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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 15, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean in for fredricka whitfield this afternoon. we continue to follow breaking
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news. a tsunami advisory is in effect for the entire u.s. west coast and alaska and we're now seeing the first waves arriving on the mainland of the u.s. this right here is video of waves arriving a short time ago in santa cruz, california. more and potentially larger waves are expected but not -- over the next several hours. the tsunami was triggered by an underwater volcanic eruption overnight in the south pacific. you see those satellite images, they are incredible. they show a massive ash cloud and shock waves. the ee lungs happening near the island nation of tonga. a tsunami has already hit the largest island there, sending waves flooding into the capital. the tsunami warning center says the first waves now hitting the mainland of the west coast here in the u.s., that means numerous beaches, marinas and boardwalks on the california coast are temporarily closing as a precaution. our natasha chen is at the santa
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monica pier in california. natasha, what are you seeing? >> reporter: allison -- sorry, jessica, there are a lot of people walking past here very curious about the situation. we did talk to the l.a. county fire department lifeguard division, they say they've been warning people this is not something where you want to get too close or get in the water just out of your curiosity. here is actually some bullet points from the national weather service talking about not going to the shore to observe this, the first wave may not be the largest so later waves may be larger. waves and currents can drown and injure people who are in the water. some impacts may continue for hours and even days after the arrival of the first wave. you want to move out of the water, off the beach, away from the harbors and marinas and follow the instructions of people in the area. los angeles county has not closed beaches at this moment, but orange county beaches south of us are closed.
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we talked to one person who is here in santa monica every saturday morning very early and he told us what he saw this morning that was different from other weeks. >> this morning it was different than a regular saturday morning because the waves are normally just coming in in sets and it's no bother. well, today it seemed very disturbed and at one point the waves -- i tried to take it with my cellphone pictures, it didn't capture it but the waves were kind of going backwards and everything seemed disturbed. it wasn't the normal motion of the ocean on a saturday morning. the waves were kind of going i want to say sideways backwards, a little disturbed. >> reporter: and so we've also been talking to the lifeguard division of the l.a. county fire department. they said that the concern is perhaps less so the people right along this beach coastline and more so the low lying harbors where those boats may be docked. they have been telling boat
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owners to secure their boats, to not be on those boats because of the potential tidal swing. this morning they had someone down at the redondo beach harbor measuring a 1.5 foot tidal swing. when they experienced the effects of the japanese tsunami, for example, a decade or so ago that tidal swing was much larger so that's something they watch out for in the harbors. >> natasha, thanks so much. let's turn to the uphill battle against the coronavirus. the cdc updating its guidance on masks saying n95 or kn95 masks are the best option but testing shortages continue to cause trouble across the country. states like georgia are opening up mega testing sites to keep up with the high demand and starting today americans can get free at home tests by using their private insurance. starting next week americans will be able to order free at
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home tests from the government. this comes as members of president biden's own party are questioning the rollout and how quickly those tests could actually turn the tide on infections. the tests coming at an already desperate moment. look at that graphic right there. hospitalizations now at an all time high during this pandemic at more than 155,000. that means icus are quickly filling up and more than a dozen states reporting less than 15% -- less than 15% remaining capacity in those icus. more now on the cdc's updated mask guidance. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta looking at which masks are best and why. >> in the united states we are being drenched with omicron, a variant so contagious it has caused daily cases to double in the past two weeks. now, just like you would put on a better raincoat in a bad storm, we need better masks more
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than ever. our best bet, an n95 mask. >> if you are going to wear a mask wear the best mask possible. >> aaron collins a self-proclaimed mask nerd is a mechanical engineer with a background in aerosol science. >> there is significant improvement in the amount of aerosol that you're going to be exposed to when everyone is wearing an n95 and you're wearing an n95. >> i think it's worth reminding people why exactly they work so well. it has to do with the actual material. there are electro static clee charged fibers in here so it's not just gufiltering particles it's attracting particles. also it works well not just for air that's potentially coming in but also for air that's potentially going out. now, one key they think about the n95 masks is you've got to make sure they actually fit really well. having these two bands around the back of your head annual
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making sure no air is escaping around your eyes, cheeks or chin. studies have shown that cloth masks can have about 75% leakage. a surgical mask 50%. but with an n95 it can go down to as low as 1%. even with the cdc's updated mask guidance there is still no explicit recommendation to wear an n95. however, on thursday president joe biden announced a step in the right direction. >> next week we will announce how we are making high quality masks available to the american people for free. >> if you buy your own the achlg cost of an n95 is just under $2. that's according to project n95 a nonprofit dedicated to educating people about high-filtration masks, but how to pick the right one can be bewildering. there are more than 6,000 different models of niosh approved respirators, the
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national institute for occupational safety and health the agency that evaluates safety equipment like masks. >> it's an incredibly difficult market for consumers to navigate and unfortunately in this -- in this circumstance bad information could cost someone their life. >> kelly carruthers is the director of government affairs at project 95. the problem, she says, is that counterfits have infiltrated the market. you can find a list of niosh approved products on the cdc's website but here are some of the things to look for. remember those head straps, niosh approved n95s are always going to have head straps instead of ear loops and the mask itself will say niosh along with the manufacturer name and identifying number starting with tc. >> if you can tolerate an n95, do it. if you want to get a kn95, fine. wearing think mask is better than no mask at all, but there is a gradation of capability of
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preventing you from getting infected and from you transmitting it to someone else. so we should be wearing the best possible masks that we can get. >> the kn95 dr. fauci mentioned are another type of high filtration mask but finding the right one of these can be even tri trickier, that's because kn95 is a chinese standard meaning none of these are currently approved in the united states. even worse, the cdc says about 60% of these masks are fakes. yes, even the ones you buy online. >> there is no way to tell if the manufacturer has met those qualifications or not. it is very difficult for someone to discern whether or not it's a safe mask. >> now, that doesn't mean all kn95s are bad, but it does mean you will have to do more homework such as checking to see if the manufacturer has a valid lab report. >> we recommend better high filtration masks and we need a mask standard, a general public mask standard so that we can
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cover all the range of masks that people want to use. we can go back to pretty much normal, quote, unquote, life if we all had really good respirators. >> something so simple that could help us slow the pandemic. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. >> all right. dr. sanjay gupta for us. thanks so much. agonizing, excruciating, devastating. these are words being used by the parents of children under 5 years old to describe their current situation when it comes to the pandemic. as they wait for their kids to be eligible for covid vaccinations. the omicron surge has many, again, facing a child care crisis and forcing some to make impossible choices. i want to bring in dr. elizabeth clayborne an emergency physician at the capital regional medical center. always lovely to see you. thanks for being with us. we know you are the mother of two young daughters and this probably hits home for you. walk us through how the current
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situation has impacted you and your family. >> yeah, jessica, i'm really pleased that i was able to come on today. my entire family tested covid positive last week, fortunately we all had mild symptoms, but still as a mom who has been working on the front lines and even was pregnant at the beginning of the pandemic and now has a 19 month old and 3-year-old at home i've been terrified that i was going to bring home covid and i did finally, that's what happened. i had to stay home over the last week with my two small children and i am taking time off from work, but actually going back tonight. i think that this puts a lot of parents like myself in a difficult position because my kids are better and fortunately did not need to be hospitalized or seen by a medical pre vierd but that's probably because i'm a doctor and i understood how to care for them. a lot of people are not in that position. i am returning to work but that means that my kids are not 100% well and it would be nice if i had the time and support to do that, but we are just so devastated by the omicron surge in the hospital settings and
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every health care worker really is needed on deck. so i do need to return to work and i think that that makes it difficult to decide what i need to do as a doctor versus what i need to do as a mother and it's really just, as you said, devastating to have to make these decisions and know that i'm the one who probably got my kids sick and now have to go back to work and not be there as they're continuing to recover. >> i know that's hard. our hearts go out to you. i'm glad you guys had just mild symptoms but your kids are still sick, you are still sick, it's still not a situation you want to be in. walk us through what the latest timeline is for eligibility for children under 5 to be able to get that vaccine. >> yeah, many of us were hoping that we were going to have actual, you know, approval of a vaccine for children under 5 by the holidays and obviously that time has come and gone. they did have preliminary data showing that this is going to need to be a series that is requiring potentially more than two shots and that is why we have not yet heard when the
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children under 5 will be eligible. so we are not exactly sure when that's expected, but obviously i think this is something that hasn't gotten as much attention as it needs. parent that have kids under 5 they are not the same kind of kids that can stay home and be occupied doing online lessons. my 3-year-old is not going to watch anything online. my 19 month old needs constant supervision. if you are a parent that doesn't have help at home and you're juggling work with having kids at home that is impossible. then you have to make a decision if you are going to send them to day care and preschool the risks associated with that because they are not vaccinated. i think that we are all really looking forward to when we can expect this vaccine to roll out to those under 5 but we expect it to be several more weeks and potentially longer than that. in the meantime i would encourage everyone to support people in your community that may be dealing with this child care issue or these concerns and especially those who are working on the front lines that have been putting themselves at risk and potentially now making their
10:14 am
families sick because of their willingness to serve. >> it's such a great reminder because i think this is such a universal situation for people with children under the age of 5 right now who are trying to deal with child care issues and at homeschool and work and all of it. it's a wonderful reminder to be supportive of those in your community, especially those health care workers, especially now that we're two years pretty much into this pandemic and obviously so many health care professionals like yourself would have been going to work and been on the front lines for two years are dealing with physical, mental fatigue. what more can be done to support you and your colleagues? obviously supporting these families, but also you and your colleagues who are on these front lines? >> yeah, i'd like to, again, remind everyone that those who are working in health care right now are extremely burnt out. we have not only been at this for some time, but the entire environment that we are working in kind of went from, you know, a place where we were being praised as front line heroes to now really just being in a
10:15 am
setting where we're not getting the support we need because we are so severely understaffed and dealing with the surge of omicron patients. a couple of things that i think people can do. number one, if you are not vaccinated please be vaccinated. i know that people think because omicron is less severe that it's not as dangerous but you are still 20 times more likely to die, 17 times more likely to be hospitalized and ten times more likely to pass that infection and that puts pressure on people like me because i have to take care of sick patients and we do not have the staff or resources to do that. number two, i would encourage you al of you guys to put pressure on the government to better support so you are front-line workers. it would be nice if we had hazard pay. i did not get additional sick pay although my organization is looking into that. something like student loan forgiveness would be helpful for us. a lot of us who have been feeling used and abused over the last several months and dealing with patients that sometimes get frustrated and take the frustrations out on us. i would encourage everyone to be patient, mindful and supportive
10:16 am
of people doing their best to care for you and encourage our government and our structures that are supporting health care workers to make sure that they're being clard diligent in finding unique ways that they can support people who are going out and doing their best to take care of sick individuals. >> we all owe you all so much. dr. clayborne, thanks so much. good luck going back to work. we hope you are well soon. >> thank you. still ahead, some strong words from the uk opposition leader to boris johnson. quote, he's not to go. he is unable to lead. will the prime minister be able to survive this moment? we will talk about that next.
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uk prime minister boris johnson is now under i believe tens pressure to step down following a series of scandals. while parties that took place at downing street while covid lockdown rules were in effect. uk tabloids notorious for their
10:21 am
savage coverage of follow tigss and celebrities have gone on attack the daily mirror saying quote the party is over, boris. the opposition leader also calling for johnson to step down. >> we have a prime minister who is absent, literally in hiding at the moment, and unable to lead. so that's why i've concluded that he's got to go. and of course there's a party advantage in him going, but actually it's now in the national interest that he goes. so it's very important now that the torrey party does what it needs to do and gets rid of him. >> salma abdelaziz is in london for us. boris johnson is also coming under fire from within his own party. >> reporter: jessica, it seems like every single day now there is a new report about a new party, a new allegation about more fun during lockdown inside 10 downing street, inside
10:22 am
essentially the white house of britain. the latest allegation comes at a time when the prime minister had to apologize to the queen herself. that's because the allegation is that two parties were held at 10 downing street the night before prince philip's funeral. i will tell you why that's important. there is this iconic image, we have it to show to our viewers of the queen sitting alone by herself observing social distancing rules even on one of the most difficult days of her life. even as she said good buy to her husband of seven decades and seemingly downing street itself was breaking those rules the night before. the newspapers are full of details about these parties. one of them i'm going to give it to you so you understand how salacious this is, is that one of the attendees at this party in april of last year was sent out with an empty suitcase to fill it with bottles of booze and bring back that suitcase full of booze to this party.
10:23 am
look, quite simply, this is not how you expect a government to conduct itself. this is not how you expect those who are running the country to behave particularly at a time of pandemic. it's not over for prime minister boris johnson. there's an investigation into all of these parties now, which span from the summer of 2020, the height of the pandemic into the spring of 2021 and the concern for the prime minister is that he might be directly implicated here, jessica, and the question over him now no matter what this investigation results in, his reputation here is absolutely damaged. there's questions as to whether he is fit to lead. jessica? >> salma abdelaziz thank you for your reporting out of london. coming up, a cnn investigation inside the oath keepers, one of the groups that was part of the capitol siege.
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investigation into the january 6th riot the department of justice is unveiling seditious conspiracy charges. 11 defendants have been charged including the leader of the oath keepers stewart rhodes who pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. prosecutors say rhodes and others used encrypted communications to coordinate leading up to january 6th. cnn's drew griffin has more on these significant new charges and the man accused of leading this far right group. >> reporter: oath keeper leader and founder stewart rhodes has spent nearly a year publicly denying he had anything to do with the violence on january 6th. >> there were no plans by the
10:29 am
leadership, us, me and the team leader whip to enter the capitol. no instructions by us to do so and we didn't even know that any of our guys had done it until afterwards. >> reporter: but this indictment tells a different story accusing rhodes of seditious conspiracy a complex months' long plan for a massively bloody revolution if joe biden took office. prosecutors allege oath keepers prepared for battle at rhodes' correction. rhodes purchasing thousands of dollars in guns and tactical equipment, other setting up a quick reaction force and communicating as they stormed the capitol. >> you are executing citizens arrests. arrest this assembly. we have probable cause, acts of treason, election fraud. >> reporter: a promoter of the big lie rhodes constantly and publicly called for donald trump to invoke the insurrection act over the november 2020 election or else. >> if he does not do to, we will
10:30 am
have to fight a bloody civil war or bloody revolution. >> reporter: that fiery language about revolution isn't new for rhodes he has been obsessed with fears of a deep state government for over a to see years. rhodes formed the oath keepers in 2009. >> i barack obama -- >> reporter: after america elected its first black president. his loose military-based group swears allegiance they claim to the constitution and nothing else. >> we will not obey orders to impose martial law. >> i will not obey. >> reporter: rhodes started out with an oath keeper blog but his messages were soon spread to millions of people by conspiracy theorists and stop the steal organizer alex jones. rhodes has been a regular on joens' show for more than a dozen years. together jones and rhodes would whip up conspiracy theories and talk about government internment camps and plots to confiscate
10:31 am
ammunition. >> they're buying it because they might have to use it and so they -- almost every gun owner i spoked to is concerned that this is for all the marbles and we're heading for a civil war. >> reporter: armed oath keepers acting as vigilantes showed up at civil disturbances, marches, protesters, all while rhodes pressed the war that a real war would have to be fought from elites and activists. >> we're going to eventually fight them but when we do it will be a different ball game because they don't have the military stills we do. >> reporter: days before election night 2020 rhodes told info wars viewers the time he had been predicting was coming. >> a civil war because you have sitting politicians who are part of the enemy's ranks. the good news for us is that we have 14 million relevance at
10:32 am
least, massive pool of combat veterans who are awake and aware. >> reporter: after trump lost the election the oath keepers acted as security at stop the steal rallies and rhodes talked about providing protection for alex jones and others, also broadcasted donald trump his shadowy army was in position. >> we have men stationed outside d.c. as a nuclear option in case the attempt to remove the president illegally we will stop it armed going in. >> reporter: as the plans for january 6 started in motion according to rhodes' attorney the oath keepers were asked by january 6th rally organizers to provide security. >> they were coming to the capitol for a demonstration on lot 8 that alex jones and ali alexander were going to have. that went off the rails and didn't happen. >> reporter: two days before the insurrection rhodes posted an alert bull continue on the oath keepers website, all patriots who can get to d.c. need to be in d.c. stand now he wrote or kneel
10:33 am
forever. they came armed in battle fatigues and according to prosecutors began executing their plan to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power including multiple ways to deploy force. >> overran the capitol. >> reporter: the big question now is this only the beginning. are federal prosecutors now taking a much broader view of the insurrection and targeting those who planned and encouraged it? up to and potentially including members of congress and even a former president. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. >> drew, thank you. right now more than 65 million people are under winter weather alerts. a dangerous storm marching across the country with the threat of ice, sleet and freezing rain. we will tell you where that storm is headed now when we come back. and in a new cnn original series reframed discover the life and legacy of the true marilyn monroe.
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it premieres sunday at 9:00 p.m. here is a quick preview. ♪ you don't own me ♪ >> marilyn monroe knew that she was more than just a pretty face. >> she wanted control of her own destiny. >> it's frustrating that people can't think about her in terms of her intellect. >> marilyn challenges what it means to have agency as a woman. >> to see a woman that is so in charge of her sexuality is extremely empowering. >> this woman is so comfortable in her skin. >> she was rolling the dice with her career in very real terms. >> marilyn would have been the biggest influencer of all time, creating her own production company, getting films made. >> marilyn monroe is a mirror for people's ideas about women's sexuality and women's power. ♪ >> it's hard to know where to start if you don't start with the truth. >> reframed, marilyn monroe,
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these are live pictures as a huge winter storm system makes its way across the central united states. parts of the southeast brace foe potentially dangerous conditions. what will start as rain could transition into sleet, freezing rain, snow and ice. allison chinchar joining us from the cnn weather center.
10:40 am
a lot of states will feel the impact of this storm. >> you're right. dozens of states likely to have some type of impact. here is a look at the current radar. we're seeing the transition from rain over into snow for states like missouri and arkansas. that's going to be the case for a lot of other states as the storm continues to slide to the e east, it's going to be do it slowly, but all in all these are all the areas that are likely to have some impact from this system. you have winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories an an ice storm warning across portions the carolinas and georgia. this system will meander across the southeast before taking off back into the mid-atlantic and northeast sunday into monday. ice will be the biggest component, a quarter inch ice accumulations but some areas where you see blue and purple you're talking a half an inch, up to three quarters of an inch. that causes dangerous road conditions and we're also talking widespread power outages.
10:41 am
you have a wind component that will be hard on the trees and likely bringing some of those down. heavy rain to the south in florida and georgia, but the heaviest snowfall in the southeast is ll going to extend between nashville and charlotte, especially the southern appalachians when you start to get high into those allegations now you are talking 1 to 2 feet of accumulation there. on sunday the low begins to slide up the eastern seaboard, now we start to see impacts to the mid-atlantic by the later portion of the day sunday and eventually into the northeast by the time we get to monday. >> all right. a long 48 hours ahead. allison chinchar, thanks for the update. still to come, republican glenn youngkin was sworn in as governor of virginia today, the first gop governor in that state in nearly 12 years. why his campaign could prove a model for republicans as we head into the midterms. plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect.
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today republican glenn youngkin was sworn in as virginia's 74th governor. he is a former ceo who has never before held elected office. his campaign could prove a model for future contests all around the country as we head into the 2022 midterms. joining me to discuss the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. larry, great to see you. we know that this was just one state's governor's race and i know a lot of people are like what's the big deal but glenn youngkin was able to win this a state that president biden won ten points not is one year before. walk people through why this was so significant on a national level. >> well, virginia always gets disproportionate attention,
10:47 am
jessica, simply because virginia and new jersey are the only contests for political junkies to chew on in the dwyear after e presidential election but i think so this one was particularly interesting because donald trump is a great advantage for republican candidates in red states, republican states, and he is a significant disadvantage for republicans in blue states like virginia. virginia is pushlish blue or bluish ish purple. the fact that young kin could do this while having many of the position that is trump has is significant. part of it is that he has a completely different personality. he's as sunny as trump is often dark and those sorts of things matter in terms of motivating the vote and also keeping your opponents at bay. >> right. and, you know, the day after that election it was all the buzz among so many gop aides who maybe their bosses are up for
10:48 am
reelection in this cycle and all they wanted to talk about was how this unfolded, how it happened. young kin obviously appealed to moderates, after that primary he did distance himself from the former president. what do you think are any lessons if there are any that republicans running in 2022 in some of these places, states and districts that are more purple what do you think they can take away from this? >> probably do the minimum that you have to do to keep trump happy or at least not unhappy, which is what the young kin people did. they had a number of intermediaries including some around young kin who worked with trump and kept him out of the state. he appeared virtually from time to time but he never made a personal a peerng and the youngkin people didn't want trump in persons during the campaign. that is significant if you are running in a blue area or a purplish competitive area. if you are running in a red area
10:49 am
trump probably helps you. when you nominate somebody who has never run for public office, never served in public office, has no voting record, really has no record at all they have a tremendous advantage. they can define them sufls in any way they
10:50 am
strongly opposed to what is called critical race theory, which he wants to get out of the virginia classrooms, which i'm going to predict will happen, because we don't teach it in virginia. so it would be easy to get it outside the classroom. we'll see what he does. it's one thing to campaign, it's another thing to govern. i hope he follows up on that. i hope he doesn't suppress the unfortunate parts of american, and in this case virginia history. we give people the benefit of the doubt until they don't earn
10:51 am
it anymore. >> and we will see what now governor youngkin does. larry sabato, thank you so much. >> thank you, jessica. nfl playoffs begin today and the g.o.a.t. tom brady is going after an incredible eighth super bowl ring. we're going to talk to the filmmaker that's taking an intimate look at the quarterback's notoriously private life. and put 48 hour freshness and 1 quarter moisturizers in. dove 0% aluminum deodorant lasting protection that's kinder on skin. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the nfl playoffs start today with wildcard games, including defending champions, the tampa bay bucs, who take on the philadelphia eagles sunday. and it will be tampa quarterback and future hall of famer tom brady's shot at an incredible eighth super bowl win. a new documentary series called "man in the arena" takes a look at the notoriously private brady. >> when the chance came, we outwilled you. i just had that mindset right from the beginning. >> they sat me beside tom brady's locker. i want to know what he knows. >> ain't nothing like having tom brady. >> we would go after each other with 2 by 4s. >> the expectation was to win every game. >> we can do better than that the executive producer of the man in the arena, great to have you with us.
10:57 am
he's an intense guy. tell us what this series revealed to you about brady. >> well, thanks for having me, jessica. it's interesting, i was listening to your introduction, and it is a very intimate look at a guy who has been very private the last 20 years or so, but it's an intimate look in his head. and tom is many things. he plays with joy, he loves the game, but there is an intensity, that clip you showed he talks about being an edger and he and his teammates really pushed each other, they built a culture of just pushing each other to the edge, and occasionally over the edge. and i think he still has that. i think the culture in tampa is very different than new england, but he always says, as long as he still can perform at a high level and he loves it, he's going to keep on doing it. here we are. maybe another episode, who knows. >> right, there could be more. he's 44 years old. there were a lot of skeptics who said years ago that he couldn't
10:58 am
play past 40. we don't see that a lot, much less be as successful as he's been. here's what he said about going into unprecedented territory. >> all right, i'll go prove them wrong again. they didn't learn their lesson last year, obviously, or they didn't learn their lesson the year before that or the year before that. >> and so you just -- as you say, we get a peek into his head. what is it in your opinion that makes him so great? is it the determination, the drive, the way he psychologically deals with this? we know physically he's tried -- he's done a lot to stay in the shape that he's in. but what about in his head is pushing him forward at this age? >> look, that's a great distillation. people have heard about the hydration and sleep and all the things he does physically at 44, which is a lot to still perform at a high level. tom talks about both his mental game and emotional game. and i think he puts as much
10:59 am
attention and focus on those aspects. one thing that's a recurring -- as the clip began, you showed, that idea of age. age is a thing now. tom has always been, and a lot of great athletes i've worked with do this, they find a psychological edge. for him for a long time, he was the sixth round pick. i think he still in his mind is the sixth round pick, the 199th selection in the draft 20 plus years ago. i think it's always finding that edge, that thing to sort of defy, you know, the prognosticators and he's really good at that, like finding that thing. because i think objectively most people feel like he's sort of cemented his legacy, but he has an ability to keep on finding that next thing. and then i think the other thing is he plays for his teammates at this point, and i think if you really got him in an honest moment, he would admit his legacy is intact, but he derives a lot of joy from a whole new
11:00 am
generation of players that are his teammates for whom this is all new. and he loves being a part of that sort of culture. >> it is so fascinating. i could talk to you about it all day. i think sports psychology and getting in these athletes' brains is so interesting. but we have to leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. hi, everyone, and thanks for joining me this afternoon. i'm jessica dean in for fredricka whitfield. we continue to follow breaking news. a tsunami advisory is in effect for the entire u.s. west coast and alaska and we're seeing the first waves arriving on the mainland of the u.s. take a look at these waves hitting the coast of santa cruz, california, a short time ago. the santa cruz city manager telling us the harbor did suffer minor flooding. more and potentially larger waves are now expected to hit over the next several hours. we know the tsunami was triggered by an underwater


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