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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  January 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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very good friday morning to you. quite a busy friday. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm bianna golodryga. we begin this morning with breaking news. a major bridge collapse in the city of pittsburgh. officials say there are no fatalities, thankfully, and three people were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. this after the collapse which severed what is being described as a major artery in the city. several vehicles crossing over that bridge at the time. >> notably this came hours before president biden was expected to visit the city in
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part to discuss the nation's crumbling infrastructure and the key infrastructure legislation passed through congress last year. how it can help avoid things like this going forward. cnn's jean casarez has been following this story this morning. so, jean, when we look at the pictures earlier -- >> reporter: here is what we know is the latest. there were three to four vehicles on the bridge when it collapsed. and authorities are saying that it could have been much, much worse, but school was actually detained two hours today because of the weather. but one of those was a public bus that was on that bridge when the entire bridge collapsed. now, there were ten injuries, they are saying, and it is amazing that they are minor. three were transported to area hospitals. and those were the three that were in the bus, they are saying. actually some first responders were injured. but we want to let you listen to a lady that lives in the area, she is in pittsburgh, and she
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heard the bridge as it collapsed. let's listen. >> it is very frightening. my goodness, all these ambulances and fire trucks and what not, just the thought of the bridge collapsing is a very scary prospect. i cross that bridge all the time. >> and just describe that sound that it made again. but it wasn't one noise, it was persistent. the police officer down the road, i did ask him and he said that was the sound of the gas. the infrastructure in pittsburgh is known to be poor with bridges. happens to be happening at the same time president biden is arriving today to talk about infras infrastructure, which is an amazing coincidence. >> reporter: now what officials are saying is that actually to help get to these people they had to form what they called a daisy chain, linked together to get to them in the very snowy and icy conditions as you can see right there. we can confirm also that there was a gas leak in the area, that has been taken care of.
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people's gas tells cnn, the distribution line was on the bridge, it was under the roadway, it goes under the bridge. there was no evidence, they say, of a gas explosion at all prior to the bridge collapse. but i think the headline here is no fatalities because when you look at these pictures, and you see that bridge collapse, and it is just hours away from when our president biden is coming to the area, it is really a miracle. john? jim? >> talk about an sos, in terms of infrastructure reform needed desperately in that city. and, jim, just looking at that bus teetering on the bridge, once again, just a reminder of how fortunate and miraculous it is that there weren't any fatalities we know of yet from this collapse. i want to bring in pennsylvania lieutenant governor john fetterman who is joining us by phone. he lives nearby. and lieutenant governor, you were on cnn earlier this hour,
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you were standing not too far away from this collapse. you said that you -- >> i'm standing at the precipice of the bridge collapse, yes. that's where i'm at now. >> so, describe for us, we're showing more video and photos, but clearly i would imagine it is even more stark and startling in person. describe for us what you see and we should note to viewers this is a bridge you say you have traveled over thousands of times. >> correct, yeah. it is a major artery here in the pittsburgh area, into really large neighborhoods like squirrel hill. and the bridge collapsed on both ends of the span. and it came down into frick park, which is pittsburgh's largest park below. and it is just surreal to see a bridge this you have driven over countless times collapse down. it is kwoquite a dramatic scener certain. >> lieutenant governor, jim
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sciutto here. were there any concerns about this bridge prior to it and do we know if this is one of the many thousands of pieces of infrastructure around the country that is due or was due to get funding under the infrastructure bill? >> i heard from the local councilman and the mayor's office this bridge was i believe inspected last year. and, but, i mean, pittsburgh is the city of bridges. that's one of our nicknames. there is, of course, you know, tons of bridges in and around pittsburgh that are going to, you know, need to be checked and from an infrastructure perspective, again, it can't be overstated the president's visit to talk about infrastructure when we have this situation here. and as you said, right now there is no fatalities. and let's just hope that there isn't anyone that was perhaps on the walking trail below the bridge when it collapsed. that's the way it stands right
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now. >> and really miraculous that there are no fatalities that we know of yet. one of the reasons is because of weather delays had kept schools closed for a couple of hours. >> there is a two-hour delay for pittsburgh public schools, and, of course, the traffic would have been much more pronounced if it weren't for that case, absolutely. >> lieutenant governor john fetterman, thank you for taking the time this morning. we know you got a lot on your plate. our thoughts with you and the folks in the neighborhood this morning. >> thank you, okay. bye-bye. as we mentioned, president biden scheduled to visit pittsburgh today. notably as it happens to talk about infrastructure. the mayor of pittsburgh asked about that visit a short time ago. here is what he had to say. >> this bridge collapse happened on the day that the president is on his way to talk about infrastructure. what does that say about some of the improvements that need to be done? >> we need it.
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it is critical to pittsburgh. we know we have bridges we need to take care of. we're finding out when the last inspection was and everything. when he's coming today to talk about the infrastructure bill, to discuss why this funding is so important, today is significant of that. at the end of the day, we could have had some serious injuries. >> it was two years ago we had route 30 collapse a couple of years go, another major artery. >> at the end of the day this is critical we get this funding. >> jeremy diamond is at the white house this morning. jeremy, president's plans still in place? i wonder will he plan to visit the site of this collapse? >> reporter: yeah, not clear if he'll visit the site of the bridge collapse. the president is going forward with his plans to visit pittsburgh today. he has been briefed on the bridge collapse. let me read you a statement from the white house press secretary jen psaki. the president has been told of the bridge collapse in pittsburgh, she says our team is in touch with state and local officials on the ground as they continue to gather information about the cause of the collapse. the president is grateful to the first responders who rushed to
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assist the drivers who were on the bridge at the time. the president will proceed with the trip planned for today and will stay in touch with officials on the ground about additional assistance we can provide. and as you just heard from local officials there, the president's not only set to visit pittsburgh as this bridge collapse happened, but he was also set to talk about infrastructure, talk about that bipartisan infrastructure law and what it can do for pittsburgh and other cities like it in america. there is going to be renewed emphasis and renewed focus on that part of his remarks today. pennsylvania is set to receive about $1.63 billion over the next five years, just to repair bridges over the next five years as part of that bipartisan infrastructure law funding and that's because pennsylvania as a whole has the second most bridges listed in poor condition, over 3,000 bridges, we don't know whether this is one of those bridges and officials in pennsylvania have yet to do the work of identifying which bridges will
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receive parts of that $1.63 billion in funding. but clearly added importance and emphasis to the president's remarks today on infrastructure, particularly as it relates to bridges in that state. and particularly in the city of pittsburgh. >> and as we heard, this is not first, it is the second bridge collapse that they have seen in pittsburgh the last two years. we'll be following the president and his comments later today. jeremy diamond, thank you very much. this weekend, a winter storm is expected to slam the northeast with heavy snow and hurricane force winds. the nor'easter could dump up to 2 feet of snow on some cities such as boston. chad myers joins us now. the winter threat stretches a huge swath of the country, the southeast coast of the u.s. to new england. thankfully this is happening during the weekend and not during the busy week, but what is the latest that we're hearing? >> well, the watches and advisories we have down to the south, really for today, and then the rest kick in for tonight. blizzard warnings are in effect
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for more than 4,000 people right long the coast where that heavy snow will be. snowing in hampton roads, blizzard conditions along the coast, all the way from maine to delaware. and for the delmarva, to see this much snow hasn't happened in a long time. we call this the bomb cyclone. the bomb is part of the low pressure and how quickly that low pressure is going down, like a rapidly intensifying hurricane, although this warm water here is about five or six degrees warmer than it should be, it wouldn't support a hurricane. with the cold air being above it, that's what is creating this intense area of low pressure, the pressure itself will be equal to a category 2 hurricane when it is just south of nova scotia. there is the low pressure there is the snow getting pushed back on to the shore. very little sleet with this because the storm is at least for now just far enough out to make all snow and no freezing rain mixing in. it is gone by sunday.
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but this is not a storm to get stuck in. mass turnpike, 95, they all could look like virginia looked two weeks ago if you don't stay off the roads. snow will be coming down at two to three inches per hour. and unless you got a plow going by every hour, you're not going to get that cleared away and you're going to be stuck in this. this is a day and a weekend to stay inside, let the crews do their thing. there is a number back here we have to talk about, but a little scary, some of the models, 36 inches of snow. >> goodness. bomb cyclone, chad myers, thank you very much. another major story we're watching this hour, st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, thousands of people gathered to say farewell to nypd officer jason rivera, just 22 years old, killed in the line of duty. his widow and the mayor expected to speak. we'll listen to that when it happens. these are live pictures from inside the cathedral now.
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and we're also following fast moving developments on the threat of a russian invasion of ukraine. the u.s. ambassador to moscow saying that threat is still real and imminent. but the russian foreign minister claims this morning they don't want a war. i'll speak to a congresswoman who says the free world must unite to stop putin. add downy to your wash for all the freshness and softness of home. even when you're not at home. feel the difference with downy. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. right now we're watching live pictures of st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. as thousands gather to pay their respects and say good-bye to nypd officer jason rivera. the 22-year-old rookie killed while trying to protect the city he loved so much. >> rivera and his partner wilbert mora were fatally shot
6:17 am
during a domestic disturbance call in harlem one week ago today. cnn's shimon prokupecz is outside the cathedral this morning. this officer, young, hadn't been on the force long, but clearly touched so many lives in that short time. tell us who we're going to hear from today. >> reporter: yeah, just over a year on the job, so young, 22 years old. you can hear some of the service being piped throughout here on to the streets of 5th avenue outside the cathedral. there are thousands and thousands of police officers out here, waiting to say good-bye. what will happen here is after the services, his coffin will be brought down the stairs here, outside those brass doors, and then a procession will begin down 5th avenue. about 20 blocks or so where many of the officers here, the thousands and thousands of them will get their opportunities to say good-bye. expected to speak shortly will be the mayor, for his eulogy,
6:18 am
the mayor, the police commissioner and his wife. his wife of only three months, she is described him as being high school sweethearts. we have heard from her in posts on instagram, but she has not spoken out. she's been emotional on instagram, calling her angel, saying that he was her high school sweetheart and we will hear from her for the first time. certainly that is going to be an emotional moment. she will be the last person to speak. his brother, is expected to speak as well. and the commanding officer of the 32nd precinct. we will hear from the mayor. it is certainly going to be an emotional morning here, as this stretches into the afternoon, with the procession and the families and there will be that moment when his coffin, which is now flagged, which is draped with the american flag, will be handed to his wife and to his family and then the procession down 5th avenue will begin where thousands and thousands of
6:19 am
officers were now gathered here will be able to say good-bye. >> incredible show of force there from around the country, shimon prokupecz, thank you so much. turning now to texas where another attack on police led to an hours long standoff there with a man suspected of shooting three houston officers in the line of duty. surveillance video captured just the intense moments after the suspect crashed a car, and then traded gunfire with police. you'll want to watch this, but be aware. it is difficult. >> unbelievable. after this rapid exchange of fire, the suspect barricaded himself in a home for hours before surrendering. he is now in the hospital with
6:20 am
an apparent gunshot wound to the neck. cnn correspondent rosa flores is in houston. it is miraculous that these police officers somehow survived this shooting. what more do we know about the gun that was used. >> reporter: you know, that's a very good question, bianna. we have very preliminary information about the gun. but anyone who listens to that video that you just showed is definitely raising questions about it. what we know from police is that law enforcement on the scene, who listened, who witnessed that gunfire, they described it as a fully automatic weapon. we asked police about this. and they say that they can confirm this, because all of this is under investigation, but, again, it is law enforcement, experts in this arena who say that to them that's what that sounded like. now, the police chief did address the firepower that was used in this particular exchange. take a listen. >> what went through your mind
6:21 am
when you saw the firepower against your cops? >> how dangerous it is for the police officers and general citizens and we got to get really intentional on addressing that. everybody. everybody in the criminal justice system and even citizens. when you seeing some that you think is modified or a gun, call somebody and let us know. >> reporter: now, i want to take you through this video very quickly so you understand what happened. these officers were responding to a scene and this suspect immediately went on the run in a vehicle. in that dramatic video, what you see is the suspect crashing, opening his door, and then firing at police officers. that fire exchange that we were talking about, he was later barricaded for hours, and bianna and jim, i should add that police say when this man barricaded into this home, there is people inside the home, according to police, those individuals ran out of their
6:22 am
house, and the suspect barricaded himself in that house for hours. later, of course, turning himself in. we have got video of that, him turning himself in to authorities. the good news here is that the police officers are okay. >> goodness. seeing that exchange of fire, it is amazing they're okay. rosa flores, thanks so much. joining us now, cnn law enforcement analyst charles ramsey, former philadelphia police commissioner and washington, d.c. police chief. commissioner, good to have you on this morning. you look at the numbers there, definitely an uptick, 71, 73 officers died in felonious killings, up from 46 the year before, 48 the year before that. what do you see as behind this? is this part of a broader national increase in violent crime, in gun crime? >> i think it is just the national trend in general. it is very unfortunate and something of great concern to
6:23 am
see the number of police officers being injured and killed in the line of duty. but when you look nationally, there has been a serious uptick in violent crime across the country. police are the ones that go after the individuals who are committing those crimes and so the odds of having a higher number of officers being injured with pretty much fall in line with that, unfortunately. >> and commissioner, what is notable is that in both cases, in the new york city shooting, that killed two new york city police officers, and in houston, officers were responding to domestic disturbance calls. >> right. >> about 8.5% of shooting deaths of police officers nationwide last year relate to domestic disturbance calls. why are they so dangerous? >> well, they are some of the most dangerous calls that you can respond to. when you think about it, you know, you go into these calls, someone has called the police on -- oftentimes a family member. emotions are already running very, very high. and now you're stepping right into the middle of it.
6:24 am
and so there is normally some conflict and that's where de-escalation comes in, trying to calm things down. but, of course, that's not always successful. sometimes enough has happened where the emotions are so high, there is a weapon involved, and you wind up with police officers unfortunately being right in the middle and oftentimes sometimes getting shot or seriously injured as a result of that. >> when i speak to cops on the beat, they bring up a couple of things. one, they talk about repeat offenders ending up back on the street, very quickly, as soon as they pick them up. they talk about the prevalence of guns, there is a pipeline of guns and particularly you look at the gun used in these new york cop killings, a high capacity magazine off a tommy gun and from your perspective, does any solution involve an approach from multiple angles, right? >> well, as far as guns go, gun laws go, don't look for anything to happen at that level.
6:25 am
our congress can't get out of its own way and i think after sandy hook we all learned that they're not going to do anything about guns at all, that that didn't move the needle. i don't see anything else really moving it. the country is awash in guns. and the fact that you have individuals that aren't afraid to use the guns and when they are arrested in many instances very little happens to them unless it is a homicide or something like that, we had some d.a.s including the one in philadelphia really has made statements that illegally carrying a gun doesn't seem to be a major offense. and that's not true. who do you think is committing these crimes and doing the shootings? people carrying illegal guns. and so we have to really focus on that, but it takes more than police. prosecutors, courts, everyone has to be involved. >> thankfully especially after you saw video of that shootout, it is just incredible that those three officers in houston survived. the houston mayor sylvester turner said they were in good spirits this morning. but he also said that we are,
6:26 am
quote, living in an inherently dangerous time and he's speaking as the mayor of the fourth largest city in the country and i would imagine that mayors across large cities throughout the country are feeling similarly. what can be done to change the direction that we are headed in as a country? >> well, there is a great deal of concern on the part of mayors. i'm an adviser to the u.s. conference of mayors and i was at a meeting last week and that's one of the topics, violent crime, and many of the cities across america. and there is a great deal of concern about that. and, again, it is going to really take a comprehensive strategy and what i hear most often are more longer term solutions to the problem, but you have to be able to deal with what's happening right now, in addition to working on some of the more longer term solutions dealing with some of the drivers of crime and so forth. but right now it seems like we're headed in the wrong direction and i'm afraid that 2022 could be even worse than 2021 when it comes to violent
6:27 am
crime. at least it is starting off that way. >> really frightening warning and once again i'm reminded of the funeral taking place today and the service in new york city, jim, as you mentioned earlier, the show of solidarity and force of all the police officers gathering in new york, but in spirit, i would imagine, throughout the country. charles ramsey, thank you as always. >> thank you. still ahead, congressional lawmakers speak out as russia warns there is no room for compromise on some of president putin's demands. coming up, my colleague is going to speak live with congresswoman marcy captor next. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy.
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the u.s. ambassador to moscow john sullivan reiterated this morning that russia will face massive consequences including devastating economic sanctions if vladimir putin decides to invade ukraine again. sullivan also said that the white house is still waiting for an official response to its written answers to russia's security demands. but added the document lists potential areas for progress, potential ones, including the placement of missile systems in europe as well as military drills there. >> it comes as russia is warning this morning that it sees no room for compromise on its central demand that nato pull out of eastern europe. cnn national security
6:33 am
correspondent kylie atwood joins us from the state department. the white house made it clear that both nato's response and the white house's response were on the same page. and you hear from russian officials and they call the u.s. response the gold standard, so much in terms of what they were hearing from nato. i thought that was interesting. >> the state department has heard what russia has been saying over the last 36, 48 hours, after they received this written document from the united states, with these proposals, with these ideas. obviously meant to de-escalate the situation with ukraine. the state department is holding off on giving any actual response to what russian officials are saying until they hear directly from the kremlin, until they hear directly on a message that has been signed off on, by president putin. we heard yesterday from a senior state department official who said the only thing that matters right now that the russians are saying is the fact that this document that we gave them is in the hands of president putin. of course, we all know why that is, president putin is the
6:34 am
ultimate decisionmaker here. now, the u.s. ambassador to moscow said this morning that there weren't many surprises in this document that was given from the u.s. over to russia, that is what we have heard from folks here in this building as well. identifying areas where the u.s. thinks the u.s. and russia can work together, on issues of strategic stability, on issues of security, but he also said this interesting thing, which is very, very noteworthy about how challenging it is to work with the russians right now as they continue this military buildup along ukraine's border. listen. >> it is the equivalent of if you and i were having a discussion or a negotiation, if i put a gun on the table and say that i come in peace, you know, that's threatening. >> and now the state department is working in conjunction with the rest of the whole of u.s. government, of course, as they wait for russia to respond. they aren't holding off on the
6:35 am
other things they're doing, right. identifying what these sanctions are going to be that they would use to respond if russia invades. lining up alongside other allies, trying to make sure there is really no daylight between the two, and then, of course, identifying energy solutions if russia were to cut off any oil, energy, gas, going into europe, from russia. guys? >> lots of preparations, no question, kylie at wowood at th state department, thank you. leader are reiterating calls for decisive action against russia. the group published a piece in "usa today" saying putin plans to crush liberty in ukraine, the free world must unite to stop him. joining me to discuss is representative marcy kaptur, the co-founder and co-chair of the bipartisan ukraine caucus. congresswoman, thank you for joining us. i want to quote some more from your piece. you say that the free world
6:36 am
cannot sit back as he alone, putin, isolated from the norms of decent behavior, beats the russian drums of war. i'm curious, who is this piece targeted towards? is it more the administration, is it a russian audience, or is it certain factions within the u.s. population, certain tv hosts and opinion hosts who seem to be coddling up to putin and suggesting that the u.s. should not be intervening in any way? >> first of all, i think our efforts are aimed at strengthening america's position in terms of the defense of liberty on the european continent. we have a change in generations in terms of leadership on many levels, and many have forgotten how many americans lie in graves across europe for the cause of liberty. ukraine is the scrimmage line for liberty in europe today and it has been the congress, article i of the constitution, the congress that has stood strongly behind ukraine's right
6:37 am
to be free. back in the '90s after the collapse of the soviet union, the people of ukraine voted 90% to be independent. they want to access west. only one country is standing in their way, russia. and -- >> go ahead. >> it was partly informative, what we're doing, informative, but also reasserting the congress as the lead in terms of standing just right beside ukraine, every step of the way. including its defense. >> yeah, i was just going to go back and add into that had history that you just outlined that russia also promised to honor ukraine's sovereignty once it gave up its nuclear weapons as well and russia clearly has shown that it has disregard for its own promises made in the past. but in terms of what can be done now, to prevent a second invasion, do you think the administration has done everything possible on its end to deter putin at this point?
6:38 am
>> i think president joe biden, kamala harris, secretary blinken from the state department, deputy secretary wendy sherman, we have the finest people in our country attempting to address this situation with our european allies. the ambassadors, the heads of estonia, latvia, lithuania, now france and germany are more vocal in terms of what they're willing to do and our own efforts to help to secure energy independence for the european continent remain firm. and we see the biden administration working on many levels right now. congress is right behind them. i would like to think congress is in the lead because we actually are provided the defense security funds for ukraine, as well as opposition on both sides of the aisle to turning on the nord stream 2 gas pipeline from russia to germany, right to the heart of germany. we need to find ways to make europe as well as ukraine energy
6:39 am
independent. >> yeah. listen, that's a question that many have been asking, we have some of the richest economies in the world had years to become energy independent and clearly now they're scrambling to find an alternative, right, for perhaps what russia could do that it has done before and it was interesting, i was listening to a former ukrainian official yesterday say while this u.s. aid and military aid is helpful, what the country really needs now, specifically is antiaircraft defense, right. a lot of attention has been focused on anti-tank prevention, right, javelin missiles and what have you, but they're really concerned about what could happen overhead. and the russian air force, which is powers them to begin with. but they are concerned about what could happen if there is an invasion within the early hours. do you think the u.s. is doing enough on that front? >> i believe that those weapons are being moved into position. of course, they are very long
6:40 am
range and russia must understand that the answer to this situation lies at the negotiating table. if you remember back just a few years when russia shot down the malaysian airliner, we know their capability to do harm to innocent people. and we cannot leave ukraine vulnerable. i want to thank the nations of poland and as i mentioned the baltic countries as well for their courage. and for their strength in alliance. i believe that the nation's europe of, 30 of them that met with deputy secretary wendy sherman recently in geneva, and every single one stood by ukraine's side. >> congresswoman marcy kaptur, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much, we appreciate your time. up next, newly released text messages are painting a chaotic scene inside the white house on january 6th as staffers tried to get then president trump to
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at northwestern mutual, our version of financial planning helps you live your dreams today. find a northwestern mutual advisor at completely insane. that's a quote. that's how a top aid to former white house chief of staff mark meadows described the situation inside the white house during the january 6th attack. those details revealed in new text messages obtain by the committee, investigating the insurrection. >> cnn law enforcement correspondent whitney wild is following this. whitney, what more are these messages revealing? >> well, i think they reveal just how tense the situation was within the white house and then further how there was real concern among people inside the white house and former officials about what was taking place and there was, you know, really big
6:46 am
effort to try to figure out how to start to untangle the damage here. so, again, very stressful moments, within the west wing, at these very critical moments on january 6th. we're learning that these text messages are between a former member of the press office there, alisa farrah, now a cnn contributor, and top aide to mark meadows, ben williamson. williamson earlier this week testified before the house select committee, a source familiar with that conversation says it lasted between six and seven hours and more broadly we're learning from a source familiar about what some of the questions that the committee was asking williamson and they touch on some of the broad themes. so, for example, one of the bigger questions is what was the back story behind this video that trump took so long to put out, the video he finally -- which he finally told rioters to go home, despite telling them that they were very special. so our understanding is that the committee asked about that, further the committee was
6:47 am
interested in conversations that former white house chief of staff mark meadows was having with the former president as well as conversations between meadows and members of congress. touching on broad themes that have come up several times now in the course of the last year of reporting on what actually happened within the west wing and outward from the west wing. the williamson testimony is significant and here's why, meadows at present is still facing the possibility of being charged with criminal contempt of congress because he's not cooperating with the committee. so the fact that a top aide spoke with the committee and our understanding is did not plead the fifth like other top trump allies has done is significant as the committee seeks to find out what happened. back to you. >> and so many witnesses inside the white house describing just how chaotic it was then and how seriously they were taking what was going on january 6th and the efforts inside to overturn the election. whitney wild, thank you very much. a new lawsuit claims that
6:48 am
negligent by the parents of suspected school shooter ethan crumbley as well as some staff members at oxford high school resulted in the fatal shootings of four students last november. the lawsuit says ethan was only able to commit the attack because his parents and some school officials failed to act. >> this lawsuit comes as we are learning that crumably's attorneys plan to use an insan tee d ty defense at his trial. right now, michael avenatti is back in court to cross-examine his former client stormy daniels for a second day. she's accusing him of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her. he's been asking daniels about her belief that she could speak to the dead. i'm not making this up. ah, i can't. ah, my toes! ah, how much further? turns out, it is hard walking a mile in someone else's shoes.
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adult film actress stormy daniels facing a second day of cross-examination by michael avenatti, representing himself as prosecutors accuse him of stealing $300,000 from daniels as part of a payment of a book deal. >> there are quite some scenes from inside this courtroom. cnn's kara scannell has been covering this outside of the manhattan courthouse. >> reporter: jim and biana, stormy daniels back on the stand testifying for about 30 minutes and michael avenatti picking up where he left off focusing a lot of his questions on daniels'
6:54 am
belief in the paranormal, asking her about a number of statements she's made in the past about having seen and heard voices at her then home in new orleans. he asked her about a vision she had of a woman in the kitchen crying and then daniels said she suddenly had blood all over her arms. he's going through a lot of these different statements daniels has made publicly, daniels is not denying any of this on the stand and did a lot of including visiting her old house and talking to it as part of filming for the show in production. at times, there have been some sort of glimmers of what might possibly be more tense exchanges. the judge has had to correct avenatti twice to restate his question because he's getting a little worked up in going back and forth with daniels. the judge warned him outside of the presence of the jury if he gets too combative, if daniels gets combative, he'll ask them both to settle down. but avenatti saying he had six
6:55 am
hours of questions for daniels. the judge warned him outside of the presence of the jury that he thought that often less is more when it comes to cross-examination and has the authority to cut avenatti off. expected to delve into daniels' finances and also asked her a number of questions about statements she had made hoping to be min prison trying to get some bias but a long day of us ahead of this epic showdown. >> showdown indeed. kara scannell, thank you. back to our breaking news. alarming images out of pittsburgh where you see there a bridge collapsed on what's being called a major artery in the city. fortunate, there are no known deaths. we'll speak live to the fire chief just ahead.
6:56 am
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comcast business. powering possibilities.™ we're hearing now from the new york city mayor eric adams speaking at the funeral of a slain new york police department officer at st. patrick's cathedral in new york. let's listen to his comments now. >> for a few months, october 9th, 2021, it was clear the love was present as she walked inside the hospital and i saw just the collapse of emotion of losing her husband to senseless violence. and to her parents


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