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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 21, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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vegas residency set to start today. >> i'm so sorry but -- my show ain't ready. we've tried absolutely everything that we can to put it together in time. >> somehow we will all pull through. i'm sure she'll get back to the stage. thank you for being here all week. >> great to be with you. brianna will have to reset the alarm clock next week. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. good morning, everyone. >> frank and substantive but not a negotiation. that's how secretary of state blinken describing the talks with the russian counter part following meetings in geneva
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aimed to diffuse the border at ukraine's border. blinken warned russia if it invades it will pay a heavy price. >> wechb clear. if any russian mill tash forces move it will be met with swift, severe and a united response from the united states and partners and allies. the house minority leader laying down the law with tough talk for conservative hardliner trying to become the house speaker. new cnn reporting reeventualing rudy giuliani and other trump campaign officials were far more involved in efforts to install illegitimate elect terrors to seven state that is trump lost. we have reporters covering
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the news. let's begin with fred pleitgen in geneva. fred, it struck me that perhaps the biggest news out of the comments were that the u.s. will provide written answers to russia's demands. do we know what those written answers will entail? >> reporter: yeah. i do think you're right that's a bigger thing to come out of this and the u.s. apparently remains steadfast on the fact to stand by ukraine and also not make a decision about ukraine or nato without ukraine and nato having a say in this. as far as the written answers it was interesting to hear that the u.s. would write to russia and not framing this as answers but the u.s. said it will voice some security concerns to make sure that this could be a broader
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dialogue. the secretary of state said the meeting is important and called it not a negotiation and more of an exchange of ideas. >> this was not a negotiation. but a candid exchange of concerns and ideas. i made clear to minister lavrov there are fundamental principles that the united states and allies are committed to defend. that includes those that would impede the right of ukrainian people to write their own future. there is no trade space there, none. >> reporter: so the russians for their part had hoped that there would be some headway on issues and i was at the press conference of the russian foreign minister and lamented that he was talking to the quite about the russia concerns and that the u.s. reiterated their sirans and i asked if headway is made at all. here's what he had to say.
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why is rodrussia now? the security posture of the u.s. and nato didn't change orr the past couple of years. >> translator: i think the state department needs to analyze how fair cnn is in presenting the information and the accuracy of the facts that are represented. >> reporter: so you could hear lavrov taking a swipe at cnn but also saying that of course the russians have security concerns, demands. he reiterated that the russians do not plan to invade ukraine as he put it and not threatening ukraine. the u.s. and allies and ukrainians see that different as the troop deployments continue. >> russia lied before they last invaded ukraine in 2014. >> yeah. perhaps lavrov doesn't like the facts that cnn is presenting.
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let's turn to clarissa in kiev. for the past few weeks in the build-um to where we are today i'm surprised by what i heard of people on the ground there that this isn't this sense of urgency and fear of an impending war the way we hear from brussels and washington d.c. what are you hearing from people on the ground? >> reporter: it is an interesting point and i think it basically stems from the fact that this is nothing new. while there's definitely been a much larger volume of russian troops amassing along that border, the threat of a russian invasion and the threat of russia in general is a reality for eight years now and so people here have gotten used to it in a sense. while there are grave concerns about the direction that things
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are -- the direction, the shape of events and how things might be going there isn't a sense that this is a particularly different moment. partly that's messaging from the ukrainian government. we heard president zelensky saying please everybody stay calm. nobody needs to go out and start buying all the sorts of supplies. things are under control. that may be also because the government doesn't want to appear weak and powerless. you are here in ukraine. blinken and lavrov appear to be taking the decisions or sort of forecasting what the future might look like for ukraine. that's a difficult position to make peace with. we heard blinken say there's no discussion of ukraine without
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ukraine but there's a sense on the ground that they have been left out of the conversation and don't have enough of a say in determining what the outcome will be. >> kylie, president biden notable in the comments on wednesday noted that ukraine's potential membership in nato would be many years off if it were to happen. i wonder given that blinken said to lavrov that they'll answer the questions is that part of the u.s. approach here not to elim eliminate possibility of ukraine's membership but you don't have to worry about it now? >> i think that is what u.s. officials say privately. it would take a long time to meet the standards necessary to enter into nato and some of what
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the president said earlier this week didn't exactly amount to what the united states strategy is here and made that comment about a minor incursion potentially not costing as much by russia so it's hard to tell if his comment there amount about ukraine being a ways off from entering nato is part of what the united states strategy is here talking to russia. i think we have to wait and see what the united states provides to russia in these written responses, written concerns as the secretary said. it is notable that it is not just the written response that the united states is giving and he and lavrov agreed to meet again so diplomacy is headed somewhere. we don't know if it's going to deliver results yet and the secretary was very clear to say that russia has two paths.
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dy. >> opening the door to future meetings but, jeremy, opened the door which quite frankly president biden opened last week to a second meeting with president putin and president biden. what is the white house now focused on as blinken returns home and prepares this written statement next week? >> reporter: the president did say at the news conference on wednesday that he would take a meeting with vladimir putin if indeed he thought it would be productive and necessary so that door certainly is open and we'll see what the russian response is to those written u.s. responses that are expected to be delivered next week. here at the white house over two days the focus on trying to clean the president's remarks about a minor incursion and
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sparked not only concerns from the ukrainian but allies around the world. took minutes for the national security council to come out a statement and the president making very clear that any movement of russian troops into ukraine warrants a response and then heard from the white house chief of staff. listen. >> president putin should have no doubt any move by the russian military across the border is an invasion and will be met with a severe economic response from the united states and the allies. the president's told that to president putin directly and reiterated that this morning. if he makes this move it will be a horrible mistake. >> reporter: the reality is that president biden was not clear in his initial comments and why we have seen so much cleanup from
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the white house and the president himself. what does the u.s. do if the ru russian aggression is less than a full-scale invasion? those discussions are still under way how the u.s. would respond to nonmilitary action across the border. >> one thing that's not changed is the position of the russian troops on the border. to the team thanks so much. a story to stay on top of. still to come, a secret plot to send fake electors to washington, d.c. who was in charge? rudy giuliani. plus new reporting. kevin mccarthy is threatening the house freedom caucus plotting his path to be speaker. his warning to members of his own party just ahead meat loaf passed away last
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your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit stunning new details this morning about alleged events at the white house in the days before the january 6th attack on the capitol. former white house press secretary stephanie grisham told the january 6 committee former
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president trump held off the book meetings in the white house before the insurrection. >> guardian reporting is accurate. there were meetings taking place up there. i don't have visibility into what was discussed in all of the people that were there but mark meadows would have been there as well as the legal team working on all of the bonkers plans that you were talking about. the former president did that often, quite a bit, because there was a lot of paranoia of leaks in the white house and would have people up to the residence. >> grisham reportedly pointed committee investigators to documents that could shed light on whether trump intended to go to the capitol that day and learning details about attempts by allies to straight-up overturn the 2020 election. multiple sources tell cnn that trump campaign officials led by the former personal attorney
6:18 am
rudy giuliani oversaw efforts in december 2020 to put forward fake electors from seven states that trump lost, pennsylvania, georgia, michigan, arizona, wisconsin, nevada and new mexico. one consistency is that the fraud from their point of view took place in states that trump lost. >> of course. sources said campaign team members were far more involved than previously known. according to one source there were multiple planning calls between trump campaign officials and gop state operatives and juli giuliani participated in at least one call and secured meeting rooms in state houses to meet in and circulated drafts of fake certificates sent to the national archives.
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>> let's discuss with former federal prosecutor laura coats. there's developments to go through. let's begin with the campaign election plot. it is so straightforward and almost hard to distinguish but draw attention to this. trump allies tried to send fake electors of seven states that trump lost and confirmed he lost the states to overturn the election. is that legally -- does that put him and the allies in legal jeopardy? >> it does and it's so brazen. the idea here to try to do this in a democracy like the united states of america. we heard about the conversations and often probably wondered why vice president mike pence didn't go along with the plan. there's good reasons but thinking about the plan and what the pressure looked like and if he had decided to go along with
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the plan that there were actually forward moving actions. it is a try to interfere with the election and the ability to carry out the functions. charges are coming out at this point. in some states like pennsylvania they had the legal caveat language to say we are electors in waiting to say in case we are successful in a courtroom to overturn the election we would be the rightful people and seem to have protected in the first blush and the others are really startling in just how bold in the attempt and confidence to say to do this and then brag about it. they think they have no accountability. >> cnn caught some on tape describing how this went down. to add to the examples of why it was a bad week legally for the
6:21 am
former president, the interference in georgia, the attorney general said she wants to request a grand jury to help with developing and getting more access to information surrounding his interference. how significant is that? what should his legal team be thinking right now? >> it's very significant but i want people to understand. we are talking about a grand jury. not as if a grand jury can issue indictments. it is different. a case brought before them and recommend an indictment. in this case it's an ability to try to get subpoena power because to the state they're not able to get the voluntary cooperation with people. a special grand jury is to way to get the authority to compel testimony. they issue a full report and then goes to a real grand jury
6:22 am
to act with indictments. this is a significant step forward to get the information and get the ducks in a row to have the evidence you seek for any criminal charges. >> it is a bad legal week and seen them before for the former president and been out of office more than a year now and no legal consequences for himself on senior former members of the administration. will there be? which investigation in your view are most likely to go somewhere? >> i think the fulton county case is a very, very important one to clear up and give context to the phone call. it is a crime to try to interfere with elections and the january 6 select committee in congress, the timing of the request for information from the likes of ivanka trump or rudy
6:23 am
giuliani comes after hundreds of interviews which to me says there's been foundational evidence to say i would like you to address what we already know. if that's the case you talk about having the puzzle pieces in place to tell you who ordered a code red, who directed the behavior. answering to somebody or going rogue? when trump doesn't have the fingerprints on things we are closer to that. >> it's einteresting to hear ivanka's response she didn't speak on the day of the 6th with the president. not necessarily what they're asking for. they want the information. not clear if she will meet with them. thank you as always. >> thank you. still ahead, new reporting this morning on the maneuvering among house republicans.
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house minority leader mccarthy is battling with members of his own party trying to secure his role as speaker if republicans take back the house in the midterms.
6:29 am
>> michael warren has new reporting on this. mccarthy is warning don't threaten me with not voting for me. what else are we learning? >> that's right. mccarthy in this meeting on december 8th of the house republican conference surprised members with how forceful he pushed back on the most vocal members of the conference, one republican member of congress telling me that he switched from friendly mode to stop f-ing around mode. this is what tom cole told our colleague about what he said in the ming, quote, if you tell me you're not going to vote for me, i will do the opposite. he told me that after that mrk carthy added to the threat i mean it. all of this reveals the sort of treacherous path that mccarthy
6:30 am
has. republicans are very well positioned at the moment to take back the majority in november and mccarthy if that happens is really well positioned to be the next speaker but he has to balance the desires of this far right much more vocal pro trump wing of the party that wants to investigate the 2020 election, impeach joe biden and remove republican members. bala balancing that with the needs of the party means winning in districts that joe biden won in 2020 where that sort of jaends, far right agenda is not appealing. that's the task ahead of mrk carthy to lay down the law here. we have to see if he can uphold that promise and threat. >> of course the big elephant in the room is former president trump and whether he supports
6:31 am
mccarthy. >> not clear. >> thank you. right now a bipartisan group of senators is looking to change the electoral count act. susan collins and mitt romney saying they will scrutinize the law. >> cnn congressional correspondent lauren fox is on capitol hill. a few months ago it was an outlier idea and now seems to be gaining support, serious discussion among republicans and democrats, a rarity on capitol hill. how likely and soon? >> reporter: sounds like the same group of bipartisan senators that worked to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. susan collins expects them to
6:32 am
meet svia webx to try to see if they can come up with a compromise legislation that would make it harder to challenge the electoral congress results. that's what happened on january 6. you had questions about what the vice president's role was going to be and there is an effort right now and this is really the goal of democrats to make it much harder to challenge the results. right now it just takes a house member and a senator and that was really a cause for concern on january 6 and questions whether or not to pass a law to make it a crime to threaten poll workers. republicans warn that might be harder to enshrine in legislation but that is the effort of this bipartisan group. when i asked susan collins whether they could come to a compromise in days even getting back from recess and ready to vote on this, she said it is too
6:33 am
soon and will have the conversations and see how far we can and an interesting note i asked minority leader mbah a moute whe-- mitch mcconnell and said he'll take a look at what they come up. you have a bipartisan group of lawmaker who is trust one another. we'll see whether they can come up with a solution here. >> more we learn about the efforts to reject electors to states that trump lost this reform might be significant. thank you so much. rock superstar meet loaf passed away and an album of his top selling of all time. call up the tracks. we will have his music and films and legacy coming up.
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learned to love the music. >> quite an entertainer. 65 million copies of that album sold. according to a post on the facebook page he passed away with his wife and two daughters and close friends at his side. chloe looks back on his life. ♪ >> reporter: meet loaf performed melodies with flare. >> i go out on a stage as if it's the last thing i'll ever do. that's what i've said. if i'm going out i will go out on a stage. >> reporter: meet loaf. >> there is no story. the real story is that kids -- i was 8 years old. >> reporter: meat loaf was born in dallas, texas.
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texas wasn't big enough for his talents. he would go on to sell 80 million records word wide. one of the top selling musicians ever. his three "bat outside of hell" albums became staples in dorm rooms. the first one selling 43 million copies. >> i was not ready for it. i had a nervous breakdown. i went to a psychologist for two years. i went with them to deal with the word star. >> reporter: meat got a hold of demons and starred on stage and screen. known for "the rocky horror picture show." and "fight club." >> first rule is i'm not supposed to talk about it. second rule is, i'm not supposed to talk about it. and the thoird rule is -- >> bob, bob. i'm a member. >> reporter: he married twice.
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became a father to two daughters and he entered reality tv. donald trump's celebrity apprentice. in an episode blistered gary b usi. inl the last person in the world you want to [ bleep ] with! >> reporter: a stark contraction. that operatic voice. ♪ i would do anything for love ♪ ♪ but i won't do that ♪ ♪ no i won't do that ♪ >> you know, we never learned what it was that he wouldn't do. but i just think folks again like who don't know him or the work, so many great songs and so many great not just cameos but he acted in a lot of graets
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movies. >> he said that he approached songs as if they were a play and you see that in music videos and stage performances. he said he gives it his all and i hope people will turn to his music and download it. it was great. >> great stuff. >> our thoughts with his family. >> no question. still to come, former employees of a covid testing company said there were trash bags filled with samples never tested auld over the office and now a state is suing. details next. for insights on when to buy and sell. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. i am here because they revolutionized immunotherapy. i am here because they saw how cancer adapts to different oxygen levels and starved it. i am here because they switched off egfr gene mutation
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minnesota's attorney general is suing a covid-19 testing company and its lab. partner lab after accusing the company of providing covid testing but not delivering the results in a timely manner if at all. >> some cases people reported receiving falsified results. elizabeth cohen is following. this company was not just operating in minnesota so i'm curious is there evidence this mo might have been a broader problem? >> we have to see as the lawsuit goes on and will oir attorneys general decide to join in on this lawsuit? let's take a look at the minnesota lawsuit. minnesota attorney general is suing this testing chain called the center for covid control. they have more than 300 locations in the u.s. the lawsuit mentions that their
6:48 am
positivity rate was ten times higher than the state average from december 7th to january 10th of this year and raised some questions. the lawsuit also says that patients reported results riddled with false and inaccurate information like the wrong test or wrong test date. cnn reached out to the covid testing center and did not immediately hear back but put a statement on the website. so the center for covid control said they're extending the pause in operations and won't resume any staffing resources permit them and said the center for covid control is training additional staff on sample collection and handling, best practices and compliance with regulatory guidelines. sometimes when we hear about stories like this you wonder how
6:49 am
can i make sure i get a test as a place with a real result. going on the state department of health website you can see a list of places so that's a place to start. >> good idea. use the resources. elizabeth cohen, thank you so much. an american airlines flight headed from miami to london had to turn around mid flight on wednesday. why? because a passenger refused to wear a mask. i've been on flights where this happened. it is no fun. >> not hard. keep the mask on. pete muntean joins us. they weren't two hours after taking off. what happened with the passenger? >> reporter: that's right. these issues with passengerings were such a problem in 2021 and it's gotten dragged into 2022. american airlines flight 38 took off from miami on wednesday night. only about 45 minutes in did it
6:50 am
turn back. look at the image here from flight aware. you can see the blue line, which is the flight plan. 8:45, miami to london. just imagine the frustration of these passengers that they had to go back after only an hour into the flight. 129 people on board, all over a woman on board who caused a disturbance, american airlines says, over a mask. now, miami-dade police met the plane at the gate when it arooifd back in miami. they escorted that woman off and they say the airline is dealing with this. a few different options here. the airline could ban this passenger. the faa could intercede and impose civil fynes, but it cannot bring criminal charges. the faa can't do that. the department of justice can, but we know typically it just takes some time to investigate these incidents. so no real movement on that just yet, although we do know the department of justice makes this a pretty high priority. look at the numbers so far this year.
6:51 am
151 cases of unruly passengers reported by flight crews to the faa. 92 of them over masks. about 60%. last year in 2021, 5shgz 981 unruly passenger incidents, 4,290 mask related, 70% over masks. now, the rate of these incidents has been down a little bit according to the faa, which is good news. we know this really started to tick up right after the january 6th attack. we will see if this starts to taper off, if people are getting the message now that people are getting charged and punished. so many fines assessed in these cases, $20,000, $30,000 in some cases. we've seen as high as $50,000 depending on the incident. we'll see what happens with this one. >> the cost to the airlines, too, to turn around a flight like that and to the other passengers involved. pete muntean, thanks so much. >> anytime. coming up, mortgage rates are on the rise.
6:52 am
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growing up, bilal was obsessed, obsessed with superman! not because he could fly, but because superman stood up for people. maybe it's because of our family's own immigrant story, or he's just that nerdy.
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throughout his career in the obama administration and the private sector, bilal has never stopped helping others. we don't need a superhero to solve san francisco's biggest problems like crime and homelessness, just the innovation and courage to lead. join me. peloton stock is spinning, a play on words there, bouncing back this morning after a cnbc reportry vealed that the company temporarily halted production of its bikes and treadmills due to waning demand. i guess they're turning the resistance up. >> good one, jim. >> listen, they did have a big boom during the pandemic, but a report claims production was paused in december, will not resume until june. the company's ceo acknowledged
6:57 am
they are considering all options including layoffs and production curbs, but called the leaked information incomplete and out of context. to the housing market now, mortgage rates rising for a third straight week at an average of 3.56%. those 30-year fixed rates are at a high not seen since the start of the pandemic. >> this of course after many years of very low mortgage rates. cnn's vanessa yurkevich spoke with prospective home buyers feeling some pressure to pay more in an already competitive market. >> hey, man. welcome. >> reporter: stu is on the hunt again. >> here we have two bedroom, 2 1/2 bath. >> reporter: he's looking for a home in los angeles for himself and his 8-year-old daughter after he fell out of escrow on another property last month. >> how many square feet is it? >> reporter: besides worrying about square footage, there's low inventory, sky-high prices and bidding wars and now rising mortgage rates. >> they're almost a point higher
6:58 am
than they were when i made that offer. that's significant jump. >> reporter: this week a 30-year fixed rate loan is 3.56%, back up to prepandemic levels. on the median home price of $350,000, americans can expect to spend $120 more on average excluding taxes and insurance than they did a year ago. >> i think that affects the homes you look at, the neighborhoods i look at, that affects the kind of things i'm willing to go and have conviction about that maybe i didn't a month ago or a week ago. >> reporter: mortgage rates are going up in anticipation of higher interest rates, which the federal reserve said would happen this year. in just the last month, a 30-year mortgage rose by a half a point. >> every half point the mortgage rates rise i think that definitely has an impact on what buyers are willing to go, how far they're willing to stretch
6:59 am
on how many purchase. >> reporter: rising rates will affect home buyers in pricier coastal cities where they're more often right on the cusp of qualifying for a home mortgage. in chicago, where realtors say locking in a good mortgage rate now. >> you don't want to pay more money if you don't have to pop that's kind of why we did decide to go through the preapproval process earlier so if we found something, we could jump on it. >> reporter: mary kate and her husband are first-time home buyers working against two time lines. their lease is up six months, and the mortgage rates are rising. >> we've been accelerating that time line a little more recently. what's the price of this one? >> reporter: her realtor says rising rates are bringing up fomo for first-time buyers, that's fear of missing out. >> there might be some folks out there considering buying a home six, nine months ago that didn't and might be kicking themselves. >> reporter: pushing buyers to
7:00 am
move quickly before mortgage rates and home prices get any higher. >> maybe that's where some of the nerves and the excitement all come together. >> reporter: now, home prices up 17% last year. that with these rising rates and very, very low inventory, you'll lose some home buyers. but realtors say this might ignite a bit of a buying frenzy to try to get any homes that are still on the market. and jim and bianna, just two tims from realtors i they say if you can get preapproved, do it now, and see if your mortgage broker will let you lock into today's rate so that you don't end up paying more down the road. guys? >> vanessa yurkevich thanks so much. very good friday morning. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm bianna golodryga. moments from now, antony blinken will be back on his way to the u.s. after an emergency trip to ne t


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