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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 29, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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stand, it is setting us up for failure when the next pandemic comes, and it is coming whether it is the next pandemic or the variant that comes through from covid, that is deadlier, imagine where we would be with these types of leaders and these types of leadership decisions if omicron, and the next variant is as contagious as omicron, and deadlier than delta, and imagine that society would be in a very bad place, so from here forward, we have to be concentrated on electing the leaders and push the leaders to pass legislation that is set in stone allowing the governments to have the ability to provide immediate public health guidelines and institute masks and things like that to prevent mass death and chaos whenever the next flu pandemic or something like that happens. >> it is palpable to see what your experience has been like,
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and being hit from all sides in the middle of all of this. dr. james phillips, the best to you and your family. stay safe and stay well. >> likewise. >> thank you. all right. hello again, everyone. thank you for being with me. i'm fredricka whitfield and right now, a powerful and potentially deadly storm is hitting from florida to maine. and confirm ed ten states in a blizzard warning and some places could see two feet of snow, and hurricane-force wind gusts that are contributing to coastal flooding and power outages, and authorities are urging people to stay inside and off of the roads. the worst is massachusetts already reporting more than 110,000 customers without power. cnn has teams covering the
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northeast, and polo sandoval is live in boston. we go to you first. there you are, and still covered by a lot of snow. >> yes. >> and clothes. >> yes, and standing in this, fred, you are going to get a sense of what this nor east ser about, and you get the snow falling, and the next second, the wind is kicking up, and you are hit in the face, and it is like shaking a snow globe, and then you shake it and snow goes all over the place, and there is a beauty to it, and then a danger to it, and that is why local authorities and state level authorities are urging people to stay home. then there are those who are curious, and then you will see here an ambulance approaching us, authorities who stress if you have to be out in this to be careful and here in boston to, get two the three inches an hour, and also the coastal areas that experience the flooding earlier today, and bet that the authorities are monitoring that, and not only as the first
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responders continue through this, and the first responders trying to keep those roads as clear as possible for those who do have to be here on the road. now, when we expect the storm to taper off, it is not likely until later in the afternoon, and i have seen everybody out from a leisurely walk and walking the pets to out sledding, and the snowboarding as well, and if anybody can deal with the snowboarding it is a hearty bunch here in boston and being safe. >> being safe is paramount, and now we go to alison kosik, and it is so windy, that it knocked the signal, and we could not continue to be with you, and so what is happening now? >> fredricka, sorry about that before, and the winds were very, very strong before, and they have died down since, and also, the snowfall is also a little less as well, and this is big
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storm, and people are wondering why you are covering the wind storm, and into new york in the middle of january and a snowstorm, and this a big one, and in fact, here in suffolk county, it is officially declared that a blizzard moved through here, and some technicalities that we determine, and the weather people determine that it is a blizzard and they include a 35-mile-an-hour winds and visibility of a quarter mile, and all of that lasting for three miles, and that happened earlier today, and this storm affected transportation in a big way, and the major airports in new york and new jersey and talking about newark, and jfk, and laguardia all have reported that major airlines had to cancel a majority of the flights today, and also the major commuter train that moves people in and out of long island and from long island and to new york city and beyond, and that train service was suspended today, and shutdown for the entirety of today, and as far as the storm,
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we are once again feeling the wind pick up a little bit more, and the snowfall is a little bit less, and the accumulations are expected to be two feet on the east end of suffolk county, and this is no joke, and even though suffolk county's executive talked about it. listen to this. >> not only significant storm, but it is one of the more significant storms that we have seen in my time here, and we have seen many, many significant storms. >> that is county executive steve bullone, and he is warning that after the snowfall falls, tonight, it is very, very cold and below freezing and the treacherous travel condition, and the colder conditions will freeze and in place, and he is warning the people out on the roads to be very careful. fredricka. >> and he is going to heed the warnings, and alison kosik, and also meeting the criteria is a
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blizzard in atlantic city, and that is where we find our brian todd, and it is still blowing there? >> well, it is, fredricka, but atlantic city is finally starting to emerge from this storm. and our cnn weather people had told us earlier today, that right about now, and 2:00 eastern time, that is when the snow start stod taper off, and the prediction came true almost to the minute. kudos to them, and it is starting to taper off, and the wind has been dying down, and the snow itself is dissipating here a little bit as it is coming down, and still behind me on pacific avenue, dicey navigation here, and people are venturing out in greater numbers and i am starting to talk to a city official who says that they are focusing on loading up the snow and getting it out of the city. still looking at the side street here, and this is south carolina avenue who has a big dig to push through on the other side of that snowdrift there. and here is another piece of
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evidence that we will show you that we are starting to get some good news here on saturday afternoon. you can see down pacific avenue, and you can finally see the blacktop there, and we have not seen it all day. and by my count, fredricka, this is an 18-hour storm. they expected more than a foot of snow, and it is looking like they got it, and met the criteria of a blizzard, and they are not quite out of the woods yet, and we did talk to the city official a short time ago and they are worried about the areas where they were expecting some flooding, and down by the bayside of the atlantic city of the island in which atlantic city sits, and they were expecting the flooding there, and they did not get that much flooding, but there was a little bit of it that caused the highways to be shutdown for a couple of hours, and this is dissipated because of the tidal, and now whatever residual floodwaters on the street and residual snow and ice will start
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to refreeze overnight, and the mayor martin small told us what they are worried about tonight merging from this, the conditions freezing and it is going to be feeling like 5 below zero with the windchill, and fredricka, they are not quite out of it yet, and as we get into the darkn, and the temperatures drop, they are worried about the freezing temperatures, and telling people not the come tout navigate the roads in the vehicle, but as you can see, not a lot of people are paying attention and more and more people are coming out right now. >> right. that is what makes it that much more dangerous. thank you, brian todd. so the dipping temperatures only makes the matters worse with those kinds of freezing conditions. and tyler is in the weather center, and paint a picture for us. >> we are going to be dealing with this weather system for a few more hours ark and it is not going to just taper off but with that, we will have the colder temperatures coming in. and so over a foot and a half,
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and in boston, massachusetts, about 17.5 inches of snow which is off of the 23.6" record. it is not much of a wind in that snowfall to create whiteout conditions. looking at the wind that we are dealing with. in wellfleet, massachusetts, it is 83 miles per hour, and those are hurricane-force winds, and in nantucket, you are dealing with the strong winds right now, and boston, it is picking up for you, and you have a ice band pushing over as well, and that is going to continue for you. and if you take the wind and combine it with the air term, it is feeling like it is minus 1 in boston and the temperatures will tumble from here, and we will continue to see the snowfall lift to the north, and it is tapering off where brian has been, and we will see it push to
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the north as we go through time. we will continue to deal with these winter weather alerts for the coming hours. fredricka. >> all right. thank you so much, and we will check back with you. all right. massachusetts, it is getting hard hit particularly for this storm, and look at the waves, oh, my goodness, fueled by high winds and crashing into the hotel in plymouth, and that is brutal. brutal conditions, and earlier today, a coastal town administrator told me four feet of water over the seawall at high tide. extraordinary circumstances. joining me right now to talk more about this is jim boudreau who is the town administrator for scituate, massachusetts. jim, so good to see you, and okay. we are talking a look at the pictures out of scituate all morning long, and seeing the boats and the mass swinging back and forth with incredible high winds, and what are you seeing, and what are the potential dangers there?
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>> the winds picked up early this morning and high winds with the low tide, and the low lying areas and then after that the storm picked up. officially, the winds over 70 miles per hour, and unofficially, we have touched 90 a couple of times, so when you have a wind like that with the snow, the snow is like needles hitting people. and the visibility is near zero, and we are plowing the roads as quickly as we k and as fast as we get the wind off of the roads, the wind is blowing it back in, and we are seeing that it is complicated with the wind and the roads and the ocean, but it is treacherous out there right now. >> this is one of the more memorable birthdays. happy birthday to you. >> yeah, 29 again. >> you said 29? >> 29 again. >> oh, yes, that is one worth repeating. so tell me the situation in scituate?
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>> the people in scituate are used to this and the nor'easters and we get them quite a bit, and we know what to do, but the low lying areas that flood, they leave, and the rest of the town is hunkered down, and the people out this morning were out walking the dogs with wind gusts at 50 miles per hour, and it is a hearty group, and if you are in the home, stay there, and the conditions outside are about as bad as they could be. if you need the assistance or have an emergency, call 911 and we will get there, but at this point, stay in the houses until this is getting over and we get it cleaned up, and let the crews do their work. >> and then, so many power outages in the neighboring towns, and what about where you are? what are the conditions like? four people who are hunkered down in their homes, do they for the most part, do they have heat and power? >> the town has power, and the last number is 1,200 homes which is 14% of the customers in scituate proper, and those are
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the spotty, and scattered on the coast, and we don't have any large neighborhoods out, and just scattered here or there, and they should be all right in the short term, and tomorrow, we will have a warming sen te open at the council for the aging for people if the power is out, but the issue is the safety of the line crews from the electric company, and they can't go up in bucket trucks if the winds are gusting more than 35 miles per hour, and right now, it is twice that, and so until the winds die down, you won't see the crews doing the restoration work, and so the people should know that the power will be out until at least, that and we have communicated that until at least tomorrow, and if tomorrow comes, and there is no power, we will have them to have a place to get warm and charge their electronic devices. >> and yes, it is fierce, and the accumulation of snow, and the tidal surge, and is one worse than the others, a or is
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that a bad combination? >> it is worse, and two of three, and we don't generally get snow or tides like this. and the morning tide was an issue, and we have another high tide tonight, and the winds are pinning the ocean up against the seawalls all day, and we expect more water tonight, and worse flooding maybe in the minor to moderate range, and some of the other speakers are talking about is the worry is when the water recedes, they will freeze and difficult to get out. we have a long night ahead of us and long cleanup tomorrow. >> terrible situation, and we are hoping for the best, and everyone, and jim, again, happy birthday. >> thank you, and good luck, and have a good day. >> thank you, all of the best. still ahead, breaking news, russia moves naval drills further off of the coast of ireland following vows from irish fishermen to disrupt the exercises. and then afloating around in space for seven year, space
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92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. this breaking news in response to the appeals from irish fishermen and the irish government and the russian military which had announced naval drills off of the coast of ireland will move them after the irish fishermen vowed to disrupt the exercises. and donie o'sullivan, and this is quite the move, and this is diplomacy at a whole different level, and how'd they do it? >> that is right, fred. somebody remarked earlier that the fish boat diplomacy rather than gun boat diplomacy, and the fishermen here in ireland made headlines all around the world
11:20 am
this week after they learned that the russian military navy were to hold drills about 150 miles off of the coast right where they fish, and the fishermen said they would not move, because they fish there all of the time, and they were going to go about their business. the russian government responded and said it is unwise and dangerous for those fishermen, but tonight, a change of the tune. this is the statement from the russian embassy here in ireland. it said in response to requests from the irish government, and as well as from the irish fishermen producers organization, the russian minister of defense has as a gesture of goodwill to relocate the exercises by the russian navy, planned for february 3 through the 8th outside of the irish exclusive economic zone with the i am not to hinder
11:21 am
fishing activities by the irish vessels in the traditional fishing areas. so, fred, we were going to speak to them going out this week, and some of them were nervous, and apprehensive of coming across russian vessels, but with this news, they were delighted. have a listen to patrick murphy who is representative of the fishermen here. >> shocked, if you like. we didn't think that little old us in the irish southwest would have an impact of the international diplomacy and make an impact like that. >> reporter: so this kind of the david and goliath story, and of course, all of this happening with the backdrop of what russia may or may not do in ukraine, while we are seeing the exercises here on the western edge of europe, but certainly a situation, i think that it is
11:22 am
very surreal for many of the fishermen, and that fisherman patrick murphy went to meet the russians with the ambassador the ireland earlier in the week to convey to him the concerns of fi fishermen, and clearly that and that with the workings of the irish government worked. >> i think they should consider inviting the irish fishermen to get involved in the russian government and ukrainians like right now. thank you, donie o'sullivan. and now, the storm is starting to impact nantucket, and the high winds are causing downed trees. we will take you there next.
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>> a powerful storm bringing miserable and terrible conditions to the northeast and among them coastal flooding. the combination of high winds and high seas is going to bring storm surges. any residual water could freeze overnight as the temperatures are expected to drop. joining me from nantucket is an editor at "nantucket current" and senior writer for "n magazine." and jason, so good to have you. >> thank you for having me on. >> and what are you seeing? >> it was a wild scene there on the water front, and we had a lot of flooding coming down
11:28 am
washington street, and easy street. significant waves and wind and we had about 6 to 8 inches of snow, but really the flooding was really just sort of intense and pretty crazy to see. >> my goodness, and we know that part of the forecast was the threat of the storm surges, but then based on the kind of the flooding that you saw, was it more than expected? >> yeah, we were expecting moderate flooding, but to see what happened along washington street, it was pretty unusual. you know, we do have coastal flooding when we get these kinds of storms, but today, it was pretty intense and probably the most since 2002.
11:29 am
>> and how are people making it around? >> well, people are hunkering down, and the ferry service has been canceled for the day obviously, and no transportation on or off of the island, and that is all right. >> i mean, clearly, it is damaging, because you are talking about the flooding, and some main streets that are underwater, but are you concerned about danger to humans, and what are you expecting? >> yeah, i mean, i think that the biggest danger is that the police have asked people to stay off of the roadss, and we have seen the downed trees. those are type of things that the flooding and people have had enough warning so that it is not a safety thing for people right now, and it is not as if they will be stuck in it, but the authorities are asking people to stay off of the roads.
11:30 am
>> looking at the images, that is the damage from the hurricanes, but the difference is that it is snowcapped in this case. >> yes, it is cold, and very cold, and the wind is very intense. i was out on the eastern end of the island and it is whipping 70 or 80-mile-an-hour gusts, and pretty intense storm here. >> and what are you bracing for? how long might these conditions be like this? >> i think that we are in it for the rest of the day and into sunday morning. and people have gotten what they need with the stop & shop that was raided, and so we are in it for an extended period. >> and jason graziadei thank you, and the pictures are around as well. and take care.
11:31 am
>> thank you. i will. and experts now believe that a rogue spacex rocket booster could slam into the dark side of the moon in just weeks. how could the crash impact the moon is next. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty of magic in all that chaos. ♪ so different and so new ♪ ♪ was like any other... ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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biggest names. joni mitchell is joining rock legend neil young and removing her music over vaccination from the platform, and the musicians are removing their music because of the joe rogan spotify guests and spreading misinformation. paula newton has more. >> reporter: not for the first time the joe rogan experience has featured canadian psychologist jordan peterson in a free ranging reductive back and forth about topics that peterson has no expertise in, climate, race, and the transgendered community. >> and you think that a lot of what goes on with people who want to change their gender identity is creativity? >> no, i don't think so, i know so. >> and climate -- >> climate and everything are
11:37 am
the same word. >> reporter: and this one on race. >> i am white, and actually that is a lie, too, and i am tan, and he was not black, but sort of brown. >> reporter: and the he is scholar michael eric dieson who told cnn's don lemon that rogan and peterson misinterpret the definition of race. >> they are playing to the ignorance of the audience and exposing a kind of lethal ignorance of the very nature of race itself. >> reporter: and peterson did not comment to cnn about the content of the podcast, and spotify has exclusive contents of joe roggan's podcast said that we won't comment about this, and others did. >> oh, my god, i am not black. >> reporter: and many others did, and saying that rogan was accused of platforming hate.
11:38 am
and neil young said to choose between rogan and him. they removed young's music. lies being sold for money he declared. at issue is certainly money. rogan's podcast is one of the most popular in the u.s. and beyond, and although spotify has at times removed content that is deemed inaccurate or offensive, and legal scholars say that to remove speech is in the hands of the companies. >> they have the flexibility on their own to regulate speech or shrink the space of this kind of discussion or to provide robust protections for speech that don't provide restrictions on what people can say on their platforms. >> paula newton, cnn. after floating around in space for seven year, experts believe a rogue space rocket
11:39 am
booster that launched in 2017 could slam into the dark side of the moon in seven week, and it is expected to leave a crater and an opportunity for scientists to study the dust cloud from the impact. adam frank is a professor of physics and astronomy at the university of rochester, and so good to see you, professor. oh, can you hear me? i can't hear you. >> yes, i can hear you. >> oh, good. that is good, we are connecting. so tell me, are you excited about this idea of an impact or are you nervous about it? >> no, i think it is pretty cool. i love the fact that you call it a rogue as if it was like hanging out among all of the others. >> hanging out. >> and yes, among them. >> so what would you call it? what do you think of the potential is from this kind of impact? >> well, i mean, what it is really is a space junk, and a piece of equipment leftover from a mission which is actually a
11:40 am
mission to put a satellite on the other side of where james webb is about to go in what is the l-1 point, and so, you know, it did the job, and then they let it go, and they could not bring it back, because it has been out there in space, and so it is floating around and the fact that it is hitting the moon now is an accident of celestial forces, so it is really just space junk, but i think it is cool that we will get a 5,000-mile-an-hour four-ton piece of junk hitting the moon, and in a way, i wish i could watch it, but it may have scientific use as well. >> talk to me about the scientific use of what could be a big dust plume created as a result of the impact, but then where do you see the scientific benefits or discoveries that could be made? >> well, there has been a number of times that nasa and other space agencies have purposely driven stuff into the moon. the apollo missions have done it
11:41 am
a couple of times, because we left the size mom terometers on, and we left something, and then another time we left something at the poles, because we believed that there were a lot of water at the poles at the moon, and that would be useful for my moons that we create, and by kicking up the material, you get to see what the moon is made up of, and this is happening on the dark side of the moon, but not the dark side, but the far side of the moon, and the part that we don't get to see, so that is informational of what is over there on the dark side, and that is science, and what is cool that you can do something interesting with whatever happens. >> yeah, cool. this is an issue about space junk, and it is something that we are as we are a more space faring race, we have to deal with. >> is there anything potentially detrimental about the impact?
11:42 am
>> no. there is a chinese rover that is exploring the far side of the moon, but, you know, this is going to impact far from it, the odds of it having a detrimental impact, but 100 years from now, when there is 100 moon bases, it could be an impact. >> and the space junk is a problem, and lots of stuff out there, and you can see that there is some real benefits and the things that we can learn from space junk, what happens to it, what it impacts, and i feel like you are seeing some upsides to it. >> no, this one in particular. but i would say that going forward in the future, and especially with the commercial space activity now, and we will have so many more launches per year than we used to have, and so much more human activity in space, and in general, what this does and what this crash is going to highlight is that going forward, we are really going to
11:43 am
need to pay attention to what we leave in space, and try to figure out how the clean it up, and even a paint chip, and even a small chip of paint is going to cause it, because there is 100 miles. >> and a paint projectile. >> yes, and especially for the earth orbit where the activity is going to have to be, and we have to really pay attention which is showing the maturation of the space faring race, and when we started, who cares, throw it out the window. >> and you are great professor, because you are helping us to pay attention, adam frank. good to see you. >> okay. thank you. and now, we have to give a little love to the four-legged friends in the path of the nor'easter. and in queens, aria was cozy in the coat as she braves wind and the snow. and then in new york, the chilly weather did not stop doggies
11:44 am
here having a little tug of war there with the stick. having a little fun. then to the north in johnston, rhode island, and look at chloe the pooch racing through her yard in excitement as the snow began to pile up there. although the storm is probably not a whole lot of fun for the owners, at least the pets are having a really good time making us look at things a little differently. we are back in a moment. with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re... with mucinex all-in-one you've got unbeatable relief from your worst cold and flu symptoms. so when you need to show your cold who's boss,
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all right. women have been pushing for greater respect and representation in hollywood, and
11:49 am
progress has varied. this year as the motion picture academy begins to choose the nominees for the best documentary feature film, more than half of the directors on the short list are women, and that is including betsy west and julie cohen for their film "julia" a contender for the oscar nomination this year. here's a preview. >> today, we're going to make chocolate cake, and it is a very special, and very chocolateley bittersweet lovely cake. >> julia was not a remarkably lovely beauty, but she was middle aged with freckles and her hair changed daily, but you were mesmerized by what she said. >> people could relate to her. i don't know how to cook at my age, and you can learn at your age to cook as well. >> cooking is, well, lots of it is one failure at another, and that is how you finally learn.
11:50 am
now now, splatter it, like that. >> yum. for anyone who loves food, you can't help but love julia child. and joining us now are the directors of directors of "julia". >> tell us a little bit about julia child and why you were drawn to her as a subject. >> we couldn't really resist julia, you know, she's just such an engaging personality, but more than that, julia was somebody who really changed our world. she changed the way americans eat. she transformed television, the kinds of people i.e. women that we would see on television, and she opened up opportunities for women in the culinary world. i mean, she was a ground breaker. we had so much fun making this film. >> it's an amazing -- and this american woman would be our avenue to amazing french
11:51 am
cooking, so julie, you know, you've got a track record for documenting, the lives of iconic women. your film "rbg" about ruth bader ginsburg was nominated for an oscar a couple of years ago. you're working on a project on former congresswoman gabby giffords. tuck to talk to me about your mission to profile these extraordinary women? >> well, there are a wide array of really spectacular, often very essential important american stories to be told. the stories of women, the stories of people of color over the decades in journalism and film tend to be a little bit under told, a little bit trivialized or maybe a little bit not told at all, so once we've started telling women's stories, it's almost like we can't stop. gabby giffords, you know, julia child, rbg, all very, very, very
11:52 am
different in different fields of endeavor, but all just making magnificent changes. >> wow, incredible. betsy, you all are on a roll but not only are you profiling these women who are so deserving of being profiled, but here you are in an industry that still is male dominated, and as a female filmmaker, i mean, you have your own personal journey that is fascinating. i mean, what have you learned along the way in terms of some of the ingredients of your success to be able to breakthrough? >> yeah, well, i think recognizing the importance of these under told stories has been part of it, and recognizing that the audience is hungry for these stories, starting with rbg. i mean, i have to say that the documentary world has been more welcoming to women than the narrative fiction world, and it is becoming more so as you said, i mean, half of the directors on
11:53 am
the short list this year are women and in narrative films, you know, it's way below that. it's -- i think of the top grossing films this year, about 17% were directed by women, but, you know, that may be partially because the financial stakes in documentaries are not as high as in narrative films. i mean, the budgets are lower and so are the monetary rewards, but i think most documentarians are in it for something a lot more than a big paycheck. >> well, thank you so much, ladies. congratulations. i look forward to the documentary, "julia," the other real distinction about her right is the voice. i just cannot get enough of her voice, and that's part of, you know, her fascination. look forward to the documentary this spring. >> thank you. >> and thank you, everybody, for joining me today. i'm fredricka whitfield, "cnn newsroom" continues with bill matingly after this.
11:54 am
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this is cnn breaking news. we are live in the cnn newsroom, i'm phil mattingly in washington. jim acosta is off today. we have breaking news on the greatest quarterback of all time. espn is reporting that after 22 seasons and seven, count them, seven super bowl titles, tom brady is retiring at the age of 44. we want to bring in right now cnn sports analyst mike golick, i think we're head spinning here given particularly his performance over just this past season. that said, everyone knew this


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