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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  January 14, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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let's bring in meteorologist jennifer gray who is tracking the storm for us. where will it hit and when? >> it's already beginning. look at winter storm warnings, advisories watches, already in place from the upper midwest all the way down to the deep south. it's snowing in places like iowa, and they can see more than a foot of snow in some places and the storm system is going to basically just dive straight down to the south. a lot of areas will start with rain, end up with a little bit of a wintry mix, and then end up with snow. it's very tricky once we get to the deep south how much snow or freezing rain or ice we're going to get across some of these regions, especially places like atlanta. could be sort of a game time call, depending on what we're going to get and when. we also are looking at a crippling ice event setting up most likely around the carolinas, some areas could get up to an inch of ice. and we're talking about travel will be impossible. trees will be down.
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power lines will be down, and so we could see a nightmare scenario in some of these locations. look at this, up to a 1/2 inch, an inch of ice, the models are definitely differing still. we're going to have to wait and see these models come together. either scenario is not going to be good for the carolinas if that sets up. snow forecast, could see a foot of snow across the appalachians. >> all right. jennifer gray, thank you very much. >> brand new hour, it's good to be with you, i'm victor blackwell. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. in just a few minutes, the leader of the far right extremist group, the oath keepers is due to appear in fourth. stewart rhodes is one of eleven defendants who the justice department charged with sedition on thursday for their involvement in the january 6th insurrection. >> these are the most significant charges in the investigation so far, and prosecutors say rhodes and others were plotting for violent
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takeovers well beyond january 6th. these indictments detail the arsenal of weapons and equipment they brought to the capitol and purchased in the weeks following. >> cnn justice correspondent jessica schneider joins us live. before we get to rhodes, another defendant, edward viejo just appeared virtually for his federal court appearance in arizona, what did we learn from that one. >> the hearing, the initial appearance just wrapped in federal court in arizona. the way it's laid out, he'll have another hearing next thursday. that will determine if he's eligible for release. he will be held until then. it's all because he is facing this serious charge of seditious conspiracy for allegedly plotting to violently overthrow the government along with ten other dfefendants including stewart rhodes who we're expecting at 3:30 in court. they outlined his role in the indictment, he led quick reaction force teams where a few oath keepers actually stayed
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behind at a hotel in virginia where they stockpiled weapons and they were ready, apparently, to move into the capitol with those weapons if other oath keepers called for back up. this is from the indictment. while certain oath keeper members and affiliates bridged the capitol grounds and building, others remained stationed just outside of the city if qrf teams, they were prepared to rapidly transport firearms and other weapons into washington, d.c. in supportive operations aimed at using force to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power. the qrf teams were coordinated in part by caldwell and vallejo. vallejo was just in court, accused of working hand in hand with oath keeper founder stewart rhodes and others. what prosecutors are outlining as this month's long plan. they all messaged starting in november, over these encrypted apps like signal. they formulated their plan, and then as they moved toward d.c. at the beginning of january, stewart rhodes is accused of
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spending thousands of dollars buying firearms equipment along the way. then we get to january 6th, and after several members allegedly breached the capitol, they apparently celebrated that night at a virginia restaurant and discussed some next steps. rhodes was the one leading this call, and prosecutors say after january 6th, he spent more than $17,000 in weapons. they say he was ready for more violence, and he called for his members to organize local militias to oppose the biden administration. so you know, victor and alisyn, all of these allegations for these eleven defendants, they are carefully laid out in what is a lengthy and jam packed 48 page indictment, and what's clear here is that the justice department, and we have seen it in court filings preceding this, they have been working methodically getting some of these oath keeper members to cooperate, and they have shared encrypted messages to illuminate and spell out this plot. the question is moving forward, you know, will stewart rhodes
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possibly provide any helpful information to prosecutors to indicate maybe others were involved. that's the big question as we move forward into the coming months here, guys. >> jessica schneider thank you for all of that. the january 6th house committee continues to expand its investigation into the insurrection. sources tell cnn former acting defense secretary christopher miller is meeting virtually with the panel today. he was the top pentagon official on the day of the capitol riot. so on thursday, the panel met with former new york police commissioner bernard carrick who worked with rudy giuliani in a search for election fraud. >> the committee has issued subpoenas to giant social media companies, cnn's ryan nobles joins us now. let's talk about minority leader kevin mccarthy, and cnn's k file has uncovered a radio interview shortly after the riot where he says that the former president, donald trump, admitted personally to bearing some responsibility for the attack. tell us more. >> yeah, victor.
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this is more evidence that there's a lot about what kevin mccarthy knows leading up to on january 6th and after january 6th that hasn't really been publicly revealed. we knew that at one point mccarthy told some of his republican colleagues in a closed door meeting that the president had expressed some responsibility for what had happened on january 6th but he quickly walked that back and had really come to defend the former president in the days after ji january 6th. this is the first time we're actually hearing him say those words. take a listen to what he told this radio host in bakersfield shortly after the january 6th insurrection. >> i say he has responsibility, he told me personally that he does have some responsibility. i think a lot of people do. what i proposed which i think history will say i'm right, this is the right thing to do, i believe, have a bipartisan commission and get all of your facts. actually work through the grand jury to find out at the end instead of pre-determining whether someone's guilty or not.
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>> so there's quite a few remarkable things about that interview. first, of course, him saying that donald trump told him that he bore some responsibility because the president has never said that publicly and he's actually said the exact opposite. also what mccarthy had to say about his desire for a bipartisan commission, victor and alisyn, you'll remember he pushed hard against that, and there was actually legislation on the table, and it was ultimately senate republicans that prevented it from happening. >> ryan nobles for us on capitol hill, thank you so much. charlie dent is a former republican congressman from pennsylvania, jeffrey toobin is cnn chief legal analyst, and phil mudd is a cnn counter terrorism analyst. welcome to you all. congressman, let me start with you and what we just heard from ryan nobles, this new sound from minority leader mccarthy. is it time, first, to put aside this, i guess it's a courtesy of not subpoenaing or issuing subpoenas for other members to try to get him to testify, even
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if it's not successful to take the next step? >> well, i do think kevin mccarthy and other members should voluntarily come in and tell the committee what they know. i think it's rather insulting to congress that members are saying, hey, i have nothing to adhere, the information is not relevant. well, that's not really up to the member to determine. it's up to the committee to determine. and so, you know, taking that step to subpoena is a rather large one, and i don't say that lightly because it does set precedent. i can't think of times when we have subpoenaed members, maybe there were ethics cases years ago where that happened. it just doesn't happen. there are all kinds of political and legal reasons why the committee may not want to do that. but it's sad to me because you just played that audio where kevin has changed his position on the commission, he changed his position on trump's culpability, and by the way, on the commission, i'm very saddened that my friend john
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katko just snoannounced he's no running again. he's the one who negotiated an independent commission with bennie thompson and got what leader mccarthy wanted and they took john katko's legs out from under him. he's had enough, he announced he's retiring. >> we have seen it time and again, there's a pattern, charlie, as we've talked about here. so phil, when you hear about how much worse it could be, i mean, in these encrypted communications, the oath keepers, allegedly, according to the indictment, were bragging to each other about the cache of weapons they were bringing. i'll read a portion of it. while traveling rhodes spent approximately $6,000 on an ar platform rifle and firearms equipment including sights, mounts, triggers, slings and additional firearms attachments, rhodes then spent approximately $4,500 in mississippi on firearms equipment, including sights, mounts, an optic plate,
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a magazine and various firearms. that's just a portion. i mean, that's just a bit of it. what does that tell you, phil? >> it tells me more about the future than the past. if i was an analyst still investigating this kind of stuff, once you turn it over to the prosecutors and the department of justice as an analyst watching cases develop, you go and say, what's next. so let me give you a couple of clues that you just talked about. number one, not only the willingness of people like this, and remember polling shows there are millions of people, millions who sympathize with potentially with the use of violence to protect what they think is democracy. millions of people who sympathize with violence. there's a spike in gun purchases in the united states. there's information clearly on the political side that shows if politicians are going to return to this theme of stolen elections in 2022 and 2024, and meanwhile, as you look at these court documents come out, you can anticipate that sympathizers are going to say, how did these guys get caught, how did they get flipped, and how do we avid
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that happening in the future. i look at the magnitude, a bunch of peek synthetic and learning, how are they going to learn more in the next two, three years. >> the attorney for stewart rhodes was on with brianna keilar this morning in this exchange on "new day" answering the basic question of defense, if they weren't come to go attack, to try to change the outcome through force, why were they here, and why did they have so many weapons? here's how he explained the defense. >> they did believe that they were going to have to respond to antifa or be called up by the president, but what's interesting is they didn't bring any of that into the district of columbia. they left it in virginia. if they were going to do any of those things, they would have brought weapons with them into the capitol, and they didn't do that. >> they thought it was antifa, and left the weapons on the other side of the river, does that matter? >> look at all the banks we
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didn't rob is the argument here. the idea that they could have done worse things but they didn't, that's not a defense in most criminal trials. the fact is they are accused of invading the capitol, trying to stop the electoral votes from being counted, and engage in a seditious insurrection, that's the charge. the fact that they could have committed more acts of violence is a not a defense, and i don't think particularly helpful to them. >> jeffrey, one more question to you because i heard you say that now what the prosecutors will try to do is flip the oath keepers to see if they can turn over bigger fish. what makes you think the oath keepers aren't the ring leaders? >> that's the question, and we don't know. the way federal law enforcement works is you try to keep moving up the chain as far as you can go.
12:14 pm
it may be that the -- that this was a silo, that the oath keepers just operated themselves, but let me read you one sentence from the indictment, paragraph 70, this is a signal message, an encrypted message that rhodes sent on the morning of january 6th and he says to his colleagues, there are many many others from other groups who will be watching and waiting on the outside in case of worst case sncenarios. who are those people? who are the other groups? how did he know that? what sort of communications did he have? that's the kind of thing that federal prosecutors will want to know, and if they can persuade rhodes or others to cooperate, that's certainly a question they're going to ask. >> phil, you have heard the narrative from capitol hill that there was no pre-planning of this, of course we now have all of these messages that have been exchanged and maybe that was the case for some of the people that
12:15 pm
have been arrested that it wasn't pre-planned. in this indictment, in addition to what we have learned, the training, one of the defendants traveled to d.c. for re-con for an op, that they were there weeks ahead of time to try to figure out the best way to execute this. >> i think what you're putting your finger on, victor, is what i would be interested in if i were looking at the investigation, and that is what the attorney general evidently referred to as granularity. there's the broad term sedition, but the granularity, when were the weapons purchased in the months before and the months after. that's one time line. time line two, especially now that we're getting encrypted messages, how did the language among the participants change as they acquired this message. i want stuff like credit card data, when did people travel, when did people speak, when did they come potentially to surveil what was going on and the targets in washington. those time lines when you start
12:16 pm
to overlay them i think are going to be incredibly damming because if you try to walk in with those weapons purchases, et cetera, it's going to look like you planned it in advance. it's sedition. >> if i can adjust one point to that, where did the money come from, i mean, those are -- i mean, yes, you want to know when the weapons were purchased and where, but where did the money come from, who funded all of this. that's an incredibly important issue that goes across the whole january 6th investigation. >> okay. charlie dent, jeffrey to toobin the world's number one detention player novak djokovic is facing detention and deportation. but the fight is not over. north korea finds more missiles overnight. new reaction from the pentagon, next. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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djokovic will meet with australian immigration officials after his visa was revoked for a second time. he was on the tennis court this morning, but as soon as today's meeting ends, he'll be detained while his case is heard in federal court. >> just to catch you up, this legal battle began with a conflict between djokovic's vaccination status and australia's laws on covid and administration. this could cost him the chance to compete in the australian open. cnn's scott mcclain is in cert serbia. what are the leaders there saying about all of these developments. >> reporter: the serbian president made it abundantly clear today that if you go after novak djokovic, you are going after an entire country. if you think it's popular to
12:22 pm
want to boo djokovic because he's unvaccinated, it's equally as popular to support him, and that is what the president did today. he has been relatively diplomatic until this point. he said if the matter had purely been handled by the australian court system he probably wouldn't have said anything but the minute the politicians got involved to put their fingers on the scale, well, today he dropped the gloves on the australian government. listen. >> >> translator: i am amazed at the fact that such decisions can be made by the executive and after the valid decisions of the judiciary. they often preach to us about what the rule of law is. why do you mistreat him and make fun of him, not only him but also his family and an entire nation that is free and proud. do you need it to win some elections? do you need it to please your public? >> reporter: now, there are also questions about the test that novak djokovic took in this
12:23 pm
country leading up to his trip to australia. let me remind you of the time line, december 14th, he went to the basketball game, that's when he believes he got infected. december 16th he took a pcr test, went to public events that day. december 17th, he went maskless to an event with children, and only after that event did he say that he actually received the notification of his positive test. well, today a serbian public health official and the prime minister's office made abundantly clear there is no chance that novak djokovic did not have a notification of that positive test on the same day that it was taken, the day before he went to that event with children. that system, they say, is automated. the time stamp on djokovic's certificate shows 8:19 p.m. they say they should have had an e-mail and text message just minutes later. whether he checked those messages, well, only novak djokovic knows the answer to that. alisyn, victor. >> that is a really helpful time
12:24 pm
line. scott mcclain, thank you. >> thanks, scott. meanwhile, earlier this week, the u.s., you'll remember, sanctioned north korea for a missile launch. well, last night, north korea launched two more suspected ballistic missiles. including one that sent u.s. officials scrambling and had some worried it was a threat to parts of the u.s. off of alaska or off the california coast. >> let's go now to cnn's oren liebermann at the pentagon. so what's the pentagon saying about this? >> reporter: what's note worthy is the number of lodges in a short period of time. they were monitoring the launches and in touch with allies such as south korea and japan to consult about an assessment of the launches as well as perhaps how to respond. it was two launches essentially overnight. the pentagon says these were ballistic missiles as well as a launch earlier this week and a launch last week. so four separate missiles
12:25 pm
launched in the span of about a week and a half to two weeks, and it comes in the face of additional u.s. sanctions against north korea and russia, as well as a defiant north korean foreign ministry is saying this is part of their advancement of their national military program which they see as a very high priority. still, the pentagon has made it clear that diplomacy remains the first option from the united states, even if north korea is not engaging on that right now. here's pentagon press secretary john kirby. >> there are lots of levers of power that the united states government and our allies and partners have at our disposal. obviously president biden has been very clear, diplomacy leads. that would be no different here than when we're talking about north korea and the korean peninsula. >> that led to -- the launch earlier this week led to an interesting response because initial data of the launch as u.s. satellite and radar were
12:26 pm
able to pick up suggested it might have been an interc intercontinental ballistic missile that might threaten the west coast. that led the faa to issue a temporary ground stop for 15 minutes on monday afternoon before it became clear from additional telemetry data, additional information on where this missile was going that it was not a threat. that ground stop was lifted quickly but still quite a few questions on how and why it happened when that missile was thousands of miles away. >> oren liebermann for us at the pentagon. thank you. there's new information on those thrfree covid tests being sent out by the white house. you may want to order them well in advance of needing them. my sleep number 360 smart bed tracks my circadian rhythm, average heart rate, and breathing rate so i know how well i'm sleeping. it's also temperature balancing so i stay cool. and it senses my movement and automatically adjusts to help keep me comfortable all night.
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we have new details about how you can get one of the free covid tests that president biden promised. starting january 19th, that's wednesday, you can go online to and request up to four tests per household. that's the initial phase of the program. when will they arrive. the test will ship within 7 to 12 days of being ordered. >> yesterday, president biden announced he will purchase an additional 500 million at-home
12:32 pm
tests for distribution. well, five senate democrats sent president biden a letter criticizing his administration's covid-19 response, and they specifically called out the testing shortage, and asked why more steps to get at-home testing did not happen sooner. >> here to discuss is dr. perry wilson, an associate professor of medicine at the yale school of medicine. his article, testing could help end the pandemic if only we had tests is published this week. doctor, thank you so much for being with us. first, let's just start with the update on these tests coming out. you can get four per household in the first phase, but they'll ship seven to twelve days after you order them. your thoughts? >> right. so, well, hey, it's a good start. credit where credit is due. it's good to see this. of course these are tests that you're going to need to get in advance. you need to have them in your house when you start developing symptoms so that you can test rapidly, so this isn't the kind of thing that you can get quickly when you're traveling,
12:33 pm
when you feel symptomatic or when you might be visiting someone vulnerable. i recommend everyone, when the web site opens, try to sign up. try to get them sent out? >> isn't another big issue whether or not these tests are reliable? i think every single one of us, and everyone watching right now probably has some story of someone, a friend or a family who was exhibiting symptoms, had had an exposure, took one of the rapid abt-home tests and it cam back negative. >> we're starting to learn exactly how these tests are best used and for the at-home tests in particular, when the omicron variant came, it became clear that people have infection, and may even be infectious, able to transmit to other people for several days before the tests turn positive. they're not a great early indicator of infection. what they're great for is once they turn positive, following the result to see when you are no longer infectious, when they're negative again, that would have been a great criteria to leave isolation for people
12:34 pm
who had covid-19. the cdc didn't add that criteria, and i think, frankly, they didn't add that criteria because there simply weren't enough tests to allow people to do that. hopefully that's starting to change. we need to use the tests in the proper way. >> do you think that we're relying too much on the pcr tests and we should focus more on the rapid at-home antigen tests? >> they each have their use. the antigen tests are great to tell you when you're sort of done, when you can leave isolation. that's identity deal use for them. the pcr tests are great to detect early, before the antigen tests turn positive. there's a problem there too. testing is backlogged, for many people, they're getting the pcr tests, they're not getting results for four to five days later. it can tell that you were infected early in the course of the disease. if you find out four to five days from them, the public health impact is quite minimal. we need to work on the testing infrastructure, so you can get
12:35 pm
results quickly, if you are infected you can protect people around you. >> you wrote this piece that we might be able to test our way out of this pandemic, but how would that work? >> well, the idea is we need to slow the spread of the disease, and the number one thing we have focused on for much of the pandemic has been vaccination, which has been incredibly successful. there are breakthrough infections with omicron, but vaccines, even with the advent of the omicron variant are protective with severe disease and death. that is a success story. we're honestly maxing out how much benefit we can get out of vaccines. the way you slow viral spread at this point is by taking people who are infected and preventing them to the extent that they are able and willing from spreading it to other people, and the number one way you can do that is just letting them know you're infected, especially with vaccinated people, with breakthrough infections who might be minimally symptomatic, we need to tell them, you're
12:36 pm
infectious, you'll be fine, but why don't you stay home for a few days so you don't infect someone vulnerable. >> doctor, thank you. >> thank you. a congressional candidate says he can no longer be a republican because of what the party is doing with democracy. he's going to join us live to discuss leaving the party, next. staying up half the night searching for savings on your prescriptions? just ask your cvs pharmacist. we search for savings for you. from coupons to lower costs options. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy. throughout history i've observed markets shaped by the intentional and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate this landscape,
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a gop lawmaker who voted to impeach donald trump announced today that he will not seek reelection. congressman john katko is now the third gop impeachment backer to throw in the towel along with adam kinzinger and anthony gonzalez. the republican party's continued embrace of trump's big lie is
12:41 pm
causing many in the party to feel alienated. that includes greg, he was a republican candidate running for alaska's sole u.s. house seat. he announced he's leaving the party and running as an independent. and greg brelsford joins us now. thank you so much for being here. we look forward to talking to you. is there something in particular that is driving you out of the republican party? >> thank you for having me, alisyn. to clarify, i didn't leave the republican party so much as the republican party left me. i was raised by deeply religious republican parents and i ran for the state -- i ran in the republican primary for the state of the state house in 1994, but the republican party of those years is gone. today's republican party -- >> i mean, tell me what it is, that's upsetting you most. >> well, today's republican party is consumed with relitigating past elections and not with resolving real problems
12:42 pm
for real people and working families, but worse it's attacking democracy itself. >> yeah, you wrote an op-ed this week in which you talked about how concerned you by how many republicans are embracing donald trump'sing ongoing lie and that they are trying to compromise election integrity and democracy. i'll read a portion of what you say. in 2021, republican legislators introduced bills in arizona, missouri and nevada that would allow the state legislatures to nullify and veto their voters voices and directly or indirectly reject presidential or other election results. as you know, president biden has been trying to fight this. he was trying to pass these, you know, voting rights legislations. it doesn't look like it's going to happen. and then minority leader mitch mcconnell basically rebutted that and said there was nothing to worry about really, so let me play that for you. >> he invoked the literal civil
12:43 pm
war and said we are on the doorstep of autocracy. this will not be repaired with more lies, more outrage, and more rule breaking. >> so what's your response to that? >> well, i think that's an example of the republican party hiding its head in the sand. the republican party has lost its -- only going from bad to worse. in my opinion, there's a serious threat to democracy by the republican party and i ran -- i switched to an independent to show alaskans and the country and our young people how to protect vigorously protect democracy from possible collapse. >> and why do you think republicans have their head in the sand? why do you think so many people have signed on to the
12:44 pm
demonstrably false lie that president trump didn't lose the 2020 election? >> well, i think public officials have a high duty to provide accurate information. that's when a failing of the majority of the republican leaders in our country, and the state, they're not providing accurate information and a number of people are hearing that information and relying on it to the detriment of the country. >> do you think you stand a chance running as a an independent. obviously you do, let me rephrase that. do you think it makes your chances harder. >> i think it makes my chances better. i think there are a ton of people in alaska and the united states, not at home and either party, but particularly conservatives are becoming less and less at home in the republican party, and i think both -- people from both backgrounds or all backgrounds
12:45 pm
are looking for an independent to bridge those differences, particularly in alaska, and that's what i intend to do. >> i mean, but then you see all of these examples of people who have tried to be rational, have tried to fight the lies, have tried to speak the truth. congressman john katko are just the latest getting out of congress. they don't feel there's any place for them. liz cheney, as you know, is under pressure from all sorts of sides, who say that, you know, she doesn't deserve to be in leadership there anymore. what do you say to that? >> i say that let's not give up. let's keep fighting. let's not stand on the sidelines. let's get in the game and keep trying to strengthen democracy. >> gregg brelsford, thank you for talkingtous. great to get your perspective. we'll be watching your race. we have reached out to the other primary candidates running in alaska. so far one of them has taken us up on an offer for an interview. and we look forward to that
12:46 pm
conversation in the future. thank you. >> thank you, bye bye. tv star and comedian bob saget will be laid to rest today. details about how his family and closest friends will say good-bye, next. ♪ ♪ do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails, my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. strypaper? why do we all put up with this? when there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients like an electrolyte, antioxidant, even your tears' own moisturizer. and no preservatives. these ingredients are true to your eyes' biology. see? bio.true. - [narrator] introducing the grubhub guarantee: our promise to deliver the food you love on time,
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just in to cnn, comedian and actor bob saget will be buried today. according to a source close to his family, a private service and burial will take place in los angeles. a public memorial will be held at a later date. bob saget was 65 years old. his "full house" co-star john stamos tweeted, today will be the hardest day of my life. >> fondly remembered as america's tv dad, saget was found dead in his orlando hotel room on sunday. officials who performed his autopsy said there were no drugs or foul play, but an official cause of death has not been released. movie star marilyn monroe was the original blond bombshell and she was adored by millions. >> now the new cnn original series "reframed:marilyn monroe"
12:52 pm
looks at the way the sex symbol was also a feminist trail blazer. here's a preview. the world knows her as the movie star. the original material girl. the provocative bombshell. but now, after a reckoning in hollywood, many say it's time to reframe the way we see marilyn monroe. >> marilyn challenges what it means to have agency as a woman and what it means to be a feminist. >> reporter: marilyn arrived in hollywood in 1946 as norma jean doherty and quickly became her transformation into a superstar. it did not take long for marilyn to understand the patriarchal studio system governing hollywood. >> i think marilyn accepted she was going to have to date people in order to get what she wanted. >> reporter: but marilyn rebuffed harry cohen, head of
12:53 pm
columbia pictures and one of the most powerful men in hollywood and outed others in an article titled "wolves i have known." when nude photos of marilyn surfaced -- >> marilyn was halled into the office to account for herself. and she was put in front of all the powerful male studio heads. >> they said, did you pose for a calendar? and i said, yes. anything wrong? >> marilyn's decision to own her nude photo shoot calendar is brave. it's bold. it's very modern. >> reporter: and it worked. by then, marilyn was a bona fide superstar. but she grew tired of all the dumb blond roles she was forced to play. so she walked away from her contract with 20th century fox. launched her own production company and kicked off a year-long battle with the studio. >> marilyn had no idea if this entire experiment was going to end in complete humiliation and
12:54 pm
disaster. >> but her strategy worked. fox offered her a new contract with a raise, director approval and the freedom to make films through her own production company. >> she got everything she wanted. everything. which was unheard of in 1955. >> reporter: tragically marilyn's life was cut short just seven years later. >> of course her early death is a tragedy but that doesn't overwrite everything that she achieved up until that point. >> her legacy, not just as an actress but as a feminist trail blazer lives on. >> she became the biggest actress in the world and the biggest cultural icon of the 20th century. she really was truly extraordinary. >> "reframed: marilyn monroe" premieres sunday at 9:00 p.m. only on cnn. hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi.
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cate blanchett has a confession. she told graham norton that because of covid restrictions she didn't have a makeup artanist the netflix movie "don't look up" show she wore an old set of fake teeth and a wig. who do they look like? >> i don't know. but -- >> you can't tell me that's not us. >> they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. and, by the way, why does she have an old set of teeth lying around her house? that's one of my first
1:00 pm
questions. but they now say that this is the number two, according to deadline, most successful movie of all time on netflix. shouldn't we get a cut of the profits? >> netflix, run us our money. send us our checks. >> clearly we're the inspiration. it's obvious. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> well, at least joe biden's new puppy hasn't bitten him yet? that we know of. "the kwdlead" starts right now. an awful week for the president only getting worse. there's a group of russian operatives inside ukraine. and according to a u.s. intelligence official, those operatives are looking to create a false pretense for vladimir putin to give the orders for russians to invade. we'll talk to the president's national security adviser. then, in a sign of how overwhelming the omicron variant is, two of the country's largest pharmacy chains are shutting down some stores because so many


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