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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 29, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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thanks for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. right now a powerful and potentially historic winter storm is slamming the east coast from virginia to maine. ten state are under a blizzard warning. some areas could see more than 2 feet of snow. hurricane force wind gusts are possible creating coastal flooding and power outages. rhode island and massachusetts are seeing the most of it. massachusetts already recorded more than 110,000 customers without power. cnn has teams covering this nor'easter. our tyler mall den is keeping an eye on the forecast from the cnn weather center. tyler, what are the latest storm advisories? >> this winter storm has rapidly intensified. it was officially a bomb cyclone as it pushes up the eastern seaboard spreading all this snowfall. it has dropped a lot of snowfall, too, more than a foot across the delmarva and going on into the northeast. you can see parts of new jersey
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encroaching on a foot and a hatch of snow. we had the northeast wind, nantucket a-3-foot storm surge, boston 2 1/2 foot, atlantic city a little more than 2 feet of storm surge there. that is leading to coastal flooding. the snow continues and we have this wind. the wind is fierce in areas. in montauk, 31-mile-per-hour wind with gusts up to 48, nantucket 45 with gusts up to 62, and in nan tuck elt, we have soon wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. and that is possible in this region. let's take tour of the radar here. there is a drying trend from west to east. we'll see the snow let up in the coming hours. providence into hartford, you're seeing a heavy band of snowfall push through, and we're seeing another band of heavy snow push through boston. that is going to push to the
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north, and eventually it will be impacting us in new hampshire and maine as we go through the day. you take the coastal flooding, you take the wind, you take all that snowfall and that is a recipe for disaster when it comes to travel and also power outages. we're seeing right now they're mainly across eastern massachusetts, more than 100,000 people, customers, currently without power. >> it's tremendous. a huge impact already. like you said, it's not over yet. thank you so much, tyler. polo sandoval is live in boston. oh, my goodness. how are you doing? and everybody else? >> reporter: i promise it's me under here. i'm pretty warm. it's like being in a snow globe because one second the snow is gently falling and the next second with the bands it's all of a sudden getting whipped up against your face. so really just speak to those winds that pick up from one second to another, we're feeling it this very second. in a little bit, it will calm
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down again. in terms of the roads, you can see through the blizzard here, you can see -- that's one car there. very few folks have been braving these weather conditions. those are those folks that either want to or have to be out in these conditions. authorities in massachusetts, including boston mayor michelle wu tried to get ahead of this declaring a snow emergency, encouraging people to stay indoors. there are some travel restrictions on the highway with the bigger high-profile vehicles. they want those kept off the road the rest of today. and those plow trucks about 900 pieces of equipment here in boston alone have been working constantly to keep the roads as clear as possible. but snow drifts is the biggest issue. not only is it presenting a challenge for crews that are trying to clear these roads and the highways but also for those experts out there trying to measure the snow because it's nearly em ly impossible to do e wind coming in horizontally. in terms of what we expect in the coming hours, we're not at
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halftime yet in terms of what we're seeing in boston, meteorologists expecting a couple of feet of snow, but of course that forecast would be revised through the day. a lot of folks hunkering down in boston since the worst is potentially not over yet. >> polo, we saw a vehicle that was ride beg hind you. where are you standing exactly? are you on what would be a sidewalk or in the middle of the road or in a park as everything is snow covered? >> reporter: yeah. basically if this snow wasn't here you old see some grass. we're in a park right next to the hotel. this is a sidewalk. some plow trucks have been driving through here hoping to make sure they're as clear as possible. of course you see another example here. there are some vehicles that are out and about. that's why the main streets that cut through the boston downtown area. it gives you a sense. there are people on the roads and sidewalks and plenty of dogs. we've seen winter storm after winter storm. here in boston, they are a hardy
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bunch. but the level of snow they're getting today may be something they don't see every year. >> the four-legged friends out too. brinn gingras in new york city where constantly foot traffic whether you have snow or nothing, and you still have a lot of people behind you. >> reporter: they're enjoying the snow. i'm glad i'm not where polo is. it's tapering off here. we're in central park and people are enjoying the snowfall. we've seen people out to go sledding, tourists saying this is the first snowfall they've seen in their lives, seen people taking photos running, jog, and as polo is seeing as well, seeing those dogs out. the you look at the roads in this area of the middle of manhattan, they don't look so bad. we've seen a number of plows coming through this area to make sure they can see that black top, allowing any cars that are out able to pass through safely. again, though, as polo mentioned, as well, officials are saying please just stay off
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the roads today as best as you can, especially since it's a saturday, so they can continue to plow these streets. of course this is one of the first tests for the adams' administration, the new mayor of new york city. this is his first big snowstorm. of course it's happening on a saturday, not during the week, so not so much of a test, but he is out and about. we've seen his instagram and twitter, he's hitting every city borough making sure the job is getting done. but we are not so bad in the city proper but of course as you're seeing with polo it's a lot worse in long island, heading out towards the coast and new jersey, and up north where polo is as well. so we are definitely being spared the worse and people here are enjoying it so far. >> that's good. enjoying what seems to be a pretty significant accumulation and it's not over. brian todd, i don't know if you're enjoying it as you're in the throes of some serious snow flurries and snowfall in atlantic city, new jersey.
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how's it going? >> reporter: fred, the national weather service confirmed that atlantic city has met the criteria for a blizzard, and that means three or more hours of visibility that's a quarter mile or less and three more hours of sustained winds more than 30 miles per hour. those conditions have been met in the atlantic city area. governor phil murphy gave an update on the storm, at least in this region. he said the joersey shore is getting clobbered, and said the wind is a bigger issue than anybody else. we can attest to that. you can see that on the screen. you can see the way this wind is blowing the snow, it is completely horizontal, saying all day and even last night, this is like being in a hurricane except snow is replacing heavy rain. now, talk about the dangers in atlantic city.
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this bay behind me, we are on the west side of the barrier island that atlantic city is situated on. this bay right here presented a danger earlier today with high tide and possible storm surge and flooding. there was some flooding in the spot where i am now, and we're going to pan over to show you where that occurred. that is route 40. we're at the corner of west end avenue and north albany avenue. north albany avenue turns into route 40. this whole area, we see the snowplow over there, and this snowplow over here, this was shut down earlier today. it has since reopened. it was shut down because if you see right where that truck is turning in, coming toward us, this whole intersection, this whole area was flooded. so that was because of high tide at 4:30 a.m. it was flooded for a few hours after that. they had to shut down this road. this is a main artery into atlantic city. good news is this has since reopened, so you see the plows at work, even though we're in
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the throes of the blizzard and the snow won't end for a couple more hours. they are still working to get these streets plowed. what they're worried about, fredricka, is there is residual flood water in that intersection. we just crossed over it. what the mayor of atlantic city, marty small, said he's worried about some of that floodwater from high tide earlier in the coming hours will freeze and present a lot of treacherous conditions, a lot of dangers for motorists. we're seeing an inordinate amount of people still on the roads and in vehicles. the governor and the mayor are saying stop, that get back home, stay home, ride this out for a few more hours. they are seeing the downside, you know, starting to taper off a little bit. the snow is going to continue for at least a couple more hours, fredricka, so still a lot of danger, a lot of potential problems for people who try to venture out in this. >> venturing out only puts first responders and, you know, those crews in even more danger. all right. i am feeling the chill from
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where you are. brian todd, thank you so much in atlantic city, new jersey. back to new york, long island, and i'm feeling the chill there too. alison kosik, long island is expecting judgment wards of, what, 2 feet of snowfall? does it look like that will happen? >> reporter: yeah. that's what we're hearing what's expected to happen for the east end of suffolk county, up to 2 feet on snow, on the west end about 18 inches expected. yeah. i'm feeling the chill here as well. we've still got the snow falling. we are in the middle of a blizzard warning that is effective until 7:00 p.m. tonight. and as much as this is a snow story and we are seeing accumulations happen that we just talked about, this is also really turning into a story about the gusty winds. you can see them blowing around me. the flagpole there gives you an idea. and so does the long island sound. i want you to take a look at the water here really being whipped around by these strong winds that we are feeling. certainly not deterring people from walking outside and giving
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the dog a walk, getting some fresh air. there's plenty of that fresh air. but once again the accumulations are expected to be more than initially thought. in fact, the county executive for suffolk county says this is going to be one of those big storms. listen to what he had to say. >> not only a significant storm, it's one of the more significant storms that we have seen in my time here, and we have seen many, many significant storms. >> we're in north port. this is a pretty view. yeah, we have the winds blowing but some people are venturing out to take a look. the snow is a bit treacherous here, but the snowplows are certainly making it, you know, fun for people to come out and take a look at what's happening. i don't know about making a snowman. i'm hearing, fredricka, that you can't make a snowman with this
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snow because it's too powdery. frim miami. i thought you could still make a snowman with this, but i guess you can't. >> no. maybe tomorrow. maybe tomorrow when you've got a little bit of melting and then it freezes again and then it's perfect for packing. i know you've been in new york long enough to go. >> reporter: good tip. >> you know a good snowball fight. thanks so much, alison kosik. i'm here for you. i got tips. we have much more straight ahead, but let's look at massachusetts right now. it's being hit really hard, especially hard from this nor'easter. officials in coastal towns that are getting lashed by storm surge, they thankfully, their seawalls are holding up so far. joining me right now, michael m moresco, the town administrator for marshfield, massachusetts. describe what you are seeing and feeling from your location. >> sure. right now, freld, what we're feeling is a combination of snow, wind, and water.
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we're expecting about 2 feet of snow. we had a high tide this morning at about 8:00. that was in the grant rock section, prone to flooding, below sea level, and they had about 4 feet of water this came over the seawall, so not only are we dealing with the snow, we're dealing with the water and the frigid temperatures. winds are about 55 to 65 miles per hour. we're opening up a warming shelter at noon for those who need to be evacuated. we have about 2,500 people without electricity at the moment. >> oh, my goodness. thank goodness you had those shelters at the ready. these are unbearable, miserable conditions for people especially with power outages. so what kind of preparation, if at all, are you able to make to brace for this storm surge and this 2 feet of snow,
9:14 am
particularly for, you know, folks who are hunkers down at home, whether they have power or not? >> we started planning about three days ago for this. we started putting out alerts to folks, people especially by the ocean, board up their houses, put the storm shutters up, make preparations to get out of your homes, go to some friends or other family because we don't want to have to rescue people at the height of the storm. it puts my public safety officials and team in harm's way. if you're out there driving, before i did this call, you could barely see, snow is coming down sideways, getting probably 2 to 3 inches per hour, and we're asking people to stay home, stay off the road so that dpw can plow and make the roads accessible. >> have you received any emergency calls from anyone thus far? >> we've gotten some calls. you know, we've had a couple of elderly people in their home, they lost their power, and they need electricity to generate ox oxygen, so the fire department
9:15 am
went out there and helped them and got them situated somewhere where they could get that. we do have, like i said, about 2,500 people without power. we've asked them to go to friends and relatives or the ones that don't have any place to go, they're being directed to our senior center where, you know, it's heated, we have staff there, and of course we'll be doing covid testing and getting people in there and keeping them warm. they can charge their cell phones and let their family members know that they're safe. >> and, you know, obviously you're no stroinger to nor'easters, where you're located, but how does this compare to what you've experienced before? >> i would have to say that this would compare to the storm wes had in 2018. right now, at least the amount of smnow, not the amount of water. we had more this 2018. probably like a blizzard but it's warmer. it started off as a heavy, wet, pasty snow. it's now powdery. our temperatures are down in the
9:16 am
teens. we're concerned about the roads freezing and stuff like that, so that's why we want people to stay at home. it's a good time to hunker down. if they need emergency assistance, we ask them to call our local police department or 911. >> all right. michael, town administrator nor marshfield, massachusetts, stay warm. all the best to you and everyone. all your neighbors. >> great. thank you, fredricka. bye-bye. >> thank you. still ahead, tensions intensify between russia and ukraine. president biden says he will move u.s. troom troops into eas europe. we'll talk to a former cia chief of russia operations next. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed.
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your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit look at these pictures out of scituate, massachusetts, as we continue to follow breaking news of this bomb cyclone nor'easter hitting the east coast. you can see the waves that are hammering the shoreline there. it's all up and down the east coast, the northeast, and new
9:21 am
england. ten states are under blizzard warnings. more than 50 million people are under winter weather alerts as dangerous storm and at times hurricane-force wind gusts baltder maine. first, president biden says he is ready to send u.s. troops to eastern europe in the near term marking a new phase in the u.s. response to russia's military buildups on ukraine's border. as many as 8,500 u.s. troops have been placed on heightened alert earlier this week to prepare to deploy two nato allies in the region. and it comes as a top u.s. general is warning a russian invasion of ukraine would be horrific and result in significant casualties. joining us now is steve hall. he is a former cia chief of russia operations. good to see you, steve. let's begin with the new troops
9:22 am
heading to u.s. to eastern europe. does it change the equation for vladimir putin at all? >> i don't think so. this is a small number of troops compared to what nato as an organization has. so this is more just sort of i think prepositioning in case the worst, meaning an invasion by russia of ukraine, were to occur. so it's, you know, just more preparations, more lead-up, sort of in the same category i think as the united states and other nato allies sending additional weaponry to ukraine in the event of an invasion, which at this point we're not sure what vladimir putin is thinking. so i think to paraphrase probably george washington, it's best to be prepared for war if you want to try to prevent it. >> president biden and ukraine's president zelensky seem to be at odds, you know, about how urgent this situation is or perhaps what to say publicly.
9:23 am
president zelensky of ukraine says, you know, listen to me, you know, don't listen to everybody else about the threat is or even talk about war. what is he saying perhaps directly or incorrectly to president biden? >> well, i think it's clear that the united states and our nato allies almost certainly have the best intelligence with regard to what russia is up to, specifically in military planning vis-a-vis ukraine. that said, the ukrainians of course are collecting their own intelligence, and i don't envy president zelensky and his position, because he's got to worry not just about potential invasion of his country, but he's got to worry about the collapse of his country for other reasons as well, political pressures internal to ukraine. they have a very byzantine sort of political situation. i think there's a lot of people in ukraine who would like se listen ski's job, and he's aware of that. there's economic pressures.
9:24 am
anytime another country is threatening war against yours, it puts a damper on the local economy. then you've got, you know, the panic of the pockets. he doesn't want people just fleeing the country and having it look like the country is essentially falling apart even before there's an invasion if one is going to happen. he's got a lot on his mind. his views are very local. i think nato is taking 30,000 strategic view of the situation and president zelensky is right up there against the bear. his view might be a little different than the nato allies. >> and have a listen to this, what u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin said about vladimir putin's strategy with ukraine. >> there are multiple options available to him, including the seizure of cities and significant territories but also coercive acts or provocative political acts like the recognition of breakaway territories. indeed, we're seeing russian state media spouting off now
9:25 am
about alleged activities in eastern ukraine. this is straight out of the russian playbook and they're not fooling us. >> you agree? this is straight out of russia's playbook of undermining a country from within? >> yeah. absolutely. i think one of the things that vladimir putin has learned certainly since the georgian war of 2008 is there's more than hard power, sending in tanks and troops on the ground into a neighboring country. he leernsed you have to prepare the battlefield, which he did -- he's done it before in georgia and in his previous invasions of ukraine where he used a lot of cyber warfare tactics. you also do things which the russians considered to be active measures so you say things like he did well or we're seeing bad things in dombas in the eastern area of ukraine and we have to maybe go in and stop a general side against our fellow russians
9:26 am
that live if the eastern part of the country. there is valid expectation. if he's not going to do a full-on invasion of the country, might he try to lop off another part of it. of course he lopped off crimea. maybe he wants to do the same with donbas so not committing himself fully militarily but causing problems on the ground with ukraine and their partners. >> how does it look outside? you're joining us from connecticut, right? >> i am. it looks like siberia. i've been there. >> oh, my gdness. be safe. i'm glad you're inside. >> me too. >> hopefully you have no reason to go out. >> no, i do not. >> stay warm and safe. thank you so much, steve hall. we'll be right back. my head ♪ ♪ got my brains ♪ ♪ got my ears ♪ ♪ got my heart ♪ ♪ got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪
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welcome back. this bomb cyclone nor'easter is hammering the northeast. in connecticut, the big concern is going to be wind. take a look right now, some images of a snowy boston. with me right now is connecticut governor ned lamont. governor, thanks for being with me. i know you all have been at the ready since at least yesterday with 600 snowplows. you have 100,000 tons of salt, 600 crews at the ready. steve hall is in connecticut and he says it looks like siberia, and he's been to siberia before. what's it look like out there, governor? >> hey, fredricka. it's not like atlanta, i can
9:32 am
tell you that, but the gateway to new england, we are getting hit hard, especially the eastern part of the state where they have probably a foot of snow accumulating. as you point out, you have to be ready. that's 100,000 tons of salt, hundreds of snowplows out there. these guys are going around the clock. we have reserves and backups ready to go. we have another 600 utility vehicles standing by in case of wind, in case of power outages. but this is new england. we're prepared for this, and it's going to go on for the rest of the day, and the only thing i have to ask everybody is stay off the roads. >> yeah. >> we've shut down the tractor-trailer truck, keeping the cars off the road will allow the plows to get through and the emergency vehicles. >> right. i know folks are fascinated when they see snowstorms like this. of course we're looking at imagings from boston, but we're talking to you in connecticut, but very similarly, while it's snowing, people are fascinated.
9:33 am
they want to get out in their vehicles and test out their suvs and see how powerful they are against the elements. but, you know, help remind people how it really does put your first responders in danger, it hampers the efforts of your crews that are at the ready. >> exactly. fredricka, i mean, we shut down, said no tractor-trailers for reasons you can understand, but earlier, before that, a few had terrible accidents, and the few cars that have been on the road, they've had some accidents, and that meanings you actually shut down the road, snowplows have to stop, emergency vehicles can't get through for the period of time it takes to correct that. so, but, you know, boston, new england, rhode island, connecticut, we're ready for this. >> mm-hmm. connecticut could be seeing anywhere between 1 and 2 feet of snow. i read earlier from your department of transportation that, you know, staffing is down some 30%, obviously because, you know, of covid. so how does that, you know,
9:34 am
present an even bigger challenge for you all? >> that's a stretch. you're absolutely right. if this snowstorm goes on longer than anticipated, that's a problem, but in the meantime, we've got hundreds of contractors on the ready, so we have backups as needed. but you have to, you know, prepare for the worst and that's what we've done. >> mm-hmm. dw governor, thank you so much. all the best to you. i think that's a picture of new haven, connecticut, one of my last stomping grounds, worked there many years ago. i love that new haven. but it looks quiet and placid. i know you're grateful most people are staying off the road. >> come home. we miss you. >> i need to do that. it's been a while. i will after the nor'easter passes through. all right. connecticut governor lamont, thank you so much. all the best to you. hopefully see you soon. all right. we'll be right back.
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9:40 am
defendants called the charges disappointing. texas police have charged a man with three counts of capital murder after he injured three houston officers during a chaotic chase and shoot-out. the shooting just one of several recent incidents where police were injured or killed in the line of duty. cnn's isabel rosales is live for us in atlanta. isabel, it has been a very dangerous week for police in america. bring us up to date. >> reporter: fred, incredibly dangerous. it's got communities, mayors, police chiefs and sheriffs deeply concerned about what is going on here. and i do want to give you another close look at that video out of houston, surveillance video that captured the moment a suspect crashed his car and then started shooting at police officers there in broad daylight. he managed to injure three of them. but luckily, in that situation, those officers are expected to be okay. two of them have left the
9:41 am
hospital. another late shooting there happening in harlem where yesterday we saw a sea of police officers just walking through 5th avenue, showing their respect, incredible images, showing their final respects to detective jason rivera. rivera and his partner, will burt mora, were shot and killed in a 911 domestic call. his widow, rivera's widow, delivered an emotional eulogy. >> seeing him in a hospital bed wrapped up in sheets, not hearing you when i was talking to you broke me. i asked why. i said to you, wake up, baby. i'm here. the little bit of hope i had that you would come back to life just to say good-bye or say i love you one more time had left. i was lost.
9:42 am
>> that is just heartwrenching to listen to. it's not just new york. it's not just texas. this is happening all over the u.s. this week alone we've seen shootings injuring or killing officers, deputies in kentucky, missouri, wisconsin, texas, and georgia. you can understand looking at this list, fred, why so many people are so worried. >> isabel rosales, thank you so much. this quick programming note -- join cnn's sara sidner as she rides along to find out the why driving while black in america is deadly serious. this new special report "traffic stop" begins tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. still to come, a convoy of truck drivers is in canada, and they're expected to reach the capital after a cross-country drive many protest of the country's vaccine mandate. we're live in ottawa next. citie0
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all right. we continue to follow this powerful winter storm currently pummelling the east coast. this is newport harbor, rhode island, very difficult to see, near whiteout conditions. that's actually a sailboat. you can see the mast rocking around in the waves there, right now kind of leaning left. several states are now seeing flooding as well as near hurricane-force winds pound the coastline along with all that snow. in massachusetts, more than 100,000 people are currently without power. officials are warning residents
9:48 am
to stay home, avoid travel as this storm moves through. it's not just the east coast, in chicago a storm dumped 10 inches of heavy lake-effect snow on friday. according to the national weather service, the snow was falling at nearly 2 1/2 inches per hour leading to very dangerous travel conditions there as well. the state and city deployed more than 500 snow vehicles to clear the roads. some folks are finding ways to have fun there. sources now tell cnn that the white house is considering a wilder list of potential nominees for the u.s. supreme court than has been reported thus far. we now know at least one of the people president biden is considering is south carolina district judge jay michelle childs. she was nominated last month to the u.s. court of appeals in d.c. childs is one of several potential candidates who could replace retiring justice stephen breyer. president biden says he will
9:49 am
reveal his choice by the end of february and says that the nominee will be a black woman as he promised on the campaign trail. erica armstrong dunbar is a professor of history at rutgers university and the national director of the association of black women historians, professors. so good to see you. >> thanks so much for having me. >> let me first start by getting your reaction to the news that judge j. michelle childs of south carolina is the first confirmed candidate for the u.s. supreme court. >> yeah. you know, i think that for many of us right now, it's just sort of important to note that this is more than just a sort of prideful moment for citizens and in particular for black women. we're hopeful. it's more than a hopeful moment that the black woman will be nominated for united states supreme court. in many ways, it allows us, i think, to maintain faith in the
9:50 am
legitimacy of the highest court. >> so let's elaborate on that, that it's particularly significant and at this moment because in the 232-year history of the u.s. supreme court, there have been 115 justices over the years. 108 have been white men, 2 black men, 4 justices have been white women, 1 latina, and no black women until now and the president promises that his nominee will be a black woman. what kind of influence do you see that having on the court as a whole? >> yeah, i think that what many of us know is that if a black woman is nominated by president biden, that she will come from a space that understands the intersectionality of race and gender in ways that are deeply
9:51 am
meaningful. and when we think about black women, they have been at the center of just about every progressive movement in this nation, from abolition to suffrage to civil rights. and in many ways, this nomination, i believe, will best represent democracy in action. it will test it. it will keep it stronger for a changing nation. so i think there's a great deal to think about and to look forward to as well. >> and all of the women whose names have been mentioned publicly have incredible credentials, and all of them come of course like you said with their life experiences that also are particularly important when on the bench. how do you see the considerations of cases not only being tested because of the legal qualifications of any
9:52 am
number of these nominees or potential nominees, but with that life experience that also comes to help influence their judgment and the way in which they look at cases? >> you know, i think that we know that any of the candidates that are put forward they're going to have sort of sterling reputations and experience as well, which hasn't always been the case recently. and i do think, however, that we all sort of know that this specific nominee will likely be scrutinized in ways that don't compare to other supreme court justice nominees. i think that we're all sort of waiting and watching as things unfold. and i think in many ways, once again, we understand that it is simply time, we could spend 40-some-odd years since the first woman came on to the highest bench.
9:53 am
>> yeah. and just underscoring your point on anticipated scrutiny that will be disproportionate to these women, we've already seen it and heard it with just some of their names being mentioned as potential nominees. professor erica armstrong dunbar, so good to see you. i look forward to talking with you further particularly as we get more confirmation of names that are being thrown into the hat. thank you so much. >> bye-bye. straight ahead, much more on the storm hitting the northeast. pictures of a devoted mailman in pawtucket, rhode island, braving the nor'easter this morning. you can see he is enduring the conditions as if it's just like, you know, an everyday thing. hardy folks up in the northeast.
9:54 am
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protesters are arriving in ottawa for a protest. there was a freedom convoy to rally against the country's vaccine mandates. cnn's paula newton is in ottawa with more. so, paula, what's expected?
9:59 am
is it likely to be a peaceful protest as billed? >> reporter: well, i think at this point everything so far looks like it will be peaceful instead of dozens of trucks, fred, there are hundreds out there. this is complete gridlock here in ottawa at this moment with thousands of people, and, again, hundreds of those tractor-trailers out there. and, yes, this started out as actually a protest the truckers were doing against a vaccine mandate. but it really just touched a nerve here, fred. so many people have now held on to this, and they've gotten really some high-profile support. elon musk, the head of tesla, tweeting out his support, saying "canadian truckers rule." but more than that, this was a certain minority for sure, fred, but vocal groups saying they were protesting those public health measures in canada. the fear is that organizations like the anti-hate network point out they are afraid this could tip over into violence.
10:00 am
they have been certainly monitoring things online. i want you to listen to one thing they posted in the last few days. take a listen. >> i would like to see our own january 6th event, see some of those truckers plow right through that 16-foot wall. none of us, of course. i'd just like to see it. >> fred, i want to point out right now no signs of trouble whatsoever. i can tell you from the traffic cameras here those trucks are gridlocked in ottawa. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. for right now, a peaceful and vocal protest in ottawa against the public health restrictions. >> paula newton in ottowa, thanks so much. hello, again, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. right now the powerful and potentially historic winter storm is slamming the east coast from virginia to maine. the national weather service confirming blizzard conditions in new jersey, delaware, connecticut, and new york. ten states are currently under a blizzard warning. some areas c


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