the committee's letter lays it out in the first paragraph. it is clear from the text that hannity had advanced knowledge
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of what's going to happen. it's clear he had concerns about what was going to happen. and it's undeniable he had direct contact with not just the president but with many members of his staff to include his chief of staff and the white house counsel's office. there is no doubt that sean hannity has essential knowledge and information that this committee needs to get to. no question. >> andy, just the idea that hannity was aware that something was going to happen indicates that this wasn't spontaneous, that there was something that was known that was about to happen. and that's key to all of this. >> it was planned. it was being discussed. and people, including the president's lawyers -- i should say the lawyers for the presidency because of course they're not his personal lawyers. the white counsel clearly indicated to hannity they had such concerns about where this was going that they were at least communicating they were
3:14 am
considering leaving if the pressure was continuously applied to mike pence. this is like an investigator's dream to see these texts, to have a witness like this made clear to you. you get this information that hannity is a member of the media. these are fact issues. they have nothing to do with his news gathering activity. this is fair game. >> because, al, you might have folks around the president who were saying, you know, we didn't know. we couldn't foresee this was going to happen. clearly, they could, right? sean hannity, who knows what his viewers are thinking, is telling mark meadows, hey, i'm worried. what is he worried about? clearly, he's worried about violence. . >> that's right. and perhaps it's an indication that even in that close circle of people who are pushing and spreading lies about the election that they are realizing that things are going too far and they're jeopardizing
3:15 am
themselves. they're obviously supporters of the former president's administration and worried that they're going to throw it all away. >> al, i just want to read one more of these texts here. this is from sean hannity on december 31st. so a week before. we can't lose the entire white house counsel's office. i do not see january 6th happening the way he is being told. after the 6th, he should announce will lead the nationwide effort to reform voting integrity. go to florida and watch joe mess up daily. to me the most telling word is the first one. we. we. sean hannity, who works for a television company -- >> that is supposed to be news but is not. >> who is the we here, al? what does that tell you? you spoke to this before about how many people were involved in creating this lie. >> really i think that's a very telling pronoun that's being
3:16 am
used there. because it is a whole network of people, no pun intended, engaging in all of this. and it's important at the end of the day that we know as much as we can and that people be held accountable. whether they be held accountable for making threats to election officials across the country or being held accountable for this attack on our greatest symbol of democracy on one of the most sacred days in our democracy, the peaceful transition of power. >> i want to listen now to something that the nevada secretary of state said. this is someone who supports donald trump. let's listen. >> as a coalition of america first secretary of state candidates around the country, we're getting the word that that people are excited that there is somebody doing something behind the scenes to try to fix 2020 like president trump said.
3:17 am
>> candidate for nevada secretary of state. let's be clear. this is present day. what concerns does that raise for you? >> especially as a candidate for secretary of state, i think we are going to see in 2022 where we have our first primaries of this nature where election administrators who are elected or appointed are either replaced by people who don't know what they're doing or replaced by people who are going to actively seek to undermine confidence in the very elections that they themselves are responsible for running. >> it really is remarkable to see. al, just very last question. a year later, what does it feel like to be here a year later? you left your job. you had that job for 10 years. did you ever think you would be in that position today? >> i feel like we're in the roughly 400th day of the 2020
3:18 am
presidential election day. there is still obviously a lot of questions that we still have to have answered and a lot of people who need to be held accountable. >> al schmidt, we appreciate the work you have done and the bravery you have always really displayed to the world. andrew mccabe, we always appreciate you and your insight. thank you so much. >> thank you. so, this morning, are the vaccinated carrying the burden really of the unvaccinated? the debate on whether we should stop going to great lengths for those who refuse to get the shot. plus, tomorrow marks one year since the january 6th insurrection. but did the rioters learn anything? we have that report ahead. and 16 hours and counting until the next drawing. have you bought your powerball ticket? a lot up for grabs tonight to win. >> you're not going to win. >> i might. it's worth it. ing on? zicam is the #1 cold shortening brand! highly recommend it!
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so two years into the deadly pandemic, and it's just 62% of americans are vaccinated. and the number of the newly infected is shooting up yet again, shattering even more records as the omicron variant grips the nation. so how much should the vaccinated keep changing their lives, turning their lives upside-down to protect those who have decided to forego the vaccine? professor arthur calf hand at nyu school of medicine. those of us who have been vaccinated and boosted and everything else, why should we keep making sacrifices when we keep being told the vast majority of people hospitalized now with covid are the unvaccinated? >> hey, john. thanks for having me. so, look, first, we've got to get the ethical ground back on the side of people doing the
3:24 am
right thing, that praise them, that acknowledge they're doing the right thing. when i hear people saying our first of all, is autonomy, liberty, i don't want to get vaxed, i don't want to help the weak or vulnerable, one of the important things we can do is shift the moral ground, start praising people who do the right thing. not saying, well, there is a tradeoff of values. some people will help their neighbor orient toward the community, try to protect one another and then there are going to be jerks who aren't going to do that. let's get the equation straight. people may be thinking, so what? what difference does it make where we put the moral emphasis? it makes a lot of difference. shame, guilt, calling people out, i don't see moral equivalency if you're not getting vaccinated, by trying to take precautions when you're
3:25 am
around the weak and the vulnerable. i think about antonio brown, the football player who you may remember, john, stripped off his uniform and left in the middle of a game recently. you don't think of him as a hero. his teammates thought of him as a morally obtuse idiot. that's what the people who won't take precautions. that's what the unmasked are causing to happen. they're leaving the team in the middle of the fight for our lives in the middle of a pandemic. that's preliminary. and then i will just add quickly, i think you've got to then say we're going to make life easier for those who vaccinate and tougher for those who won't do it. more rewards, more freedom, more ability to go to social events, athletic events. why we continue to say, well, you vaccinate, you don't
3:26 am
vaccinate, it's up to you if you want to come to this game. that's not the right stance. >> again, i get the idea of creating a moral standard here and really judging, being willing to judge and say things out loud. the question is, and i also get protecting the vulnerable. kids under 5 can't get vaccinated. people who are older with medical conditions even if they are vulnerable. i get acting in ways that make their lives safer. by and large if you're vaccinated and boosted, even if you get in investigated, you're going to be fine. the unvaccinated will be hurt. why should anyone who is boosted bother at this point to do anything that makes the unvaccinated more safe? >> well, look, i want us to act as a community. i want us to act as a team. when you're fighting a war, you need all hands on deck. i don't want to reject those who still haven't done the right thing. i'll condemn them. i'll shame them. i'm blame them.
3:27 am
but i don't want to exclude them. they've got to come around. we can't win this war. we're going to be talking about covid this time next year if we don't get more people to do the right thing. so we can't write them off. we can penalize them more, say you will have to pay more on your hospital bill. you can't get life insurance, disability insurance at affordable rates if you aren't vaccinated. those companies should not treat us as equals on the financial burdens that that disease imposes. i can think of a number of ways in which we can say here's the stick, get on board. at the same time, we do need everyone. it's a war. you've got to have all your troops unified if we're ever going to win it. >> yeah. still by and large the unvaccinated who aren't wearing masks, who aren't social distancing, unvaccinated going to crowded indoor events there. so there is a bizarre irony the ones who are behaving are being told to behave 10 times more so.
3:28 am
professor caplan, always a pleasure to have you on. thank you very much. >> thanks, john. some rioters have showed no remorse while others do have regrets. we will take at the lessons learned, or in some cases, not learned. the fbi conducted more than 900 interviews, combed through 39,000 videos, and that was just for the d.c. pipe bomber. where that search stands now. >> such a good question. >> it really is. the livingng room slash yoga shanti slash regional office slash... and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs is a vacation home slash vacation home. find yours on the vrbo app. it's my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on migraine medicine.
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almost a year after the violent assault on the u.s. capitol, america remains deeply divided. it might be more divided than a year ago. supporters of former president trump led the january 6th attack on the seat of government, congress. and as hundreds of them are charged, convicted and
3:33 am
sentenced, some accused rioters still show no remorse, while others do. they show they are regretful of that day. cnn's jessica schneider has this story. >> if you would ask me if i would do it again, i would say yes and then question in my head, would i? >> reporter: he describes his last year as an emotional train wreck. i don't think i did anything wrong. >> reporter: prosecutors laid out an array of video evidence against him. he can be seen confronting capitol police officers after walking through the shattered front doors. pruitt is caught smashing a sign. all of it leading to eight federal charges against him, including counts for destruction of government property and acts of physical violence. but pruitt defends his action that day, clinging to the big
3:34 am
lie that former president trump continues to spread and saying he has no plans to plead guilty. >> i was just a patriot out there, you know, protesting against some -- what i think is a stolen election. trying to send me to prison for a few years over this i think is a complete joke. >> reporter: are you concerned that you could be sent to prison? >> i am concerned. >> reporter: 70 plus defendants have been sentenced so far. about 30 getting jail time. >> the first week in january i have to report to prison. >> reporter: jenna ryan flew a private jet to washington and boasted storming the capitol was one of the best days of her life. her lack of remorse prompted a judge to impose a 60-day sentence after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. the judge said he wanted to make an example of her after she shamelessly tweeted she wouldn't get jail time because she has
3:35 am
blonde hair, white skin and did nothing wrong. >> people are wondering what is going to happen to them. and prison can happen. >> reporter: several of those sentenced are expressing remorse. eric row pled guilty to one count of disorderly conduct. federal judge admonished him for trying to undermine the peaceful transfer of presidential power, one of the country's bedrock acts. he struggled to speak at sentencing telling the judge, there is no excuse for my actions january 6th. i can't tell you how much this has twisted my stomach every day since it happened. another rioter, robert reader, got three months in jail. during his sentencing, he pleaded with the judge saying he lost his family, his job and his place within his church community after january 6th. i am embarrassed. i am in shame, reader said. the hurt that i have caused other people, not just to myself, has left a permanent stain on me. society, the country, and i don't want to be ever remember for being part of that crowd.
3:36 am
josh pruitt, though, still isn't willing to admit guilt or cooperate with prosecutors. video of pruitt pledging to become a member of the proud boys in november 2020 went viral. pruitt says prosecutors are asking him to help make the case against other proud boys facing conspiracy charges. but he claims he no longer associates with the extremist group. >> i don't have anybody to throw under the bus, nor would i anyway. and i just -- what i'm saying doesn't fit their narrative. because they would like me to come forward and say that it was planned. and i'm like, no, it wasn't. everybody thinks that people had all these plans to go in -- no, they didn't. not to my knowledge. i was in touch with some pretty right-wing people. and we never heard anything about that. >> reporter: while pruitt waits out his next court date, he spends most of his days inside his nashville apartment wearing
3:37 am
an ankle bracelet and abiding by a 9:00 p.m. curfew, except when he's working as bartender, which is approved by court. he still stands by the big lie. >> i still believe it. >> reporter: and pruitt isn't the only one. i actually spoke with several accused rioters on the phone. all declined to talk on camera. they cited ongoing cases or desire to step back from the public glare. the handful i spoke with told me they still believe the election was stolen. some said it was pro-trump supporters who stormed the capitol building january 6th. they falsely told me members of antifa were also involved. the fbi is still trying to identify 350 people who committed violent attacks on the capitol ground. still a lot of the investigation still left. brianna and john. >> really fascinating report. thank you for that. >> lies upon lies all this time,
3:38 am
all this time later. >> and they are being fertilized. he fertilized the flag. all right. pardon my french but french president macron has a new covid strategy, piss them off. >> how do you say that in in french? kyrie irving is set to return to the court today. why is the nba allowing this? a loyal dog lending a helping paw. how he rescued his owner from this horrific crash site. it really brings us to the question, what would a cat do? >> exactly. exactly. for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. my family's been devastated by covid-19.
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as covid cases and hospitalizations are surging across the globe, france's president wants to infuriate the unvaccinated by tightening restrictions further. in israel, a fourth vaccine shot is introduced. in australia, backlash over a medical exemption for a tennis star has some folks there saying bugger off. cnn has this covered coast to coast. >> reporter: i'm jim bittermann in paris where president macron caused a stir last night with covid comments. in an interview with the widely circulated newspaper, he expressed his frustration with people pwhor stiwho are still n vaccinated and said his strategy is to piss them off. the president has been trying to get lawmakers to approve changes in the nation's health pass which would make it almost impossible for the nonvaccinated to engage in all activities like
3:44 am
bars, restaurants and travel. parliament debating the changes and talks suspended until today. >> reporter: in tel aviv, a study found that a fourth shot- increases antibodies five-fold in the space of a week. the findings are preliminary and not yet peer reviewed. a second booster for those over 60, health care workers and those with suppressed immune systems. with cases soaring, naftali bennett held the findings as good news, saying the fourth dose is safe. the fourth dose works. >> reporter: i'm blake essig in tokyo. as covid-19 hospitalizations in australia continue to break records, australians responded with anger and skepticism. but it's not because of the surging number of cases. instead, it's because men's tennis world number one, novak djokovic, was granted a medical
3:45 am
exemption to compete in the australia open in melbourne despite his opposition to vaccines, which are a requirement to compete in the tournament. melbourne is one of the most locked down cities in 2021. fans have taken to social media calling the decision a disgrace and calling for a boycott of the australian open. >> yeah. a lot of people upset in australia asking, why him? why him? they have been locked down, they have been behaving, so why does djokovic get to bend the rules? brooklyn nets point guard, kyrie irving, will finally suit up again after his refusal to get vaccinated kept him off the roster this season. but there is a catch here. he's still not vaccinated, which means he will have to set out every home game. riddle me this, alex. for months, including when the case count was low, hospitalizations low in new york city, the pandemic subsiding,
3:46 am
the nets say kyrie irving can't play. but now, now that cases are exploding everywhere, they sayoc unvaccinated kyrie irving, now is the time we want to you to play. >> reporter: yeah. this was very player driven on the nets side. management kept their stance on this until they didn't. the players kind of realized they needed kyrie back in some capacity. some kyrie was better than no kyrie. the nets bent to his will. he is only available for 22 remaining games. he is not eligible in toronto or madison square garden right now. we will see how this goes. this will be very interesting. >> it is interesting. just a basketball decision. simply about getting a better player on the floor. >> the nets have said they had a large covid outbreak. they sidelined him initially
3:47 am
because of continuity issues, because of covid. we have seen dozens of players in the recent spike go into health and safety protocols. teams have had eight or more on their roster as a result. and the phrase the nets used a lot was continuity is out the window now. even though the outbreaks are mostly over for most teams, that's their story that they're going with. and the nets player seem to be the ones on board even though he's going to be in and out really the rest of the regular season. >> to be clear, kyrie irving won here, yes? >> yes. he got his way. >> that really is interesting. unvaccinated kyrie irving will suit up for the brooklyn nets for 22 games when they're away. alex, thank you. love reading your reporting at "the athletic." >> thank you for having me. a forcible touching charge against former governor andrew
3:48 am
cuomo has been dropped. what the district attorney failed to prove.
3:49 am
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the district attorney in al albany, new york will not charge andrew cuomo. he could not prove it in a courtroom to the criminal standard of proof. brynn gingras is live on. >> reporter: really. brianna, this was the first and only charge that the former
3:53 am
governor was facing. this decision did come down from district attorney who simply put said he didn't think he would be able to satisfy the burden of proof needed to win this case. so he is decline to go prosecute this. part of the statement saying, while we found the complainant cooperative, and credible, after review of all the available evidence we have concluded that we cannot meet our burden at trial. it was filed by the albany county sheriff without the accuser knowing about it as well. it was a bit risk kwhr in the beginning the the only charge to have been filed in the wake of a number of allegations against sexual harassment and investigation into the claims which led to the former governor's resignation in august. he has always denied the accusations. this was the more serious one laid out in the attorney
3:54 am
general's's report. in response to the d.a.'sdecision, her attorney said this in a statement. in this case, my client had no control over the filing or prosecution of criminal charges. she had no authority or voice in those decisions. the only thing she has any power over is her resolution to continue to speak the truth and seek justice in an appropriate civil action, which she will do in due course. the moves comes after two other counties also declined to pursue charges on different allegations against cuomo. one investigation is still ongoing, the eastern district of new york's inquiry into the handling of nursing home death data. it does seem most things will be up in civil court. brianna. >> we'll stay tuned for that. next, an impeachment manager respond to sean hannity's text that he was deceiving his audience in the run up to january 6th.
3:55 am
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all right. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, january 5th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar this morning in washington, d.c. for our special cnn coverage. one year ago today, republican lawmakers, a coup-amongry president and right-wing media were selling lies to the american people, lies that would bring angry people to the capitol for one of america's darkest days. one year ago we were waking up to this from republican senator josh holly.
4:00 am
>> i'm. >> i'm going to pin you down on what you are trying to do. are you trying to say that as of january 20th that president trump will be president? >> well, bret, that depends on what happens on wednesday. this is why we have the debate. >> no, it doesn't. >> there was no debate. that's a load of lies right there. >> and he knew it. >> it is such a lie. joe biden won the election and, and he knew it, and it wasn't up to congress to decide. >> it is for the united states congress to do their duty. and that's what i plan to do tomorrow, and so do several others. i think hundreds of my colleagues tomorrow, we hope it's a majority so we can actually then have the united states congress have the final say on this. >> congressman jordan, who attended a stop the steal rally, claimed he never said the election w


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