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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  February 9, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PST

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♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is wednesday, february 9th. i'm john berman here with brianna keilar, who arrived in the nick of time. >> you're lucky i'm here. >> barely made it for the show this morning. >> we're all so lucky she is here this morning. we have a scientific shift,
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political shift. new york's governor is expected to announce she is lifting the state's indoor mask mandate, ending a requirement that businesses ask customers for full proof of vaccination or require mask be worn at all times. >> some experts still recommend precious amid a growing rash citing cases are still too high to make any guidance changes. >> we have always said the state and local jurisdictions are the ones responsible for those kinds of policies for masking policies. our cdc guidance has not changed. we have and continue to recommend masking in areas of high and substantial transmission. that is essentially everywhere in the country in public indoor settings. >> and cnn's athena jones is now with us on this story. it seems, athena, states are falling like dominoes. >> a lot of people are
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celebrating that. people are ready to get back to their normal lives. this was a rule announced in december. under this rule, everyone in public venues had to wear a mask unless the venues or businesses asked for proof of vaccination to enter. of course this rule was put in place during the omicron surge. the numbers are abating. the covid test positivity rate in new york is hovering around 4%, down from double digits a couple of weeks ago. nationwide, numbers are down 40% over last week. way down from the peak last month. and as you mentioned, governor hochul is joining several other governors like delaware, california, oregon, that are also lifting mask mandates. what's unclear at this point is whether she's going to make any changes to the school mask mandate. connecticut, new jersey, delaware and oregon are all going to be lifting school mask mandates. the one here in new york is set to expire february 21st.
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now, the governor always said keeping schools open has always been a top priority of hers. she met with teachers, with school administrators, superintendents and parents yesterday on tuesday to talk about ways they could continue to keep schools open safely as her office put it, to smartly protect against covid. it is important to remember, though, that if you're talking about nationwide there is a relatively low vaccination rate for 5 to 11-year-old kids. in new york, that number is about 30%. we have to see what happens with all of this lifting of mandates. of course a lot of people are celebrating this because they want to get their life back to normal. we of course have reached out to the governor's office, stakeholders and see what she has to say. >> she has a news conference. the illinois governor has a news conference today. it seems they are acting in concert. no one wants to be the state left behind here. >> exactly.
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>> thank you very much. it could be a hugely large line in the sand. a specific rebuke of adam k kinzinger and liz cheney for serving on the january 6th committee. and the calling it legitimate political discourse n. doing so, this is a repudiation of the rnc, of house republican leadership, the cable performers who insist there was no insurrection. mitch mcconnell explicitly says there was. >> let me give you my view of what happened january the 6th. we all were here. we saw what happened. it was a violent insurrection for the purpose of trying to prevent the peaceful transfer of power after a legitimately certified election from one administration to the next. that's what it was.
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>> with us now, cnn congressional correspondent lauren fox. i noted this last night. mitch mcconnell doesn't say anything by accident. every syllable is carefully chosen. so he did this for a reason. >> reporter: exactly. he was very strategic yesterday during his republican press conference. he didn't comment on this monday afternoon when he got into washington. but we were prepped and ready for tuesday during that press conference. and he wasn't mincing words. he made it clear he was frustrated with the republican national committee censuring of two members of the house of representatives saying that that isn't the rnc's job. in fact, many republican senators argued they had been outside of their lane, let the voters decide whether or not they want someone like liz cheney to serve another term in the state of wyoming. now, juxta posed to kevin
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mccarthy, two very different stories there. mccarthy trying to thread that careful needle because he may want to be the house speaker, in fact, does want to be the house speaker if the house of representatives flips in the midterm elections. yesterday he said this when asked by our colleague manu raju whether he thought it was legitimate political discourse january 6th. >> it was referred to as a legitimate political discourse. >> that's not correct of what the rnc was talking b. everybody knows, anybody who broke in and caused damage, that was not called for. we said those people from the very beginning should be in jail. they were talking about the six rnc members who weren't even here. who were in florida that day. >> you are supporting that resolution? >> reporter: clear as mud. he was asked again later from
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our colleague whether or not he thought it was legitimate public discourse. he said, yes, there was some political discourse that day. those who broke inside the capitol were not acting that way. but obviously he is trying to be very careful in how he reacts to this because he feels like he needs donald trump, his supporters, if he is going to take back the house and going to win support among his conservative members to become the speaker of the house. >> lauren fox in the middle of an intramural feud on capitol hill. thanks so much, lauren. joining us is team senior john avlon and elie honig, former state and federal prosecutor. john, mitch mcconnell went after what happened at the rnc on the substance of it, saying it's wrong. and also the politics of it, saying it's bad politics. and he didn't have to do it as forcefully as he did.
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how significant is this real split within the republican party? . >> there is. the cracks in the cult are showing. it wasn't just mike pence on friday. as you noted, with really precise language, about what the insurrection was. there is no secret about the loathing that exists between mitch mcconnell and donald trump. but mitch mcconnell is careful, calculated. he may be calculating donald trump is crazy, the refusal to back away from the most extreme demands of the big lie on the republican party, may be a net political negative. so you are seeing other senators step away. bill cassidy of louisiana. mitt romney is a given. but you have a half dozen senators speaking out, denouncing the rnc for this dumb decision and distancing themselves from donald trump. >> he is doing this because he has reason to believe this is true, what avalon is saying,
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elie. because he has evidence. he is not just surmising they're going the wrong direction with all of this. >> are yeah. kind of hard to see the evidence we have been seeing coming out almost daily from the january 6th committee. you have to draw a line somewhere, right? when you are saying this is legitimate political discourse, you lose all credibility. i suspect what mitch mcconnell is trying to do to do here, is give as much ground as he has to but no more than that. >> the specific language, an insurrection, trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power. that is specific legal language. i'm going to now turn it over to john avlon. madison cawthorn. there is a lawsuit to get him off the ballot because it said he engaged in the insurrection, which in north carolina law, would mean he's disqualified from the ballot potentially.
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this has to do with the fourteenth amendment. it sets people up here. no person shall be a elector of vice president or hold any office, civil or military, under the united states, any state, having previously taken an oath as a member of congress, or as an officer of the united states, or as a member of michigan state legislature, or as an executive given insurrection or rebowl in. >> there the fourteenth amendment, section 3 is what folks have been warning could apply to the insurrectionists or members of congress if any were found to have given them aid or comfort. that is being questioned with madison cawthorn based on what we know. the north carolina board said they will look at it. this is a long ball as it applies to madison cawthorn. i want to be very clear. if we find out other members of
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congress were working with the insurrectionists to try to stop the certification of the election, that could apply directly to them. who else could it apply to? potentially donald trump. this is the lesson of the civil war generation to stop. if he had been impeached, this would all be a moot point. he obviously was not convicted in the senate. what some members of congress will tell you is because the articles of impeachment specifically mention insurrection for donald trump, and because a majority of both houses voted for it, despite the fact they didn't convict, it could apply. because that's the threshold for imposing the fourteenth amendment, section 3. boom! >> you react to that, and then i have a question. >> okay. here's the problem. the constitution is a brilliant, wonderful document. but it has this annoying habit sometimes of telling us something really important but telling us nothing but how it's
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supposed to work. that's the problem with the 14th anticipate. you can't hold a office if you engaged in insurrection or rebel on. it doesn't tell us who decides that. is it by congress? is it by majority? is it two-thirds? by the courts? we are down a road with no map >> can i ask a question about madison cawthorn. in the case of north carolina, it goes to basically county election officials in his district. yeah, maybe they'll go for madison cawthorn. then it goes to the state board of elections, which is three democrats and two republicans. in that case -- the appeal would go. you can see how they would find against him. then where does it go? the court? are they inclined to agree with whom? >> he absolutely will try to get it into the federal courts and up the line. >> he already is. >> if he loses at the board of election. >> but his argument is that it's unconstitutional. >> it is definitely not if it is
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in the constitution. madison cawthorn can say whatever he wants, and often does. this is not the best application of this particular law. but it was put on the books for a reason. we do know some of the thresholds. civil majority to impose, two-thirds to overturn when it comes to congress. two-thirds is written in the statute. that's how you have ex-con fed rats serving in congress when they first tried to take the seats. >> what congress needs to do is pass a law saying here's how the fourteenth amendment works because there is a due process problem. people have to know if they will be kicked out of office under the fourteenth amendment. what's the process? what am i charged with? do i get a hearing, a trial? >> the people who passed this law made it clear it was designed to apply to future insurrection attempts. >> and the fact that mitch mcconnell is calling this an insurrection, explicitly calling
3:13 am
it for the purpose of peaceful transfer of power, in a the framework that allows this discussion to take place to me here. >> yes. >> every time you hear someone say it is not an insurrection. >> maybe he doesn't want madison cawthorn in congress. am i going out of on limb? just a question. so the canadian truckers protesting covid is gaining momentum. why it threatens the u.s. auto industry's life line. plus -- >> hang mike pence, hang mike pence! >> donald trump says those chants weren't real. so what was it then? and pope benedict is now asking for forgiveness over handling of abuse cases, but he is still not accepting any wrongdoing. if rayna's thinking about retirement,
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protested that started in ottawa in late january are clogging up american auto supply chains. this has blocked one of the busiest connectors between canada and the u.s. cnn's gabe cohen is live for us in d.c. where we're seeing the effect of this in the u.s. >> reporter: brianna, that's absolutely right. that scene in canada is quickly becoming an urgent issue for americans. u.s. and canada trade $700 billion a career in commerce. a lot of that is trucked across the bothered. now the process is getting slowed down and getting more expensive. customers at the end of the line, who are already dealing with massive inflation, are going to foot the bill.
3:19 am
the busiest international crossing in north america, the ambassador bridge between ontario and detroit, brought to a halt by anti-vaccine truckers and protesters. a canadian spectacle that could soon hit american wallets. the freedom convey has been disrupting roads and cities for weeks, demanding an end to federal vaccine mandates, including new rules for truckers heading both directions. >> we're asking for our freedom. >> reporter: plans are under way for a u.s. trucker convoy in the coming weeks. >> we need help. some of us haven't slept. >> reporter: this trucking turmoil could accept the shortages and brutal inflation americans are already facing. between the protests and mandates, fewer truckers are making trips across the canadian border, creating new delivery delays and surge in costs.
3:20 am
>> whether it's groceries, school supplies, clothing for their kids, every day americans will be hit by this right away. >> reporter: it is another strain to the trucking industry, which is driving much of the inflation. trucking prices are up 44% since 2020 with demand surging over the past year amid a longstanding trucker shortage. >> it takes 4 to 10 days to find a driver. that is one of the direct impacts taking 12,000 to 14,000 drivers out of the mix. >> reporter: americans could soon see more price hikes on a range of canadian products from lumber, auto parts, to meat and grains. just take produce. the star group in canada has plenty of it. but without enough truckers, they're waiting days to ship food. and in some cases, dumping supply because it went bad before pickup. >> or there going to be shortages. >> reporter: since the protests started, catania worldwide is
3:21 am
paying 20% more to ship their produce to the u.s. >> and it's a cost that has to be passed on. >> reporter: u.s. produce prices have already spiked 12% in the past year. that may rise, along with many other products. spartan nash, a grocery company, is positioning products nationwide in case it intensifies, which would come at a cost to customers. >> we are still preparing for the possibility of more disruptions. >> reporter: in december, the biden administration launched a trucking action plan to streamline the trucking licensing process. but some want urgent relief. ken clark's company moves construction equipment. they're now seeing three to four-week delays from canada. . >> we have seen some prices go up as high as double, triple. >> reporter: his equipment goes from a range of companies, from power plants to flour mills, all of which could pass the price
3:22 am
hikes. >> they will get pushed to the product eventually. >> reporter: justin trudeau is taking a firm stance. he tweeted they don't have the right to blockade our economy or our democracy. the white house, though, they're not totally backing that, brianna, seemingly to separate the blockades at the border from the vaccine requirements. the truckers who started all of this, they did so over those vaccine rules. >> yes, they did. gabe, thank you. up next, you may want to skip guacamole this year. or go to your friends for the guac. what other party items will cost you. a republican lawmaker who told a female democratic colleague to can his his ass. that democrat joins us live ahead.
3:23 am
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this morning, new indications that the olympics turning out to be one of heartbreak for team america. one of the most solid favorites, mikaela shiffrin, crashed out of her second straight race.
3:28 am
this was a shock. coy wire covering the winter olympics in china and joining us with the bleacher report. what a bummer, coy. >> reporter: yes, john. giant slalom and slalom were her favorites by far. she said there was no way for error. full throttle mentality always brought her best results. now she is second-guessing everything in the last 15 years. she slipped on the course. based on her comments, she is slipping mentally too. her hopes of medaling in all five events now come down to just three chances left. here is something the complete opposite of heartbreak. team usa finally getting their first medal. snowboard across. lindsey jacobellis winning her first gold. in 2006, she settled for silver.
3:29 am
uncontrollable emotion after she crossed the finish line. inspiration for us all. 36 years old, the oldest american woman to ever win gold at an olympic games. >> in just four days, the bengals are going to take on the rams in the super bowl. after having never been before, this is the second year in a row a super bowl team gets to play on their home temperurf. cincinnati will actually be playing as the home team sunday. the rams sofi stadium is technically considered a neutral site for the game. and this, annual super bowl event taking place this afternoon. commissioner roger goodell holding a news conference. the league deals with diversity issues and claims of discrimination. he released a memo saying the lack of black head coaches in the is, quote, unacceptable. john, cnn is there. we'll be on the ground through the big game keeping us up to
3:30 am
date on all the latest. >> i expect goodell to be in full-on damage control when he holds that news conference. coy wire, good to see. thanks so much. right about now you're hitting the grocery store in preparation of sunday. well, grocery prices are on the rise. that means the price tag for your super bowl party could be higher than last year. we have christine romans to break down how much more you will pay on the big deal. what are we looking at? . >> i have two words for you. hot dogs. you will have to rely on hot dogs. the only thing that won't cost more are hot dogs. inflation the uninvited guest. 14% more than last year, that's according to wells fargo. watch out at the meat counter. the hot dogs actually cheaper this year. all the other meat, more expensive. chicken up 12%. ground beef for your chili, 13% more expensive. forget about serving steak, although i would never serve
3:31 am
steak at a super bowl party. too pricey. up 21%. chips and dip. potato chips are only 1% higher. and holy guacamole. haas avocados from mexico 25% more. watch the guac. it won't be a super bowl party without drinks. beer prices up 4%. wine, okay, a reasonable 3%. the biggest price hikes, though, nonalcoholic drinks. 2-liter bottle of soda, 12%. >> drink it straight. >> last year you didn't even have a party. this year you will pay a little bit more. there are ways to be creative to keep the costs down. hot dogs, chips, wine. it is still cheaper than going to the game. this year's super bowl tickets are the most expensive ever. i spoke to a grocery store
3:32 am
owner. he said there's way around the inflation. there are sales. chicken wings, you can freeze those, stock up when they happen to be on sale. you have more choices than you did in the '80s when inflation was last this hot. you have big box stores, costco. there are ways to tamper down then tphraeugz story. you will see it on the grocery store. >> are you here on behalf of the hot dog lobby. >> the 2-liter bottle of soda will be expensive. >> a friend in the food business blew my mind. did you know hot dogs and baloney is the same thing. the meat in them basically the same thing. >> baloney comes from a giant hot dog. >> basically, yes. >> i was thinking about cutting up a little hot dog and making pigs in blankets. >> you can make mini baloney sandwiches. >> yes. >> just watch the game. >> tiny blown ya sand witches for your super bowl.
3:33 am
all right. the takeaway, drink alcohol, not soda. up next, they chanted "hang mike pence." it sounds like a threat and looks like a threat, but if you ask trump it wasn't real. and thou shall not steal. a nun sentenced to pay for a certain habit. >> habit. stunning video shows a tesla on autopilot crashing into patrol cars and almost hitting officers. what the driver was doing a moment before impact. [ joe ] my teeth were a mess. i had a lot of pain. as far as my physical health, my body was telling me you got to do something. and d so i came to clearchoic. your mouthth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeth with dental imimplants from clearchoice. [ joe ] clearchoice has changed my life for ththe better. it's given me my health back.
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hang mike pence, hang mike pence, hang mike pence! >> so that was just a figure of speech, apparently, if you are former president trump. he told "new york times" jeremy peters, i think it was an expression. i don't think they would have ever thought of doing it. his book sheds new light on the fear how top allies felt during the capitol riot. the former white house physician went into fight or flight mode, according to the book, when he heard the capitol police were locking the chamber doors. peters writes, jackson took off his neck tie. if the mob did get inside, it was best not to give them something to strangle you with. jeremy peters is here to talk about his new book "insurgency" how republicans lost their party and got everything they ever wanted. i know this is a labor of time and love for you that has taken several years to put together. but i want to talk quickly about
3:39 am
the overall theme, which is if you can tell us how has donald trump fundamentally altered the character of the republican party, and is it reversible or not? >> so i would say we are not at the end of this story, as much as many people would like us to be, including mitch mccphmcconn and establishment republicans. what donald trump did was to activate these insurgent elements in the republican party that have been there all along. if you look at the modern history of the republican party, it's all about in surgeries, revolts that destabilized the leadership. trump's was the one that finally broke it. going back to pat buchanan, sarah palin, tea party in 2010-2011. the gop has a history of inviting inside the big tent, people who want to disrupt it. they don't want to be active partners in governing. they want to be in charge
3:40 am
themselves. and they ended up overthrowing or at least seriously rocking the foundation of the gop for a long time now. >> again, on the big themes of this, and you noted this in your book. i find this to be so fascinating. the autopsy after the 2012 loss to barack obama. and these party leaders got together and gave a list of prescriptions about what to do going forward. and trump did the exact opposite, and they won. >> yeah. what was so fascinating to me about reporting that chapter is that the republicans who put that together, who were at the rnc at the time. you know, it was mostly establish-type republicans. people aligned with the bush wing of the party, right? they had in front of them all the evidence that they needed to see that the prescriptions they were laying out wouldn't work, right? there was a survey that i found in my research that said don't approach hispanics as if immigration reform say cure-all. as if it will open the door and
3:41 am
they will start voting republican again. there was a sense at the top of the party, the donor class, if they talked about immigration reform, which of course is what all the wealthy donors in the party wanted to do for their own reasons, there was a sense that that would somehow cure everything. and what ended up happening was that just made the voters angrier, the grassroots who constitute much more of a segment of the party than the elite donor class. one example from ari fleisher is very interesting. he was going through his notes after he took interviews with people, this is seven years after the fact. he said, oh, look at this. there is this amy kremer, ta he party activist who famously spoke before the january 6th insurrection at the trump rally. she said we ought to look at somebody like donald trump. and ari had put a star in his
3:42 am
notes and circled it and forgot about it for seven years. a lot of it was right there staring had imin the face. >> you talk a lot about how republicans, or establishment republicans try to harness power they don't understand. one with steve bannon stands out. this is about the moment where donald trump comes down the escalator at trump tower. bannon taught trump looked like hitler as he descended the escalator. when he saw trump make his entrance that morning, he thought he knew exactly what he is seeing. that's hitler. the opening scene of triumph through the will flashed through his mind. he meant it as a compliment. >> he did. i asked about it again. what he meant by that is that trump was a master manipulator of public opinion and of images and could rouse the sentiments, the anger, the frustrations and
3:43 am
emotions of the people who supported him. and that trump was, as we know, somebody who understood how to use the media almost better -- not almost better, better than a lot of us in journalism did. it's something that -- in line with that, his pollster tony fabrizio told me he did a panel discussion with journalists after trump won and everyone was surprised and said how many republican primary voters do you think actually check twitter once a week? and it was something like 20%. it was a really small number. but guess what, journalists were checking it every week. trump decided -- he nicknamed himself the ernest hemingway of 180 characters. he knew once he tapped something out on his phone, it would be up on the screen. >> you say you think you're only in the middle of this story right now, which is so
3:44 am
interesting. it requires a look forward also. there is this point in the book you talk about what he wants his legacy to be or who he wants it to be, right. there's a quote from steve bannon. trump's not looking to mentor guys. do you think trump wants a guy to win after him? he wants the guy following him to lose by 40. >> right. and i think his language was a little saltier than the actual book. it's true. has donald trump ever expressed any interest in naming or grooming a successor? no. he's out there trying to take credit for everybody who could be a possible successor. when i spoke to him, he specifically singled out ron desantis, whose political career trump is taking credit for. he said i helped ron at a level no one has seen before. there is truth to that. when he did rallies, he helped elevate his profile. it was a very close race. but trump sees the success of
3:45 am
the republican party during his time as his, right. and that's why, at least this is kind of what i took away from my conversations with him. that's why he can't get his head around the fact that he lost. he talked heuplz into this idea this has been stolen from him because republicans did so well down the ballot otherwise. >> it's a problem for him if he doesn't want anyone to win after him. >> it is. it was so interesting to see pence's pivot after five years of going along with trump, from charlottesville to january 6th, now pence has decided he's together to stand up for himself. i think it may be too little too late because the model of the republican politician that pence represented, trump shattered that when trump gave everything they wanted. >> the book is "insurgency."
3:46 am
it's wonderful. it's great talking to you in person. great to see you, jeremy. >> joe rogan now playing the victim card even though it was joe rogan who used the racial slurs on his podcast. pope benedict is apologizing over his handling of the church's sexual abuse scandal. why isn't he taking any personal responsibility? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ as a struggling actor, i need all the breakss that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut.t. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty y mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for whwhat you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. seodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect
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3:50 am
pope emeritus benedict is asking for forgiveness. a church commission report criticized his handling of cases involving pedophile priests in the 1980s while he was arch pweurb on op of munich. he expressed profound shame and deep sorrow, while maintaining his own innocence. a host on the catholic channel and author of book "lent one day at a tim for catholic teens." katie, i want to ask you the question that is kind of an apology. but he doesn't actually admit wrongdoing. how do you make sense of this? he's not admitting any responsibility.
3:51 am
>> yeah. as a click, any time you hear news of sexual abuse like this munich report that came out, it reminded me of the pennsylvania grand jury report from not long ago. there's this immediate sadness and immediate oh, my gosh, who is responsible and shed light on everything because we need to bring it to the light. transparency is necessary. while benedict didn't lay out, i knew this, i did this, i did that, he did say he is sorry. and he did say i am holding within me this grievous fault. it is not a particular this is what i did or knew, but it is in the twilight years of my life, i'm recognizing mistakes were made and i'm sorry and i will be judged for that. as a catholic, who has long admired pope benedict xvi, i read this and kind of this is awful and at the same time he didn't have to say anything.
3:52 am
i'm grateful he's asking forgiveness. >> the question is asking f forgiveness for what is part of asking forgiveness and repenting, is it acknowledging specifically what you are asking forgiveness for. we hear a lot of apologies. i apologize if you took offense. or i apologize this happened. not i apologize for what i did. or that i, dot, dot, dot. there is a difference, right? >> it is. you are describing confession. you are describing what we do when we walk into a confessional, this is what i did, number, kind, and reason. and that's a hard thing to grapple with. as a catholic, i want somebody to be held accountable. i recognize i'm not necessarily the one to be the one who holds him accountable. i'm a catholic who nicer, looks up and trusts, but i recognize that's the job of god.
3:53 am
there's a lot of difficulty in that. forgiveness is something very easy to talk about and very difficult to give, and then very difficult to receive. it's definitely one of these, again, i feel like i always come on and tell you guys it's nuanced. but i feel it is one of those things as catholics we have to grapple with, take to prayer. we have to recognize none of us are really beyond a need to ask for forgiveness, including the pope. and i would note as well, the munich report that outlines what happened and the claims that are made pope benedict knew in four specific instances and really at dispute is one particular meeting, was he at this meeting, were things discussed that would have moved a priest around who then abused again later on. pope benedict's people did issue three documents that verified their versions of events. so there was particulars beyond just this letter that everybody is reading. there was, this is what he did know. the letter is this reflection of this 9 4-year-old man in retirement saying i'm sorry.
3:54 am
i think that's important to note as well. >> we can't ignore some of the somist that he made himself on holding priests accountable. forgiveness is difficult. it's harder without atonement. for some of the victims, they may feel that way looking at this. katie, really appreciate you being with us again. >> thanks so much. >> coming up, cnn is on the front lines of ukraine where thousands of ukrainians are rally amid tensions with russia. what they are saying as they brace for a possible attack. plus, she asked him to wear a mask. he told her to kiss my ass. congressman joyce beatty w will join us live. what happens when we welcome change? we can transform our workforce overnight out of convenience,
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while 16 million people in southern california are under a heat advisory, the great lakes is preparing for a new system that will bring more rain and snow. we go now to meteorologist chad myers to look at what we're expecting here, chad. >> it has been a country cut in half. snow on one side and excessive heat watch for california yesterday turned into a heat advisory for today. it will be 86 in l.a. for all you visiting cincinnati fans. this weather brought to you by the jay macay tourist board. plan your vacation at visit the heat advisory in effect. temperatures tomorrow will make a run at 87. that's 20 degrees above where you should be. yes, i know it's warm and it's california but that is way farther than you should be. cold air in the great lakes will bring snow. not a major snow event but two to four inches in spots.
4:00 am
and lake-effect snow by the time we work our way saturday into sunday. d.c., 56 today. normal high is 47. think you can take that. brianna. >> barely, chad. barely. all right. thanks, chad. you're welcome. >> and "new day" continues right now. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is wednesday, february 9th. and the most powerful republican in the senate is telling the truth. calling it like it is. saying that january 6th was a violent insurrection. and in doing so, he is very publicly rebuking many inside his own party. mitch mcconnell blasting the republican party for its


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