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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  February 2, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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on that eastern flank. brianna? >> just real quickly, barbara, some are combat capable, though, right? >> sure. let's be clear. these will be army, air force, but very much an effort of reassurance and deterrence, not to encounter russian forces. >> all right, barbara, thank you so much for that. our special coverage continues right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> and good morning, everybody. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm jim sciutto. nice to be next to you. >> finally. >> we begin with breaking news to cnn. president biden has formally approved additional u.s. military deployments within europe. it is a significant move, moving these forces closer and inside eastern european allies. we reported last week that this was under consideration. this as russia continues to add to its forces in and around the
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ukraine border. >> this is really building off your reporting last week with our other cnn colleagues that the pentagon expected to announce the troop deployment this morning. we will bring that to you live as it happens. joining us now is lieutenant general mark hartling. general, great to have you on. just your reaction to this news, specifically regarding its timing, the day after we heard from russian president vladimir putin after a month long silence from him. >> yeah, i think it is a very good call. this is something that occurs frequently within europe. it is something when i was the commander in europe and 2011 and 2012 we set this type of rotational scheduling up. and it has been going on for the last eight or nine years where units flow back to europe to reinforce for exercises, for engagements with other countries, and, you know, from what i tell -- what i can tell in the news reports already, these forces are going to the
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eastern european countries of poland and romania. those were two of the biggest partners we had when i was in command and they have continued to be partners. in fact, i could even probably tell you where they're going to go. in poland, they will likely go to drasko and romania, sinku or mk air base. so this is a training environment that we have practiced multiple times. but i think it is very good move on the part of the president and the administration to move them there now. they are are -- i'm sorry. >> sorry to interrupt. part of the debate to this point has been what you do prior to any additional russian military action as opposed to afterwards. as you noted, the administration has some criticism for not doing troop movements or economic sanctions preemptively. here you have a move to shore up those eastern european allies, prior to any additional russian
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military action inside ukraine. do you believe this amounts to a deterrent? >> a shoring up, yes, i do, absolutely. this is what is practiced, jim. it is continuously practiced. and i would tell you, if it is true that they're going to romania and poland, both of those countries will be very welcoming. the other countries that will be extremely welcoming are all of the baltic nations, estonia, latvia, lithuania. they have practiced this before. they are the most concerned. i would also add potentially bulgaria to that mix. and there are facilities within bulgaria to do the same. but all you have to do is look at a map, and these are all the countries that are the furthest east, they are the ones when i was commander we were starting relationships with, and doing a lot of relationships with, engagements, and these are the kinds of things we practiced over the years. so those nations, the militaries and the governments of those various nations will be very happy because truthfully, for all of putin's bluster and all
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of his comments, those nations are concerned about further expansion by president putin. >> if i could just go back to putin's comments yesterday, because he spent a great deal of time there as he was giving that press conference in moscow with the prime minister of hungary, stressing that in his view, even though a bit absurd electronic was, it was the west and the united states that is trying to drag russia into war. that being said, he did set the ground for more koconversations more talks. some interpreted that as a sign of diffusing the situation. could this in fact do the opposite now? if he sees the u.s. is deploying more troops to the region? >> i think it will actually give him the understanding that president biden is treating this very seriously. he's not overlooking what's going on, and he's continuing to stay the course. provide the deterrent. work with allies. this is shoring up the alliance that is part of nato. when putin was saying the things
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yesterday he was with president orban of hungary, that guy is a freeing electron now. it was interesting to me to see that conversation because it is, again, mr. putin attempting to divide the nato alliance, by taking the one individual who has a different point of view than the rest of nato and trying to hone in on that. and use that as a messaging tool. so certainly orban was the guy that putin would want to say, we don't want this happening in nato, but the rest of nato, the majority of nato, we're talking about 30 countries there, are agreeing on their approach for deterrence for their expansion by the russian military. >> there is a reason putin broke out the champagne for orban to have a nato ally there. barbara starr is at the pentagon. tell us about the compositions
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of the forces that will be moving to the nato allys? the majority of them coming from forces already deployed to europe? >> well, i don't think we know exactly yet what that mix will be. this, as you point out, is going to be in addition, a plus up from the 8500 troops that the pentagon announced who are on shortened alert status several days ago th. this say plus up this is the first move. let's look at that for a minute. 60,000 u.s. forces are routinely in europe at any one time. and as general hertling points out, they're engaged in exercises and training with european allies including european allies on the eastern flank. just yesterday, a brigade began unloading in poland, routine exercise. combat brigade on its way this spring to a routine multinational deployment in europe, so we have all of that
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ongoing. but this we are told will be other forces in europe that will be moving east. they -- their rules will be they are not intended to engage the russians at all. they are not intended to go into ukraine. i asked an official, i said, so if they're just going to be there, what are they doing? reassurance and deterrence, yes, but the idea is that their presence is a message to putin, if he rolls across some border at 3:00 a.m. some morning, he will know that u.s. forces are there. one of the big needs that we're hearing a lot about is mobility. if you are going to help these european forces and general hertling knows more about this than i do, you need to be able to move people around. that is what provides a credible deterrent, credible reassurance that you can be on the move, that you can go anywhere. as i said, the general knows
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more about this than me. but i think we're likely to hear about some mobility forces, forces that are able to move rapidly being part of this package. >> and on that point, general, just for context, when is the last time we saw nato forces mobilize in this level on european soil? >> well, there are exercises every year, bianna, and if you're saying mobilize in terms of a crisis, we have not seen this. the nato reaction force mobilized during the afghanistan withdraw, they had forces there, but it was a relatively small package. you're talking about a much bigger potential even though that nrf has not been called to actually conduct exercises yet, but truthfully these kinds of mobilizations and flow as b barbara said, it is interesting because these things happen all
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the time. there are -- there were two major exercises going on this month. one navy, one ground, both with u.s. military and nations of about -- the militaries of about 16 other nations, so these kinds of things happen a lot. they're under the radar of most american citizens, they don't pay any attention to it. but, you know, mobilization is not a whole lot different than a training exercise when nations come together. >> except, perhaps, when russia has amassed forces on the border of ukraine, the timing the russians are going to notice this. mark hertling and barbara starr, thank you to both of you. >> we expect that pentagon announcement in the next hour. we will bring it to you live when it happens. we turn now to a shocking story out of the nfl. fired miami dolphins coach brian flores is suing the league for what he says are racist hiring
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practices. and he's got the receipts. flores claims he was forced to sit for a sham interview with the new york giants only to satisfy the league's diversity rules. >> he makes other allegations here too. including the idea that the miami owner offered him money to tank -- to lose games, to move their position up for draft picks. cnn's leyla santiago joins us now from miami gardens, florida. i'm curious how the franchise is responding to these allegations this morning. >> reporter: well, you know, they're not acknowledging much of what flores is alleging in this lawsuit. in other words, they're saying they are doing their best to improve diversity in the league, but let's talk about what flores has just said on cnn. he says in this lawsuit that the league has a problem with racial discrimination, even compares it to a plantation. take a note of the timing. he filed this lawsuit on the
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first day of black history month here. a lot of times lawsuits start off with legal framework, legal talk. this one started out with the words from a text message from the patriots bill belichick. let's go ahead and look over that text message that really does have a lot of the framework for what this lawsuit stands on. he says that belichick texted him to say congratulations, he hears that he landed the job, and flores replies did you hear something i didn't hear? belichick responds, well, the giants? and flores points out, i interview on thursday. i think i have a shot at it. got it, i hear from buffalo and new york giants that you are their guy, belichick replied. later, flores sought clarification, said, coach, are you talking to brian flores or brian daboll? just want to make sure. and belichick responds, sorry, i effed up, i double-checked and i misread the text, i think they are naming daboll.
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i'm sorry about that. that is one of the points that flores makes in this lawsuit to say that he believes he was simply being interviewed by the new york giants as part of the rooney rule. it is a rule that establishes that these teams have to interview external and minority candidates. and he said to us this morning, and cnn, speaking to john berman, that that made him feel humiliated, he felt disbelief, just having to go through that interview. he also talks about an exchange with stephen ross, right here, miami owner -- the miami manager, who he says offered to pay him $100,000 per loss so that they could be better positioned for the draft. flores is saying that he is filing this lawsuit, understanding that his job could be at risk, his career on the line. but he says this is bigger than him. listen. >> this is bigger than coaching.
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this is bigger than me. you know, the themselves as far as the hiring, firing, and the lack of opportunities for minority and black head coaches and executives in the national football league. and we need to change. we need things to change. i got a group of men in that locker room i need to be -- look them in the eye and they need to know i'm helping them reach their potential, i'm trying to win games, and i was never going to stand for that. and that -- i would say that strained a lot of the relationships in miami. >> reporter: so what does he want? he says he wants more transparency in the hiring and firing process. more influence from black individuals as well as more diversity among ownership. >> it was really something to
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hear him go on to say that he's doing this not only for other athletes, but for his children, right, and his children at home. young children, and having to explain to them what this experience was like, that he is living through, in 2022, no less. leyla santiago, thank you so much. well, joining us now to discuss is jemel hill, contributing writer for "the atlantic ," hosts jemel hill is unbothered podcast. jemel, great to have you on. you say that if people aren't connecting the dots from this story, to colin kaepernick, then they're missing the entire point. talk about the significance of this moment for the league, and i would say for the nation as a whole, as we're watching this unfold. >> well, thank you for having me on. this is a reckoning that is long overdue in the nfl. and i think it is important that people draw the link between how colin kaepernick was ousted from the nfl, for protesting against
6:15 am
the issues among them, systemic racism that is very prevalent in the nfl. and it was interesting because i watched the interview on cnn this morning and heard him, brian flores talk about how humiliated he felt, some of the feelings, and why he decided now was the moment. the rooney rule was created in 2003. the rooney rule in the nfl being that nfl teams had to interview minority candidates for every head coach position. and it was later expanded to then include front office positions as well. since the rooney rule was instituted, there have been 127 head coaches hired in the nfl. only 27 of them have been black. right now the nfl has one black team president, with the washington football team, the first black team president in 100 seasons. 100. just one. and now despite the presence of the rooney rule, you have one black coach in the nfl, that being mike tomlin, with the pittsburgh steelers. so for the nfl to put out a
6:16 am
statement in response to brian flores' lawsuit to say his claims are without merit, the numbers speak for itself. if there was no merit to it, why do you have a rooney rule? we know and have known for a long time this was a persistent problem. the question was who was going to do what brian flores did, and make this a legal issue? and the reason that i -- that i brought up colin kaepernick is because when he took a knee for social injustice, the nfl took away his entire career. and that's obviously what brian flores is taking it, and the fact that we say that loudly and with confidence lets you know how badly this situation is in the nfl. >> he, flores, in addition to the rooney rule, alleges that the dolphins broke other rules as well. he said he was offered $100,000 a game to tank. that is to purposefully lose to improve their draft position and that he was also pressured to
6:17 am
meet with a quarterback, potential quarterback hire outside of league rules. i wonder, the nfl is riding high n now. they're making billions. it has got to police itself here, right, because the owners, as you know, run the league. will it police itself on this? >> we're depending on the nfl to police itself, then this is never going to go anywhere. you're going to get the result you have right now. and part of the reason why the nfl is so arrogant about their position and why they don't address these systemic racial issues in their own league is because they are the number one obsession in america. the fans will continue to watch. and they know this. regardless of the issues that are so right, and right in front of us. and it is going to take this kind of moment to get people to understand just how pervasive the problem is. it is not just about the coaches. it is about the fact that they
6:18 am
have never had a majority black owner. it is about the lack of representation in the c suite level among front office personnel, with black coaches. it is about the fact that just a few months ago, the nfl stopped race norming with the head trauma issues that are in the league. like, this league has a problem. it is racist. and there is just no other way to say it. and they can deny it all that they want to, but we see it happening and unfolding and have seen it happen for years now. >> is the bar set, in your opinion to a different standard for the few black coaches that there are out there? because i ask, you look at flores' record, and he won eight of the last nine games for the team, right? and yet a lot of people puzzled why he was let go. the texans head coach, he was fired this year, he had only been working there for one year with the team. really not given much of an opportunity to turn that team around. do you think there is a
6:19 am
different standard in terms of the black coaches that are right now employed in the nfl? >> i mean, i think it is pretty evident. and there is a reason why in his lawsuit brian flores cited the column i just wrote for the atlantic about this double standard that you're talking about. david culley, the coach you're referring to in houston, was fired. he won just as many games as the white coach bill o'brien that the texans had last year. but bill o'brien had deshawn watson, a franchise quarterback, one of the elite players in the league. they won the same number of games. and he has one season to turn around a team that lost not only deshawn watson, but their best defensive player in j.j. watt, and d'andre hopkins. what was he supposed to do? brian flores coached the dolphins to back-to-back winning seasons, the first time the dolphins, i believe, have had back-to-back winning seasons since the early 2000s. he clearly met the standard of what we're talking about.
6:20 am
they were nine nfl head coaching job openings this off season. none of them so far have gone to black coaches. we look at the offensive coordinate we are the kansas city chiefs. the kansas city chiefs are a dynasty and process. they lost early in the playoffs, but they have one of the most electric offenses in the nfl. black coaches based off the standard that has been established have been told you need to be an offensive-minded coach. brian leftwich just guided tom brady in his late 40s to two of his best years. the bucs won a super bowl last year. why does byron leftwich have a job? it is rife with examples of not only double standards, but situations where black coaches and prominent positions who have the criteria that the nfl have set are passed over, looked over, or tokenized and it has got to stop. >> jemele hill, thank you so much. we should note the nfl released a statement responding to the
6:21 am
lawsuit vowing to defend against the claims it says they are meritless. we'll continue to follow the story. coming up next, a suspect is in custody in the fatal shooting of two campus police officers in virginia. the college remembering them this morning and there they are, as the dynamic duo. >> sad story. former president trump attacking republicans who called him out for dangling pardons to the january 6th rioters. whoopi goldberg suspended from "the view" for two weeks for comments she made about the holocaust. hear how she's responding now. because you're forever connected by love. two touching center diamonds, representing the connection you share. the perfect gift to celebrate every kiss. forever connected. exclusively at kay. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette.
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in just 20 minutes. speed and accuracy. it's just for the nba; it's for you too. cue health. the official covid-19 home test of the nba. go cue. go you. i recommend nature made vitamins, because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp, an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. turning now to another case of deadly gun violence in this country. today, flags across the state of
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virginia, they're flying at half-staff after two campus police officers were shot and killed at bridgewater college yesterday, during an active shooter standoff. >> school officials say officers j.j. jefferson and john painter were known as the dynamic duo, and were beloved by students and staff. cnn's alexandra field joins us now. we were watching this unfold yesterday afternoon. what more have we learned from this tragedy? >> we know the two officers, described as two of the friendliest people on campus, were responding to a call about a suspicious person on that campus that they were there to protect. law enforcement says it was a quick interaction before the gunshots rang out, students heard the shots fired. today, they're grieving the loss of these two familiar special faces on campus. >> great people and no one -- no one i know had a bad word about them. even some people who got caught
6:27 am
with drug or alcohol and got charged by them say, you know, the next week they're back in the cafeteria, joking with each other and teasing each other. these are outstanding individuals and pillars of our community. >> outstanding individuals, pillars of the community. the school putting out a statement saying these officers were close friends, known to many of us as the dynamic duo, john was j.j.'s best man in his wedding this year. they were beloved by students, faculty and staff. i hurt for their families and loved ones as i know we all do. and, jim and bianna, we're learning the suspect fled on foot, he waded through a river on to an island in that river. that is where he was arrested. he is now facing a slew of felony charges. this is a 27-year-old virginia man. alexander campbell. police say that he is associated with several firearms that they have seized.
6:28 am
this shooting does come after a spate of attacks on law enforcement officers across the country. president joe biden weighing in overnight on the devastating news, offering his condolences to the families of these officers, but also making a broader point saying the attacks on law enforcement are sickening and they must end. >> these two officers, these friends, died together, no doubt, protecting the students who loved them so much as we just heard from that one student. tragic story. alexandra field, thank you. an off duty nypd officer is recovering this morning after investigators say he was shot during an attempted carjacking. this happened last night in queens as the officer was on his way to work. the nypd tells cnn the officer was not in uniform or in an nypd vehicle. detectives say the off duty officer was at a red light, when two men tapped on his window with a gun. when the officer got out, one of the men started shooting. hitting the officer in the shoulder. nearby officers rushed to
6:29 am
his aid, three blocks away investigators say uniformed public safety team officers spotted the suspect who started shooting at those officers. >> the officers exercised great restraint and did not return fire. and i want to emphasize that. these officers are being fired at, and did not shoot back. instead, they chased this suspect on foot, and apprehended the two of them a short distance away without further incident, where a firearm was also recovered. >> that takes courage. this comes as the funeral for the second nypd officer shot and killed during a domestic call last month will begin at 10:00 a.m. we're going to bring it to you live right here on cnn. expect an enormous turnout once again of uniformed officers from around the country. still ahead this hour, a disturbing threat, 19 historically black colleges and universities targeted with bomb threats notably as black history month begins. who is behind it? what does the fbi know?
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this morning, a former lecturer at ucla is in custody, accused of threatening the school in a violent 800 page manifesto. investigators say they linked matthew christopher harris to emails. he was arrested in boulder, colorado, yesterday. >> authorities say the 31-year-old made thousands of references to murder, shooting, bombs, massacres in those messages. ucla moved classes online today because of that threat. harris now faces federal charges. >> law enforcement is pressing forward with its investigation into a string of bomb threats against several historically black colleges and universities.
6:36 am
in the past month alone, at least 19 schools have received a threat prompting many of them to go into lockdown or postpone classes. >> they're taking them very seriously. more than a dozen came just yesterday, notably, the first day of black history month. joining us now to discuss, former assistant dhs secretary, cnn national security analyst juliette kayyem. when you look at threats like this, how does it fit into the broader threat and how seriously do you think authorities should be taking these? >> so you have to take them seriously, it is coordinated, right? monday, howard university gets a threat and by tuesday you have 12 additional hbcus. colleges and universities you were reporting on at ucla often get threats. it is the coordination that was troublesome and the universities and colleges are forced to react in different ways depending on their perception of the threat. some of them close down, some of them delayed for a couple of
6:37 am
hours and that's a disruption to the educational opportunity afforded students at those schools. >> we'll talk about that, and the consequences of this. thankfully no bombs have been found or have gone off, right? the amount of resources that go in to effect on all of these campuses, as soon as the calls are made, and not to mention the fact that students and teachers are deprived of doing their jobs and going to classes. what impact does that have as this continues to unfold? >> right. i'm glad you mentioned even just the threat of violence. you don't have to have a bomb. it is just the threat or the concern. so there is two ways i think about this. one is it is just targeted against historically black colleges and universities. so the racial element is just hard to deny and the racism that is animating those attacks. but the second way to think about it is from the perception of those who are being targeted. in other words, hbcus are not -- don't come out of nowhere. they come out of our history, as a country, and the opportunities
6:38 am
that were not afforded the minority community, and so these colleges and universities provide access and opportunity for communities that didn't have it before. and so the threats are a deprivation of that access and opportunity. that's a kind of fear, that's the kind of terror you don't allow someone the ability to have access to education of all things, which is the clearest route to success for so many people who have been denied it. you have the racism and the access issue. that is not, you know, not known by those who are on the receiving end. so this is, you know this is something that should be thoroughly investigated. >> in the dhs, under the trump administration, there was an effort to de-emphasize the threat from white supremacist groups, even when the fbi and dhs' own data showed the number of those attacks rising. that's changed.
6:39 am
in the biden administration, sufficiently to get a handle on this threat in your view? >> well, it has changed, yes. the focus now on this as the major domestic terrorism threat is absolutely essential. the fbi and dhs are correct in that. if you look at the division of resources, that is -- that is a clear priority choice and absolutely correct. it is not that we don't have the threats of islamic terrorism as we saw at the synagogue a couple of weeks ago. but this is the primary threat. the good news that i tell people is that it is not -- no longer being nurtured. it is out there, we know that. we know that the politics and the incitement still exists coming from the former president and others. we know that. he mentioned -- trump mentioned racism against him when he was talking about an african american prosecutor in new york. he knows what he's doing. but that's not being nurtured by a white house where biden clearly understands the benefits of a diverse country.
6:40 am
>> yeah, and jen psaki reiterated yesterday, this is something that is both alarming to the president and something he's paying very close attention to as this investigation continues. thank you as always. >> thank you. minutes from now, we take you live to the pentagon for a major announcement on u.s. troop deployments to eastern europe. will this latest move deter vladimir putin from invading ukraine. i'll discuss with nina ckrushov up next. this valentine's day, show your love with 25 to 50% off everything at kay.
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we're turning back to our breaking news. president biden formally approving additional u.s. military deployments to europe. and this morning we have new satellite images which appear to show significant russian military deployments in belarus, crimea and western russia. soon we expect an update from the pentagon on all of this. we will bring you that live as it happens. and joining me now to talk about it all is nina khrushcheva, professor of international affairs at the new school and the great granddaughter of nikita khrushchev. welcome to the program. good to have you on. let me get your reaction to this news of president biden approving this troop redeployment there to eastern countries in nato, coming just a day after we finally heard from vladimir putin after a month of silence, where after some wild accusations that the u.s. is somehow provoking russia to invade ukraine, he did seem to open the door to more
6:46 am
conversations. that was seen as a bit rea reassuring. how do you think then the kremlin will react to this news? >> well, thank you for inviting me. i thought it was a little odd timing of president biden to allow the more troops. but at the same time we have seen that before. i think before it was 8,500 troops that they approved, but turned out they're not going immediately. so we don't really know exactly how soon that will happen. but i also believe that since this is kind of a game of who will blink first, and how the conversation will continue, both sides seem to be willing to kind of up the stakes until they finally get to the point when the threats are so tremendous that there is nothing more than just to sit down and again have a conversation and try to kind of undo the very heated
6:47 am
rhetoric, very heated actions. we have seen it before. it is really quite known tactics in diplomacy using military threats to come up with diplomatic solutions. so it is the timing is odd, but at the same time not too much. >> both sides don't approach this from the same playing field given at the end of the day, president biden is beholden to congress and we're seeing bipartisan support both democrats and republicans pushing the president to act more aggressively in terms of russia and what it is doing there on the border. i was struck by something that russian political scientists recently said, she said putin doesn't have anyone in his orbit who can talk to him out of his madness. i can only hope that children and wives of billionaires in power understand their current lifestyle today in moscow, tomorrow in saint barts, can end in one second. he's talking about the oligarchs
6:48 am
who surround president putin as well. do you agree with her assessment? >> yes, i do, absolutely. and she's a wonderful analyst and commentator who knows her russian and american stuff. so absolutely, and you are absolutely right, biden is not making decisions in a vacuum. he actually has to be responsible to the nation, to the congress, to talk to his advisers, while putin is making his own decisions. and so that is clearly a difference. i am not entirely sure that putin when he's backed into a corner is going to listen to his saint barts and london oligarchs because one of the things he's been doing for almost 20 years, kept saying, well, we are basing that potential confrontation with the west. he already spoke about it. in 2008, with his conversation
6:49 am
with george bush when ukraine and georgia were promised to become nato members, he said there will be problems. so he kept asking them to give up their foreign citizenships, stop investing money in the west and so on and so forth. so it may be that he would say to them, i warned you, now we are and you basically dug your own grave, in a sense. but it is also depends as joe biden one time said, it depends which side of the bed putin will get up from. so, yesterday, he was quite conciliatory and tomorrow he may not be. but i continue to insist that the war is not in his interest, whether somebody is advising him or not, and all of it is just to show the muscle, to make sure that he's not only heard, but finally the west would have no other way than to make concessions and legalize the ukrainian situation that we now have somehow. and that's why he's -- they're pushing by threatening force,
6:50 am
they're pushing for the minsk agreements, for those peaceful >> so is this how you see this ending, that the minsk agreements and sort of solso solidifying those movements to crimea? is that what it takes, and what does it say to the rest of the world that you can bully another sovereign country to get to this outcome? >> that's the message and that's putin's message. yes, i think they need to keep up with those minsk agreements that kyiv hasn't been able to follow or to keep, because this
6:51 am
taking away of some other self-proclaimed republic, the russia republic, to keep them in southern states, in a sense, southern parts of ukraine, and crimea, obviously, would be a status quo. so, yes, i think that's his plan, and yesterday when he spoke with boris johnson, prime minister of great britain, did say he didn't like any aspect of the minsk agreement but there is no choice right now. it's still better than a very good war, as they say, so i think that is putin's plan, and we'll see how joe biden can bite off just little pieces of putin's result. >> it's hard to wrap your head around this it as a good solution, somebody just bullying and breaking through all the
6:52 am
norms in the process. nina khrushcheva, good to have you on. thank you. >> thank you. >> that's what russia did by invading crimea, to do it again. that has huge implications for europe. >> and giving putin an ultimate win. he twwent to crimea and got the wins. who knows when he'll stop. what whoopi goldberg said to be suspended. that's coming up. delightful chew with pepto bismol chews. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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abc news has suspended "the view" co-host whoopi goldberg for two weeks after she drew criticism after falsely declaring the holocaust was not about race. >> the holocaust isn't about race. >> no? >> it's not about race. it's about -- it's not about race. >> what is it about? >> it's about man's inhumanity to man. >> goldberg has since apologized. abc news, however, says her words remain both wrong and hurtful, adding they would like her to take those two weeks to reflect, learn about the impact of her comments. cnn's media reporter oliver darcy joins us now. oliver, tell us about not only abc's decision here but also goldberg's apology. >> yeah, jim, goldberg first
6:57 am
apologized on monday night. she issued this written statement that said basically she understood the criticism, that she was wrong and she offered her sincerest apologies to everyone. then she opened up the show yesterday on "the view," reiterating that and offering another apology to anyone that may have been offended by her words and for misconstruing what the holocaust was about. let's take a look. >> i said something that i feel a responsibility for not leaving unexamined, because my words upset so many people, which was never my intention. and i understand why now. and for that i am deeply, deeply grateful because the information i got was really helpful and helped me understand some different things. >> so the other day i was talking to people inside abc news. some people said they did still feel that after the apology, some action was warranted from executives.
6:58 am
but others i talked to said, look, whoopi apologized. you don't punish ignorance, you learn from it, use it as a teaching moment. she had the head of the anti-defamation league on "the view" yesterday and they had this moment where they talked about the holocaust and what it was about. some people think, you know, that maybe abc may have gone too far with the suspension. the head was actually on cnn and he says he hopes it can be used as a learning moment. >> this is an opportunity for whoopi, and i think for "the view" to engage in some education and introspection. you can imagine whoopi going to the museum of jewish heritage, the holocaust museum, working with an ngo. there are many great ones, adl included, but lots. maybe "the view" could think about how do they deal with the representation on their show? maybe they could have a host on "the view."
6:59 am
that would be a good start. >> they are looking to perhaps install a jewish co-host in the vacant seat they have right now. we'll see if abc follows through and takes it under consideration. >> listen, it never hurts to continue talking about these important issues on the show, and perhaps the show itself could go to these museums and have education on the topic instead of punishing someone and moving along. this is definitely a teaching moment. it's something all audiences should follow and learn from. oliver darcy, i know you broke the story for us. thank you so much. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good wednesday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. welcome to cnn. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. we're watching two breaking stories this hour. president biden adding 200 additional troops to ukraine.
7:00 am
a press conference is about to begin and we'll take you there live. thousands have gathered at st. patrick's cathedral in new york to pay their respects to a police officer shot in harlem. we'll hear when they speak about officer moore. >> look at that procession , jut remarkable. but first an additional number of troops expected to deploy to ukraine. the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, natasha, tell us where we know these troops are going, the purpose to shore up the flank of the eastern allies. >> reporter: president biden had a lengthy meeting with chairman joint chief mark mullen and did decide to deploy mor


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