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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  January 16, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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tonight, millions of americans hunkering down as a vicious winter storm pummels the united states causing mass power outages. >> if you hadn't already, now is the time to get prepared. this storm is a menace. and hostages safely rescued after a near 11-hour ordeal at a texas synagogue. a hero rabbi is praised by the community. >> the rabbi is genuinely the best human i think anyone could
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ever meet. >> and the fbi reveals new information about the suspected hostage taker. in the meantime, tough weeks ahead in the battle against omicron as post holiday cases spike. >> this is a very difficult time during this surge. we're seeing high case numbers and hospitalization rates. the good news is there are parts of the country where we're starting to see a plateau and in some cases, an early decline in cases. good evening. i'm poppy harlow. we begin with severe weather, snow, freezing rain, tornados in the southwest and in florida particularly a massive storm has more than 80 million people under winter alerts. the storm will march to new england after battering the south across the southeast. 180,000 homes and businesses without power after the weight of freezing rain and high winds
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brought down big trees as you see and across the country, air traffic is snarled on this day before the martin luther king junior holiday. nearly 3,000 flights have been cancelled. following the path of the enormous storm and damage, diane gallagher starts us off in charlotte north carolina and in pittsburgh. di diane, let me begin with you. they're not used to snow let alone a foot. this is icy, dangerous, sticky snow. >> reporter: that's exactly the problem here poppy. you're seeing these beautiful flakes falling now. this is not what we experienced most of the day in charlotte. it was freezing rain and sleet. if you look at the live drone we're flying, you can see the interstates are cleared off but look wet and that's the biggest concern that there is going to be a freeze again overnight. people are going to feel they're comfortable to drive and they're going to be dealing with tr
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treacherous conditions again in the morning. th they've been dealing with 200 different collisions today in the state of north carolina. the governor asking the people you probably don't know how to drive in this so stay off the road. >> for today the best way to avoid a car accident or getting stranded is to stay put. fewer people on the road means fewer car crashes and allows highway crews and utility workers to get faster results. if you must travel, reduce your speed, increase your following distance and clear all the snow and ice the vehicle. >> reporter: he mention they activated the guard to help out and admitted due to staffing issues like we've seen across the nation that it may be a
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little bit for time before they can clear off all the roads. we're seeing some of the roads in the charlotte area get cleared off quickly but that's not the case across the state and poppy, the biggest issue with the ice as well is the heaviness and what that might mean for trees and power lines, at one point there were more than 90,000 power outages across the strate. just because they're not seeing the same weather doesn't mean power outages may not increase overnight. >> diane, thank you very much to you and your team reporting on it for us, let's follow the path of the storm and head north. palo what is expected to be done to prepare? >> reporter: the local national weather service expecting up to a foot of snow to fall in and around pittsburgh. here, the snowfall we're seeing is certainly going to test the city's ability to respond to keep the reads clear. i'll tell you why, we heard from the mayor on friday say the response that they had during the last major snow event
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earlier this month came up short to the public works director they had not anticipated a refreeze event so that made a lot of the side streets here in the city of pittsburgh a frozen mess paralyzing different parts of the city here. what we heard on friday from city officials is they're going to increase the ability to try to respond to treat the roads before the first knowsnow flake started to fall and to have those plow trucks moving constantly to keep the roads clear and here is the thing, the big issue here according to public works is the ageing fleet of snow removal trucks. they ordered about a dozen new trucks but those have not been delivered yet because of supply change shortages caused by covid so it ties together right now in terms of the seasonbility to respond to keep these roads clear especially come tomorrow. yes, there is no school scheduled but some people have to get to work together so we're hearing from the state's governor tom wolf if you don't have to go out right now, don't
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go out because their trucks, the limited amount of trucks they have will be out working as fast as they can to keep the roads kwl clear. the main message is stay home and watch the steelers take on kansas city, stay home and don't brave the streets. >> thank you for your reporting. >> in the meantime, 11 terrifying hours for members of a congregation in texas yesterday held hostage by a british national who died after an elite fbi rescue team went in. all of the hostages were physically unharmed miraculously but the final hour was especially tense as the gunman became more unstable. natasha chin has more on how they made it out safely. what more have you learned reporting on the ground today? >> reporter: poppy, police are still processing evidence today, still working the scene, the area is still blocked off. what we do know about the final
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hours, some of it is coming from the rabbi himself. charlie walker one of the four people held hostage for those 11 hours released a statement today saying that what was really crucial was the congregation's active shooter training, security training they had done, very unfortunate that's needed but he encouraged other organizations and congregations to do the same type of training. here is what he said. in the last hour of our hostage crisis, the gunman became increasingly belligerent and threatening without the instruction we received, we wouldn't have been prepared to act and flee when the situation presented itself. no question this was a traumatic experience. to give you a glimpse into the type of chaos happening inside, here is a clip from the live stream of those services saturday. keep in mind, this is audio only, no video. what we're hearing is the suspect, unclear whom he's
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talking to but the key thing to listen for here is that the suspect seemed to not want to leave the building alive. >> reporter: such a tense situation and we're learning from law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation that told our colleague josh
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campbell the suspect arrived in the united states five weeks ago at jfk and not on any terror watch list, poppy? >> thatnatasha, thank you for y reporting. north cokorea fired an unidentified projectile off the east coast according to south korean news. japan's prime minister said it was a ballistic missile. it would be the fourth weapon's test this month. we'll talk with the former cia deputy division chief bruce cleaner later in the hour. still ahead, ukraine accusing russia of a huge cyber attack on government computers. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor explains what is at stake right now on all of this and america's position given this plus for the first time in the january 6th investigation, the justice department raises the stakes using the rare sedition charge against members of the oath keepers.
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tonight, the u.s. and a number of allies are growing more alarmed about russia and the growing threat of war with ukraine. tensions have been rising for more than a month now as russia has stationed more than 100,000 troops along the border with ukraine and the troops are south in crimea that russia annexed in 2014. u.s. intelligence is unfolding for the possible invasion of ukraine. the pentagon says there is credible evidence that russia has a quote propositioned group of operatives with the goal of making it liook like there was n attack on them speaking of people in ukraine saying the goal is to create justification to invade ukraine. former u.s. ambassador to ukraine william taylor joins me now. glad to have you in the midst of this. thanks for taking the time. >> thank you, poppy. >> what do you make of the
5:15 pm
pentagon's obsession of the false flag operation? >> the russians have done it before. they have provoked the ukrainians and georgians in 2008 for justification of russian invasion of georgia so they have done this before as the pentagon said, this is a playbook. they know how to provoke and thus try to justify an invasion of another country. >> ukraine is blaming russia tonight for a cyber attack on a number of its key computers, many of them government. fareed ca zakaria had this conversation and listen to what he said and get your reaction on the other side. >> presented and we consider a continuation of another accusation of russia. we're nearly accustomed to the
5:16 pm
fact that u krikrainians are blg everything on russia, even their bad weather in their country. >> but the timing does seem unusual, right at the time when the talks seem to not be going anywhere, the russian government has suggested that they would take some military and technical actions against ukraine if the talks didn't go well. is it just a total coincidence that somehow hackers from somewhere decided to target ukrainian government offices? >> it's very dangerous coincidence. extremely dangerous. >> am basketbassador, you make point this isn't about ukraine. >> president putin does have an obsession with ukraine. he has other concerns he certainly doesn't much like nato would like to kind of drive
5:17 pm
wedges among the various fissures in the west and the united states and europe but it really is focused on ukraine. he wants to be sure ukraine doesn't join nato. ukraine has every right to apply to nato. ukraine is a sovereign country. mr. putin doesn't agree with that. mr. putin things ukraine is not a sovereign country. mr. putin said that he thinks ukraine is really just part of russia and so moving into russia invading ukraine from russia is consistent with that view. i think he is really focused on ukraine. >> but yet, your belief is that the likelihood of an actual russian incursion into ukraine is less than 50%. is that right? you still believe that tonight and if so, why? >> i think it's less than 50%
5:18 pm
but barely and what that means is there is a very good chance, a very nearly a 50% chance he will do -- there will be a major war in europe today with tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides, both sides dying, civilians dying a nearly 50% chance of that kind of outcome is troubling, very troubling. the reason if there is reason, if mr. putin is thinking about the cost and benefits he won't do it. because the costs are are very, very high. the cost in soldier's lives, the cost in civilian lives. the cost in sanctions that he knows are coming. the cost in terms of just isolation of russia again further from the international community so the costs are very high. if he is rational in some sense and maybe he's not, maybe he has
5:19 pm
a different calculations but if can say boss, this is a crazy idea i hope that reason will prevail and he won't invade. >> bill taylor, former u.s. am basketb -- ambassador, your view is valuable now. thanks so much. >> thank you, poppy. ahead, members of the oath keepers are the first to be charged with sedition in charge with the january 6th insurrection. who the leader of this group is and how they were able to spread that message.
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seditious conspiracy is the most serious charge into the january 6th riot. the department of justice charging 1 def1 defendants inclg the leaders of the oat kh keepe but used encrypted communications. drew griffin has more on the significant new charges and the man accused of leading this far right group. >> oath keeper leader and founder stewart rhodes spent nearly a year publicly denying he had anything to do with the violence on january 6th. >> there were no plans by the leadership, us, me and the team leader whip to enter the capitol, no instructions by us to do so and we didn't even know any of our guys had done it until afterwards. >> reporter: this indictment tells a different story accusing
5:25 pm
rhodes of seditious conspiracy for a massive revolution if biden took office and they prepared for battle at rhodes direction purchasing thousands of dollars in guns and tactical equipment and others setting up an armed reaction force and communicating as they stormed the capitol. >> you are executing citizens arrests, arrests this assembly, we have probable cause, acts of treason, election fraud. >> reporter: a promoter of the big lie rhodes constantly and public recalled for donald trump to invoke the inis you are recollection act over the november 2020 election or else. >> if he does not do it, we'll have to fight a bloody civil war or a bloody revolution. >> that fiery language about revolution isn't new for rhodes. he's obsessed with fears of a deep state government for over a dozen years, rhodes formed the oath keepers in 2009.
5:26 pm
>> i barack obama. >> reporter: after america elected the first black president. his loose military base group swears allegiance they claim to the constitution and nothing else. >> not obey orders to impose martial law. >> reporter: rhodes started out with an oath keeper blog but messages were spread to millions of people by conspiracy theorists and stop the steal organizer alex jones. rhodes a regular on jones info wars show for more than a dozen years. >> why did you start oath keepers? >> reporter: together jones and rhodes would whip up constir sigh t -- conspiracy theories. >> the homeland security department bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammo. >> they buy it because they think they might have to use it soon so they really almost every again owner i spoke to is very concerned that this is for all the marbles and we're heading
5:27 pm
for a civil war. >> reporter: armed oath keepers began showing up at civil disturbances, marchs, protests, all while rhodes pushed the idea that a real war would need to be fought to preserve the u.s. from so-called elites and leftists. >> unless we can deactivate that brainwashing, we'll eventually have to fight them but when we do, it will be a different ball game because they don't have the military skills we do. >> reporter: days before election night 2020 rhodes told info wars viewers the time he was predicting was coming. >> a civil war because you have sitting politicians who are part of the enemy's ranks. good news for us, though, we have 14 million veterans, i believe, at least, massive pool of combat veterans who are awake and aware. >> reporter: after trump lost the election, the oath keepers acted as security at stop the steal rallies and rhodes talked about providing protection for alex jones and others. he also broadcasted donald trump his shadow army in position.
5:28 pm
>> we have men already stationed outside d.c. as a nuclear option in case the attempt to remove the president illegally we'll step in and stop it, armed prepared to go in. >> reporter: as the plans for january 6th started in motion according to rhodes' attorney, the oath keepers were asked by january 6th rally organizers to provide security. >> they were coming to the capitol for a demonstration on lot eight that alex jones and alexander were going to have went off the rails and didn't happen. >> reporter: two days before the insurrection, rhodes posted an alert bulletin. all patriots that can get to d.c. need to be in d.c. stand now he wrote or neal forever. they came armed in battle fatigues and according to prosecutors, began executing their plan to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power including multiple ways to deploy force. >> take over the capitol. over ran the capitol.
5:29 pm
>> reporter: the big question now is this only the beginning? are federal prosecutors taking a much broader view of the insurrection and targeting those who planned and encouraged it? up to and potentially including members of congress and even a former president. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. we are following breaking news tonight as north korea tests reportedly another missile. the fourth in two weeks time. i'll speak with bruce kinger, the former deputy division chief for korea next.
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but we'll be on t-mobile! tonight, another reported missile test from north korea the japanese prime minister is accusing the regime of firing a ballistic missile a short time ago. this would be north korea's fourth missile test, fourth missile test already this month. let me bring in former cia deputy division chief. it's good to have you bruce on a night like this. what is your reaction to a fourth test in a matter of weeks? >> the fourth launch event and maybe the fifth and sixth missiles launched so far this year. the south korean military just updated the reporting. so it's most likely short range ballistic missiles and continued developmental testing by north korea, which they've been doing a wide range of missiles in the last several years revealing
5:36 pm
five weapons systems in 2019, another five last year and already one this month and we'll see if this is testing of an existing developmental missile or another new one. >> and the fact that they're coming so close together right now, what does that tell you? >> well, it's unusual they're doing so many in january because usually they don't do missing testing during the winter. i think it's they're upping the game on expanding and upping the missile arsenal. so far, they've been doing short and medium range missile testing and developmental new systems the last several years. they haven't done a long range including icbm test for the last several years and they likely know that it would lead to new u.n. resolutions or stronger enforcement of sanctions so they may be going through a to-do list of the shorter and medium range missiles before they go through what would be much more provocative and more likely to generate a stronger international response. >> i wonder if you agree with
5:37 pm
congressman michael mccaul, the ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee that told my colleague jake tapper the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan was a moment of weakness that adversaries like north korea are exploiting. listen to exactly what he said. >> you and i talked about afghanistan over the summer last summer. i think people, our foreigne adversaries like putin view that as a moment of weakness so we're not projecting strength as regan talked about but rather projecting weakness which historically going back to hitler and chamberland always invites aggression and you'll see more of it i think. >> do you agree with him? >> well, this is what north korea does. they did 26 missile launches in 2019 during president trump
5:38 pm
easi 's era. they did ten launches in a month during that year, one of the ones and in march 2020 they did nine launches and that was the second most launches ever in a year. so they've done this under consecutive presidents. it's what they do particularly under kim jong-un who accelerated the missing testing and vastly expanded the number of missiles that north korea is developing, redundant missiles, medium ladies and range and lon tested in 2017 and in october 2020, they paraded many more systems some of which haven't been tested yet including a multi war head icbm that would really raise provocations if it raised tension if they tested that one. >> i just wanted to let our viewers know we just confirmed what you had just said is it indeed it was two different potentially ballistic missiles
5:39 pm
launched, so this would mark the fifth and sixth missile launched tested in the last two weeks. the u.s. has tried so many times, so many different administrations from both parties to stop north korea's nuclear program advancement and failed. is there any way to do that still? >> well, we have had eight international denuclearization agreements. they all failed. that doesn't mean we don't try for a ninth. that doesn't mean we learn from the lessons of the past that were short, vague, poorly crafted agreements. we need stronger verification measures and stronger details more like the arms control agreements we had with the soviet union but as we wait for north korea to come back to the negotiating table and biden administration like the predecessors tried diplomacy and north korea is rejecting it, we need to maintain enforcing u.n. resolutions and laws and maintain a detoerrence and
5:40 pm
defense to maintain the shield of protection for our american homeland and allies. we have to use the tools together. unfortunately, there isn't a lot of optimism we'll get north korea to abandoned the nuclear weapons but we have to maintain pressure for diplomatic negotiations. >> what about the global community, right? i mean, it's one thing for the u.s. to act on its own but do you see any more global effort that would be more successful this time vis-a-vis north korea? >> well, the international community agreed to the 11 u.n. resolutions including china and russia. >> right and i think about particularly china and what power china holds in this. >> it will enforce sanctions for sometime and start turning a blind eye to violations occurring particularly with china on its own soil and waters. so there are things we can do to
5:41 pm
influence chinese banks and businesses but success of the administrations have held back from imposing measures against chinese banks and businesses that we could try to influence away from supporting north korea but the bush, obama administrations refrained from going after china strongly. >> bruce, thank you so much for getting droready on a moment's notice. appreciate your expertise. >> thank you very having me. >> of course. let me go to blake following this story from tokyo. blake, thank you very much. what can you tell us? >> poppy, since the start of 2022 north korea sent a strong message to the world by conducting a fleury of missile tests this most recent missile test is believed to have taken place a few hours ago and we just learned a moment ago that according to japanese and south korean officials that they
5:42 pm
believe the nuclear north korea has once again test fired two ballistic missiles into the waters off the korean peninsula this would mark the fourth missile test just in january alone. this all comes just a few weeks after forth korea leader kim jong-un promised to further strengthen his country's military capabilities during his speed closing out the five-day party meeting at the end of last year and then recent statement carried by state media the spokesman defended the country's right to bolster its arms saying its recent developments of type of weaponry was part of the efforts more modernizing the national defense capability and this last missile test which was conducted just last week prior to today took place on the same day that north korea's foreign minister released a statement expressing frustration over new sanctions imposed by the united states and with the most recent test what it's showing is a show
5:43 pm
of force by north korea as a way of perhaps gaining more bargaining chips with the united states. to this point, poppy, the biden administration took a more subdued approach dealing with north korea compared to previous administrations. the trump administration specifically according to kcna the claim to have successfully test fired hyper sonic missiles according to the joint chief of staff they also say they likely launched two short range ballistic missiles. a fleury of missile tests from north korea to start 2022, something definitely to keep an eye on. >> thank you, appreciate it very much. democrats are not giving up on passing new voting rights legislation yet. somebody whose job it is to make sure elections are free and fair in michigan. the guest bedroom slash music studio. the daybed slash dog bed.
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as the nation observes martin luther king junior day tomorrow, president biden plans to protect voting rights on the kups of defeat despite zero chance. democrats promising a vote on the bills this week and the move comes as biden says election rules in gop led states pose a danger to democracy. watch. >> the state legislative bodies continue to change the law, not who can vote but who gets to count the vote. , count the vote, count the vote. i don't know we can get it done but i know one thing, as long as
5:49 pm
i have a breath in me, as long iz as i'm in the white house and engaged i'll be fighting the change the way the legislature is doing it. >> thank you very much secretary for being with us. now you say we're facing an unprecedented attack on american democracy. the nation's capitol attack was not the beginning or end of modern attempts to undo democracy. what are you most worried about now looking at what is going to happen in the senate when this bill fails to pass on tuesday? >> if it fails to pass, those we need to fight and demand democracy in the states will turn to other things or kind of lose the will to keep fighting
5:50 pm
and this is not the time to blink. this is not the time to take a breath. when attacks are escalating in multiple fronts across the country in states like mine, this is the time we need to dig down and find the same sense of urgency we found in the past to defend democracy regardless of whether or not the federal government acts in this particular situation. >> i do want to ask you this. there is a recent poll that found something really interested. it found that large majorities in both parties say that elected officials in their state will protect their right to vote. do you worry it being under assault is out of step with the belief that american people have in their states, i mean, look at their states as the founders intended laboratories of democracy, right? and say we trust the people like you to protect it. >> i think in 2020 democracy did
5:51 pm
prevail because people of integrity did the right thing to defend the will of the voters and people's ability to vote. a lot of those folks are facing reelection or attempts to replace us or folks at the local level who did just that indeed many of the republicans in the state board of convessers who did the right thing and followed the law and protected results have been replaced so there is a systematic escalating effort not just to change and undo the policies for a high turnout election in 2020 but to change the people who protected the will of the voters as well and if there are different people in charge or watching quote unquote guard in future elections, people more willing to block the will of the people or not certify election results they don't agree with, we do indeed have a five-alarm fire with regards to the democracy. >> final question, the governor
5:52 pm
is pushing a bill to make it illegal for candidates to lie about election results. i wonder if that's something you'd support, as well. >> yes, i think we need to hold people accountable those who use their position and authority to spread misinformation. i think we have to be very clear when there is evidence of any type of wrongdoing, we do want to pursue it. that wasn't the case in 2020. it's not been the case in any allegations that have been thrown about in the past several years. so when there is merrittless claims particularly in political positions that are used to sew seeds of doubt about people's confidence in the elections, there needs to be accountability and consequences or it's going to become a norm in the election system today and if that happens, our democracy does begin to wither on the vine. >> michigan secretary of state, thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks for having me. up next, marilyn monroe, cnn's new film a series explores what we've been missing when we
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
blo blond bombshell and cultural icon but "reframed marililyn monroe "maybe changes how you look at her through a more feminist lens. watch. ♪ ♪ >> it's christmas 1945. marilyn takes a road trip, but not with her husband. >> she'd been married for a few years to a guy she liked but she certainly wasn't in love with and here comes a glamorous european photographer who is a man of the world. >> 32-year-old fashion photographer andre. >> he's recommended to her and takes her on a trip all around the southwest. >> they went into the desert and old cowboy and they took hundreds and hundreds of
5:57 pm
photographers. >> she was working with a photographer to learn how to inject energy into pictures, not that she was saying how to make me look pretty but how do we make a good picture? >> joining us now is alisha malone a host at turner classic movies and she appears in the new series "marilyn monroe." great to have you. one thing that's interesting is she doesn't always get credit for her ground breaking accomplishments, does she? >> absolutely. we think of her as being very vulnerable and insecure and she was but she was whitty, intelligent, driven and am wish sh -- ambitious and she set up her own production company, marilyn monroe productions and holding 20th century fox hostage until they did a deal with her and her production company to give her greater control to produce her
5:58 pm
films and find roles more complex than the dumb bloonld ever -- blondes she was given. >> what role may she have played in the women's rights if she hadn't left us so soon? >> she would have been a huge voice during the me too movement because back in the 1950s she wrote an article for motion picture magazine called "wolves i have known" talking about the predatory men she's encountered during her days as a model in hollywood and had experiences with men and now knowing what we know about the power dynamics of hollywood, i think we would all see those interactions in a very different light. >> how do you think people might see her mark on hollywood and american culture after watching this film? >> hopefully they see she was com complex, a mess of contradictions and also extremely driven that she created the marilyn monroe
5:59 pm
per persona. there might be a feeling she was an over night sensation or discovered by someone but when she came to hollywood, she discovered herself and became a star. the fact we're still talking about her all these years later show how savvy she was in creating her image. >> why is it so important to tell her story in this way? >> we've been doing a lot of reframing of female figurese in popular culture. she had a lot of jokes around her. nobody took her seriously. afterwards after her death that colored things again so knowing what we know about again, the politics of hollywood, sexuality for women and hollywood in general and american culture in the 50s, we can see her story in a different light and just add more colors to her. you know, throughout the symbol. >> thank you very much.
6:00 pm
>> thank you so much. the new cnn original series "reframed marilyn monroe" premieres with back to back episodes next. thank you for being with me. i'm poppy harlow. pamela brown will be back next weekend. have a great week. okay. really? okay. ♪ ♪ >> she was one of the biggest movie stars of all time. >> she had looks and sexuality. she was iconic. >> she became the goddess of the silver screen. >> people think she was the most beautiful woman in the world. >> when the camera starts until it stops, i want to be perfect. >> mil


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