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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  January 25, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PST

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so do its recommendations. so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪ all right, laura. here we go. tuesday, january 25th. 5 a.m. in new york. thanks for getting an "early start" with us. i'm christine roman. >> hey, christine. i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. new moves in the escalating face-off between russia and the west over ukraine. each side now raising the stakes. the pentagon says up to 8500
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u.s. troops have been placed on heightened alert for possible deployment to eastern europe. pentagon spokesperson john kirby says despite calls for russian president vladimir putin to step back from ukraine, he's actually sending new troops to the border. >> they continue to add tactical groups to their western border, to the border with ukraine. and in belarus as well. they've shown no signs of de-escalating but they are adding more force capability. >> president biden held a conference call on the crisis and touted total unanimity. >> hi, nic. >> hi, christine. we've just heard from dmitry pes
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could have, president putin's spokesman talking about that potential deployment of 8500 u.s. troops towards eastern europe. the kremlin's position on this is they are concerned because this is building tensions. this is what they've heard in the last month or so, that it is the western allies. nato, the united states who are essentially trying to build up a pre pretext. they say the ukrainian government is building up forces against the separatist region. the dombas region.
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there was a meeting to follow through to end the fighting around the dombas region. that was supposed to stop this issue. it is the ukrainians threatening the separatist area. >> all right, nic. thank you so much for that. a lot of moving parts. the united states and european allies are in lock step when it comes to imposing sanctions against russia. the president spoke for 80 minutes with european leaders and afterward projected a message of cooperation. >> i had a very, very, very good meeting, total unanimity with all european leaders. >> jasmine wright joins us live from washington. good morning. what else do we know about this video call?
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>> reporter: all right. looks like we don't have jasmine there. we'll get back to her. invasion of ukraine could trigger a new wave of economic sanctions from moscow. the u.s. and europe has a problem. cnn's anna stewart joins us from london. i don't think it can be overstated how important this russia story is to global energy prices and potential disruptions to, you know, the stuff that the world still works on. >> reporter: president biden thaeld video call with european leaders that you were just speaking to jasmine about earlier. he said they are preparing for what would have massive effects on russia. it would be extremely damaging for russia, whether it's
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crucrush i cutting russia off or germany has the power not to certify the pipeline. in terms of the ripple effects, in terms of financial markets, all of the western allies are invested in russia. businesses have a history. there is a huge potential for russian retaliation. that is particularly important when you rely on 40% oil. and they are withholding gas exports. energy security is at stake. that video call between president biden and european leaders certainly gave the impression of unity. behind closed doors it is likely there is some division especially when it comes to damaging issues. that is something president putin is betting on. >> anna, thank you so much for
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that. laura. we have jasmine wright joining us again from washington. jasmine, you just heard anna reporting from the eu perspective on this. give us the white house perspective. >> reporter: yeah. anna hit it right on the head. trying to show european allies are showing unanimity. his comments last week he said there was some disunity among nato allies on what they could try to show full on here and there was no glimmer in the unanimity. they said the president and his european allies, they're concerned about that and diplomatic efforts to deter russia from invite -invading.
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there are preparations to impose massive consequences on russia for such actions as well as to three and four security on nato's eastern flank. this discussion with the president of european allies. the white house released it of that call, it comes as we learned that the president is refining military options for all scenarios when it comes to the situation and that includes potentially increasing that troop buildup as we heard nic talk about just a few minutes ago even ahead of any possible invasion from russia. it comes as the state department is taking the initial steps to start drawing down some of the staff over in ukraine starting with the non-essential personnel and their family. jen psaki delivered the message from the white house to americans over in ukraine. take a listen. >> about americans who are in ukraine. i know you said there is no precedent outside of afghanistan
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for evacuation if there was some type of military incursion by the russians. i just want to be clear if americans are still in ukraine and things start happening with russia, are they pretty much on their own? >> well, we are conveying very clearly now that now is the time to leave and that there are means to do that. of course there's commercial airlines. you can -- >> reporter: so there you have it. a clear message from the white house as we head into this critical week. laura? >> jasmine, thank you. inflation watch now. president biden says better competition could lower prices. the president joined the new white house competition council. then he discussed actions he could take to run it down. >> competition results in fair wages for workers and encourages countries to innovate.
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capitalism without come provision. >> it is focused on easing prices. he calls that a top priority. a recent cnn poll found nearly three out of four americans believe the government doing too little to curb inflation. 54% said they have changed their grocery lists to stay on budget and 43% have cut back on driving because of rising gas prices. another notable hot mic moment after the president's remarks there. after reporters were being ushered out of the east room on monday, this happened. >> will you take a position on inflation then? do you think inflation is political? >> it's a great asset. my pleasure. what a stupid son of a bitch. >> the person asking the question fox correspond department peter deusy said the
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president called him a short time later to apologize. >> he said, it's nothing personal, pal. and i made sure to tell him that i'm always going to try to ask something different than what everybody else is asking and he said, you've got to. and that's a quote from the president so i'll keep doing it. he cleared the air and i appreciated it. we had a nice call. >> doocy said it was so noisy in the room he didn't hear about the president's remark until later. good for the president apologizing. should it have happened? no. is it anything like his predecessor's behavior towards the press? no. >> that's so interesting. he loses his temper, apparently, in front of the mic and it becomes a headline. president trump lost his temper to reporters as a matter of routine. just ahead, a big development in georgia for the da investigating donald trump for trying to medal with the 2020 election results. plus, the first ever
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comments from the capitol police officer who famously and bravely fooled an angry mob saving lives. and boris johnson with a birthday cake. the party scandal takes a new turn.
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businesses that don't require vaccination. schools must continue to follow masking rules until the case is resolved. a significant move into the criminal investigation into donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in georgia. fan any willis has now been granted a special grand jury to hear the case of all the lawsuits trump faces, this is the only known criminal case that explicitly deals with his 2020 election interference. so let's bring in former federal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney katie turkasky. thank you for waking up bright and early for me in california. the da said she needed this special grand jury to talk to key witnesses especially for brad raffensperger. what happens now? >> such an interesting development. obviously it is unprecedented. they will allow the district
2:17 am
attorney to get the witnesses to speak and turn over documents which is a big part of what is needed, she says, to determine if there's any criminal charges that are warranted. >> she said she expects to have a decision on charges in the first half of 2022. now that's just a rough spitballing prediction for her but the special grand jury we're told by the court won't begin until may 2nd. she's going to have to move quickly. what do you think the charges could look like? >> there are certain charges that they're supposed to be looking into in terms of specific georgia statutes involving election fraud, solicitation charges even rackettearing. it's not what they could be but would they have federal jurisdiction? that's the interesting piece of this. there are potential allegations she's hoping to find. regardless of the charging
2:18 am
decisions, it's an important step in finding out what happened here for the sake of the country at large. >> do you think she has jurisdiction over the former president? >> it's a really interesting question and it's never before been tested. i think there's a big difference between a prosecutor bringing charges which they need probable cause and proving them beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal court and beyond that being able to withstand any sort of appellate scrutiny. so i think there is going to be a long road if that is the path she takes but of course there would be no other way to know this besides getting the court to weigh in on that. so she says she's taking it one step at a time. i think that's all you can do. never before been tested in terms of trying a former president for acts that he committed while in office. and it's something that the court's going to have to weigh in on and ultimately probably supreme court. >> ground breaking case no
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matter how you look at it. katie, thank you so much forgetting up with us. appreciate it. a police officer who protected the u.s. capitol on january 6th is breaking his silence. we all remember this riff veding video. capitol officer directing mitt romney away from the rioters. he lured a mob into chasing him. goodman has shied away from most media interviews since the attack. he went on the three brothers no sense podcast on monday and he described what happened. >> when i got down there down the sfartairs and got confronteo all of them, i was backpeddling to where i seen help. they looked to be coming my way and i wasn't sure. by the time i got upstairs, they were there. they were in the building.
2:20 am
i honestly didn't know they were that far in the building. they lock eyes on me right away and just like that, i was in it. any situation like that, you want to de-escalate but at the same time you want to survive first, you know what i mean? >> goodman also says the riots could easily have been a bloodbath. >> he uses that word survive. you want to survive first. you and i both spoke to officers who were on the scene that day and they talk about that survival. the looks in the eyes of the rioters. the words they were saying. the way they were carrying themselves was truly, truly frightening. >> not to mention the racial epithets they were being slung with that day and the trauma that so many of them are still dealing with. the pts. there's a lot there for them. we're glad certainly that he's okay. wish him the best. new revelations in the boris johnson party scandal. the new photo that's just the icing on the cake. plus --
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welcome back. a new party scandal for british prime minister boris johnson. a downing street spokesman said johnson celebrated his birthday with a gathering at his residence in june of 2020 at the same time tight covid restrictions were in place. cnn's scott mcclain is in london. >> reporter: that's right, laura. previously the local police, metropolitan police said it was their policy in general not to go back and investigate retrospectively incidents that happened over potential covid breaches that happened a long time ago. new this morning the chief of the london metropolitan police says that based on new information and a determination this is public interest, police will now investigate several incidents, several accusations of breaches in relation to covid
2:27 am
rules that took place at downing street. now you mentioned the latest accusations here. these ones were first reported by itv news. they say there were two gatherings that took place on boris johnson's birthday in june of 2020. the first was in the cabinet office with some of his colleagues where they sang happy birthday, there was a cake. the second was a gathering with a family inside his apartment. this was at a time wherein door gatherings were banned and outdoor gatherings were limited to just six people. downing street acknowledged that both of these events took place but they say the cabinet office was simply colleagues who gathered after a meeting to quickly wish him a happy birthday and he was there for less than 10 minutes. on the other gathering they say he was actually outdoors. this sort of blurring of the lines between work and social events has been a common defense for boris johnson. the last time he was accused of having a garden party in may, well, he said that he wasn't aware it was a party even though the invitation for that said that people should bring their
2:28 am
own booze. this morning it was the british transportation secretary who was tasked with trying to defend the government on this. listen. >> he didn't organize a party. someone presents cake to him. >> and singing, happy birthday, mr. prime minister. happy birthday to you. >> it was his birthday and these are people he worked with all the time. as i say, i don't seek to defend it. this is for sue gray to decide whether this was appropriate. >> so sue gray is the senior civil servant who's been tasked with investigating all of these allegations of party. her report is expected to be released this week. that will likely influence a lot of mps on whether or not they call for a confidence vote on boris johnson's leadership. one other comment on the investigation, even if there were breaches found to be upheld by a police investigation, there would only be a fine that we would be looking at in this case. >> all right.
2:29 am
an important development. scott, thank you. to west africa now. developing overnight, a coup. the army deposing the president of burkina faso. the army announcing here it had taken control and president kabore has not been found in public since fighting broke out sunday around the palace. we have more live from nigeria. what's happening here? >> reporter: as you say, it's a new military rear in bur burkina faso. quite an unusual response from people. people are cheering, honking their cars in the streets in support of the military regime. we're also hearing there's a planned rally in the capitol in support of this military regime. and, you know, the army sources
2:30 am
have been telling cnn that it was simply time for the president to go simply because he failed to protect the citizens from jihadist insurgency that has plagued the small african nation since 2018. the u.n. figures puts 1.5 million people displaced internally because of this conflict. and so the army is saying that they are now ready to take charge and secure the citizens, which speaks to some of that popularity that we're seeing right now. but of course we don't know where president ga kabore and t u.s. calling for his immediate release. the u.s. also saying it's monitoring this situation very closely and that it is a worrying development, christine. >> stephanie, thank you very much. keep us posted on new developments. laura? we've been promised flying
2:31 am
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strypaper? luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue! just as free rapid covid tests are being dlefrd across the country, the first free n-95 masks are being delivered. it's all part of the biden administration's efforts to catch up. cnn has reporters all across the globe starting with kristie lu stout. >> reporter: good morning. covid cases are rising in beijing inside and outside the beijing bubble. today the beijing olympics committee reported 15 new cases and 5 new local cases outside the bubble in the chinese capitol. it's a small number.
2:37 am
but in zero covid china, that means mass testing, snap lockdown. beijing has ordered all residents who ordered cold medicine to get tested. >> reporter: covid-19 is surging. they will be celebrating annual republic day in new delhi on wednesday. only 1/3 of the usual strength of spectators will be allowed at this parade. they must be fully vaccinated. unfortunately, children under the age of 15 will have to give the event a miss since they've yet to receive a single dose of the covid-19 vaccine. now to tokyo. >> reporter: any moment japan's government is expected to formally expand quasi state emergency orders that will cover more than 70% of the country's prefectures. that means local governments can
2:38 am
request they stop serving alcohol or they could face crimes. for the first time ever not only has the daily case count roughly doubled week to week, but so has the number of patients in serious condition. laura, christine, back to you. >> thank you so much for those reports this morning. former alaska governor sarah palin has tested positive for covid. the federal judge hearing the case noting she is, of course, unvaccinated. now an italian restaurant on new york city's side under scrutiny for letting her dine indoors saturday night. the city requires everyone sitting inside show proof of vaccination. the restaurant, elios, told "the new york times" the staff just made a mistake. okay. i've never been there -- >> i haven't either. >> i've been out to eat in new york and there's a line socially
2:39 am
distanced outside, people with their cards on their phone and their cards in their hands to get in. it is just -- >> the restaurants have been really strict about it because they face heavy fines. they don't want to get penalized. so desperate to have people in the restaurants. a lot of questions. >> if she is unvaccinated, if she is unvaccinated, that means she went into a restaurant where someone who is vaccinated and thought they were safe could have been sitting close. >> now the restaurant has to let everyone know that was there that they were exposed to covid. >> is the stock market headed to the super bubble. the rock front man now apologizing to taylor swift. ♪ ♪ ♪ will make it just, flow.
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it's tuesday. let's look at the markets around the world. asia fell. europe was open higher rebounding on wall street. stock index futures looks like they're down a limb bit here. look, it was an insane day on wall street. a huge selloff and then an epic reversal just before the closing bell. a real nail biter. the dow down more than 1001 point rebounded to close higher. the s&p 500 up 0.3%. nasdaq down almost 5% at its low turns around and gains 0.6%. the problem here, a lot to work through. ukraine tensions. disappointing corporate earnings and persistent inflation. fighting inflation means a new era of higher interest rates. we'll hear from the fed with a policy update after the central bank's two-day policy meeting.
2:45 am
higher rates eat into profits and that devalues high worth stocks. you're seeing a real shift here. the tech heavy nasdaq is down 13%. the s&p down 8.1% from the recent highs. the dow has lost 6.6%. it's a new era after big wins during the pandemic. all major indices are up double digits since march of 2020. let's bring in linette lopez to talk about all of these lines this morning. linette, so nice to see you this morning. four things freaking investors out, inflation, russia, potential invasion. earnings, the fed. even scarier, this idea that years of easing fed policy has created a super bubble. things like meme stocks and dodgy cryptocurrency show that the super bubble is in the late stages. where do you stand on the whole super bubble here?
2:46 am
>> i don't know about a super bubble. i don't know how super it is. this isn't going to be like 2008 where the entire economy goes crashing down. we have a growing economy. when i think about this i think more along the lines of the market crashing in the tech bubble in 2001, 2002 when it was really a moment where retail investors got in there, regular people started trading on internet plat forms. when they got on reddit and reading investment advice. money was easy and people got involved. they got in and they took a lot of losses. i think that's what this is going to look like. participation in the market
2:47 am
right now during the financial crisis was unlike any time we've ever seen before in modern history. >> sure. >> it looks like from the data that most people are jumping out. back in '01, '02, those people never came back to the stock market again and things started behaving a little bit more normally. that's what it looks like is going to happen now instead of all of this crazy action, it will go back to normal eventually. >> yeah, it's been a couple of nutty years. the pandemic has been good for investors. ironically what has not been good for main street has been good for wall street. the president is touting competition to cool inflation. the fed is on the verge of raising interest rates to control higher prices. do you feel like inflation, the story for 2022 is we will get inflation under control? >> i hope so. i think it still depends on the
2:48 am
virus. a lot of the issues that we're seeing with inflation are due to supply chain disruption. truckers coming over the border of canada who have to move more slowly. people who can't drive the trucks. you know, shutting down ports in china because they have a zero covid policy and they don't want anyone to be sick at all. these things are really important. also the shift in our consumer economy is going to be important when we get rid of the virus. now people are at home buying goods online. hopefully when this clears up they'll buy more experiences. they'll go on trips, they'll go out to dinner and that will send money into the services economy. what the fed can do and what president biden can do about problems like that are limited. you know, it's almost impossible for president biden to somehow find more truckers and the federal reserve can't go to china and put things on ships.
2:49 am
>> right. >> so while they can make an impact on the economy, the fed can build up hot money from the housing market and stock market but a lot of this is driven by the virus. we've never seen anything like this. >> you're right that the inflation issue is global. the right -- the far right will give president biden a lot of grief about biden inflation and empty biden store shelves, but it is a global inflation problem. that's a good point to meet. story stock, they're sweating it out over at peloton not in a good way. an activist investor wants to fire the ceo and explore a sale. the stock price fell below the ipo price. what's the outcome here, the next move for peloton, do you think? >>. >> this is going to be tough.
2:50 am
i don't know when exercise will be being a super hot thing and everyone needs a bicycle. exercise fads are tough in the stock market. they tend to bubble and pop. peloton, i wish them well. the reporting that's coming out about demand is not great. i am not a corporate ceo so i don't have advice to them but i wouldn't be -- i wouldn't be waiting for peloton to figure this out and have the stock surge back up. this is a real problem. it's a demand problem. it's we can't find the customers problem. >> it's a social media and technology company. we'll see if they can continue to collect that. >> i would say that too. >> thank you. i'm not the only one who has a bike at home i think collecting dust right now. buccaneers quarterback tom brady says his family will play a key role in his decision whether to retire. andy scholes has it all covered
2:51 am
in this morning's bleacher report. hey, andy. >> reporter: leading into the playoffs, there wasn't much talk about this could be tom brady's last season. tom brady, he's going to play forever but retirement seems like a real possibility. brady said on his "let's go" podcast saying giselle and his family will have a big role in his decision. >> it pains her to see me get hit out there. that's what relationships are all about. it's not always what i want, it's what we want as a family. i'm going to spend a lot of time with them and figure out in the future what's next. >> brady's 44 years old and said in the past he wants to play to the age of 45. he's already nfl's all-time leader in both career passing yards. he has one-year left on his two-year $50 million deal with
2:52 am
the bucs. scary moment. an errant puck was shot out of play and hit a woman sitting in the stands. play was stopped momentarily while she received medical attention. she reportedly was taken to a nearby hospital and suffered nonlife threatening injuries. the caps ended up losing that game. to college basketball. 13th ranked texas tech and fifth ranked playing a thriller. jayhawks, ibaji hits the 3 with under 10 seconds to go. he had a career high 37 points. game would go to double overtime. can't get it to go right there. win 94-91. raphael nadal one step closer to a record-breaking 21st grand slam title. nadal won the first two sets but battling some stomach problems and in that sweltering heat he dropped the next two sets before
2:53 am
he beat 22-year-old canadian denis shapovalov. the men's final is sunday night. meantime, american madison keys cruising into the women's semi-finals over barbara korachokova. nick kyrgios playing doubles. kyrgios smokes it anyway. unfortunately it hit a young fan. kyrgios immediately felt terrible about it. after waiting for a moment kyrgios then went over to the fan, grabbed one of his rackets and ran into the stands to give it to the fan. happy ending there, guys. i don't know, would you take a tennis ball to the chest or face if you got a racket in return? >> for a concussion? no. >> i would do it if it was roger federer. >> i'm like one of those safety
2:54 am
moms. i want to take my kids to a baseball game wearing a bike helmet. mom, you are so crazy. one of my kids almost got hit by a foul ball. i can see the tears. the tears are justified there. >> thanks, andy. >> thanks, andy. taylor swift has bad blood with damon albarn. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so when he told the interviewer swift doesn't write her own songs. doesn't write her own songs. >> she fired back i was such a big fan of yours until i saw this. i write all of my own songs. your hot take is completely false and so damaging. ps, i wrote this tweet all by myself in case you were wondering. he later apologized to swift writing i totally agree with you. i had a conversation about song writing. i apologize unreservedly and
2:55 am
unconditionally. >> good for her with the swift tweet back. >> she will not take your hot take, no way. >> taylor swift is an icon. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. always look for the grown in idaho seal. such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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