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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  January 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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markets, the issue now is we have constrained supply into a global market that's increasing in demand. that's an issue we have been working on with our partner and allies. the price of oil is set globally. we're looking at contingencies but we believe that there are actions we can take with ourselves and farpartners to mitigate that across time. to be clear, the principal local of the pain that will be felt is in the russian economy and that's certainly both in narrative and in substance what we're trying to communicate right now. >> always good to have you. thank you, sir. good to be with you. we're beginning with the breaking news on a possibly
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russian invasion of ukraine. vladmir putin directly if russian forces enter ukraine. watch. >> this is all putin. i don't think his people know for certain. >> would you see yourself personally sanctioning him if he did invade ukraine? >> yes. >> you would? >> i would see that. >> cnn has this story covered from multiple angles. what did he say? >> he said those troops could deploy in the near term. he didn't offer specifics own when they might deploy or to where they might deploy. the u.s. right now still keeping it options open. the pentagon came out yesterday and said as many as 8500 troops got prepared to deploy orders which is a heads up of get
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ready, you may deploying soon to europe. the pentagon is keeping options open saying it might be more troops and wouldn't just be in it was in response to the nato response force activating the bolster eastern european allies there but the pentagon and the white house could also see and move unilaterally here if they see fit. what were those situations? pentagon press secretary said if the security situation deteriorates then the troops might deploy to eastern europe. the pentagon said troops within europe might move suggesting troops in western europe might be pushed east. as a message to russian president and as the u.s. tries to figure out what he's going to do or isn't going to do.
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that would be used on the eastern flank there. if putin's goal was to get nato away, he's achieved the exact opposite. >> thank you. >> they say it's basically hard to know and they said immeant because they did have this possibility, this real sense they maintain is still they're assessment this could come at any time. something that president biden was talking about with us just now when he went to visit the small business owner here in washington just over on capitol hill. we're talking about what was happening. he met with his national security team earlier today. we had questions about whether there were updates and this stand off where every one is waiting to see what does the russian leader do. the president was talk about how difficult what it is he's going to do. how difficult it is to get
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inside putin's mind and know what move he's going to make. president biden told us he doesn't think that even to the top aides around the russian leader know what he's thinking. >> it's a little bit like reading tea leaves. ordinarily, if were a different leader, the fact he continues to build forces along ukraine's border from belaurs all the way around. you say that means he's looking like he's going to do something. then you look at what his past behavior is and what every one is saying on his team as well as every one else is to what is likely to happen. it all comes down to his decision. >> saying it all comes down to putin's decision. that's what we all know here. the president was talking about what would happen if putin does make thial guess is he will doe.
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one that's not been taken before and he said yes. that's something he would consider if putin did go into ukraine. one thing we should note when talk about the troop deployments and the troops on high alert but have not been deployed yet, the president said he has no intention of sending any u.s. forces or nato forces into ukraine saying that's not something on the table for now. that's been a big question. if putin does go into ukraine, that would be the biggest invasion. he talked about the big global consequences of this. this is not just an issue between ukraine and russia. it's significantly be a big consequence in the west. the president talking about that there, making clear what the consequences of this would be. not just for russia and putin but what it would look like for the global dynamic. >> nic robertson is with us in
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moscow. i know that russian state media is depicting all of these moves very differently than the press here. how are russians viewing all of this? >> reporter: state media earlier this evening they were sort of depicting sound bites from jen psaki, the president, john kirby at the pentagon and saying they're all saying different things. this deployment of troops to the east side of europe, the russians see that as destabilizing, as raising tensions as part of what they consider a western pre-text to create some kind of scope or reason to begin a conflict. the kremlin spokesman is also saying that president putin is
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still open to diplomacy. the track is open. the russians are waiting to get the letters from the united states, the letter from nato this week with the written responses to their demands that go back a month or so. manager they have been wanting for a long time. it's got the separate track, the pro-russian separatist area. the kremlin spokesman has opinion saying the ukrainian forces are building up. we think they are creating danger right there. what is happening tomorrow? tomorrow in paris, the normandy group. germany, france, russia, ukraine get together to discuss that
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eastern enclave. there's a potential piece of a swe sweetener of something to get putin on the off ramp if he feels he can get what he wants on the region. that isn't an off ramp but an entree to an off ramp. that's a separate thing because the u.s. is not at the table in those negotiations. that's france and germany who are not seen as strong as other european allies in pushing back against putin. >> really interesting developments. thank you all. back here, right wing conspiracy theoryist alex jones is the latest to meet with the house select committee. >> jones said that by his lawyers count, he pleaded the fifth amendment almost 100 times during his virtual meeting with the panel on monday. cnn ryan nobles joins us now. tell us where alex jones fits into this and anything more we know about this meeting? >> jones was pretty revealing in his podcast about his experience with the january 6th select
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committee. he's of great interest to them because he was a central player in raising the rhetoric around the false claims about the 2020 election. not only in his podcast leading up to january 6th but on january 5th and january 6th itself. he was one of the keynote speakers at several of these rallies that fired up the crowd on those days. he also played a big role in the financing and the fund raising of these rallies in the days leading up to january 6th. to your point, what he said is that he simply did not answer a lot of these questions that the committee put in front of him. he pled the fifth close to 100 times. he said the committee had access to his phones. they were reading back text exchange with some of the fund-raiser and rally organizers at that time. he was concerned if he answered their questions they might take what he had to say out of context and accuse him of lying to congress. that's the reason he didn't answer the questions. one of the other things that
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jones revealed that i think is of particular interest is the committee was asking him questions about whether or not these right wing malitia groups whether or not any of them were serving as security for jones and his entourage. he told his podcast audience he had nothing to do with them. he only hires private, professional security but it does give us a bit of insight into what the committee is looking for as it relates to jones and this plot that led to the january 6th insurrection. >> ryan, also a federal judge is ordering trump form erer lawyer respond to a subpoena. >> this is lawsuit that eastman filed to prevent his former employer, chapman university from handing over thousands of e-mails he sent when he was an employee of that university. at this point, the judge seems inclined to allow the university to hand that information over to
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the committee but he set the stage for them to review all these documents. thousands and thousands of e-mails and by doing so, his lawyer has actually revealed just how involved eastman was in some of the plots that took place on those days. that's because he is saying these e-mails should be protected because of attorney-client privilege and as a result the lawyer is saying they were conversations he had with the former president and his staff and it shows just how much eastman was involved in those events at the willard hotel and the plot to undermine the certification through mike pence and he declined to go along with the idea. >> thank you, ryan .
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explain what ryan just started to talk about. how that exposes the degree of interaction with the white house. >> the committee decided they need to get information about john eastman. he's a central player as ryan said. he was there throughout the key meetings. john eastman took the fifth amendment. that means he can't be forced to testify but that does not mean the committee cannot investigate him. they said why don't we issubpoe the university he worked for. eastman said there may be attorney-client privilege as between me and donald trump on some of those e-mails so we need to pause and look at them. the key concession is he was acting on behalf of donald trump as donald trump's lawyer at key planning meetings, at key e efforts to try to obstruct the counting of the vote. it's no longer he was acting as
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a freelancer or on his own. he was acting for and as donald trump's attorney. >> why would the committee call a known fabricatfabricator, a kr who tormented those sandy hook families and then even his lawyer had to say it was a performance. then he pleaded the fifth 100 times. why would they even give him fodder to use on his podcast? >> it's a great question. i don't think the committee believes alex jones. there's no reason to believe anything alex jones says any time ever. perhaps they wanted to put pressure on him. perhaps they wanted to make him take the fifth so they can make some political point about that. i think what the committee is looking for is to see if there any links between the biggest spreaders of the big lie. the alex jones' and the groups that we know planned and did storm the capitol, oath keepers.
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alex jones denied any connections. i would give alex jones as little credit as humanly possible. i would not believe anything he said. >> give me 20 seconds on michael avenatti with this lawsuit. stormi daniels is seeing him. she says he defrauded her and he decided to get rid of the public defender and represent himself. >> yeah. it's always a very risky move to get rid of any lawyer and to represent yourself, especially when you are a key player in the case. this sets the stage, oddly enough, for michael avenatti to cross examine stormi daniels. it's high risk for him. it could backfire. the jury will be watching this. i wouldn't like the dynamic if i was on michael avenatti's end of
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this of having to cross examine his own former client who claims she was robbed by him. very risky move. i think he's shown he's nothing, if not highly unpredictable. >> dfair enough. thank you. now to this. new york's attorney general is asking the state supreme court to stay its ruling. in other words, keep the mask mandate in effect until the appeal's process is done. pfizer is starting trials for its omicron vaccine. could it be too late. >> we'll ask the expert. (man) oh, no, no, after you. wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured. (vo) adventure has a new look. discover more in the all-new subaru forester wilderness.
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. new york attorney general -- >> the mandate violates state law because the governor no longer has emergency powers. to be clear, this court does not intend this decision in any way to question or otherwise opine on the efficacy as it means or tool in dealing with the covid virus. the judge on one hand say masks work. on the other hand but you can't force people to wear them. what do you think? >> i want to back up here and remember the context. 2200 people a day for the last seven days have died of covid-19. we're not behind this pandemic in any way and the fact of the matter is that we need to figure out how to be able to protect
12:21 pm
the public and unfortunately these kinds of mandates are really important in the scenario where there is this large ideological rift, largely perpetrated by politicians that keeps calling in question these things whether they are masks or vaccines and these things are important. it's really frustrating the hear the judge opine and then say he's not opining. >> you're going to be frustrated a lot because there's so many states and governors who really don't want school kids to be wearing masks anymore and are doing all they can to lose the mask mandates. i'm woerndering at this point i the pandemic, but we are seeing the numbers, the case numbers tick down. if school kids lose their masks now, does that mean the omicron surge goes backwards or are we now on a downward slope of
12:22 pm
omicron? >> i think those two things are unrelated. we are on a downward slope and increasing the transmission in schools could slow that downward curve. why can't we find middle ground? all of us want our kids in school but why do we want them to be in school at a high risk. why do people believe wearing a mask is so difficult it will get in the way of kids learning? the fact of the matter is getting kids in school safely makes sure they are vaccinated and wearing masks. these things are not mutually exclusive despite the fact we have politicians trying to tell us it's all or nothing. as the father of a 4-year-old, i feel better given the fact my
12:23 pm
kid have to vaccinated and she and kids around her have to wear masks. >> let me ask you about pfizer and beginning this trial of omicron specific vaccines. some have two shots who are boosted. some have no shots at all. and to see if it's effective. by the time it gets through that trial and then potentially to emer emerging, will it be too late for omicron. s >> we know this wave will have passed by the time of the trial results. is an omicron specific vaccine targeting those three clusters of mutations on the spike p protein? will that have potential against
12:24 pm
the next variant that comes forward? that really is the question. for right now it's somewhat frustrating and also questionable that they are calling it an omicron specific vaccine considering given the natural history whether it's the uk or south africa that surge will have abated by the time that study even results let alone the vaccines get manufactured. >> we only have a few -- let me just quickly one second. israel's advisory group recommends a fourth dose. is this a fourth dose or is it like where the flu shot every year we get a covid vaccine because it changes. >> it's still too early to tell. i wish everybody picked up the recommendation for their dose. 52% of americans have gotten their third dose. that leaves 86 million people unboosted and we know it protects against omicron. before we get ahead of ourselves let's not forget if folks are not boosted, please go and do that.
12:25 pm
get the third dose before not too long given the fact that omicron is still spreading amongst us. >> thank you. >> thank you. elton john has postponed two concerts in dallas after he tested positive for covid. >> the venue added he is fully vaccinated and boosted and is only experiencing mild symptoms. they will be honored at the rescheduled dates to be announced soon. he had just returned to performing after a nearly two years hiatus because of the pandemic. so far no other shows have been postponed. president biden caught on a hot mic calling a reporter a stupid s.o.b. i'm abbreviating. he didn't. robert f. kennedy junior is apologizing for invoking nazis and anne frank during an
12:26 pm
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president biden has now apologized to a fox reporter after he said this yesterday. >> will you take questions on inflation then? >> thank you. thank you. >> you think it's a political liability. >> that's a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a -- >> that reporter, peter doocy, said the president called him a short time later to apologize. bryan is here. it sounds like peter doocy handled that with humility. he wasn't trying the make himself the story. i think he said he accepted the president's apology. sounds like they were both being grown ups about that. but for the grace of god, go all of us with hot mics. >> true. >> we all have a lot of
12:32 pm
understanding here but the issue comes into, remember, when former president trump called nfl players sobs, including colin kaepernick and that was a very media story. he didn't call and apologize but that said something in the culture at the time. is this in the same vain? >> it's in the same vain in so far as all presidents should be held to high standards. no presidents should go around calling reporters, cursing reporters. by that standard, a high standard, biden was out of line like trump was out of line when he called chuck todd an s.o.b. in difference is the backdrop. the context. why is peter doocy handling this with such class and blowing it off because the backdrop is so different than the trump years when you had a president trying to destroy the american pemedia trying to undermine the american media. using crude and crass and profane language and doing it in
12:33 pm
an indecent way that was throughout his presidency. now p wwe see with biden it's something different. he has a bit of a mischievous smile when talking to doocy. i believe he knew the mic was on. then he called to try to mends fences. it's interesting to get inside the mind of the president. to hear what he was thinking or feeling. fox has been a pain on his neck. i thought ben rod rhodes said w what fox news has done no this country is more offensive than anything biden has done. that's why so many democrats were cheering when he was heard insulting peter doocy. in point of view for high standards for my president, i would say it's out of line. >> i don't know how you call
12:34 pm
somebody a stupid sob and say it's not personal. i think it's a personal attack there. you say you believe the president knew exactly what he was doing. why? what would be the benefit of that to get the cheers from the left? do you think it was that calculated? >> i don't want to do the 3-d chess part of it. he knows he's on camera. he's been in this business a long time as the three of us know, when you're wearing a micro phone, you assume you're always being heard and always being recorded. i think he was in on it to some degree. the question was less a question and more a provocation. we are not there to be best friends with the president. bring it on and let biden respond that question was more of a provocation and biden took the bait. >> always good to see you. >> thanks.
12:35 pm
this just in to cnn. a second nypd officer has died after being shot while responding to that domestic disturbance call. we have more on this and the new york mayor's plan to stop gun violence, next. with panera's you pick 2, every meal is made fantastic. you can be fresh and fun. bold and classic. cozy and precocious. with 465 fresh, clean, craveable pairings, find a you pick 2 for any mood. panera, the familiar made fantastic. to make my vision a reality.
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the second nypd officer who was shot while responding to a domestic incident in harlem last week has died. new york's police commissioner tweeted it's with great sadness i announce the passing of police officer wilbert. he called him a hero. his death is part of the up tick
12:40 pm
of new violence in new york city that officials are trying to stem. >> the new mayor just announced his plan to try to curb violent crime but critics are voicing concern over part of the plan and that's the bringing back of the controversial plain clothes police unit. it's dismantled in 2020. the mayor reacting this morning. >> i know how unfair and abusive that unit was because i testified in federal court and the judges ruling acknowledged my testimony. police officers will have a modified version of police uniform apparel. they will be better trained. we will use technologies with cameras to video every interaction and i'm going to make sure the right officers are assigned there to go after those who are dangerous gangs and carrying guns in my city. >> let's discuss both sides of
12:41 pm
this with cnn law enforcement analyst. great to have both of you here. tell us why you support the bringing back of this revised but controversial unit. >> these units have shown they can reduce violent crime in communities. not only in new york but other communities across united states. i think that with the version that mayor adam, if he can pull it off with the commissioner, it sowns l sounds like this version is promising but it would have to be closely monitored to evaluate if it's a success or not. dpl you >> you say this is not the right way to go. why? >> i've been working on this for
12:42 pm
over a decade. i want to say i'm so glad that what the mayor has put out matches that report and the report i put out yesterday as well, 2.0, our public safety plan. i want to make sure we're clear on that because there's so much we agree on. i do have concerns about this new plain clothes unit because we had so much trouble in the past. we are getting record numbers of guns off the streets right now. we are getting record numbers of arrests. what i think needs to happen is we focus law enforcement on the guns that are coming in. also the court system has to begin moving. adding these yunit, i'm not sur will help get more arrests because we are record numbers as well. the biggest part is big clear we need a holistic approach because some of the knee jerk reactions we had in the past have caused more harm.
12:43 pm
>> what about that that this is an issue of the court systems, not prosecuting people, not police, not finding guns on the streets. >> in baltimore, i found out you can chase gun arrest all day but the crime is driven by specific individual, specific gangs in specific communities. if you go out and say we're going to get guns, you can get guns all day. mr. williams just said that. they're getting arrests, getting guns. this about the constitutional suppression of the most violent criminals from the city's crime equation. it's not about locking up and questioning and stopping and frisking every black or brown person. you have to get the right individuals. maybe sometimes the community can identify these individuals, maybe sometimes it's the first rate detective saying this is the guy who is killing people in this block.
12:44 pm
it has to be monitored what is going on. arrest without reduction in violence, it doesn't matter. >> i didn't hear a specific protest to what's being suggested here. these neighborhood safety team, the anti-gun unit. you said there are more guns being collected but is there approach one that you disagree with and specifically why not bring back these teams? i didn't hear that in your last answer. >> as we lift up officer moore, officer rivera and the 11-month-old who spent her first birthday in surgery because he was shot in the cheek. thankfully she will survive. these are the stories we have to think about. what i want to push back on is there notion that what we need
12:45 pm
is more police and law enforcement. we understand they have a role to play in and is important. what has been missing are all of the other things that i've been pushing and are in other parts of the mayor's plan which is important. when you look at the 30 precincts in new york and it will be across the nation and you do an overlay, you'll see the same communities were hit the hardest with covid and unemployment, housing, access to health care. these are not excuses and it has to be accountability. if we're not addressing those other surkissues, it can cause harm. the specifics with this unit is we have seen so much in the past. i am going to get more details of what the mayor will do. i have to be clear it's concerns about this unit, about discussing around changing their reform. other things we haven't seen
12:46 pm
even though they have crime rates that are higher than ours. >> thank you. thank you. in minneapolis, today, the cashier who interacted with george floyd before his death is testifying. we'll have the latest on the federal civil rights trail for three former minneapolis officers, next. plap
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
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12:51 pm
today is day two in the federal trial of three minneapolis police officers who were at the scene of george floyd's murder. >> they're accused of violating floyd's civil rights by failing to provide medical care as former officer derek chauvin kneeled on george floyd's neck for more than nine minutes until he died. get us up to speed. what happened in court? >> right now we are hearing from the third witness called in this trial. charles mcmillan. he was one of the first people to show up to the scene back in may 2020 when george floyd was pinned under the knee of chauvin. he broke down on the stand as he
12:52 pm
testified that he felt helpless, watching things play out. today before he took stand, we heard from christopher martin, the cashier at cup foods. he called police that day and he began testifying today about what happened that day and how a crowd formed. he talked to officer thaoing there. he saw him push a co-worker who tried to get a closer look. he told someone he felt they were not going to help george floyd which made him emotional. he didn't like what he saw in which he described in particular to the prosecutors, he looked dead. to which he responded, why did he look dead to you? and he said he was not moving. the prosecution really seemed to be trying to paint a picture of
12:53 pm
thao as someone more concerned about the bystanders and who was filming as opposed to what was happening behind him. part of the charges he is facing is that he was deliberately indifferent to george floyd's serious medical needs at the time. during cross-examination, the defense got martin to acknowledge that thao asked that co-worker to move first before that shove happened and also got martin to admit that he believed he felt floyd was on something at the time in regard to some sort of drug. now, as i mentioned, we've moved into the next witness. today though, jurors have seemed more engaged than we've seen them throughout the week as i mentioned, we are three witnesses into what is expected to be a four-week drive. >> thank you. breaking news out of the white house, president biden said he would consider personally sanctioning russian president vladimir putin. when might that happen?
12:54 pm
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robert f. kennedy jr. is apologizing for comments he made about the holocaust and vaccines just about the same time his wife rebuked him online for them. kennedy tweeted, i apologize for my reference to anne frank. especially to families who suffered the holocaust horrors. it went on, to the extent my remarks caused hurt, i am truly and deeply sorry.
12:59 pm
>> well, kennedy's wife actress cheryl hines tweeted on her own account, my husband's reference to anne frank at a mandate rally in d.c. was recommend rehencible and insensitive. the atrocities millions endured during the holocaust should never be compared to anyone or anything. his opinions are not a reflection of my own. i'm sensing some tension. in marriage right now. >> yeah. i wonder, rfk jr. has said so many things that are offensive. the disinformation. why did it take so long to get this apology? >> also, this is how they communicate, a sign of the times that you have to tweet at your spouse to get them to take out the trash, basically. >> we've seen it before. if you've been stuck in traffic and dreaming about levitating in a vehicle and flying over it, this is for you. a flying car has just received an official certificate of airworthiness. but it is in slovakia.
1:00 pm
>> okay. well, this vehicle has completed 70 hours of rigorous night testing with more than 200 takeoffs and landings. it holds two people. it can go more than 100 miles an hour. a scientist involved in developing it says it is taking us into the next dimension where road meets sky. i've been waiting for this since after school reruns of the jetsons. >> i have my talking watch. i want my flying car. and "the lead" starts right now. president biden says if vladimir putin gives the order to invade, it could get personal. "the lead" starts right now. president biden today saying he's willing to order sanctions directly on the russian president if russia enters the ukraine. cnn teams witness more military aid arriving in ukraine. we have boosters and vaccines. now a company is working on a fourth sho


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