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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 31, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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bucks? exactly. wait, shouldn't you be navigating? xfinity mobile. it's wireless that does it all and saves a lot. like a lot, a lot. xxxx hello and a very warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and right around the world. i'm isa soares in london, and just ahead right here on "cnn newsroom." a big push for diplomacy de-escalation and dialogue. the u.s. faces off with russia at the u.n. security council. we are live in kyiv and moscow this hour. after a month-long blitz of launches, north korea tests its most powerful missile in years.
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we'll have the latest in a live report from hong kong for you. plus, facing the music, major artists forces spot identspotify to clamp down on misinformation. but does it go far enough? >> announcer: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with isa soares. hello, everyone. welcome to the show. it is monday, january 31st, and we are now just hours away from an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council as tensions between ukraine and russia show really little sign of easing. the u.s. sees this meeting as an opportunity for russia to explain its intentions for massive military buildup, but also an opportunity to find a diplomatic way out of a crisis. have a listen. >> we're going to go in the room prepared to listen to them, but we're not going to be distracted
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by their propaganda and we're going to be prepared to respond to any disinformation that they attempt to spread during this meeting. >> ukraine's foreign ministers also pushing diplomacy saying it's the only responsible way. in a tweet he says, if russia is as serious about not wanting a new war, it must continue with diplomatic talks and pull back its troops. but u.s. says months co-is showing no signs of de-escalation with the pentagon warning russian president vladimir putin could act at any time. >> he has a lot of options. he, putin, has a lot of options available to him if he wants to further invade ukraine. he could execute some of those options imminently. imminently, it could happen honestly at any time. now, when i say "it" it depends on what vladimir putin might want to do. >> meanwhile, in washington u.s. senators are focused on a bipartisan deal to sanction
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russia and hope to move forward on the bill this week. have a listen to this. >> we are committed jointly in a bipartisan way to defend ukraine and to send putin a message. it will be bloody and consequential. >> well, we better be prepared for the worst. the president is stiffening our resolve to face that if we have to with serious sanctions and our nato forces doing everything they can to protect the baltics and poland and other countries. >> right. >> but, you know, i do like the fact that the diplomacy continues, and that to me is an encouraging sign. >> well, cnn correspondents are tracking all the developments for you. melissa bell is standing by in kyiv for us, and nic robertson is in moscow. nic, let me start with you this hour. we are seeing clearly as we out lie a push for diplomacy and de-escalation. is there anything concrete, nic the u.s. can do to compel russia
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to stand down on ukraine? >> reporter: well, it puts russia under greater pressure. messages russia, this is not just the united states saying this. this is many countries who would be around the table at the u.n. security council. russia has denied so many times that it has no intention of invading ukraine, and the u.s. negotiating positional discussion position with them is if you are serious about following the diplomatic track, then there is no need to have this military buildup. but russia insists the troops are on sovereign territory, all sharing territory with belarus at the request and invitation of the authorities there. so russia's position, it has a legitimate right to be there and be training its troops. so perhaps that's what we can understand between the alliance from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations when she said we're going into the room ready to listen, but we're going to be
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prepared to challenge them on their propaganda. i think that will try to get to some of the specificity the u.s. will discuss what it sees on the ground. russia on its position, this demand that they de-escalate and move troops back to base has been going on for sometime and russia has so far resisted. still appears to be on track to continue with its military exercises. >> nic, stay with us. i want to go to melissa in kyiv. melissa, we have seen a flurry of meetings in the last several weeks, but as we prepare for this u.n. meeting, what is the mood as well as the expectation where you are? >> reporter: of course, it will be a meeting that as nic was just saying, will allow everyone to air their grievances to get to the bottom of what the others believe or are saying, or their intentions. but, of course, even for a statement, nothing concrete will come out of it beyond the discussion itself.
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that flurry of diplomatic activity, though, will continue here in kyiv this week, isa, since we are expecting not only the british foreign minister, but also the german and french as well. and i think what the authorities here in kyiv are looking for is, of course, the possibility of dialogue and de-escalation, but also the sort of strong support that you just heard from those two senators we just listened to, speaking to cnn yesterday on that package of sanctions being prepared, and that they expect will go through the senate bipartisan package. and interestingly, what they're looking at are not only sanctions that would apply should russia invade, and that's something we know the united kingdom is preparing as well, the europeans as well. this is also something ukraine has been asking for consistently the last few weeks. sanctions that might apply even ahead of a russian invasion on the basis of actions that have been taken already because, of course, as you know, isa, we've been talk about this hybrid warfare, the one that takes into account not simply a land
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invasion, but the kind of cyber tactics we've seen over the course of the last few weeks and years, of course. so, here in kyiv they'll be looking at that very carefully over the course of the next few days. in the meantime, the city to which these foreign ministers will be heading this week, isa, to look at that cooperation and sanctions and the tough words, and also the possibility of diplomacy is one that goes about its business very much as usual with ukrainians out in the streets. nothing, no particular tension to be noted here, but everyone really conscious of the fact that this is a war that has dragged on here in ukraine for much of the last eight years, and everyone keeping a wary eye on what is happening across the border. but with a sense of much greater calm, i think, than you'd expect given all that rhetoric we've heard around ukraine the last few weeks, we're likely to see at the u.n. security council later today, isa. >> i know you'll both be keeping a close eye on the security council as the meetings kickoff
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today. melissa bell for us in kyiv and nic robertson in moscow. thank you so much. we'll tell you why the u.s. slams them, calling them propaganda for the u.s. government. you will want to see that report from nic robertson. north korea is confirming what analysts suspected. the state-run agency reports pyongyang test fired a missile as a hwasong 12 on sunday. this was the most powerful ballistic missile north korea has tested since 2017 and the seventh missile test this month alone. the biden administration says it would like to return to diplomatic talks with pyongyang. let's get more on this. ivan watson is monitoring all for us in hong kong. ivan, let me pick up with that. the u.s. inviting north korea to talks without any preconditions. any reaction so far from pyongyang to this? >> reporter: according to senior administration official who spoke to cnn about this, the
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messages have gone to north korea from the white house. they have been received, but there has been no response from north korea back to the u.s. so, in the meantime, north korea's been sending very different kinds of messages with this just flurry of missile launches. seven rounds of them in just one month. much more missile activity than we've seen in years, really since 2017 when north korea was making its displeasure known to the world and to the u.s. that was during the trump administration, and there was very public diplomacy, insults being hurled back and forth between pyongyang and washington, sometimes over twitter. and then subsequently the historic face to face diplomacy between then president trump and kim jong-un.
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the white house position has been we're willing to talk to the north koreans, but not at the level of heads of state. and, again, there has not been a response according to the white house from north korea. this latest missile launch, an intermediate-range missile, we haven't seen a missile of this category fired by north korea since 2017, said to be -- have flown about 800 kilometers distancewise, at a height of 2,000 kilometers. it's been condemned by the skrsouth koreans. the south korean minister meeting with air defense by the japanese, by the u.s. as well, saying it's in violation of united nations security council resolutions. south korea's position here is very interesting. not only because it is the immediate neighbor, but also because the president, moon jae-in, is a lame duck. there will be elections in march. he staked most of his term on
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trying to build bridges with north korea on face-to-face diplomacy. he predicted on sunday after this latest missile launch it's possible north korea could end its moratorium and could start inter-continental ballistic launches and nuclear tests which i think everybody would agree would setback relations and heighten tensions dramatically on the korean peninsula. back to you. >> ivan, very quickly. do you know if there is an interpretation as to why we're seeing such a flurry of activity in this past month or so? >> reporter: quickly, north korea is having a tough time economically. it has publicly acknowledged problems with food supplies for its population. but more than a year ago, its leader put out a guideline for military things he wanted to accomplish, and some of the launches that we've seen recently are ticking off those
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guidelines. and another goal that he had set for his own military was an inter-continental ballistic missile launch, so analysts are predicting that could be coming. >> unfortunately it's becoming more of a regular thing, isn't it, what we've been seeing here. hopefully it's not a sign they're trying to normalize this activity and that is, of course, the concern. ivan watson for us in hong kong. thanks very much, ivan. good to see you. former u.s. president donald trump won't let go of the fourth narrative that his vice president had the power to overturn the 2020 election. trump issued the statement sunday claiming the bipartisan group of lawmakers working to reform the electoral count act believe mike pence had the right to change the outcome. let me read it out to you. actually, what they are saying is that mike pence did have the right to change the outcome and they now want be to take that right away. unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power. he could have overturned the election. now, his argument echos the memo by conservative lawyer john
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eastman who outlined steps for the transfer of power. the republican on the house committee investigating the insurrection called trump's statement massively unamerican, as you can see there. fellow committee member zoe lofgren had this analysis. have a listen. >> i guess the former president is saying that the vice president gets to choose the next president, in which case kamala harris will be presiding at the counting of the votes. and i guess he's saying she gets to choose who the next president is. that's clearly not the way the constitution provides for. he must be kidding. >> meanwhile, at a weekend rally, trump set an ominous tone urging more protests if prosecutors take action against him. >> if these radical, vicious, racist prosecutors do anything wrong or illegal, i hope we are
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going to have in this country the biggest protest we have ever had in washington, d.c., in new york, in atlanta, and elsewhere because our country and our elections are corrupt. >> at the same rally, trump indicated he would pardon the january 6 rioters if he runs again and wins. >> if i run and if i win, we will treat those people from january 6 fairly. we will treat them fairly. and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly. >> there is bipartisan rejection of trump's comments about pardoning the riots. >> i think it's inappropriate. i don't want to reinforce that defiling the capitol was okay. i don't want to do anything that
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would make this more likely in the future. i want to deter people who did on january 6. and those who did it, i hope they go to jail and get the book thrown at them because they deserve it. >> i do not think the president should have made -- president trump should have made that pledge to do pardons. we should let the judicial process proceed. >> can you imagine he's saying, look, don't worry, you go out and commit whatever crimes you want that is helping me get elected. if i get elected, i'll take care of you. i'll take care of you. i'll give you a pardon. now, that's something nobody, republican or democrat, should accept. that is third world baloney. >> and, of course, there will be much more on this story throughout the day here on cnn. now, right now a search is underway in germany for at least
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one suspect after two police officers were fatally shot during a traffic stop. police say the 24-year-old police woman and 29-year-old police man were shot after calling for backup. investigators are at the crime scene and authorities have expanded the search to the neighboring state. as we get more details on the story, a developing story, we shall bring them to you. in the meantime, the beijing winter olympics quick off this week. preparations are being made, infections are on the rise. we'll go live to beijing for the latest. the storm that battered the east coast has moved on. meteorologist pedram javaheri has another winter storm on the way. >> yeah, isa. it looks like the historic storm over the northeast. mother nature may have an encore for other parts of the u.s. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication
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the u.s. east coast is still reeling from the aftermath of this weekend's powerful winter storm. tens of thousands have lost power due to strong winds from
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the cyclone, and service is being restored. the storm left behind bone-chilling temperatures. you can see record snowfall in some areas. this view from space shows extensive snow from north carolina up to maine. the dangerous conditions have also made travel a mess as you can imagine, with about 5,000 flights canceled this weekend alone. the bitter cold stretches all the way down to florida where millions are under freeze alert. and it's so cold there, that's why you're seeing iguanas on your screen. because they're going into shock and falling from trees. that's how cold it is. but they are not dead. they actually start moving again once they warm up. meteorologist pedram javaheri joins me now. pedram, are we over the worst here? >> you know, for the northeast we are for a few days, isa. it looks like changes are going to be back into the forecast later in the week and foe tensionally going into this upcoming weekend. we'll touch on that. the amount of snow is as
1:22 am
impressive as it gets. you look at the values set for the daily record, kennedy picked up up to 11 inches. an incredible amount of snow shattering the records for the daily numbers across this region of the northeastern u.s. a lot of densely possibility lated areas impacted. the satellite image you shared taken from 22,000 miles above looking down toward the surface shows the wide scale coverage on the ground, every single square inch of the northeast dealing with snow on the ground. 30 plus inches, out of boston, rhode island. boston picked up 2 feet of snowfall in a matter of a 12-hour period. you noted the cool temperatures extending farther into the south. a couple million people around the state of florida still underneath these cold weather alerts. the iguanas, alert for iguanas to come down across portions of the south florida as they get
1:23 am
below the 45, 50 degree threshold. it's cold enough to paralyze iguanas. here's what it looks like. areas of west palm beach down into the lower 40s this morning. that trend shifts to a warmer one in the coming days. what we're watching is what's playing out over the next few days, potentially around portions of the central united states. storm system on the move as it my grates farther toward the east, the element in place to produce a fair amount of wintry weather. not just snow this go around. a wintry mix lined up across the expanse of area stretching 2,000 miles. if this plays out, depending on the placement of the storm system, see the areas indicated in pink? that is all ice potentially accumulating across, say, portions of north texas, areas of arkansas, the midwest. a lot of disruption with ice in the works and in the forecast around these areas. we'll monitor this as the week progresses, isa. >> thank you, pedram. i look forward to the day when your screen will just be sun,
1:24 am
sunshine every day. looking forward to that. thanks very much. have a good day, pedram. now, we now know who will play in the super bowl lvi, and it's a match-up few would have predicted when the season even began. the cincinnati bengals will meet the los angeles rams on february 13. the bengals led by star quarterback joe borough won the afc title over the heavily favored kansas city chiefs. cincinnati overcame an 18-point deficit for a 27-24 overtime victory. and in the nfc, the rams beat the san francisco 49ers 20-17. this interception late in the game sealed the victory, and this means the rams will be hosting the super bowl in l.a., the second straight year a team will play the title game in their home stadium. and cnn's andy scholes, of course, will have much more on the super bowl match-upcoming up next hour on "early start" in about 35 minutes or so for you. and it was an australian open final for the ages.
1:25 am
the spanish superstar rafael nadal rallied back from two sets down. it puts his name in the record books, the 21st grand slam, the most ever by a men's tennis player. he beat russia's daniil medvedev on rod laver arena sunday. congratulations. and we've been counting down for weeks and we're still counting down because the wait for the beijing winter olympics is almost over. as you can see there on your screen. with just four days to go before the opening ceremony, not everything unfortunately is going to plan. do dozens of olympic personnel have tested positive for covid-19 and so has the chair of the international olympic committee's athlete commission. cnn's steven zhang is with me for more.
1:26 am
steven, this is an inevitable reality. covid is practically impossible. how is this affecting the preparations for this grand opening? >> reporter: well, isa, you know, as much as chinese officials dread any cases inside their borders because of that zero covid policy, but this is something they have themselves acknowledged and presumably prepared for, and they are, of course, now stressing the number of positive cases inside this closed loop accounts for a tiny percentage of all the games' participants in the bubble. state media saying so far there is no community spread of the virus within the bubbles. that's why they're not portraying this in a way a testament how, whil well their has been working. this is a daunting task and with more events kicking off given thoi contagious the omicron
1:27 am
variant is, one of their first impressions was the high walls and fences around their hotel and all the olympic venues. in a way that is almost a metaphor of the sense of disconnect between a lot of, if not most ordinary chinese citizens and the winter olympics games this time. as you note, there is not a single ticket available for sale to the general public because of pandemic, and a lot of people have also seen their travel plans runeined or disrupted because of tight regulations out of beijing. as you mention, this is right now lunar new year period, the most important chinese holiday ton their calendar. a lot of people unfortunately are stuck where they are instead of going home to see their loved ones. that was explained on social media and talking to people on the ground, you see the sense of frustration, annoyance, and sometimes outward hostility towards foreigners, especially americans, because as you know, the u.s.-led diplomatic boycott
1:28 am
of these games have also been very much reported and attacked by chinese state media here as well. isa? >> i'm very much looking forward to the games to start. steven zhang for us there in beijing, thanks very much, steven. good to see you. we are keeping a close eye on a new omicron strain. it's known as omicron ba-2. scientists say it's slightly more contagious than the original variant. however, so far it does not appear to be as dangerous. here's what the former commissioner of the u.s. food and drug administration had to say. have a listen. >> if you had omicron infection, you should have protection against subsequent infection from this new variant. that's why i don't think this is going to create a huge wave of infection. what's likely to happen is as we were coming down, we were coming down quite sharply in parts of the northeast, florida, mid-atlantic. you might see as the new strain starts to pickup, you might see we start to slow down the decline. the decline will happen nonetheless. >> meantime the latest data from the cdc shows 41% of americans
1:29 am
received a booster shot, and this comes as scientists report vaccines appear to be effective at preventing symptomatic illness against the new version of omicron. >> the fact that there may be new variants doesn't mean we have to stop everything we're doing now. the good thing about this new variant is that it looks like there is no immune escape, meaning that all those individuals who are vaccinated and boosted are still well protected, and also then there have been many, many people 234789 united states us and around the world who have been infected with omicron. those individuals are very unlikely to be re-infected with this new variant so i think that should give us a sigh of relief, even as we are still being vigilant and making sure we're preparing for the worst. >> dr. leana wen there. amid rising tension was ukraine, russia state media stepping up its propaganda push. one western host is getting a lot of air time. we'll have the details for you after the break. later this hour, u.s.
1:30 am
republican senator lindsey graham has nothing but praise for one of the women on president biden's supreme court short list. we'll explain next.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. if you're just joining us, let me bring you up to date with our top stories this hour. north korea has confirmed it test fired one of its most powerful intermediate ballistic range missiles. it was tested in 2017 and has the ability to strike the u.s. territory of guam.
1:34 am
the biden administration says they are open to diplomatic talks with pyongyang. and in just a few hours, the u.s. and russia will face-off at the united nations security council to discuss russia's military buildup at the border with ukraine. the u.s. ambassador to u.n. says they are prepared for any response russia may have. of course, we'll have much more on both the stories at the top of the hour in "early start." as tension between russia and ukraine ratchet ever higher, moscow is stepping up its propaganda war and paying particular a pension to a conservative u.s. media star. cnn's diplomatic editor explains. >> reporter: on russian state tv, western media are getting ridiculed. like it or not, they think independent journalists are propagandists for the u.s. government, creating a provocation for war. >> you have no idea what's happening in our mind. you have no idea about our history. you have no idea what russia is
1:35 am
about. you have no idea what ukraine is about. why we have a problem. >> reporter: he hosts his own show, proudly pushes the kremlin's views and fox anchor tucker carlson's. >> he is funny. has his own point of view. he hates biden. he likes trump. so what? >> we start today with breaking news. >> reporter: no irony that in russia, unlike america, criticizing the president is off limits. and never more so than now. in the past year independent media here have been almost completely crushed. >> feeling tense all the time. you can never be -- you can never be sure that tomorrow you will be, you will be all right. you can never be sure that tomorrow your tv station will still be alive. >> reporter: she is an anchor at
1:36 am
tv rain, one of russia's last independent stations. it is designated a foreign agent. the kremlin lore can snuff it out. she is all too familiar with state tv's manipulations, how they use western media and play carlton against his broadcast colleagues. >> they just like that there is a person who says, are we going to fight russia because of this corrupted eastern european country that we even cannot find on the map? so, as soon as he says something that is not in this, you know, direction that they need, he's not going to be a friend any more. >> tucker carlson -- >> reporter: in russia's propaganda war, truth doesn't matter. what counts is stopping a war they are convinced america is fomenting. >> so at this point nato exists primarily to torment vladimir putin -- >> reporter: at home facing accusations of being a pro-putin
1:37 am
stooge, carlson has defended some of his pro-russian comments and said he is not a russian agent. so, will he lose his war-stopping value with russia? >> come on. this poor guy from fox news -- [ laughter ] i like the idea of him being a russian spy or russian services. >> reporter: it's not the way any respectable journalist would want to be portrayed. but once inside the kremlin spin cycle here, there's no knowing how the machine will spit you out. nic robertson, cnn, moscow. >> fascinating piece there from nic robertson. well, one u.s. national security expert says russian's disinformation campaigns go hand in hand with the arsenal, cyber attacks. >> both are concerted and coordinated and reinforcing.
1:38 am
they reinforce each other and it's part of an integrated campaign that vladimir putin can be engaged in. so far we have not seen any destructive attacks against u.s. infrastructure. what we have seen in other parts, pages from their playbook is the disinformation. we saw that in the 2016 elections here where russia mounted a disinformation campaign against our democracy. and we've -- we know they are capable of far more, including ransomware attacks, attacks that can destroy our economy. what we haven't yet seen is actual physical damage. i hope we don't see that, but they certainly have the capability of doing that as they've shown elsewhere. >> of course, we'll have much more on this story, including the latest developments from today's u.n. national security council meeting ahead on cnn. now i want to take you to the middle east where the united arab emirates says it destroyed
1:39 am
a launch site. the forces intercepted a ballistic missile targeting the u.a.e.. the houthis have since claimed responsibility for the attack. and this comes after a series of attacks initiated by the iran-backed houthis against the u.a.e. this month. bipartisan bonding, a judge president biden is considering as the next supreme court justice is receiving high praise from a high-ranking republican. a look at this potential nominee next.
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republican senator lindsey graham is praising one of president joe biden's picks for replacing retiring justice stephen breyer.
1:43 am
he called childs a gifted jurist and couldn't think of a better person for the job. suzanne malveaux has more on the selection process from washington. >> reporter: democrats would love to see bipartisan support of whomever president biden picks as his supreme court nominee, but quite frankly, they say they don't need it. they are confident they have the support, the 48 democrats, the two independents that caucus with them to make up a simple majority to push this through for the president. we heard from the chair of the senate judiciary committee dick durbin over the weekend saying they are ready to go as soon as the pick is known. they have the paperwork, the staff, they'll hold hearings in march, april, and move this along very quickly. having said that, they would love to see some republicans join them, those who have previously approved of obama's nominees, those being senator lisa murkowski, susan collins and, yes, senator lindsey graham. senator graham, republican making news over the weekend
1:44 am
because of his departure from some of his colleagues, republican colleagues like senator roger wicker, who have made the rather offensive suggestion here that any of these candidates would be beneficiaries of affirmative action policy. the not so veiled implication or suggestion here that these black female candidates would not be qualified for the supreme court position. well, lindsey graham saying that, in fact, he supports u.s. district judge michelle childs. she is also of his home state, south carolina. and he says that she is imminently qualified. >> i can't think of a better person for president biden to consider for the supreme court than michelle childs. she has wide support in our state. she is considered to be a fair-minded, highly gifted jurist. she's one of the most decent people i've ever met. it would be good for the court
1:45 am
to have somebody who is not at harvard or yale. >> reporter: house majority whip clyburn who is the highest ranking african american in congress also backs childs. he is also from south carolina. he has made it very clear to biden, saved biden's campaign, essentially he wanted a black female nominee for this particular position, and that childs is the person that he is backing, who he is rooting for. he makes the case she is a diverse within this diverse group, that she is from the south, that she doesn't have an ivy league background. but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves here. there are still a number of nominees that the president is considering on the short list, purportedly u.s. appeals court judge ketanji brown jackson, california supreme court judge leondra kruger, and u.s. district judge lesli abrams gardener. this will all play out in the months ahead. suzanne malveaux, cnn, at the u.s. capitol. >> looking forward to that
1:46 am
nomination. now, former miss usa cheslie kryst has died in an apparent suicide. police say the 30-year-old jumped from a new york high-rise on sunday. kryst was an attorney who won the miss usa crown in 2019. in a statement, her family said she inspired others around the world with her beauty as well as her strength. if you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, national suicide prevention and lifeline can help. the number is 1-800-273-2555. police say they found 100 bags of the fentanyl in the bedroom of a 30-year-old who died earlier this month. it is believed to happen at the school in hartford, connecticut. the opioid was removed from the school. what was found in the bedroom was the same substance that
1:47 am
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canadian police say they are trying to help people leave downtown ottowa, but they suspect the protests against covid-19 mandates to continue through the week. criminal investigations are underway in connection with several structures including the national war memorial. paula newton has the story for you. >> reporter: this started out as a truckers protest, right. it was called the freedom convoy, and they started from all parts around canada. they wanted to gather here in the capital ottowa, to protest a vaccine mandate that was put in not just by canada, but by the biden administration. that went into effect earlier this month. but this has turned into so much more. it's really touched a nerve with a significant minority in canada who say enough is enough. they are against vaccine mandates, against mask mandates, they are against public health
1:52 am
measures. and so they grouped here in ottowa, the question now is when are they going to leave. police say they would like this protest to end. there are still wall to waukegan rigs in the downtown core. few protesters, but still a significant number. at issue now is how to get them out of the city or convince them to leave. and they continue to say they are going to stay here until their demands are met. no sign of that. prime minister justin trudeau remains at a disclosed location for the safety of his family. he lives a mile from where the protest was occurring. having said that, ottowa police investigate incidents, one that was especially serious where people really showing disrespect to the nation's war memorial, and there were some other disruptions. right now ottowa police say the priority is to get everyone out of the city safely. protesters, though, they're saying, look, they're staying put until their demabnds are me.
1:53 am
>> thanks very much, paula newton there. now, spotify says it will now add a content advisory to all pod casts that mention covid-19. the move comes after several artists said they will leave the platform as it continues to host joe rogan who has spread misleading claims about the virus. cnn's natasha chen puts it all into perspective for you. >> reporter: spotify c.e.o. daniel eck wrote a public letter on the platform's website on sunday explaining spotify's rules and how he says they'll do more to combat covid-19 misinformation. eck says, quote, it is important to me that we don't take on the position of being content censor while also making sure that there are rules in place and consequences for those who violate them. he says spotify is working to add a content advisory to any podcast episode that includes discussion about covid-19. it will direct listeners to a covid-19 hub that provides data-driven facts and up to date information from trusted sources
1:54 am
in the public health community. in an effort to be more transparent, spotify also published its long-standing platform rules. part of the rules addressing false or deceptive medical information says content cannot cause offline harm or pose a direct threat to public health. some examples spotify gave include saying that covid-19 is a hoax or suggesting that vaccines are designed to kill people. notably, the controversial podcast by joe rogan that has spread misinformation is still available exclusively on the streaming platform. his podcast is the one cited by 250 doctors, nurses and scientists in an open letter to spotify earlier this month calling for a stronger enforceable policy on misinformation. then within the last week, neil young, joni mitchell, lofgren said they would remove their music from spotify. brene brown said she would pause
1:55 am
her podcast. harry and meghan released a statement through their foundation spokesperson that said they urge spotify to meet the moment and had been talking to spotify about this issue as early as april of last year. spotify shares are down 7.7% over the past week. back to you. >> thanks very much, natasha chen. of course, we'll stay on top of that story for you. if elon musk offered you $5,000 to delete your twitter account, would you do it? it seems a 90-year-old from florida wouldn't. jack sweeney rejected musk's offer to delete the twitter account tracking the private jet. the accountee lo, elon jet, hast tracking the flight. it tracks bill gates as well as jeff bezos. good on him. this week's winter storm didn't stop one rhode island couple from tying the knot. have a look at this. >> i now present you mr. and
1:56 am
mrs. adam -- >> congratulations to them. the happy couple said they had their wedding date set for more than a year. so despite the warnings of a historic blizzard, they said their i dos saturday outside the providence public library surrounded by family as well as friends. >> it feels amazing to have all these people we love around us here to share this day with us. and celebrate and have a snowball fight hopefully once i get some gloves on these fingers. >> congrats. they didn't have to put the champagne on ice. you have the right temperature. and for the record, providence got about half a meter or nearly 2 feet of snow. and that does it for me here on "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. of course, our coverage of the u.n. security council on ukraine tensions continue on "early start" the next minutes with
1:57 am
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, january 31st. it is 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for getting an early start with me. i'm laura jarrett. christine romans has the day off. it is actually christine's birthday so happy birthday, christine. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. in a matter of hours the u.s. and russia and ukraine will come face to face in the same room when the u.n. security council holds a session to find a diplomatic solution for the


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