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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  January 7, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PST

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all right. here we go. it's friday, january 7th. happy friday, everybody. 5:00 a.m. in snowy new york city. thanks for getting up with us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. we begin with president biden who described a defeated former president, casting his predecessor who he has tried to ignore the better part of a year, now as an existential threat to democracy. >> speaking from the very place
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rioters stormed the capitol one year earlier, president biden cast donald trump as holding a dagger at the throat of america, spreading lies that undermined core democratic values. a remarkable speech on a remarkable day, cnn's jasmine wright joins us live from washington. good morning. what do we know? >> reporter: that's right, christine. we can think of it as a political reset of sorts. really, president biden over the last few months has had a lot of highs, but also some lows. so really at the start of this year, it was one of, if not the strongest speeches that he's given since being in office for about a year, and it did something, as you said, he has been reluctant to do. it took on former president donald trump directly. and even though he did not say him by name, about 16 times he made references to the former president, the former defeated president, and i think it really is a strong look at president biden because he did spend a lot of time writing a lot of parts
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of the speech his advisers told cnn. i think it reflects a moment in time that the president stands in, where he sees both the former president and that big lie that the election was stolen, again, a very big lie. he sees that as a threat to democracy itself, and he made that point over and over and over again yesterday. take a listen. >> the former president of the united states of america has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principle, because he sees his own interests as more important than his country's interests. you can't love your country only when you win. i will stand in this breach. i will defend this nation. i will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of
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democracy. so, now let's step up, write the next chapter in american history. where january 6 marks not the end of democracy, but the beginning of a renaissance of liberty and fair play. >> reporter: so there you have it, really strong words from the president. of course, he accused of donald trump of putting power over the presidency, but also look forward, pitching forward, trying to see what comes next. it will be interesting, christine and laura, to see what the president does next in his efforts to shore up democracy. of course, we know that the white house announced that both he and vice president kamala harris will be giving a key mark speech on voting rights next tuesday in atlanta where, for them, a lot of the things started and came together. so we will obviously be looking out for that. this is all in the president's effort to really attack these hits on democracy head on. laura, christine? >> jazmine, while we have you, one of the biggest mysteries of
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january 6, who planted the pipe bombs at the rnc and the dnc? that person is still at large, still no information about them. we have now learned the vice president kamala harris was actually evacuated from dnc headquarters when all this was going on. what more do you know about that? >> reporter: that's right, laura. a white house official confirmed to me yesterday that the vice president, then vice president elect and sitting senator of california, she was actually the protectee named in this internal capitol hill police time line where she was evacuated from the dnc headquarters at 1:14 p.m. that's just minutes after the capitol police began investigating the pipe bomb that was placed nearby the dnc headquarters at 1:07. obviously that puts her in the building really when they found that bomb. and now really it speaks to kind of the fluidity and uncertainty of that day, and it calls into question the vice president elect's safety in that moment. and now still, of course, as you
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said, the person who put that pipe bomb there, the officials don't know who that is and no one has actually been charged for that action. but, listen, this was a question because i remember reporting on the vice president elect that day and asking her office where she was, where she was. it was clear she was not in the capitol, and her office would not say where she was, but they said that she was safe. yesterday the vice president said in her speech that she had left the capitol, but here we have kind of a clear idea of where she was and more on the time line thanks to this document obtained by cnn. laura? >> very disturbing. i'm sure more to can yoome on t. jasmin, thank you. a fast moving storm expected to cause wide desk isruptions as the u.s. up to a foot of snow in some areas. boston has already shutdown its schools, and new york has
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activated its winter weather plan. >> the storm already hammering parts of virginia, tennessee and kentucky. look at that, a 20-car pile up on the western kentucky parkway left motorists stranded for hours. derek van dam is live in the cnn weather center. derek, good morning. just how much snow should we expect? >> well, laura, we've been watching the snow accumulate in new york city. this is times square over the past couple of hours. they have been seeing anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of hour. this narrow band of snowfall that's lined up across portions of the five bro boroughs of new york city. as quickly as it entered it is going to exit through the course of the day. look at the snow already coming to an end near washington, d.c. and baltimore. the backside of the system already moving through. but still hefty snowfall the next one to two hours in the new jersey coast line, the marvel peninsula. the big apple, this is where we have our snowfall rates from 1 to 2 inches per hour. that will last for the next three hours or so.
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and then we will hang onto the snowfall the longest where we'll see the heaviest snowfall totals. it will certainly be in and around boston all the way to connecticut and northern sections of rhode island. that's where we have our winter storm warnings over a foot possible by the time the storm is said and done. you said it, over 60 million americans impacted by this storm. let's time it out for you so you can get a better handle what to expect this morning. still a very difficult commute on i-95, that busy corridor, that is going to continue unfortunately has the heavy snow band coinciding with your morning rush hour. avoid the roads if you can. that's what they're suggesting. the storm will quickly exit off the east coast this evening. we'll see clearing skies and clearing road conditions as well. if you do happen to go to work, you should have a better time going home later this evening. christine, laura? >> all right. that is good news, derek. thank you. so, the severe weather is, of course, a mess again still for air travelers. about 2200 flights have already been canceled in the u.s. today. that's the same number as
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yesterday. get this. since christmas eve, more than 26,000 flights have been grounded, driven mostly by covid-sick calls, but also because of some weather. >> sure. and alaska airlines announcing it is proactively slashing its january schedule by 10%. southwest is offering its flight attendants double pay for extra trips. and united going a step further, offering pilots triple pay for extra trips. the hope is things will, of course, get better now that the holidays are over and travel numbers come down a bit. all right. they call it a new normal. former pandemic advisers to president biden say covid will never go away, and it's time to change plans. just an investor,than you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized p pln that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for musc health. versus 16 grams in ensurhigh protein.
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covid-19 is here to stay. president biden's health advisers urging him to change his strategy. they suggest a strategy geared to living with the virus indefinitely, not to wiping it out. from a macro perspective, it feels like we're always fighting yesterday's crisis and not necessarily thinking about what needs to be done today to prepare us for what comes next. cnn's elizabeth cohen with more on the story. >> christine, laura, some words of warning and some words of advice from president joe biden's former covid-19 advisers in 2020 when he was elected. he named a board of advisers to help him through the transition to presidency. now six of them have written essays that were published in jama, leading medical journal. let's look at what they had to
2:14 am
say. three of the advisers wrote, without a strategic plan for the endemic covid-19, more people in the u.s. will unnecessarily experience morbidity and mortality, health in equities will widen, and trillions will be lost from the u.s. economy. the advisers had several suggestions. here are a few of them. modernize data infrastructure so that we can more easily keep track of deaths and cases and hospitalizations, accessible and low-cost testing, vaccine mandates and universal coronavirus vaccine that would work with any variant. the former advisers also urged president biden to strengthen the public health infrastructure. it was having problems even before covid-19, and many people in public health have since left the field during the pandemic. christine, laura? >> elizabeth cohen, thank you for that. there have been some signs that america is, in fact, trying to move forward towards living with this virus, including the current push to keep schools open in-person.
2:15 am
but not in chicago. today, day three of no school in the windy city, the country's largest -- third largest school district, i should say, the teachers union wants more resources like covid testing sites and better masks. on tuesday, the last day of in-person classes, more covid cases were reported for students and staff than at any earlier point in the school year. but chicago's school and health officials say students are at even higher risk outside of school. >> we are all looking at the data to see that schools are not the major source of spread, but i just, you know, recognizing that remote is not likely to be something that we can keep returning to over and over again, i'm hopeful that with all of these ongoing conversations and additional safety measures in place, the teachers will feel comfortable, that we will get to an agreement here, and we'll be back in-person soon. >> all right. in san francisco, nearly 900 teachers and staff staged a sick-out thursday.
2:16 am
many say they feel unsafe. they say the school district isn't doing enough. the union is asking for n95 masks, consistent weekly testing for everybody, and guaranteed sick leave. >> some people just want to be safe. i mean, it is, it is a surge that we are concerned about. >> now, some teachers chose not to participate. >> elementary schools have chosen to participate because we know how hard that is on parents. >> in oakland, a group of teachers is planning a one-day sick out for today. norwegian and royal caribbean cruise lines canceled after covid outbreaks. some passengers disembarking the norwegian in florida this week, they're not headed home, they're headed to quarantine. >> one woman said her family was vaccinated and boosted. one of her teenage sons had a 105-degree fever. she says the ship's crew was unhelpful. >> i'm not mad that i got covid.
2:17 am
i'm not mad that my son's got covid. i'm not mad that my mom got covid. we knew the risks of traveling abroad. what i'm mad about is i demanded tests for my family and they refused to test my family. >> i'm in another country, and there was no help whatsoever from norwegian. >> i'm negative. what happens if i get positive in a few days because i'm in the same room? that means i have to stay here longer again. >> the cdc is monitoring all 92 cruise ships now nuts us waters for covid cases aboard. and more covid trouble for late night comedy. james corden, the host of the late, late show on cbs canceled shows for the rest of the week after testing positive for covid. nbc late night also hit hard. seth meyers had to cancel shows this week. and jimmy fallon tested positive before the holidays. and snl's christmas show canceled its live audience because of this latest covid surge. no word yet on when that show plans to return. to money now, mortgage rates are spiking to start the new
2:18 am
year. moving higher than at any point of all of last year. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 3.22% in the week ending january 6th. that's up from an average 3.11% the previous week. a year ago the 30 year rate was 2.65. that's a record low. mortgage rates are expected to rise as the economy improves and inflation looms. the trend could make home affordability an even greater challenge especially for lower income byers. higher mortgage rates could mean a less competitive market overall. refinancing over the past year, so these are historically low, very low rates. you can see them ticking up. i think that will be the trend for this year for sure, laura. >> something to watch. all right, supporters of novak djokovic trying to rally support for the tennis star. officials in australia saying he's acting above the law. cnn is livive in sydney next.
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everybody. he's free to take the own decisions, but there are some consequence. >> consequences indeed. tennis star rafael nadal weighing in on novak djokovic. djokovic was hoping to defend his australian open title and set the all-time grand slam record. the number one tennis player has had his visa canceled and is facing deportation all because he has chosen to be
2:24 am
unvaccinated. the sentiment in australia not on his side, by the way. cnn's angus watson joins us live from sydney on this story. his parents say he is being held captive essentially in this immigration detention facility which is really just a hotel. but australians say he can leave any time he wants. >> reporter: that's right, laura. novak djokovic has options. first of all, as you said, he could have just gotten himself vaccinated if he wanted to compete in the australian open grand slam like everybody else. that was his first option. secondly, if he wants to leave australia immigration detention, he can. he can get on the next flight out. the government said it will facilitate him doing that. but novak djokovic wants to stay. he wants to obviously give himself a chance of competing in the australian open. and i think he wants to prove a point. he's made statements in support of the anti-vax sentiment. i think this is somewhat his stubbornness as well that's coming through. he does have options.
2:25 am
he is staying there in this immigration detention facility with 33 people who are refugees and they have been caught up in the immigration detention system for years. they don't have the same options. they're staying therein -- there indefinitely. he has a translator from afgha afghanistan, from myanmar, iran, too. it is an interesting situation where you have the number one tennis player in the same detention center as these refugees, and their plight has really been put into focus by their famous neighbor, laura. >> that's fascinating. i guess he considers himself some sort of martyr in this case. but when you're in there with real refugees, it's hard to make that case. angus, thank you. >> yeah, laura, that's a good point. it puts his plight in perspective when you look at the other people who are there as well. all right. you know her face, but you know her whole story.
2:26 am
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good morning, everyone. it is friday, this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> friday, say that again. i'm christine romans. 30 minutes past the hour. time for our top stories to keep an eye on today.
2:31 am
a fast-moving winter storm is expected to cause widespread disruptions today and tomorrow across the northeast. more than 60 million people under winter weather alerts, up to a foot of snow in some areas. boston has already shutdown its schools. new york has activated its winter weather plan. sentencing hearing today for three men convicted for the murder of ahmaud arbery as he jogged through their georgia neighborhood. travis mcmichael, his father gregory mcmichael, and their neighborhood roddy bryant were found guilty in november. all three face the possibility of life in prison without parole. the supreme court will hear oral arguments today in two challenges to the biden administration's vaccine mandates for large businesses and health care workers. a group of republican-led states and religious organizations say it wasn't approved by congress and will lead to mass worker shortages. a small child playing with a lighter may have started the tragic row house fire that killed 12 people in philadelphia
2:32 am
including eight kids. they are investigating whether the child accidentally set a christmas tree on fire. a fire destroyed planned parenthood on new year's eve. the building was being renovated at the time of the fire so it was closed and no injuries were reported. the super bowl is expected to go ahead as planned in los angeles next month despite a record number of covid cases there. l.a. county reported over 37,000 new cases on thursday. super bowl lvi is scheduled for february 13th. all right, one year after the attack on the capitol, president biden condemned donald trump and his lies in a searing speech saying he put american democracy on the brink. now the focus shifts to the work of the house select committee. >> last night members of that panel chairman bennie thompson and congresswoman liz cheney told cnn they are not ruling out the conclusion trump's actions constituted a crime. cnn's daniela diaz is live in washington for us this morning. daniela, house speaker pelosi told cnn she believes some of her gop colleagues, to use her
2:33 am
words, are perpetrators of the attack and that the committee isn't shying away from looking at trump either clearly. >> reporter: clearly, laura. and this really underscores this one-year anniversary of the january 6 insurrection, underscores the work that remains for the house select committee. you know, chairman bennie thompson and liz cheney, one of two republicans on this committee, they made news yesterday and said as you just pointed out, the panel is not ruling out that possibility that the actions of former president donald trump and his allies and associates could have constituted a crime around the january 6 insurrection. take a listen to what cheney said last night during our special. >> the president of the united states is responsible for ensuring that the laws are faithfully executed. he is responsible for the security of the branches. so for a president to through either his action or inaction,
2:34 am
for example, attempt to impede or obstruct the counting of electoral votes which is an official proceeding of congress, the committee is looking at that, looking at whether what he did constitutes that kind of a crime. >> reporter: laura, chairman bennie thompson also said yesterday that trump's attempts to undermine the results of the 2020 election are a key part of this panel's probe. and when he was asked whether he believed officials in trump's inner circle had conspired to undermine the election results, he responded, quote, no question. this is huge news, laura, because we are learning more about the scope of the probe of this committee, what they're looking into. there's a lot of questions that surround what happened on january 6 last year, and former president donald trump's involvement in what happened, and now we are learning more and more about what this committee is looking into, who they're talking to.
2:35 am
so this is huge news about what they're looking into when it comes to former president donald trump. now, as we said again and again, the committee announced at the congressional recess they plan to have an interim report of their findings released over the summer, very soon, and a final report in the fall that will really have a definitive narrative of what they believe happened and what their investigation concluded what happened around the january 6 insurrection and what led up to it. and chairman bennie thompson has said there is going to be a series of public hearings this year. really their goal here being they want to get to the bottom of what happened before the 2022 midterms and americans cast their votes in those elections. but the bottom line being we are really learning more about what this committee is looking into, laura. >> they keep dropping bread crumbs. more to come. daniela, thank you. so, it's time for three questions in three minutes. let's bring in cnn politics senior writer zach wolf. good friday morning, zack. you know, we're kind of doing,
2:36 am
you know, the day after look at this president biden speech, the most direct pointed speech yet explaining the dangers of trumpism. let's listen to it a bit. >> he's not just a former president. he's a defeated former president. former presidential supporters are trying to rewrite history. they want you to see election day as the day of insurrection. and the riot that took place on january 6 as a true expression of the will of the people. can you think of a more twisted way to look at this country, to look at america? i cannot. >> so, zack, our white house team reports the president is deeply concerned about some recent polling that suggests a majority of republicans have bought into trump's election lies. do you think this is the tone you're going to hear more of going forward? >> reporter: well, i mean, they need to do something because what they have been doing hasn't really been working. biden came into office promising
2:37 am
bipartisanship, promising this pivot to kind of, you know, a new future. but clearly that hasn't worked because you have a majority of republicans who still think that he's not the legitimate president, which is a pretty distressing number. and how do you kind of pearce that alternate reality? do you just let it fester or do you try to get inside there and then marginalize trump? this is clearly a new biden we're seeing. it seems like it has to continue because what they have been doing hasn't gotten them anywhere. >> zack, former trump press secretary stephanie grisham revealed on "new day" there is a group of 15 former trump staffers that are determined, in her words, to stop him. now, the timing of these things is always fascinating. why they choose now, it's interesting. but she also talked on cnn about the work of the january 6 committee and what she hopes will be its impact. listen to that part. >> i do believe it will move the
2:38 am
needle. i think people are going to see just exactly what happened that day minute by minute, and not only him, you know, not doing anything for two hours and some change, but just all the people who were involved. >> she hopes it will move the needle, zack. is that the point of the committee's work? is the point of the committee to move hearts and minds, or is the point of this to set out a historical record of what happened, and then let the people decide what to do with that? >> well, i think both things can be true. you have to create this historical record so that there are facts that are hopefully indisputable about what happened and who did what and who was instigating the insurrection against the democracy of the country. that has to happen in order to change minds, because right now with the alternate reality that republicans are hearing on fox news, they're hearing in social media, it's impossible to, you know, to get everybody on the same page. if people believe two separate
2:39 am
things, they're never going to agree. >> what is the committee going to possibly do to persuade the people who are in an echo chamber listening only to propaganda on fox news? >> i think, you know, the image of dick cheney, who democrats used to refer to as darth vader, is a powerful thing in capitol hill. him roaming congress meeting democrats giving his i am p-- impramatur and giving how complete it is, i think all of those things have to happen. i don't know if overnight there is going to be a light switch where suddenly republicans or people who don't believe in the facts that happened suddenly say, aha! but there are persuadable people out there. there are people on the fence. there are people who might not be thinking about this when they vote and maybe incrementally this will have an effect. >> zack, those images yesterday of dick cheney and liz cheney
2:40 am
and speaker nancy pelosi greeting them, this is what dick cheney said. listen. >> it's not a leadership that resembles any of the folks i knew when i was here for ten years. >> that's his stark assessment of his own party. you've written about americans failing to hear the democracy in danger alarm. explain. >> yeah, i was thinking yesterday about what biden said. but if you look at the movement in this country on the front of democracy, right now at least because of how republicans control the state legislatures, the movement is to restrict voting. the movement is to, you know, partisan gerrymander congressional maps. we can fight over that word. it's to make congressional maps more advantageous in a way that will change the way, you know, that will give republicans more of an advantage on capitol hill. so, while we have this call that
2:41 am
democracy is in threat and that people need to rise up, the actual movement seems to be going in the opposite direction, you know. there is that divide that we need to acknowledge. >> it's so interesting. carl rove, dick cheney, all of these characters from a different time who were vilified by the left now sort of having a come to jesus moment, if you will, about what is happening in this country. very interesting. zach wolf, cnn politics, senior writer. thank you, zach. we'll be right back. >> thank you. ...and t-mobile will pay for it! i'm talking new customers! i'm talking existing customers like ronald! the new iphone on t-mobile.... let's do it! new and existing t-mobile and sprint customers, can upgrade to the iphone 13 on us. on our most popular max plan. do we have a plan for the second half? nah, we're gonna get creamed... but we'll be on t-mobile! does your plug-in fade too fast?
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>> translator: i gave the order to law enforcement agencies and the army to open fire, to kill without warning. abroad, there are appeals for parties to negotiate for a peaceful solution of problems. what nonsense. what kind of negotiations can there be with criminals, with murderers? they need to be destroyed and this will be done shortly. >> a deadly situation unfolding in kazakhstan. volatile uprising with crucial
2:46 am
implications. that country is a major oil producer. it shares long borders with russia and china. what started as a small protest movement with high energy prices really at its core here, has grown into what seems to be a national revolt. and now a military alliance led by russia is getting involved. russian troops on the ground. cnn's nic robertson live in moscow. nic, explain to us what's happening here in kazakhstan. >> reporter: yeah, very scary words coming from the president of kazakhstan there. the reports at the moment still don't add up properly. what we're hearing from officials, 18 police officers killed. more than 700 injured. the official police line is that 26 protesters, as they call them, you know, bandits and terrorists without offering any evidence, 26 of them killed and saying that just 14 were injured. those numbers don't add up at
2:47 am
all. so many dead and so few injured, when we've seen all the gunfire on the streets. the police are saying they've arrested 3,000 people. it is incredibly difficult to get a clear picture of what's happening in kazakhstan at the moment principally because the internet is being throttled back by the government and the president admitted that in his address today. this isn't just about oil. it began about prices, fuel being hiked at the beginning of the new year. but this is everything about the way so many people in kazakhstan feel that they are being treated, and economically downtrodden by a very, very authoritarian leadership. on the streets in a verified social media post, an ugly overnight crackdown. people scream and scurry for cover. panic as well as bullets in the air. they're dead, they're dead, the
2:48 am
man says. the motionless body just out of safe reach stretched out on the freezing ground. in the same city, the country's biggest protesters pitch battles with uniform forces. casualties are accumulating on both sides. law enforcement appearing to gain the upper hand with arrests and killings. police claim they took deadly action overnight, describing an as yet unverified shadowy shoot first, ask questions later crackdown. >> translator: last night extremist forces attempted to storm the administrative buildings and police department in the city. dozens of attackers were eliminated and their identities are still being verified. >> reporter: the mayor's burned out office an apparent testimony to the ifferocity of the battle fought. the president claiming protesters are foreign-backed
2:49 am
terrorists. an offer news to deflect trope as blame. the russian government is repeating. a characterization rejected by protesters. we're neither thugs nor terrorists, this woman said. the only thing flourishing here is corruption. we want the truth, this protester says. the government is rich, but all of these people here have loans to pay. we have our pain and we want to share it. but truth and facts here are in short supply. the internet down for a second day, residents reporting a scary quiet, braving government warnings to stay indoors, to go out in search of open shops to buy essentials. russian state media reporting heavily on allegedly rampant looting by some protesters as well as highlighting violence against kazakh law enforcement.
2:50 am
as part of a regional security agreement, russian para troopers began deploying to guard state and military facilities. a fourth consecutive day of protests, gunfire and explosions still rocking almati. the picture on the ground there is still far from clear. we know now that about 2 1/2,000 of these regional security-forced led by russian forces are in the country raising concerns. not just in china, but in many other countries as well, that these forces may be deployed far longer than the limited period that's being described. the rules of engagement allow them to shoot what are being called armed gangs. they say that they are going to defend these government buildings, but they are also there as part of crowd control. that's been made clear. so this deployment of forces is
2:51 am
raising a multitude of concerns, united states and human rights organizations very worried about what's going to play out next. >> all right. the eyes of the world are on kazakhstan and we know you'll continue to watch it for us. thank you so much, nic robertson. laura? >> back here in the u.s., government prosecutors want the boston marathon stimulus check to go to the millions of dollars he owes his victims. he was ordered to pay more than $101 million in restitution. so far he's only paid 2200. and he has nearly $4,000 sitting in an inmate trust account, including that stimulus money. all right. looking at markets around the world this friday morning, you can see asian shares closed barely mixed. hong kong up almost 2%, though. european shares have opened slightly mixed and wall street stock index futures at this hour are up just a little tiny bit. stocks closed lower thursday. the realization sinking in that the fed plans to raise interest rates this year. high value stocks like tech are
2:52 am
worth less as rates rise. the main event today just hours, december's jobs report, they added 400,000 jobs, nearly double november's gain. i want to give you a word of warning here about these estimates. they have been off. sometimes by a lot. it's just the magnitude of what the labor market has gone through. i'll be more closely watching the unemployment rate. forecast is it fill to 4.1%. that is a new pandemic-era low, laura. the rocky relationship between the tampa bay buccaneers and wide receiver antonio brown is officially over. coy wire has this morning's bleacher report. coy, all these text messages brown is now releasing. this is getting interesting. >> yes, laura. brown was like a handful of catches yards away from incentives. four days after head coach said antonio brown was no longer a buck, the team made it official terminating his contract effective immediately. sunday, you might remember the veteran wide receiver took off his pads, shirtless on the side
2:53 am
li line. bucs accused of pressuring him to play on a injured ankle. he was cleared prior to the start of the game. at no point during the game did he indicate to our medical personnel he could not play, unquote. ar ar aryans explained that yesterday. >> he refused to go in the game. i looked back and saw him wave off the coach. i then went back, approached him about what was going on. what's going on, are you getting the ball? that's when i said, you're done, get the f out of here. >> football fans have that popcorn ready. brown has been releasing screens of text messages supporting his injury claim. they appear to be with bruce aryans and tom brady's trainer and business partner. to the nba, wild finish with
2:54 am
knicks at the garden. evan fournier came to play. a career-high 41 points including ten three-pointers tying the knicks record. that game tying shot with 4 minutes to go sent the crowd wild. but with just seconds to go, knicks had the lead and boston's jayson tatum stepped back. give me that. 1 1/2 seconds to go now. looks like it's going to overtime. the knicks r.j. barrett says you can take this one to the bank, laura and christine. he sinks the celtics with a three at the buzzer. that celebration began, 108-105 the final. the knicks' biggest comeback since 2004. winter olympics just 28 days away with hopefuls making their case at music city figure skating championships. like 25-year-old mariah bell going for her first olympics after taking silver at nationals last year. she came out strong in the women's short program last night. karen chan who is a member of the 2018 olympic team is in second with two-time national
2:55 am
champ 16-year-old alysa liu sitting in third. but brandon frazier, the highest ranked duo in paired skating forced to pull out after frazier tested positive for covid. meaning they have to petition the committee to be able to compete for team usa in beijing. final selections loom this sunday. finally, former nfl quarterback charlie batch just offered a college kid a million bucks to transfer to his alma mater. former oklahoma quarterback caleb williams entered the transfer portal earlier this week. the former steelers and lions quarterback tweeted him, have you considered eastern michigan? if not, you should. capitol is prepared to pay you $1 million for one year. are you ready to be an eagle? he entered the degree and criminal justice from eastern michigan. no response from williams yet. he has said, christine and laura, he's not ruling out to returning. his name and likeness means opportunities for a lot of athletes. >> how are these deals happening
2:56 am
via twitter, is this where we are? ♪ a whole new world ♪ >> it's unreal. >> oh, my god. all right. getting you to sing on a friday morning, i think our job here is done, coy wire. >> you're welcome. i'm sorry. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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