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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  February 8, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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macron's high stakes diplomacy. following a five-hour meeting, president putin's innuendo-laden language, dampening it further. asking that president zelensky submit to his will, demanding to end fighting with pro russian separatists. >> like it or don't like it, it is your duty, my beauty. >> reporter: barely 16 hours later as macron met zelensky, parrying with diplomacy. >> translator: ukraine is indeed a beauty. as far as him saying my ukraine, it is a slight overstatement. as far as take it is concerned, i think he is very patient because that's wisdom. >> reporter: even so, macron claiming small victories. on the latest talks to end tensions in eastern ukraine.
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>> translator: i was able to obtain a very clear and explicit commitment from president putin and zelensky to the strict basis of the agreement and in particular, to strict compliance. >> reporter: and appearing to think putin agreeing to a military de-escalation. later, stopped by the kremlin. putin is giving up no ground, nor is he making clear what his next move will be. all the while keeping up his demands. >> translator: we are categorically against the expansion of nato. >> reporter: the russian leader seemingly waiting while diplomacy plays out to see what western weaknesses appear. >> there will be no longer -- >> reporter: president biden's insistence, germany in lock step with u.s. sanctions under scrutiny. >> the transatlantic partnership is key for peace in europe and
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this is what putin also has to understand. that he will not be able to split the european union or to split nato. we will act together. >> reporter: round three of macron's diplomacy late tuesday, meeting scholz on his return from d.c., along with poland's president, whose nato nation just received 1,700 troops for the u.s. 82nd airborne. >> translator: we must find a solution to avoid war. this is our primary task. i believe we will do it. today the most important thing is unity and solidarity. >> reporter: so putin watching all of this, no doubt. making very few moves himself. the reality is that if there is a war, if he does create an invasion in ukraine, u.s. officials believe that there could be tens of thousands of civilian deaths, and it will create a crisis, a refugee
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crisis across europe. of course, the diplomacy that macron is spearheading is overxoming and it is not the end of the trade. they still have things to follow up on but this is at the moment, a period where everyone goes away. sees what macron has got and figures out where they can move forward. and as i say again, putin just watches, watches for the openings. >> reporting live from moscow. thank you. sam kiley joins us live. president putin made this seemingly very crude joke today, designed to insult the ukrainian president. why? >> reporter: well, i think part of it is playing to the gallery, or his own base there in russia, jake. he enjoys this macho soldiery sort of language. in the past he's referred to how russia got screwed by, his
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words, by nato and western europe in over alleged commitments that he said were made and broken when there were promises made in the late '90s that there wouldn't be expansion into eastern europe. that is hotly disputed by those countries that did join nato. this is all part of language, part of the machismo. some 30,000 russian troops joining the belarusian troops. showing increasing numbers of troops, not far from where i'm standing. i'm about 30 miles from the russian border with ukraine. so all of that part of the ongoing attention seeking, too. look at the regular parade of international figures. one has almost lost count of the numbers of heads of government and heads of state that have beaten a path to the kremlin to try to figure out how to get vladimir putin to not make good on a threat he hasn't actually
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explicitly made. to invade this country. something that u.s. intelligence estimates is 70% of the way in terms of troop deployment, ready to go. >> are these diplomatic efforts going on, that you referred to, are they making any progress? french president mac rondo warned this could take months to resolve. >> any russian troops will be seen as a positive sign. that is largely to do with climate. the ground will be frozen until maybe the beginning of march, mid-march. then it turns into a quagmire, very difficult to move large amounts of troops across if that is indeed putin's intent. so anything that keeps these negotiations going at a most cynical level, means an invasion might be postponed.
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it gives the diplomats around the world opportunities, first, to paper over their own cracks. we've seen cracks emerging about who gets to say where germany gets its gas from, and at the same time, trying to figure out where putin might go. is he going to do a full-scale invasion or an incursion? >> thank you. joining us live to discuss the u.s. ambassador to ukraine, bill taylor, and also, the former assistant deputy of defense. so i hate to even explain this joke, but what putin said is a reference to, as was explained earlier in the show, to arranged marriages and marital rape, and the idea, the quote is, like it or not, it's your duty, my beauty. and he's saying that to the ukrainian president. is that significant that he said that? >> well, it shows, jake, that he does not view zelensky as his
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eek watch he has a history of doing this. he did it with the georgian leader when they wanted to assert their independence and when they started to pull away from the russian federation. of course, they were invaded in 2008. so he sees zelensky as very much not his equal. he wants to put him down publicly and embarrass him. zelensky hits back. he's been funny, he tries, he's a comedian. but the other part of this watching as a woman is what vladimir putin has done internally when it comes to addressing domestic violence. under his regime, they've fallen backwards in russia and it is not a very happy place if you're a woman experiencing domestic violence. so there's a real, there is a reality underlying that. but in terms of the political context, he's just trying to bully him further. >> ambassador taylor, the kremlin announced the russian forces will leave belarus, right next to ukraine.
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they offered no time line for when they're going to leave. the pentagon says putin is still adding to his forces along ukraine's borders. if the russians do leave belarus, should nato interpret that as any kind of de-escalation? especially with forces still surrounding ukraine and other parts of the border? >> we'll be looking carefully for any sign of de-escalation. because president putin has a big problem with pulling that trigger. he knows that the sanctions, that the increase in military assistance to ukraine, the movement of u.s. troops into eastern europe. these are actions that the united states is taking, nato is taking, that he has to deal with. he may have problems at home, jake. he may have problems with an uprising. the russian people are not eager to go to war against ukraine. he play a problem with resistance to his own decision. >> so even though he's an
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aut autocrat, i've heard this from other ambassadors and people in embassies, that what we call in the united states, gold star moms. the moms of soldiers who died in service to their country, the gold star moms in russia have in the past risen up and criticized putin for his military escapades. >> yeah. a large part of why the war in afghanistan in the '80s was so unpo unpopular, was the mothers watching their kids come home. the soviet army, the russian army, these are not volunteer military. so these people's children are being taken, not voluntarily, and they come back in a coffin. so those are very active organizations to this very day. even if you're an autocrat, you don't want people going to the streets. if the everyday people, enough go to the streets, that could force a regime change. putin saw it in ukraine. >> and talk about it if you will, the efforts, the
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diplomacy, the people coming to moscow including president macron of france. >> they're coming to moscow but also kyiv. that's a good thing. >> in ukraine. >> yes. the capital of ukraine. the foreign ministers are going there, the presidents are going there. they are keeping president zelensky very well informed as to what the discussions are that are going on. that's important. the ultimate decision make order ukrainian sovereignty is president zelensky, or the ukrainian people. so that parade of officials going through ukraine keeps the discussion going. yes, they're talking to the russians. but they're keeping the ukrainians informed. >> i know part of your jobs at the pentagon, at the state department, is psychological profiles of these individuals. it is important to understand where they're coming from psychologically. how many does putin just want the attention because of whatever issues he might have? >> i'll defer to the diplomat
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first. >> so if mr. putin wants attention, i don't think that's the main motivator. i think he is doing things because he really wants ukraine. he wants to take over ukraine. he has said so. he said that ukraine is not really a country, not really a nation. it has no sovereignty outside of his control. so that's what he wants. by doing that, he's drawing attention to himself, probably not great attention. again, if he pulls the trigger and kills that number of civilians, unprovoked attack on civilians, that's war crimes. >> do you think it could be tens of thousands of ukrainians killed? innocent citizens? >> yes. but i don't think he'll go for the whole hog. i think what he really wants the control over ukraine because he doesn't want democracy there. that threatens him. the russian people will see democracy over the border like the ukrainians saw it in poland and want it for themselves. so he has to shut that down.
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for some reason, he feel like time is running out. he engineered this crisis right now. >> all right. good to see both of you. thank you. the top republican in the senate blasting his own party over the jaw-dropping censures. then, trucks backed down for miles after blocking the key bridge in the u.s. and canada. why that could aus even more supply chain problems in the u.s. ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ bridge in the u.s. and canada.
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>> reporter: yes. this is a chairman of the congressional black caucus essentially accusing a veteran house republican of putting his hands on her in an altercation that occurred in the capitol. she tweeted this. she said today while i headed, while headed to the house floor for votes, i respectfully asked my colleague, congressman hal rogers of kentucky, to respectfully put on a mask. he then poked my back, demanding i get on the train. when i asked him not to touch me, he responded, kiss my ass. this is the kind of disrespect we have been following for years, indicative of the large he issue we have with gop members helping health and safety mandates to keep us and our save the saf. she said that hal rogers, when you ready to grow up and apologize for your behavior, you know where to find me. just moments ago, members of the congressional black caucus gathered on the steps of the capitol, berating hal rogers for
2:18 pm
his treatment of congressman joyce beaty, demanding apology, accusing him of assaulting her and making -- accusing him of acting in ways considered racist and demanding that he say something about this. but before this happened, before this press conference happen, and after congresswoman beaty revealed this occurred, he came to the floor and refused to comment on it all together. they asked him multiple time discuss it. he tweeted that he would not talk about it. his office has not yet commented on it as well and it is unclear what democrats might do if they decide not to, if rogers decides not to apologize. this is what one congresswoman brenda lawrence said moments ago. >> talk about preventing workplace harassment. this was harassment of a woman, a black woman, a woman in
2:19 pm
leadership. because he put his hands on her. he told her to kiss his part of his body. i can tell you being a little black girl from the east side of detroit. i would not take standing or sitting. and i'm not going to take it standing or sitting for one of our own to be disrespected. for some reason, there seems to be this attitude of not accountability. i can say and do anything that i want. today, we're standing together. it stops today. and an apology publicly should be made. and we need to set an example, never again. >> democrats would not say what they would do if rogers does not publicly apologize, whether they would censure him. but this is all indicative of the poisonous relationships between the two sides on the house side of the capitol. >> all right.
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we're back with our politics lead. a dam of sorts breaking on capitol hill. a flood of lawmakers now condemning the republican national committee. the rnc on friday censured two of its open. republicans kinzinger and cheney and seemingly referred to the january 6th insurrection as legitimate political discourse. the latest condemnation comes from the top republican in the senate. minority leader mitch mcconnell.
2:25 pm
>> that's right. we should point out, this isn't a universal breaking of the dam. there are still quite yoa few defending the actions. but mitch mcconnell did it on two fronts. first, he made it clear that he did not agree with their language that anything that took place on january 6th was legitimate discourse. he said he was here. emeveryone he was talking to was here and this was a violent insurrection. it was not any form of legitimate political discourse. and he took it even a step further and said he strongly disagreed with the rnc's decision to censure two of its members, that being liz cheney and adam kinzinger, saying this is not the posture the rnc should have. they should be about bringing the party together and not trying on separate them and that's what that kregsure did. he said that was not the rnc's job. while mcconnell was pretty vocal in his condemnation of the rnc
2:26 pm
actions, there were nam of republicans defending them. among them, the conference chair, and the minority leader, kevin mccarthy who argued when they were talking about legitimate political discourse, they were not talking about the violence and chaos that took place here on capitol hill, but instead talking about rnc members who had been subpoenaed by the committee. he didn't mention who they were but we know some of the group of rnc members subpoenaed by the committee are the same group that tried to hand over a fake set of electors to the congress to try to have those replace the ones duly impaneled by the voters of this country. >> all right. thank you. let's discuss with our panel. congressman dent, let's start with you. a former republican from pennsylvania. we've been waiting and hoping the republican party, those of us who want there to be a strong fact-based republican party, the fever will break and people will
2:27 pm
realize, january 6th was hideous and that cheney and kinzinger are not doing anything wrong when they're trying to get to the bottom of it. are we getting there with the condemnation we're hearing from mitch mcconnell? >> i'm pleased they're all condemning it. >> not all. >> well, many. what the rnc did was an act of political stupidity and malpractice on a titanic scale. to say, legitimate political discourse of people assaulting police officers, desecrating the capitol, impeding congress's work, it is simply horrible. for them to do this, and draw attention to donald trump in the past, rather than focus on, oh, defeating democrats, maybe, making democrats the issue. their politics should be the business of the republican national committee. you would never know it by what they just did. this is beyond comprehensible for most of us. and i think the reason they did this, in part, is because of the
2:28 pm
subpoenas. i think some of those subpoenas that were issued, flaake electo are getting close to some mexico of the committee. >> as people who cover capitol hill, what is your reaction? do you think that, i mean, we did see today individuals who are, you know, strong supporters of trump like senator john cornyn. he said i think republicans ought to stop shooting at republicans, including the chairman. and senate republican whip john thune. it's just not a constructive move to take on republicans. it's just not helpful. how do you think the republican party will work its way through? >> we've seen this before, right? right after january 6th, you heard some very strong statements condemning the actions. you know, it seemed like, okay. there was a line being drawn in the sand. we will follow trump. we will go with what he has to
2:29 pm
say, bow this, he went too far. that said. overtime, we have seen a revision. i history. usually, what we have seen is when republicans speak up and say trump went too far. then trump says, you're a rino and they get in line or they get quiet and try to hope it goes away. we have not seen people really stand up and keep doing it other, than people like liz cheney and adam kinzinger and we see what is happening to them. so the rnc has sent a message. if you want to keep talking, this is what can happen to you. >> there seems to be no effort by republicans to seek consequences, whether it is really putting the pressure on the rnc to shake up house, to get people out of the party who are continuing to perpetuate the big lie, saying that they think that january 6th shouldn't be investigated. there is no effort like that from republicans. even the comments you read from senators thune and cornyn, they
2:30 pm
didn't specifically talk about the legitimate discourse line. they focused on the process of kinzinger and cheney being censured. they're being censured because they told the truth about what happened january 6th, and because they're telling the truth that they're worried that trump and those following him may be threatening future valid elections in the future. >> i'm wondering, progressive activists like yourself, watching this all happen. is there some enjoyment like they're shooting each other? or do you think i'm an american and i want this party to get its act together. >> i think it is a little of both. more probably the former than the latter. a couple things i find interesting. first, i think that the rnc is being very cheer of who they want their party to be. and i appreciate the transparency and honesty. i think mitch mcconnell is saying, oh, no, they're a people that are republicans that will
2:31 pm
need the vote to flip the house and the senate. >> people like charlie denial. >> exactly. and by cents urg them, i'm at risk of not becoming the leader of the senate. i don't think mitch mcconnell came out and said his points about the censure because he felt like he was moved to do it for country. i think he was moved to do it for power. and so as an activist, someone thinking about it, how do we go and tell the american people mitch mcconnell, the republican party, they're not trying to get their act together. they are doing it strictly for power, power over country. and i mean, i hope they don't get their act together. i think we need to keep the house and the senate, la larger marge why not so we can have it delivered for the people. >> as the only person at the table who has been censured by the republican economy -- >> you were censured when? >> over marriage equality by one
2:32 pm
of my committees. i was censured over donald trump. it looks foolish. and by the way, i don't encourage anyone to censure members of their own party. if you're going to censure somebody at the rnc, they could have gone after maybe marjorie taylor greene. >> yeah. they could have done that. by the way, i saw kyrsten sinema get cents urd. i think this is foolish. they are censuring people, who what i would call main stream people, kinzinger or liz cheney because they're responding in anger. so many people who are involved in politics in washington simply play to a primary base. a general election for most is a formality. the districts are so lopsided.
2:33 pm
>> the only reason i want to step in here. we just got an update from the story we heard from manu raju. the congressman from kentucky has apologized to joyce beatty after he told her to kiss his ass, his language. i wouldn't say this is great news but least he realized he crossed a line. at least he realized that telling a fellow member of congress to kiss his ass is not acceptable. but a standard low. >> standard is pretty low. we should point out, in congress, there has been violence toward members of congress in the past in history. you had a member of congress cane another member. congress -- >> during the civil war. >> during the civil war. but it is another sign of not only can they not get together to make laws for the rest of the country. they can get together and do
2:34 pm
regular workplace stuff. like you can't curse at co-workers. >> do you find things worse on capitol hill than you've seen it before? >> yeah. i've been covering, cynic the obama administration, the hill. and it's nothing like what it used to be. you started to see the beginning of when it obama took power, right? with the far extremes. i think that what is different here is that republicans are making it very clear they don't want to abide by public guidelines. if they take control of the house, the minority leader kevin mccarthy has said they would undo the guidelines. wearing masks or requiring to know if people are vaccinated. so right now they're running on that, as well as the fact, i know you said that kinzinger and cheney, you consider them main stream. it is cheer they're not mainstream anymore. >> just to underline the point.
2:35 pm
not because they are not conservative republicans. but because they believe in the facts about the election. which is crazy. a going protest over covid mandates and restrictions is now shutting down part of an international border. we'll go live there next. stay with us. so y you both sleep just righ. and now, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limitited edition smart bed. plplus, 0% interest for 24 mont. only for a limited time. ♪(music)♪ at aetna® we're shifting medicare coverage into high gear with benefits you may be eligible for when you turn 65. nefits that may include deal, vision, and hearing. nefits that aetna medicare advantage plans call today to learn mo. ♪ ♪
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i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. in our health lead, you're watching live pictures from ra around the ambassador bridge which connects the u.s. to windsor, ontario. there you see mandate protesters blocking trucks. it is the busiest crossing in america. now they are warning the economy and the supply chain could suffer. let's get to our correspondent who is live for us in detroit. is there any sign of these protesters letting up? >> reporter: a little bit. it looks like the traffic is starting to flow very, very slowly from the canadian side.
2:40 pm
we're on the u.s. side here. this should be a very busy area where cars are coming through. that is the bridge over there. we are seeing a trickle of trucks and have for many hours. coming from the canada side. protestors are still there in big numbers. they are still trying to move them out. it is not clear what police in ottawa will do at this point other than talk to protesters. they've been putting out information that they are trying to get traffic around them. trying to talk to the protesters, and ensure that they can do their protest without blocking traffic. it is not clear how much more patience they'll have for that. it has been about 24 hours cynic this protest started before the 40,000 cars and commercial vehicles come over the brimming every day. about 300,000 in goods cross the bridge every day. it is going through other routes right now. if this keeps up, everyone on both sides of the bridge are going to get quite tired of it. jake?
2:41 pm
>> all right. activists against the vaccine mandate and other health steps. let's bring in the former director of the cdc, dr. frieden, so 90% of canadian truckers are vaccinated, according to the canadian government. so it seems like the very vocal minority is responsible for creating this massive disruption to the economy. what do you think? should canada let truckers opt out of the mandate given that so many have already gotten their shots? >> there are so many things going on, it is hard to keep track. on the one hand, 27 omicron variant fading fast in the u.s. cases are plummeting. on the other hand, we have more than 2,000 deaths a day. on the one hand, you have very high vaccine uptake numbers and a remarkably effective vaccine that is doing a great job preventing hospitalizations and deaths. on the other hand, in this country, you still have over 50 million people who have not gotten their first shot. 150 million haven't gotten a booster. there are real challenges here.
2:42 pm
and for some of these things, there isn't going to be a clear way forward. but we do need to recognize the virus is adapting and we need to adapt. and one of the things we need to do is make sure that we are sharing the information when we have it and reaching people with messages that they can hear, mandates are a hard thing for people to semi. some of them are clearly justified. >> five states have said they are lifting the mandates in schools. it is still considered high in 99% of counties in the u.s. do you think lifting these mandates is a good idea? >> i think what we'll see is cases plummet over the next few weeks. so you know, early february now. places that are saying we're going to do this in march as long as nothing unexpected happens. between now and march, that's probably fine. places saying, let's get rid of them because we're tired of
2:43 pm
covid. that's probably not a good idea. we have a huge number of cases. lots of transmission. it is plummeting but we do need to hang in there. i think we're in better shape than we've ever been in this pandemic. we have more immunity, more treatments, better masks, bear understanding of masking and the issue isn't. so mask mandate or no. it is a graduated approach. if you're sick, even in the future. a good idea if you wear a mask going out. if you have a severe immuno compromise, you may want to wear a mask. so this is a different approach to masking. mandate or not that i think we'll need to adopt if we're going to adapt not just to covid but the other infectious diseases out there. >> so they say federal officials are thinking what to do next to return the normal. is it appropriate to talk about dropping masks everywhere? holding large indoor events? going back to pre pandemic
2:44 pm
practices? given that we still have more than 2,000 death as day in the u.s. due to covid. >> the virus is adapting to us. we need to department to the virus. that means adapting as cases change. as hospitalizations decline, the severity is different. there are time that we should loosen up and have more contact. if people want to mask, they can. but allow more contact. i hope we won't have to have much more dialing back of that kind of restriction. but no one knows for sure what's coming. we may get a deadlier variant in the future but right now, that's not out there. right now we need to be preparing to open up as safely as possible. vaccinating, boosting, masking when appropriate. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. how the chinese government is influencing and even changing the films that come out of hollywood, including movies such as the reboot of top gun.
2:45 pm
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now our behind china's wall series in which we go behind the fanfare of the current olympic games. the chinese government hoping to use the games to distract the world from its crackdowns on freedoms and humanity and genocide. today we'll look at how they censure the film industry. they don't do it through direct control. they do it through their enormous economic leverage. and the fear from studios on missing out on a market of 1.4
2:50 pm
billion people in china. here to discuss, eric schwartz, the hollywood reporter. he's author of a brand new book just released today called "red carpet." thank you. so for being here. one of the films you write about, which is found in top gun, released in the '80s, and it's upcoming sequel. when the original was released in '86, china, not a concern, but for the sequel, the studio has made a significant change to the look on the jacket of this iconic character, maverick. explain to folks what's going on here. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. i mean, in 1986, not only was hollywood not concerned about the chinese market, but do we have an example of more rah rah cinema than top gun? enlistment shot up after that movie came out.
2:51 pm
this more recent version was advertised a couple of years ago, the taiwanese and japanese flag had been removed. there's a clear reason why. in the time between the original and this reboot, china's box office has grown to be the biggest in the world and any movie produced by a hollywood studio as expensive as top gun, needs that market often to turn a profit. so that means that even down to something as small as a flag on a jacket might need to be removed in case it offends the chinese sensors who decide whether it will get in to those theatres. >> anything that calls into question the one china policy is a political third real for the communist government. you write about brad pitt starring in the 1997 film, seven years in tibet. and being in that film landed
2:52 pm
brad pitt in hot water is chinese authorities. they essentially banned him and his film from china for years and years. tell us more about that. >> not only that, this was in 1997 when the chinese box office was an economic after thought for studios, but sony quickly learned that it was not just the studio access that was threatened about the political exile and history china would r rather not see, but sony proper. this explains a lot when you see how these conglomerates have taken over hollywood. why a movie that might seem like a minor production produced by a s subdivision comes an element. so if disney makes a movie that offends the chinese authorities, it's not just that movie that might be lost, but also theme park plans, consumer products
2:53 pm
plans. there's billions of dollars on the line for any of these relatively small infractions. >> one of the craziest examples in your book is the 2012 remake of the film, red dawn, starring another top star, chris hemsworth. china was supposed to be the antagonist in the movie, but after the film was shot, they made a little bit of a change. tell us about that. >> it was a costly change. the movie had finished filming with the story being china invading the u.s. in this remake. of course in the original, it was the soviets. this time, they updated it for the 2010s and made it china and then when china made it clear that they were going to be very angry if this movie came out as it was shot, mgm spent a million dollars hiring a visual effects firm here in burbank to go in and swap out the flags, the dialogue, and make it a north korean invasion. now, critics and even the writers of the film itself pointed out it was a little less plausible than a chinese
2:54 pm
invasion, but nonetheless, this lesson was absorbed by all of hollywood because ever since then, that came out in 2012. it's been more than a decade we have not had a major studio put into production with china as the village. course not. profits above all else. eric, thank you so much. best of luck with the book. >> thank you so much. they've got quite a climb after coasting through the pandemic. peloton is facing a major shakeup. stay with us. come. the desert. really guys? t-mobile has more 5g bars in more places. and now, when you switch, you can get iphone 13 onon ust t-mobile. (doorbell ringing) (bustling office sounds) - [announcer] eggzilaration, when the cheesiest guil pleasure breakfast sandwich starts your day on just the right note. on time, lowest price,r we'll make it right. (chicka-chicka) grubhub. migraine attacks? qulipta™ can help prevent migraine attacks.
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our money lead now, peloton is slimming down. the flailing fitness company
2:59 pm
announcing today it's trimming about 20% of its workforce. that's 2800 workers. including its ceo. this comes as peloton tries to fend off potential acquisition bids from amazon, nike, and apple. it's been hard times for peloton. at the beginning of the pandemic, sales boomed as people stuck at home snapped up home fitness equipment but, as vaccinations increased and people returned to their gym, share prices tumbled, falling more than 80% from january of 2021. even hollywood isn't giving the company a break. two popular tv show characters had heart attacks while using peloton bikes in recent months. it's giving away a one-year digital subscription. how very generous. if you ever miss an episode of the lead, you can listen wherever you get your podcasts. our coverage now continues with
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one mr. wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." i will see you tomorrow. happening now, the senate and house republican leaders at odds right now over the rnc's censure resolution that's clearly dividing the republican party. mitch mcconnell just rejected a description of january 6th as legitimate political discourse while kevin mccarthy is defending it. also, a key u.s. diplomat warns russia had its guns quote, locked and loaded, this diplomat says, for a potential invasion of ukraine. and as more states are preparing to lift their mask mand mandates, the biden administration is facing new pressure t