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tv   The Movies  CNN  January 15, 2022 6:00pm-8:00pm PST

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. this is cnn breaking news. >> it is the top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in for pamela brown a dramatic hostage situation unfolds. a court weighing whether ten my ace novak djokovic will play or pack his bags. 70 million americans in the path of a major winter storm. we will tell you what is ahead tonight and tomorrow. we begin this hour with significant developments in tonight's breaking news. we are learning more about a man who said he traveled to a texas synagogue today on a mission. some ten hours later, three people are still being held hostage, including the rabbi of
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congregation beth israel. one hostage was released. he was physically not injured. they are bringing the standoff to a peaceful end. we are working to confirm the stunning account from a kin going congre gant who says she was watching a live stream of today's sab bothd service when the suspect entered. with me now is ed lavandara, who has been on the ground covering this really since this happened. you have been there and you were there the moment that one of the hostages, a miami, was released. that is at least one piece of good news out of this tragic situation. what more can you tell us? >> well, it's been three hours since that hostage was able to get out of the synagogue, which sits just about a little more than a quarter of a mile down the road from where we are.
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and so, we presume hostage negotiators continue doing their work this evening, as you said. we are going into about ten hours that this hostage situation has been unfolding here in the town of colleyville, texas, which is just northeast of ft. worth. you know, it's been a harrowing end a horrific day tore the members of the this congregation. it's a small jewish congregation. about 150 families belong to this synagogue. most of them have not been attending sabbath services in person because of the covid pandemic. that's why so many people were at home watching on the live stream. that's why there were so few people inside the synagogue when the suspect entered and took four people hauvenlth one man was released. we are told that person does not need medical attention, was
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physically unhiturt as you mentioned and they have been reunited with their families as well, clearly, a great deal of concerns ongoing as there are still three people left inside that synagogue. we are still awaiting word on what will happen and unfold here in the coming hours. >> ed, what has been most streaking to you in that community. as you know, signature on the desk and people coming together, obviously, shock and horror and then what, what has struck you the most? >> several things. we've heard from synagogue members who have described to us how they were watching this on the live scream. you can imagine the horror, the fear, the panic, trying to make sense of it, from what we've heard from several congre gants,
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it was rather chaotic. it was about necessarily a 13 picture of what was going on inside so you'd see them at times being apologetic and describe themselves as someone not a county council i criminal. so you can imagine what they are experiencing all of that. then what we learned about the rabbi of this synagogue, someone who has dedicated themselves intensely over the last five or six years during his tenure here at this synagogue to reach out to members of different faiths. poppy, we are reporting from the parking lot of a check church, where we interviewed members of the local nearby mosque, muslim leaders of a mosque, who know this rabbi very well over the
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last few years, brigg different interviews together. effort really striking as you sit here and take it all in as we wait good news developing in the coming hours. >> thank you to you and your entire team. we appreciate your reporting. evan perez is continuing to work his sources for us tonight in washington do we have clarity or any clarity on the identity of this suspect and motive? >> no, we do not at this point. poppy. we know the fib fib is working to confirm the identity of the suspect. they've developed some information and i think they think that they have a good idea but until that information is confirmed, where he came from, who is he, what exactly is his interests in what he has said not only to the fbi crisis
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negotiators, who are still, by the way, in contact with him. they are still maintaining that contact with him until they can get all of that i think they're moving very cautiously. we do know that he has expressed that one of his concerns or one of his issues is the imprisonment of a woman who as you have pointed out is serving an 86-year sentence in a federal prison in texas and she is something of a celeb in jihadi circles. there are a number of terrorist who's have tried to carry out attacks, specifically tied to trying to free her. so there isle of that part of the story the fbi is working on to try to determine exactly what exactly where this concern or issue has come from with regard
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to this suspect. the goal is to keep talking to him. balls they want to make sure there is no harm that comes to three people still in there. >> do they feel more hope. do you know evan, the fact that one hostage has been released, coupled with the fact he is still talking to the authorities and it's been almost ten hours, so you know, he will get tired and worn down? >> again, those are go hopeful signs for the fbi investigators on the scene. they want to make sure they keep talking to him. if he keeps talking, that means that these hostages are safe. right and that's the ultimate goal to get this resolved without any harm coming to people in there. yeah, this is the now going on, according to police, the colleyville police department, this began at about 10:40 a.m.
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their time local time, so it's been dragging on and you know the fbi has to be and the local police have to be ready to take other action if they detect something is amiss. right? if he changes his tone, then they also have to be ready to take other action. so as long as he is talking and pointed out the release of this hostage about two hours ago was a big, big hopeful sign. because it indicated that they could have some rapport and trust. as long as that is going on, they have to be ready, though, to take other action in case something else turns. >> certainly, evan, thank you so much for staying up late and getting us all this information. joining us is cia counter terrorism phil mudd.
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how would you put together all we have seen? he learned a lot three hours, one of the hostages has been released. we have learned more about this desire to have sadiq kwu i released. where does this stand? >> reporter: i think in the past couple hours, things are changing. they have provided information on mr. there is a weapon. i assume there is. on the mental state of that individual, it's been a long time. this is an official length of time for a hostage investigation. so one of the questions is the emotional state of the person of the tahj u hostage-taker is declining over time. the fbi team on the phone is getting the same idea. is this person slipping away? i'd say finally, you got to presume the bureau identified this individual.
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you got to presume that that without mean more about the background of the mental state of this person. >> i want to get your state. we got our attorneys joining us, law enforcement believes that the motivation of this hostage-taker is at least in part to get sadiqqu freed from prison, she is serving an 86-year sentence for trying to kill americans in afghanistan. anyways, her lawyer just put out a statement that says, quote, we implore the hostage taker to release all the hostage takers. i would assume this is read by the fbi to the hostage-taker. no? >> i don't think it's that significant. i remember this case.
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a female and someone highly technically trained in medicine and science. she came a cult figure the i am sure in the minds of this person, she is a cult figure. i am not sure that would make a difference in this person's mind. >> how do they go about negotiating for the other three hostages to be released after ten hours? i mean, you've just got this sort of human factor, the human element of exhaustion. >> yes. >> and you maid that actually give them some hope they can wear him down? >> i'm not sure i would buy na. look. if you figure out how much energy invested in the past ten hours, walking in, hearing the dreaming video yet the energy the person has invested over time, they've got to be slipping. there is no way, especially with an emotional state where you think that taking hostages will allow for the release of a federal prisoner, you can't
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imagine that this person is getting more emotionally stable as negotiations continue. i am actually losing hope that this person will do the right thing. i'm not saying people will get hurt. this person is getting more and more likely to release three other persons soon. >> you think more likely they are released or not? >> more likely the feds start to say, we have to take a different tact because this has been going on too long. >> which is what? how do you decide to go in. >> potentially sending in a hostage rescue team. >> how do you make that call? >> first by assessing. let's go back to the person released by assessing the emotional state. also saying, are we making progress? most of these will be resolved within two-to-four hours. >> wow. yeah. this is almost ten. phil mudd thank you so much for your expertise. earlier i spoke with stacy
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silverman, a member of the congregation beth israel. she was today watching the facebook live stream when all of this unfolded. i want you to listen to what she told me. >> my mother called and told me there was a hostage situation going on. i said, oh my god. it was almost unbelievable. so i dialled into the live stream and i heard the perpetrator speaking between english and his native tongue and very you know just hateful. he hates juice. you know for everything going on in the world. hateful, hateful language. he said he was the brother of an isis terrorist who is apparently incarcerated in a federal prison
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if ft. worth. and indicated he killed our synagogue because he flew in, he says he flew 5,000 miles and that ours is the closest to dfw international airport. so that's why he appears at our synagogue. >> wow! i mean, there is so much you just said that i am hearing for the first time hand the i think our viewers are hearing for the first time in terms of what he said about the reason that he was there. did he say anything about violence about taking hostages, about his demands? >> yes, he said he had a gun, he said he won't go until his sister was released from this missen. he was, you know, adamant. and, you know, that he was saying he's not a bad person.
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he doesn't want to hurt anyone, his sister is not a terrorist. i mean, we were on this two hours. it was horrifying. and antesemitism has been on the rise in this country in the past two years. both on the left and on the right. it has been a very scary time. and we all knew after it happened at the tree of life that it can happen anywhere or san diego community. but this rabbi is beloved. i wanted to say charlie was respected and beloved in the community and has spent his entire ten years, over 13 years in the synagogue, we have a very small jewish community in this area, we're in between dallas and ft. worth. in this city. but there is a very large muslim community and he has reached out. we have ramadan with the muslim
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community. we have a strong community. we have strong relations with our christian neighbors and muslim neighbors. so for this to happen, it is just horrifying. we want rabbi charlie released and our congre gantz safe who are there. because of covid and because our county has 40% positivity rate. most people zoom in for the services. a lot of people aren't actually there. so that's why there weren't too many. any hospice is too many. we want them to walk out of this space. >> of course. we all do, one has been released physically uninjured at least is what we've heard. i should note. thank you for sharing all this information with us. because we have not, we did not see the live stream.
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we do not, have not yet, cnn has not yet confirmed or cooperated those comments that he made. obviously, we're in the middle of fact checking all of that i appreciate you sharing that with us. i am so sorry. i know this has been your home for 13 years. so we're wishing for the best for you and your entire community tonight. stacy, thank you for calling in. >> thank you so much, poppy. >> again, our thanks to stacy for that. the man holding these hostages as we mentioned has let one of them go. he is still holding three others. still tonight after ten hours. more on this breaking news next. >>
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. >> back to breaking news out of colleyville, texas, one of four people held khafji at the the synagogue has been uninjured. investigators believe three hostages are still being held after some ten hours. the fbi is still negotiating with the suspect inside and police say at this time there are no nope injuries. officials tell cnn the hostage-taker may have been motivated by a desire to free a woman currently serving an 86-year sentence at a federal prison in texas. she was convicted of trying to kill americans overseas. earlier, i spoke with the ceo and national director of the
6:22 pm
anti-defamation league. he says today's desecration of the jewish house of faith is panefully familiar. take a listen. >> unfortunately, poppy, i feel we have been here before. this is the if irt that anyone at adl can recall a hostage-taking at a synagogue. unfortunately, jewish sites have been targeted again and again and again by extremists over the years and unfortunately, this fits into that pattern very neatly. the reality is that there is a reason why synagogues, jewish communitial offices have intense security. because they says a series of threats. i can tell you extremism tracked her for years before her arrest. we know her husband is the
6:23 pm
nephew of khaleed chsheikh mohammed. most germane to this situation, we know she has been opened and explicit. anti-conspiracies loom large in the mind of islamic extremists. after she was arrested and went to court, she insisted there were no jews in her jury people. she used anti-semitic tropes throughout the trial and literally when she was convicted of crimes against america, including shooting u.s. troops in an act of public murder. it was this verdict didn't come from america, it came from israel. so this is a woman who we know and her supporters we know spout hostile anti-semitic conspiracy
6:24 pm
theories. there is a lot of information we need to gather. but we're very alarmed. >> and jonathan, just let me remind our viewers if people are joining us, hearing you talk about s za diggu, she is serving an 86-year sentence in texas right now. the reason you are describing her and these equipment is because we've just been told in the last hour by two different law enforcement officials that investigators believe the hostage-taker in the texas synagogue situation may have been motivated by a desire to try in some way to get her freed we don't know the hostage-takers name or the connection. i appreciate you laying that out. the fact that this was will be live streamed and our reporting is for well over an hour, people could hear this, could hear the gunman. >> so many synagogues, poppy,
6:25 pm
have moved to live streaming services because of covid restrictions. my synagogue, many family and friends. so some can go to service. you can live stream them. so it was not a surprise, this was a reformed synagogue located in suburban dallas and many of the members would have been at home watching this on their laptops, on their computers, even on the o on their phones. that's a part of the new kind of way we're worshiping in this post-covid omicron world. but again what's scary is that the idea that someone with weapons of some kind could get into the synagogue and hold the rabbi and these other people hostage. we have staff on the ground in colleyville at the command center. we are monitoring the situation very closely and poppy, i'll also tell you, i've got many calls this evening from jewish leaders around the country. people are scared k. people are very, very terrified. >> we know the government,
6:26 pm
federal government is deploying extra resources to synagogues and jewish centers across the country in response to this, jonathan green blat, we are all hoping for the best as we continue to monitor this. i appreciate you joining me tonight. >> thank you for having me. the global jewish community i should say is expressing support. just an outpouring of support really from around the world tonight for the hostages. israeli prime minister bennett tweeted this, i am closely monitoring the congregations if colleyville, texas. we pray for the safety of the hostages and the rescuers. police are ramping up security at synagogues across the country tonight after what is ongoing. our coverage continues next.
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. >> welcome back. we're continuing to monitor the hostage situation if colleyville, texas. the latest information is one male hostage is being released. the fbi is continuing its negotiations with the suspect. law enforcement believe he may have been motivated to do this
6:31 pm
for trying to kill americans overseas. with me national analyst for cnn. thank you both very much for being here. let me start with you. this is a real joint effort between the fbi and the authorities, ten hours in and one hostage released. what does it tell you? >> well, it tells pe that law enforcement, this joint effort, they're doing something right. you want to take your time, not push a tragedy, getting one hostage released. that's work, that's effort. they're going in the right direction. i know people want this over with quickly. the family, the community.
6:32 pm
but this is positive in my opinion us the for. >> julie, do you see it as well? >> they have been talking to him. one hostage is released. there has been no death yet. you want this situation and one way only, which is that the hostages are not harmed. the other is what we are seeing in this time period. now that we know potentially what the motivation is related to sadiqqi, related to the islam terrorism and she was arrested for potential attacks against american soldiers in afghanistan and is serving time in texas
6:33 pm
this has given time to help and support other synagogues that will be potentially congregateing in the years ahead, it's horrible for that community. most importantly, we have hostages alive, which is got a ne news. >> does your experience tell you because they are talking to authorities and he has released one of the hostages, that it is more likely than not that the other will be released? >> here's what we do know. we are not hearing from the fbi about other synagogues. they were clear to say this was a discreet threat, not an
6:34 pm
ongoing one. they may know this is a loeven person, that's better than ten around the country. he is one man bo has been, you know, in trying to keep others in prison for a period of time. tired, delusion, it's those weaknesses the fbi takes advantage of, so whether literally if he falls akeep. if one or two or three are able to get out. it's hard, we don't know, but time is on the side of this right now. he will start to get tired.
6:35 pm
how do other federal governments ramp up resources to protect synagogues, new york city is doing the same, los angeles is doing the same. what actually do local police departments do? what is the nypd doing, for example, right here? >> based on community relations, you will reach out to the jewish community synagogues and make clear you are giving additional patrols to their areas to their communities. in baltimore, we would put special deployments out specifically when there were incidents of this type in the jewish community. it's not hard for law even
6:36 pm
forcements to do. >> thank you. we appreciate you staying up to help us as this unfolds. the hostage situation continues right after this break. plus more breaking news, tennis star djokovic trying to get approval, despite not getting a vaccine. the federal court fight over this ongoing right now. i strip on public transit. i strip with the guys. i strip all by myself. breathe right strips open your nose for relief you can feel right away, helping you take in air more easily, day or night. (vo) singing, or speaking.
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a major and an encouraging development tonight in a hostage standoff inside a texas synagogue last hour, we reported that one hostage had been released unharmed. we also can report there have so far been no known injuries and the fbi continues to speak with the hostage-taker. this is all happening at congregation beth israel near ft. worth. three hostages do remain inside. witnesses say they were actually watching this all happen on a facebook live streaming of the service when the gunman interrupted it. moods shifting between apologetic kick and screaming. the rabbi is believed to be among the remaining hostages. two law enforcement officials
6:41 pm
tell cnn investigators believe the suspect was motivated by a desire to free a woman by the name of saddiqqi. she was convicted in 2010 on u.s. officers in afghanistan. she is now serving an 86 prison sentence in texas. aafia siddiqui. in australia, a federal court is hearing tennis star novak djokovic's appeal. his anti-vaxing stance imperils the health and stability of the country's people and that is why they want the courts to stand by the minister's decision to have him deported. phil black, we spoke last holiday, we were on a break for lunch. is this trial, hearing i should say resumed and where is it?
6:42 pm
>> reporter: yes, it just resumed a few years ago. the government's lawyer is continuing his arguments in defense of the immigration minister's decision to cancel novak djokovic's visa. it was based on his belief his continued prinesence, djokovic' presence could result in fewer people getting vaccinated and public demonstrations that could serve as points of community transmission and would rick to public health in that sense. the arguments in favor of that according to his lawyer, were not just to djokovic's status as being unvaccinated. it is his clear determination to remain unvaccinated. he referenced the recent position by novak djokovic, after he recently tested positive to covid-19, he still
6:43 pm
spent time with a french sports journalist, still sat with him. in which he removed his mask, knowingly breaking the isolation rules as they exist in his own countries of serbia. the lawyer' the that there are various aspects in which his presence as a sport star could propose bad israeli behavior. for that reason, he says the cancellation should stand now we should see these hearings, these arguments wrap up in the coming hour. then it becomes a matter of judges going away and making the decision. we will be on standby to see how quickly they come back and whether it is today, whether it is soon enough, to potentially allow djokovic to take place in the australian open tomorrow. >> phil, if he can't for either reason, if they you know stand by the minister's decision to cancel his visa or if they don't
6:44 pm
come back with the decision in time before the tournament starts, what happens to the tournament, in general? because he is the number one seed? >> reporter: yes, so there is a way of shuffle ising the order of play, in a way that someone else would take his place in the lineup. i believe under the technicalities of the law, the draw and order of players are determined a qualifier from an unseeded qualifier would essentially take his place in the draw, or something very similar to that essentially a reshuffle would take place so that the tournament goes on, it goes on without novak djokovic. >> wow. many people are wondering. we are watching close. we appreciate you being there in melbourne, tanks very, very much. now back to our breaking news story, a man holding hostages at a synagogue in texas has let one go free. he is still holding at least three other people inside. we have the latest on this
6:45 pm
breaking news next. also a check of the winter weather forecast threatening ice, rain, snow for millions up and down the south and east coast and incredible also image of a volcanic eruption that set off a tsunami threat across the pacific today. we will ask a volcano expert how it compares to other under water eruptions next. >> > toms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant®
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with magnilife® leg and back pain relief. and get living. available at your local retailer. continuing to follow tonight out of colleyville, texas, where one of the four people that have been held hostage for ten hours today at the congregation beth israel has been released on hurt. investigators believe three hostages are still being held after some ten hours as i mentioned. the fbi is still negotiating with the suspect. police say there are no known injuries at this time. officials tell cnn the hostage-taker's motive may have been a desire to free a woman named aafia siddiqui who is serving an 86-year prison sentence in federal prison in texas. she was convicted of trying to kill americans overseas a decade ago. around 74 million people meantime are under winter
6:50 pm
weather alerts right now. carolinas and georgia could see snow. let's get an update from gene norman. what are we looking at? >> reporter: poppy, we could be seeing anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow in georgia, northern alabama, perhaps 4 inches in places like nashville. but this winter storm has not just snow in it, but also ice. that's going to be a big. >> correct could be a lot of power outages and 3/4 to an inch of ice from raleigh back to charlotte during the day tomorrow. how does the system look now? well, there's snow in arkansas. it's rain ahead of it. but the rain will change to ice and then eventually to snow. keep an eye on the pink. that's where the rain falling out of the sky meets cold air at the ground. that's called freezing rain. then once that moves out, the cold air comes in behind and we have snow. then system moves quickly up to the north. but it could dump a lot of snow anywhere from perhaps 6 to
6:51 pm
12 inches, maybe even a foot in places like western new york all the way back down into sections of eastern ohio. probably the best thing we can say is it's happening on a weekend. >> right. so stay at home if you can. but a lot of us work on the weekend, right? thank you very much. >> i know. >> more video is coming in from that avavolcano that erupted underwater near tonga. satellite images show a huge explosion that brought powerful waves. a tonga tsunami hit its main island and flooded sections of the capital. look at that. here in the united states, much of the west coast was under a tsunami advisory while the waves continued to batter the coastline. let's bring in volulcanologist. you believe in boots on the
6:52 pm
ground science, and you were talking about this earlier that i thought was interesting. just basically saying there's so much we still don't know about this eruption and what it will mean. >> yeah, thank you so much for having me on, poppy, because in the aftermath of events like this, that's when we see a lot of misinformation, a lot of confusion. unfortunately, many people just don't know a lot about volcanoes, and one of the most important things to note in a developing situation like this is that we haven't seen this volcano erupt on this scale before. but the size of the volcano complex, all of its component parts shows us that it's capable of something like this. while it's nothing humans have seen since we've been recording data, it's something that most likely has happened before. but each eruption is its own individual sort of contained thing. so we're going to have to see how this plays out.
6:53 pm
>> can you explain to people who are seeing some of these images for the first time and seeing the -- i mean, to have something happen in tonga and to have a tsunami warning on the coast of california, it's a huge deal because of how far apart they are. can you explain and is there a warning for something like this? was this about to bankrupt? >> this volcano had shown increased signs of activity for several weeks now. and of course the tonga geological services monitors activity in the region. they have information coming in all the time about any active or potentially active volcanoes nearby. and that's the same in any country around the world that has active volcanoes. so they knew that the volcano was showing signs of unrest. the issue is that we can't predict eruptions, so we don't know how large an interruption
6:54 pm
might be, when it will happen, and we don't know how long the eruptive sequence of events is going to take. so there's a lot of unknowns here, and what i will say is, while we didn't know that this eruption was going to occur on this scale, as far as the tsunami goes, we have sensors throughout the oceans, buoys that record when the ocean fluctuates. and those sensors are so delicate that they can tell even the matter of just a few inches of water displacement. so as soon as this eruption happened and the shock waves started to go out in the air, the ocean water was displaced as well. so folks on the coastal regions of japan, north america, south america, australia, new zealand, they all had warnings that tsunami waves could reach them. fortunately people were warned on those areas. but the island of tonga, much closer to the eruption, seems
6:55 pm
like they didn't have much warning at all. so we're still waiting to see the extent of the damage that they've felt. >> finally, are there adverse environmental impacts other than the tsunami and what we saw in the flooding? volcanic ash into the air? >> yes. volcanic ash, i'm so glad you mentioned it because a lot of people think volcano ash is like soot in your fireplace. it's not. it is actually pulverized fragments of rock, and they are very tiny. we're talking microscopic. and they can form blankets hundreds of miles away. they can float on the ocean, making rafts. they're pretty devastating to local populations too because they can collapse the roofs of buildings, they can stop jet engines from functioning, and, of course, they'll smother crops and pollute water supplies. so yeah, the folks nearby are going to be feeling the effects of this eruption for quite a few
6:56 pm
months, i would say, at the very minimum. >> jess phoenix, thank you so much. we all feel much smarter after listening to you on all of this. it's fascinating. we appreciate it. thank you so much. obviously we are staying very much on top of the continuing hostage situation at the synagogue in texas. we will bring you updates as we have them. we know one of the four hostages at congregation beth israel in colleyville, texas, has been released tonight. investigators do believe the three others are still being held after some ten hours. cnn will follow this story throughout the night. tune in tomorrow morning to "new day" weekend for all the developments. i'm poppy harlow in for pamela brown. she'll she you here next weekend and i'll see you again tomorrow night. ♪ breaking into your heart like that ♪ ♪ do the boogie, like ♪ ♪ side step, right-left, to my beat ♪ ♪ high like the moon, rock with me, baby ♪
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7:00 pm
>> sheryl, it's cindy. remember when olive was here, she was runner-up. the girl who won had to forfeit her crown. something about dive pills. now she has a state in the state contest in redondo beach! [ screaming ] >> oh, my god, i won i won. >> little miss sunshine was the first script that i wrote where i starred with the ending and reverse engineered the rest of
7:01 pm
the story. >> miss louisiana. >> one day i'm sitting at home and watching tv and there's footage of a child beauty pageant. there's skinny blonde girls walking around. i thought to myself wouldn't it be great if an unconventional girl rocked the house. i know that's going to be a good ending. ♪ the boys in the band she says that i'm her all-time favorite ♪ >> you could feel everybody in the theater was laughing at the same time. it's to me there's nothing else better than that. ♪ that girl's all right with me ♪ >> and only movies can do that to get everybody in one room laughing together. ♪ >> it's like you're communing with the gods, basically, the gods of laughter. ♪ >> my name borat. i like you. i like sex. it's nice. >> "borat" is a very interesting mock meantry.
7:02 pm
sacha baron cohen plays a fictional character but goes out and interacts with the real world. >> my name is mike. i'm going to be your driving instructor. welcome to our country. >> my name borat. >> good. i'm not used to that but that's fine. >> you can't measure the impact of putting that character in a real setting where reality and fiction and comedy and drama and all these different things merge in such an original way. ♪ people stop and stare ♪ >> it's all right. >> sasha as borat is the breakthrough acting performance of modern times. >> lift your hands and begin to worship. >> he was like a method actor and had to really have a lot of touch stones so he could do the performance because he's not acting with other actors. he's not on a set. he has to pretend he is this character and they have to believe it. >> we're only here right now doing the weather. >> because the second they don't believe it, the scene is over.
7:03 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] >> a big part of the fun of the movie was we were robbing banks comedically. and when we were done, the giddiness, the exhilaration of that experience was unmatched. >> frank. >> hey, honey. hey. >> what the hell are you doing? >> we're streaking. we're going through the quad to the gymnasium. >> who's streaking? >> there's more coming. >> frank, get in the car. >> everybody's doing it. >> now. >> okay. >> just hearing will's name puts a smile on my face. i remember him making "old school" and everybody got that taste of, oh, you want to see a [ bleep ] genius on a movie screen? here you go. here's will ferrell. >> sorry, i want ride with you the rest of the way up. but this is where my dad works. oh, i forgot to give you a hug. >> because he came from the ground lings and "snl," he's
7:04 pm
aware of where the laughs are, what the rhythm of the scene is. >> santa's coming to town. >> santa! oh, my god! >> he could flow with a scene and change it. he's more like a jazz musician who can improvise around it as opposed to somebody more used to reading off sheet music. >> ladies and gentlemen, could i please have your attention? i've just been handed a urgent and horrifying news story. i need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen. cannon ball! >> i love "anchor man" so much. at that time, this was a big deal that he was making a movie that was his and adam mackay's sense of humor who were both "snl" guys. it was all the goofy shit that he does best all wrapped in one. >> ron, where are you? >> i'm in a glass case of emotion.
7:05 pm
>> he's got the corning stone on. he's got the corning stone on. ♪ >> a lot of what we think of now as 2000s comedy is somewhere in "anchorman," whether you're talking about writers, directors, producers, co-stars, cameos. >> but i think appataw is definitely the most significant participant in that film in terms of steering what film comedy would become over the years. thanks, man. >> so ready? >> yeah. >> oh! you [ bleep ] oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. that's just your job. >> i think judd apatow changed the landscape of comedy in the 21st century completely. >> i'm pregnant. >> [ bleep ]. >> what?
7:06 pm
>> what? >> i'm pregnant? >> with emotion? >> it's comedy infused with the heart of jim brooks but with the outrageousness that is going to absolutely kill it. it's going to bring the house down. house down. ♪ ♪ i'll tell it to the world ♪ >> "bridesmaids" comes out and it's a really surreal experience watching that movie. because you actually feel as though these are real women. >> oh, you had sex with him. >> we had an adult sleepover. >> oh. >> did you let him sleepover in your mouth? annie. your mouth? >> i'm sorry. >> you're unbelievable. >> he kept like putting it near my face. >> they do that, don't they? my face. >> they do that. let us offer. we don't offer. >> you're supposed to slap it away. >> i couldn't. >> that scene with kristin in the beginning, i am really proud
7:07 pm
of that one in that i feel like it does capture their chemistry and you understand their friendship so quickly in their familiarity with each other. >> what is that? >> i got engaged. >> what? >> he asked me last night. >> what. >> it showed female relationships in their entirety, in their awful, unattractive some days i love you even though i hate you side of female relationships. and it revolutionized the idea of what could be female and what could be funny. >> you got food poisoning from that restaurant, didn't you? >> no, i had the same thing that she had and i feel fine. >> oh, my, okay, okay. >> oh, no. >> something's happening. >> the poop scene wasn't even in the script. >> oh, my god, no. not the bathroom. >> everybody go outside. i'm serious! >> at rehearsal judd and paul came up with the idea what if you guys eat really bad food and get the shits? >> it's happening. it's happening. > up till that point it was very rare to see women being women in
7:08 pm
a hard-core comedy, and that movie is unprecedented because of it. >> it happened. >> what are you doing. >> it happened. >> think how many people's careers have been made by that movie. >> hey, air marshal john, you want to get back in that restroom and not rest? >> no, i have to get back to my seat. >> you've got to get back on my seat. >> melissa mccarthy got an oscar nomination for that part because he's just such a force of nature. >> wait, hey, hey, good news. good news, i found his balls in a clear sack. enjoy that. shove those back up there. >> oh, my god. melissa mccarthy, she's a genius. she's not just funny. she can do anything. >> i am so bad ass! this is your home.
7:09 pm
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announcer: tired of pain radiating down your leg and lower back? get relief finally, with magnilife® leg and back pain relief. and get living. available at your local retailer. i grew up hearing about it but i never figured i'd be going there. >> with "avatar," james cameron wants to bring back the spectacle of a 3-d movie and it's geared towards the theatrical experience which i feel like is part of james cameron's genius is he wants to make a movie that makes you have to see it in a theater. >> you should see your faces. >> studios were really in love with pre-existing intellectual properties. "avatar" was an idea he had been ruminating on for a long time.
7:13 pm
it's original and that is a wildly risky thing to do that the budget level. >> i remember taking my then 9-year-old son to see it and we just sat there in 3-d awe. to be so immersed in that world was mind blowing. everything felt real. everything feld tangible. it felt like this world existed. >> "avatar" came out and became the highest grossing movie of all time for the second time in james cameron's career. and it's interesting that at the same time, james cameron's ex-wife katherine bigelow directed a movie that couldn't have been more different. >> if everything looks okay when i get down there i'm just going to set it up. give these people something to think about. want them to know if they're going to leave a bomb on the side of the road, we're just going to blow up their [ bleep ] road. >> sounds good. >> in making "the hurt locker" what kathryn bigelow did was
7:14 pm
essentially make a war film as a success expense thriller. you shifted the parameters of the war film. you don't get big battle sequences. it's one person going into the realm of danger. >> oh, boy. >> kathryn bigelow is just a master of building suspense. she is taking the violence apart to have look at something deeper. what would drive these men to want to disarm bombs and how it becomes an addiction. >> this is suicide, man. >> that's what i call a suicide bomb, right? [ speaking foreign language ] >> catherine knows exactly what she wants. she is incredibly inventive. intrepid. never reckless but always experimenting. she is a great, great film
7:15 pm
artist. >> now in our count down to the oscars, director kathryn bigelow has a chance to make hollywood history. she's just the fourth woman ever nominated for best director and she would be the first ever to win the award. >> as we're getting towards oscar season where the big rival is james cameron's "avatar," her ex-husband has made the biggest movie of all time, there's this underdog quality and obviously the milestone quality of bigelow up for best director that makes the movie kind of this unstoppable force. >> well, the time has come. kathryn bigelow. [ cheers and applause ] whoo! >> what's interesting is about her is she was very happy for the recognition from her peers but then again, she didn't want to pivot and be the poster woman for women in hollywood. not everybody wants to carry that mantle. she isn't wearing her gender on her sleeve.
7:16 pm
she is a filmmaker making films. >> signed over everything. if he doesn't show at trial, see, the way the deal works is y'all are going to lose his place. you got someplace to go? >> i'll find him. >> girl, i've been looking. >> i said i'll find him. >> the stories i tell from the social realist tradition, patience is required. when it works, it is absolutely where i want to be working. because i do want to be able to tell stories from everyday life. that's the place where one can do that. >> jesus. dad's your only brother. >> you think i forgot that? huh? >> coming on 40 years, but i don't know where he's at and i ain't going to go around asking of an him either. >> "winter's bone" still stands as one of the best indies at that time. it gets the grand jury prize at sundance which is a great honor
7:17 pm
for just a small movie by a not very well known director and it got a lot of oscar nominations. >> the film had this really compelling presence at its center played by jennifer lawrence and this is the birth of an extraordinary career. >> prim! prim! i volunteer! i volunteer! i volunteer as tribute. >> i believe we have a volunteer. >> jennifer lawrence goes from being this fresh face in "winter's bone" to becoming the face of a massive franchise "the hunger games" movies. >> thank you. for your consideration. >> and then an oscar darling with movies like "silver linings playbook." >> forget i offered to help you. forget the entire [ bleep ] idea because that must have been [ bleep ] because i'm so much crazier than. you. >> keep your voice down. >> i'm just the crazy slut with a dead husband. forget it!
7:18 pm
>> shut the [ bleep ] up. >> she was great. i love jennifer. her character was so powerful and strong and she he did it so well. i didn't trust her before but i got to say now i do. >> now you like her, dad? >> i have to say i do. yeah. >> when she wins the oscar for "silver linings playbook," it makes perfect sense. she's not just a figure very much in the tradition of the great movie stars of the past but also someone who is funny and witty and real who it seems like can do anything she sets out to do. >> three, two. [ bell rings ] a circle that includes our researchers, driven by our award-winning science, who uncover new medicines to treat mental illness. it includes the compassionate healthcare professionals, the dedicated social workers, and the supportive peer counselors we work with to help improve - and even change - people's lives.
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7:22 pm
so where are you? you're in some hotel room. you just wake up and you're in a motel room. there's the key. it feels like maybe it's just the first time you've been there, but perhaps. >> "memento" is a fractured narrative film noir about someone who has lost their memory played by guy pierce. >> i lost my memory. i told you about my condition. >> only every time i see you. >> it's a fast, fun movie that was an introduction to a filmmaker with a hell of a lot
7:23 pm
of talent. with chris nolan, you see this guy who is having a great time making a movie and seeing what he can get away with. >> you say we talked before? i don't remember that. >> he's playing with chronology and narrative structure but he's also telling a really tragic story and telling it through the eyes of a character we sympathize with while we know nothing about. >> i need a routine to make my life possible. no drive to no reason to make it work. me? yeah, i got a reason. >> i love chris's films. it's a rarified air to be able to occupy a place where you're so cinematically intelligent and popular at the same time. >> the "batman" films were done a number of times, and it's always risky to bring back a film and to make yet another origin story, but chris nolan came in and met with me and walked me through the entire
7:24 pm
story, beat by beat by beat by beat. and i green lit it in the room. ♪ >> christopher nolan gave the batman story both a mythical dimension but also a very gritty in-the-moment kind of reality. >> what? what? >> chris nolan knew what he was doing in casting christian bale and knew what he was doing by making it a realistic portrayal of batman to where you could believe that this was how a billionaire kid became the dark knight. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. we are tonight's entertainment. >> in "the dark knight," heath ledger chose to play the joker
7:25 pm
as a genuine psychopath. >> ha, ha. >> in a way that raised the stakes for the entire property. >> we knew it was open for a fresh interpretation and i also instantly kind of had something up my sleeve which happened to be exactly what chris was kind of looking for. >> the joker has always been a somewhat ambiguous character. but what heath ledger did was make him truly malevolent. >> you're not as crazy as you look. >> i told you i'm a man of my word. >> there's a scene in the movie where the joker has stolen millions of dollars and he just burns it all. because and that's meaningless to him. "el he just wants to create chaos. >> all you care about is money. this town deserves a better class of criminal. i'm going to give it to them. >> heath ledger i think changed how villains are portrayed in superhero movies. he set the bar so high.
7:26 pm
it's a heartbreaking performance because it reminds you of what the next 50 years would have been like for that guy as an actor on screen. >> because they legitimized the superhero movies so much, there's this almost ruinous effect that no one sees coming where studios are, like, great, this is it. this is the backbone of our box office strategy from now on. >> for your consideration, the jericho. >> when i was hired to do "iron man," i liked the idea that it was an older character, that it wasn't somebody who had an origin story of being an ordinary person and becoming super human. >> i'll be throwing one of these in with every purchase of 5 million or more. peace. >> it was about someone successful in life who was having a crisis of conscience. >> and the big thing that made it all work was the casting of
7:27 pm
robert downey jr. >> what's going on here? >> i think without him, we wouldn't be talking about that movie. >> let's face it, this is not the worst thing you've caught me doing. >> anybody who was a robert downey jr. fan, of which i had been from the very beginning, it was a no-brainer, you know. jon favreau is an exciting filmmaker. ironman was an exciting character. everything lined up. >> they got it right. >> whoo. yeah! >> our collaboration along with everybody who worked on "ironman" created a template for the tone, the sensibility and the way that the marvel universe could be reflected in an accurate way to what stanley had come up with. >> the idea of so many super heroes in one movie, this has never been done before. >> the avengers had the biggest u.s. opening ever this weekend. the first movie to make more than $200 million in one weekend alone.
7:28 pm
>> outside of the actual marvel comic books where they do their world building, i don't think there's been another cinematic experience that is as intricately written as the marvel universe. they've done a really good job of threading this through how these guys have evolved even with different directors and different writers. ♪ hello daddy hello mom ♪ ♪ i'm jericho ♪ >> the new stardom is the brand. marvel is arguably the biggest star in the history of movies. and i would take that argument and say nothing comes close. no movie star has ever come close to being as big as marvel is in motion pictures today. way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions.
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7:32 pm
look at that. these people don't know what you're capable of. >> i had been a huge admirer of alejandro's stuff and bird man was as joyous an experience of making a film as i ever hope to have. >> i'm sorry if i'm popular,
7:33 pm
mike. >> i don't give a shit, mike. popularity is the slutty little cousin of prestige. >> i don't know what that means. >> i don't know what was in the water around mexico city, but alejandro alfonso, guillermo del toro, that is a pack of talent unlike anything in modern film. >> our creative process is a process we really share between each other. during the writing process, we keep on sharing our screen plays and being brutally honest with each other. then during shooting we're like support groups because we suffer so much that we need to talk to someone else who suffers more. >> these filmmakers don't come out of a void. they come out of a country with a rich cinematic tradition. so they bring a very special perspective which has evolved ear long period of time. [ speaking spanish ]
7:34 pm
>> "pan's labyrinth" took people by storm because if they weren't interested in horror, they may not have known what guillermo del toro was doing. it becomes a really accessible mainstream movie that he also has these very dark fantastical elements that he's been working on for years. ♪ [ breathing heavily ] >> the universe monsters, of course, are cinema history and so much inspiration from what he does comes from those old movies. >> i can see the love of these monsters in his films and you can hear when he talks about it. i mean, you know, it's special. and "shape of water" is clearly like his creature from the black lagoon.
7:35 pm
>> guillermo del toro is an prior toer of the old-school movie-maker. he never lost the 12-year-old geeky fan boy within himself and i think that's why audiences can relate to his work so much. >> what you're seeing is the directors using established genres to do something that's actually very idiosyncratic and that you can make an intimate movie which is also a spectacle movie. alphonso caron is great doing that. he can make a movie on one hand like "gravity" which is incredibly spectacular, that has to be seen on the big screen, but in reality it's a very intimate human movie. >> i know. we're all going to die. everybody knows that. but i'm going to die today. funny that you don't have to know.
7:36 pm
but the thing is that i'm still scared. i'm really scared. >> alfonso cauron is a fascinating director because he's smart, gifted and does all kinds of films. >> what was interesting about "children of men" is you had all these very small, very personal relationships in the middle of this dystopian future with something really human at stake this idea of fertility and continuing the species. ♪ >> people found it almost immediately and recognized what a powerful work it was. and now when you talk about the best films of the 2000s, it's always in that conversation. >> she's pregnant. >> yeah, i know. >> it's a miracle, isn't it? >> with his long-time cinematographer emmanuel
7:37 pm
lubeski who is known as this magician of the camera, he was able to do these things that no one had done before. i was speaking the other day with someone who is an industry professional and he had said he and several other people he knew decided to become filmmakers when they saw the car scene in "children of men." [ explosion ] >> jesus! right. >> it was like doing a set piece. you know, we were really driving the car. there were really fires on the hill. the camera would move overhead, so for us as actors, it was exciting. [ screaming ] >> [ bleep ]. cnn breaking news. hello and welcome, everyone. i'm michael hoemtz. we've been tracking breaking news of course out of texas where at least three people are currently being held hostage at a fort worth-area synagogue.
7:38 pm
cnn's ed lavandera is on the scene in texas for us. ed, there have been some developments that you heard. bring us up to date. >> reporter: hi, michael. this is all here developing in the last 25 minutes. let me get to the headline. coordinating a tweet just sent out by the governor of texas, greg abbott, all of the hostages are out of the synagogue safe and alive. that tweeted just moments ago by the governor of texas. we have not heard that directly from law enforcement, the fbi, or authorities here on the ground. but i can tell you that about 25 minutes ago as we were sitting here in the parking lot, a little more than a quarter mile away from the synagogue, we heard a loud explosion and then shortly after a rapid series of gunfire that lasted just a short amount of time. after that, it has been quiet. and then now just hearing from the governor of texas saying that all of the hostages, the
7:39 pm
remaining three hostages have been released. they are safe and alive. we do not know the condition of the suspect in this case or what exactly has happened or if any of the law enforcement agents that were on the ground presumably entering the synagogue. we don't know what kind of condition they may be in. all of this continuing to develop here in the last 25 minutes. so we are continuing to gather as much information as we can. let me recap. there were three remaining hostages, about five hours ago, four hours ago the fourth hostage had been released earlier. so there were three remaining, including the rabbi of the synagogue. all those, we are told, understand at this point are all safe and alive. as i mentioned, about 25 minutes ago we heard a loud explosion coming from the direction of the synagogue just down the street from where we are, followed by a series of represented gunfire. that was it. there was no other sounds that
7:40 pm
we heard. and then shortly after, getting this new information from the governor here in texas, michael. >> and then for those perhaps just joining us, give us a sense of how this all started. i mean, there was a service that was being live streamed, and all hell broke loose, apparently. bring us up to date on that. >> reporter: sure. just before 11:00 in the morning central time, so approaching nearly, i guess, 11 hours if my math is correct, local police here in the town of colleyville, texas, just northeast of fort worth, started getting reports of the suspect taking people hostage inside this synagogue. we have heard throughout the course of the day from members of this congregation who said they were watching a live stream when they heard the suspect ranting and raising, screaming he isterically inside the synagogue and taking four people hostage in all, including the
7:41 pm
beloved rabbi of this synagogue. because of the covid pandemic, the vast majority of the members of this synagogue had not been attending sabbath services in person. that's why there were so few people inside. and the congregation members that we've spoken with say they have been watching all of the events unfolding here throughout the course of the day extremely dramatic, tense, frightening, and all of this culminating here this evening with what we heard as a loud explosion followed by a short series of rapid gunfire. and now the governor of texas says the remaining hostages who were inside that synagogue are safe and alive. >> i'll read that tweet verbatim. all hostages safe and situation over at congregation beth israel synagogue in colleyville, texas. that's greg abbott, his official post on twitter. ed, you mentioned the explosion and the gunfire. we do have tape of that, the
7:42 pm
sound that have explosion. let's play that. [ explosion ] you can barely hear it, but it is there sort of echoing across. that could have been a breaching explosive. it could have perhaps been stun grenades. we just don't know at the moment. and we don't know, do we, what's happened to the hostage-taker, do we? >> no, we don't know. and i can tell you, that was the first time i had a chance to listen to that audio of that explosion. i can tell you that here on the ground it was much clearer than that. we are here in the staging ground in the parking lot of a catholic church just up the street from the synagogue. as soon as people heard that explosion, everybody, the remaining members of the news media team that are stationed here, everybody jumped up. they knew exactly what it was, that it was a dramatic sound.
7:43 pm
and then several seconds later hearing that rapid gunfire. i don't want to speculate as to exactly what those sounds were. i'll leave that to other people to do, but clearly it led to the beginning of the end of this hostage situation here at the synagogue in colleyville, texas, which has gone on for nearly 11 hours. >> and also the hostage-taker had specific demands. he was talking about a desire to free a prisoner convicted back in 2010 of attempted murder and armed assault on u.s. soldiers. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah. we've been hearing from federal law enforcement sources and law enforcement sources throughout the day that this suspect, this hostage-taker was inspired in part because of this jihadist who had been convicted of crimes and being held at a prison here
7:44 pm
in the fort worth, texas, area, and that that was what inspired all of this. we have been trying to confirm throughout the day the exact identity of this person, and that has still not happened. there have been some names floating around and connections that perhaps this suspect was connected to siddiqui, who is in the prison here in the fort worth area. but all of this we're still waiting to hear more confirmation. and now for the first time we're hearing sirens. it has been generally quiet, so i don't know if those sirens are headed toward the synagogue scene or what the case might be, but that is something we have not heard through much of the evening. so things definitely in the atmosphere here definitely changing at this hour, michael. >> yeah. i hear that prisoner aafia siddiqui was held in federal prison in fort worth, texas, convicted in 2010 on terrorism
7:45 pm
charges, sentenced to 86 years in prison after opening fire at americans and became a celeb among jihadists around the world. her name as cropped up with names from isis. ed, stick around. we'll bring in cnn's juliette kayyem now. she's served as assistant secretary of the u.s. department of homeland security. good to have you with us, juliet. your initial thoughts on what we do know that's happened. that was an explosion of some sort, the hostages, according to the texas governor, are now safe. >> yes. thankfully. this is such good news for not just those who were held hostage and their family members, but of course for that community and the jewish community. so what we're reporting is some sort of flashbang that would be typical of law enforcement. as i've been saying all day,
7:46 pm
time was on the fbi's side to the to the extent they just needed a vulnerability. they needed the hostage-taker to get tired, to become agitated, to maybe become vulnerable himself. i talked to him. he let one hostage out, suggesting there was negotiations going on. that was to create an opportunity for the fbi to go in. and their concern is not life or death of the hostage-taker, it's to get the hostages out alive. so that is a success. we don't know if the suspect is alive or dead right now. we'll wait on that. this is how the fbi would have envisioned its best-case scenario to be honest, that this is exactly what you would want. and now figure out if he's alive, is there a motive, is he speaking, was he engaged with anyone else, will it become a criminal or terrorism investigation depending on if he was depending on if others were
7:47 pm
involved and also, of course, whether he's alive right now. >> yeah. when it all kicked off, i mean, what was sort of different about this in terms of, you know, compared to, say, an active shooter situation, he was incoherent in many ways and also apologetic according to some witnesses. what did you make of that? >> there were signs throughout the day that we're in this world we're living in with the alternative was an active shooter case, as we've seen at synagogues in the last couple years, in particular the tree of life incident. so what we saw was the good aspects because that's where the space where the fbi works best. you have a hostage-taker who is talking about, who seemed at least congregants who heard him
7:48 pm
apologetic about what he was doing, said he went to the synagogue not because he had ties to it or knew about it but because of its proximity to an airport like he had an exit strategy. all those become part of what made the fbi or what allowed the fbi to buy time, continue to talk to him, have him release one of the hostages, and then of course go in. i mean, this is -- what we heard was there a flashbang and then at least sounds of weapons. that would be standard operating procedure for the fbi or any law enforcement agency as they went into a hostage situation. you're going to protect the hostages and the hostage-taker is at that stage, vulnerable, probably can't see, and you take him any way you can get him at this stage and we just -- [ no audio ]
7:49 pm
>> so remember, over the course of how eight or ten hours we've been on air on this that
7:50 pm
. the hostage negotiation, we knew that was going on. our homeland security knew about which is they are ready to go in once they see that opening. we don't know what triggered that but we'll probably find out. >> of course, obviously this taken place at a synagogue is enormous significance. the woman that he wanted re released siddiqui was very anti-semitic and antiisrael.
7:51 pm
an incident like this has the potential to in flmuslim sentiment. >> siddiqui and anyone who supports her are horrible human beings, anti-semitic terrorists who target people of the jewish faiths and they terrorize. any prosecution or however tonight turned out, they deserve in the sentence. they create this fear but what happens is then the fear as you have seen in this country generates more fear and hostility. i have been really pleased to hear that congregate from the synagogue talked about their community outreach with the muslim community there. don't follow twitter tonight. that's where all the bad stuff happens in the communities,
7:52 pm
inner faith and interactions do occur. our neighbors they know each other and one hopes that terror that was brought off by these anti-semitic terror groups can not generate more for other communities. we have to be cognizant of that. the jewish community throughout the nation and the world, we saw global interest s in this. there is no reason we believe this is going to generate more incidents at synagogues. my children are a member of zp certainly have to take security seriously because of the rise of ant s a
7:53 pm
ant s anti-semiticism in this country. >> and also the local -- he was horrified and he said by what is happened and called the suspect a criminal. i think we are going to evan perez now i believe in d.c., julia, thanks. evan perez, what are you h hearing? >> reporter: we know in the past hour or so, we knew that the hostage rescue team have come into prepare and they were staging and should the opportunity presents itself to go in and the situation as soon as they could. and, we are still trying to get details of exactly what happened here and we know they were ready and in case of any sign of
7:54 pm
danger to the hostages or if there were any way trying to go in and rescue these people. it appears that's exactly what happened. we are told the hostage team, the sound that you heard, you hear on some of the videos from our team there on the ground was the sound of flash bangs which is the way they try to go into surprise the suspect and they were able to go in successfully and rescued the three hostages who remained in there and those people are safe. we are still checking to see what's the status of the suspect whether that person is still injured or what their status is. that's something we are trying to verify with law enforcement officials. you know at the end o f the day this is close to as good of a
7:55 pm
resolution as you can have in a situation that's clearly very dangerous and they wanted to make sure these people were brought out alive and no harm came to them. >> indeed. evan, thanks. let's go back to ed lavandera who's there near by the congregation there. ed, again, you were there and you have been recording for hours from the same place. what was it like and you were standing there and bang. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly what happened. everything calm as it has been. we are at a decent distance so we don't have a clear vantage point of the synagogue. you can see the flashing police lights behind me a little more than a quarter mile down that road is where the synagogue is. as we were stannding here, just
7:56 pm
standing around and all of a sudden caught off guard by what is clearly a loud explosion. you could not mistake it for anything other than that. it was not a car crash or a firework. it was clearly a serious explosion and several seconds later that series of rapid gunfire and having been around a little bit and seeing some of these things, you know, the good news was it was instantly quiet once again after all of that after we heard all of that t tran transpires. clearly it was not like an ongoing gun battle or anything like that and about 25 minutes after that is when we heard and saw the notice being sent out by the governor here in texas that all the hostages were out safe and alive. i have been trying to
7:57 pm
communicate with several con gas sta congregation members here. there is been a message gone out to the community alerting them what happened. words are quickly spreading this evening among all the people who have been desperately watching this event unfold, harrowing events unfold throughout the course of the day, michael. >> you spoke earlier with the member of the congregation who had been seeing this on the stream, is that right? >> reporter: yeah, there is been several members as i alluded to earlier. the vast majority of the members of this synagogue has been watching and not attending services in person because of the covid pandemic that's why there were few people inside the syna synagogue. they have been watching live stream. the people we spoke with throughout the course of the day have been watching and listening to what was unfolding inside the synagogue for more than an hour.
7:58 pm
so that's why they described this thing as a harrowing term and heartbreaking and absolutely frighten. they said you could not see any faces so they could not tell who was inside but you can hear the voice of the suspect screaming franticly at some point it was the way it was described to me. you can imagine what someone's brain does is they sit there and try to process this terrible situation and not being able to see exactly what is unfolding but hearing someone at least according to one of the church members we have spoken to that this person was going off on kind of a viral rant and dangerous rants and being apologetic and going back to ranting and raving. just absolutely terrifying moments before that live stream feed cut-off. >> yeah, exactly.
7:59 pm
so what do we expect is going to happen now with law enforcement? we don't know what has happened with the hostage taker? >> reporter: we do not know. there is clearly a bunch of rumors swirling around here at this point. official words had not gone out. we have not heard and we have gotten a few up dates from law enforcement officials throughout the course of the day. they have not held any press briefings or anything like that in the staging area where we have been throughout the course of the day. we suspect now that this event appears to be over. there will be some sort of briefing. exactly when that's going to happen and at one time is hard to say. we'll continue to be here as long as it takes to get as much of that information to you as possible. >> other than the hostage taker, he wanted contact with this
8:00 pm
siddiqui who was in prison, is there any idea he chose the synagogue? >> reporter: we don't know, we have not heard from law enforcement officials who's been talking to the suspect throughout the course of the day. we did hear from one synagogue member who said she heard in the live stream that this suspect chose this synagogue because it was closest to dfw international airport which is just a few miles away from that airport and the suspect had claimed to just landed and something to that effect and chosen this area. you really have to come searching for this synagogue. it's a small synagogue. kind of tucked away in a residential neighborhood. i am told there is about 150 members that belong to this synagogue. this is not as


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