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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 16, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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hello and a warm welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm paula newton. coming up on "cnn newsroom," the tennis visa saga hopefully finally over. novak djokovic now faces deportation from australia. cnn has this could hvered all o the world. plus an hours long standoff ends with all hostages rescued.
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we're live in london with the international investigation on the suspect. tens of millions of americans brace for a massive winter storm. details from the cnn weather center. and we begin with breaking news. tennis star novak djokovic has lost his bid to stay in australia and defend his title in the australian tennis tournament. he now faces deportation. the hearing was djokovic's last attempt to stay in the country despite having his visa revoked twice. the courtsided with the australian minister. they said his presence could spur a rise in antivaxing sentiment. djokovic released a statement saying i am extremely
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disappointed with the court ruling to dismiss my application for judicial review, which means i cannot stay in australia and participate in the australian open. he added, this is key here, i respect the court's ruling and i will cooperate with the relevant authorities in relation to my departure from the country. for more on all of this, we want to bring in cnn's paula hancocks and scott mcclain will stand by for us in belgrade, serbia. paula, he says he respects the decision. at the end of the day that decision means he has to leave australia. where is he now? what more do we know of his movements in the coming hours? >> reporter: well, paula, novak djokovic could be leaving within the next hour from australia. we don't have the details at this point but we know there are flights out this evening that he could take. it's about 9 p.m. sunday evening local time and you could maimage
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and you can imagine novak djokovic will not want to hang around now that he lost the court case. earlier in the day he was at the lawyer's office and he was escorted everywhereby two border force officials. his fitness coach was packing up weights and equipment, exercise equipment so looking like they are getting ready to leave. now certainly he has talked about his disappointment. the court itself, the decision was unanimous. there were three judges and they all sided with the government. they did point out though that it wasn't up to them to judge the merits of this decision by the immigration minister to revoke his visa, they were just looking at the leelt tis of the decision and they found no errors and that means novak jo djokovic has to leave australia.
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deportation means he has to leave as soon as reasonably possible. we've already heard from novak djokovic. we've heard from the politicians, the prime minister scott morrison clearly very relieved that the decision has gone this way his time as it did not a week ago. he has said, quote, i welcome the decision to keep our country strong and australians safe. they have made many sacrifices and they rightly respect the right to be protected. this is the message we've heard from politicians all the way through, that rules are rules. we have heard the prime minister say that repeatedly and there shouldn't be any special treatment so the crux of the argument from the government was that joeks's presence here could embolden the antivax nation sentiment at a time they are trying to convince people to have the booster shot. this was rebuffed very strongly
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by djokovic's lawyers but not strongly enough or not convincingly enough to convince the judges. they did side with the government. novak djokovic will leave australia. >> he will. that tournament will go on. monday mourning melbourne time. scott, return to you. obviously a lot of support for novak djokovic in his home country and i'm wondering even though the statement for novak djokovic, most people would say it was gracious, he respects the decision, what's the reaction there though? >> reporter: paula, i would hazard a guess most people don't think about serbian/australian relations, i would think it's safe to say it's strained. the serbian president has gone and spoken his mind this morning of what he thinks of the situation. he said he spoke to novak djokovic this morning, said he can return to his country with his head held high. we don't know for sure if he will or not.
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the prime minister called this scandalous. the president went on to call it harassment of unprecedented proportions, calling it a witch hunt, a media lynching promising to show the world that serbia is better than the australian government when australian athletes come here in a couple of months and saying it's novak djokovic who is humiliated, it's the australian authorities suggesting they knew all along he was going to be deported and there was no reason for him to have come to australia in the first place if they knew that there was no way for him to have that medical exemption if he had recently had covid. we also got some reaction from djokovic's father. he repoesd a fan account. the attempt to kill the best tennis player in the world is over. 50 bullets into novak's chest. they had a banner that simply said disgrace.
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i also spoke to some people here in belgrade after the news broke. here's what they told me. >> it's his decision so i think he hasn't done anything wrong. it's really -- it's politicians, you know? >> well, i can say i'm really sorry he's not playing australian open and that he didn't get a chance to play but i get the situation that's happening down there in australia. i mean, lots of people in australia, 93% are vaccinated. so it's like pride impact. >> novak djokovic, number one. >> he got deported. >> australian open. >> i think you could sum up the sentiment here from many people saying this is political. this was a political calculation
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and i ask people whether they think he should be vaccinated. this is a personal choice. what was really interesting to me, paula, what djokovic wrote saying he was uncomfortable with the attention on him. perhaps uncomfortable being framed as a sort of anti-vaxxer. he has not been out there leading the marches. even when he confessed to breaking quarantine in serbia, the reporter said that that topic was simply off the table. he didn't want to talk about it at all. we wait to see whether he will be bon his way back to his country. he will get a hero's welcome. >> thank you both as novak djokovic is deported from australia. we want to turn to oliver brown in melbourne. the chief sports writer for "the telegraph."
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good to have you weigh in here. there are likely no winners here and this has been punishing not just for novak djokovic but for tennis, tennis australia. what do you think as the fallout here? >> you're right. there are no winners, not djokovic who loses his chance for a 21st grand slam title which would lift him clear of others. not the australian government which has been perceived as cruel and draconian. and certainly not the australian open. a tournament working to maintain its integrity after they booted out the world's best player. >> breaking the rules for elite athletes. other sporting organizations have had a much tougher line.
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do you think the fallout will reach into that? look, this story is going to continue around the globe. there are more tennis tournaments and more vaccine mandates to face. >> the tennis authorities definitely have to have a clearer policy. a problem all along has been the lack of communication. the lines have just broken down between the australian government, the state government, tennis australia with the result being this unholy mess. and if it's not resolved it's likely to be repeated several times during the course of the year. you can't see emmanuel macron relaxing his views on the unvaccinated for the french open. there's a chance djokovic could be banned there as well. wimbledon might be possible. brittain's policies are a bit more lenient. he could have trouble getting into the united states in august. that's three of the four majors that might already be closed off to him. >> yeah. that is highly significant for
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someone who's looking to break a record and win his 21st. novak djokovic, some people have warmed to him. he has been a competitor difficult to root for. i think that's changed a lot in the last few years. do you think this will marr his legacy or will it be indicative of his fighting spirit and how tough a competitor he is? >> he has always been polarizing. in a sense this extraordinary episode doesn't change that. in the eyes of his admirers, he has fought off adversity. he's been in a detention center twice. he's been through interminable court hearings because of that perseverance and, you know, that -- as you say, that
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fighting spirit. the one problem i have in this ruling is that it came down ultimately to the idea that djokovic would inflame anti-vax sentiment in australia and there's really not the evidence for that. this is a country where vaccination is an article of fate. hundreds of thousands of booster shots have been administered in the ten days that he's been here. that argument doesn't stand up. ultimately it's a quirk of the system that the minister has the power to kick out someone who doesn't follow the rules. initially it was djokovic was deemed to have insufficient grounds for a medical exemption. now he's seen to be a lightning
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rod for anti-vaxxers. it has shifted. >> the judges made clear, right, this was a clean slate. this was not an appeal of the other ruling. they said it was not for the courts to decide. look, i want to ask you. this is supposed to be called the happy slam. for so many of us fatigued with this pandemic, we are supposed to be enjoying a tournament. there is a loss for novak djokovic and the other players who play tomorrow. >> yeah, i quite agree. the happy slam turns toxic. i mean, this is supposed to be a joyful affair. a real feel good curtain razor. all of that dye ma'am mick has been poisoned. the result is that every single player who files through for
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their interviews is being asked about one thing, about novak djokovic. for the british, obviously the player of the moment is emma radikova. she's 18 years old and all of the questions she has to field are about novak djokovic. that's a complex issue for a teenager to have to confront. it has overshadowed the tournament. >> we'd rather be talking about percentage of first serves rather than percentage of people vaccinated. we'll have to leave it there. we are tracking another major story at this hour. hostage situation is now over with all hostages safe and the attacker dead. he stormed beth israel on
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coleyville on saturday. one hostage was released earlier but three remained in harm's way. as night fell officials made the decision it was time to move in. >> you heard it clearly there. a cnn crew on the ground, heard that, the loud bank and then gunfire as law enforcement secured the hostages. here's how the police described what happened next. >> the hrt, hostage rescue team breached the synagogue. they rescued the three hostages and the subject is deceased. >> now cnn's ed lavender ra was there in coleyville, he filed this earlier. >> reporter: nearly 11 hours after a suspect entered the beth israel synagogue in colleyville,
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the suspect is dead and all four are alive and well. one had been released earlier in the day around 5:00 central time. law enforcement officers say they have identified the suspect but they are not ready to announce who that person is as they continue their investigation into the motives. it was a frightening and harrowing day for the members of the synagogue. it's a small synagogue, 150 members. they were watching desperately and frantically throughout the day. many members of the congregation that we spoke with say members had not been attending the services at the synagogue because of covid pandemic restrictions. most people were at home watching on the live stream and that is where they began to see all of this unfold just before 11:00 in the morning.
2:17 am
they heard what was described as the ranting, raving, harrowing screaming coming from the suspect inside the synagogue. tonight all of them celebrating the fact that four of their synagogue members are now alive and well. back to you. >> our ed lavandera there. now that the hostages are safe, they're moving to try to find out as much as they can about the suspect themselves. a cnn security analyst said earlier it appears the suspect was likely acting alone. >> it sounds so far to me from the news reports he was a loan wo lone wolf, didn't try to resist in any way we know about the hostage rescue. one person -- there probably was no other people involved and he didn't set up any traps for the hostage rescue team.
2:18 am
he believes sediki was framed and was not guilty but this has been a conspiracy theory on the internet for a very long time. there's no truth to it. he was just motivated by -- i would guess he's probably an unstable person and certainly not part of a larger network. that could change. >> what he was referring to there is the fact that allegedly the suspect had asked for affia sediki, who is known as lady al qaeda, to be freed. heavy snow, ice and rain. everything you need to know about this winter storm from the cnn weather center after the break. plus, reactions are pouring in, of course, as you can imagine after tennis star novak
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djokovic loses his bid to stay in australia. our news coverage continues. tru. gets a little old. i really should be retired by now. wish i'd invested when i had the chance... to the moon! ugh. unbelievable.
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more than 80 million people are under winter weather alerts in the united states as a major storm plows from the south to
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the northeast. the storm is currently impacting southern states bringing heavy snow, ice and the dreaded freezing rain. high wind warning, meantime, has been for parts of georgia and right here in atlanta. in the carolinas, duke energy expects 750,000 customers to lose power. in the meantime, north carolina's governor is deploying 200,000 governors. meteorologist derek van come to has been keeping close track of this system for several days. i'm wondering how it's shaping up in terms of how much of a punch it's going to pack. >> right now we're in the thick of it across the southeast. taking a figurative bowling ball and bowling a strike in the southeast. the moisture is being transported in from the gulf of mexico. going to see a warm nose of moisture. i mention that because this has
2:24 am
major consequences on what type of precipitation you or i will see in the southeast. lighting up is precipitation. green being rain, white being snowfall. pink and purple a mixture of rain and snow and ice so we're going to focus in on the inland portions of the carolinas, specifically in south carolina where an ice storm warning is underway. according to the national weather service, we have a potential for half to an inch of ice accumulation. this is all part of the broader system that's going to impact the entire eastern seaboard from today through tomorrow. thank goodness for that. maybe a few less people on the roadways tomorrow. we're talking about up to, again, 3/4 of an inch of ice. when you start seeing that kind of accumulation on tree branches, power lines, winds will gust over 50 miles an hour. you have a recipe for disaster.
2:25 am
power outages highly likely. into central portions of virginia as well. look at the wind swath moving along the eastern seaboard. this will have coastal flooding. the warm nose could keep it mainly rain, maybe a few snowflakes for later this afternoon before mixing to all rain before the major cities from new york to boston. the real snowfall falls inland across new england and inland away from the coast. >> tracking this, it's going to be with us until late monday night before it moves off, derek. thanks. appreciate that update. we're learning the assailant in the texas synagogue attack may have had a link to the u.k. plus, as u.s. coronavirus case numbers soar, it's
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world number one tennis player novak djokovic faces deportation at this hour after losing a last-ditch legal effort to stay in australia. now three federal judges upheld a decision by australia's immigration minister to cancel the unvaccinated star's visa over concerns his presence could cause a rise for anti-vaxing protests. for more on novak djokovic's
2:30 am
saga, and it is a saga, we want to bring in cnn's world sports patrick snell. i guess the good thing here in the statement, which i'm sure you're going to talk about now from novak djokovic, it certainly was conciliatory and tried to take the tone of this down a notch. nkts yeah, right, paula. it was one of conciliation. it was gracious, wasn't it? that was very much the tone that he was setting, you know? now he says basically he wants to focus on just reconsidering everything, taking time out and resetting. that was one of the talking points going into this, wasn't it? what is the emotional toll it has taken on the world's top ranked men's player. you were asking me earlier today about reaction from the men's professional, the atp. well, within the last few minutes they've come out with a statement. look, they are the governing body. today's decision to uphold novak zoek's australian visa marks the
2:31 am
end of what it called a deeply regrettable series of events. ultimately this must be respected. more time is required to take stock of the facts and to take the learnings from this. irrespective how this point has been reached, novak is one of our sport's greatest champions and his absence from the australian open is a loss for the game. we know how turbulent the recent data have been for novak and how much he wanted to defend his title. we wish him well and look forward to seeing him back on court soon. the atp continues to strongly recommend vaccination to all players. that's been the crux of all of this. 97 of the top 100 men's players in the world are fully vaccinated, paula. that's a number that stuck with me right throughout the last ten days or so. >> yeah. that is definitely good news. i'm happy to hear, in fact, that they are talking about the fact
2:32 am
there is more to come on this, that the atp is perhaps going to examine what happened here and try to avoid it. patrick snell for us. appreciate it. and now we turn to our other top story that we were tracking, the hostage standoff, of course, at a texas synagogue is over thankfully with all hostages rescued and the attacker dead. the assailant stormed the congregation on saturday. it was a small service and four people were taken hostage. local and federal law enforcement surrounded the synagogue. one hostage released earlier but three remained trapped. as night fell officials made the decision to move in. now that was a cnn crew on the ground that heard that loud bang and gunfire as law enforcement secured the hostages. here's how the police chief described what happened.
2:33 am
>> the fbi called out the hostage rescue team which is an elite force out of quantico, virginia. they got on a plane and flew out here. i think they brought 60 or 70 people from washington, d.c., to come and help with the situation. sometime around 9 p.m. today, this evening, the hrt, hostage rescue team, breached the synagogue. they rescued the three hostages and the subject is deceased. >> now there's, of course, still a lot we don't know about the attacker in coleyville. the british foreign office told cnn they were monitoring the situation in texas and were in contact with the authorities. we have nick peyton walsh joining us from london. nick, a lot of what we learned about this attack was people listening in on that live stream
2:34 am
of what was going on there at the synagogue. is that what happens what might have given them some clues about this? >> it may be. it may be as authorities have said that they have the id identity, the name of this gunman and this attacker. that may have led them to call out but also to those same people in tel aviv, israel as well. global elements to this and as you mentioned the british office being clear that they are in contact of local officials in texas. quite who this gunman is is something the fbi are keeping closely held at the moment. we do know though from two law enforcement officials familiar with the live stream and the motivations of the gunman that something that was continually mentioned was the liberty or at times the contact with a woman in prison in texas on an 86-year
2:35 am
sentence over 7 separate counts known as affia sediki. she has been suspected of terrorist links by u.s. authorities, has been, it seems, found in gazni, afghanistan, in 2008 carrying documents of a mass casualty attacks. she turned on her interrogators, shot at them with a rifle and is subsequently facing those charges -- sorry, facing that sentence as we speak. it is unclear quite what relation or ideological motivation her case appears to have on the gunman in this particular incident. this is a cause being raised by isis and the taliban but the nature of this link may give rides to larger international issue here. i have to tell you from
2:36 am
listening to parts of the live stream, from seeing how this appears to have been planned, this does not seem that sophisticated an attack. and certainly some of the comments that you hear are rambling at times and it certainly lacks what you might expect to be the greater organization if this person was backed by other individuals as well. i'm speculating here but these are things investigators are honing in on looking at that individual's identity, internet traffic, where he's been, who he's spoken to. it does appear they are providing assistance in that investigation too. >> again, as you point out, they have identified the suspect so the investigation can start in earnest. nick peyton walsh, appreciate the update. despite the spread of the omicron variant, weary europeans have hit the street.
2:37 am
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now according to data from johns hopkins university, the united states crossed 65 million total coronavirus cases on saturday. that number has been fueled in recent days by the fast-spreading omicron variant. as you can see here, places like arkansas, california, oklahoma and oregon have been especially hard hit. this comes as the u6.s. crosses an even more chilling number. 850,000 deaths so far in this pandemic. they are trying to make testing more available. as of saturday many americans are able to get reimbursed for home tests through their private insurance companies. i want to take a look now at other covid headlines around the world.
2:41 am
in china, a neighborhood in beijing was locked down after the city first reported its first case in fact on saturday. that is of the omicron variant. authorities have mass testing of people living there and this comes as beijing is set to host the winter olympics in less than three weeks. germany has in the meantime tightened restrictions on bars and restaurants to help stem the surge of the omicron variant. access to limited to people fully vaccinated or recovered with a negative toast. the vaccine team continues to be a lightning rod. thousands marched in opposition to it. for more on that, i'm joined by jim bidder man in paris. it was winding its way through parliament. in fact, they have passed
2:42 am
marmajor parts of the bill? >> reporter: exactly, paula. it's gotten through the senate overnight. now what has to happen is the two bills have to be reconciled. if there are any challenges about the constitutionality about this, that could happen. the constitutional court will have to rule. that's expected. they're expected to rule in the government's favor because their track record is favoring government action to restrict people's actions in terms of vaccinations. the government believes by the end of the week it will be inactive. that will mean that people who have not been vaccinated will not be able to go into cafes, bars, restaurants. other sorts of things publicly without getting vaccinated
2:43 am
first. our colleagues have estimated that that would affect about 5.5 million french who would not be qualified for vaccine pass. that's a little less than 10% of the population. >> it's nice when you put it in stark terms. when you actually go to the millions of people that would miss out on normal activities that you do in everyday life, that is significant. >> absolutely. >> jim bidderman live for us in paris. appreciate it. >> you bet. while french protestors rail against rule, in brittain the government is accused of breaking them. reports are piling up that 10 downing street was holding parties while the rest of the country was in lockdown. a new poll from "the observer" newspaper shows 63%, think of that, nearly 2 of every 3 voters want him out. for more on this, i am joined
2:44 am
from london. the polls just kind of confirm, right, the outrage, the outpouring of outrage in recent days as the revelations about the parties just pile up. >> for a week now, paula, it feels like almost every day there is a different party, a different allegation, about more social events happening that apparently broke covid rules at the top house in brittain. you have parties ranging from the summer of 2020, garden parties apparently to the christmas period of 2020 where multiple festivities took place at 10 downing street and to the spring when the country was in mourning of prince philip. a government didn't take its job seriously. it was busy partying it up while people were dying. that did not follow the very rules it set.
2:45 am
the opposition labor leader said that means it's time for the prime minister to go. take a listen. >> got a prime minister who is absent, literally in mihiding a the moment and unable to lead. so that's why i concluded that he's got to go. of course there's a party in him going but now it's the national interest that he goes. it's very important that the torey party does what it needs to do and get rid of him. >> it's not often that a political story bleeds into our everyday lives, paula, but today prime minister boris johnson is the butt of every single joke. is that a coffee or espresso martinetin martini. he is the laughing stock. now the prime minister is
2:46 am
kicking the can down the road. he says there's an investigation in place and we need to wait for the results of that investigation. overwhelmingly people see the government as elitist, unable to follow the rules they set and i think the prime minister is quite simply a party boy, paula. >> flaps might have been something they kind of knew but juxtaposed against severe lockdowns, it looks bad all around. i want to ask you about that investigation so how soon can we expect the results of that? and really it's going to find out the obvious, right? he's apologized in parliament. >> well, quite curiously, paula, as more allegations pile up, the longer the civil servants need to go through this growing list of parties. we were expecting the results and there are new revelations
2:47 am
about wine fridays and two parties held the night before prince philip's funeral. you have this list and it makes the job for the civil servants digging into this even harder. in the coming days, we expect the results of this investigation. that cannot tell us specifically if any rules are broken, but what it's going to do is it's going to paint a picture minute by minute, break down what happened, who was inside and who was involved. that could be damaging for the prime minister. right now he's hearing calls for resignation from his own party. that's the fear for him. if they start to fear they would lose elections because of the reputational danger the prime minister created, that's when the mutiny can happen. >> he's sitting on a vast majority which the torey party may want to protect. appreciate you going through the issues with us. countries around the pacific
2:48 am
are assessing the impact after a massive volcanic impact triggered tsunamis. look at that. the latest live from the region straight ahead. ♪ i'm chi lan, i am a mom, and a real estate agent. after having a kid, everything that you used to do for yourself goes out the window.
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just seeing this is worrying. waves crashed into the island flooding coastal areas, damaging shops and reaching the palace. communications lines were impacted. it was making it difficult for authorities to fully assess the damage. it spewed ash and smoke more than 12 miles, if you can picture that, into the atmosphere. tsunami waves reached japan and hawaii. we are joined from tokyo. it was stark seeing the warnings hit north america. >> yeah, paul ra. tsunami warnings never a good thing no matter where you are. in japan there were sirens and
2:53 am
other warnings throughout most of the day. only lifted 24 hours after the initial eruption from the volcano. more than a day after the volcano erupted in tonga, it's known. here in japan tsunami warnings were lifted several hours after the eruption. people were asked to evacuate from their prefecture. this is what people heard this morning. now in the hours that followed, several communities reported 2 to 3 foot waves. they saw waves as high as 9
2:54 am
feet. take a look at these satellite images that captured the moment the volcano located 18 miles off the coast of tonga erupted. you can see the shock waves and it reached 12 miles into the air. here's a video of a tsunami wave crashing onto the shoreline of onga. videos have been posted on social media from chile, peru and coastal areas. according to new zealand's prime minister who addressed the ongoing situation as the country struggles to restore lines of communication, no injuries or death have been reported so far. a significant cleanup will be needed after boats and large boulders washed ashore.
2:55 am
the prime minister said while the volcano seems stable, further eruptions can't be ruled out. >> obviously a lot of concern when the warnings first went out. we're all lucky it wasn't worse. i appreciate that update. now to bring you more on our breaking news. novak djokovic has apparently arrived at the airport in melbourne and is about to leave. a reminder that he is not a freeman. right now he is under a deportation order. you see him walking to the airport. it's almost 10 p.m. at night on sunday night in melbourne. he lost his claim to try and stay in the country and have that appeal filed. in fact, he will have to leave and will not be playing in the tournament. in a statement he said he respected the court's ruling and was uncomfortable with all of the attention placed on him instead of the tournament and he wants the tournament to continue and well obviously the attention be on the sport he loves. we'll continue to have so much
2:56 am
more for you on this story and our other top stories here on cnn. i am paula newton. thank you for your company. cnn "new day" is next. for our viewers in canada and the u.s., going green is up next. thank you and stay with cnn. to support a strong immune system
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. good morning. welcome to your "new day." so good to have you. i'm christi paul. >> good morning, christi. i'm boris sanchez. a nearly 11-hour standoff at a texas synagogue a suspect holding four hostages as part of the ordeal streams live on facebook. how officials rescued those in danger and what we're learning about the suspect and his motives. tennis star novak djokovic is out of the australia australian open after a court upholds his visa cancellation. how djokovic is responding now. cities across the east are


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